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Building on the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, host Steven Rinella brings a deep and relevant look at all outdoor topics including hunting, fishing, nature, conservation and wild foods. Filled with humor, irreverence and things that will surprise the hell out of you, each episode welcomes a diverse group of guests who add their own expertise on the vast world of the outdoors.Part of MeatEater, Inc.

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  • rlbahe
    Best hunt podcast going
    Mr. Rinella is on another level
  • 34forrest
    Top Notch
    The Meat Eater Podcast has a little bit for everybody. You don’t even have to be an outdoorsman to enjoy listening to these guys shoot the s*** with their amazing guests. It can be funny, informative, and interesting (among many other things).
  • Fishing Maine and Penna
    Best outdoors podcast... Period
  • bussnbass1986
    Political diversion
    Should have stayed put on bucks and bass, lost me on Steve’s political comments regarding the futile and inevitable impeachment
  • Tx_Kevin
    Good stuff !!!
    A perfect combination of awesome hunting stories & very educational guests .. you do not have to be a hunter to love this ... you just really have to love the world you live in .. I just listened to 204 !! O man what I heart breaking storie . I hope god reunited him with his son ..
  • Srsly Panda
    More of the Latvian Eagle please! I don't hunt but I love this podcast, both for the educational moments and great hunting stories. My father in law hunts often so I need to get him the wild game cook book. Moar meateater!
  • .myke
    Smart and funny
    Love this podcast, they have some of the most interesting guests and hit on topics that are very interesting and informative. Keep it going!
  • jbm046
    Great stuff
    Entertaining and educational
  • Blackbutteporter
    A must
    Great podcast!
  • DeepeningLife
    Essential material!!
    Absolutely worth your time
  • kuhndog1993
    Meat eater
    Love the show! Listen to it all day at work driving truck
  • bowhunter_outdoors
    Best podcast
    Best podcast out there!! I seriously can’t listen to any other. Well maybe Cal week end review 👍But serious Great Podcast keep it up! Like being at Hunting camp!
  • 1290GT
    Ensightful Podcast
    I had given up on hunting years ago because I had lost the value in it. I watched the show on Netflix then started listening to the podcast, Steve his his crew has given me a new perspective on wildlife and hunting and a renewed interest go get out in the woods and feed my family with natural lean meat.
  • BrdYok63
    Love this podcast!
    If you enjoy the Netflix series you will love this podcast! Steve and company make this show both entertaining and informative. Highly recommend to anyone interested in learning about hunting, fishing, the outdoors etc. while also enjoying good laughs along the way!
  • BarbieVillers
    How come all the seasons aren’t on Netflix? How can I get them? Please and thank you.
  • Eaglehill.
    Blew through your Netflix season 4 through 8, rewatching it again. Love it. Listen to your podcasts every day!! Just ordered your cook book. Made me real hungry listening to one of your cooking podcasts. Iam from Michigan, makes me feel proud when U talk about Michigan and story tell!!! Thanks for all u and your team do for hunting, public land, adventure seeking, cooking , education, Ect!!!
  • Slow Roper
    Highly intelligent and thought provoking fun!
    Excellent podcast that speaks to not just the “hows”, but more importantly the “whys” of hunting, along with critical issues for hunters to consider. Oh, it is often pretty hilarious, too!
  • joepa58
    Steve is the best...
    I love listening to these guys talk about the outdoors. Such smart conversation-I feel like I’m sitting at a poker table listening to my friends discuss hunting and fishing. Thanks for your work!
  • fowl_faith
    Ryan Cal Callahan
    Sorry Steve, Cal’s Week in Review is by far my favorite podcast
  • NGroshek
    My go-to for daily communting
    There's a great variety to the outdoor subjects covered.
  • johntfromillinoid
    Great podcast
    Love listening to all the members helps me to keep an open mind and rethink my choices as an outdoorsman
  • smidgeylama
    Too many leftist talking points for me
  • PrestonnnT
    The worst!!
    Worst podcast ever can’t stand it!!!! To helpful and entertaining!
  • 802Evan
    Thank you for all of the info and knowledge that’s you share it has totally change how I think about what I’m doing when I go out in the woods
  • WY habby
    Say no to Ben
    No more Ben O’Brien
  • ewviall
    Podcast of All Trades
    I listened to this during many hours in the ND Badlands looking for elk in 2019. Steve, Janis and Co provided company in between the trailheads and camp. I learned everything from kitchen tips like osso busco with elk shanks (life changing), how to make egg nog, and the wonders of freezer paper. Field tips include gutless method, how to deflect a brown bear with a trekking pole, and taping the muzzle to prevent obstructions. The knowledge is deep and presented in an entertaining way. Brighten up your Monday morning by subscribing today to The MeatEater Podcast.
  • Habeus Carcass
    Encouragement During Moratoriums
    Thank you for always reminding us to get out- no matter what. Those of us experiencing a severe cutoff in days afield due to small children, work commitments and all the rest appreciate the words.
  • MyOutdoorTvSucks
    Amazing podcast
    Love the show Steve. It’s almost like we’re in the room with you. Great format.
  • PersyPersy
    Love Steve!!! Simply the best
    A+ insight
  • jdaniel93
    Hope I win that hunt on the back 40 with you guys
    I need to win, I live in California need I say more?
  • darkpassegee
    Meat eater.
    Great insightful podcast!
  • Snowballz63
    Say no to Benny O.
    Love this podcast. Very informative, good content, good hosts, good guests. A lot better now that they don’t have Benny O’Brien on very often.
  • former nobody
    Overall great podcast
    As someone who grew up in Hawaii and moved to Utah and trying to get into hunting I love this podcast there’s a lot of great information but you also give great perspective. You’ve inspired me to join a conservation group and look into public land so I can take advantage of it for myself.
  • boobug2
    Love the podcast
  • Mack212578
    Best podcast
    The MeatEater podcast is the best I have ever listened to. The entire crew gives great advice as well as explaining events in such great detail to make you understand and feel as if you were present during the events. I also enjoy the guests they invite onto the podcast, always someone interesting and knowledgeable. The MeatEater team has and is changing the hunting, fishing, outdoor enthusiast and conservationist communities the right way with knowledge and insight. Thanks for making such great content.
  • skip@77
    Back 40 equipment issues
    Love the show, podcasts, and new back 40 project. I’m a Michigan hunter from the Latvians hometown Kzoo. Given the fact that I’m a JD/Stihl dealer in West MI I could not resist offering equipment expertise after watching Mark struggle with that tow behind brush hog:). Just one more pull!! Managing property for hunting is a passion of mine but also way more fun with the proper equipment:) Can’t wait to see the property develop.
  • livingongolf2
    South Dakota Hunt to Eat shirts please!
    South Dakota Hunt to Eat shirts please!
  • sadkins2833
    This podcast never fails to have a group of well rounded, well educated guest every single episode! Steven Rinella is hands down the best when it comes to writing and filming about hunting and cooking. He has such a deep love for the outdoors and it is so infectious! I am from a big city and hunting never crossed my mind growing up.. Now I am hunter due to Steven Rinella Janis Putelis
  • utahslaughterman
    Ian Morek
    This is my favorite pod cast I enjoy the hell out of it and am always looking for more! Good job fellas
  • javelina243
    Best podcast
    Love the MeatEater crew! Keep it going, y’all got my support always. 2020!!!!!
  • dgamers
    Steve and crew, offer entertainment and education! I have enjoyed every podcast they have produced.
  • Begs scab
    Listened to everyone and I am MUCH smarter now.
    Makes you a better and more well rounded person.
  • inflammen
    Great show.
  • jacksonjdowns
    Great podcast
    Has tons of info and delivers it in a fun and easy to understand way as a self taught very green horn hunter this podcast has help me out significantly in boosting my knowledge and having a good laugh Lee up the great work guys
  • douglas2222
    Best podcast
    Best podcast out there very informative podcasts
  • Scott aka Nard
    The Podcast by Outdoorsmen for Outdoorsmen
    Every episode is interesting and the folks are all down to earth guys and gals
  • Dacharl
    Scab or Jerky
    Great listening. Educational, informative and entertaining. Steve, Janis, Cal and the rest of the MeatEater Crew... keep up the good work!!! Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Cooking, Family and Friends. You guys take/make conservation relatable and cool.
  • Dumbleface
    Best hunting/history podcast ever.
    Love the show, but especially love the authors and historians of the frontier you bring on. Keep me coming!!
  • kbaty123456789
    MeatEater is singlehandedly the greatest podcast known to man.
  • Earl from Bama
    Love the podcast!
    I have to live vicariously through you guys and your adventures. Keep them coming.
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