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Building on the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, host Steven Rinella brings a deep and relevant look at all outdoor topics including hunting, fishing, nature, conservation and wild foods. Filled with humor, irreverence and things that will surprise the hell out of you, each episode welcomes a diverse group of guests who add their own expertise on the vast world of the outdoors.

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  • Slackjaw 5403
    All-around goodness!!!
    If you have a slight interest in outdoors, conservation, or hunting then this podcast will knock your socks off! I wrote this review just to support the show and hopefully encourage these guys to keep crushing it! Enjoy!
  • machinegunnkellyy
    Just a great man
    Watching every episode reminds me of hunting with my late dad. You go through the show almost exactly how it happens in real life. It’s so awesome how I can relive memories with my dad through this amazing show! Thank you Steven!
  • Sako 30-06
    Great show!
    As usual.
  • 1433JD
    Another great one
    Great job Steve. Love your work. Down to earth person and ethical hunter.
  • plentycoupe
    Come on Steve
    This is hands down the best show/podcast I listen too...but come on Steve and guests around the microphone....excuse much?! You missed the goat because you weren’t prepared. Shoot better next time:-) Thanks for all!
  • KDuChaine
    My Idol
    I’ve seen all the episodes, listened to the posdcasts, follow everyone on Instagram, gone to a MeatEater event. I idolize Steve more than any other celebrity. Love how he keeps it real and so informative. I’ve hunted most of my life and still learn something every time I listen to him.
  • Jakeroyhobbs312
    Geeeez Steve, give mark a glass of water. SMH. So annoying. Lol.
  • A_Potvin
    What a surprise, another MeatEater podcast with no hunting content!!!!
    We don’t care about singers and song writers or hidden treasures.
  • @thehaunesttruth
    First timer
    Going hunting this weekend for the first time at the age of 33 because of MeatEater and all of their podcast!
  • huntingfatherhood
    Don’t listen to 142
    Every other episode is worth your time though. I’ve listened to 246 of them.
  • Brad Double-U
    Love me some MeatEater.
    MeatEater is the greatest outdoors podcast, amazing host, amazing guest, top notch content for the outdoorsmen. Love it.
  • Dk in hk
    Supposedly intellectual podcast.
  • hellswig
    He’s Mine
    The song you were describing was Rodney Atkins He’s Mine
  • RHmick1986
    Meat eater podcast
    Entertaining and informative. A thinking mans podcast. I look forward to listening every Monday. Best outdoor podcast.
  • jrbhunter
    Great podcast. I’m addicted
  • Largo_333
    Worth the listen
    Listened to Viva Mexico and it brought back great memories of my last 25 years of Coues hunting. Was like I was sitting by the campfire with you guys. Keep it up.
  • J Montell
    Best podcast on anything outdoors. Definitely my favorite podcast out there
  • Wiv21
    Best podcast for hunting and general outdoor knowledge!
    Love you Steve!
  • Flying Lead
    Two things come to mind when I think of great organizations. Consistently producing a high quality product and the integrity of the individuals in the organization. The Meateater products & team are examples of this. The content is presented in a manner that is interesting to individuals inside and outside the outdoors enthusiast community. The entire suite of shows & people demonstrate these qualities each week. Thank you for bringing a new look to the outdoor community!
  • Jover11
    Great podcast
    Great information given in great detail, I’ve learned a lot about public land hunting and tag draws.
  • martinyeti
    Great story Tellers
    You all are great story tellers. Even the camera crews.
  • cskinner_12
    Great, but sometimes chaotic
    Love the Meat Eater TV show and Steve’s books. This podcast is a great store of hardcore hunter knowledge BUT.... many of the shows include 4-6 people and frankly it gets to be too much. People cutting each other off is a regular thing and sometimes it takes too long for someone to get a point across. It can just be a little two chaotic. Still, there is some great stuff you can get from this podcast.
  • JesseLeeGR
    Standing Up
    I really appreciate the episode on Pebble mine. Seriously, it seems human greed would draw every ounce of blood from the stone for profit, meanwhile we are all down stream standing in blood. We need people to hear this story..
  • Jonesy406
    Just awesome.
    Rinella has put together one of the best groups of people and guests that you could imagine. Great content all the time.
  • JPx200
    I am JP
    Interesting, unique and entertaining. Perplexed...
  • Tricksarecool
    Old MeatEater Fan here, BUT New Taylor McCall fan
    Gents You guys get me to and from work and hunting trips with a smile on my face. Thanks for everything you do to keep our beloved traditions alive. And a special thanks for introducing me to Taylor McCall...amazing voice. I just downloaded ALL of his Music. To listen to AFTER I finish your most recent podcasts, of course! Semper Fi Col Livingston
  • Trout_Angler5391
    Excellent except for 1 thing!
    This podcast is awesome, I have listen to you guys for a long time and watched your stuff since the very beginning, I only have one piece of advice. Steve, please make sure you were letting your guests speak and talk their point thoroughly before you cut them off and tell your stories!
  • bootarcher
    Best Podcast period on the web.
    Summon the Squal and The season 9 Wyoming Muledeer hunt has been my favorite episodes of the Podcast and Meateater episodes. I look forward every Monday to my drive to work as I get to Listen to the new Podcast. Keep up what you guys are doing and the brand you are building. And thank you so much for what you do for our public lands.
  • INFJ Kelly
    Hands-down favorite podcast
    I only download political podcasts but this came up as a suggestion, and assuming it was political, I listened to it. Absolutely hooked. Suburban woman, never shot anything but squirrels years back. The area I live in went from rural to suburban/semi-urban fairly rapidly so all of the (what I considered to have been) real men left for more rugged terrain I guess. It’s just so pleasant to listen to the conversation and hunting and fishing details on this podcast. I don’t even know why! The people at the nail salon laugh at me for listening to the podcast. I LOVE it!
  • Tayalix
    No longer a freeloader Steve
    Absolutely my favorite podcast, in fact one of the only ones I allow any of my valuable time. These hosers make you feel like you are in a circle of like minded friends around a camp fire.
    Loved It
    Absolutely love the alternative ideas here. I will certainly listen to this episode again.
  • LeadenDirigible
    Really? An all meat diet?
    I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian but Dr. Paul Saladino seems to be peddling a whole bunch of junk science. If you look at the body of evidence it seems overwhelming that reducing the intake of animal products is beneficial to some degree. Compare this to Dr. Paul Saladino who uses logical fallacies, anecdotes and outright lies (really? all plants are toxic?) to make his arguments. I wish someone would have been more skeptical and pushed back on some of his more gratuitous claims. I know we’re all supposed to be educated adults and make our own decisions based on available information but this guy just seems like he’s just here to sell books at the expense of the health of the people who buy them. Based on this most recent episode it seems prudent to seriously question the credibility of any other expert who comes on.
  • formerfan12409
    Kale does not love you back episode
    Hey guys - I don’t tune in to feel bad about my diet. This episode was horrible. Not what I signed up for.
  • Fighter18
    We can Still be Friends
    Episode 239 is titled ‘Kale does not Love you back’. But I think we can still be friends
  • TX moose hunter
    Real life stories and topics
    Love the podcast, books, and show! So much of this I can relate to how I grew up and what I do now. Can’t stand all the hunting shows that have all yelling, jumping up and down, no reverence to to the game. It isn’t all about hunting private property and big animals.
  • jdw1302
    Farming the Wild guest
    Would like to hear Mike Robinson on so Steve and Mike can discuss wild cooking and different recipes.
  • Adam_Bolton
    I’ve listened to every episode.
    Best podcast of any category ever. When it comes to quality, timely, topical, as entertaining as it is educational, and relevant. That is until the host, Steve, divulged (and broadcast) the mask and snorkel technique to find all the fishing holes in a stream. I’d reckon this is as bad as revealing a buddie’s prime hunting location. What happened to the “I-70 corridor” type of adjectives and descriptors? Kids these days...
  • doe lives matter
    Lots of fun
    Listened to every pod cast multiple times! As a thought for a guests how about a farmer or rancher with public land that surrounds them. And on what good hunter etiquette is. I love public land just not the National forest around our farm.
  • scootertrash1$!
    To soft spoken can’t hear. Not Steve ,your guest
  • Team Player Tim
    The best podcast out there!
    To explain in one word what I think of about MeatEater podcast, “Inspirational” I think about getting deeper in the woods/wilderness daily experiencing what our great nation has to offer. It has opened my eyes to conservation and wanting to do more to help conservation. You don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy what this podcast has to offer. In fact, I think that it has a better chance of changing a non-hunters outlook on hunting. Keep up the great work!
  • JMackTN
    Best podcast
    By far the best content out there for hunters and conservation minded people. Funny but serious and all other podcasts should strain to make content this good. Anything on the meat eater catalog is worth the listen. I learn something every episode.
  • turkeyguy06
    You folks are great!
    This is the only podcast I listen to, because the hosts do a great job AND they find something interesting to talk about every time. Rinella is a great host and a great writer along with many others featured on the show. Thank you again for supporting hunting and fishing so proudly. You guys are great
  • Chachie Arcola
    If you can get past Steve interrupting every time momentum is building during a story. This podcast is for you !
  • hollanasparrow
    Great stuff
    Love the show and podcast but one thing I realized is he promotes first light witch he owns
  • Icecoldken
    knowlege and entertainment
    I am not a hunter but this shows hosts are well read and entertaining. I learn a lot and it actually inspires me to eat better and not be wasteful. I hope to one day learn more about outdoor activities but for now I will just listen and learn.
  • Hancrizzle
    Freeloader 5 Star
    A conservation show with a hunting problem. I’ve learned and laughed a great deal from these guys and their esteemed guests. They have earned my review and gratitude.
  • hate to be that guy, but….
    Wildlife Punk
    Bear with me. Take this as a compliment. You guys interject such a fresh, punk/rock vibe into the podcast and assorted media. Very appealing to those of us that aren’t active hunters and fishers. Hit me up. I’ll gladly expand.
  • nickeless.
    How to win big game license draws
    Skookum hunting material! As a hospital worker who witnessed way too many people wheeled out in hermetically sealed body bags when our hospital was overwhelmed back in March & April, however, I wouldn’t turn to squirrel hunters for advice on infectious disease.
  • kgriff88
    Perch flies
    Janis, where are my darn perch flies!?
  • Blacktail360
    Left hand turn
    This show has taken a slow and steady left hand turn down the toilet.
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