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Building on the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, host Steven Rinella brings an in-depth and relevant look at all outdoor topics including hunting, fishing, nature, conservation, and wild foods. Filled with humor, irreverence, and things that will surprise the hell out of you, each episode welcomes a diverse group of guests who add their own expertise to the vast world of the outdoors. Part of The MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • hj#h
    a lovely sonnet sort of thing
    yes yes it is natural to shoot and consume the decomposing carcass of another unarmed sentient being get your facts straight, and start hunting with a spear as our natural ancestors did then I’ll support your show love, the strange vegan girl who was for some reason attracted to a podcast called “meateater”
  • Macduffy Boy
    Born again
    Mr. Rinella, the other guests/hosts and the production team (for Podcast and Netflix Series) are responsible for me finding my passion in hunting again. Deeply meaningful content in an industry that, when I was growing up, didn’t even show blood after a kill or talk about food- at ALL ?? ? !!! WTH? Thanks guys and gals. Keep up the great work. Also, I especially love when an expert is a guest on the show. cheers
  • jweezy2.0
    Super informative. Learn about everything, hunting, history, conservation etc. a lot of non hunting topics covered as well.
  • Scaldedchevy
    Thank you for the audiobook
    Thank you Meateater for the Audiobook, “Close Calls.” It was very interesting. Well told and put together. Stories that we never would hear otherwise. I may have been the first to purchase it off of Amazon, at 0100hrs on the morning of the 20th. Worth every penny. I hope you do more things like this.
  • rt$(37$!7
    These are good folks
    This is a great pod cast and show.
  • 31dav31
    Thank you! your team is amazing.
    You and your team have changed my out look on life and the way I live it. Thank you for all the amazing information and entertainment. Wish you all the best of luck!
  • spm1367
    Love it!
    Keep it up!
  • XHimpx
    Transformation from regular joe to lib elite
    I used to enjoy this show but the success has produced another elite lib.
  • raymo80
    Almost as good as the podcast Bear Grease
  • spike_who
    Love this show!!
    Best podcast and by a great group of intelligent well spoken guys who aren't a bunch of redneck jack-wagons. Real outdoorsman and conservationist.
  • Deputy Baker
    Highly informative
    I was late to the party and have only made it to podcast #70 so far. I am amazed by the level of intelligent conversation with highly qualified and respected guests, and well as the quality of questions and explanations given by Steve, Janis, and the rest. I can’t think of another group of folks that put forth as much effort to educating hunters and non-hunters alike. I am absolutely certain that I will be listening for years to come.
  • Tbone Meints
    Love the show and everything about
    Even the language! It’s real but still family friendly.
  • NaterH23
    Favorite podcast
    Love the show. It’s a unique blend of in depth discussion and buddy banter. Always informative and entertaining. Wish the language was more professional. It’s not a show I would listen to with my kids. Then again I’m sure they would say it’s not meant to be. Nevertheless it has opened my eyes to many issues in conservation and been instrumental in renewing my commitment to being a proud outdoorsman. It’s great for passing some long hours at work. I can imagine, when I complete listening to the full library of episodes, starting over and going thru them again and enjoying them just as much.
  • NickKing80
    Great content, not great editing
    I’d give this 5 stars but I feel the editing of each episode could be improved on. I have listened from the beginning and have gotten to episode 35 so far. Periodically throughout most of the episodes it will cut back about 15 seconds and go back into an earlier part of the podcast that you’ve already listened to, like a broken record. It gets annoying when it happens multiple times in an episode, hence the 3 star rating. Other than that I love how dynamic the show is and how it makes our American hunting culture so easy to understand.
  • Angriffnole
    I love it but,,,
    I love the show and the team but the language is a bit much. Guys, shows a lack of verbal knowledge. Why use slang that offends so many people. The whole F’d up treestand thing was just way too much. Anyway, wont stop listening or buying your great gear!
  • shehuntsmontana
    Always an incredible listen
    Not only is this podcast full of great, interesting insight from many great hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts alike, but it also has you laughing throughout each episode.
  • doe lives matter
    Lots of fun
    Liked the conversation on cattle operations. But brad is wrong people in America eat too cheap. If they where attached to their food and paid what it’s worth a family farm would still have a chance but giant factory farms keep the prices low. all the while keeping a strangle hold on profits for smaller farms!
  • HuntersHoller
    Brad Leone #279
    Like every Monday… this past Monday didn’t disappoint… 2 hours and 44 mins of entertainment… plus as always, learn a few tidbits… keep it up fellas!
  • Mph621
    It’s nice
    It is nice to find like minded people doing podcast. Steve has a love of food,history and the outdoors!
  • Jason W Piper
    Wow! Incredible
    One of the best all around podcasts ever
  • The real biggest fan
    Ol Cal’s mustache,interest meters and severed fingers Oh My!
    Been listening for a long time and finally got around to leaving a review and five star rating. Thanks for a great podcast ! You guys always have very interesting and informative content . Keep it up ! Got a few stories I think Steve could appreciate might write in with one or two .
  • Smarti6785
    Awesome job
    It’s the quality you expect from the meateater brand
  • CoachDanNM
    From nuanced to woke?
    Used to be a great podcast that expanded the bounds of discussion about public land access and hunting ethics. Since Steve’s brother got called out unfairly for his take on new hunter recruiting, it seems like identity-focused themes dominate the podcast. Is Rinella afraid Netflix won’t continue to stream episodes if there isn’t SJW content? Seems so…
  • BBCummins
    Not sure what has happened. Totally PC now, sad 😢
  • tha badger
    june 7 episode
    regarding eager democareers and what they think everyone needs. slip, "its about money" (and recreation tzar$) grind your voice like a man, switch to girly. fluctuate tone, pause, now sound seriously righteous what a cute tough ever growing big government feeding on others lives. if we need more fake careers, how about a podcast called "democreep eater". she said it. shes the "angler". (manipulated stats. even her family history is a lie) youre the suckers. note that state rights will defeat you 'one rule fits all' creeps.
  • Bethie Kennedy
    I Haven't Even Hunted
    I'm sure I'm one of many who haven't hunted (but have fished my whole life) but are captivated by Steve, his friends, and guests. I've listened for years and feel like summing this podcast up here is impossible. It's everything; informative, thought-provoking, honest, and very funny. In it is a sense of deep appreciation for the quest of knowledge and understanding of such a variety of topics. I'm really thankful and here for it !
  • Dave Matthew
    Timeless & Save-Worthy - Blauksch!
    This podcast is one of the best out there. If you’re an outdoors enthusiast and want to learn answers for questions you hadn’t even considered about hunting and animal behavior, this is a must listen. Many of the podcast episodes are timeless and save-worthy. Every episode of the MeatEater podcast with @StevenRinella and Janis Putelis @LatvianHuntr is worth listening to. Humorous. Informative. Thought provoking. Historical contexts. Recipes. Multiple N.A. species covered. Has it all for the N.A. hunter.
  • duckgang3
    Love the podcast with Michael Punke!
  • FairDinkum1982
    Love it
    Everything Mr. Rinella creates turns to gold and this podcast is no exception. Interesting guests and a huge variety of topics.
  • Vtchiver
    Great show.
    You guys have the most relatable insight on hunting for the modern hunter, and I couldn’t be more happy that Meateater and all its personalities exists too show non hunters and anglers a deeper piece of why we love this stuff so much. While I love the show I wish you folks would send someone out here too the northeast in November too try tracking a buck on snow in the woods of Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont. I feel tracking is a lost art too the rest of the country and will absolutely change your ideas of what hunting white tails is all about. Again great show, great group of folks that has been assembled under one flag, and something I will forever look forward too listening too.
  • Cameron deBrun
    Best podcast ever!
    Steve said I was a freeloader if I didn’t give a 5 star review, so here it is. Worth every star.
  • Trinkle73
    COVID Escape
    I was never really a pod cast guy until my first Covid 19 quarantine in April of 2020. I watched a few of the Meateater shows at that time and enjoyed them. It is a much different take on hunting than your normal run of the mill hunting show. I am hooked on the show. I think I’ve watched them all now. Especially the cooking episodes. I started the podcasts during quarantine. I have to say I am hooked. I am up to date and have expanded to the other podcasts and shows in the meateater family. Keep up the great work!
  • Light pooper
    Thanks for the discussion and education!
    Great content on conservation, hunting, fishing, and much more.
  • biden2020:)fight racism
    Cool guy tho
    Is this guy a liberal or a redneck that’s what I wanna know 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  • Bodi324
    Steve your growing
    I have loved what I have always interpreted as a pretty true version of the image of an American hunter that you have imbodied. Please continue to be honest and selective in your sponsors .The recent endorsement of Chevrolet has me concerned. No offense I just don’t want to wake up one day and see you guys on Monster Bucks or some other glorified mattress merchant that slings a certain combination of of camo clothing.Godspeed
  • Jake_Swiss
    Great for the newbie or experienced hunter alike
    I started listening to the Meat Eater podcast earlier this year and I am hooked. Each episode is a mix of useful information, jokes, and stories from the lives of Steve and his guests. What I like most is the podcast serves as a great jumping off point for any hunter, fisherman, or conservationist who wants to learn more about the history of those pastimes as well as what they can do to ensure that future generations can share in these experiences. Steve often references books and authors that provide a wealth of knowledge of natural world, and many of the books he mentions are now in my personal library. I strongly suggest going back to the beginning of the podcast and listening through so that you can absorb all of the helpful info that Steve and his guests provide.
  • trashgapp
    To much of a liberal bias.
  • ifontcarraboutnicknames
    Huntin and fishin
    Currently binge listening to every podcast from the beginning since I have watched every episode on tv. Overwhelmed by this production! Feeling like I am getting to know the crew as I get deeper and deeper into the podcasts. Looking forward to hearing the rest. Thanks for indirectly forcing me to expand my vocabulary and keep a dictionary at the ready as I listen in! You and your team rock!
  • ebelroy
    Thank you!
    Love this podcast and the shows and all related podcasts and shows. Thank you very much!
  • gdjdbduxbxgdjxbxh
    Love this podcast 🔥
    I’ve watched all the episode of the show! And this podcast just makes it better! Episode 215 with Janis and Ryan was one of my favs, it’s cool listening to friends talk. Keep it up!
  • sammysmithrenonv
    Good people Good times
    I love these guys so much! It’s nice having something to listen to while I’m workin. Good clean fun. Also as a beginner into the hunting world there’s a lot I get out of these! Great info!
  • anyname that isntalresdy taken
    Even a Massachusetts Liberal Likes It
    I don't hunt. Don't own a gun. Don't care if I can own a gun or not. What I enjoy about this show is hearing Americans different than me discussing with enthusiasm what they love to do, without the "because these other people are trying to destroy you" spin that everyone has nowadays(which is boring with a capital B). Not to say politics don't come up, but it's generally not framed as good vs evil and its nuanced in a way that respects the broad topic of the outdoors. Solely because of this show, I have a positive opinion of hunters as a group and they have my ear(note: I'm not changing parties and I can easily be shut down with one corny lib joke meant to blindly direct hate at me). My only issue is they don't introduce the guests at the beginning. The host is a tyrant when it comes to introductions and doesn't listen to others on the show on this very touchy subject.
  • Tinyturbo
    More Woof!
    I’ll never get into this, but I’m fascinated. Very entertaining!
  • Tim6263949273
    Hilarious and informative
    These guys are nice so much fun to listen to. I learn something new every episode.
  • Ddouglas502
    You can’t predict this.... Listen if you want to be exposed to new ideas and provocative thought. Steve is great at that. And he has the best guests of any podcast. Just like the film version. Kevin Murphy I’d my hero.
  • Stryker6322
    Used to be better
    Seems like since Covid the dynamics have changed. Used to really like the synergy between Steve and Yanis, now it’s become flat out annoying how much Steve interjects and interrupts and seems to bring Everything back to himself. Still good but nothing like it used to be. Humility and listening go a long way, when it’s not there, that goes a long way too - but in the opposite direction.
  • treydfoster
    Tyler Freel has been recommending “Alaska’s Wolf Man” for quite some time.
  • JP BG hunter
    Wish there was more
    This show is great. I binge listened to every episode and am all caught up now I wish there was more to listen to I hate having to wait a week between episode. Keep up the great work boys.
  • Brock Reifsnyder
    I am 13 and Have watched the show countless times and being a hunter it. Was excited to see a podcast to go along with the show. Thanks Steve
  • kshu87
    Best podcast ever
    I love this podcast. Steve, Janis, & Cal are the best. Amazing guest, great topics, never dull.
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