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Building on the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, host Steven Rinella brings an in-depth and relevant look at all outdoor topics including hunting, fishing, nature, conservation, and wild foods. Filled with humor, irreverence, and things that will surprise the hell out of you, each episode welcomes a diverse group of guests who add their own expertise to the vast world of the outdoors. Part of The MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • T.Scott54
    Not near as good without Steve!!
  • representing the 208
    Love it
    Not only is this podcast educational but it’s highly entertaining at the same time. It’s my favorite listen. I have gone though every episode and it has changed my mind on things, taught me things and made me laugh a lot.
  • panjockey
    I’m done with meat eater
    Podcast isn’t what it used to be , the same with the show , trivia use to be good until cal and Brody just want to argue over Spencer ….. starting to think Matt rinella was right the whole time ! Bear grease is great tho
  • moneyless beggar
    Keep the outro
    For starters I love the podcast, the content and the the people involved. I also come to love the terrible outro music, now it’s something I look forward to hearing!!
  • jenisonwild
    two thoughts
    1.) the podcast title of the “sensation” with the marlin shoulda been “the ol’ boys and the sea” 2.) can you stop the trivia on this podcast time line thing? like let it be elsewhere. it’s not good. or at least it’s for a diff niche part of the market. Same with this country life. feels like false advertising when i get a notification
  • justin@bfwhandemade
    Amazing pod cast
    I was listening to your current episode and you said your punt gun is about done. I just watched Kentucky ballistics on YouTube he just finished one and shot some crazy things with it. Would love to see you guys collaborate.
  • adnfr
    I love it 😻 it’s so much fun to listen to !!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Erik_Horton81
    Good but sometimes rambling
    I like listeneing to this show but they definitley ramble sometimes.
  • Xenojake
    More than just hunting!
    This podcast is more than just hunting! I mean there is hunting talk, but historical, geological, current events, conservation, and all kinds of stuff. If you love the outdoors, this is a podcast for you!
  • Idaho Forester
    Worst episode yet
    The latest episode was awful. For crying out loud, get the technology and how you’re going to interact with it figured out BEFORE you record. Too many people in the room, no planning for how the discussion will flow, Steve blathering on, etc. I’ll unsubscribe and check back in a few months.
  • Gary Bateman 24
    check out this new bill to stop hunting in ma
    House docket 4420 they want a gun free zone making hunting illegal in ma big news we need to stop this he Commonwealth of Massachusetts _________________ PRESENTED BY: Michael S. Day _________________ To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled: The undersigned legislators and/or citizens respectfully petition for the adoption of the accompanying bill: An Act modernizing firearm laws. NAME: Michael S. Day _______________ PETITION OF: DISTRICT/ADDRESS:
  • Boobiesforlife69
    Love the podcast but that outro song….
    It’s God awful. Sounds like a dying cow getting rung thru a meat grinder; especially when it comes on at full blast for some reason (that’s not due to my volume). Seems like there used to be way more discussions with researchers and others working towards conservation, now it’s kinda fanboy for country musicians and their own products. Would love to see more about fishing. Been lacking a bit since the end Bent. Also, This Country Life? Horrible, god awful.
  • CCM43
    Best pod always learning something new
  • Fritz Feulner
    please get rid of
    that horrible singing at the end
  • scootertrash1$!
    Pirate ship
    The ship your talkin about was called the erka a Spanish ship hunted by the pirates from nausa the series was called Black Sales
  • Yoyomama99
    Always great
    Such a great listen. Real people that just seem to love what they do and America.
  • rmaixkepaxjnz
    Best podcast ever #femalefan
    I just love everything about this podcast, the guests and the hosts are all great, it’s insightful, HILARIOUS, educational, moving, just plain great.
  • ssummers2013
    Great podcast
    Love what you guys(and girls) do, love the podcast! I’ve listened to nearly every episode and the fish shack ones are always my favorite. I just listen to episode 452 (part of it, I had to turn it off) and it is definitely the worst one. Not really sure why it was produced and aired. But it’s Steve’s show, keep doing what y’all do.
  • Lungbuster1121
    Best podcast there is
    My favorite podcast . Makes my Mondays at work a little easier!
  • Coldfish84
    Best Podcast
    Steve, Janis, Ryan, and the team at MeatEater deliver! Educational, thought provoking, and often times hilarious - this show really helps me forget a long and grueling commute. Looking forward to the trivia board game!
  • Gabby.N.M
    Great for all listeners
    I am not a hunter, but I’ve learned so much about animals, conservation, food, and the world we live in. 🌎
  • Askghv
    Episodes skip
    Over the last several months the functionality of the episodes has gone down the drain. Skips, jumps back or won’t start up where you left off. Something changed and it needs to be fixed.
  • heheheheheuheheue
    Rinella is the man
    Such an interesting and introspective cat. Fun guy to listen to
  • luv EVENGERS
    Luv it
    Hi, am Derek Jones please give me a shout out am going to get surgery on my hand, I luv ur show meat eater and I’ve seen every single episode on Netflix🙏🙏by the am 12 and I hunt all the time. I shot a 4 point and a doe at the same time, and am a huge supporter of the Republican Party, and I have MAGA cap. And all of u Democratic people that have a commitment about how sad it is to KILL an animal keep it to yourself! PLEASE AND THANK YOU 😎🇺🇸💵💸
  • It_Is_Raining_In_Talkeetna
    DAYS of great content to listen to😄
    My dad introduced me to Steven rinella, first by his show, then by the books, and now this podcast. I listen to this podcast for hours, and I liked his material so much I bought one of his books, and read some of the other books my father collected. This podcasts brings very wise people, interesting and trending topics, and lots of facts and interesting information. I listen to him during yard work, cooking, and many other occasions. Steven rinella will always be something to enjoyably accompany me :)
  • Tony Warnock
    Africa Episode
    Loved this podcast. I’ve listened to every episode since the beginning and this is easily one of my favorites. Please get these guys back
  • Earth's End
    Episode 446 Africa
    Love the podcast and this one was one of the best!! I’ll do I’ll I can, being a nobody, to spread the message -the truth- about hunting in Africa.
  • cruebee
    Best Hunting Podcast. Full Stop
    The MeatEater crew talk about the best topics ever, period, for a hunting podcast. It is a large part of why I hunt. Didn’t discover I was a hunter till later in life, but thank God I found it.
  • Quailman 1
    I’m glad the post i made the last time became of good use for you. That’s all I intended. Didn’t mean to offend anyone i made a jokingly . Ha ha. Steve, cal. P.S.don’t stand in a bucket of it. Love the show. almost listen through every podcast on the net work great stuff informative.
  • tsm990
    I have been burning my way through the meateater podcast for the last year. It awesome to see how dedicated the whole crew is to conservation. Thank you guys for what you do.
  • Louis1414
    The Liberal Redneck
    Overall I love your podcast. I gave it a one star review with the hopes of someone actually reading this. Episode 425 The Liberal Redneck is the concern. You have always tried to stay politically neutral until that episode. To give someone that attacks well over half your audience a platform was sad and shows the influence behind the scenes. Stick to hunting and conservation, stay out of politics, especially with people that are twisting facts to attack one political side. Pretty sad. Also if you are going to be so conservation minded, maybe get First Lite manufacturing out of China, the biggest contributor to environmental destruction in the world. I will not buy it as long as it is made in China as you are putting profits over your morals.
  • Beer_skeletonizer
    Great podcast
    Always love listening to the podcast. Keep up the good work!
  • Wack master.
    Michigan listener
    Love the show. Long time listener from southwest Michigan.
  • Shed eye
    What I listen to when I hunt😊
    This is the only podcast listen to when I go hunting on the way there an after. really just gets me pumped up to be out there hunted.
  • bose 901
    Great podcast.
  • BBond!
    I listen to every episode
    I listen to this podcast religiously. All of them. The best content out there for the people that love the outdoors. Thank you for producing awesome insight to the lives that so many people love and live for.
  • Chuff an
    My favorite podcast
    These podcasts are loaded with information. I feel like I learn something new every week. The normal show and trivia show are both amazing.
  • Gotta eat 99
    Hooked on meat eater
    So much info. I listen to this at work and while stuck in traffic. I almost look forward to traffic jams, because I get more time to listen!! Keep it up fellas. Priciate ya!
  • Meximo54
    Not much hunting talk anymore; anti oilfield also
    Used to love this podcast. Once they started not talking much about hunting, I started losing interest. And then when they came out opposing the oilfield and drilling in ANWR, without even doing any research, I lost all interest in this show. Looks like I haven’t missed much judging by the reviews. I do still occasionally listen to the older episodes when they talked hunting
  • Lipslewinski
    Don’t read your own writing
    Sorry Steve, but the reading aloud of a section of your book was bad, I mean 8th grader reading his book report in front of the class, bad. Hire a professional voice or stick to the written word. And yes, I dig all that Meateater does and represents. ~Andy
  • JAHoneyman
    Episode 437 JACK FREAKING CARR
    Probably my favorite episode yet. He is so intriguing. I have never watched terminal list or read his book but pre ordered his next book while listening to this episode. BTW, that is really a dude sing the so g at the end? I could have sworn it was Ol Aunt May not a man.
  • Flying Lead
    Two things come to mind when I think of great organizations. Consistently producing a high quality product and the integrity of the individuals in the organization. The Meateater products & team are examples of this. The content is presented in a manner that is interesting to individuals inside and outside the outdoors enthusiast community. The entire suite of shows & people demonstrate these qualities each week. Thank you for bringing a new look to the outdoor community!
  • Bforby
    Love it
    All I listen to is podcasts and this is one of my go tos.
  • pinkacer
    Come for the podcast stay for trivia!
    Great podcast covering many aspects of woodsmenship.
  • allfreakinnicknsmesrgone
    They make learning fun!
    Seriously though: thoughtful, knowledgeable, and curious host and regulars; great guests; fun topics; serious topics, and laughs. All with an obvious passion for, and commitment to wild things and places.
  • 31dav31
    Thank you! your team is amazing.
    Mike Kunz is a perfect example of science is doomed, till we have a change of guard. Please hang it up and let the new generation figure out what really happened not your 100 year old speculation. Thank you meateater!
  • Ztrippin
    Get new people.
    Whoever runs your trivia. Is an absolute Moron. His facts are wrong. Sound is too loud.
  • nanwes
    Ruination of Game Show
    As a long time viewer and listener, it’s sad that Steve makes the fun and educational game show hard to listen to. His attempt at playing the heel comes off as petulance.
  • Ameateater FaN
    Losing interest quickly
    Between the incessant ads, Steve’s constant know it all attitude, the lack of compelling guests, and poor topics of discussion, I’m quickly finding myself turning off the Podcast I used to enjoy most. Go back to Steve and Janis talking (without useless yes-men in the background) to people who were genuinely interesting. Did I mention there were too many ads?
  • Agncnnv
    Long time listener
    Podcast has lost all sense of quality
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