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Building on the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, host Steven Rinella brings an in-depth and relevant look at all outdoor topics including hunting, fishing, nature, conservation, and wild foods. Filled with humor, irreverence, and things that will surprise the hell out of you, each episode welcomes a diverse group of guests who add their own expertise to the vast world of the outdoors. Part of The MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • AvidOutdoors
    Excellent podcast filled with anecdotal, scientific and comedic content involving a myriad of outdoor subjects from hunting practices to essential conservation issues. Continuing the rich traditions set forth from the popular tv series, Steve and Janis have curated a host of quality guests that keep the listener engaged in the conversation regardless of time. For anyone interested in all matters of outdoor life this is a highly recommended listen.
  • Hrnedhdbfbdjdhdbwhdndbeh
    I love the pod cast also Steve’s show is amazing
  • TJahraus
    Only hunting spokesman I really enjoy
    Longtime lister with an updated review. I don’t recognize who Steve and the MeatEater brand have become. It used to focus almost exclusively on public land advocacy, conservation, your relationship to the food you’re procuring, and the joy of physically grinding away in the backcountry. Now it sounds like a cookie cutter version of every other lame hunting podcast out there pushing crazy-expensive gear, quad runners, hunting private properties and a ton of exotic animals in Texas. Steve used to say he didn’t like sports and now it’s like every other episode is recapping a hunt with some sports celebrity who’s dipping his toe into the hunting scene for the first time. If that’s what the audience wants so be it, but increasingly it looks like he’s pimping out the MeatEater brand to all the hunting/ATV companies for the sake of making more quick money. I stopped subscribing awhile ago and find myself downloading fewer and fewer select episodes. It’s really sad to see someone you used to respect and appreciate so much sell out so bad.
  • deerhunter922
    My opinion of this podcast
    To sum it up…….. Best podcast EVER!!!
  • Zones App Not Working
    Talking over your guest, why?
    I tuned in to listed to a specific expert researcher guest, and find her response to almost every question is interrupted and talked over. So much noise over the valuable information she is offering. Anecdotes etc are amusing but pacing/timing is a problem for this listener.
  • Sucker90
    The show is turning into adverts and self promotion. Missing the point of its original premise.
  • rezdog
    Mountain lions and bobcats
    Having been a resident in the Denver metro area during the 80’s and 90’s I delivered the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. There used to be multiple stories about these animals taking pets and appearing in peoples homes. It might be worth developing the narrative of eliminating the hunting those stories are going to increase exponentially.
  • Clev Nat For Landlord
    Ep 185:
    Hey Steve, a bit of a ball washing episode with this Tom McGuane. I do enjoy your podcast very much but with this episode I was wondering how your lower back is feeling trying to pick up all those names that dude was dropping? Keep up all the great work though!
  • Scott Perryman
    Too many egos in the room
    Once one of my favorite shows, trivia is quickly becoming hard to listen to. Nitpicking how every question is worded is making it almost unbearable. Just let Spencer do his thing. He needs to start deducting points from Steve and a couple of others for constantly whining and complaining.
  • Buttered Stuff
    Awesome show
    Love the show and trivia. Great guests and great topics!!
  • BradyOfTheWoods
    Outro Songs
    Loving the listener songs at the end of the podcasts!
  • Trailrunnergal
    The Best!
    Love this podcast! I listen every time I'm in the car, and share especially interesting podcasts with my husband and family weekly. LOVE the Will Harris/White Oak Pastures episode! Really appreciate the unrelenting support for our Public Lands!
  • _jacobdubu
    Release Earlier PLEAAASE
    Absolutely LOVE the podcast. Being in northern NJ not many people to talk to and / or learn from as an adult onset Hunter. This podcast is an invaluable tool for learning and staying in the know. BUT, I drive to work at 4.30am most days. So my ONLY suggestion selfishly would be if it could be released at 4am instead of 5am so I can listen otw to work PLEASE 🙏
  • thefrenchdoggert
    Kids podcast
    I think seth and Chester would still lose on the kids podcast. El Niño and Crickets haha come on… I wonder what the hiring process is over there.
  • carlosjcg
    5 stars
    I hope Steve reads this, I love this podcast as a hunting fanatic it is awesome to hear interesting and funny stories. I know a guy who you should get on the show, he has a hunting story involving Colorado and a military Blackhawk airlifting someone with him out of the mountains.
  • Chaser 71864
    What happened
    Seems this podcast has drifted more toward book authors than hunters or hunting stories. Seems I’ve turning them off mid podcast. Can’t get through them without getting bored and moving on. Trivia seems to be the best thing on here now and yet y’all managed to screw up the 100th episode
  • bowhunting1
    Ruining hunting…
    All across America.
  • Woodyg561
    Spenser dropped ball
    Dumbest game I've ever heard of and Steve is 100% right why on earth would you do something different and commemoration to something we are 15 minutes into the episode episode and no one has a clue what's going on and Spencer is still saying it's simple. This was a mistake.
  • Big deer hunter frfr
    Love it
    EP 251
    Failed!! To repeat the question enough for the listener!!
  • Dom-in-ique
    I don’t care for the apparent arrogance of the main host. Seems like a very unpleasant person to be around, and like someone who refuses to engage with any idea that even remotely grates against his own biases. Not a great look. It also seems like he becomes combative at the drop of a hat that is really insulting for guests. You can have an engaging conversation with people you don’t agree with without being arrogant, dismissive, and insulting. It’s just not necessary, and it does nothing to move the conversation forward. This tendency is a shame, given the interesting guests and topics on this podcast. Nobody should be so insulated that they’re able to completely isolate themselves from even the most remote possibility of discomfort that comes with considering opinions of people who disagree with you. It’s very off-putting, and it makes him look very immature.
  • Longhorn dre
    Not A Hunter
    Just a dude from North County San Diego who has been a fan of the Meat Eater show. Super informative and entertaining. If any of the producers reads this, do me a favor and please kindly ask Steve to stop interrupting during the trivia episodes.
  • yes that's watching it
    Best podcast
    If you love hunting you must listen to this podcast I’m 9 years old and it’s crazy how much I love this podcast because it’s so simple
  • Pohsted Podcast
    Great Podcast Overall
    As everyone probably guessed, this is a great podcast. Lots of info, funny at times, entertaining, and of course gets you excited to go out and enjoy the wilderness. Great variety of topics with all sorts of guest and experts and consistent content. I personally dont care for the trivia episodes, but the actual podcast aside from the triva is a 10/10 for me.
  • Mustnaglover
    Great perspectives
    What a great curation of experts, scientists and people who love wild things and are willing to fight over them and fight for them.
  • 6SonsDad
    GREAT Listening!
    Entertaining and informative. This podcast is all I’ve been listening to for months now, I even spend my lunch hour in my truck so I can listen and relax. Thank you to the Meateater crew for continuing to produce an amazing listening experience.
  • Son of a Blitch
    What a phenomenal podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for quite some time. The guests and the crew are always top notch and the discussion is always entertaining and educational! I’ve been equally impressed with the other podcasts in their arsenal: Bear Grease, Wired To Hunt, This Country Life, Cutting The Distance, Cal’s Week In Review, The Element, The Hunting Collective, Gear Talk, Bent, the newly added God’s Country, and of course, MeatEater Trivia! If you haven’t sampled those, I suggest you do! Thanks for making such incredible content and sharing all your talents with the world! -George Blitch
  • Police Dave
    Bear Grease is a better podcast
    Been listening to Steven for about 2 years. Last few months he has gotten so ARROGANT to his co host and guest it has turned me off. Spending more time correcting people for clout than producing quality material. Thanks for turning us onto Clay Newcomb and Bear Grease podcast anyway. Way more sincere and a way better story teller. Also followed by This country life with Brent
  • The Hunting Observer
    Werner Herzog
    Another great interview with Steve Rinella. I paused briefly after learning that with the atrocities Mr Herzog has experienced, survived and witnessed at the hands of men, he cannot hope in a better existence after death resting in the hands of God. He is a rare intellect, but is a victim of the common finite ability to surrender to that which is greater than the sum of one’s work
  • HamyColo
    Impressive bearing…..
    Ol Werner doesn’t pull any punches eh. Jesus
  • Lipslewinski
    Happy Listener
    Oh man. As I live and breathe. Werner Herzog? Fantastic episode. Steve Rinella has surrounded himself with great people and Corinne Schneider, the producer of the podcast is the best!
  • Wyatt pinkston
    The best podcast. I love the trivia episodes.
  • Ozark_FL infidel
    Werner Herzog
    How could you have the audacity to speak to this famed gentleman and not ask him about his epic performance as the evil man with no name on the Reacher movie, ( with the midget Tom Cruise). A great performance in which he portrays a character that no doubt had experienced many of the hardships he had lived through earlier in his life.
  • foxyrhonda
    Super great!
  • Dan Mark85
    The good’ol days
    The best days of this podcast are over. I have been a listener since the beginning and will continue to listen to the main podcast but the trivia is a joke. It is neither funny or informative. In my opinion the main podcast was a much better listen when it was not so structured and produced.
  • awwjum
    One of my Go To Podcasts
    I find myself out of cell service so I cache MeatEater podcast and listen to them while out and about. I enjoy the mix of meat eater trivia and interviews.
  • J136383
    Love the main show but please leave Cal off of trivia. He comes across as so annoying and full of himself. Everytime he talks I cringe.
  • Cghhhapper
    Love it
    Detailed dense discussions.
  • Flying Lead
    Phrase of Day
    “Unvetted Yahoos”. MeatEater podcasts, always informative & entertaining.
  • GregSpring
    Evan Felker interview was flat
    Was Steve high during that interview? I’ve listened a long time and that one was rough…didn’t know his guest, who’s pretty famous in that world, was rambling bout sex with frogs and country sayings no one had heard of…would ask Evan a question and then start talking about himself as if he was asked the question…go back and listen Steve and ask yourself, was this my best work? I was really looking forward to this interview and it just didn’t live up to the hype …
  • Kernal_Pan1c
    Just a great listen
    Quality producing, learn new things, getting a good chuckle often. This podcast has become a staple of mine. Steve’s a great host and has done a good job with the surrounding cast of characters to make it feel like your just chilling around a camp fire shooting the breeze. Love it
  • Stop being so rudeeeee
    Don’t listen to what other people say
    People are just jerks the show is fine Janas is not woke and the ads are fine
  • Andy VSC
    Entertaining and informative!
    I love this listen each week. When I talk my 4 hour drive to my deer stand, I like to stock up episodes and listen with my son! He loves the trivia episodes. The whole crew is great. They sound like a group of friends I’d want to hang out with! Even topics not relevant to me I find myself learning so much.
  • easy on the amount of ads
    Woke-go broke
    Please leave Janis off the show…..he’s gone woke and it’s sickening. What a pathetic waste of an outdoorsman. (He’s probably want me to say outdoorperson)
  • Huber54
    Listen to every episode!
    This is my favorite podcast including my kids favorite! So much good information and fun!
  • TrueStory90713
    Need more Rinella
    Great show. The trivia pods are only worth listening to if Steve is on. I don’t even listen if he’s not on the show. Also the producer is super annoying when he chimes in. He sounds like he has a very punchable face. Other than that I have no opinion.
  • DIY meat hunter
    TV money no more
    Sure seems like the lack of tv money the last 2 years is hitting their bottom line pretty hard considering how many more ads per break and the extra ad breaks. Love the content but maybe his brother is right
  • hoboherbs77
    Put in the title if steve is not on
    Only way the show is enjoyable is when Steve is on.
  • MeaMeaOT7
    Randall Williams
    Please make him permanent trivia host. My favorite trivia episode so far.
  • Cap-Jesse
    Great show please read
    I’d love to give you 5 stars. I am a full time fishing charter captain. Fishing booker is the biggest bunch of thief's they take 20% off of the guides money and that money goes to Indonesia. Please stop running their ads. It really hurts us.
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