End of All Hope


A fictional podcast following three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.

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  • Bigdaddyaz74
    Good story BAD voice acting
    It’s started good, they story is good but man. The voice acting got to the point where it’s sounds like they don’t want to be there. They’re not trying to make me believe they are scared, happy, worried anything. I’m sorry I can’t even finish the first season.
  • Almf77
    Engaging story
    After starting Tower 4 by 7 Lamb, I looked for more of their work. I am really enjoying the storyline, but the voice actors are not great. I enjoy Ambridge, who is an actor in Tower 4, but (sorry), Ava is awful. It sounds like she is reading her lines out loud in the most sarcastic way instead of telling a story. If you can get past the annoying voices, the story is👍.
  • Jlp198429
    Couldn’t even get past the first episode
    Acting is very bad compared to other fictional podcasts I’ve listened to, the script reading is super stilted and unnatural.
  • vipergch
    Gets better the more you follow.
    I had a cross country trip, so I started this to enjoy the drive. The first season was rough. Speaking as if reading the script was very apparent, but the story was good enough to stick around. By season 3, the acting had significantly improved. Now into season 5, I am seriously waiting for each new episode. Great job guys.
  • Jdjdvshsjdn
    Story starts out pretty slow and the acting is really bad in the first season. If you can make it passed that it gets really good. Currently on season 4 and I’m enjoying it. The main character Ava is really annoying in the beginning. Then that shifts jay once she isn’t annoying anymore. Can’t stand jay at this point. Can’t wait to finish the series though.
  • dpace847
    If your a fan of we’re alive, then this is right up your alley. Characters are a little scripted at first, but you need to continue on. It becomes more natural as the story progresses. Everything I’ve listened to from 7 lamb is amazing. Keep it up ladies and gents!!!
  • KMJohnson1
    Great story line and acting! However, a 10 minute episode may have 3-4 minutes of advertisements.
  • podcast reviws
    Sticking with it
    I tried to watch the first episode but the acting just made me want to throw my phone out a window but then I was like maybe I should skip ahead, I ended up listen to the season one recap and it’s a good podcast of the main chapters and the writer. They also know that the acting and editing is rough, listen at a min 25 of the Season recap. Hearing them agree with my initial opinion has given me hope that season two etc might be better, they know where they need to improve. Still I’m skipping season one thought, I’ll write a comment about if I can bare to listen to the next season and if it’s hard to if you skip season one. Peace
  • Kegan1988
    We’re Alive(ish) on a Smaller Budget
    I like the storyline, an interesting survival mash up of aliens and “zombie-type” outbreaks. The acting is sub-par but the consistent change of environment and people keeps you engage. As a HUGE ‘We’re Alive’ fan, I feel this production attempts to closely follow a lot of similarities from the We’re Alive story but with its own twist and of course, a much lower quality production value. However, I have enjoyed it thus far
  • dmgls
    Love love it. Can’t stop listening. I will be sad if it ends. But I started way late. Enjoy listening to lots of episodes all at once.
  • Austin luedeke
    Spoiler alert
    The story had so much potential but a few of the characters were just so bad that I had to stop. The main character is Ava, a California epa worker that literally makes no decisions to actually survive the story but somehow does. It’s like listening to a toddler tell how they would survive an adventure in combat. If you enjoy a emotionally based character that frustrates you and is not relatable in anyway, you may enjoy this. Sorry 7 lambs, your stories are usually great and fun to listen to but this just happens to be a product I don’t enjoy.
  • users7890
    Mixed emotions 🫠
    This storyline is great! I’m a fan of 7L podcasts and this one doesn’t disappoint. I did find some of the voices to be a bit cringy but you get used to it. I only like Ava’s voice when she gets emotional (sad, mad, scared), otherwise it just sounds like she’s reading the script for the first time. Mark is and always will be my favorite! His loyalty to Ava is beautiful and he’s so respectful about her boundaries. The character development got a lot better after season 2. Hence why I love Mark. I also really enjoyed the constant change of environment. Keep the show running, please! PS I live in Chula Vista and am driving up to Ramona to look for Scott, brb.
  • crooked nose.
    Love pod 🤩
    I love the podcast it’s so well wrote that I can put myself there. My favorite character is jay because he’s a kind and caring person but I really in joy mark as well.
  • Radiochild80
    Terrible voice acting.
    I am not sure I can listen to any more. The story is very interesting and I would really like to follow it. However, the voice acting is TERRBLE. it is more like a group of people reading out loud to each other. Which is pretty brutal to listen to. It’s really too bad.
  • Moiriss
    Great story
    Just finished the last episode February 8. And I hope they will continue to make this story. PLEASE don’t leave us like this with so many questions.
  • Marina Runner
    Sloppy writing and idiotic main character
    Only one episode in and you can already see the sloppy writing. Hoping it gets better. Really funny how the main character got off the plane and texted Mark & Jay and then was at the hotel when she remembered to turn airplane mode off on her phone. Couple of other weird things: 1) direct flights from SD to NY are not hard to come by; 2) anyone from NY knows that you NEVER fly in to LaGuardia; & 3) why would an adult woman share a hotel room w/two men? Maybe it’s just first episode, first season kinks. Hope it works itself out! Ok, 6 episodes in an it has gotten worse … not in terms of writing, but in character development. Of course the female lead is a MORON not doing what is reasonable and logical, but trying to get back to her fiancé. *eye roll*
  • Thisischico
    Great concept, poor production.
    I really like the idea but I’m in the middle of the second season and I can’t keep going. The voice acting is pretty bad. More like a group reading of a good book.
  • ghop77
    Not that good
    I’m surprised I made it to episode 5 considering how bad the acting is. I like other shows from 7L, just can’t get into this one.
  • Tai the Lightning
    Finally caught up
    I have enjoyed the story so far…. not gonna lie Jay annoyed me when he was being unreasonable about getting to California but overall I started to like his journey through it all. Ava’s story broke my heart and you know what you did 💀 but hey making me feel something just speaks to how great the podcast is. Keep up the good work!
  • Krispug23
    The characters are insufferable (like immature and illogical children). The “acting” is stiff and unnatural. The script/dialogue is obnoxious, unnecessary details and lacked any realism. The episodes are stupid short ( a 15 min episode with music breaks, intro, exit and ads) BUT the story is super intriguing…I suffered through all the terrible writing and acting (with loads of eye rolls) to see how it ends. I’m still not sure if all the suffering was worth it…
  • Rich568117
    Great Show, Slow Production
    I have been listening to this podcast since it first came out, and one thing has not changed in that time - The time between episodes is WAY too long. As I write this, I have waited since February 8th 2022 for another episode. I love the plot & I am invested in the storyline, so I keep listening, but it is frustrating to get a 15-20 minute episode every two months… especially when I see other 7 Lamb shows updated more frequently. I feel like this show has been forgotten.
  • Me x 7
    Decent story, so-so acting
    A good story, but as others have mentioned it is sub par acting and vocal pacing. I am giving 4 instead of 3 stars because I applaud the effort and the number of episodes. It is a shame some reviewer felt the need to put a spoiler in their review. I sort of doubt I will stick with it, made it through most of season one. I will keep it in my library if I am in between other shows but the wooden acting and slower pace has not fully engaged my attention.
  • Jawa Juice 35
    Awesome story LOVE IT
    Jay is a pain yes . Could be more realistic this season YOU KILLED MARK !!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ???????? I tiered up a but at the end after he has done for Ava you kill him when they get to the border. Seriously all that work for the love of his life and ya kill him. I’m kinda Annoyed about that . I was hoping for him to end up spending his life with Ava But overall this is a good story, awesome voice acting. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE.
  • ValsOmg
    Bad reading
    Im only on season 1 and I’m into the story but some of the actors are terrible. As others have said, it sounds like robotic reading, especially Ava. Also, they keep calling California “Cali”…no one here calls it that.
  • garry the berry
    Good story
    I’m through season three and really have had to try hard to stick with it but the writing is good. The voice acting is laughable but does get better further along. I mean it’s clear these people are reading straight off a script. It’s the only thing I can point to to complain about but honestly it’s bad. And the 1-2 minute musical interludes in a podcast that is already only 15 mins long (including add time) is ridiculous.
  • Joses W
    From the first 5 min….a girl who is a horrible reader. She’s the HEAD of an EPA program in San Diego. Ok, I’m out. Californian and environmentalist lead character who is a horrible reader with the maturity of a 7 year old = not a survivor of aliens much less anything.
  • Young Wrenzo
    A tough go
    I almost bailed on season one because the voice acting is almost middle school level, but decided to stick it out and see if it got better. I’m in season two, and it’s only slightly better. Another thing that is particularly galling is the adopted practice of refusing to even make an attempt to pronounce the letter “t” in words like “gotten”.
  • ocmnero
    Great plot, but the characters…
    Essentially you’ll be wishing every episode may be the one that Ava finally catches her end
  • YoungLaredo
    Good, if you can survive season one
    The voice acting in season one started laughably bad, then grew to irritatingly bad. The sound effects were only good if you assumed everyone was wearing tap shoes on hardwood floors. Reviewers said it got better after the first season so I stuck with it. Add my name to the list who agree it’s significantly better in season two. It’s a good story. I plan to stay with it.
  • drf5876
    Couldn’t get through season 1
    I started this because of the quality of Tower 4, also from 7 Lamb. The quality of their newer work is a substantial improvement. This older work has an unlikable protagonist. It also sounds like the voice actors didn’t understand the scenes they were reading for in many cases. It has the 7 Lamb signature switch to narration mode of talking which is sometimes painfully delivered. It may get better in newer seasons. But I have zero desire to listen more hoping for that improvement.
  • Woozy woowoo
    First, anything from 7 lamb prod. is gonna be good
    The premise is really good, I been binging and feel the need to write a review now. Some things I disliked in the beginning are some of the actors sounded like they were just reading from a script and there wasn’t any realness in there voice, very robotic but the further along that went away and it’s gotten much better and now that they r comfortable I think it’s a lot better, another thing I disliked in the beginning u could hear the cuts from one actors voice to another. Like each actor’s recorded script was done on different vocals, imagine someone acting into a crappy microphone setup and another one in an amazing setup, then clip them together like they are talking, I could hear the pause’s and clips, I don’t know if some background music or something could take care of that but that was off putting for me, Although these issues I did have in the beginning I must say they are disappearing the more the show goes on, I very much recommend this show and any other productions from 7 lamb productions, and one last thing, the episodes are very short, I wish they were closer to 30mins long
  • Roi SM
    Fun Story, Awful Acting
    These are fun episodes to consume, but be warned; the acting OVERALL - and with one exception - is painful. It’s honestly like listening to self-conscious middle-schoolers perform. I wouldn’t normally throw shade, but there are such glaringly awkward and horribly executed moments that it leaves one wondering if the writer just hired all his friends and disregarded getting professionals. It’s hard to listen to at times. The only acting exception is the newscast playing in the background of the first few episodes…because it’s real (though it’s not addressing at all what the narrative is discussing - another cringy amateurish misstep).
  • David Ta.
    Great podcast long wait
    It’s a great podcast that keeps you engaged however you really need to wait like a year for the entire season to come out before listening. With every episode being release at least a month apart, it’s hard to keep interest in it. I will pick back up in 2023 on this season and binge listen.
  • bbvvcccfgghh
    Binge listening!
    Can’t stand Jay in this series.
  • msd128
    Not bad.
    I’m only on season 1 so far. The story is good but the acting is horrible. Ava character is so selfish and Jay is a whimp. I’m going to continue to listen because I like the story but I hope the acting gets better.
    Short episodes
    This is a great story but the episodes are WAY too short, need to be 40min-1hr+ 3 stars only because length of episode.
  • alasad is home
    Excellent story, great sound and amazing voice actors! I cannot recommend this enough!! Anything from seven lambs is incredibly high quality!
  • ela1235
    Bringe listened to first four seasons
    I’ve listened to the first 4 seasons and really enjoy the overall plot and individual story lines. Listening to Brielle’s voice has quickly become grating but I guess that’s kind of the point
  • KGPreacher
    Wait and binge… slow release dates
    I’ve listened to every episode of this series so far. Great voice acting and sound editing. Suspenseful and exciting. My one recommendation though is to wait until the entire season is released to listen. With all of the 7 Lamb podcasts release dates are often stretched out over a month, and by the time the next comes out, I’m lost with where we left off. That’s my only criticism. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy the show!
  • h.denn
    Great story
    Wish 3rd season would play. Right when it was getting good bam! Says all episodes are unavailable 🥴 frustrating but a great story nonetheless.
  • bill in bama
    Hang in there…
    Episoides are too short…. Too much filler and reading of cast names…some of the voices are poorly acted…but overall decent…Im almost to season 3 so…. The 3 stars i left could become 5 stars. Bill in bama!
  • #chichimom
    Great listen!
    Great story, sound effects and characters. I feel like they’re my friends. The story is told in such a way you disappear in their world. First season reading is ehh but it gets better. Great sound effects.
  • 182brandonh
    It’s a lot of fun to listen to. I hope someone picks it up for a mini tv series. Fantastic story. Keep it up.
  • Sasabunny
    Binge worthy
    I binged this series in just a few days so am now anxiously awaiting new episodes to drop each week. The story & production are great. The acting starts off a little rough but improves a lot during season 2. The actors just may not have been as experienced in the beginning. Most of them are quite good. As a side note, this podcast started in 2016 or 2017 when things like widespread quarantines & breakdowns in supply chains would have seemed far fetched. Not so much when listening in 2022.
  • Kawasaki h2r
    Love it . The story keeps me wanting more
    I love the story line . I just found it and have been binge listening it for 2 days now👍👍 I hope I can find more to binge
  • Trilete
    It gets better...
    You can tell in the first season they are just reading a script. The acting gets better into the 2nd season. Good story and sound effects. Wish there was less profanity. Most of it seems very gratuitous.
    Good but a lot of issues
    It’s a good story with an okay plot. The issues I have are with the length of the episodes (they’re far too short), and then there’s these breaks in them with bad music that lasts forever. And I feel like there’s no good reason to have them. Just seems like padding to try and make the already short episodes longer. And one of the characters (Jay), is a whiny, selfish baby that infuriates me so much. I spent so much time cussing him out on his episodes. He’s absolutely written badly imho. But other than that it’s an alright show. The acting is pretty 😬 also. But again, good story that’s done kinda badly.
  • Chona, Inc
    Truly amazing audio drama. On Par with the Byron Chronicles
  • Matthew4868
    Good listen
    Entertaining pod, nice short quick episodes. I live in San Diego so the connection is interesting, though you don’t need to travel to San Diego to get to Ramona. Oh also Jay is a whiny lil B$!#%
  • Clause
    Good Concept So Far..
    The idea of the storyline has been interesting so far. However, the acting isn’t very good and there is so much unnecessary music between scenes.
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