Something has been found at the bottom of Earth's ocean. An ancient artifact that can only be described as a giant door, inset into the sea floor. It becomes known as the Vault. A gigantic enigma, buried and forgotten...nineteen thousand feet down.To study the artifact, the galaxy's most powerful corporation, Maas-Dorian, has built a massive, self-contained, secret laboratory base surrounding it, named FATHOM. It's objective: unlock the secrets of the artifact and discover what it holds.​But some mysteries should remain buried. And some doors should never be opened....The story of DERELICT begins with season one, FATHOM, a narrative podcast experience from award winning science fiction author J. Barton Mitchell, and produced by Night Rocket Productions.

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  • Eventer in ATX
    I am OBSESSED!!!
    Best fiction podcast EVER!!! Every bit as entertaining as watching a binge worthy Netflix sci-fi show. Absolutely amazing!! Chefs kiss. I’m dying for season 2 to finish coming out!!
  • Header Maker
    Great for Sifi lovers
    I am on episode four, and I am loving this podcast! A great choice for anyone who is a fan of science fiction.
  • Dffujnbkop
    One of the best of its kind
    Acting good enough to make the characters live, a script that avoids many of the pitfalls of audio dramas, and sound design that gives depth without overwhelming.
  • Mack-son
    Best podcast ever!
    I didn’t know I could be so entertained without viewing a screen. It really puts you there. Using headphones or in the car. I highly recommend listening and hope the second season continues.
  • felixjdjdj
    i didnt think podcasts could be this good. ive never felt so a part of something as it was unfolding. the whole experience takes my breathe away every episode.
  • Socally
    Everything is superb: story, sound production (exception below), voice acting. As everyone has said, it is loud, which might work in a visual medium where you’re using multiple senses, but here, it’s overwhelming to the ears and at times, unintelligible. Also, the story is dense (not necessarily bad, you just need to pay attention). This is not a casual listen, and I wish the episodes were in shorter chunks. All in all, this is a top tier scripted podcast. I hope they are able to be funded for season 2.
  • Culv4282
    Good Hard Action Sci Fi
    This podcast is fantastic. Making heavy use of thematic world building through natural character dialogue, visceral descriptions make the story come to life, while avoiding heavy handed scenery descriptions (as some audio dramas are prone). The pacing also shines, with the overarching story steadily ramping up, but not in a linear fashion; instead, it feels like a climb up massive steps, where you’re with the characters, both for the action and for their brief moments of rest before the next hurdle. As an engineer, I really appreciate the hard sci-fi elements. The technology in the story is plausible, giving off Aliens and Half Life vibes, being futuristic while understandable. What brings these elements to life is the soundscape - everything sounds like it should. Finally, like all good sci fi, the story explores deep philosophical questions, incorporating discussions from different viewpoints on life, death, humanity, right, and wrong. TLDR: Character driven plot with great dialogue and action, combined with the best soundscaping of any podcast I’ve listened to.
  • Joe33895577
    Great story, but the inconsistency in episode release is nerve-racking
    I love the storyline I can’t figure out the rhyme or reason in release date of episodes.
  • GracefulNeurosis
    WOW episode 10 was insane, I can’t wait to listen to what comes next. This podcast sounds so real I’ve had to pause it to calm myself down. It’s so immersive. I totally felt like I was there for every step of the ride. The tension and the weight of the situation, the character motivations, every aspect of this podcast feels like it was designed to catch your attention and not let go. Thanks for this absolute experience!!!! edit 1/6: SEASON 2 YAYYYYY
  • The Grrl
    Just listen!
    I have to say this is one of the best story podcasts I’ve listened to. The audio is fantastic. The footsteps aren’t weird as seems to happen a lot. The voice acting is superb, and the story is quite attention grabbing. Hands down my favorite and I have a lot of alone time at work I like to turn into creepfest with my earbuds.
  • arope28
    Science fiction in film is usually all about the “visuals,” often leaving the script to be shallow and gutted. In the podcast medium, this DERELICT: FATHOM experience is an extremely well-written and immersive story that is only equaled or exceeded by the talent of the actors. The characters are brought to life *because* of the script and the fantastic acting, as there are no visuals - other than the world built in your mind’s eye as you listen. QCode introduced me to immersive fiction podcasts. But DERELICT: FATHOM takes it a few steps further by not only being committed to telling a good immersive story, but by also committing this world to you. This feels like the beginning of something much larger - in all aspects. Once you open this door, there is no going back.
  • kybg
    First half has potential
    Second half goes downhill rapidly with annoying characters freaking out and having to be talked down constantly. Sound is great, though!
  • asuncionshija
    Really gripping action! The adrenaline rush was intense! Well written, well acted, well produced. Definitely an action movie for your ears.
  • pookie777
    Doesn’t get any better than this
    The podcast code has been cracked with this series…sound, voices, effects, dramatic storyline, poignancy…I am blown away
  • clooneythescourge
    Best audio drama of the year by far
    Supreme sound engineering and voice acting . A really cool premise . Reminds me of the book sphere . Incredible sci-fi horror .
  • frankie97212
    Great story and acting, horrific sound design (misophonia)
    For some reason they want us to believe there’s a world with scentient AI but the comms quality has constant crackles and squeaks. When asking themselves “is this sound high pitched enough? Does it go on for long enough?” The answer seems to have always been “HIGHER AND LONGER!!!”. That being said, the story was compelling enough for me to power through, even though I had to skip large chunks due to unnecessarily grating sound design. I suspect they did it to build tension, but it’s just headache infusing.
  • Dances With Caterpillars
    Really fantastic and immersive show
    I haven’t listened to an audio drama this well written and produced and acted since The White Vault. So well done and hard to stop listening
  • Ideiiedk
    Best sci-fi podcast I’ve found. So much fun, great actors, beautiful sound design. Please support this story!
  • FallenXo
    This has to be the most amazing podcast on apple podcast, I’ve already listened to first season over 10x and can’t wait for season 2 I can’t stop listening going to listen to the whole thing again today! Thank you for such an amazing experience and hope you guys get to continue making such wonderful stories!
  • reviwer777775
    Well made podcast. I got hung up on the idea that a super computer could not solve a 2 variable equation, where the variables were 1 or 2 numbers long. They should have made it more complex to validate why it was not guessed by trial and error, since they said they were up to 7 digit guesses.
  • worldtn
    Love this show
    This is such a great podcast, I am the type of person that prefers to read. But this show captivates me and keeps me wanting to listen for more. Incredible team with incredible talent. Thank you for sharing your art. I would have given you five stars if the app allowed it. You guys are awesome!!
  • kojack girl
    Great voices and plenty of action. Listened twice.
  • TheHikingApothik
    Dr. Graff Drinking Game
    Tips to new listeners: Grab a 12 pack and take a drink each time you hear Dr. Graff’s name during the first few episodes. It’s impressive. Thank me later. Otherwise, great story!
  • 124533119863355171
    Ruined it by killing Blaine. Killed off the whole cast lol how could there be a 2nd season? Such a good story but a terrible ending. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • milehightallguy
    Every episode had me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for more of this story. Great story, superb acting. Phenomenal! Keep up the great work
  • Pocketvideographer
    One of the Best
    This is one of the best story podcasts with professional quality voice acting and sound. What makes it so good, however, is that almost all the character actions and choices are well rooted in character motivations and/or character flaws. This is unlike many other podcasts that have characters make inexplicably dumb choices just because the writer needed to get from one plot movement to the next. Here, characters are consistently drawn and developed, which makes the thrilling tensions of the story and the competing agendas of characters feel more organic and compelling. I hope there’s a season two.
  • Wendell Welles
    Great story, bad sound
    Great voice acting (when you can hear it), great story, but the sound suuucked. The dialog kept getting drowned out by the sound effects and made for a frustrating listening experience. Still the story, from what I could here of it was very interesting. Hope there’s a season 2 and they learn how to better balance the dialog with the sound effects.
  • Lukapotamus
  • Serious Sam 2
    Never Kill the Dog
    Killed all the main characters. No hope of happy ending. Bye bye.
  • Killmacplease
    Good story, but…
    SFX WAY…. too loud, it interferes with the dialogue. It is especially hard to understand Eva. Good story though. Voice actors are good, just would like to understand what they’re saying.
  • ffithecat
    So good!!! Excellent voice acting, addictive story, and amazingly high production. One I will listen to again while I wait for season 2 it’s that good!
  • Post ghost
    Really enjoyed it.
    Hope there is a second season.
  • dearydarling
    This is a masterpiece. Flawless. Miles beyond and above any audio production I’ve heard. Just listen!!!
  • n333ky
    I listened to season 1 Fathom. It says there are two seasons and Fathom is a prequel but I only see one season and it’s Fathom??? Where do I find Derelict
  • TMD2739
    Absolutely Fantastic
    This has been my favorite sci-fi audio story to listen to so far. The love and attention to detail put into it by the creators and voice actors is obvious. I hope to hear more in the future from them.
  • Starting artist
    Will you wait on the platform with me?
    But I’m going to try my best. This series has been absolutely beyond incredible. I listen to it at work while I’m cooking and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve become so absorbed in the story that I was completely and totally transported to the scene. I think about this story even when I’m not listening to any episodes. It’s that good. For the finale, there was mention that some generous benefactor donated funds to complete the last half of the season. I don’t remember there being a jump in production quality (not saying it’s not there, but im just a chef. That’s way above my head) but in the first 20 minutes of the finale, there’s a whole lot of improvement in the voice acting alone. Seriously, holy cow. Well done!! I’ve been an avid sci-fi and fantasy literature consumer since i was 12 and this story is one of the most intriguing and absorbing stories I’ve read. I would put it in the same category as Dune and Lord of the Rings. Seriously! Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. *Edit:: When i said i didn’t notice an improvement in production, i don’t mean that it’s low quality. The opposite! The production is of such high quality that to my ears, it couldn’t get better. Aside from more episodes of course!
  • Elbo Jones
    Firing on all cylinders, a benchmark production. Does require quality playback monitoring, listening on cheap buds/device speaker will lose ~80% of content
  • htaylor58
    I am absolutely floored over this podcast. The production quality, voice acting, and story are unmatched. The character and plot development keep you on the edge of your seat. Waiting for them to release the episodes was borderline torture, but I am excited to go back and re-listen all the way through. Please listen to this podcast, it deserves it.
  • meek23
    So well done
    This podcast is so well written, acted and produced. The foley effects are top of the line and really set the mood. The emotion the actors bring to their parts is amazing. I can feel their anguish and their hope. The writing is intense and keeps the stakes high. You can understand the motivations of each character and get to learn about each of them in small vignettes that hit hard. Do not pass this up.
  • Creichert0925
    okay… usually i don’t write reviews, however, i felt it was necessary. the season finale was great up until there were 30 mins left. i get what they were trying to do, but i can’t understand Eva/ the sentient being are saying to blain when sarah is finally revealed. i’m struggling to comprehend what she/it is saying. it makes me so frustrated because i’ve waited since june for this episode to be released. i also would like to note that everything else in the show is amazing and i know i’m being nit picky BUT i’ve waited so long for this episode and now i don’t even know what is being said in one of the most important parts. i really wish they would have picked either eva’s voice or the sentient being. i’m still giving five stars because the show really is all around great but i just felt like that part could’ve been produced a bit better. i’m still new to the podcast world so i don’t know if my opinion is warranted. i just want to know if anyone else felt this way or if it was just me, anyways, keep up the good work!
  • Gamecockfan1201
    Heart pounding!
  • Suzalah61
    Sitting in the edge!
    Can’t wait for next season !! Listening to it for a 2nd time!
  • moght not be for me
    A well written, coherent story, that is compelling, with great voice acting, and sound design. Definitely give it a listen!
    Can’t….push..pause….to sleep. 😅
    Episode 3 currently. Edge of my seat…well, pillow. Dying to know what’s behind those artifact doors. But, if I know multi-seasonal audio dramas, I won’t hold my breath. 😅 Super epic, tho. 🙌👍🤘👏👏👏 Edit: Boy was I wrong 😳😳😳😳😳
  • Flopmop
    Nail biter and edge of my seat immersive ear candy!!!
    Hands down best podcast I have listened to in past 2 years. The Abyss meets Dead Space. 😍😍😍
  • bishop0422
    A beautiful, well put together podcast that really draws the listener into its world.
  • AuriaLuna
    I’m astounded.
    I’m disappointed in myself for not finding this sooner. Voice acting and story is engaging. Love it.
  • huckleberry1327
    This is a really enjoyable action/mystery story! Can’t wait for next season! Great acting and sound effects as well as not being able to guess what happens next! I am like the others I have been utterly spoiled by “We’re Alive” and “Leviathan Chronicles”. Only a handful of others. Love this series!!
  • Skyler Brunssen
    Holy crap
    This was nuts. Was definitely not expecting a Dead Space/Alien/Event Horizon/Sunshine podcast but I’m VERY happy to be surprised! I really hope we get to hear the rest of the stories. Would break my heart to not be able to listen to the full vision of this show.
  • Mikeynuts21
    Finally, another quality show
    Started my audio journey with the “We’re Alive” series. Just about everything I’ve found afterwards has been disappointing. Stumbled across this short series gem and am very impressed. Great voicing, plot, and sound effects. Love the Dead Space/Abyss/Prometheus vibes this puts out and is VERY entertaining. Only gripe is the effects overpower the audio a lot. Can’t always understand the speech when the action gets going. Overall I LOVE this show and look forward to anything this group will put out.
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