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THE daily Colorado Avalanche podcast, hosted by credentialed journalists, insiders and analysts. Former Avalanche Forward Eric LaCroix, Nathan Rudolph, AJ Haefele, and Meghan Angley give you the inside scoop on Nathan MacKinnon, the Avs, and the NHL. DNVR Avalanche is the No. 1 Avs Live podcast in the world. Live from the DNVR Bar, in downtown Denver.

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  • JCW@1
    Still the same
    After a break from listening to their immature ramblings and rarely offering anything substantive, I decided to listen as the new season began. Nothing has changed or improved, probably digressed! Ridiculous! Gone! Your language is pathetic, why don’t you work at a 7-11 store? Megan adds professionalism to the pod and Eric, despite his background, adds very little information that most fans already know and he resorts to rambling.
  • Steele996
    Love this show. Love the hosts. Got to meet them in person at DNVR very approachable and welcoming.
  • 223534553
    The worst kind of people in sports fandom are these exact people. Drunk sports nerves, critiquing athletes. The takes Aren’t always horrible, but the people are always annoying.
  • Birdmi
    Chefs kiss!
    The addition of Eric Lacroix is 👨‍🍳💋🤌! His insight as a former player has really elevated the pod. I wish Megan was around more for the post game.
  • Lovelylindsers
    Consistent, Good content!
    Love this pod! Bring Megan on more, she has the best insight!
  • 502fakie
    Best Avs Podcast by far
    DNVR Avalanche coverage team is the best one out by far. I listen to most of the pods that cover the team and the DNVR team is my go to.
  • ElevationColdCoffee
    Like hockey but also need tips tidying up below the belt? This is the podcast for you. Ps, Megan is not Milk Toast
  • BB_Berto
    Rudo, Meghan, AJ, Eric & us the listeners
    Love this podcast 💯🙏
  • Chase from Colorado
    Best Avs Pod out there
    If you’re looking to learn more about hockey you came to the right place. An unlikely group of hosts will surprise you with an excellent mix of eye test Vs advanced analytics. Whether the avalanche have a dominant win, or a seemingly horrendous loss, I wait to form my own opinion until I hear what this crew has to say. They are honest, unbiased, and a nothing but business pod. AJ will blow your mind with his analytics and does a masterful job of making them easy to understand. Rudo is an excellent host. Megan is a brilliant mind that always reminds you to consider the human element of hockey games. And Eric gives his insight from being in the league. Dint miss out and make sure to listen to a solid 4 or 5 post game episodes before you form your own opinion.
  • justa honest
    Had to unsubscribe and stop listening because of one host. Jesse ruined it for me
  • Berman Brother
    Meghan is milk toast
    Not sure why Meghan is on the show. Today she was afraid to give her opinion on the Cale Makar suspension. She hardly talks unless prompted by Rudo. She seems very nice, just not a very entertaining host.
  • jombos27
    A lot of fluff
    A lot of words…not a lot of analysis. Very surface level.
  • Seth Bang
    Best Avalanche Coverage!
    Great team of analysts!
  • Revolut10nary
    One Good Analyst and Bunch of Cliche Machines
    I love the Avalanche and was looking for an Avalanche focused podcast that might offer some news from sources inside or close to the organization. I was extremely disappointed to find it is just a group of people rehashing each game and offering their cliched hockey analysis, saying things like “they did what they needed to do” or “got the job done”. About half of the episodes I have listened to have featured a woman, I think her name is Megan. She is the only one that contributes meaningful analysis. I would listen to a podcast hosted by her, but don’t think I can continue with this one.
  • MarkTiaga
    Pretty solid
    I listen to the show every day and mostly enjoy it. Rudo and Meghan are incredible and make being a fan even more enjoyable. Jesse and AJ can get pretty mean with fans. I get not wanting fans to be complete doomers, but they go over the top making fun of fans being frustrated or worried. Blais is fun whenever he is on too!
  • Luc0665
    Outstanding when AJ is on, good when Jesse and Blais are on. Struggle when only Rudo and Megan are by themselves. Good support but can not lead an interesting podcast by themselves. Unfortunately AJ is less and less often on those Podcasts.
  • OneRightMinus
    Excessive and annoying Ads
    Updated 2/16/23: Attention to detail on the podcast side has fallen apart. Today’s show titled “Alexander Giorgiev Stands on his head as Avalanche Secure Win…” plays the pregame show instead of the post game. This is at least the third time this has happened in recent weeks. It seems like the entire focus is on the YouTube channel, which is fine but don’t even bother with the podcasts if it’s not something you choose to care about.
  • ikaika_b
    Great pod poor production
    Love to listen, pods don’t seem to have a consistent time to post after being recorded and on occasion the wrong pod is posted all together. For example the most recent wild postgame pod is actually the pregame pod.
  • aBrowne87
    My daily fix
    It’s been exciting watching this crew evolve from the early BSN days to what they are now. Each individual brings their own unique insight to the table while also bringing a fun listening experience. Whether it’s the dead of summer, moments after a bad loss, or on cloud 9 with Lord Stanley, you can always count on DNVR to conquer that hockey craving.
  • srosch1015
    Hard Work and Good Vibes
    This team of DNVR Avs is amazing. They make me laugh, smile and just all around learn something about hockey. But the best part is how fun they are! Thank you for all your hard work Meghan, Rudo, AJ, Jesse and Blais :-)
  • ch 012
    Go avs go so good
    I love the avs and I listen all the time
  • CDiFr
    Best Avs Pod in the podspace
    What I love most about them is how often they have a new pod. I watch them on YouTube as well. They’re one of the rare sports pods that have both quality and quantity. Sometimes, they contradict themselves or are pretty bitter about irrelevant things that happen in a game but I let it go because we are die hard fans too and crap happens. Love you guys!
  • Savannah0328
    No energy lately
    Show has just been lacking the last few months. Not what is used to be!!
  • Burival2021
    Best Podcast in Colorado
    I’ve been listening to this crew now for the past 4 years. This crew is by far the best in the business. From AJ, Rudo, Jesse, Allie and all of the others that aren’t mentioned here. You all are absolutely amazing at what you do.
  • davidpostier
    Disappointing and Inappropriate
    Came here after the Avs won the Stanley Cup looking for a great, in-depth analysis of the game but left very disappointed. Within the first five minutes, there were SEVERAL swear words used and even a couple of inappropriate and unnecessary sexual jokes. It even sounded like some of the hosts were drunk as they recorded the episode. If you’re looking for a professional and classy podcast that covers the Avs, this isn’t the one. This podcast seems more geared towards people wishing they could still be in college. Here’s to hoping for something better!
  • Amelia8989
    Great podcasts, but they’re often only available here or on Spotify days after they were recorded, by which point they’re obsolete. Since DNVR is in the business of closely covering events as they happen, I think they should invest some time/energy/whatever into troubleshooting this issue. The daily coverage model doesn’t work when the Monday podcast is coming out Wednesday or Thursday.
  • iamspeechless
    Can we get back to hockey?
    I respect all their knowledge of hockey and like to listen to fill in all the gaps of what I can know about the Avs just by watching a game. But the crassness and lack of focus on hockey is increasingly frustrating and making me look for other shows. Maybe less shots during recording? Not sure what is causing the slide, but hope it gets better. I listen the the DNVR Broncos podcast religiously and think maybe they have a more professional podcast and wish this one would follow suite.
  • Turtlemountain
    Get that dude to stop with the air horn every few seconds
    The joke is only funny so many times
  • Letsgoavs4
    I love you man but you gotta stop getting on your soap box about covid. Saying people need to be cast out of society for not taking the vaccine is a joke. Stick to the hockey boys i get it that saying the avs might be affected if the sens aren’t back for the game but if you want to talk about world issues make a special episode to get it off your chest. Go avs!
  • fromthemiddleofthepacific
    Ultimate Avs Coverage
    I only give it 4 stars due to the language. I know, I’m old fashioned, I just don’t enjoy hearing it, and I feel like it’s becoming worse over time. The analysis, though, is second to none.
  • Rind456778
    Let me get to the point. A couple of years ago I gave this Pod a 5 star review, I loved it. When the Pod hosts are AJ, AD and Jesse. The chemistry was so good the analysis so strong. AJ hands down one of the greatest hockey minds I listened to EVER! Since then with the addition of Rudo, the Pod has become a drunk obnoxious ad fest with about, 50% of topic drunken babbling, 25% ad reads, and 25% Avs hockey talk. Evan is a great addition love how he keeps it on topic great insight. Stop promoting the bar, and get back on course.
  • maxisums14637
    Very boring podcast
    For such an exciting team the AVS have this podcast out me to sleep. I’m sure they love hockey but these two known nothing about it. It’s a very painful listen.
  • AvsFan2119773352
    Great pod! Slow uploads
    Amazing pod!! Love listening but often times episodes aren’t loaded onto Apple podcasts until days after they are recorded. Keep up the great work!!
  • CLH1021
    The best hockey pod out there
    It wasn’t the finish we wanted for the Avs’ season but I couldn’t imagine going through the hockey season without the guys at DNVR. They’re hilarious but they also give very intelligent analysis of each game. AJ, Rudo, and Blais are all great. Highly recommend for any Avs or hockey fan in general!
  • jcshevy
    Going through the motions
    Specifically AJ. Does he even like the Avs? Most of what he says is negative and god for bid someone have an opinion other than his. It’s a shame because he knows his stuff. Just annoying he has that mentality. Go listen to Locked on Avalanche.
  • BCJayHawkRox
    Great Pod
    Nice job guys. I’m gradually learning more about hockey! Thanks
  • RileyfromCA
    Nearly perfect
    AJ and Rudo are professionals who know this game in and out. But I don’t know what Blaze Hunter’s value is? Nothing personal, seems like a great dude but it seems like he just echoes what AJ and Rudo say so I’m not sure of his contributions or actual knowledge seems like they just kinda pulled a random fan who just saw the game off the street if I didn’t know any better.
  • iron metal man
    Actually knows what they’re talking about
    Wild fan here. I listen here and there whenever we play the Avalanche. Good insight into the game from a different fan base. Unlike most Avalanche fans I deal with, they know the other team fairly well and recognize their talented players. Not afraid to criticize their team when deserving. All around a good show
  • AWild00
    I love you guys
    I have a couple things but what’s your thought on going out and getting goaltender my thoughts are with Mackenzie Blackwood from NJ dude would be a monster I feel like with our D another thought Is when bednar double shifts Mack is it just me but I feel like Mack and O’Connor should be on the ice together sometimes that speed I feel would be lethal what’s your thoughts
    Best Avs content in CO
    This podcast makes my commute manageable and I love it. Here is some constructive criticism: take it easy on the drinking and promoting drinking. I get you want to have the fan environment at the bar but it’s becoming borderline unprofessional. It sounds like a frat party over there and is taking away from the content. Also, as mentioned below, the mouse clicking is incessant sometimes! Y’all have come a long ways since you let AD produce his own podcasts every once in a while and torture us with his nonsensical ramblings.
  • BK-Avs
    Great Resource, great guys
    AJ and AD always being great insider info and intelligent analysis to the pod. Jesse too! Great guys, all three, and it's always great when they bring in a guest, especially the big media guys AD knows. Would love to see more of that, even if its other voices in the Avs world. I've been a regular listener since the AJ/JJ days and don't plan on stopping. Great work! Update to this: the pod continues to improve with Rudo on the ride!
  • ryanm 🦅
    Run through a wall
    I gave up the Avs after the strike. Used to go to many games and felt let down as a kid. Joined DNVR for the broncos and AJ and Rudo have made me a fan again. They make me wanna run through a wall, they make this stuff so exciting
  • bofranco
    Bring it back
    Please bring back the intros from McGahey and the Scalped song!!
  • FightOn89
    Great pod, but...
    Love the Avs coverage. Can’t stand the constant clicking. Please take AJ’s mouse away.
  • Seth Lichtenstein
    Best Avs Podcast
    Rudo and AJ know their stuff, have great insights, and are Avs fans, but also tell it as it is.
  • Tyler Smith XIV
    Fan for years
    DNVR’s podcast productions from the Avalanche to the Nuggets, Rockies, etc. is exceptional. As an east coast fan of Colorado sports, AJ, Rudo, and the team have made me feel like a part of the community from thousands of miles away. Their content is always top quality and there aren’t any other podcasts/teams like them. I’ve been a supporter for years and when I traveled to Denver, I stopped by their bar and got to experience their excitement, knowledge, and community to the point where I didn’t want to leave. Exceptional people, exceptional podcast, and an exceptional community.
  • mgooseff
    Deep analysis & fun
    Love the insights, especially during the loooong off season. Thanks for keeping some hope alive and dolling out some optimism balanced with wisdom.
  • Jackslung
    Best Avs Podcast
    This is the best Avs podcast going. High quality content, and 5 days a week helps get through the offseason.
  • Chrfvjgg
    By far the best
    A fun, light and knowledgeable group that is passionate for the Avs. There is nothing out there that is remotely close to the level of what DNVR brings to covering the Avs.
  • Scrub9996
    I have been listening for two years and it turned me on to all of the DNVR reporting and podcasts, I love it
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