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Former NHL vets Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette, Barstool Sports writer Rear Admiral and Producer Mike Grinnell bring their outspoken and irreverent opinions to the masses. Focusing on the NHL but also touching on pop culture and everything else under the sun. New episode every Tuesday.


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  • WillDabber138
    Never a Dull Moment
    The first podcast I actually enjoy listening to! Biz, Whit, RA, and Mikey G are really funny and smart hockey guys and make listening enjoyable for any hockey fan. Keep on Sonking boys!
  • DocTalk85
    Hilariously Great Hockey Commentary
    Love these guys. Wish they didn’t have to do the same round table intro every episode.
  • bradleyjheath
    Best Hockey Pod
    Not much more I need to say, other than Chiclets is the best hockey pod out there, and also puts out the best content! Great job, boys!
  • Joey Port
    Love it
    Love everything about this podcast, never change.
  • zac lucarelli
    Love the podcast
    These guys are the best podcast gang out there. Keep up the good work guys
  • LukeSabin
    Best podcast out there
    5 star chirps
  • Countryfan27213
    Just started listening and loving it!
  • Back Shots Billy
    Rear Admiral
    Stopped listening to the podcast after listening for a couple of years, Rear Admiral is just terrible, Whitney carried the podcast for a long time and Biz was a welcome injection of insight and humor. It’s gotten to the point that every time I hear RA I cringe, his questions are always misplaced and complete non sequiturs. Pretty much all he does at this point is throw in poorly timed film and Simpsons references and read ads. Podcast would benefit from a little addition by subtraction
  • KBZ34
    Wilson Interview
    Great interview with Colin Wilson. I’m a BU season ticket holder since mid-90’s and for my money he was the best player on the ‘09 national championship team. I always pegged him to be a regular 60-70 point producer in NHL and always wondered what was holding him back. I read the Players Tribune article a few months ago and had my answer. I thought he really sounded good in the interview and happy to see that it seems like he is doing well. McAvoy in the first half of the podcast was great too!
  • Norse5
    Awesome Pod 3 unique personalities that come together to show how great the sport of hockey truly is
  • j-bone 68
    Transcends your interests
    This is a podcast where you dont have to like the topic of conversation. Great story tellers, great mix of characters, genuine dudes. 5/5
  • bthornton17
    Love the pod, hate two a week unfortunately
    Feels like you miss a lot fellas, only one star so y’all see hopefully.. love you guys but two just feels kinda empty.. I don’t know maybe I’m selfish. Will change back to five if this is at least noticed. Peace and love
  • Gx2gumby
    Biz20 for Whitney’s Ankle Brace
    Hilarious stories from hockey personalities past and present paired with commentary and insight into games today. RA brings a refreshing style to the current sports media landscape. Grinnell produces a smooth show that is easy to listen to. Biz and Whitney are simply hilarious. GoKnightsGo!
  • NickD1776
    Let’s go Caps
  • 311Mike311
    Amazing Talent
    Not only are the hosts hilarious and vivid story tellers, they’re also phenomenal interviewers. This is a podcast that will make people who aren’t hockey fans into one. Could listen to this for hours. GO AVS! Natty Mac gonna dominate the year!
  • Dirk Milton
    Devon Toews
    Love the show, but Devon Toews is pronounced like De-vaughn.
  • Loki-32
    Best in the business
    No group who is better than these fellas
  • bugman1965
    Greatest hockey talk
    Keep them long or longer. I know you went to once a week but it’s hard to go 7 days in between episodes. My favorite podcast. Keep it up boys.
  • UZReview
    Best podcast in the league
    Two former players, Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette, run a hockey podcast with expletive content. This is the number one “hockey” podcast or hockey radio show in the world. They talk about the major stories in hockey, interview players and celebrities, and give takes on the fun things that happen in the world. Really funny show, and most definitely the best interviews of any hockey show. Players that come on the show will tell unfiltered stories of their past. Whitney and Bissonnette are hilarious, and the work of “RA” and Grinnell add to bolster the top line in the league of hockey podcasting. One of my favorite podcast in general.
  • ilovethickhamburgers
    Le go bruins
  • Rambo JoBo
    Love The Puck Chatter
    Keep up the great work...getting pretty lengthy so time to split up the sessions, this last episode was waaaaaaaay too long !
  • Steve-O Jones mcbones
    See below.
    Best hockey pod . (Period)
  • USA puck
    Good hockey podcast, tad obsessed with the Bruins tho!
  • aTaqsaeaa
    Great guests
    Best hockey podcast out there
  • Jackthenolan
    Bring on John Slaney
    Great podcast
  • TimLover17
    Just bad
    Don’t waste ur time on this podcast. It’s probably the worst hockey podcast that I’ve listened to. There are much better hockey podcast out there.
  • ddb123
    Best podcast on the internet
    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I think this is the best podcast I’ve ever been subscribed to. I’m not a huge sports fan, but the hosts are the most entertaining storytellers I’ve encountered. I don’t even like golf, yet I crave more of Whit’s golf stories. When I first subscribed I thought “wow, these guys are animals!” But they are intelligent and seem like genuinely good people as well, all without ever coming across like they’re trying to impress anybody. Even if you’re a casual hockey fan, you’re likely to love Spittin’ Chiclets.
  • Levin Junkie
    Kirby Dach injury
    Maybe Chiclets is a curse to juniors hockey players like the cover of SI is to NFL QBs
  • lilqcsniper34
    Great puck poddy it’s absolutely yuckey boys
  • Two O's in goose
    Great show
    Not a big deal.
  • Fergus20013
    Not Worthy of Top Hockey Podcast
    This podcast used to be baller. Then when it hit the top of the rankings they started mailing in a gd podcast. One show a week was the nail in the coffin. Steve Dangle and his youtube, Puck Soup, Hockey Central, 31 Thoughts, and Cam & Strick all do what Spittin Chiclets does but better in a lot of ways and are more regular. If you dont want to lose a lot of the fans who helped you buy that 2021 Escalade Whitdog, you guys should actually listen to your fans instead of saying you do and then ignoring them.
  • MatthewTyler93
    Favorite Hockey Podcast
    The best hockey podcast out there in my opinion! Would love to have two episodes each week!
  • Streimtime
    Good, but too much bro culture
    Look at the podcast in a vacuum and ignore the fact that they’re associated with Barstool and their trash listeners. RA, Whit, and BizNasty have great chemistry, their interviews are great, and they have such creative content. They need to stop whining about people trying to “cancel” them whenever they’re criticized for sometimes embracing the bro-culture of hockey. They did allow JR to run his mouth and lose his job. This was their best contribution to society.
  • Russian Batman
    JD Burke: go lick Biz’s sack
    You bum.
  • Damazing pie
    Best podcast ever
    I never really liked podcast till a friend of mine on the way to the Leafs V Kings game told me about Spittin Chiclets and my life hasn’t been the same since. They are all funny with great story's and there sand baggers are always great!! Keep up the great work ill be listening every time one drops its the best pod for chilling or getting your hockey news.
  • Ethan Foley
    Best Pod out there
    Podcasts are getting bigger and bigger every day, and the chiclets boys are holding it down with quality content every single week. Keep up the incredible work. RA is like The Godfather to the greatest dynasty on the internet, and Grinelli is killing it with some fire intro music every week. Obviously biz and whit kill it every week as well, “It’s time for hardest shot” boys, listening for a long time, and loving every minute of it.
  • Logang1225
    What’s Hockey?
    Started listening to this show for the laughs but have actually learned a lot about the sport thanks to these knuckleheads
  • scubasteve2472
    A new fan
    This is one of the best hockey podcast actually it’s one of the best podcast period! Great job boys. Thanks for keeping me entertained. I drive a truck and you guys get me through some long days on the road.
  • HopeSolosNudes
    Go back to the old ways
    Love the pod, still listen daily. But the old ones were better. Don’t like you’re trying to make content, just be yourselves. Biz has been smoking too much, guy plays tummy sticks after anyone says something funny.. love ya tho biz
  • petty hedwig
    Spootin chooclets
    Love the show boys! I do miss the old single biz and his stories though.
  • fwiw22345
    redundant these days
    That first year biz joined was lightning in a bottle. The banter was unreal and the one-liners came off naturally. Now they force the same recurring jokes down your throat. I get that it’s part of building a brand but there is very little genuine content left. Happy for them though, congrats on the $$$
  • BlueTangClan
    Used to be amazing
    This podcast was sooooo good back when Grinnell didn’t talk. I mean whit and biz are amazing and if you can get through RA it’s fine. But MAAAANNNN does Grinnell need to not talk about useless, unfunny information.
  • iancoolnl
    Relevant even when it’s irrelevant
    I look forward to a new pod every week. However, that is not enough for me so I’m going back to listen to previous episodes. Despite being about two years back now and enjoying episodes I’ve enjoyed in the past, it’s fun to listen to hot takes and interviews that aged well - and others that didn’t age as wel. I love the banter, the hockey talk, and the kill stories. Keep it up boys! Cheers Ian
  • K fresh ya dig
    proud member of the roller gang
    Thankful for this podcast The best stories and best coverage of hockey out there
  • Matt783726/8:0;7-6
    No one gives a **** about your golf games
    That is all
  • the trird
    Luv the podcast!
    Can’t u get Brett Hull? Your white buffalo
  • hey yo joe
    One of the best podcasts out
    Funny hosts, great in-depth game analysis and discussion. Do a great job at bringing in former and active players to share their stories and show off the amazing personality of hockey players. Only complaint, I can’t hear RA talking about boners anymore. I literally can’t.
  • r.0.s15
    Great pod
    So entertaining perfect group of guys
  • nhsoccer8
    The boys
    Started listening when hockey started back up idk why I never bought in before -1 for me 😋 but listen to the first 100 and all the new episodes that have come out! Love everything about it thanks for passing the time at work with so many laughs!!
  • KevinMerrow
    Playing it safe
    Listened to every episode until they felt the need to talk politics. Give me a break boys!!! Good bye!!
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