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Former NHL vets Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette, Barstool Sports writer Rear Admiral and Producer Mike Grinnell bring their outspoken and irreverent opinions to the masses. Focusing on the NHL but also touching on pop culture and everything else under the sun. New episode every Tuesday.

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  • brianhumbum
    Not sure yet
    Been looking for a hockey podcast to get into and can’t yet tell if I like it. I know some people don’t like some of the characteristics it shares with PMT but I don’t know that that’s it. I really can’t stand Rear Admiral; basically all the negative connotations that people associate with Bostoners rolled into one person. Love Ryan Whitney and Bissonette’s insight into the game as former players though and I was surprised at how good of a host Bis is.
  • lex1722
    Not a players podcast
    Since getting “more popular” their tales have gotten progressively worse and worse
  • Bob Jonathan
    w podcast w title w guys w biz w everything
  • Balling penguin
    Love the frankness & honesty
    I’m old and set in my ways, but love these guys and their takes-on a positive note, I’d pay to watch Ryan Whitney pound Koepka into oblivion.
  • Jsimpson_8
    Bunch of beautys
    Wouldn’t change a thing. For all the muffins who complain about ads, get over it and skip through them.
  • Andre23055
    Love chiclets
    Second best podcast behind PMT Let me know when you’re in MIA
  • WeCzar23
    Holy Ads!!!
    Gents, I ask this at the risk of sounding like a… never mind… but what’s with the Advertisements every 15 minutes? This is a great pod, but this is how you lose listeners. I get that Ads bring in the dough, but honestly, I don't think I've listened to any other pod with as many Ads as this one. It wasn’t always this way, and hopefully its temporary.
  • redditaintsogreat8
    Ads getting out of control
    Great content but lately the number of ads, cut in mid sentence, is a bit much
  • hockeybros2010
    Best podcast ever
    This is the best podcast I love listening Every week all episodes are great
  • FluffGio
    Relax w/ fake GM joe
    Stay gold pony boy....keep to the core Btw I have worse tattoos than biz
  • Rew95
    Couldn’t ask for more.
    I’ve been a listener since the pre-Biz days, and I can confidently say this Chára episode is one of the top 5 all time. I could have listened to multiple more hours. His willingness to give in-depth and detailed responses was unparalleled. Thank you!
  • tubulartommy643
    Good when they discuss hockey
    30 min into pod released once a week and haven’t discussed hockey once
  • Davestamp dot app
    The Best for a Reason
    Great pod, amazing content, inside scoops and stories, and they bring it weekly. Excellent new show in Game Notes too, and the Sandbaggers are must watch. Thanks for the hard work boys!
  • gdycvcdg cdv
    My favorite pastime (besides playing hockey)
  • jhnbjcuurd 34
    Period D
    This was one of my favorite podcasts of all time, it gives so much inside on hockey stats and hockey culture. There is always stories and news to be told and it makes for a very entertaining hour or two. On long drives it is more entertaining than listening to music sometimes, especially when you just want to relax and have a good laugh or two. RA, Whit, and Biz can carry a conversation like no other people they all have the brains, mostly RA, but hockey stories are never short when they talk. It also makes me reflect on how hockey has changed my life, while they tell stories it takes me back to stories that have happened through my many years of playing. I will always remember my friends that have became my family and I will always love no matter what. I think many people will like it for the same reasons as me because many hockey players have similar experiences and relate to other hockey players.
  • Sandiferous
    Getting too corporate
    I am a 5-year listener. My perception is the pod is getting too corporate. This manifests in more ad-reads, more talk about the pod’s business interests, and more low value stilted banter and less real feeling organic conversations. This season I have found myself fast forwarding through the opening 30 mins of conversation to get to the league talk and then fast forwarding again because I’ve already heard the same content on 32 Thoughts. The interviews remain excellent. I now also skip the post interview banter because it feels like the hosts are filling time. I’m sure the pod is more successful as a business entity than it has ever been and I commend the hosts for their incredible success story. The problem is, it listens more and more like a successful business rather than an intimate and entertaining pod. Everything has arcs and if the pod’s current direction continues, it has peaked as an entity, in my opinion.
  • mr bigs 2.0
    Too much barstool
    These guys are funny and know hockey. The problems is the same old barstool sports song a dance they do. Barstool is like WWE wrestling at this point. It’s so obviously scripted. I couldn’t care less what juvenile drama is going on in Dave Portnoy’s life.
  • Mqtfadteddy
    Still laughing
    I had too listen to JR’s episode twice because I was laughing so hard! I won’t miss an issue going forward
  • A must have app when traveling
    Game Notes
    Don’t mess with perfection.
  • jummyJFO
    Shot trash hotdog water straight up 🫡
  • Road_Runnner
    Skip the first half hour
    First half hour is generally Whit crying about something, Biz complaining about something, and RA doing ads in a ridiculous accent. The rest of the show is good hockey talk.
  • Catchrs
    First became a fan of the sandbaggers but this group has quickly become one of my favorites to listen to each week.
  • Levin Junkie
    Trung Phan interview
    Great interview. Make him the Chiclets finance contributor. That said, what you left out was that SBF is the second largest donor to the Democratic Party. He also took investment from Ukrainian government of $1 billion AFTER the US government gave them billions to fund their war effort. So this is the scam. Democrats give Ukrainian government billions. Ukrainian government invests a billion into FTX. SBF then gives millions to Democratic Party. If you boys are going to cover this, which I support, then be honest.
  • j-bone 68
    RA is a moron
    When it’s good, it’s real good. Unfortunately has become inflated with promotions that are tough to sift through. How about RA though? Last week with the John Cooper name drop on top of the claim that Elon has average intelligence? Quit masquerading your lib-culture view as being some altruistic voice. What a dink.
  • JWV 722
    Never a bad show
    Absolutely love the show. Being a massive hockey fan but living in the south, the coverage isn’t all that great. These guys give you so much real and in depth info and do it in such a fun way. Never heard a bad show and end up laughing so much I have to rewind cause I miss stuff. Definitely a must listen
  • i like hockey not golf
    I didn’t realize it was a golf podcast
    I sometimes enjoy the talk these guys have. They talk too much about golf…. Don’t care about golf. If I wanted golf I would find a golf podcast. And they keep pushing their own products worse then a midday commercial as seen on tv salesman. It used to be good. Now it just isn’t.
  • timmydoesthings
    Super happy for the boys — great stuff. Murls is the man. Army is going to be great. Love the start of this!
  • Save by Thomas 30
    Chiclets Etc
    Can you please call it Check The Game Notes Bud that or or Check The Game Notes. Both of those names would work perfectly for it in my mind
  • LOW843
    Chiclets ETC - Good Stuff
    Great start to what I’m sure is going to be long-running successful show. If you’re a fan of Chiclets, and you know you are, then you’ll appreciate Chiclets ETC where Colby & Murls get an opportunity to do a slightly deeper dive into into various issues surrounding the game, as well as some other more nuanced material + different segments you won’t find on Chiclets the Elder. Best of luck boys, and my only request is to change that name to Tossin Pigeons or Pigeon Toss 💸
  • lah90
    Chiclets etc. is brutal lol
  • Jscum96
    Nobody cares about the sandbagger. STOP.
  • podcastfan100
    Used to be great
    Show was good when it was focused on hockey. Now that their fame has grown they talk too much about how much money they have or their lives in general, always are hyping up whatever alcohol they’re scheming on selling. Shows are too long, wish they would do two or three weekly shows updating games, hockey news, etc. Do what you guys were doing a couple years ago please! Has gone downhill
  • Gordo Boy.
    Great hockey content but it’s gone downhill
    This used to be the best hockey podcast, focusing on great interviews with players and coaches. Now, however, it’s over 3 hours of talk about golf, movies, betting and other random stuff with a little hockey squeezed it. Over 3 hours!!!! Who has time for this ?!???!? It’s just so disrespectful to their audience that they don’t make the effort to curate the content. I came to this podcast for the hockey talk and I’m leaving it because of all the other talk.
  • muscadero11
    Way too long
    Way too long of a show had to stop listening
  • SportsDrew
    5 stars
    This is a five star podcast
  • Mr. Travertine
    Joe Mullin
    I was on the Long Island team playing against Joey’s & His older brother Tom NY Westsiders I was on the checking line against these guys. It was a long night trying to put a Body on them. Our goalie Paul Skidmore ended up playing w/Joey @ Boston Collage
  • DC9324
    Love the Pod!
    You guys are the best hockey pod out there. Been a huge fan and haven’t missed an episode for about 2 years now. Keep it up! That being said, I don’t know if it’s just me but RA and Grinnelli have become absolutely unbearable to listen to lately…. They are both BY FAR the absolute the worst part of the pod… I know I’m not alone either wishing it was just Biz and Whit.
  • hot1stbaseman
    Not quite the same since Biz cleaned his act up. I’m not a hockey fan but their content is great.
  • nikc2131
    Just a thought
    You guys should have someone from the 1980 USA or soviet team.
  • Tristan Neubart
    Best Pod on the app
    Biz is a beauty, whits a beauty. Everyone’s a beauty on this pod
  • Mcjoggers455555555
    Best hockey podcast
    I love this podcast would recommend to any NHL FAN. I tell my buddies about it and we just laugh at the “dumb” things these guys say or the jokes they make love it guys keep it up.
  • WhyYouAlwaysLying
    Don’t believe the others
    These guys complaining about golf are not real hockey fans. Everyone knows every hockey player golfs in the offseason. Get over it. Whit doesn’t even talk too long. Also that “cryingsnowflake” user who wrote the 1 star review- dude guess you’re living up to your name because that’s exactly what you are. This show caters to the younger crowd and if you can’t get past the locker room talk or blatant over-use of profanity then you don’t belong anywhere hockey guys…never mind a podcast. Pipe down, take some of Biz’s CBD, and enjoy this unreal pod.
  • xserry
    Simply one of the best podcast!
  • itzzhatleyy
    By far the best podcast out here. Such an entertaining podcast. Every road trip I go on I make sure to have episodes saved to listen the entire time. Love the crew
  • Canucks31
    Best sports podcast period. Biz is one of the best personalities in the entertainment world. Everyone well spoken enough to respect their opinions and childish enough to laugh at themselves and have fun. In hundreds of episodes there hasn’t been a single dud. Hope this podcast continues for decades
  • A Fraud - by Bernie's measure
    Hasn’t aged well
    Was a big early fan of the pod, listened to every episode for a long time, back when biz was just a guest. Unfortunately now I have to sit through 3 hours of a 5th overall bust counting his $, talking about golf, and plugging pink sugar vodka or some other garbage late night tv product, before getting 15 minutes of homer bruins updates. Biz can calm down with the profanity too, the shrooms get him a little too loose from time to time. I appreciate what they’ve done to make hockey more fun and engaging for a younger audience, but maybe rethink how far they’ve taken certain segments of the show, and keep it hockey focused and unbiased.
  • ramhammer27
    Imagine hosting a pod about the NHL and wasting peoples times ragging on certain teams in particular….great marketing strategy from two nobodies
  • Steventhered825194
    Listened during the playoffs - fantastic if you want some salt from a loved team that got eliminated in between ads every 20 minutes. It’s great for figuring out what teams to root against to see that. Other than that, it’s a bunch of vain dude-bros ranting about whatever. Not much in terms of insight into the game and the league from the hosts.
  • Maine Flyers Fan
    I thoroughly enjoy the podcast. I love that all of the guys are completely REAL. No fluff, no faking. Just the real deal. They get some great guests too. Overall just an awesome hockey podcast. Biz completely trashing the Rangers fans is hilarious and the icing on the cake ! Lololol
  • cryingsnowflake
    I wanna like it.
    I’ve listened to a few episodes. I like how often it comes out, especially during the playoffs when the news changes every day. I tried to ignore the blatant homophobia in the Russian spa episode. So much for Pride night in hockey and creating a welcoming culture for all but whatever. But at the end of the Tim Peel episode, abusing hookers? Come on man, no one even laughed, quit punching down. I used to make jokes like that too when I was like 19. If you make jokes like that, you aren’t creative enough to actually be funny. You can do better.
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