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Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the founder & creator behind The Skinny Confidential, a media empire, brand, & product line that reaches millions of women and men working towards the best versions of themselves. Michael Bosstick is a serial entrepreneur and brand builder as well as the Founder and CEO of Dear Media. This dynamic married couple have pioneered the digital audio space. Every week you will hear a mix of entertainment, life altering information, and value with world class leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, celebrities, athletes, best selling authors, experts, thought leaders & more. All conversations are completely raw and unfiltered, no holds barred on the topics and questions you really want answered. This show has something for everyone and is not afraid to go where many others won't.

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  • kw101010101
    Going downhill
    Starting to not be able to stand this podcast. Can’t deal with their entitlement any longer. Lauryn acts like she lives in a bubble and doesn’t understand why us regular people live the way we do. We can’t all just one day decide to live in a “sanctuary” of a house and have everything done for us because we would just prefer to “prioritize and optimize our time”.
  • kroeds777
    Stop with the sex jokes
    I love this podcast but all the references to blow jobs makes it seem like it’s a podcast for 12 year old boys. Please stop talking about sex and blow jobs. I promise you no one wants to know about you giving your husband a blow job.
  • Sally1829
    Same ol’ same ol’
    This podcast is so tired. I used to be a fan until the constant woo - woo pseudo-science mumbo jumbo started taking center stage. The guests and content are just wash rinse and repeat. Michael and Lauryn need to act as hosts, not as experts in really anything. Michael is particularly exhausting - typical dude thinking he knows more than he does and really just ends up sounding like an uneducated, ignorant man child. The “people just don’t want to be told what to do!” really got to me. Byyye.
  • tall_Heather
    Michael is toxic
    The fact that Michael is giving people Heath and wellness advice and not to mention he’s a trumptard. The only good thing that ever happened on this podcast was having JVN as a guest. 1 star per JVNs involvement.
  • $u77788grghyhhp8754311
    The guests are typically great, unfortunately that means you have to endure the hosts who are both ridiculous. Lauryns got one of the worst vocal fry’s of all time 🫥🫥
  • Natalie_R*
    Lost brain cells listening to this
    Oh my god, for people who claim to be well read Lauryn and Michael need to learn some new words and phrases. I’d rather stab myself in the eye than hear them say “the episode goes all over place” or ask an interviewee to “be granular” one more time. Used to be a fan but can no longer support this self absorbed trash. Dear Media in general might also want to stop recycling the same guests on all of their podcasts as it’s SO repetitive
  • kayterisky
    Favorite !!
    Totally easy to listen to. love the dynamic & balance of topics. Perfect mix of life lessons, health/wellness & “adult-ish” topics 😂 Thank you guys for keeping it real!!
  • Ejg407
    The BEST podcast
    I have learned so much from the two of them! Thank you for putting out such amazing content week after week!!
  • Maddie3140
    Best lifestyle podcast
    I love the dynamic between Lauryn and Michael. My favorites are the relationship, health and wellness episodes! Great quality i appreciate that all interviews are done in person. Unmatched!
  • elizabethpowers
    Tireddddd politics. I'm like 3 minutes into the newest pod and they are complaining about covid tests. Keep it to yourself for real. Please keep it to wellness, health, and "tips and tricks". I am so sick of hearing Michaels opinion. Texas is gross and after this latest podcast I just can't. I have been feeling this since the beginning of the pandemic and tried to keep listening but this is my last time. Sad because it used to be my favorite!
  • Sharon Gilman
    Best podcast for health wellness and personal growth
    I subscribe to several podcasts and non of them have this combination of providing all the tips for health and wellness along with personal growth and amazing interviews of people who’ve had incredible journeys in this life so far. My favorite podcast to turn to on long drives.
  • elisemforry
    Love all these guests!
    Another great episode - have a preference toward wellness and nutritional intake so today was very educational and awesome. Favorite part - hearing from the successful CEO about how his importance toward positive work culture that goes out of its way to notice all employers was big - makes the biggest difference in a work environment knowing you’re recognized as an individual. Congrats on your drink!
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    Amazing podcast!
    Lauryn and Michael are super fun! Amazing podcast with a diverse range of topics being addressed.
  • AliciaDawn25
    obsessed with michael and lauryn
    Lauryn and Michael, keep up the good work! you bring so much value and entertainment and it’s applicable to all ages. i love that they are true to themselves and seem genuine. i will say, Lauryn- you’ve got to stop with all the sex talk. it dumbs down the conversation instantly. Michael- you could talk about a tennis ball for an hour and i’d listen.
  • hikealldayluv
    D List celebrities
    Update: today’s episode about how swallowing someones c*m can put you on their frequency was very strange, tried listening but couldn’t finish the episode. I feel like I lose brain cells listening to this. I’ve tried to listen multiple times and each time I end up turning it off. Just seems like an LA couple desperate to fit in with A list celebrities. Also a lot of pseudo science and product pushing.
  • sogoldyakj
    The laughter we all need!
    I was laughing out loud my entire walk with my handsome dog Enzo. Mike and Jenn are the real deal… funny, kind, and so relatable. Love this podcast!
  • ssmac4
    The BEST
    They bring it!!! The best guests!!! They are the best duo! The modern dezi & lucy
  • Dustin Parson
    Episode 449.
    Great episode but there are some things that he noted that were absolutely false! Really enjoy your podcast but can you guys get someone on the show that is an advocate for agriculture? An industry and feeds the world everyday is worth having someone on! I suggest: @taravanderdussen on Instagram she’s also known as the New Mexico Milkmaid
  • Chanelarella
    Been a listener for years but…
    I love the show and have listened for years religiously but I find myself forgetting new episodes have dropped. Lauryn is just a bit much these days and it’s not even me needing to reflect on, “why the person is bothering me” it’s just my common sense opinion. Like this last episode, Michael was receiving therapy questions and Lauryn laughed and tried recording him and made orgasm jokes when he was confessing a personal issue he wants to work on. I know for a fact I’m not the only listener who has recently been turned off by the show, maybe it’s all finally got to head and she doesn’t take the PodCast as serious anymore obviously being a mama of two focus understandably changes. Yes, I’ll still listen in when the title of the podcast seems fitting for me LOL but my review is no longer the 5 star situation it use to be. 🙆‍♀️ Also, let’s talk about how you never receive a free goody from her team when you like, rate, review, share on IG etc. I’m sure this review will be frowned upon by them because they think instead of this feedback I should, “get busy”.
  • 1clea
    Love these two!
    Wonderful content every episode. I appreciate how real and true they are about themselves, and I love the different voices on the pod. Y’all need Dave asprey on here! Hes the king of bio hacking
  • StephA129
    Political views don’t pass vibe check
    His “don’t tread on me” tattoo, her following Candace Owens. Them moving from CA to thanks. Love lots of podcasts on Dear Media, but can’t support them. I’m shocked in this current political culture that so many people choose to align with them and have their podcasts on Dear Media. What a shame
  • haleygib
    I love Lauryn and Michael so much! A show I listen to religiously!
  • Elizabeth Zinc
    Hypocrites all around
    If you’re going to spend so much time on your podcast dedicated to ranting about cancel culture, it seems only right that you should make time for more important discussions. Odd that you had a pro choice advocate on the show and chose to ask him about his work and products but leave out his advocacy work. Very disappointing. I’ve been a listener for the past 2 years, but Ive reached my breaking point. Goodbye Lauryn - the way you’ve used your platform has become tacky, narcissistic, and surface level. (+ it’s hilariously obvious which reviews were written by TSC employees)
  • giulia guerrieri
    Best podcast EVERRR
    I love lauryn & michael so much!!! The only pod I listen to consistently. They bring on a wide variety of guests, love their banter, and loveeee hearing on all different topics even some very out of the box things I never knew I’d be interested in!! Keep it up. Love you both!
  • StillWAITING!!!!!
    Stick to skincare
    I like your beauty hacks. You aren’t well informed enough to speak on political topics nor are your guests. Has this NAVY SEAL friend of yours ever heard of the Geneva Convention? Had potential but had to turn it off
  • exmanhater
    Used to be a big fan
    And loved them both but then around COVID time (or maybe just when I started to notice) they started pushing a lot of pseudo science and medical misinformation. As hosts of a large platform, they have a duty to their audience to share accurate information, especially when the stakes are SO high, as with health and science. Do better.
  • Kate25518
    The only podcast I can listen to!
    I tried other podcasts and NEVER understood the hype until Michael and Lauren. They bring on educational speakers, they actually know how to interview and they are hilarious on top of it all. I listen religiously!
  • Rachelwrites
    small tweak
    I get Lauren doesn’t seem to know much about finance, but please learn how to pronounce designer brands if you speak on a public platform. (Hermès) is not “HER mees” it’s “AIR-mez”
  • maddie@podcastingyou
    Incredible podcast!
    Lauryn and Michael are incredible! Each episode is so honest, fun, and insightful all at the same time—highly recommend.
  • Pinterest princess2
    One of the best out there
    Great guests and well thought out. An overwhelming amount of helpful information (in the best way) I suggest taking notes.
  • we get it 12372574
    Please stop
    I’ve never heard someone who allegedly reads so much pronounce so many words incorrectly. Lauren is insufferable. For the love of god it’s JUXtaposition, not JUSTaposition and please stop using it every other sentence
  • hlhartford1996
    Quality podcast!!
    Love love love lauryn & michael! Not only are they fun to listen to, they bring on such a variety of guests / topics to the show. Some of the people/ episodes dont always apply to me or seem interesting at first, but I can still walk away learning something useful / interesting. Lauryn is so welcoming and nonjudgmental, I swear she has challenged me to be more open minded!!! Love the detail & inspiration you provide
  • Julesss1234
    Will Change Your Life
    This is by far the best, most informative, most dynamic, interesting, and life changing podcast out there. I am not kidding when I say it has changed my life and opened me up to new perspectives. I have gone on to follow many of the guests and continue to gain information and knowledge through the people they interview. I rarely write reviews but this one deserves it. I’ve been a listener for years and always look forward to a new episode. They switch things up and bring on all different kinds of people. It’s a must!
  • Julia.H.
    Selling you products based on false claims
    I initially liked this podcast however after a few episodes I have realized just how much they push false science narratives. Whether they actually believe it or do it for other reasons, they’re pushing products for people that claim to experts but use false data and selective information to get you buy their products. Very scammy & overall superficial podcast. It’s unfortunate because they do have some real scientists on, making it hard for listeners to decipher what is true and what isn’t. adding credibility to bogus scientists while also taking away credibility from legitimate scientists. I find it very hard to believe they don’t know what they’re doing. It could have been a good podcast.
  • Podcast Ep.306
    Love the HIM and HER dynamic! Fantastic Energy!
    I loved tuning into the episode with Brittany Cartwright! Lauryn and Michael are real conversationalists and bring all of the energy! I love listening to this podcast during a remote work day or on a long car ride! The diverse mix of guest experts makes this podcast so engaging and fun! Bravo work Lauryn and Michael!
  • katynalp
    Strongly held opinions
    They are quite opinionated which is fine , but they hold high false health claims which is alarming.
  • alishaaa11
    Great info but Michael can be close-minded
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and the content is so great. Love Lauryn’s commentary and they both interview guests very well with some humor. The episode with Eileen Kelly was a bit disappointing though. Eileen was amazing but it was tough to listen to Michael talking over Eileen and playing devil’s advocate to so much she said, especially abuse. I appreciated listening to Eileen push back on what he said and hope he stays a bit more open-minded and empathetic when it comes to certain issues.
  • sbberry
    favorite podcast. never gets boring and i love the fun banter between lauryn and michael! i also love the motivation to heal from the inside out. LOVE
  • Damp231465
    Is it bum bum cream or boom boom
    I’ve been saying bum bum my entire existence using this cream. Why does Lauren say boom boom? Or is this just like SEEEERYM
  • T12582020
    Love this podcast!! Most real and hilarious couple to listen to
  • u_no_it_bro
    The Tea
    If Lauryn Bosstick is doing it I want to do it. Absolutely love her approach on life and being genuine to yourself.
  • Loc!1313
    Michael’s misogyny ruined it
    LOVE Eileen Kelly and will continue to support her and her podcast, but Michaels strong stance on “tough love” and not having sympathy for those struggling to leave toxic/abusive relationships. And his constant excusing of misogyny claiming it as “playing devils advocate”. As someone who is now out of an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship with someone who was cheating on me, the beginning of this episode was extremely disheartening and disappointing. Do better Michael and actually try and listen to your guests perspectives, rather than trying to prove them wrong with your game of devils advocate.
  • Jamie___lynn__m
    Most fun couple to listen to
    The dynamic between lauryn and Michael is so fun! They are so well spoken and cover such an array of interesting and cool topics! Literally smile the whole time listening and sound quality is always👌🏽 which is huge for me
  • SageSC
    Much better
    I used to listen to them religiously then stopped when it became so much talking over each other/guests and know-it all-vibes. I heard them on another podcast recently and decided to revisit with hesitation. They are both calmer, better listeners and the vibe is just so much more mature than before I stopped listening a couple years ago. I really have enjoyed listening again.
  • 2298ck
    The podcast where the ads are as long as the segments
    I generally like the podcast, the guests, storytelling etc. some of the tips aren’t researched and lots of claims and contradictory information is thrown out health wise between guests/ “experts”. But the ads. These long ads that are so fake and give off HSN vibes caused me to stop. It’s like an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians with valley girl vernacular and commercials that are as long as the show segments. Please consider getting to the point and shortening the ad breaks and I’d enjoy listening again.
  • abigailturner0
    Too 5 favorite podcasts!
    Have learned so much from intelligent people and simple just enjoy the content! Truly love every speaker. Not a single let down. I look forward to each and every single show. Thanks guys!
  • emersonquick
    One of my fave podcasts!!
    I look forward to the next episode every single week and listen to it on my way to work and they just get me laughing and ready for the day! 💓
  • thefuturemrsr
    Stop listening
    They are truly the worst. The only good thing about them is the podcast network they formed. Also, stop listening to her for skin care advice. She literally says to go to Costco and pick up cooking olive oil to put on your face.
  • Xomeghann17ox
    Best Way to Start Off My Day
    I’ve learned so many different things about myself and life in general from this podcast. From learning how to manifest, to hearing others stories that are similar to mine, to learning about gut health from experts, to achieving financial greatness - this podcast truly has something for everyone. I genuinely look forward to the episodes Lauren and Michael put out weekly. You can tell how passionate they are about what they do and REALLY care about their audience. They offer nuance by providing a “him and her” perspective. Cannot recommend this podcast enough!!
  • crosedesign
    Episode #476 Robert Slovak
    There was a section of the interview right after Lauren asked a Question “ what is something else that would make our jaws drop…? There was a big silence, …? What did he say ? Then he went into ph and alkaline water… But what was the answer during the silence? Yes, agree bring him back, very interesting guy.
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