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Lauryn Evarts Bosstick & Michael Bosstick, the entrepreneurial duo behind Dear Media & The Skinny Confidential have been interviewing the world’s most accomplished individuals for close to a decade. Think world class leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, celebrities, athletes, executives, bestselling authors, experts, & more. Every episode offers unfiltered conversations with tangible takeaways, advice, & actionable practices the listener or viewer can apply immediately to enhance their own lives. Tune in every week as the couple explore some of the most impressive minds this world has to offer while asking the questions you care about. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

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  • April Liz O
    Best podcasts - hosts do their homework
    How I keep learning as a stay at home mom - throwing on the SC during nap time cleanup. Fantastic hosts who really do their homework about each guests. Questions are not just from a script - even if you have heard the guest on another podcast, I learn more from the SC because of the dialogue and questions raised. Couldn’t recommend it more!
  • Plutopiccolino
    Self indulgence
    Unfortunately your last guest ( gary vanderchuck ? ) spoke too much about himself in an exasperating tone and it was a barely informative podcast . I don’t think people are inclined to purchasing any book or product , when the emphasis is on the person rather than the message. He has a mediocre self absorbed style disguised as “ caring” and it’s too common . Plus , THERE IS A GENOCIDE AMERICANS ARE FUNDING WITHOUT OUR CONSENT . The “ holocaust “ card EXPIRED .
  • TaylorStone27
    FAVORITE podcast right now!
    I LOVE this show and the value and realness it brings. It’s so refreshing to feel and see the authenticity from both Lauryn and Michael just being true to who they are. There are too many podcasters trying to be PC which for me, translates to #yawn. I love that I can learn while laughing and couldn’t recommend this podcast enough!
  • Jessica Rais
    Always in my top 5 MySpace
    I have been listening since 2018. I feel like Michael has really grown and I find his opinions so valuable. I need more solos. Lauren and Michael are my favorite to listen to. I like guests of course and a few years ago that used to be my favorite part. I feel Michael and Lauren have evolved these past years. I’m more interested in what they have to say over what the guests have to say!! Solos are life. It’s like Christmas morning whenever they drop one. And I need them longer too. Just too good. 🤍😍 can we get a weekly solo? At the very least 🥹 🙏
  • spm112588
    Judgey and out of touch
    I used to be obsessed but it’s become a lot of fear mongering opinions stated as fact.
  • KPM147
    Wow these 2 are insufferable
  • SPM Da Silva
    A daily must have!
    I absolutely love the content of this podcast! Michael and Lauryn are so open minded and hungry to learn, whilst taking their audience along for the ride. I love their banter and sense of humour. Even if there is an episode on a topic I might not particularly be interested in, I still listen and guaranteed I learn something new 🤓 I alternate between this pod and The Morning Quickie for my daily dose. Thank you Michael and Lauryn - I am a huge fan listening from South Africa. Bravo!
  • senoJ.M
    Lauryn gets worse by the episode with her lame sex jokes and dissing her husband. Like what else does she bring to the table?? I also need a clicker for every time each of them say “does that make sense?” When they’re trying to sound profound. I tired to like this podcast. I really did. Bye.
  • Spusgirl
    Guests are great
    Why do you use the name of Jesus as a swear word? One day all will bow and proclaim His name as Lord.
  • mihrllec
    Lauryn needs more class
    Loved that Matthew Hussy was a guest but cringed that Lauren kept interrupting and trying to engage him with dirty talk! She came across like a little kid who needed attention, like she was trying to impress him with talking like that. He did well at handling it and would get back on track with the message he had. Matthew is in such a different category class and integrity wise than Lauren whose main concern seems to be what she looks like and if enough people are paying attention to her.
  • erin_1091
    Love it
    Lauryn and Michael are so knowledgeable, love the wide range of guests, and they ask the best questions/carry the conversations so well!
  • Lyssa0802
    I love the guests this podcasts have but I hate when Lauryn interrupts/cuts the guest to give her opinion . Why have these people on of all I’m hearing is your opinion?
  • amandsandlin
    More Lauryn
    I love Lauryn but lately Michael’s vibes are really turning me off. There’s been a lot of misinformation and it’s disappointing. My favorite episodes are Lauryn’s solo ones. I also wish they would bring on actual doctors (more like Dr. Hyman) and less pseudo-doctors who are actually just chiropractors and have no business giving medical advice.
  • doc2291
    Love this podcast
    Love this pod. Shocked to see how many people hate on Michael- really sad to me as I think he brings a great perspective to the podcast. I like the dynamic of their relationship as well and they have brought so many guests on who have completely changed my life. Branch basics, cymbiotika, armra, ewg, to name a few of the things I have gotten from this podcast that have completely changed my life/home. The knowledge brought from some of the guests is truly amazing and I’m so grateful to have found this pod.
  • listener215
    He is useless
    Michael adds nothing but random asides that contribute nothing. Would rather hear only from Lauren and guests.
  • kiufrraeygg hi kougydsrr
    Great range of guests and interesting questions
    I like the energy of the podcast, range of guests, and engaged questions. It would be great if Michael could stop interrupting and saying “here’s the thing”. It really takes away from good conversations, especially when it seems condescending to the audience or the guest.
  • Allegra!
    Love love love the new episode with Mimi!
    Hey hey! Loving the newest episode with Mimi. I love her philosophy on the different approaches/modalities to manifestion and how people of different sects identify with it based on their belief system. Thank you for bringing her back onto the show, such a dynamic goddess. I will say that I don’t love how your guest is physically seated much lower than y’all. It’s a bit off putting with your guest not being presented at eye level to align with the conversation. It just feels odd. As always, love the content M&L, can’t wait for the next episode!! Cheers!
  • AmalfiCoastLove 🍸☀️
    Micheal is a borderline, prejudiced, pompous, arrogant person. His narcissism is on full display in every episode. He is the reason this show has been on the decline for the last few years.
  • Suzannah Troy
    listening to the Bryan live forever podcast
    years ago, I donated gallons of platelets and even my white blood cells to complete strangers so what Bryon's kind of talking about a good Samaritan has done many times over but for different reason and with complete strangers. hi, I enjoyed the podcast. It was quite lively and I know that my left eye as far older than my age because of a running punch to my head at Dr. Andrew Fagelman soho New York City it wasn't enough for his employee to do running punch as I held my bags, my arm, numb but they decided along with NYPD to break even more laws to make Crimes disappear lie in legal proceedings , so I'm pretty confident my brain is older from the trauma, the years of gaslighting lying, I'd like to ask Bryan what he's done, if anything to help with the years that he had insomnia has he healed whatever part that hurt? I don't want to live forever. I just done that when I was assaulted. I was 50 and I look 35 and now I've age really badly from PTSD insomnia so much wrongdoing year after year actually even asked if the Hippocratic oath is real. when I sue Dr. Fagelman, he and his travelers insurance lawyer made a mockery of the violence in the fancy travelers insurance building.... so what's the point of wanting to live in a world that's so horrible such sadism and you're supposed to be safe at a doctors and the police are supposed to keep their oath that they took and they violated it. What a horrible world I find myself praying for Justice and Karma for all those involved.
  • Neats915
    Mimi is so self absorbed, I had to stop listening
    Love the pod usually, but the Mimi Bouchard ep was insufferable. Went on and on about how much money she makes from deals. Stealing concepts from others with no credit given. Trying to argue with Michael several times. She’s 26 years old and thinks she’s got it all figured out and knows more than everyone. Just yuck. I rarely can’t finish a podcast but this was a big no for me.
  • moooo_b
    i used to love this podcast. i’m not sure what’s happened but it’s just not the same anymore. unfollowing
  • blueberry bubble
    We get it Michael
    I love the guests and the topics of conversation but Michael please shut up. The way he makes comments and tells stories makes it sound like he has a self-aggrandizing complex and needs to feel superior than the general public. It’s just unnecessary and doesn’t add any value to the conversation.
  • BR00KE S
    LeeAnn Kreischer
  • hellosunshine1!
    An episode on how to read more?!
    Did Michael really need to make an episode on how to become a “better reader”. Are you guys running out of content?! He wanted to make it “more digestible for everyone”… read 30 mins before bed… WOW ground breaking information.
  • blueskies1234567
    Michael is dragging down the whole show
    Listened to just 1 episode (Danna Omari)… Michael brings down the quality of the show. He continuously interrupts, talks over guests. He’s like a little kid who doesnt know when to shut the f up and let the adults talk. Lauryn, do yourself a favor and dump him!!! Michael is the reason i will not be tuning in to another episode.
  • Emily H 7887
    I don’t typically listen to podcasts outside of a few but the episode with Dorit Kemsley was surprising and heartfelt.
  • Cat Caldwell Myers
    Love getting the skinny
    A fun take on an old paradigm!
  • almtim
    Good guests
    I normally hate interviews and prefer to just have the host(s) talk but you have very good interesting guests and because I am so far behind I can go back and listen to topics I find most interesting. Now to a few annoying things, Lauryn do you actually like your husband? You are downright nasty talking about how F’ing annoying he is… how he is the worst to travel with….somehow I have a feeling you could turn those thoughts around on yourself. Perhaps if he is that bad you should move on, and you find it so amusing that you treat him this way. Your kids are watching. That should be a self help trick you need to remind yourself of. And you cannot help but make a weird sexual joke every episode, and at times you can feel the guests discomfort as you’re laughing away in the background. You should probably rethink your comments both about your partner and your sex life- that’s why it’s called “your sex life.”
  • DA614
    Starting to see their true colors
    I used to love this podcast, but they only bring in guests from a specific kind of background and agenda. Completely lost me after brining a journalist who flat out lied about the situation in Palestine. So so many young journalists in Palestine risking their lives to spread the truth and you had a journalist who isn’t even there defend the Israeli army. Biased , white-washed, disappointing
  • everybodys got something
    Alison Felix
    Great interview! And you two do a great job asking the questions we all want to know!
  • Questionable guests
    Deeper conversations, less products/brands
    The interview with Julie Chen was prob the most intelligent interview u guys have had and I think there’s room for deeper topics on your show. Michael mentions on the episode that they don’t dive deep into spirituality (and religion) but I think that could stretch this show in great ways. Maybe less woo-woo topics, less product pushing, and more deeper, wiser conversations…
  • Denise Sy
    Paid promotions?
    Bloomberg did a piece saying this podcast charges people $20K to shill their products as if they are actual guests. So it’s just advertising. Is that true? Then this is not a reliable way to get recommendations.
  • stradalite
    Upbeat wisdom
    The banter between the hosts is fun and flirty. Cutting edge topics are discussed in a lighthearted but engaging way. The podcast entertains as much as it informs.
  • kharris294
    giant infomercial
    every single interview now is to push a product that their guest is shilling (whether it’s a new brand, product, book, etc). I am bored by it at this point. they are also lightly pushing religion for some reason now, this was a very distinct difference I noticed starting as soon as we got into the new year this year. it started with brief mentions and has been increasing to have Christianity as the central theme of their interviews. I’m open to diverse beliefs but solely incorporating Christianity as their spiritual vantage point is not diverse. speaking of which, most of their guests are white/wealthy which is giving me the ick. I’m bored. also I fully admit this is petty that I’m hanging onto this but I can’t get over the time about a year ago that Lauryn mispronounced “Jaci” (she said “Jackie” to introduce her) — who not only was their interview guest that day but also has a podcast signed with dear media… 🤮 these two used to feel relatable… It has just become increasingly clear to me that they have no unique talent and got to where they are now by leveraging both work ethic and then just jumping off their familial wealth, which helped get them started in multiple business ventures. who care about the skinny confidential, I’m bored.
  • JennySherpa
    That episode with Jamie Kern Lima was possibly life changing. Thank you for a captivating interview. I’m starting a new business this month and this is what I needed to hear. Buying her book today!!
  • BelowZero Cryo
    Awesome Podcast!
    This is my favorite podcast! It offers amazing information, entertaining, and so many "nuggets"!
  • pick over
    I listen to your podcast pretty regularly and was looking forward to hearing you guys talk with John Stamos. The podcast was filthy, especially when you included your producer. You guys are classy for the most part, but this episode was just really raunchy. You guys are better than that.I didn’t realize John Stamos was in this category and I thought he was very disrespectful to Lauren when he talked about all the women Michael had slept with over the years. It was a disappointing episode, and I turned it off halfway through.
  • Love HMBWT
    These people are married?
    Lord Jesus help them. Their bickering on the Leanne podcast sooo embarrassing. Not a good look, the wife genuinely seems like she loathes her husband.
  • Kmar000000
    Absolutely love!!! My favorite podcast!!!!
  • SDSierra
    Leeann’s episode>Burt’s
    I’ve listened to a couple episodes here and there but this morning I saw your TikTok with LeeAnn and I had to hear more! Not only did I love her and Burt’s episodes but they made me fall in love with you two, not only as hosts but also as a couple! I’ll be listening from here on out and I’m about to go back and see what I’ve been missing out on!
  • Kain1686
    Interest in others > self
    Objectively good podcast. Great guests, good questions, keep the story flowing in a chronological order. In my opinion, the hosts talk waaaay too much about themselves/their experiences relating to the guests as they talk. I get wanting to be relatable and build trust with your guests but we want to hear the guests stories/experience. I don’t want to hear 50/50, I want to hear mostly them. THEY are the topic. I come to listen to you as an objectively good podcast but the ego is showing, and doesn’t seem to stop growing.
  • Whatstheword91737478292
    Sir-um lol
    It’s seer-um 😂
  • MarinaAshton
    More Westin Episodes!
    The dynamic the three of you bring is so fun, balanced and easy to listen to. Long time listener and follower- I absolutely love you guys. I always learn something new and have a few laughs.
  • KarenCandace
    I love listening to this duo!
    As a semi newish listener… I must say between Lauryn and Michael, I feel they do an excellent job of interviewing. They manage to keep topics entertaining and also do a fantastic job of asking the questions, that some less informed people are thinking. Whether you feel Michael or Lauryn are inappropriate, loosen up a bit, I find that they have stayed true to who they are at their core. (I’ve gone back and listened to older episodes) Authenticity over people pleasing for the masses ANY FREAKING DAY! I look forward to their weekly episodes, as I learn from each one, it’s nice to adapt some of the ideology into my every day life.
  • talfnejwj
    Love Lauryn, Michael talks too much.
    Love Lauryn, but Michael talks WAY too much (and talks over the guests!) would love to not have Michael explaining why he’s asking questions / gives anecdotes and just let the researchers speak for themselves because THEY are the experts. Please please more Lauryn, LESS MICHAEL. we get it Michael, your opinions “aren’t popular” lol.
  • Elizabella1975
    Interviewers need work, let the guests speak
    I have recently found this podcast and I was initially super excited reading the content of the different episodes that I had ahead of me to enjoy and learn from. Unfortunately, I’ll likely be searching for the guests in Apple Podcasts so that I can find OTHER interviews with them. The hosts speak over the guests with self congratulatory statements and Lauren quipping in with “shocking” statements (like how her husband F’d her). Let your experts teach and inspire us with what they came to speak on and what we came to learn from. Great concept, but ego centric for sure.
  • tbabyxxx
    The interviewing is cringe… so insensitive and blunt it’s actually hard to listen to.
  • byezbak
    Building from nothing
    Every time I listen to this podcast it never ceases to amaze me, the energy between Michael and Lauren is unmatched, because it’s unconditional love, very hard to find in a podcast today. Listening to the owners of cymbiotika today aligned with me as most of the shows on here do, my favorite part is knowing that it’s mostly woman operated, and that they actually care about the well being of their staff. I related to her childhood growing up and finding someone who lets her be herself, I loved when she said, he lets me be me and i do the rest, exactly how it should be. I’ve been taking the products for quite awhile, the shilajai has truly impacted my life along with the magnesium. God bless and thank you for another positive reinforcement that life is so beautiful and to never give up on your goals.
  • Littlebee83
    Ugh less of him
    I enjoy Lauren and she provides tons of insight. The husband is just exhausting and insecure. Kinda just comes off as trying too hard.
  • ALCarey333
    Favorite podcast!
    I have been a TSC listener since 2018 and this show continues to get better and better. I appreciate the variety of guests on this show and love Lauryn and Michael’s style of interviewing. I listen to this show for wellness, health, business, and beauty tips, with a touch of pop culture!
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