Terrible, Thanks For Asking


You know how every day someone asks "how are you?" And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say "fine," so everyone can go about their day? This show is the opposite of that. Hosted by author and notable widow (her words) Nora McInerny, this is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word. From American Public Media.

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  • Ivyleaf072
    So thankful I found this show
    Especially given in the hardest, weirdest time now ever - thank you for TTFA <3
  • Sarahlenk
    This is beautiful
    This made me ugly cry in a really good way. The holiday-ish episode hit me hard. My sister died on her 34 birthday three days before thanksgiving (I get the great reminder every seven years or so so her birthday is also on thanksgiving) and I lost my mom three months before. The idea of being “normal” and trying to completely detach from normal is surreal for me. I wish I could reach out to the host and let her know she’s not abnormal for how she feels, though I’m sure I’ll learn much more about her as I progress through this series
  • 71636272
    Thank you help helping me survive
  • quarantinebingelisten
    mixed host feelings
    Pretty good so far, though I’m a year behind. Stories are enjoyable, great subjects and topics. I will say that the whole “this seems like a good time to take a break” feels a bit disingenuous, as if we’re being done a favor to take a moment from something heavy, when it’s really just an ad break to hear yet again about “MEEEEELS that are ready for YEEEWWW”, taking us out of the story. Ads are a necessary evil, but a more honest “We’ll be right back” is a better choice (and I do hear that too sometimes). I also think we could do less of the “look how cute I am when I’m awkward” bits. Just commenting on the stories is sufficient, this is where Nora is best.
    Such a great narration. You really dig deep listening. Very raw and real!
  • SamDaHackt
    Terrible thanks for asking
    Love it, love Nora
  • ggreel
    Brilliant. Nora gives me peace
    Love the narration. Every episode makes me feel warm, full, blue, giggly, and at peace. Brilliant.
  • harukachet
    Awesome narration
    I love the way you present each story on your podcast.It comes from the heart.You were able to make me a listener feel the emotions on each story.Keep up the good work.I hope to hear a lot more stories. Love from the philippines.
  • Ems414
    Amazing storytelling
    I’m so engaged in every single story told on this podcast. The level of detail and intricacy makes relatable topics so unique. I’d highly recommend this podcast.
  • cherrybombc2
    Great Podcast; Still Terrible
    I lost both my parents within 2 years’ time. I went through rehab after they died, got divorced and raised two teenaged girls in the aftermath. I was never allowed to grieve. I am now allowing myself that with this podcast. I’m from Minneapolis and I graduated from CVA so I hold Nora and Aaron in my heart like family. I have never met Nora, but I have her podcast to walk me through what therapists, my meditation teacher, my AA sponsor, and all the people who love me have never been able to help me sort out. My review is on the heels of her walking Marc Maron through his loss. Different podcast. This is the one you want. 5 hard stars.
  • batlashes1984
    She’s a narcissistic sociopath
    With her popularity, I thought she had some sort of training or background relevant to the subject of grief beyond “I lost my first real crush and now I’ve turned it into a business”. Skip it.
  • OTTB fan
    Love this podcast, great insights and stories that impact all of us even when I least expect it to - therapy through sharing.
  • CharlotteMeow
    This show has gone downhill for a while now. Nora, please, just let people talk! We get it. You’re quirky! Let the guests on your show share their stories. Changes was by far the worst episode. It’s been bad before that but it definitely takes the cake.
  • Every_nickname_is_taken
    Britts story!
    Wow that season finale was so compelling! I’m amazed and inspired by Britts strength and clear mindedness to sort through all of this. I’m looking forward to the next season opener.
  • Rnjim42
    Just love this podcast.
    She is a wonderful story teller
  • speidy-senses
    Just amazing
    Thank you for such moving, honest, thoughtful content. You soothe my soul and stimulate my mind. Thank you thank you!
  • charlotte Amerling
    So happy I found you ✨
    Loving your podcast! Thank god I found it! I listened to the Goop podcast and that’s how I found you! Thank you god 🙏🏼 I lost my Dad 3 months ago.. it’s been hard and surreal during this pandemic. I love your honesty and strength! And thank you for putting a smile on my face.
  • GraceZarou
    New friends, and private counseling
    Each of these stories is beautifully narrated by Nora. Regardless of the subject, the tone and music and pauses make it more like a play and, often touch on similar experiences of mine. By the end I feel like I know the people in the stories, care about them and hope they’re okay. Sarah’s story of the rape by her ex, impacted me a great deal, as I too am a was rapedy by an ex boyfriend in college—although he didn’t stab me, and he was never charged. Her story helps me continue to figure out the event, the aftermath and how it changed the course of my life. Sarah helped me think of the events in new ways that have never before been presented to me. I want to write about it, and talk about it to support others, but it’s long, emotional, and complicated, and gee, I really wish I could talk this through with Nora!
  • Onofrio's Daughter
    Helpful and Real
    My dad died suddenly on April 27,2020...and it has been even more horrible than I've imagined. It’s hard to cope and I’ve noticed that people stop asking everyday if I’m okay because the grief is only mine and my families, and that’s okay. This podcast has helped me grapple with grief. I’m only a few episodes in and I’m hoping to hear more about parent loss. I’m 27 and it’s been very hard to lose all the future memories, like my dad being a grandpa.
  • Asdf lm
    My husband died in 2008, after struggling with stage four melanoma cancer. A diagnosis received just five months before his death. We had two little girls, ages 5 and 8 years old. I remember the day we heard the doctor say, “go hone and get your affairs in order. There’s nothing we can do for you. You will die from this disease.” That night I kneeled on the bathroom floor, trying to make sense of the sudden realities that my husband would die, and I would be left to raise these two angel babies by myself. I prayed please God, spare him, heal him, and help my little girls. How am I going to do this.... For twelve years it’s been one day at a time, and sometimes one second at a time. And we have stories, and a strange mix of history that includes Jeff, and then doesn’t. Including a new marriage, with stepsons, that fell apart quickly and added to the sense of loss and failure. Failure because, again, I couldn’t keep a family together... But, I’m still breathing. My girls are incredible young adults now. Life moves forward...right? Thank you for this podcast.
  • Laurenrocks0227
    Heartfelt and heart breaking
    It’s hard to explain how cathartic it is to listen to all of these heart breaking stories. Host Nora is endearing and funny. She makes you want to alternately cry and hug her and laugh with her while you have a glass of wine. It’s honest and real and the world needs more people owning their stories and heartbreak instead of pretending everything is fine. I’ve been binging all her episodes and each one is great!
  • Melinda Apodaca
    Abundantly Greatful
    I stumbled across this podcast a few years ago. Your podcast speak to my soul. Thank you for incredible perspective and positive heart!
  • jencbuddan
    So Great!!
    This is my favorite podcast. I listen to a lot of podcasts. Even if you don’t think you want to hear about emotions and feelings and the human condition, just listen to one episode and give it five minutes. You will be hooked. Host is funny, entertaining, and just flat out likable. Each episode is written and pieced together wonderfully. The show has current topics but also originality. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Arianna517
    Life Changing
    I started listening to TTFA when I had to paint my entire interior of my house. Best decision ever. It changed my life. My perspective on SO many issues was broadened and my mind has been opened through these personal and at times, heartbreaking stories. Thank you thank you thank you.
  • EricaH3
    Great podcast
    This is a great podcast and a little different then most .
  • mthille
    It’s good.
    It’s good but there are long pockets of silence....so long that I think a call must be coming through and I check. It’s a little annoying. But the content is great and she’s great.
  • Adult Orphan
    My favorite podcast! Norah is an excellent writer, sincere, and gets grief and loss. I’ve been “in the club” since 1997, when my mom died having her gallbladder removed. Holding a place for grief is SO important, and so ignored in our society, you do it in a wonderfully entertaining way!
  • la hermanas
    Yes STOP the race baiting just STOP 🛑! Please listen to the radio show hosted by Michael Barry in Texas. Jen has gone over board. Talk about WHITE SUPREMACY She seems not to notice that she was the great white savior of two little black kids! Get over it !!!!🙀
  • Elemental Wiz
    This Podcast Heals
    I recommend TTFA to anyone who asks. Not only is it hosted by one of the most real and honest hosts I’ve ever known, but the content itself manages to be both negative in context and profoundly comforting. The tact and emotional intelligence needed to strike that balance is being perfectly exemplified by this creative team, and that alone is enough reason to start listening.
  • Hannah Tyer
    I adore this podcast
    Who’s more delightful than Nora McInerny? She embodies the warmth, vulnerability, humor, and wisdom that hosting a podcast like this takes. Grateful!
  • TrajanPro
    💛 TTFA
    I wasn’t expecting to find a show about loss and grief to be the podcast that I wait for every new episode and savor them all. Thank you TTFA for building a podcast so relatable. I learn how to sit with grief, all parts of it, with grace and humor and empathy. 💛
  • MckayJ
    I’m a big fan of TTFA The episode on empathy is very raw and real. And I especially appreciated the comment that not everyone is entitled to your story. (Words to that effect) One day I hope to have the courage to speak my truth. I’m working on it! Thanks Nora and team. Brilliant work.
  • gogomsing
    I hope this is good ... I accidentally touched the 4 stars and then the one in a panic then 5 ultimately... now I guess I’m committed
  • irreverent sob
    Terrible, Thanks For Asking
    Goddammit! I’m trying to patch a ceiling, and this podcast (which was suggested by some iTunes algorithm because I like Nadia Bolz Weber’s podcast) is making me get all choked up. So, I just discovered TTFA this afternoon, and I’m going to work my way backwards. Savoring it all. Thank you for this human connection.
  • Jsw041
    Listened to EVERY episode
    I have listened to every single episode, and it is phenomenal. Nora is an incredible host, her voice is soothing and engaging. The stories are real and raw, and you connect with each story in one way or another! All around fantastic podcast.
  • cmbrn69
    Always comforting
    I would love a follow up on Chelsea from the Forever Alone episodes from 2017!
  • nsidndod
    This is therapeutic
    I love Nora! Listening to the stories of other terribles out there is comforting. It gives me hope that I can pull through on some of my darkest days. Thank you TTFA💛
  • kdlaws10
    A breath of fresh air
    I love that this podcast normalizes pain and struggle. Nora has given a platform for people to speak openly about grief which has made it easier for me to be ok with me own pain. Love this podcast and I can’t recommend it enough!
  • ericmeri
    It is so nice, with everything going on in the world, that there is a genuine pod cast that makes you feel like everything you are thinking is most definitely normal. We are not alone!
  • TerriblyGrateful
    Best Podcast Ever
    I binge-listened to TTFA after my mom died in July of 2019. Nora and her guests were exactly who I needed during this truly terrible time. The podcast is sad, funny, witty, informative, and so much more. (I dutifully listen to the ads only because I ❤️ Nora!)
  • Xxninja123321
    Love love LOVE this show
    Nora always has the perfect way to describe stories and empathizes with the guests on the show. As someone who also has a sad story I know that is not all that I am and Nora has helped me navigate it by sharing her story and the story of others. Hope this podcast never ends!
  • Jb.216
    One of my Favorites!
    I found this podcast through Nora’s Ted talk and I just love it so much! She’s a great interviewer and the stories are great. I lost my mom at 18 so I feel the stories deeply.
  • MadelinaC
    Best “Sad” Genre Podcast
    Nora, a great writer and storyteller, does a phenomenal job as host of TTFA. I found this podcast when my mom suggested that I listed to the episode about ARFID, a disease that my brother has. Nora’s specialty is being able to depict an accurate picture of her interviewee so that listeners are able to empathize with their tragedy. However, the biggest takeaway is not how damned this world can be, but the things that make us extraordinary is how we handle what life throws at us.
  • SKAcrows
    The host is amazing
    Great podcast with a great host. Nora is so good with her words.
  • bannette1
    So relatable. It’s beautiful to hear stories of suffering and realize we aren’t the only ones who suffer. A space to allow for vulnerability. One of my favorite podcasts.
  • Laura_Rdz
    Love this Podcast!!!
    TTFA is one of my very favorite podcats! Nora is amazing and relatable and her interviews hit home and remind me how amazing humans beings truly are, even in our worst moments.
  • Ms L Lou
    My favorite podcast
    TTFA (along with host Nora McInerny’s books) has been my North Star in the darkness of grief. It has helped me remember that there is life after those defining painful experiences and helped me see that we’re all dealing with (or will deal with) tough times. Some people might think that this is depressing subject material, but in moments of isolation the reminder that we’re not alone in our pain is so uplifting.
  • Lainerd6727
    My Favorite Podcast ❤️
    Love love love this podcast. Love everything about it... Norah, the guests, the stories. I laugh and cry through every episode. Norah, I admire your vulnerability and realness. Keep doin what you’re doin!
  • Amyyogi
    Thank you
    You make me smile & talk to myself (in a good way). You help me to breathe, which is pretty much everything. What a gift you are. Very grateful for the TTFA team!❤️
  • bakeyum
    Real raw and loving commentary
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