Terrible, Thanks For Asking


You know how when someone asks "How are you?" you just say "Fine,” even if you’re totally dying inside, so everyone can go about their day? “Terrible, Thanks For Asking” is the opposite of that. Nora McInerny asks real people to share their complicated and honest feelings about how they really are. It’s sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and often both. From American Public Media.

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  • Jaimee J
    I stumbled on this podcast a few weeks ago and I have to say I love Noras humor all the while being empathetic to the guests and her story telling. I have had some very hard horrible things happen in my life and in a way the stories help me to feel like I’m not alone even though they are different. Please keep this podcast active. Love it.
  • VasuEn
    Please do not feature stories like Jolie’s
    Sorry to say that her interview came across where she wanted to play victim. So not like a TTFA episode.
  • Hi I go no good
    My Favorite Podcast Ever
    I love this podcast I listen to it every drive I go on a drive. The only issue is I am in a constant fear of dying lol. Very entertaining great stories I’m obsessed!
  • S687Njna
    Becoming Jolie
    When Jolie says the woman in the article should take accountability for letting her friends leave her in a bar in Amsterdam and ends up having a “bad night”- this is in reference to a sexual assault?
  • KVC10
    Mock victims of SA
    Terrible idea to interview Jolie Akrom. They doubled down instead of respecting and validating the concerns of their listeners. Care more about friend than SA victims. Will never listen again.
  • Grassnya
    This helps me face my truths.
    It is witty and so funny I have been told to be quiet. Nora is all you would think she would be and not at the same time. As weird as it is to fall in love with a five year old podcast. I feel so close to the Nora of back then. She has experienced or knows someone with so many moments so similar to my own; its eerie. I feel seen and safe. I always feel a little less lost all the time. I look forward to these episodes now.
  • Buddywings
    Becoming Jolie
    I made 40 grand in 2013.. So vapid and out of touch. Every time I try and listen it’s the same old thing.
  • jncbville
    ❤️ this Podcast!
    Nora is thoughtful, empathetic, insightful and funny in addressing grief, loss and sadness.
  • Avisitems
    Raw, Hilarious, 100% Recommend
    This show makes me feel so many different emotions that don’t seem to match up with one another. Nora is hilarious, and I find myself laughing at the funny things but also the heartbreaking things. These are stories of people I’d never know about, but they hit deep. I look forward to each new episode, and I have yet to shut off an episode for failing to be entertaining/good enough. I’ve laughed and cried on the same episodes, consider yourself warned. Why did I not know about this sooner?? Thank you, Nora. Keep doing you.
  • jmdawson la
    Brilliant, insightful and helpful
    This podcast is the antidote to toxic positivity and the pathological positive thinking that dominates all self help. Thank you Nora. You and Krista Tippet are my podcast heroes.
  • TruCrymeMom
    Everything to love about this podcast! I just can’t say enough. This was the first podcast I started listening to years ago. Nora is my absolute favorite podcast host. She has amazing guests, asks the right questions, & always has great interactions. Nora’s story is so touching. She keeps her listeners updated with just the right amount of her personal life so it isn’t all about her, yet genuine.
  • Charlie Belle's Mom
    Just everything. This podcast is... How is it that I knew of Aaron's story, the good samaritan story. Being from the suburbs of Mpls., I felt like it was almost "our story." Then your TED Talk. Have always felt like you (Nora) had such a perfectly real take on what so many have to go thru. But, I never knew about the podcast. Now I'm glad I didn't because I don't have to keep waiting for the newest episode to come up. I'm just enjoying all of it, one at a time. Your voice. What you say. Your guests & subjects covered. The music behind it all. It's perfect. So needed. Thank You!
  • Hildasmoothgroove
    I don’t know how I didn’t know about this, but I think I’ve found my people. (Says woman who believes she’s experienced a bizarrely huge level of loss and grief at 48). Thank you for this.
  • sew_nerdy
    This is a new favorite. I adore how truly sincere Nora is; it’s clear she is enjoying her interviews just as much as her audience does. I love hearing from so many people whose stories could easily be my own. Thank you all for your authenticity & beauty.
  • GoatboyM
    My entire being thanks you.
  • B. Birdell
    Today finally broke me
    I have listened for maybe two years now. I sometimes get emotional but today’s episode (6/8/21) caused me openly to weep. The recorded reflections of the past year broke my heart. Thank you for your respect and courage and empathy. I love your podcast. It helps me. The climate change episode left me feeling helpless. I prefer the personal stories over global nightmares. Just listened to Why Are You Up? and I find great comfort in knowing I’m not alone at 2am. Oh man, thank you SO MUCH for including the episode about Luke the dog.I cried all the way to work. My pit shepherd mix, Wendy, died on May 1, 2017. She was “that dog.”We have since adopted another dog and we love her to death but I had to make space in my heart because nothing can replace Wendy.
  • Taralainee
    I’ve only just listened to 3 episodes and I’m hooked. I think Nora is a phenomenal host. She is so empathetic and intuitive with her guests. So happy I’ve found this pod.
  • GirlCat's Mom
    First time
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. Today was the first day I heard Nora cry. It affected me greatly. Thank you for everything you do🥰
  • Tasteful & True
    Big Fan
    Love this podcast, staying on the free version though because “a couple bucks a month” should mean $2 not $8
  • 3losses
    I have a grudge
    Can I list it here, will it be published anonymously and get it off my bag of weight i carry. Jesus we all have our own things-I feel mine is so beyond tragic, yet I have a just whole host of beings left here in this world i have to encourage on and Sell thAt we r survivors and not victims. Our fAmily legacy is stronger because of our hardships and tragedies. I love so much the people we lost, I work harder to ensure our survivors become success stories💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
  • treehouse50
    Fine, I Guess?
    10/5/21; so very pleased that the TTFA format appears to be returning to their original format. This most recent episode took my breath away. I have listened to EVERY SINGLE TTFA episode and this is the first one that made me ugly cry. Lynda, you are an amazing and inspiring human. Updated for 2021 Season; Continued disappointment. I don’t want to hear about Busy Phillips and her “problems” or updates with Nora’s privledged friends. Please, PLEASE find real people with REAL problems. I’m sure with all the suffering our world these days you can find someone who has lost a job/business, their home, their marriage or ALL those at once. I really don’t want to unsubscribe but this season is starting out even more unremarkable than the 2020 season. Tough to listen to the downward trajectory since I have been a fan from episode #1.😞Try harder, please! 2020 Season: Yikes, what a snooze fest. What was the point of this episode? Seems as if once we finally got through all the COVID centered episodes now we are primarily hearing from published authors or individuals who we have already have their story “out there”. I can go somewhere else to get that content. I love you Nora but please bring back the stories of unknown, everyday folks as in previous seasons.
  • giraffe428
    So beautiful and awful
    I love this podcast and the depths of emotions that it candidly explores. All the episodes are both heartwarming and gut wrenching. This current episode, So Beautiful and Awful, though, is the most poignant one so far. I can’t even get through the episode in one sitting. So many feels.
  • TMB_peace
    So Beautiful and Awful
    The episode from Oct 5, 2021 is beyond any emotions I have ever felt from a podcast. So well done and heartbreaking, I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to gain a new perspective on life. I was touched by Linda’s story and I want to be her friend. ❤️
  • Rebecca Honduras
    Nora is a genius
    Heartbreaking, raw, insightful, beautiful stories. Nora, you are a genius. Your commentary, questions, jokes, are always done at the right time. I have cried and laughed countless times. Thansk for this. Can relate to most of these stories. Love Nora!!!!!!
  • Gabster089
    TTFA & Nora are worth every penny and more
    I’m in a weird place of wanting to rant and be the biggest fan girl about how amazing this podcast and Nora are….while also sitting here telling myself to *PLAY IT COOL* because I am still holding out hope that Nora and I will organically bump into each other one day and she will think I’m cool and we will become best friends. I am a clinical therapist and I also have my own therapist, who is among the countless people in my life who I have gotten to join in on my excited shouts of “It’s terrible Tuesday!”, every week, for years now. (They have all eventually thanked me for it. They are all welcome.) After listening to every single episode multiple times, I have also bought all of Nora’s books on audible, because, MAN, does this woman tell a good story while making you laugh, cry, and everything in between. I have special chapters of her books saved, along with special episodes of the podcast as “for when’s” I need them. (Some people do this with bible quotes, but I am nothing if not one of the terrible Cafeteria Catholics (*and catechism dropouts!) that Nora’s dad would have hated.) I realize I have not played it very cool and my chances of not creeping Nora out are now slim. HOWEVER, I felt personally victimized by a review saying this podcast wasn’t worth TTFA premium….first of all, you know I am a member, and yes it is. Second of all, this Godsend of a lady-angel that is Nora McInerny has given us years of free content that are quite literally soul saving and life changing and I have a masters degree in mental health that says I’m right. (As well as some personal mental health diagnoses. You might say I’m somewhat of an expert in the department of big feelings.) Anyway, Nora and everything she creates are worth every penny. Including one of my favorite purchases, ever. Wearing my “terrible, thanks for asking” face mask to my second job working retail during a global pandemic has brought some much needed comedic relief in the form of one of my favorite activities…. blankly staring at the people who come into the store and get mad at me over the expired coupons they have presented me with and then having the ability to discreetly laugh at them underneath my purchase. A true gift. All sarcasm aside, this is my very favorite podcast in the whole wide world and I am writing this right after sobbing like a baby and cuddling my dog to this weeks episode. I know for a fact that it helps heal hearts and souls and has made so so many of us feel seen, heard, and less alone on this crazy planet. Thank you for being my constantly needed reminder of how many things can be true at once (my personal therapist says ditto to that one.) THANK YOU for everyone who makes TTFA happen. You are all the real MVP’s 🙏🏼♥️
  • Listen to sanity
    Great podcast!
    I could listen to to Nora McInery’s Podcasts all day. It’s not just the great information and and articulate guests, but Nora’s seamless style of hosting. She’s engaging from start to finish.Many of the topics are hardcore issues about life and loss, but she makes you want to listen. Refreshing stuff.
  • T8fds
    Love it but $8 is a lot.. would consider $4
    I just started listening to this podcast and I really like it so far. Great platform for promoting healing. I lost my mother and it's hurts so much. This podcast has helped me realize I'm not alone. $8 is alot. I know what it costs to produce a podcast. The requests to join premium just bother me. I don't like advertising but if you want to make money I think this is the way option. It's too bad. I won't recommend this podcast to others because of this. Too bad.
  • KGaffPro
    Grateful for this
    This podcast along with all of Nora’s books have helped me get through the hardest time of life to date. Everyone who shares their story is amazing and incredibly courageous. You’re really helping people like me going through a very sad time feel less alone.
  • bustlegirl
    Mostly excellent
    Not every story will relate to or inspire every listener, and I think that’s ok.
  • Matilda 1987
    Love it
    This is the best, most depressing podcast ever. Highly recommended!
  • JJ-T33
    Nora and her guests aren’t afraid to laugh, cry, and be honest about the feelings society has told us we need to mask or push away.
  • June Bug 2020
    Finally, a podcast about the REAL gritty, scary, and sad parts of life!
  • tamorris
    Her Name Was Heather
    I listened to this episode a day after National Overdose Awareness Day…a day where those of us who’ve been touched by someone in our lives who have died by overdose (or in the case of my daughter, were murdered because someone sold her Fentanyl when she thought it was something else), try to stop the stigma. I was struck by the compassion Melissa has for the homeless woman she involuntarily killed. Her desire for others to know that Heather was a human being, a child of God, who had simply fallen on hard times and had mental health issues, that her life mattered and is not someone to be dismissed as “lesser than” is so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I’m sure that there are plenty more Melissa’s in this world who show compassion for those who are not like them, but it seems we don’t often get to see this side of people. Her love for this woman she never met brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Melissa for sharing your story. If it causes just one person to find compassion in their heart for those who struggle with mental health or addiction, it will be worth it.
  • audiobookie
    Here is a possible epilogue or alternate ending to “Her Name Was Heather”: It’s 3 am and Melissa is visited by the energy that was “Heather” in this current lifetime. The Heather energy says “Stop beating yourself up over this! You’ve been beating yourself up all your life, and it’s time to stop! You actually did me a favor. I was trying to suicide out of things but I was too poor and too depressed to even make a plan, but you did the job for me! Thank you”
  • fisheaid
    Keeping Me Going
    I’ve been barely keeping it together after a lot of loss in my life, and it feels so good to hear people honestly talk about those times. I don’t feel scared to tell people the truth, “I’m terrible, thanks,” when they ask how I am anymore. Thank you Nora 💗
  • Jimmyjimjim!
    Love, love, love!
    The Anne Lamott episode is sooo good! Thank you for this podcast. It enriches my life in so many ways. ♥️
  • abbymh
    Favorite podcast
    I have never before bought podcast merch, but just got a TTFA t-shirt, so that tells you just how much I’ve come to love this one. I respect and appreciate the courage of the people who share their stories on this podcast, talking about some of their challenges and darkest days. And the way TTFA stewards these stories, fostering so much empathy in the listener. And told with such emotional complexity. This podcast provides the sort of connections to people that unfortunately are mostly missing from my life these days, particularly in the times of COVID-19. Thank you Nora & co. for something of a life line.
  • Staats Chik
    Thank you
    I feel like it’s time to live as a normal human again and be present, soaking in what’s in front of me, being in the moment.
  • Mother Of Hope
    Decent content excessive ads
    Most podcasts contain decent content, however, the dialogue is just as often pretty forgettable. The incessant advertising gets real old real fast. Hardly worth $8 a month to become a premium subscriber.
  • SueBee Homemaker
    SO good!
    I absolutely love this podcast. Listening to these stories gives me a new appreciation of life. Thank you Nora!
  • Adr_San
    Informative, heartfelt and tackles the hard stuff
    Read about this podcast somewhere and started listening. I don’t put on at night because I might fall asleep and I never want to miss any of the content. It is very professionally done and while tackling the hard subjects is never preachy or blaming. But, is always informative with first-person accounts and backed up with research and resources for further exploration.
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Fantastic Podcast✨✨
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • Georgiamama
    A grow trees
  • tlezjb
    The problem with your show is you’re not putting out enough episodes. I’d like to hear at least three each week. Love this pod, thank you so much
  • jackandzeek
    Such important work!
    I first started listening after the loss of my baby boy left me empty and also overflowing with grief. It has made me feel validated and seen. I appreciate this podcast and Nora and all who make it possible. Please continue this important work.
  • migney moo
    This show use to be great now it’s just obsessed with race
    The thenedra episode was just ridiculous. My mother was raised in foster care in the 1930s and she was with one family. Kids Tortured her because she had a different last name. Some people wouldn’t let their kids play with her because she was from the home. In the end her foster parents who did wonders with kids that were not their own had an alcoholic son . When my mom said I can’t live like this anymore and you shouldn’t either they told her well he’s blood. She left got married . It hurt her but didn’t define her life. She was overweight , had frizzy hair and Terriable acne, clothes from the home that never fit. However my mom said a lot of foster kids were abused sexually , physically etc and she was grateful she didn’t have that happen to her. This girl should be grateful people took her in loved and cared for her. She has more compassion and respect for her drug addicted neglectful , absent mother. Pathetic and ungrateful . Would she have been better off with her drug addicted black mother or sober white foster parents ? I’m sorry but that’s a no brainer. She turned out well in life because she was placed in a house with structure and accountability. Also there is no one stopping black families from fostering black kids but from what I understand their aren’t many stepping up to do that so what do you leave these kids in orphanages instead of putting them with evil white people? All of this focus on skin tone is ridiculous . The foster kid I knew was grateful to have food , shelter , and no abuse . Are we really that shocked that government workers don’t really do that great of job ? Yes they should inform the kids of what’s happening etc . But we have seen their failures time and time again . Just there for the pension Government workers are not their for charity .
  • VikkiWilkie
    My favorite podcast
    I found this podcast when I was looking for something to help myself through depression and anxiety. You wouldn’t think this would be my answer, but it is! For 5 years, life has been anything but fine, and to know I’m not alone is tragically beautiful. For all the people complaining about the new subscription OPTION, I strongly recommend lessons in comprehension. The free podcast is not going away. 🙄 Like any TV show, it’s just on hiatus while she, you know, MAKES NEW EPISODES.
  • -52610179345
    This podcast as a space is an incredible outlet for grief. It is invaluable to me. Thank you Nora for this terrible podcast and thank you and everyone else for being brave enough to tell your stories with only the hope of helping someone else
  • madelinege
    A podcast you feel good listening to
    The team at TTFA bring heartfelt and honest conversations to life. Nora treats these stories and people with care and makes TTFA a podcast you feel good listening to. Well worth your support!!
  • Ellie future RN
    My favorite podcast ever
    This podcast is amazing and has gotten me through some tough times. There is now an option for premium content that I cannot wait to sign up for! Every episode always touches my heart and I have learned something from every single one.
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