Terrible, Thanks For Asking


You know how when someone asks "How are you?" you just say "Fine,” even if you’re totally dying inside, so everyone can go about their day? “Terrible, Thanks For Asking” is the opposite of that. Nora McInerny asks real people to share their complicated and honest feelings about how they really are. It’s sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and often both. From American Public Media.

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    But, like…
    Why is the 5/17 discussion framed as if we are all “owed” more time to grieve? What do our workplaces owe us? What is the actual action item here? Bonus: At the end of the episode, the guests randomly name-drops “BIPOC,” “racism,” and “homelessness” in one breath, without any elaboration or curiosity from Nora. Just…what? I used to love this show, but it’s becoming a bit over the top.
  • Kailey Dedic
    Terrible, Thanks for asking
    The content may not be for everyone in the high school age group, but after the loss of many family members this podcast has made me feel that I am not alone. The stories all revolve around grief, but all the stories are very different. Thank you for sharing them so others can feel heard. From this podcast I have learned that everyone is grieving something they just need to figure out what it is. I just started reading It’s okay to Laugh: (Crying is Cool Too) and have learned the same things from that so far.
  • Set674
    Love the show!
    I found the show recently and have been catching up on the early episodes. I know the content may not be for everyone, but I really appreciate the approach that Nora takes with all of her guests. Thanks for sharing these stories with us!
  • DeeCeefromBos
    Get back to what made this show good!
    When I first started listening, I was so compelled.. Honest, frank and challenging conversations about trauma, loss, and grief. The subjects were varied and their uniqueness was central to the format. It was refreshing and added perspective to my own life. Now, most episodes are Nora doing a monologue, plugging her book or her “Terribles” group or paid subscriptions to her content. The last couple of interviews featured Nora’s rambling so prominently that the guest’s story was completely lost. It’s like hearing someone’s inner monologue week after week with 0 editing. It’s boring. And vapid. And irritating. This show should return to its old format, which was great.
  • calilylil
    5 stars, post 2019
    I have been binge listening and was completely thrown by the music in the early episodes. I thought the podcast unintentionally recorded random music or that my phone was playing music from an open tab on my phone. I can barely listen. The music doesn’t match at all. Very disorientating to hear stories of molestation or drug abuse or suicide or some other terrible thing with soaring or otherwise disjointed musical scores playing. I appreciate the music is gone. The musical selections added nothing. In fact it detracted from the solemnity of the stories.
  • Kelbaeee
    Longtime fan leaving
    I’ve been a TTFA fan for YEARS and give credit to Nora and co for the hours of entertainment and captivating stories. That being said, it seems every other episode is a sneak peek or a listen to this; aka not a traditional TTFA story. I get it, pods blow up and creators get busy, find new projects, lose passion for what blew them up, etc. But the formula that drew me in originally with a compelling story featuring an average person with a thoughtful interview is now maybe a once a month update? I will continue to check back in and listen to the traditional format but I find myself forgetting this podcast because it’s simply not what it used to be.
  • MelB531
    Love you and this podcast !
    I have learned so much from you about reframing my thoughts. I watched your Ted Talk and then wanted to know everything about you. I love the way you speak. I read your books, I listen here, I’ve listened to you on other podcasts etc. I am not grieving a death, but a different kind of loss and I am still learning so much from you. Also for someone I know, can you do an episode on grieving someone who is still alive, specifically a child that you can’t see anymore. Thank you Nora !! ❤️❤️
  • mmmmeganray
    Love this pod
    Nora has a such a incredible knack for tackling tough subject, she and her team make this super sad podcast an amazing cathartic listen each week, thank you guys!
  • alex.now
    Dark… but comforting ?
    I started this podcast a little while back because the title intrigued me. I am lucky enough to have little trauma and pain in my life, but somehow listening to stories and people who have had horrible things happen to them has made me much more grateful for my life. As a MSW student, these stories help me to find the right words to use when talking to those walking in tough times. Love you Nora, killing it!!
  • marsh2016
    Love this podcast
    This podcast is so refreshing and honest
  • elpc20202020
    Becoming Jolie interview
    Distrusting!!! Why would you interview and side with this horrible nasty person!! She can’t even take blame for insane comments. Disgusting Nora. I thought you were better than that. Disappointed
  • Lodi-mang
    You’re not alone
    This podcast is truly a gift. It helps me to feel more normal in this highly digitized social world. Our traumas often isolate us and this podcast makes space for us to feel, reflect and deepen our empathy for the world at large. Nora is an angel in talking about the subjects that are largely taboo amongst family and friends…those difficult subjects that most choose to look away from or sweep under the rug.
  • tbpjewelry
    Thought provoking, real.
    Love this show. Great interviews with insightful guest on relevant topics. Easy to listen.
  • melmy
    Some of the episodes are intriguing and captivating, but the majority are people who just seem to want to complain “woe is me” and be pitied as victims for living the normal human experience. I realized there’s a reason I don’t surround myself with these people in real life. I see why people like the show but it’s not for me personally.
  • AnnieG<3
    Terrible, Thanks for asking
    I have loved this show right from the start. It’s painful, it’s depressing, it’s dark, yet it gives me a glimpse of hope and the strength to fight to see another day. You’re doing a beautiful thing with this show Nora. Thank you for all of your hard work. Keep it up. You have a beautiful soul.
  • ErinW83
    Why aren’t you listening to this yet?!!
    This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. I haven’t had a tragic loss like the host, but this podcast evokes so much emotion and love that I can’t miss an episode! The host is so thoughtful, humorous, and an amazing storyteller! Give this one a listen and you will be hooked like I am!
  • Howbadisit
    Amazing Podcast!
    Nora where do I start! She is absolutely amazing at making you feel as you are part of the story! It is such an uplifting podcast even when I am shedding tears and I am a mess!!! It is hopeful, touching, inspiring, captivating!!!!
  • AUser857091
    Moving Forward
    The podcast is great for both personal & group thought
  • reallybadapp12987
    Reasons to subscribe and listen!
    I heard about this on NPR and decided to take a listen. Wow! Why do I listen to (almost)every episode? 1. Perspective. Hearing how other people deal with loss, bad luck, mistakes, and all of the other things that happen is instructive and inspiring. 2. Empathy. At work and in life it’s easy for me to get overly focused on me. Nora and her guests help remind me that you never know what someone else is going through. 3. Nora is amazing. She knows what questions to ask, engages deeply with her guests, is relatable, and hilarious. Nora (and Marcel) thank you for all you do🙌❤️
  • Suburbia mama
    Cohost credit?
    I’ve listened to TTFA for as long as it’s been around … then my husband died suddenly last March. It was actually too painful to listen for several months, but it’s back in my favorites queue and SO incredibly helpful, identifiable, comforting, funny in a whole new way, etc. I ADORE NORA. And her … cohost? Multiepisode guest host? Who’s this (sage, delightfully, groundingly yang to Nora’s yin) guy, and where’s his byline? I clearly need to back listen for his intro but seems those details should be upfront on the app.
  • jacquimeeker
    OMG! So. good! What an open-minded way to look at religion and sacred! The ideas are so inclusive rather than exclusive (my issues with most religions). Thank you
  • B. Birdell
    Today finally broke me
    I have listened for maybe two years now. I sometimes get emotional but today’s episode (6/8/21) caused me openly to weep. The recorded reflections of the past year broke my heart. Thank you for your respect and courage and empathy. I love your podcast. It helps me. The climate change episode left me feeling helpless. I prefer the personal stories over global nightmares. Just listened to Why Are You Up? and I find great comfort in knowing I’m not alone at 2am. Oh man, thank you SO MUCH for including the episode about Luke the dog.I cried all the way to work. My pit shepherd mix, Wendy, died on May 1, 2017. She was “that dog.”We have since adopted another dog and we love her to death but I had to make space in my heart because nothing can replace Wendy.
  • Ahimsamonkey
    Interesting but too much vocal fry
    I love the concept and the stories are interesting, but Nora’s vocal fry drives me nuts. Do women podcasters ever notice legit broadcast journalists don’t affect this Kardashian form of speech? The uptalk too. So grating. And not smart sounding. Please stop abusing your vocal cords.
  • blank99999
    Deeply moving and funny
    This podcast has brought me both comfort and laughs in my most trying periods. Highly recommend.
  • SnackQueen13
    WONDERFUL, Thanks for Asking
    This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts. I love Nora and everything she does. I look forward to crying in my car to every terrible story. I’m happy to support this beautiful podcast!
  • Ms. Oracle
    So Astonishingly Raw, Wow!
    I have been a loyal listener since the first episode. Nora’s honesty drew me in with completely believable and agonizingly personal depth. She is such a gift to podcast listeners. She can do wonders with storytelling, making me feel like every and any emotional balancing act has been experienced by her also. Thank you, Nora. I totally love what you have to say about difficult topics, especially when no one else wants to discuss them.
  • oregong
    Full of truth
    There is always a nugget in these stories that makes me feel connected. Though on the face of it these are usually tough, sad stories- they order hope that our human experience is universal and that we will find peace and understanding if we seek it out!
  • Listentothelisteners!
    Unsubscriber after the ‘Becoming Jolie’
    Not for everyone, but was definitely for me during this last season of my life. I listened religiously. (Probably every ep twice) Didn’t know what to expect with the last ep I listened to, but what was portrayed definitely wasn’t it. If you’re a new listener- listen to every ep except becoming Jolie. Loved you Nor and the gang, thanks for making a witty kind approach to a whole lotta feels.
  • SassEgirl
    Heartbreakingly beautiful
    Nora (the host) is exactly compassionate, inquisitive & sincere enough to help people share their authentic pain, AND she always helps bring to life the love, joy, humor & legacy of those who have been lost. It’s a true art form. I enjoy every tear of sadness and joy this podcast brings, I love all the feels!
  • AngelaGolden89
    Love this show
    I work for hospice as a social worker and the way you allow people to share their (terrible) is so real and that is meaningful. I often tell my caregivers when they tell me they are fine to start over. Are you really ? I listened to the “we are supposed to be 4” episode recently and it really hit home. I lost my grandfather last week and my grandmother a year before who raised me and loved me unconditionally. It’s been rough and raw and I needed a good cry. I appreciate what you do! Thank you!
  • dianarosstime
    Just what I needed
    There are so many things that are just.. terrible. But somehow, listening to these stories makes me feel better…and puts my own terrible things in perspective (& feel less lonely about them). It feels creepy to say this, but I sort of view Nora as my support group friend. Thanks for putting these incredible stories out there for us!
  • wild-still
    Always makes me laugh while I cry
    Double scorpio from NJ here so I’m all about the deep with plenty of sarcastic humor which is what this podcast always delivers. I feel so seen, Nora: where I come from a “couple” can mean any number too! All these people in CA have tried to convince me for years that it only refers to 2 people. Now I can say, “Well Nora says….”
  • Kevin Shoe liverpool
    Amazing show
    Wow! This show just continues to bring out real raw emotions that are necessary to understand and explore. Thank you.
  • crasherfd
    My favorite
    I found you right around the time I finished cancer treatment that started at 38. You had credibility to me because you were part of the club that no one wants but is proud to be invited into. I felt like the year was 2016 but it could have been layer. There weren’t as many podcasts as there are now and you spoke about something that I had never found. I probably searched under the word “cancer” to find your story. I listen all these years later and each and every episode has something I value and learn from and can connect with. Your summaries and intros end endings are quotable and relevant to us all. Thank you for creating this place and space. You have found your calling and I appreciate you.
  • NJPearl
    Best Podcast
    This is the first review I have ever left. Hands down this is the best podcast. The thoughts, emotions and honesty expressed are like no other. The stories really make you think about life and it’s importance. You will feel all the feels: Happy, sad, anger, compassion, shocked… you will feel human. Amazing podcast.
  • champccc
    Add this podcast to your daily listening
    I can’t say enough with how impressed I am with Nora and this podcast. Not only is she a brilliant creator, she balances the stories of trauma, survivors of trauma, and not falling into the toxic trope of telling people they will get through their trauma. Fantastic, kind, and compassionate.
  • Kjara42
    Well done
    This is a fantastic podcast. For sure my current favorite. These are well crafted interviews with raw emotions and compelling questions. And you’re correct- the theme song is stuck in my head😂
  • Loganfool
    Good job
  • jdojsiijaisiijijojoj
    I’ve been a listener for a few years now and this is by far my favorite podcast. Nora is so lovable and the best interviewer I’ve ever listened to! This is the best podcast & it has helped me so much!
  • Caroline Carmichael
    Taylor, Tears, 15 Years, Ep 8
    I love you, Nora. So you and I both love Taylor songs. Ronan breaks my heart a bit each time I listen. Today, I cried a bit listening to you talk about Ralph and Aaron’s ornament. We have “Caroline” ornaments. Most people don’t understand. You make me feel less alone. My daughter passed away durning birth August of 2006, and I will be forever changed. For good and for bad, but it’s all worth to be able to love her. Years ago, someone posted your 8th podcast on the nonprofit page I volunteered for, and so I listened. It was the first podcast I ever listened to. I’ve listened to 8 many times since and every single one of all your others. Thank you for your tender heart. But also all you have to do to “deserve to live” is love Ralph. I think that’s all Aaron wants. Hugs~
  • rvabilly1979
    Bread, Sweat and Tears - Update?
    I love this podcast. I love Nora’s way of telling a story and the questions she asks to bring those she is interviewing to reveal more. I cry, almost every episode. With the COVID19 pandemic, I have lost more friends and family members than I did in the AIDS pandemic. This podcast allows me to feel and grieve, and laugh and make loss ok. But I do need an update. I have listened to the Bread, Sweat and Tears episode so many times. It just resonates with my soul. How is Ashley doing? How is her relationship with her new person? I would love it there was an update episode on some of the folks we have heard from. Thanks for this amazing podcast! Please know you are helping SO MANY people!
  • podcast and turtles
    TTFA Premium Sneak Peaks are.. not good
    So far all the sneaky peaks into Premium are just Nora talking. No offense, but a main reason I listen to the podcast are for the guests and their stories. When it’s just Nora talking, it’s boring and monotonous- does not encourage me to subscribe and pay.
  • Eb1199
    Just, wow
    This is a heartbreak show, it is, a downer, but, it shows you that whatever you are going through, things could be worse. It’s real, ethereal, and tough. I cannot thank you enough for this, people don’t know what others are going through. It’s humanity.
  • Jaimee J
    I stumbled on this podcast a few weeks ago and I have to say I love Noras humor all the while being empathetic to the guests and her story telling. I have had some very hard horrible things happen in my life and in a way the stories help me to feel like I’m not alone even though they are different. Please keep this podcast active. Love it.
  • VasuEn
    Please do not feature stories like Jolie’s
    Sorry to say that her interview came across where she wanted to play victim. So not like a TTFA episode.
  • Hi I go no good
    My Favorite Podcast Ever
    I love this podcast I listen to it every drive I go on a drive. The only issue is I am in a constant fear of dying lol. Very entertaining great stories I’m obsessed!
  • S687Njna
    Becoming Jolie
    When Jolie says the woman in the article should take accountability for letting her friends leave her in a bar in Amsterdam and ends up having a “bad night”- this is in reference to a sexual assault?
  • KVC10
    Mock victims of SA
    Terrible idea to interview Jolie Akrom. They doubled down instead of respecting and validating the concerns of their listeners. Care more about friend than SA victims. Will never listen again.
  • Grassnya
    This helps me face my truths.
    It is witty and so funny I have been told to be quiet. Nora is all you would think she would be and not at the same time. As weird as it is to fall in love with a five year old podcast. I feel so close to the Nora of back then. She has experienced or knows someone with so many moments so similar to my own; its eerie. I feel seen and safe. I always feel a little less lost all the time. I look forward to these episodes now.
  • Buddywings
    Becoming Jolie
    I made 40 grand in 2013.. So vapid and out of touch. Every time I try and listen it’s the same old thing.
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