Terrible, Thanks For Asking


It’s a question we ask (and get asked) all the time: “How are you?” And normally we just respond with “Fine!” even if we’re totally dying inside, so everyone can go about their day.
But it’s not always all that fine, is it?
“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” is a show by author Nora McInerny that lets real people get real honest about how they’re really doing. It’s sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and almost always both.
Produced by Nora McInerny and Feelings & Co.

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  • Ckjrsw
    Here in Arizona too - aka baby quail land
    Especially lovely because I live here in Arizona too 🌵
  • RM1985
    TTFA is a podcast I like; however, I do not wish to subscribe to their new, separate podcast “It’s going to be ok.” And yet, every day, I get a new episode of it. Subscribing to TTFA should not automatically sign me up for every offshoot this creator decides to do. They are separate, and should be given to podcast consumers as such. Please correct this.
  • kamio78
    Longing for Deeper Story Telling
    I love TTFA and Nora’s beautiful story telling has helped me to feel connection in the world during many challenging and isolating moments. The podcast is deeply human and an exploration of what it means to tackle the difficult parts of life, and it has provided me a lot of comfort. To echo some similar reviews, I am finding the recent episodes to not honor this. I 100% value that Nora has creative liberty with her privately owned podcast, and that perhaps her exploration of grief has evolved as years have gone on. However, I believe that the podcast can stray away from grief while still exploring some deeply human concepts. I’ve felt it’s fallen flat lately, and that many of the episodes have some element of privilege or loosely tied story telling. I REALLY hate to leave a negative review because many of the episodes are masterful storytelling. I’m just hoping to share some feedback to spur some change.
  • comfy989796
    Quality has gone down
    I started listening to this podcast in the early days and absolutely loved how heart wrenching and honest it felt. Unfortunately, it just isn’t the same anymore, and I’ve stopped listening. The stories aren’t as compelling, it seems like it is focused on Nora’s family and friends, and a bunch of content is on premium. I’d recommend “A Good Cry” instead if you’re looking for a good grief related podcast!
  • SadSeaSally
    Longtime fan, recently bored
    I have been listening to this podcast since day 1, and have recommended it for years because of the amazing storytelling about unimaginable tragedy and how people lived through it. It was beautiful, tragic, full of emotion, real and brought light to topics that gripped you. Lately, the show has really strayed from this original concept and I’m not finding the topics discussed interesting at all (a quinceanera?!). I miss the old TTFA. And, I hate leaving a less than positive review but Im hoping to illicit change. I loved this show. Cab we go back to the roots a bit?
  • Nadia0760
    Raw and honest
    I just recently discovered this podcast and it’s so raw and honest and heartwarming and wonderful all at the same time. Thank you Nora.
  • Jane Bruner
    This show
    Nora is such a gifted interviewer, this show is truly a gift
  • TuesdayJane
    Beautiful Podcast!
    I love a good story telling podcast, but this one goes further. Nora is an incredible interviewer and she has great insight. I recommend this podcast to anyone who has experienced grief and loss. I was looking for a new show and I barely found this and I regret not finding it sooner!
  • CkfromCT
    Independent, Evolving and Growing-Still a huge fan!
    I never even listened to podcasts before I discovered TTFA after reading Nora’s first book. I own all of her books and buy them as gifs for fellow widows. This is an edited review as I am noticing some people want the “older” episodes focused a lot on loss and grief. The podcast like her life has evolved and the space is crowded with a lot of choices. I deeply admire her decision to make it part of an independent company that she owns and therefore can have creative control of the content. I imagine that the business side of things is very complex and I don’t understand any of it. Nora herself has grown and while this podcast was created after the loss of her first husband, time has past and life has shifted and I love listening to them branching out into new areas. Seeing a live show in Boston last fall was amazing. The community she has created is real and I chose to become a premium subscriber because I value all of the time and energy she and the team put into it.
  • Katie92192
    Room for Improvement
    I have been a listener to TTFA for years. I’ve shared it with many people. I’ve followed and still follow/love Nora. However, the quality of newer episodes versus older is just not there. I understand that there’s been changes to the podcast format - 2 weeks or so in between episodes, more content put on premium, and being independently owned. But I really am struggling with the value of supporting premium if all what’s being produced is similar to what is currently being put out. It seems like the episodes have been focused on Nora or people she knows. Which is fine…but the charm of older episodes lies in many of the people being interviewed being unknown or not having books to promote. I think it’s fine and fair to have a few episodes here and there with folks like this. It also seems like many of the recent people are privileged in some way (rich childhood, man who can take off for long swaths of time to hike away grief) and yes, their pain is definitely justified, it also leaves me asking “But with all the terrible things happening in the world, why is it these stories?” Would love to see episodes focused on the ever looming housing issue. Or having family in Ukraine. Or women that are having miscarriages in states where abortion is illegal. Or even things like “I graduated college and have a useless degree”. Or “I can’t have kids” or even “I don’t want kids and everyone wants me to.” I wouldn’t even mind the format of death, dying, and grief being a main topic again. These stories feel a lot more grounded in big things that are at the forefront of peoples thoughts. Not a woman finding herself in taking care of horses because she can’t feel fulfilled. Nora is the heart and voice of this show and she does a wonderful job showing empathy. I love her storytelling and jokes, but also her beats to reflect. But I also just feel like the current storytelling is a disservice to what the podcast CAN be as it moves towards a new future being independently owned. TTFA can be amazing again, please come back to stories with heart again.
  • audiobookie
    Why do you need all those cosmetic procedures when you already have the perfect face for radio? Your height will self-correct over time and around age 65 you’ll be an inch or two shorter.
  • Kyt1019
    More episodes like the older ones
    I want more of the TTFA from the past… the ones that were about people telling their heart wrenching stories, grief, pain…. Lately the episodes haven’t been as deep.
  • jencbuddan
    So Great!!
    This is my favorite podcast. I listen to a lot of podcasts. Even if you don’t think you want to hear about emotions and feelings and the human condition, just listen to one episode and give it five minutes. You will be hooked. Nora is funny, entertaining, and just flat out likable. Each episode is written and pieced together wonderfully. The show has current topics but also originality. You won’t be disappointed!
  • SEP825
    Bumps in the road?
    Longtime fan of Nora and the pod, but missing the deeper, more fully explored looks at all kinds of grief and pain. A woman with card debt is a real thing, yes…but not as compelling and unique as the long form narrative that show was known for. I also miss the production quality of the past — now the commercials are at a different volume and some interviews sound tinny. Will hang on for now but hope it gets better.
  • IndependentFledgling
    What happened?
    I discovered this podcast in September 2018 on a family road trip and binged every single episode over that two-week trip. I listened to these poignant, heartbreaking stories of loss, grief and hope and ugly-cried my way across the Southwest highways and byways. Unfortunately, in my view the podcast has suffered with changes in production and content. With a few exceptions (such as the episode with Nora’s mom), I find myself longing for the profundity and production quality of those earlier episodes.
  • idonthaveanamestopasking
    Nora is like my podcast mom ✨✨ 10/10 show with great stories about people!
  • Websavvywoman
    This show and Nora are so precious to me
    Nora makes me feel ok when I’m not feeling ok this show fills a really important space.
  • Shorty Whit
    You will cry
    This show feels like therapy. You can empathize with all the different stories and hearing people tell their own stories in their words is really impactful. An array of different stories.
  • LinTish5
    Love it
    Love Nora and her outlook on life. Saw her in Boston in October and it was an awesome show! I have binged all of the episodes from the beginning and I’m all caught up now! Time to start the books next 😊
  • Ktasso
    Should I have kids
    Wow this episode is ME! She said everything that I feel and it’s so nice to see there are others who think the EXACT same way I do. I’m 31 and can’t decide if I want kids or if it’s something that society has made me feel like it’s something I have to do. I’m feeling pressure by my age and know that my timeframe is getting smaller and smaller. I love my life as it is now but I know how amazing it is to have a family unit. This episode was by far the one that has impacted me the most. Thank you.
  • Older once hot widow
    Nora needs a new Dad
    I am a 60 year old widow. My husband has been gone for 9 years. Like Nora’s mom, I just miss the ordinary things. That special someone who understands without explanation. I can identify with everything she said. Thanks. I appreciate knowing I am not alone.
  • Georgiamama
    If ONLY I could comment
    Should I Have Kids Episode: The world NEEDS children from homes like that of Brit & your cousin !! Vote YES 👍 to procreate 🥰
  • jms0722
    changed a bit
    Nora is amazing, 5 starts for Nora! But as a long time listener I hate how the format has changed - doesn’t seem as polished or as deep anymore :(
  • Allie McBob
    I’ve never met Nora, but I love her.
    Nora never fails to make me feel at least slightly better. We share the same type of dark humor. She’s honest in a way that isn’t trendy, and probably wouldn’t land well in any social circle. I wish I knew people IRL like Nora.
  • ShahiMara
    Do you like questions?
    If you like questions? You’re gonna LOVE this episode? I know *I* like questions? Because when you like questions? You always ask them? Even if what you’re saying *isn’t* a question? Totally not at *all*? And that’s hard?? This could be an actual transcript of the host talking in every single episode. I cannot believe she talks for a living and can’t hear herself ending every sentence in a question mark. Utterly unbearable. Even if the stories were still good. Which…they aren’t. It’s basically just other people selling their memoirs now.
  • UMichRCS
    I came because I grieved. I stayed because I am learning more empathy.
    I cannot emphasize how much this show has helped me grow as a person. I went through a personal tragedy and found the show by chance. Nora’s sensitive nature, wrapped in her unique sense of humor and personal outlook on life — neither too optimistic nor too cynical, helped me find solace and later, as I found more help, helped me understand other people’s point of view. So grateful for this show. ❤️
  • Wmmmmmmmmmm
    The Middle Place episode 🤍
    I really enjoy Nora’s interview style on every episode but I love this episode in particular because she really dives into witnessing death and thinking about where we go after.
  • CocoPodcast
    Still love
    Been a fan for years and it’s still as good as ever. Some podcasts change when they get big, but Nora still provides great episodes and topics. Love what you do!
  • momser60
    Voice getting worse
    I’ve been listening to TTFA for years. I remember having my adult daughter listen to one particular episode that I thought she would connect with, and her takeaway was that even though the content was compelling, the host’s voice prevented her from wanting to hear more. She said she couldn’t relate to a woman in her 40’s talking with a Valley Girl voice. At the time, I defended Nora and her delivery; however, now that mode of delivery has intensified many times over and is just too distracting and comes off as so affected. It’s a shame - such a great concept that has been ruined by a choice of delivery.
  • sjshsbwh
    Thanks, and…
    I love this pod, recommend it all the time, and listen religiously. Hey, Nora and Marcel, the aphantasia episode was a weird dud. Made me realize that the podcast usually does a great job creating warmth and intimacy. This one, though, was just… editing.
  • Dustsup
    Real and poignant
    Just listened to David’s episode. So moving and heartbreaking.
  • KJ Belle
    Real and Funny at the same time
    Her voice is soothing, and funny at the same time. she talks about things that most of the time we’re all feeling but would never say out loud and she says to the whole world. I would use the word brave, real and deep to describe terrible thanks for asking!
  • KarenM NJ
    Gets worse and worse
    This show just gets worse and worse. There are countless lies in every episode. And nearly every person interviewed has put themselves in the position they are in but blame others. More importantly the host is always telling people to “be kind”. She is the least kind person I have ever encountered. I am 100% certain that she was someone that bullied people in school. So it’s rich that she thinks everyone should be kind except her. The majority of the world is kind. Stop living on the internet and you would know that.
  • Katagu
    Absolutely love this podcast
    I do not remember how exactly i discovered this podcast but I’m so thankful that I did. In 2018 I had three important people pass away (my sister, my father and my best friend) all in the same year. It shook my world and I haven’t been the same since then. It was hard to put into words the exact feeling I was experiencing, I pretty much have been trying to figure out what was wrong with me since. This year 2022 I stumbled upon the TTFA podcast while finding something to listen to on my morning walks (I was taking to help with my mental health). With this podcast i discovered what was going on with me this whole time….. grief, I was grieving. I had never had someone important pass away before 2018 and it got piled on when the other two deaths followed so close together, I was pushed over the edge into grief a feeling i wasn’t familiar with and had no name for. Listening to this podcast has helped validate a lot of my feelings and helped me feel like I wasn’t alone and I was not losing my mind. I powered through all the seasons listen to it every chance I got. I finally finished all the episodes and am now caught up and listen to it as they come out. Thank you so much for providing a cathartic outlet. You don’t realize how much of an important role this podcast has played in my healing. I am so grateful ❤️
  • GGBachelorFan
    My husband Jung himself December 24,2021
    My therapist recommended your podcast. It has helped me so much…especially the few on suicide. You truly have empathy and really “get” what very few do. As painful as it would be, I’d like to share my story to help others. My husband got severely depressed during Covid and working from home. Alcoholism and depression escalated and despite receiving help, he was not compliant. He hid it fairly well, but I suspected he was drinking behind my back and his mood swings were present. He hung himself while I was home and I found him. We didn’t live near family, so I was alone during interrogations (it was just a formality but horrible). There is a lot to my story. I’m able to work again as a teacher. But I am still healing and want others to know some things to expect.
  • NJO54321
    Love it!
    I love this podcast. It’s a joy to listen to not only because of the content itself but simply how wonderfully it’s produced. Authentic, raw, heartwarming, sad, all the feels happen here.
  • Gracie_20617
    A great podcast with an even better host. Absolutely love Nora! These stories bring comfort in hard times and are a reminder that we all carry something challenging. Couldn’t recommend more.
  • livewithoutwalls
    STOP BILLING US FOR THIS!! IT'S the third time I've tried to contact you. This is stealing. Taking advantage of people who are already feeling "terrible." I WAS TRICKED into a monthly bill in order to finish the last 20 mins of ONE mediocre podcast. I immediately requested cancellation. I've tried to login to delete my account but an email LINK IS NEVER SENT for login capability!!
  • partiann
    Always learning
    Nora by far is one of the best interviewers. I feel she always gives her guests room to tell their story. The moments of silence and space are golden. Thanks for giving this safe space for us to come and be understood.
  • LMA32016
    Episode with Michael Allio
    Hi Nora and team. My husband is a widower. He lost his first wife, Amy, to breast cancer in 2013. Their children were 3 and 6 at the time. My husband and I met in 2016 and married in 2019. I have two children with my ex husband. I have found your entire podcast, Nora, extremely enlightening and it has helped me realize that we are all doing our best. I have been begging my husband to listen. He finally listened to your episode with Michael Allio today and WOW. He laughed, he cried, he ALSO SLEPT ACROSS THE BED! He related to all of it. We had some interesting discussions afterwards as well. It is not easy being the second wife, I’ll tell you that much. He has never made me feel less than or less loved. I never felt like Amy was his “soulmate” and I therefore am not. It is so true that he can miss her and still love her AND ALSO be completely in love with me. Anyway, I could go on and on. Thank you for all the insight you have given us and for making us feel like this crazy family we put together is still a family who loves and is happy. AND ALSO a family who struggles bc of loss in so many ways ❤️
  • Caring Teacher 1999
    Thank you
    I’m so glad I found your podcast. I am a widow. I lost my late husband in 2017 to lung cancer. I was left behind with three children. At the point in time of his passing my children were 3,9,11. It was such a difficult journey to find a new normal for our family. My son probably took it the hardest. I recently remarried to a wonderful man who understands and let’s me cry and experience grief with me. He is so amazing! When we were dating it felt so awkward to me. I felt people judged me because of dating. At some point in time I started not caring about what other people thought. I’m so glad I’ve found your podcast to which I can relate and understand that I’m not alone in my feelings. Thank you for what you do.
  • Myezecky
    Aaaaaaaaand we’re back!
    I drifted away from TTFA a while back, for no big or terrible reason, but recently heard it referred to on another podcast and had to check back in. So glad you’re here, Nora, on your own now, putting out singularly heartfelt and heart-healing episodes in your inimitable way during this fraught time, when they are so needed. And now I’m going back to listen to what I’ve missed. Love you. ❤️
  • kirstdi
    A lovely listen
    I look forward to each episode. Nora is very likable, a talented writer/host and has a lovely voice. I enjoy hearing the real human stories of the guests, and admire their resilience. Thank you Nora for your fine work!
  • okimhere77
    It’s changed…
    I used to LOVE this podcast. I’ve listened to all of them and they helped me get through a really dark time. However it seems to have changed a lot. The original format was much more real and captivating. It’s a bummer.
  • Cc Og
    Love you Nora but….
    Please check the Born Fat episode…..it cuts off in strange spots. Still a 5 star for me, just check the editing.
  • Project Wellshine
    One of the best out there! A must listen!
    Authentic stories from real people! At times raw, at times funny, always helpful!
  • mgsdfg
    Facts are wrong, I’m an endocrinologist
    There is a lot of misinformation in this podcast which is concerning. The medication that you talk about to treat diabetes and lose weight DOES NOT cause thyroid cancer. It is not recommended in patients with a rare genetic mutation associated with medullary thyroid cancer because they can also have pancreatic tumors that could be exacerbated by these medications. The main reason why we use these medications is not only because the weight loss associated with them can revert diabetes but because they have been shown to protect patients from having a heart attack or a stroke!!! There is a LOT of evidence that obesity is associated with different forms of tumors and cancer. Please do not share incorrect information that make it harder for us to treat patients
  • Megalove6
    I love this show!
    I am so happy for your Taylor Swift move! Sounds like something great for you. You wondered about the kind of job that allows one to listen to podcasts while working. I have done this at two jobs. One entailed a lot of menial, physical tasks and keeping my busy brain occupied helped me to keep moving. Currently, I work as personal support for two young women who have autism. While they are doing their thing and don’t need my immediate attention, again my busy brain appreciates your input :))
  • RhodesyB
    Therapy in a Pod
    Amazing, empathetic, and funny! Love listening to similar or wildly different perspectives and stories. Listening gets me so outside of myself and allows me to witness pain, sadness and grief from many viewpoints. On days when I’m sad, this pod provides a sense of community and feels like a friend. P.S. LOVE that Nora is out on her own! Get it, girl!!! 🥰
  • oliviapm0571
    My husband James died in Aug 2017. Your words are so powerful. I ended up remarrying last year, in 2021. And here I am…. Almost 5 years later, remarried to a beautiful widower, who I met in a grief group (of course…. Isn’t that where all widows meet!?) to support our children. The 1st time I heard you, you did a talk where you stated that you don’t move on, but rather you move forward with your person. Hit home, big time. Thank you for all you do.
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