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Love is more than you think.From the creators of Criminal. New episodes twice a month.Part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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  • JennevaK
    The sweetness we need
    This show is a sweet place to be, and a relief in an onslaught of hard news. Thanks for telling these stories that show how diverse and delightful and heartbreaking love can be. The recent episode of the lady scientists and the mars rovers was a tearjerker 🥹
  • blacksun
    Need to pay for most of content
    Again, another show by Phoebe Judge that you have to pay to get most of the content. Going to quit following.
  • Dnj1948
    Wonderful, interesting stories lead by the amazing Phoebe!
  • Teon77
    This is ❤️
    One of my favorite podcasts. So sad the payment wall has hit so strong.
  • Ottergirll
    Such a wonderful listen, so many surprising stories. A refreshing listen from Pheobe after listening to Criminal!
  • bye wig!
    This show is consistently incredible. Thought provoking and touching. Phoebe is a great interviewer; getting subjects to open up with ease. I’d give more stars if I could.
  • UnivEdu
    This is Love:Not what you think
    Many episodes have been thought provoking, funny sometimes, sometimes sad, but each adding aspects of the totality of love. As a physician approaching retirement, none have touched me quite like The Nicholas Effect. Profoundly unselfish actions by a family faced with the one of the most heartbreaking situations any family can endure. A story of the ultimate pay it forward, told with gentle compassion.
  • rustyespio
    I love hearing about all of the unique ways love shows up ❤️
  • MaureenLL
    Bonus episode every week
    But not a regular free episode. You have to pay.
  • kbeksk
    Gem of a podcast
    Hope it stays on forever
  • Crystalash
    So much love
    The Mars rovers got me tear up so much. Another tender story that shines the spirit that transcends what typically defines love and “humanity”.
  • kshkval
    Episode 32
    The episode about Spirit and Opportunity were very much love stories. Love seems to find corners and places in hearts and souls, human and metal. This will be important to keep in mind as robots become more interactive and talk back. I’m so impressed by the dedication of the scientists supporting these crazy useful endeavors. One day there will be human communities on Mars and the Spirit and Opportunity teams - metal and human - will turn out to be our Perrys and Amundsens. Thank you 🙏
  • Capitolkim
    Great feel good podcast
    I love, love, love this podcast, I think it is my favorite of all time. I usually smile my way through it and blink away some happy tears each episode. With all the crummy stuff in the world, there should be many more podcasts like this one and please make as many episodes of this one as time allows!
  • EmCo2021
    Love this show!
    Love this show!
  • Laporterouge
    Change of logo
    Hi Wondering why you changed the logo colors to white and blue- seems odd at this time in this fragile time of war
  • Smart Guy's Mom
    Joy’s last line made me laugh out loud. This was a wonderful story!
  • Criminal Fan
    Great Show!
    Nice to listen to something other than true crime. This show is always interesting.
  • 12345@miniaussiesrock
    A beautiful journey thru ballet
  • #cml
    Beautiful, poignant episode about the Barbizon Hotel
    Wonderful show that made me think deeply about how the 1950s and 60s shaped expectations for my mother and then for me.
  • TravenAdventure
    Beautiful episode
    Thanks to the hosts for putting together this wonderful episode. The story and the chronicles of wolves shows the beauty of love and sacrifice in such a lovely way. Thank you for all the hard work and trouble to build this episode and present to us, Keep up the great work. Just listened to the Barbizon episode - so interesting and delightful. Thank you. Suman Sharma in Germany
  • itsdavie
  • Arctic Highlights
    Alternative to true crime
    Sometimes I just need some thing a little lighter to listen to and thoroughly appreciate that this is not a traditional love story kind of a podcast and explores love in a variety of different ways that aren’t just romantic.
  • zebrasz
    This IS love
    I am a longtime admirer, I have been touched by many of these stories, I especially appreciate how this episode unfolded and added depth and nuance. Thank you for enriching my life.
  • WolfpackRx
    Wonderful stories, where do they find them?
    Phoebe is a top-notch interviewer and story teller, this podcast is always interesting
  • PrincessSwanDancer
    I love this podcast
    I happened upon this podcast, specifically about Beatrix Potter and it made my day. I enjoyed every detail and interview, the voices of the podcasters. Thank you thank you
  • abrycrps
    My favorite
    My favorite podcast!
  • ownrhtodowgwvr
    10/10 Podcast
    I don’t know how or why it took me so long to stumble across this and Criminal. They are both so excellent and really speak to the power of podcasting as a medium. The amazing production value and storytelling make it an enjoyable and escapist listen, while also packing a bit of an emotional punch. I never thought I would be crying about a wolf but here we are.
  • LadyMaeMA
    Beautifully executed
    This is Love and Criminal are two of my favorites! This is the first not true crime podcast I’ve given a chance too, and so happy that I did! Being from Cape Cod, I love the episodes about people from there. But each episode is just beautifully executed and such a breath of fresh air. I thoroughly enjoy this is love and criminal!
  • enweigel
    Every one is golden
    Each episode of This Is Love is beautiful and inspiring in their own way—not to mention entertaining. You won’t regret adding this to your regular listening list. It adds a breath of fresh air into your life.
  • Steveblbc
    Love love love
    I enjoy just about every episode but my absolute favorite is the story of Lynne Cox and Grayson. I’ve heard this story at least 5 times. Either here or non other podcasts. I listen every time. ❤️ My husband listens to Criminal and I listen to this podcast. It’s always fun when the same story is seen from different perspectives like the story about the wolves. Great story from both sides.
  • VeronGuard
    It’s hard for me to pin down why This Is Love and Criminal are two of my favourite podcasts. The episodes always seem to be a perfect combination of relaxing, inspiring, interesting, wonder-inducing.
  • Love to sing27
    Look forward to every new episode!
    Keep up the great work! This has quickly become my favorite podcast for the heartfelt way Phoebe and her team spend thirty minutes to make listeners feel good for a change. Thank you.
  • Bonnie in Tuscany
    Love is everything
    Love is in so much of what happens in the world, this podcast beautifully tells those stories in the unique narrative voice of Phoebe Judge. As a love story writer myself, I love (haha) how each story has its own beginning and sometimes an ending, sometimes not.
  • Utrdfh
    The best
    This is Love is my all time favorite podcast. And I listen to A LOT of podcasts. It’s always my first recommendation when friends need new podcasts to listen to. Just start listening; you’ll be sold.
  • Butterchurnr
    Never written a podcast review before
    Despite listening to hundreds of podcasts for many years, I’ve never taken time to write a review (although, I should given how many of these stories have brought me joy), I felt absolutely compelled to write this. I came upon this podcast via Criminal specifically the latest episodes on the Yellowstone wolves. Over the last few days, I’ve listened to so many of these episodes, and cried or smiled or both. They bring such joy and assurance that there is still positivity, love and hope in the world. If you just can’t with the news anymore, give this podcast a try and renew your faith in love, life and the future. Thank you to the host and producers for this very special podcast. And thank you to the subjects for participating and letting your stories be heard.
  • Katierunn
    I adore all of Phoebe’s Work!
    I could listen to her read the phone book, but thankfully she creates the most magical podcasts that I relished over and over! The wolves and the swimmer who swam with the baby whale are my absolute favorites! Thank you, Phoebe and crew!
  • bendy fiddle
    I’m in love with this is love
    I love Phoebe’s voice, and I love every episode so far. At first I sometimes would think, well, this is kind of an ordinary story, big deal— and then something would shift and go deeper and I was hooked. It’s like with Criminal— the definition of what fits under the “crime” umbrella can be almost anything, including miscreant animals. So it is with love. Now I just trust her to lead me somewhere with humor and respect and insightful questions, and I’m never disappointed. Phoebe and Lauren, keep doing this stellar work!
  • Groveorange
    Head and shoulders above any of the women-led podcasts out there.
    These two women just get better and better. As their show is on a league of its own,it is a podcast without peer. I love to listen, learn a bunch and laugh.witty, paced writing that is clever and charming. I wish I lived in London. I feel quite surely we’d hit it off as mates!
  • hollmall
    One of my favorite podcasts
    It is a rare episode of This is Love that doesn’t give me a little case of the sniffles and a good chuckle. Thank you Phoebe
  • hippy at heart
    My favorite podcast
    I love this podcast—-uplifting—sometimes profound—always intriguing
  • Jazz&Blues1017
    If you build it…
    Loved the Wimbledon episode. Why no nod to the movie Field of Dreams? Both featured charming farmers inexplicably following their inner voices and plowing under Iowa corn to build beautiful, green fields for their dreams.
  • Zazen123
    This is my favorite podcast. It makes me so happy. It’s very uplifting and I always look forward to listening to the new one.
  • RhodesyB
    This (really is) love
    There aren’t enough positive superlatives that can be linked to Phoebe Judge. Her writing, thoughts and interview style are like nothing else in any podcast today.
  • Gurldawg
    One of my Favorite Podcasts
    I truly enjoy this podcast. Phoebe and team find such unique and interesting stories. I’ve learned a lot of things in listening over the years. I could listen to Phoebe’s voice all day long.
  • FujiAppleGirl101
    Enjoyed this pod. Just a note: Not WimbleTON it is WimbleDON. ☺️
  • Brownsn87
    Love it
    It’s no surprise that Phoebe and her team have created another great podcast! I’m a big fan of Criminal, and have been enjoying this newer podcast very much as well. Her interviewing skills are excellent and the production quality is stellar!
  • 510chic
    This podcast is a sneaker wave of awesome
    Do not sleep on this podcast! It’s been a wonderful joy listening to the wide variety of shows that encompass This Is Love. The stories range and bounce from intriguing, kind, genuine, emotional, to heartfelt, interesting, just plain lovely and more. I ish there was a Patreon, I would gladly support a membership 🩷
  • MagnoliaTiger
    Love is the answer
    This show is great! I enjoy the stories, Phobe’s voice and thoughtful interview style and the exploration of love in various forms. No matter the question, love is the answer.
  • Bagel max
    You had me at episode 1
    By episode two I was sobbing (in a good way). After I composed myself I told the story of episode 2 to my husband, and he teared up just hearing me tell the story badly. Won’t say anything more to avoid spoilers…
  • tmahoneyswife
    Enjoy listening
    Thank you for all you and your staff do! This is an enjoyable podcast to listen to.
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