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Lovett or Leave It is a live variety show and podcast that breaks down the week’s news in politics and pop culture with sketches, games, jokes that literally never miss, and everyone’s favorite: nuanced analysis. Join Jon Lovett and an all star line up of comedians, journalists, and other amazing guests live every Thursday night or in your podcast feed every Saturday morning.

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  • cameramandan83
    Had To Leave It
    The show used to be something I’d look forward to first thing on Monday but it came a chore to listen to over the last year or so. Finally hit unsubscribe this week after I realized I was skipping most of the pod. The humor took a nosedive and the actual political content is becoming more and more what we were warned about after 2016. Almost everyone on the show is in the their own bubble / silo and Jon (and the other Crooked pods) needs to get to audiences outside of LA, NYC, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington DC.
  • Piggydippa
    I wait for this show excitedly every week! I saw a live recording in Pittsburg and it was great. Every week he has me chuckling while staying informed on things I didn’t know I wanted to know about! Y’all are awesome and I didn’t even care you talked about Logan Roy’s cold dead body.
  • dubbfoolio
    Spoiler alert
    …you’re going to want to leave it. Hilarious that the host spoils the pivotal plot details of mainstream hit shows. Can’t really think of a higher form of comedy really.
  • buthidae2
    Affected signalling is brain exploding
    I love Lovett’s political insight and delivery. I’m a fan of several Crooked Media productions. Of late I can only listen to the monologue and perhaps first guest before the squad of guests whose only apparent qualification in life is speaking in a grating vocal affectation appears. I cannot find my phone to turn it off quickly enough.
  • Wah Hey
    2 Dark 2 Brandon
    Ice Cream tasting clip has been an ongoing gag on Double Threat for over a year.
  • Noelle80
    All Spoilers All the Time
    Lovett has seen every tv show and every movie and will tell you everything major plot twist before you have a chance to see it yourself. Zero warnings given.
  • ahall4488
    Spoiled Succession for no reason. He started episode by saying “I will be spoiling succession throughout this episode” then immediately launched into spoilers. They were then peppered throughout the episode without warning making it impossible to listen. Wasn’t going to write a review until he started the following episode with “I did warn you…you’re just bad at listening” like come on man
  • mrt0ad
    I used to look forward to this show, but I rarely tune in anymore. I could not even get through the opening monologue of the most recent episode- cringey jokes and half hearted delivery. Not sure what happened
  • LClassShncdr
    You gave us fair warning!
    Not only is this podcast hilarious and well produced every week, but you also very much did give warning of spoilers in the episode! Which I took to mean that if I kept listening, it was very likely that there would be spoilers, and so I simply stopped listening. I even went back and listened to a very early episode instead which also hilarious and well produced. I’m sorry for what you’re going through.
  • Teddy Dintly
    Unwarned spoilers for the sake of… what?
    Is it Jon’s self-esteem? I could have supported him in that without sacrificing the last season of a show my partner and I have been watching for years
  • Bobbitz1944
    Feels desperate sometimes
    It’s as if being gay is one’s only issue, raison d’être. It’s boring and kinda sad. It’s part of our lives. The performance of BEING GAY feels strained and desperate. I think Lovett is exceptional, so smart and able to explain tough stuff. More of that and less Finocchio’s in the 60s, please.
  • Payton37
    As a Chicagoan…
    I apologize on behalf of Joe Mantegna. I can’t believe he left!!!! Anyhoo, love this pod and can’t wait for the live show this summer!
  • Guillermo80
    Why Jon
    Spoilers for no reason. Not even for jokes. Was driving so I couldn’t turn it off before he ruined succession. And this is after he ruined Game of Thrones. Just troll-like behavior. I’m done.
  • lowcountyr letgo
    I live thus podcast. And Lovett and Paula Poundstone. Just freaking perfect!
  • unicorn h0rns
    Your Saturday just got
  • ak_rogue
    New weekly fave
    The only time I like Marjorie Taylor Green is when she’s Megan Gailey. This show had me laughing out loud at my desk like a maniac, so if you, too, would like to startle and alarm those around you, this is the show for you.
  • TomW2015A
    This Show Is Hilarious
    I laugh so much listening to this show.
  • Opinionatedme
    Tony Hawk killed it
    I’m not joking when I said the Tony Hawk segment made my entire day. I look forward to this podcast every week and have been listening for close to 4 years now but oh boy this past week was probably my favorite episode ever.
  • jesse_tyler_r
    You’ll Lovett!
    Jon Lovett is the comedic voice of our generation and 1600 Penn is criminally underrated. Within the hour you’ll laugh, learn, grow as a human, laugh again, get indigestion, followed by more laughter. 10 out of 10… no notes.
  • Mothra Stewart
    My sister interviewed for a job at crooked and didn’t get it but I love this show so much I still have given it 5 stars.
  • Hplert
    Will Never Leave It
    I am so hooked to Lovett and this show that I made plans for my very first Cheesecake Factory experience with a friend next week. I may even get a Diet Coke. Of all the podcasts I get excited about each week, this one takes the cake. I would like that back, though.
  • MarseaMarie
    Pedro pascal is 47
    So that needs to be your upper range, Lovett
  • bemyrtle
    Please, God, No
    No more Lizzzz Winsted. Yikes.
  • JuliaCerulean
    Gretchen Carlson?
    Why?????? Ugh thank god for Ms. Pat.
  • Patnal1
    No more Gretchen
    Arrogant and wouldn’t let anyone else talk. Acts like she doesn’t know the right wing ecosystem inside and out. No more Fox News people please.
  • GenX Business Owner
    Revived monologues make me live
    Jon is brilliant and adorable, and lately, he’s delivering monologues that are so funny I listen to them twice.
  • LSM912
    Love this show
    I cannot stand Gretchen Carlson and hearing her selectively punt questions made me cringe. She was the outlier in an otherwise outstanding show
  • Biff P.
    Thank you for the Respect!
    I was so touched to listen to Lovett challenge Gretchen Carlson on working at Fox as well as talking about a “party of compromise” but also make his audience applaud her! Thanks for being so decent and kind, Lovett. And Gretchen, you’re pretty brave for going on the show.
  • hifromgrandledgemi
    Great show. Funny and smart.
    This show feels like a group of close friends getting together for a pot luck and hanging out afterward.
  • raschekol
    My favorite
    Todays show with Liz , Lara, Ms.Pat and Gretchen was so good. Best ever and o have been listening from the start. Important info from Liz. We all need to get involved. Boycott Walgreens!!!
  • KJBrady
    Genuinely unpleasant and jarring to hear Gretchen Carlson this morning
    Lovett should know better than most the dangers and the insidious nature of the intellectual Zamboni and Carlson was one of the first and best for Fox. She had the combination of credible gravitas and dearth of moral character that were both necessary—neither sufficient on their own—to imbue Fox with a veneer of legitimacy and she is too smart and too shrewd to have not been aware of what she was a part of and her role in it. Maybe she has a redemption arc in her, I don’t know, but it’s inappropriate to assist her.
  • señor nice guy
    Shark Tank
    Robin Tran’s ethicist advice bit needs to be developed into its own free-standing podcast. Take it to Shark Tank and tell them you need a million dollars because they’re gonna make it back in a week. So incredibly candid, horrifyingly transparent, and hilarious: I would listen to that show forever.
  • jules#30
    Funny and SMART
    I love the balance of comedy and news in this show. I always LOL. Great Guests every week, too! “Ok, stop” and “The Rant Wheel” are THE BEST! Thanks Lovett & Crooked Media!
  • Juie Epona
    Love you
    I’d give you 10 🌟 if I could
  • Palmarosa33
    I like my news
    Dusted with humor and Lovett’s brilliant, vulnerable, hilarity.
  • schmitt142
    Simple Request
    Lovett—Please do more Jackie-O impressions. Also, hats off Guy Branum! Can you have your own show yet?
  • sham.215
    Love this show. Highlight of my week.
    So creative, so funny. It’s amazing. First time I listened to it my family heard me laughing across the house. Incredibly talented people involved with this show.
  • JonJme
    Love it
    I love the show. It’s always funny and good feeling. But it’s still bad, as in 👎
  • SoCalLibrarian
    Crooked Media Empire
    This will be a great addition to the group. Time for Cotton Bureau to make some new merch for this podcast!
  • Warriors super edition
    Another reason Saturday is a great day
    I don't know how to start my weekend morning without LOLI! The anticipation builds as I lie there dozing, knowing if I just get up I can start listening. (Sure I could listen in bed, but then I'd never get up.). My family used to be startled by my bursts of laughter as I wandered the house, but now they know. I love this podcast; it brings me so much joy.
  • hystericallison
    My favorite listen of the week
    I care nothing for reality TV, nor do I keep up with much popular culture anymore, but never have I listened to an episode without laughing out loud (my family thinks I am nuts), or getting something out of it. Politics affects every aspect of our lives, and I am glad to have a show that gets that without taking everything (including itself) deadly seriously. Lovett is a treasure.
  • powderseven
    Turning from political satire to vapid gossip about trash TV
    After listening since its inception, I could not finish the last few episodes because this show is turning into just an hour and a half of vapid gossiping about trash TV shows that I haven’t seen and that I don’t care about. I don’t come to Crooked Media for analysis of “Real Housewives.” You’re losing me Lovett.
  • Cattay1991287
    Love this show!!
    Lovett is hilarious
  • JML_86
    Came Back To Check on the Show
    I previously unsubscribed from this podcast because of its outrageous ageists bias. I was hoping Jon (who is a bit long in the tooth himself) had grown up. Sadly I immediately encountered “humor” at the expense of the elderly. Unbelievable. Also, there doesn’t appear to be any actual content. I wasted time listening to a parody song and a parody interview with an “old man.” Inane.
  • Legaleagle542
    I always laugh when I listen to this podcast. The host makes you laugh but also get you to think more deeply about the issues facing Americans every day. He’s really relatable and charming. I seriously have not heard a bad episode yet. Listen and get fired up to fix our country.
  • mmmred19
    Calling Me Out
    Did the pre election 2022 have a sort of AI dubbed Rainn Wilson that shouted everyone’s name? I listened in three different ways and EVERY time it said my name.
  • CateAVL
    Jon Lovett is a National Treasure
    I never miss an episode. Jon Lovett is a National Treasure. Best content I listen to all week!!
  • I'm from Pennsylvania
    Love it even more
    Long time listener. Previously said I loved the show. Updating my review to say that the Halloween candy bracket is the greatest joy my ears have ever heard. Just when you thought this show couldn’t get better, it does. 11/10.
  • Barista fantastic
    Listen now!
    I’ve been a listener of Pod Save America for years and I have no idea why it took me this long to start listening to Lovett or Leave It, but I’m telling you, what a mistake it was to wait. This podcast is absolutely epic, hilarious, informative, and all around just fantastic. Listen to it. Now.
  • BlueInGeorgia
    Rant wheel!
    I love the whole show but always keep the rant wheel!
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