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Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett and a panel of comedians, actors, journalists, and some of the many famous Friends of the Pod appear before a live audience to break down the week’s biggest news. Quizzes! Impressions! Shouting at cable news clips! And everyone’s favorite: nuanced discussion. New episodes every Saturday.

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  • Dearbornmama
    Jon is the highlight of my week on Saturdays
    He has me laughing out loud when I walk my dog on Saturdays while listening. I wish it were daily! Love you Lovett.
  • LnMacKenzie
    Podcast staple of my week
    This show had become a staple of my Saturdays. Lovett’s personality is so charming. Adding comedians to judge the monologues was a great touch and has provided me so much joy during the pandemic. I can’t wait for the return of live shows!
  • mama hart77
    Love this pod
    Love Kara Swisher!!!!
  • Blashphmemer
    Lovett is hilarious, but painfully uninformed. He will repeat any talking point or lie that the Democrats or the media spit out. This podcast can be light and funny, but don’t get your news from here. A 7 year old with a google search can spit out better facts.
  • jrosey24
    Just not funny. Sorry
    If Jon ever becomes funny this show actually has some potential
  • Yuwei Zhou
    A big fan of Lovett from the start
    Intellectual humor and journalistic values and attitudes. Lovett is in my top list of journalists.
  • yayfunguy
    Absolutely Terrible
    Don’t waste your time
  • ZoeyGrace123
    Delightful, smart, and funny
    Some of these reviews are ridiculous! I mean, if you are are conservative this probably isn’t for you. Jon is a treasure and pundit is an angel. My favorite part of Saturday morning. It’s funny and smart and spot on and he always has delightful guests and I love the games and the rants.
  • j grancell
    You are smart and funny, I appreciate the work you do.
    Thank you, for the laughs and the information.
  • Chanmannius22
    Gutfeld! Is garbage
    I watch Fox News, and even I can admit the new Gutfeld show was awkward and cringe. There were maybe 6 good jokes? It’s forced, and hasn’t gotten much better unfortunately. As far as this pod, it’s tough to get through more than about 10-15 minutes when I tune in. I know I’m not the liberal target audience, so that’s probably why. Good luck
  • kemosabe1318
    Does anyone actually find this funny? Politics aside, this is not an entertaining show.
  • zxxgtff
    Just love it!!!
    Just love it!!!
  • Sabocall18
    Emily’s Garden Show
    5 🌟 for Emily’s Garden show. Lovett is cool too.
  • KatDemm
    Just can’t anymore
    Been a fan for years but I just can’t listen anymore. There is a certain callous disregard that has set in. The episode last week with the Matt Gaetz section was painful to listen to, how about speaking more kindly about victims and human trafficking. If you don’t have the sincerity to speak on a subject then have a guest on who can, a female comedian would have been a good choice.
  • tonyokay
    I cannot imagine a Saturday without Jon Lovett. Laugh so hard, coffee came out my nose!!
  • Flanneryone
    “You’ve ranted me into a viewer”
    Lovett has made my pandemic tolerable. Many a Saturday morning run I’ve had to stop because I was laughing so hard and have had to fend off quizzical looks from people on the street. Special thanks to Emily Heller, perpetual outstanding guest.
  • ScottSchwedes81
    Emily Heller Again?
    The show is great, but is Emily Heller contractually obligated to appear every third week? It’s too much
  • MegMeg72
    Absolute BEST!
    This is my very favorite podcast! Makes my Saturday’s even better. Lovett is a national treasure. Hilarious. Can’t wait to see PSA live again.
  • SummerSusan
    Early Release!
    I love that the episodes are available earlier!
  • Nikster38
    Not my cup of tea
    The victory lap around Matt Gaetz, as satisfying as it may have been, was painful to listen to. Just poor taste. Not a fan.
  • RussG9128
    Mitt Romney has 5 children
    Randomly came across your very odd, very unfunny show and just wanted to say Mitt actually has 5 — not 11 — kids. If you’re going to crack jokes at people, at least be factual. I mean, I thought liberals were all about facts.
  • Marybeth4898
    Love it
    Jon Lovett is an absolute treasure and a riot. This is one of my all time favorite podcasts! 10/10 every time!
  • ajassen
    Always a great laugh and still informative
    Love this show!
    Smart and Funny!
    This is one of my weekly go to’s.
  • World traveler....
    You are funny...
    I laugh so hard the bed shakes.
  • mikebt1971
    Must listen!
    Absolutely a must listen every week!
  • Austin flake
    You don’t sound like your picture
    You are an outstanding podcaster. Crooked should pay you more. Unrelated and unimportant, if you stood in a random group 100 30-40 year old (guessing) men. I am confident it would take me >80 guesses to find you.
  • Boston Email Procrastinator
    Jon Lovett got me through the last 4 years
    My favorite podcast ever!! Jon’s a hilarious & smart host, and this podcast is the most fun way to educate yourself about politics & the news. It’s a great combination of games, humor, interesting interviews with smart people, and a Rant Wheel.
  • alotta angina
    I love you!!’
  • ubique13
    Lovett or Love It.
    No Options.
  • kimiloo
    Cucker Tarlson!!!!!
    Bahahahahahahahaaaaaa! The best slip-of-the-tongue ever!!! Well, maybe 🤔
  • Ma Joad
    Glad Jon is lightening up on the ageism a bit. I can almost stand to listen again!
  • GirlFromUncle
    Take my money
    This show is so good that I sometimes even listen to the ads twice because they are hilarious.
  • Kwistofo
    10 min of commercials? Really?
    Come on man. Crooked media how has 5-10 min long commercials on most of your podcasts. Please at least don’t do it for the funny one.
  • Eliza Ramalap
    Put a Safety Warning on These
    On mile 6 of my 10 mile long run in Central Park the Mike Lindell bit comes up, I start laughing so hard I choke on my spit and have a split a full 30 seconds lower than my set pace. I’ll have to start listening to less funny podcasts when I run
  • Zach.burk
    Hasn’t Adapted Well to COVID
    It’s just not entertaining anymore. And about the most recent episode as of this review, “Shot Girl Summer,” really insensitive title. I get that it’s about covid vaccines, but Megan just got shot with a gun last summer. That’s not funny, dude.
  • Steph Bean
    Bernie, Beanies, Bentson...
    Hilarious! I yield the balance of my time...
  • Blackpinkforlife💜💜💜💜💗💗💗
    There’s a lot of cussing and profanity
  • cashell
    Mar 13 - 🤣😂🤣😂
    thnx fork this one
  • Wilhomenah
    Outrage factory
    He’s not focusing on the right things. He is misleading everyone. He mislead me.
  • Pizzle625
    President & CEO of the Jon Lovett Fan Club
    I’m a new listener of PSA and Lovett or Leave It, but I must say, I’m a fan. When these guys can make commercials interesting (who made the food pyramid...the Olive Garden?!) I’m hooked. I want to give a special shout out to Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Cuomo Jeopardy, both of these segments gave me life. Thank you for making this colossal shitshow that we call modern politics both interesting and funny. It give me hope. Sort of.
  • Vaccinated Journalist
    Saturday Cartoons for Adults
    Love it! This is my favorite show other than Pod Save America and Betches Sup! Loving Love It.
  • Yepsi1986
    Why make fun of Alex Trebek?
    Not exactly punching up to mock the death of someone who just died of cancer. No thanks.
    I’ve listened for a couple of years now and it’s becoming stale. Episodes are too long. Many of the segments are so boring, I find myself fast-forwarding to get through it. And don’t even get me started on the ads... 🙄
  • Ms.Maria.SD
    Ted’s excellent adventure
    In listening to the arguments for the bachelor, I was reminded of my love of an old 2001 reality show called Temptation Island... that was my JAM! I normally dislike this type of trash, including The Bachelor/Bachelorette, etc, but that one was great. Too bad it only ran 3 seasons. Anyway, that’s all, love what you do, keep it going!
  • kelseyreyn
    Hilarious & informative! All one could ask for in dark times
    This show cracks me up while I am putting in miles on my bike trainer and makes time fly while doing something I sometimes love. Hands down, this show is the best way to stay informed via laughter... which is much needed right now.
  • cygmalion
    The Fran Lebowitz interview was perfection Would love a Fran Jon pod cast Thanks
  • JazzCritic
    Annoying co-host
    Does all of your laughing for you. And then some more.
  • crumpetfch
    Love Lovett!
    That’s all I need to say.
  • emilyae
    Love it
    Listen every lazy Saturday morning with a pot of coffee! *Ended up skipping the end of the most recent episode because Fran Lebowitz ain’t my kind of energy. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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