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Strict Scrutiny is a podcast about the United States Supreme Court and the legal culture that surrounds it.

Hosted by three badass constitutional law professors-- Leah Litman, Kate Shaw, and Melissa Murray-- Strict Scrutiny provides in-depth, accessible, and irreverent analysis of the Supreme Court and its cases, culture, and personalities. Each week, Leah, Kate, and Melissa break down the latest headlines and biggest legal questions facing our country, emphasizing what it all means for our daily lives.

Whether you’re a lawyer or law student, or you’re just here for the messy legal drama, Strict Scrutiny has you covered. New episodes out every Monday… plus bonuses whenever SCOTUS takes away another one of our rights.

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  • CPM2810
    Best Supreme Court Podcast
    Strict Scrutiny is highly educational but also entertaining. Melissa, Leah and Kate are quite intelligent and funny. I’d have loved to have law professors as funny, entertaining and informative as these 3 ladies.
  • tfxcgu
    Favorite Podcast
    I have been listening for a few years. I love the combination of gravitas and irreverence. Love the podcast and the hosts. Keep it up.
  • sandymg
    Clear commentary
    Insightful and educational. Recommend.
  • loudes13
    Far left
    Far left bias
  • Who cares? I care.
    Informative and entertaining
    I love their analysis and breakdown of each case, argument, and the justices. My only disappointment is that they aren’t the ones on our Supreme Court to help save us all. Thank you for all you do.
  • fran2799
    Thoughtful legal analysis paired with super funny jokes and pop culture
    Absolute banger of a podcast - the only one I listen to weekly. Melissa, Leah, and Kate are all brilliant, down to earth, super funny, and just COOL. Amazingly thoughtful legal commentary. They make me laugh about things I would otherwise cry/scream about (i.e., everything the current court does). THANK YOU ALL for making this, never stop!!
  • zazabanana
    Love this
    I’m obsessed with this podcast - the Supreme Court used to be mysterious to me, but this show draws back the curtain. I’m not a lawyer or a law student, so it took me a while to understand some of the nuance, but it was time well spent. The hosts are funny and smart, and I love getting rigorous legal commentary with an unapologetically female vibe. Nothing like this podcast out there.
  • Kyle in Ohio
    Thoughtful and hilarious!
    A smart and irreverent deep-dive into Supreme Court cases. As a non-lawyer it’s dense in a good way, diving straight into SCOTUS decisions and drama and making you laugh the whole time.
  • Hank_52
    Highlight of my week
    Brilliant legal minds who care about PEOPLE. Also, really funny. 🤣
  • Momta63
    Kate is such a Mom
    I LOVE this podcast. Whenever I see Leah of Melissa on MSNBC or PSA they seem so reserved and “lawyerly”. On this show we get to hear them laugh and be snarky, and Kate always seems to be the “Mom” bringing everyone back to the issues and calming things down. The dynamics are so much fun, and they’re all SOOOOOO freaking smart!
  • My monitor
    I love Strict Scrutiny
    You three are so entertaining & informative. I am always excited when a new “episode “ comes out. Special thanks for making this nightmare of a SCOTUS almost bearable.
  • mattyareisme
    Talented, brilliant, incre-
    talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, s-
  • Precarrieus
    I don’t have a legal background and find this podcast super informative and entertaining (also infuriating and depressing, but that says more about the state of the court and the country than the hosts!).
  • truthinessMP
    Outstanding & Entertaining
    Great discussions about SCOTUS shenanigans
  • ejemacleod
    Thoughtful, Informative, and Funny
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! Leah, Kate, and Melissa are brilliant lawyers and perhaps even more brilliant communicators and educators! They make the court accessible and interesting, and they make it easier to keep up with the horror of the court, even when it is tempting to look away. Thank you so much!
  • SSgt Ammo
    Easy to understand… and the clothing line-up sells itself
    I am not a lawyer, and every discussion I have listened to has been clear and understandable. And I will so pay money for an Elena Bagel t-shirt!
  • nonicknamehaving
    Their awesomeness makes me MAD
    I want my podcasts to be like the thoughts in my head, but like, out loud. This is not that. They go off script way too much with all their informed analysis and opinions. And the JOKES. Women aren't supposed to be this sarcastic and funny! Sometimes when I'm laughing, I have to pinch myself to stop. After all, how much funnier would it be if not coming out of these three audacious female mouths?! Honestly, if they want to talk at all, they should be men. Especially if they're going to do so with such authority, wisdom, wit, and dynamism. Don't they know that's the male arena? The fact that they have successful careers outside of this and are choosing to also contribute to the barren landscape of supreme court commentary (but hey, I see you too More Perfect!🫶🏼) makes me suspicious. I know it's not because they think education and awareness is important. It must be for more nefarious reasons. And yes, I'll admit, I don't actually know what they look like because it's a podcast, but I can tell by listening that I am insulted by some aspect of their appearance! Sorry - it's the truth! Someone had to say it.
  • utahmcbride
    Angry Feminist Pod with Substance & Clarity
    I have zero legal background outside of an Into to Business Law at University. But this has got to be one of my favorite podcasts ever. I’m always recommending this podcast to my friends. When I say a pod about SCOTUS is one of my favorites, I get “that” look. But it’s true. I look forward to seeing the new releases show up in my podcast app. The work these women are doing is phenomenal. They have some pretty cool swag, too. I had to get my own “Take it up with the Bard” t-shirt, myself. Update: Still an amazing pod!
  • Solid Chocolate Bunny
    I love this podcast. It’s like hanging with genuinely brilliant, wonderfully witty friends.
  • Nerdy Brarian
    My favorite part of Monday!
    Definitely biased, no bones about it, but very funny and entertaining and, most of all, very very informative. If you’re left of center, you’ll love it! The ladies may have a perspective, (one that I wish more of us shared,) but stupid or ill informed they are NOT. I wish I could see them argue in front of the court!
  • Mr Victim
    SCOTUS Legal Shenanigans Explained
    SCOTUS (The United States Supreme Court) is not quite as hilarious as it could be. Today’s SCOTUS is both deeply corrupt and deeply political, and it behooves us to realize how much these bozos can and do screw up our lives. The hosts are experts on the subject, and they bring clarity to the complex and often opaque US legal system. They’re also frequently hilarious, bringing much-needed levity to a difficult subject. This is a great podcast.
  • Kate Esq.
    One of my favorite listens every week
    I’d be honored to be referred to as a “harpy libchick.” To paraphrase Gorsuch, brava!
  • tamushark
    Required listening
    I really appreciate the in-depth analysis into cases, the court, and the sarcasm provided in this ludicrous era. Kate, Melissa, and Leah are experts in their profession. I am far more knowledgeable about the judicial branch and it’s systems of shenanigans because of them. I am grateful for their willingness to do this work every week knowing not every outcome is positive. It’s fantastico!! Thank you so much for your honesty.
  • alistener987
    I’ve learned so much from these three brilliant women. They’re also fun and funny to listen to. Win win
  • smroland12
    Amazing podcast, sharing what is actually happening in the Supreme Court.
  • Mike Cee
    Fantastic way to keep up to date on SCOTUS and their scandals
    Melissa, Leah, and Kate are AMAZING hosts! Very funny and engaging. They deliver all of the bad news of SCOTUS and their scandals with hilarious humor. Don't get me wrong - they're serious and brilliant about their work, but they deliver with great aplomb. Thanks for the great work!
  • Olga mojj
    As a certified *dork* I love this podcast. I’m not a lawyer but I studied con law in college (graduating the year Alito joined the court 🥴) and this is my comfort podcast. All the hosts bring something different to the show and I love them all. When I saw Melissa on Jon Stewart I screamed a little. In the words of everyone’s favorite legal demon, this show is “fantástico”!
  • rbdole92
    Wonderfully (Fantastico!!) Informative!
    I have learned (and laughed) so much since I’ve started listening to this podcast a couple of months ago! Thank you for breaking down some complicated legal issues into presentable easy to understand components. I always feel more informed (yet still distraught) after listening and I look forward to each new episode. I’d attach Taylor Swift tickets to this review, but I don’t have any, nor can I afford any, but the thought still counts, right?! ~ Richard D.
  • Desperately seeking law
    Is this a legal podcast?
    I’m not sure this is a legal podcast just because they sometimes talk about court cases. Their USSC analysis seems serious at times, but the hosts often devolve into petty, vindictive gossip about Justices Alito, Thomas, and Kavanaugh. And hypothesizing about the personalities and motivations of all of the Justices. So much of the podcast is now unserious complaining, brutal sarcastic shots at judges and Justices, vile and racist cultural appropriation from Professor Litman, and profanity. (Profs. Litman and Murray drop f-bombs so frequently and unpredictably that I can’t listen to the pod in front of my 10 year old daughter.)
  • nernst76
    Best SCOTUS Reviews
    Interesting times call for interesting podcasts. Thank you for sharing your shock & awe as we undergo a Constitutional revolution back to Lochner. The revolution is the shadow docket, haha.
  • Brief and Legal
    so so good
    My favorite podcast, and I knew nothing about the law before I started listening. But it’s clear that the Supreme Court is kinda important, and that Sam Alito’s brain is a ball of whining snakes. It’s nice to listen to knowledgeable experts who have no trouble telling the truth. Thanks, you three, and all who work with you.
  • Maggot_Mom
    My con law BFFs
    I love this podcast so much—listening to Kate, Melissa, and Leah is like listening to my best friends hanging out, sharing their thoughts on the latest SCOTUS rulings along with their thoughts on the latest royal family drama and Taylor Swift albums. There’s nothing like listening to women who are so smart and knowledgeable in their field that they can easily slide in and out of conversations about con law and skincare routines. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Anonymous4455
    Informative, funny, feminist podcast
    I started listening to this podcast shortly after the Dobbs decision when it was recommended to me by a former student of one of the hosts. Now, I can’t miss an episode! I can keep track of what cases the court is hearing, with insightful context and commentary from three funny and extremely intelligent women who feel just as outraged about what is going on as I do. I wish all news could be delivered this way. (Unfortunately, most news is humorless facts without outrage or outrage without facts…and things are too dire and insane right now to simply act as if what is going on is at all normal or right.) Melissa, Kate, and Leah make me want to go to law school…no other podcast has inspired me to both take action and prep for a standardized test. This is an excellent podcast.
  • 3L super fan
    please run the world
    I’m going to graduate from law school in Idaho next week, and Strict Scrutiny is 50% of the reason I made it through the last 3 years. Y’all are hilarious and next level brilliant.
  • Snarky GA Lawyer
    Absolute joy to listen to
    Love listening to these ladies, so informative and hilarious. I love the background and legal breakdown of each case. They make a very scary legal time bearable. Thanks ladies!!!
  • Mandarin student
    These professors make me want to go to law school
    Love these professors who break down legal reasoning and case law with such humor (and sneakiness) that is highly entertaining. Thank you so much for making my Monday commute so educational/entertaining!
  • prov31wannab
    I’m not an attorney but I find this show delightful. They speak about the law with passion and an obvious in-depth understanding of each topic discussed. Despite this, the hosts don’t take themselves too seriously. They intersperse in jokes and pop culture opinions that keep the audience engaged. Their voices are soothing which is much needed in this political landscape. I’d recommend to anyone.
  • Polar bear & gopher
    Essential podcast for the courts
    Sharp and funny hosts and well-selected contributions from guests keep me informed every week on major court cases and culture
  • EllaMcC
    The BEST legal podcast out there
    Not only is this podcast incredibly informative, but it also is fun to listen to and I never leave an episode (I've been listening since the beginning) without a little more knowledge and a smile on my face, despite the sometimes horrible things that the US has experienced through the years. I even saved a few weeks worth of podcasts to listen while climbing the Andes mountains in Peru. I never would consider giving up Strict Scrutiny - ever. It's also the only podcast that I don't have to speed up, because the women speak at a normal speed. Great Show, Ladies - keep 'em coming!
  • Jmaline
    Irreverent and funny (and smart and educational) legal pod
    This non-lawyer has learned a ton and enjoyed this podcast. Keeps me up to date on the horror show that is the US court system these days. The “laugh so you don’t cry” approach works well for me in these dark days.
  • SLOjames619
    Smart, hilarious, empowering
    Great for anyone interested in learning about the Supreme Court and the law
  • 111sonosuser
    5 stars for harpy lib-chicks!
    I discovered the podcast a few months ago and listen every week. Great explanations of complex legal news for regular people, with a definite point of view and lots of humorous asides. Carry on!
  • JUrteagaGalindo
    Will fist fight misogynist men making sexist comments
    Hi friends, Your show is wonderful and so are each of you. Unfortunately I was not surprised by the comments you mentioned receiving in your grab bag episode, yet still had a visceral reaction full of anger when I heard some of those (good thing I was at the gym). I have taken a class with Professor Litman and for that one idiot that said they would drop it they would miss out on one of the best Professor experiences available. We’re lucky to have you at Michigan and at the risk of being toxically masculine, if you ever want to fight any of these commenters but are too busy and would rather outsource it, I volunteer. Glad to hear you’re not taking it personally and look forward to continued listening. Jose
  • Miqag
    Love every aspect of this show!
    The hosts are so knowledgeable and can operate in a space of humor, exasperation, deep knowledge and contextual nuance. I deeply appreciate how they go beyond just discussing an issue and help me understand the subtleties all while making me laugh nonstop and giving me some escape from the insanity of our current legal culture. Thank you!
  • Law-ma
    Brilliant women
    I am an attorney and thought listening to a podcast about law would be an overdose. However, these women are a shining light in the dark news that is Constitutional Law these days. They make you feel that at least we are in this hells cape together.
  • Earthlaw
    Learned and fun discussions of SCOTUS issues and justices
    I am an environmental and civil rights trial lawyer, representing people, animals and habitat in these cases in several western states. I am so glad that I found Strict Scrutiny. These women are smart, experienced and at times very serious but often very funny. Their work is constitutional law and the courts, but their love of people and each other is a warm circle of friendship and conversation that is irresistible. The experience and work that goes into publishing such a fine podcast is enormous, and we are lucky that these three law professors share their interest and joy with the rest of us. Leah Littman, Kate Shaw and Melissa Murray: thank you! From Boulder with love.
  • LJ12345668
    Amazing, intelligent, witty, inspiring and empowering women hosting this essential podcast!
    Your analysis and explanation of cases and arguments coupled with your sharp wit serves to educate me and give voice to my frustrations. One of my very favorite, can’t miss, podcasts. Thank you.
  • Ghirn Blanston
    Informative and fun!
    I love this show—the hosts are smarty pants, and do an excellent job breaking down legal issues and court cases for a lay audience, with plenty of snark to leaven the fare. Their intersectional feminist orientation is a welcome corrective to the times in which we live. Bonus: they periodically interview authors of outstanding books about legal culture or court cases, and they are terrific interviewers. I have bought and read several books from their interviews, and been consistently impressed.
  • gdusing
    Amazing show hosted by amazing humans
    One of my favorite and most anticipated podcasts each week. These women are beyond brilliant, especially in how they break down court and judicial lingo for the lay person like myself. And they do a great job of bringing the laughs, even if it’s just to counterbalance the often depressing nature of Supreme Court news and rulings. MUST LISETN!
  • Podjester
    My actual favorite
    I picked up this podcast when I finished law school and was looking for a show that scratched the itch of actively discussing cases. It quickly became my absolute favorite show that I drop everything to listen to. If you are at least a tad liberal and don't hate women, this show is for you
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