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Amy is a Sex and Relationship Coach and Sex Educator with a passion for promoting unabashed, pleasure-focused sexuality education. April is a motivational speaker, sex toy mogul, as well as one of the leading women in the sex-toy industry. April and Amy combined forces to create the Shameless Sex Podcast, inspiring radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy with a playful twist sharing real life experiences and tell all details. Visit for more. Shameless Sex is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact

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  • Lisssssssssassssssssssssa
    This pod is 💦
    Been a listener for years - they are doing good, important work over here 🔥
  • crystalsc22
    Awesome listen
    Love listening to this podcast for those who don’t like it move on with your life. I find it interesting and informative. Also I’ve met April , she is the most kindest down to earth woman you will ever meet 🤍 these are two women that love listening too no judgment no shame
  • LithiumT
    Excellent sex podcast with lots of educational content!
    Going the extra mile with topics that no many people talk about in the sex word. From crazy guests to amazing ones that help people that have been hurt. Entertaining, educational, sweet and very compassionate Team. Brutally honest in topics that others are not interested in addressing or speak up. Thank you for the great job, Double A Champs! Javy
  • MentorsLife
    Amazing Content
    I have worked in the sex coaching industry for the past five years and recently came across Shameless Sex podcast and am so grateful for the incredible interviews Amy & April share on their podcast. If you are seeking information on how to live your most orgasmic life, check out April & Amy’s Shameless Sex podcast!
  • im so chill
    Whatever to the haters
    I haven’t listened to this podcast, but to all the haters out there who wrote a bad review. What did you really think you would get when you searched up sex? Something completely unrelated?! That’s crazy!
  • Zcsgrufhhfjhdfj
    Great podcast
    Really good stuff - visiting areas of all lives that we all wonder how to navigate. Get your clues here.
  • JenAveMas
    Great duo, so inclusive!
    I love how inclusive your language is, despite myself not needing it. The best duo I’ve heard. Most podcasts with two podcasters always have one who tries to seem better than the other, put the other down, etc. love that these two don’t!
  • Painting fire
    So much fun to listen to!
    I sincerely love this show. April and Amy are funny and informative and willing to talk directly about topics many people shy away from. I am rediscovering my own sexuality and this podcast has been a huge part of my learning.
  • msbfit
    General Review
    I have literally listened to all of your podcasts, from the beginning to the present day. I have found them educational and entertaining. As a retired Health and Phys. Ed teacher in addition to anatomy and physiology, much of the information would have been very usable in my senior level classes. If nothing else, questions they asked and were unable to be answered because of school policy could have been directed to your podcast. Keep up the good work!
  • Somebody_els3
    Why, why, why why why? WHY!
    Why do we WANT a podcast about sex, take my advice “stop being weird perverted people” This is not trolling. This is just advice, if you don’t listen I don’t care but just know in heave at the gates the he looks into your eyes to see if your a evil spirit. You will not be able to enter and be sent to h, e 🏒🏒 there is still a chance, if you become holy enough, and I am not say to be all Jesus Jesus Jesus, just be nicer and holier.
  • Faa_mu
    Thank you for talking about Anal sex
    Thank you for covering Anal sex. It made my little weiner stand up and motivates me to get my school work done. You make me want to become a more productive person, the will reach my goals someday.
  • alexph2012
    Show the boobs
  • BarrSux
    Too woke
    I once enjoyed the podcast but they ruined it by stuffing their ideology down the listener’s throat
  • Pinwormdelight
    If you like this sort of show, this is a great one
    If you don’t, then for Heaven’s sake listen to something else and don’t feel compelled to leave negative reviews. No one is forcing you to listen to April and Amy. If you don’t approve of, enjoy, or want to participate in sex don’t be trolling around sex related podcasts looking to be offended. Life is too short for that childish behavior. Better to spend your time looking for podcasts that you might actually like and learn from, although at the risk of becoming a more socially appealing human.
  • tbk63
    Shameless sex podcast and book
    Love these ladies In down to earth, often comical ways, these two take the topic of sex — which in our world simmers always under the surface but is rarely discussed openly— and brings it out in the open. Speaking about a subject that is so often discussed in whispers or hushed tones or not at all and they easily convert it into a kitchen table conversation, it flows off their tongues like they are discussing the weather. As a gynecologist, I am frequently bringing up this topic with patients to better their health and wellness. We NEED to include this pleasure and play into our life— it’s the magic for better healthier living. Having this podcast and now book as a resource to continue the conversation and education after they leave my office is so exciting for me. I am grateful for their work.
  • GildedLily_
    Very informative!
    These ladies are amazing! they’re beautiful inside and out! They’re funny, smart, and kind! we live in a time where we have so much shame, and these women are changing that. Thank you!
  • Joebobnormandy
    Helping people feel better about sex
    Amazing podcast helping people who struggle with shame and awkwardness around sex and want to overcome that
  • TwinBeer
    Not God glorifying
    You are literally convincing people to believe that they can have sex with People that is not your husband or wife The sexually immoral will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.
  • RobertoB4
    One-sided and way too woke.
    This podcast is not an open forum of ideas, safety, and pursuit of joy, but instead it’s just two women hyped up on testosterone suppositories and way way too focused on pursuing wildly outlandish sexuality without boundaries and disguising it as “healthy” sexuality. It’s also VERY triggering in a ton of ways and they do not speak on such a sensitive and important topic with any reverence or grace or respect. Two thumbs down and not worth a listen until they get some guests on the show that actually have differing worldviews and grounded experiences and opinions.
  • pooooooooopposisdjduhewbfshs
    OMG my brother came in when I was listening to this and he shoved his penis up me and then sucked my butt and licked my vagina and sucked my boobs so this is a 5 star
  • MichelleRenee1029
    The ladies always keep it real
    As someone is is a listening and has been a guest, this is a A+ podcast!
  • ggfjfggi CNN lg ok g
    What is this?
  • Wethermom
    Eye opening!
    I discovered this podcast a couple weeks ago. I’m only 17 episodes in, but I’ve had several “aha!” moments already. Amy and April are funny and entertaining, and the podcast is also educational. It’s opened my eyes to several things I do or don’t do because of past experiences that I couldn’t put a voice to before.
  • Wellness Stock Shop
    Love love love
    So fun and engaging. Great guests, great interviewers. I start binging episodes and can’t stop. Love these ladies!
  • Jon/agentboy830
  • comcerned parent
    Weird kid
    Your step bro is so weird did he lick your private part
  • SusieC4
    “O” my! Thank you!!
    Amy and April, thank you!!!!!! Your podcast has changed our lives! My husband and I (hetero-monogamous) will be celebrating 13 years of marriage this New Year’s Eve. We have a wonderful relationship but our sex life was so-so…until I heard about and listened to my first Shameless Sex podcast episode. Oh my! I was very shy about asking for what I wanted and so was my husband (this was one area of our marriage where we didn’t communicate well) I suggested we listen to a Shameless Sex podcast throughout our day and talk about it before bed. I am happy to repost that we now enjoy an enlightened, orgasmic, hot, explosive sex life🔥🔥. Thank you for taking the shame out of sex and making our marriage one to envy😏
    Episode 348
    I’m in a long term relationship. This episode has great info for improving and exploring new things in my relationship. Thank you for the great info. Keep adding great info!
  • 1147pauley
    Best pod cast on the subject matter
    The information is accurate and is presented in an entertaining, relatable, format. You would also enjoy their Instagram video offerings as well. I’m a 75 year old penis owner, still horny, and have learned so much. Thank you to both April and Amy. (It doesn’t hurt that they are beautiful and humorous!) I give them 6 stars, I couldn’t have said it better myself….oh! I did. Much love
  • goldenmoeras
    This podcast is educational and entertaining. As an intimacy professional I get so much out of expanding my knowledge here. I am forever grateful to you two. 🫶
  • EddieOakland
    Episode #347 Say Bye to Sexless Marriage
    Alicia and Erwan are great. I'm in a long-term relationship and this discussion was well-timed. By definition, I am in a sexless marriage. I love my wife, but intimacy has suffered. Discussions like this are valuable and provide some direction, the rest is up to me (us)
  • Sex Siren
    Hello sex siren
    I am a new listener and I have to say I absolutely love these ladies and various guests that they have on the show! When I tell you, since I have been listening to various episodes, it has improved my sexual performance, encouraged me to be more open with my sexual appetite, and boosted my sex confidence.
  • JuxtaJ1471
    Kenneth Play
    Always enjoy the content and enthusiasm you all bring to the podcast! Just , wanted to say Thank you 🙏. Juxta will arrive shortly Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Joshua31pitcher
    Thank you!!
    As a man it’s so tough to talk to most guys about sex, sadly it’s normal. My wife and I have been on an absolutely insane journey this year and this podcast has been a huge wealth of knowledge and insight that’s helped us get over our ultra fundamental upbringing. Our conversations and communication was great before and now it’s on a whole new level and we can’t stop talking to one another about sex. It’s now hard to not talk to our friends about what we’re learning. One day we hope to do coaching ourselves but not sure where to start there either.
  • Everett W Keller
  • Jojo555877654
    Awesome duo
    So funny, so informative- all around great show!
  • Refinedanspach
    Love these ladies! I’m of the older generation and still love your podcasts. The speakers that you choose have been very helpful! I have been married to the same wonderful man for just about 35 years. Without giving away too much information, we are still very sexually active and I have learned quite a bit from you and your speakers. We are trying to up our game and you have helped. 😊
  • miamirocker
    Great Vibe
    April and Amy Rock! Love this podcast. Worth the time!
  • Carhoro12
    Learning to listen
    You have a great show with great guests, but April seems to always make the show about her. It would be great if she learn to listen. After a while it’s hard to listen too.
  • Todd the Electrician.
    I listen every week!!!!!
    April and Amy are pretty cool! They will make you laugh, and educate you at the same time. The ladies have great chemistry together. Very interesting people to interview. I love their accents. Cee U Next Tuesday!!!! Todd
  • Asturg23
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast! I listened to it during my entire drive from Washington to California. The girls fabulous.
  • Jazzyjem114
    AHH-mazing podcast! xxoo
    Thank you, Amy & April for helping the spread normalizing sex & pleasure. I have become more confident which has allowed my body and mind to transform into a more erotic, sexy woman. LOVE YOU GALS!!!! xxoo
  • I swear tho
    We do!
    They r hott
  • alma coronado
    Fave Podcast!
    I started listening to this podcast more often! And I love it lots of good and juicy stuff, which I love! And wish for more stories. I would LOVE to hear more of the taboo stuff if there is anything that you gals can talk MORE about!!😊🙏🏽 And thank you for making a podcast that I can relate to and enjoy all the topics of sex and the juicy stories!
  • TimeToHunt
    Do another podcast on restraints and bondage. I'm interested
  • berryblonde89
    thank God for these two!
    honestly so happy this podcast exists. In a world and culture that is constantly shaming us for our sexuality, April and Amy’s judgement free sex education and candor is soooo necessary. Thank you🥰
  • lexih22
    Light, funny, informative
    Casual, fun conversations about allll topics. Expert and anecdotal advice.
  • JustEnjoyingLife20
    Must Listen
    Loving this show and topics!
  • Shhphotogirl
    Stellar show
    Thanks for this episode with advice and suggestions. It’s always good to learn techniques that are outside of the standard bj. ❤️ Marisa
  • RaTr85
    I wish they were less annoying
    Seems like there is good information buried in here but the singsong voices, constant “inside” jokes, sex jokes and flirting with each other is just too annoying for me.
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