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Looking for your daily fix of NFL news and analysis? Look no further. CBS Sports senior writer Will Brinson (and guests) gets you up to speed each day with what's trending in the NFL world so that you're always in the know. We're not just daily during the season, but year-round.

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  • Fw1812
    ***** question
    Finally feel comfortable giving 5 stars now that Sean’s leaving. Who’s your dark horse for first coach fired?
  • Cheetos_Jesus
    Dynasty start up qb or rb
    Full por dynasty start up. I have Danny dimes. Brees and rivers. At qb at Rb I only have Damien williams. Conner and Hines. Wr. Are Adams Julio Sutton Ridley. I picked 12. In rookie I am 1. to pick should I lock up Kansas City back field. Or go younger qb. Burrow or tua. It’s snake order so I wouldnt pick again till 24 thanks I’m advance love the podcast.
  • walking creeper
    Super friends
    Do you think DeAndre Hopkins will digress from last year? Because he is part of arguably the best receiving core in the NFL. -Jonathan
  • Ryluce
    Will Brinson is my hero!!
    I have been listening to this podcast for about a year! I am a big fan of this podcast and love listening to the banter that goes back and forth and miss the frequency of fun facts minus Shawn.. I am a browns fan so my question is.. What is your thoughts on Andrew Berry and Kevin Steffanski as a GM and HC combination is this another duo that will be gone in two years or will they create continuity for years to come?? If ever in Maine should try Bissell Brothers brewery (amazing) they also have winery and distillery next door to meet all your needs!
  • Lou from Charlotte
    Great question for the mailbag
    Assemble your best NFL coaching staff, starting QB, and defensive captain...only using players who have NOT won SB ring
  • @RWawrzynek twitter
    Hall of fame
    Which players who have played 3 seasons or less have the best chance of making it into the hall of fame? I’ll start you off with Mahomes.
  • Jsmasher17
    The best podcast ever
    This is an amazing place to listen to football and get ready for the season
  • Harry33RQS
    5 Stars
    This podcast is awesome when Brinson is on vacation.
  • Davidt1996
    Great work!
    Amazing podcast! Great content to help get through the pandemic! I appreciate everything you do! Hope the hair plugs come out good. Assuming worst case scenario how does the nfl set up the 2021 nfl draft of the season is cancelled?
  • mark_ bell
    Great show
    I am a 16-year-old football player from Iowa I was wondering if any of you guys “mainly breech” know any exercises that can improve leg strength for kicking. Ps Archie Manning was drafted into baseball by the Chicago White SoxAnd if he hadn’t played football he would’ve played for their minor-league team and also my hometown team the Waterloo bucks
  • daily 805
    Great job Sean!
    Just wanted to write and say great job Sean on leading the podcast. I wasn’t sure at first, but great questions, focused response, and stoked a young one held it down! Keep it up man
  • Vennell82
    Love the football talk
    Hello gentlemen, love the football talk daily. When will Brenson stop advertising his love affair with Phillip Rivers? Also, Football is tainting it’s legacy the more and more players kneel during the National Anthem. Drew Brees spoke truth and should have never been silenced or criticized by his teammates. He should have stood up for his beliefs instead of pandering to popular and cancel culture. Media quickly forgot Michael Bennett claiming brutality by police and then realized their actions were safety and basic protocol.
  • Jeffb6158
    What happened to the Ravens
    Hey guys I love the show I’m just sad that there was no all 32 podcast on my team (the ravens) I checked to see if I missed it but I’m not seeing it.
  • Steel Curtain326
    My Favorite Podcast
    Hey guys, my name is T.J. and I am from Northern Illinois. I have just started a podcast called “NFL Talk with T.J.” and I was wondering how you guys were able to get your podcast noticed when you first started it up.
  • Xx_FaZ3-$hArp-$HO0t3r_xX
    Greatest podcast ever
    If each of the super friends were an alcoholic drink, what would they be?
  • phinfan31680
    Too Political
    Facts be damned
  • 7775426
    Great show
    Great show. Super funny with good analysis. What’s the deal with Sam darnold. 90% of what I hear is people still believe in him and he’s had flashes but also hasn’t had much success. Obviously he’s held back by coach and team, but I’m curious to hear how people feel about him and his timeline with josh Allen being hyped as the next qb of the afc East.
  • ddm~pnw
    Thank you
    I really appreciated your Brees pod. You have an opportunity/platform that can reach some of the people who need to be *listening* the most (including some of the commenters here..) and you used it thoughtfully. Thanks so much guys.
  • Mikey0143
    Awesome NFL podcast
    Great NFL content on a daily basis. Super friends make the show fun to listen to. I’ve been listening for about a year and will continue to do so. Brinson, for the love of God stop interrupting when someone else is talking. I’ll give you this, you’re consistent and do that to the Super friends and all your guests.
  • goodfellas24
    Brees cancel culture ? Lol
    Pathetic episode on brees comments. Insane during all the BLM protests/riots that no one ~ not one ~ is talking about inner city crime rates which are disproportionately by black ppl who make up a small percentage of population. And the rampant Black on black crime that’s plagued areas for decades. This narrative has been hijacked from the start. So odd how numbers and facts never are brought into this conversation isn’t it? If u think brees changed his mind he didn’t - a lot of people still do not agree with kneeling during the anthem. But the left mob does what they do and made him to be a monster
  • hamsters review
    So apparently people aren’t allowed to have opinions anymore
    I’m now on a crusade of doing my part to SMASH podcasts that are built and intended to be sports related and topical that go political. Drew Brees obviously has a strong feeling about his country, is he not allowed to have that opinion? Apparently not...sad. I’m no longer going to listen to this podcast because it’s here to be ENTERTAINMENT! I’m so over politics destroying the joyful things in life and this podcast is now in that group I will no longer be supporting. I think this podcast has a ton great info and has been. This country is going to hell and I won’t support people destroying it. Opinions should be allowed for everyone in a FREE COUNTRY. If a zero star option was available I would be giving it that, it’s not an option.
  • Tebow904
    Great show
    Just listened to the Drew Brees episode, specifically to hear Ryan’s comments on the situation, and I personally want to thank you all about the comments and thoughts you shared. I applaud the fact that you guys utilized your platform to address this very important issue going on in the country right now. Sean mentioned that this is not a political issue, but a right/wrong issue which is 100% accurate, and important to point out. I personally am not shocked to hear Brees’ comments based on his past. He purposely attempted to change the narrative on why Kaepernick was peacefully protesting and he deserved everything that came as a result of it. As Will stated, his “apology” was very cookie cutter and clearly typed up by his PR people, in an attempt to put out the fire. I believe it is important that we don’t brush this off as a “mistake”, seeing as he is a 40 year old grown man, but at the same time allow him the chance to show us meaning fans, black (which I am), and his teammates, that he is willing to sit back and just listen and be empathetic to those who happen to have different experiences than his. Once again, great episode and I look forward to more episodes like this. Keep up the good work.
  • Boatlol
    Oh my god
    Oh my god!!! Brinson just called Kirk Cousins one of the five most accurate Quarter Backs in NFL History. Lol HaHa Ha! This needs to be recorded, recognized, and discussed, please, hahaha!
  • Pure Skill Bro
    Only football pod I listen to.
    This is the best podcast to listen to if you want a balance of actual informative material and hilarious banter between the guys. Ryan is by far my favorite super friend (he is just a love able guy) and I wish Sean would stop with his crazy millennial takes. Please tell Sean that Jameis Winston is so much better that Jay Cutler ever was, since he loves to hate on him.
  • Mr Severs
    Best nfl podcast
    It’s hard to find a nfl podcast that doesn’t bring politics info it. Thank you for the entertainment
  • kurk209
    Love the many shows a week. Gives me something to listen to everyday while delivering mail. How do you think these guys careers change if Peyton was on the pats and Brady was on the colts?
  • mattyL847
    Steelers Ceiling?
    Love the pod! Been a long time listener and also love the Dick Vitale dunk sound bite! My question is what is a responsible floor and ceiling for the Steelers. Thanks, Your biggest fan
  • KittenProcessor
    Audio Is Awful
    These guys have little insight, and speak like they just did a line right before recording. If you like listening to your kids Alvin and the Chipmunks album over again, then this is the podcast for you.
  • eliasthebozo
    I love this podcast
    Hi, love this podcast and it’s really helpful to hear about football in these hard times. I was wondering if you could answer one of my questions. Do you think that Daniel Jones could lead the Giants to a wild card of playoff berth in one of the next two seasons? Thanks!
  • Ray-Ry
    Insecure clowns
    Holy hell listening to you losers talk about Wilson and then why people like Brinson and him all about it was so Gd brutal. You nerds have 0 comedic skills and need to get outside. Your back and forth banter is awful, but your nfl knowledge and discussion is good. The loser who said they like the dunkaroo NOPE, it’s waaaaay to long. Come on guys just talk football or save the brutal boring horrid part for the first 10 mins so we can FF nobody wants it mid good football talk.
  • Rocco Lencioni
    Mailbag Monday
    Hey guys, I’m an 8th grader from Montana. I love basketball but I did play football this past year. I’m a receiver and we went undefeated. Believe it or not I can also kick pretty well, I only missed one PAT all year. Any ideas on how to stay in shape for both football and basketball. Also wanted to add, Dicky V is hilarious and makes me laugh every time, even tho he is extremely annoying.
  • sjcates
    Darin Erstad
    Hey guys, love the pod. The punter baseball player you were thinking of was probably Darin Erstad, he punted for Nebraska’s ‘94 nations championship team. Can you discuss the Saints chances if Winston has to play a significant amount of games?
  • FredEugene
    Return to HQ Broadcast
    WHEn are you guys going to return to HQ Live Broadcasts? I miss seeing all you guys.
  • ViberFanSF
    Prolific and entertaining
    No other NFL podcast produces so many shows. Brinson and team are funny and full of fun facts. 5/27/2020 excellent discussion w LaCanfora. All football fans, listen up: makes no sense to push early activity in league now. Let MLB & NBA upcoming activity pave the way in revealing risks.
  • mmazzoni77
    Best Football Podcast + Drinking Game Idea
    Love the pod and the tangents that come with it. Keeps it fun and fresh. Best episodes are Super Friends Drinking game idea: Every time JLC says “You know what I mean”
  • TWayne717
    Stand with Dicky V
    First of all, I love the show, and I think the guys all do an amazing job keeping it informative as well as entertaining. I felt compelled this week to be a voice for the pro-Dicky V contingent, as the dunked on music is often the best part of my commute. Whoever had a problem with that but was ok with Brinson talking about bands no one has heard of for an hour is clearly taking crazy pills. p.s.- I finally checked out some of your YouTube videos, and you all have faces for podcasting. (Cue the music)
  • Joey Krenshaw
    Best NFL podcast minus Debo (penn state? Really?)
    Love the podcast, listen to it everyday. Thankful that you guys aren’t lazy like other podcasts that only put out 2-3 shows a week. I NEED MY FIX. Two questions here...first, obviously Big Ben is coming back, but given his age and possible health concerns, and with no reliable backup, what is (or what should be) the Steelers long term game plan at QB? They have a lot of young talent, so a rebuild seems like a waste. Second, keeping it in PA, what is a realistic ceiling for the Eagles this year? On a side note, don’t listen to the people saying to stop using the Dicky V dunked on. I find Dicky V to be the most annoying person on the planet, but laugh every time I hear you play DIPSY DOO DUNKAROO! Love you guys. Love the Brady Quinn shows
  • uthe1103
    Drunk presidents and brunch
    Hello super friends, I’ve been listening for about a year. Love the pod. Ignore the hater who says you guys should cut to the chase. I love the presidents and brunch talk. I have a question for the guys, as a lifelong Texans fan, I am not sure what billy obrinson is doing.. but I stand by the clowney trade. Wilson dunks on it all the time, but what did the Seahawks get out of? 2.5 sacks? And lost 2 players and a third round pick for a player who they rented for a year. (As of right now) Thanks josh Ps. Brussel sprouts are not a thanksgiving food and love the dicky V sound track. DO NOT TAKE THAT OFF.
  • patrick cloherty
    Dicky V
    Awesome show that listens to their fans 😂
  • Dougofdeath
    Bias loses you 5 starts
    Enjoyable podcast (mostly). But, they have biases which they display and can bring the podcast down. Example: They're reviewing the projected games for each team and get to the Raiders who ranked 10th in offense, and 31st in defense. Do they talk about the defensive in more than just passing? No. So why not go to this obvious place given the above rankings and their off season acquisitions? Because apparently the host (Will Brinson) has some beef with Derek Carr. Wow. Similar biases and childishness exist elsewhere on the superfriends team and this can drag down the overall quality of the podcast.
  • MPHI50
    OK NFL Podcast
    A mediocre NFL podcast as terrible as all of the Sunday NFL morning shows, but without the famous names. Too often the hosts of the show are trying to talk over each other to compensate for the lack of research and insight on the subject. The dynamic between the hosts feel unnatural. Keep Brinson the rest can go.
  • Claude von Stroke
    breech bot 3000😂
    dudes, any thought into doing a listener league of fantasy this season w like you 4 and 8 of us? great pod, look forward daily
  • ajv0ssler
    who will fall victim to this silent season ended
    Hey guys, love the show. First podcast i turn on in the morning at work everyday. it’s been awesome that you have kept up with good content during this strange and unfortunate offseason. the reason for this message is on a different note though. i’ve come to a rather curious conclusion: sleep number beds are the downfall of the NFC’s “next-big-deal” quarterbacks. Now hear me out. Born and raised in the cold tundra of Minnesota, naturally, i am a vikings fan. if you can remember, the year kirk cousins was sign by the vikings, 2018, there were high hopes of a strong playoff run, if not a super bowl appearance. And who does sleep number get in their commercials that year? Kirk. Well, that bed must of had him too relaxed because we didn’t even get into the playoffs... Fast-forward to the next season 2019-2020, in a similar fashion, the cowboys are seen as a team who has it in ‘em. their skilled “next-big-deal” QB is looking for a contract. Generally, things are projected to go pretty well for the cowboys. but then, who shows up in sleep numbers newest commercial? Dak. another victim of the bed, and another hot team misses the playoffs... (i get it that having jason garret as a Head coach did nothing to help this situation out) still!: coincidence?! you tell me... Pay attention to who gets the sleep number contract this year and we’ll see. lol i was going to ask about your favorite football conspiracies but you just talked about it this week. thanks for everything you all do, individually and as a team and keep up the awesome work [so i can keep getting through my days as a grocery clerk without losing my sanity.] be well! -AJ
  • emj21915
    Superfriends = Greatest Team Ever
    Will plays the part of MJ. Can be rude and cut people off but knows how to get the best out of the team. Wilson plays the role of Pippen as the ultimate wingman. Breech and SWM round out the squad as Rodman and Kukoc. Not many better ways to fill your corona days. My 5* question Rank your top 3 MTV unplugged performances of all time. Eric Johnson
  • pleas enter nickname
    Tuesday 5/19 episode
    Yoo love the show, just wish you wouldn’t bring some guest back. Like this guy who spent half the show talking Steelers. Brinson tried to steer away and he continued and continued. Maybe he should be a guest in a Steelers podcast instead of an nfl podcast, he clearly isn’t ready and I’m going to delete the episodes instead of listening moving forward.
  • Mmart6767
    Can the super friends fix Ryan Wilson?
    Hey guys longtime listener, absolutely love the pod. But seriously can you guys fix Ryan Wilson please?? He was far and away my favorite super friend and overall guest that comes on the show. Unfortunately, ever since he got made junior draft analyst is narcissistic, dismissive (to be fair he’s always been dismissive but it used to be in a funny way) and now he’s just plain tough to listen to. Dude acts like he knows everything there is to know about teams and doesn’t even entertain others peoples opinions on the upcoming season because he’s watched extensive tape on a pair of receivers from Rhode Island. Good for him for taking a step forward in his career and I’ve enjoyed most of his draft takes but the drafts over now. Hoping Brinson and the rest can call him on his bs and get him back to the Wilson we’ve come to know and enjoy over the past few years.
  • Johnny Reiter
    DaVante Parker not in the top 100?
    Dude is 5th in receiving yards in the NFL in 2019. Makes Defensive MVP Gilmore look like a fool in a crucial week 17 game at NE. ProBowl snub. I get the media bias making Miami irrelevant, but you call yourselves football experts. I would even understand if you were looking at his whole career...but we’re talking about 2019.
  • rowjoand
    Could be so much better if they didn’t go off on so many tangents
  • Pop Of Color
    Use facts
    Not a great show novice intel. Using math to justify opinion no concepts or understanding of football poorly articulated would like less of the hot take format for a more informed view.
  • Ragubing
    Best podcast around
    I work really long hours pretty much 10 hours a day with head phones In, and when I go check for the new pick 6 podcast I get excited when I see a podcast was released that’s a hour and 45 mins ! This is without a doubt the best nfl podcast around I love it, I start my day every morning with it and wish there was even more content but I know you guys have a life. I love the new dunked on drop makes me laugh every time and love this podcast podcast although I am an Arizona Cardinals fan and while I know there not “America’s team” I would appreciate it if you guys showed Arizona a little more love ! Thanks guys have a great day
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