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Sports #66Football #5's "Around the NFL" crew (Gregg Rosenthal, Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler) break down the latest football news, with a dash of mirth.

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  • Blake3112018
    This podcast is Bones and All!
    If I could only listen to 1 podcast for the rest of time, it would be ATN by a landslide….. followed by JRVP of course. Keep it up fellas 👌
  • Moe Glee
    Best football podcast
    This podcast is great, it feels like talking about football with close friends instead of just listening to four strangers talk.
  • blue5🇺🇸🎌🇬🇷
    Cow boys
    I love this sport I love cow boys they can make the play off they are my favorite team they can 🏈beat the Super Bowl. Some times this sport can be hard but you never give up people love it some many want to go to the Super Bowl let me tell you this get to this place and be 18 or over to get it
  • Expat Footie
    It’s just a game.
    It’s refreshing to hear three guys discussing football with the level of seriousness that it deserves, informative without being precious or pretentious.
  • Spiral1972
    Great host chemistry
    I must admit, I didn’t like this podcast at first listen. But it has since become my favorite football podcast. They aren’t into Xs and Os — head over to Robert Mays and Nate Tice at the Athletic for that — but their pure love of the game, from its absurd aspects to its beauty, shines through. And their personalities complement each other perfectly. I’d love to hang out with these guys over beers. Dan might be the perfect podcast host, from his voice to his ability to helm the ship. Marc’s sour demeanor and contrarianism are a welcome counterpoint. And Gregg is kind of in the middle, like the straight man. Don’t sleep on Gravedigger either — he times his interjections well (and has a great drop).
  • dennybob24
    The content is good for a novice football fan. You get a general idea of what’s going on in the nfl. They don’t really go in depth to teach you about the game. There’s a lot of commercials. Like, every ten minutes there’s a break and there’s only two advertisers per episode, so you hear the same add like 30,000 times, which is annoying. I’m curious if there’s an ad free option with nfl+.
  • CowboysMavsChiSox
    Solid, but...
    I love the guys on this show, but Colleen Wolfe....she needs to go.
  • AnorLondoFootball
    Best overall football pod
    I listen to all the major football pods. So many pods. If a stranger asked me to recommend one show, this would be it. Just the right amount of big picture, mixed with just the right amount of granular details. You come for the football, but you stay for the friends. I wish they released the YouTube episodes faster. There are reasons to watch on YouTube, so I’ll listen to other pods first, and then pray the video is out. Often it isn’t. I love the content though absolutely love it.
  • cmm_15
    Best nfl podcast
    Funny, insightful and informative
  • jnb58
    Not a football podcast
    They don’t talk about football. There are 32 teams plus college athletes and all they want to talk about is unrelated to the actual game. Stick to football.
  • Carl Zehosky
    Just wanted to give this show its flowers
    RIP Chris Wesseling
  • A. Little
    Okay if you're 30 or younger
    See if you can count the number of times the word “concerning” is used incorrectly by the hosts! This is a great podcast as long as your knowledge of the NFL begins around 1995 or you are a Browns, Jets, or Patriots fan.
  • BigBihh
    Woke Content.
    If you’re woke, and you agree that “toxic masculinity” is a thing and that women should play men sports, you will be right at home here. Greg & Marc aren’t so bad but Dan Hanzus is KING WOKE and 100% let’s his wife peg him.
  • 303JD
    Great Show! Except…
    Awesome show, informative and entertaining. The one drawback to the show is that the host (Hanzus, who is otherwise excellent) has two annoying habits: 1) Constantly talking over other hosts, audio clips, etc 2) Making a snake sound on the weekly draft show (which is horrendous when listening to show with earbuds) Small potatoes in the grand scheme, thanks for the weekly goodness
  • The Semi-large Box
    Ads aren’t even Ads
    Love the show, but the political junk needs to be canned. Mostly the stupid vax commercials. If you want people to take a life threatening virus seriously, then it shouldn’t be advertised like Claritin or something. Every time I hear those commercials I only think of the disgusting amount of money the vaccine companies are making off of all the suffering everyone endured these past years. Rethink your ad revenue. Love the Toyota ads Tugboat. Toyota gets me where I need to go IN A BIG SPOT
  • h rock 1
    Browns and bengals
    I feel they shouldn’t allow whoever that idiot to say what he said about Deshawn Watson said he’s a terrible human being and a terrible QB on national TV
  • Klauski57
    Commercials blow
    Used to love the show, listener since the beginning, but since the passing of Wess, the early-and-often commercials and the endless annoying banter without getting to solid content that made them famous is watering down the value. Almost feel like they are going to start using a laugh track for all of Greg’s dumb jokes that don't land. Constantly bringing in the producer Erica for personal life updates weigh heavy on the show (at least if you like the show in its original format). Really you guys have nothing else to talk about??? Its time to find someone who can replace the seriousness that Wess brought to the show to keep the pod on track. Plus, a little less on the Pats, browns and jets and more on other teams in the league would help. Plenty of pod nfl competition out there fellas, hope you tighten things up.
  • Cam1127261
    Stop the rants PLEASE
    This show is usually pretty insightful and has some information that is helpful for the casual football fan. But, the constant 10+ minute rants of NOTHING has to stop. This has become more and more frequent and causes me to either fast forward through the show or turn it off completely. The endless bickering at times drives me insane. Dan-it’s ok if you don’t always have the last word or something witty to say. I’ve been a long time listener but feel that the show has definitely been slipping lately, which is a bummer because I have always enjoyed it!
  • Flappynose
    Bad ads
    Would give 5 stars but still have 3 ads a show pushing the dumb vaccine still. What year is this?
  • mikemy
    Great knowledge of the Game
    Very knowledgeable and good insights into each weeks games, but wish they could be more concise. Some of these episodes run almost 2 hours, which is way too long for me. I rarely make it through an entire episode.
  • Dminmac
    Just gave you five stars Dan. Hope you are happy now.
  • TheLoafOfBrad
    Day 1 fan- Dan’s a jerk these days.
    Favorite show of all time
  • X1UnBeaTaBleX1
    The best.
    This is definitely the best podcast. I love their humor and off track stuff so much. I will legit laugh out loud sometimes. I wish it would come out every day, but instead, I go back to the first ever podcast that they have produced. I’m almost done with the 2013 season with Wess! He was a big part and still is!
  • BKK_Gohoke
    Be Humble
    Great podcast, but too much extraneous bickering like a bunch of old ladies.
  • Beo4115
    R.I.P. Wess
    Love you Wess. You guys was one of my day one Podcast. NFL finally gave my favorite podcast a show.
  • ahs5045
    More Sanchez
    Mark Sanchez is literally the best guest they’ve ever had. Get that man a regular slot.
  • McNoid
    Fake Hero’s
    So you guys do a show on Veterans Day and can’t even take a minute to pay respect to the Veterans. You call yourselves hero’s when the real hero’s are the ones putting their lives and on the line to defend your freedoms. *Edit, It’s unfortunate too because I’ve generally liked the podcast since discovering you guys during the pandemic in 2020.
  • Benny_Twobags
    Marc Sessler
    Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler Marc Sessler
  • Designerloveryearmarried
    Good Production Zero Depth
    It’s good production but they are basically a bunch of bros who have hit middle age. They don’t show any awareness or sensitivity to some of the deeper issues in the NFL. They would benefit from diversity to add some depth to the analysis- and adding some people who have actually played the game would help.
  • ko109648395726
    Used to be way better.
    The hosts, one in particular, argue way too much about completely irrelevant stuff. They complain about how long each episode is, yet routinely go on little tirades against each other about slowing down the show. Stop arguing, nobody wants to hear it and get yourselves back on schedule.
  • DirtyDupe
    The best
    I listen to older, less football-technical podcasts on occasion just because these guys are all so funny.
  • bryansfast
    Missed opportunity to grow up
    I was truly hoping they would replace Wes with MJ Acosta-Ruiz or Colleen Wolfe, but they have become accustomed to using the producer as a fourth wheel. I thought the last one was horrible, but the new guy has been given a brand and jumps in regularly. When will podcasts learn that producers should not be seen OR heard.
  • Jaredweiler
    Lots of positives, few negatives
    The podcast is at its best when the conversation sticks to football. Thankfully, that’s most of the time, as you would think. The hosts are knowledgeable, the different segments are fun, great chemistry, fantastic production quality….I could go on. Truly one of the football podcasts I’d recommend every super fan gives a try. The podcast is at its worst when the hosts (slight emphasis on Dan, here) are bloviating and/or attempting to transition the show to a free-form comedy podcast that will get back to football talk some time in the distant future. I like how the hosts can go back and forth for a bit but wish they’d make more of a conscious effort to not get too sidetracked or bloviate too hard.
  • Muggsy2004
    Favorite Clip
    Hi guys, great podcast. When I started listening to your podcast, one of your favorite clips to play was “You ARE A FACTORY OF SADNESS!” in relation to the Browns usually. What/where was the origin of that clip? Matt from Scranton, PA
  • Goose Cinci
    Great podcast
    Love the podcast, unfortunately started listening after Chris passed but as a Bengals fan I really liked having Nick Wessling on to talk about the game from a fans perspective!
  • Two very satisfied customers
    Best sports podcast by far. No question.
    Since your new contract, your creativity has reached new heights. I am happy for you and glad you are all more relaxed. I really shows. You areLight years ahead of other sports podcasts. Keep your integrity. Stay the course. Slow and steady wins the race. Miss Wessling but God knows he’s present. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Gun to head56
    A show about loving the NFL
    The best fan podcast. The analysis is not ground breaking in terms of Xs and Os. None of the crew have a background in coaching or playing. However they focus on the fun of football. I work in CFB so for most of the regular season I can not watch the Sunday slate however the heroes keep me up to date on the league with out getting bogged down. The better story lines get the most attention and by the end of the flag ship (Sunday)show I know what the pulse of the league is and the midweek shows give me an idea of what I can look forward to.
  • traveler_atx
    Bunch of boring banter and worthless football information. Can’t stand Dan who sounds like he just loves to hear his own voice. CBS podcast is way better.
  • SixtoesJr25
    5 Stars
  • Wool unpulled
    Off-season concept
    Love the Inner Monologues segs… Here is a meta idea for a slow off season Ep… Have the lads “switch” personalities for a show… Tugboat assumes the Sessy role - gets real weird Marc with a C takes 3G Greggy’s role -talks up Saints, Eagles, Geno and even the Pats The Rainmaker runs the show a la Zeusser… - slings Hanzus’ cliches like confetti The Wolfe can be there as herself…
  • Joben21
    These them boys
    Best football podcast out there.
  • AceManMello
    Justin needs to go
    Best podcast around but Justin is not good. Not great at his job, nothing good to add. Replace him
  • Thankfully Sober
    Gone Downhill
    I’m a longtime listener. It used to be my absolute favorite podcast. Now, not so much.
  • jimmerfradette
    Would listen more if a TNF preview wasn’t an hour long.
  • Julio Franco's dong
    Love The Wolfe!
    More Colleen Wolfe! I don’t want it, I need it!
  • giantGman2
    Dan 👎🏻
    What happened to Dan? He used to be so cool and funny but clearly this show has gone to his head . He’s horrible now. He tries wayyyy too hard to be funny and witty . He’s just straight up annoying now . Marc and Greg are fine . Colleen is eh… the snow has just gone downhill over all.
  • BigNickHughes
    Wish I didn’t have to be honest…
    I thought I may be the only one finding the podcast harder and harder to listen to but after looking at the comments I see I’m not alone. Maybe these guys can express some humility to try and turn this thing around but I find myself turning off episodes shortly after they get started-just too hard to stay listening to them now-a-days. Sadly I’ll be unsubscribing.
  • Cycledoc22
    Less nonsense, more analysis
    Nice podcast has friendly knowlegable discussants. Thankfully doesn't take itself too seriously. Recommend! Would be smart if they cut the frequency during the off season (superbowl to summer camp) to once a week. Update 2022: excellent podcast been listening for years. Missing Wes think they should add another voice permanently and have a guest whenever to fill an absence. Update: downgrading Sept 2022. Still listening but I’d like a bit less banter and more actual analysis. Other podcasts offer more insight and analysis……
  • akkorson
    Heed the call
    Representing the women who love this podcast! 🙋🏼‍♀️
  • Mike Raven Ferreira
    “I’ll show you conflict”- Marc Sessler
    Please make that a sound drop. Six years attached to ATN. I will forever love this group of heroes. As an Avionics Technician, who commutes daily, this is number one of my Top Four preference podcasts. The team has excellent chemistry and balance that are beneficial to the conversation and entertainment. Thank you team, Rest in Paradise Chris Wesseling, forever missed and thought of as if you were still sitting at the table. Team behind The Glass, SOLID. (REALLY, can’t wait for the Tracy Morgan ads to stop.)
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