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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

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  • fantasyfranks
    More Connor Rogers!
    Absolutely love the show, but would love to have Connor on more often especially during draft season!
  • Wilsonda10
    Great podcast! I really like the Conor Rodgers addition to the show. It’s for sure my go to football podcast !
  • Rambler990
    The perfect NFL podcast!
    Chris is the most likable and competent guy for this job. No favoritism when comes to the meat and potatoes of the NFL.
  • macdaddy137
    Long time fan on his way out
    Man - been a fan of chris and his pods since the BR days. Always thought his pods made me smarter as a football fan, but after listening to his Jalen Hurts discussion with Ahmed feel like this show is trending in the Skip/Stephen A direction. Theres a reason a lot of the other smart football people i follow and have publicly come out and said you guys shouldn’t be listened to for high level qb analysis this past week. “Hurts didn’t have to pass on the first 2 drives” First Drive: 5/5 68 yards and a touchdown 2 rushes for 6 yards Eagles running backs: 1 run for 2 yards Ahmed saying the giants would have won by 30 if qbs were swapped???? Why didn’t you start your bengals/bills breakdown with this take? Is it a race thing?
  • Surf2Die4
    Word salad Simms
    “I think he’s almost a little unstoppable, I do.” He’s far worse than the others, but why do sports talking heads regularly use minimizing qualifiers preceding and/or following superlatives? “He’s been utterly devastating, somewhat.” They waffle more than politicians, and it’s sort of totally unnecessary. On DP Show today (11/23/21) “That’s exactly kinda what happened.” It’s hilarious. “I think last night showed a lot too a little bit again.” “If you want to do a really deep dive, a little bit.”
  • giants3890
    You guys are great. Been listening to simms since BR days. Best in the business. Die hard giants fan here. Jan 2 2023 you guys said Jones joins Charlie conerly with the 2 pass and 2 rushing TD. He did that in his first start vs Tampa in week 3 2019.
  • bmartin173
    Blake Bortles baby
  • OriginalCP3
    Why do this podcast with Florio? He just said the reason the Cowboys let the Jags comeback was because they were thinking about playing the Eagles in the next game. He consistently makes evaluations based on immature, childlike views of how professional athletic men conduct their business. It’s ridiculous. He’s an idiot. Let him stick to the news and reporting. Get somebody on this pick show that actually understands betting or can breakdown the schematics of the teams involved.
  • SEK_05
  • Joe Barton
    The Zach Wilson of football podcasts
    Chris Simms is a moron
  • ryan....california
    Best NFL Podcast period.
    Long time listen since the bleacher report days. Only nfl pod I make a “must listen” on a week to week basis. Original thoughts and content by Chris instead of just the “retread/reused” stuff by major media. Great analysis. A lot of good conversation. - Ryan from California.
  • eruc solomita
    Excellent podcasts Chris Simms Bills def Chiefs “It’s Brady vs Manning , but with fair . Eagles def Cowboys “ They need Dak Prescott We can the nonsense “.
  • ranby rude
    Get Chris some help.
    Guy was drunk or on pills on episode 407. Unacceptable. Should have stopped the show guys, Seriously get him some help and I’ll listen again in the future.
  • LocksNonStop
    This podcast is great. Even though Florio gives me weasel vibes sometimes. Keep it up boys.
  • blizzdizzl23
    The realest nfl podcast
    Simms keeps it real; gives his honest opinions regardless of the backlash or narratives; plus he’s never afraid to laugh at himself. Such a cool dude.
  • Bath Beach
    Matt Corral
    I love the show and still listen, even though Chris messed-me-up on Matt, I took him second in all my fantasy rookie drafts! But he dares to be different and star his strong opinions, and he owns but his success’s and misses!
  • SirTobyLarone
    Ja’marr Chase really?
    i guess all you watch is quarterback play, you’re a nincompoop
  • rrhki
    Love it
    Great podcast!
  • dubyyellow
    Democrats Vs Republicans
    Chris Simms treats the Republicans that rioted on Jan 6th equally to the Democrats that riot.
  • Chillguy86
    My 49ers draft
    If it was me I would’ve grabbed Nick Cross in the 3rd round and Coby Bryant with the second 3rd followed by Zach Tom in the 4th and Kingsley Enagbare in the 5th. Your thoughts?
  • BrothaMan5thFlo
    It’s Opus One
    It’s Opus One big homie!
  • jrosey24
    No more florio
    Chris is awesome but it’s literally embarrassing that he lets florio on the show. Guy is the epitome of a hack. Back just to say Florio continues to be the biggest click bait hack in the business. Guy is an absolute joke.
  • Rick_2121
    Mock Draft
    How did you take Breece Hall @25 when you know Kenneth Walker is a much better running back! Damnit Chris!! Go Bills!
  • Mattyice1996
    Love the pod
    Where’s Jaquan brisker from penn state ???
  • Jjtwixing
  • Andrew-in-Acton
    Great job
    One of my 3 favorite podcasts. Listen to everyone. Thanks
  • MarkHoward61
    I’m a little less dumb
    Watching unbuttoned helps me feel Smarter about football!
  • eidnrixnse
    Smartest football analyst out there
    I’ve been watching Simms since B/R and he’s the most accurate guy I’ve heard, especially talking about qbs. Definitely recommend giving this a listen.
  • Ryrybeatty
    CS - “Dolphins fans are idiots”
    Okay bye
  • mikehawk1144
    Stop Being Biased
    You have become increasingly more biased in the past year. I get you like specific teams like the 49ers, and Patriots but it’s getting annoying. You have yet to give good reasons for not liking tua besides you not liking him coming out of the draft. You have yet the mention him having the worst offensive line(based off pressures allowed) and injured receivers this whole year. Based off what you’ve said In the podcast, you never took that into account. And when you said Taysom hill is more accurate then Tua you became a joke.
  • Coomes21
    God bless football!
    Simms is great, found this podcast after hearing him with Stugotz and Billy Gil.
  • thelongdongray916
    Please read constructive criticism
    I’ve been a Simms listener since BR days & love the pod. I’m in the weeds with Simms & love Xs & Os and play breakdowns. But the Wednesday pod is almost unlistenable. I don’t think I’ve missed a pod since he’s started unbuttoned & I know if it’s a hard listen for me, you have to be loosing some people. We don’t get the deep breakdowns on Monday cause he hasn’t watched the film yet & on Wednesday we only get a few play breakdowns. I just think some meats being left on the bone thanks if you read
  • kccsdca
    Predictions with no accountability
    Simms is a foul mouth pothead. No wonder he did nothing in the league. God help his children
  • SdKuAb
    Let Simms be Simms.
    Good’ole Thompsytime had it right on the money with that line. Simms is one of my favorite perspectives in football right now. I was excited to hear that he was going to start putting out information in the podcast space, where he wouldn’t be fettered by the rules of broadcast television. On Monday the show was bleeped-out, censored nonsense. I got too aggravated, I had to bail. On Wednesday the show was back to normal. I don’t know what’s up but they need to leave it alone. Unbuttoned, uncensored, unapologetic. That’s why I download the show. If there’s going to be a suit standing over Simms, making sure he’s saying all the right things, now that they’re attracting big sponsors then I’m out. Beyond that, I love the show.
  • Thompsytime
    Please stop bleeping out swear words. I know NBC is a large company but if you are in the podcast space let Simms be Simms. The more unfiltered the better.
  • UMass Band
    Very knowledgeable and great chemistry with the co-hosts
    Chris Simms has a brilliant football mind and is able to articulate things in a way most everyone can follow. He has great chemistry with Ahmed Fareed and Paul Burmeister. And Burmeister is really football savvy as well. I learn something from every episode.
  • biloperson
    Smart guy
    On qbs no one is better. I don’t pretend to understand the basis of his judgment, but he takes film more seriously than most pundits, and provides subtle and contextual appraisals. The opposite of espn.
  • ifrkvo
    Just discovered you…
    Lebatard and that crew put you on my radar. Your week one review with that slime Stugotz was on point. I have liked and reviewed you. You’re smart and on point. Good podcast. I’m on board
  • Likes Smart Jokes
    Rodgers homer
    “I’m not making excuses for Rodgers, but…(insert excuse here)” — Chris Simms
  • Señíor West
    Five Stars
    Great pod
  • Darrin T Midgett
    Great pod😎
    I enjoy Chris’ analysis on the players and teams as it is educational for a couch executive like myself. Paul Burmiester makes it intriguing with his point of view as well. Question: Would Washington benefit or serve an injustice if they were to trade for Cam or a young backup like Trubisky or Lock with a late round pick?
  • jabubba_bruins
    #AMA Drew Lock
    Awesome pod! Chris is the best. Question about Drew Lock. Where does his career go from here?
  • rattlesnekjake
    Love the show
    This show is the best football show nbc puts out! NBC PAY FOR THE HIGHLIGHTS FOR THIS BRILLIANT FOOTBALL MIND!!!!
  • Don't do it, no bueno
    Great show!
    Great perspective on the game, honest thorough and no BS… Would be great to get rid of Florio though, skip any shows with Florio
  • Darc23
    Awesome and enjoyable
    Thanks Chris for your insights and fun you bring to your analysis. Sometimes people take themselves too serious and I like your balance, as well as how you interact with Pro Football Talk (Florio). Your pod lands at a great time for me to listen in Australia during the day. Enjoy the “daddy cigars” and look forward to you being back in August!
  • Phins Fan #1
    Max Headroom
    Why is he on TV? Awful QB commenting on young QB’S.
  • julianb54
    Best Pod around
    Will Jalen Ramsey have a Charles Woodson type career? If so when and how could he play safety for after his prime Cornerback time? Thanks you guys are the best Clap it up!
  • Fringepatsfan
    Love the podcast Chris, been listening since the BR days. I’m a smarter football fan because of you! My question is this: Do you think it will be harder for Mac Jones to improve his overall athleticism and explosiveness, or Justin fields to improve his mechanics?
  • RomoGOAT
    Chris Simms
    This hack couldn’t be more annoying if he tried. Somehow makes Mike Florio more tolerable. I’d rather listen to his dad, which should tell you something.
  • h7765
    I listen to enough Simms on Mike Florio’s show. He can be funny (occasionally on purpose) but he gets one star because he apparently knows so much more than me about football that it makes sense to him that Aaron Rodgers (tied with Trent Dilfer with one Super Bowl win) is a better QB than Tom Brady. I’ll never listen until he corrects that
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