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The Cold War, Prohibition, the Gold Rush, the Space Race. Every part of your life - the words you speak, the ideas you share - can be traced to our history, but how well do you really know the stories that made America? We'll take you to the events, the times and the people that shaped our nation. And we'll show you how our history affected them, their families and affects you today. Hosted by Lindsay Graham (not the Senator). From Wondery, the network behind American Scandal, Tides of History, American Innovations and more.
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  • Krisrae
    Excellent host transforms dry history textbooks into compelling human dramas
    What I love most about this podcast is Graham’s ability to add eyewitness perspectives to historical events. How did it feel to BE there in these moments, to live through these times? I also appreciate that he takes events that might have been just a sentence or two in my history textbook and expands on them. I was a history nerd before I started listening to Graham, and I’ve already discovered so much about America’s past that I didn’t know. I’m looking forward to future episodes!
  • babymommabandit
    Good fair storytelling.
    The 1 star reviews are hilarious.
  • Nancy Toombs
    New lessons learned with every episode.
  • DirtRoadQueen
    Good listen, but obviously bias
    I enjoy listening to the podcast and learn things I didn’t know with each season, but it is blatantly left-leaning, lifting those historical figures and choices/policies, and even watering down the Dems roles in the atrocities of slavery, Jim Crow, etc.
  • hurry and wait
    Trump Hater ruined the program.
  • rene955
    Glad I found you!
    Just found this series and I started from season one binging every episode. It’s so good!
  • etri21109
    Great podcast
    As a history buff I can just turn on this podcast and unwind I love all the episodes the narration and way of telling the story are great. My one compliant is that there are to many ads. Otherwise great show!
  • WertherG.
    Quality podcast. A bit politically/ideologically biased
    I have watched almost every season on this podcast. It is a very well worked, well dramatized, and quality podcast. There is a lot of research done behind every episode, and there is always a good amount of good facts to learn in every episode. Although it is a very good podcast, there is a considerable political/ideological bias to the left and they take a lot of pride in that. It does make many of the dramatizations not very historically appropriate. I have seen quite a few episodes that almost dishonesty gives a very strong lean and favorable view to left leaning ideas. Some facts, views and more complex and intricate events do seem a little simplified and distorted because of that too.
  • Gambket
    Politically bias history stories
    This would be a great podcast if he could keep his political views out of it. History should be told using unbiased facts.
  • Yfivgvfxtchbubvsttcjnompbyd
    Fascinating Details
    Great narration and deep dive into historical details.
  • Liljarny
    Best history pod
    Great story telling, engaging, and entertaining as well as covering stories I haven’t heard before! I enjoy the narration and enthusiasm for the stories told. 10/10 recommend
  • Zandj23
    So we’ll done
    He does it so well and he even will put history in the ads as a absolute history buff even I learned stuff I did not know I give this a chefs kiss.
  • AKreider86
    It’s awesome!!!
  • MPL17
    Used as political cudgel
    Comparing Burr to Trump is ridiculously biased. Unsubscribed.
  • ttitus
    It’s tastey
  • Miss Bubbly
    Amazing storytelling!
    I adore this podcast. I love the length of the episodes, the chosen topics, the host’s cadence of speech, the “Imagine you are in this situation…” parts, just everything. It’s my favorite listen right now.
  • Blakeyb99
    Love the pod
    I see many comments saying this is left leaning, maybe I only listen to the topics unrelated to politics, Roanoke/gold rush/presidential assassinations/Lewis and Clark. But I haven’t noticed that and I love the pod! Also I’ll add I’m very right leaning and def agree politics should stay out of history!!!
  • poi watcher
    Too many adds
  • historyheather
    Very interesting and well researched. Covers a lot of more obscure pieces of history.
  • Ellimac B
    Honest story telling
    I appreciate the personal anecdotes - it humanizes the stories and allows for all the complexities our American history holds -you are allowed the opportunity to mourn for everyone impacted by a singular event, like gold rush for instance- from the wives of greedy men forced to risk their lives in search of gold and the entire indigenous population who were colonized and displaced by those same white men. It’s the kind of honesty we must grapple with if we intend to break the cycles of oppression still imbedded in our current systems and buried in our collective consciousness
  • Scruffy Uncle Tom
    Love the podcast
    followed you from the Wicked podcast of presidents. Love your use of being all characters. I was going to suggest you add in a new voice to take on various characters but you keep the main character and moderator voice. And now I hear you will bring in new voice people. great minds… Keep it p, love the cast and the info. Will go back into the archives for more. scruffydog.
  • Drartmoor
    Imagine this
    I think this podcast is fascinating, the way the story is told makes me wish this was how it was taught in school. I always hated history. So boring with dates and names that have no connection. This puts you there and gives you a view of what it might have been like and what was going on at the time. Giving first person accounts throughout, is an interesting way of drawing you in. The only thing that throws me off is always stating “Imagine your ____ or it’s ____ time period”. It just pulls me out of the story, if you were reading a book, it would not keep repeating that phrase to put you there. Overall I love getting interested in history again and find myself looking up more of some of the stories.
  • buty ilp
    All episode
    Super stupid
  • Suzannekmoses
    I learn so much
    Thanks for filling in the gaps left in my knowledge
  • DK1010
    Fascinating story-telling! Lindsay Graham does a great job of narrating and acting, I thoroughly enjoy these podcasts with the historical insights.
  • canary birc
    Great podcast!
    I love your podcast,very educational 🙂
  • BYLG NO1
    Test case
    I just want to test a thing.
  • Sandygator
    Awesome podcast!
    I love this podcast as it gives me more details about American history that I had forgotten or never learned in high school.
  • #1 Chachagirl
    Overtones of wokeness…. Highly suspicious of re writing history. Not interested in lies.
  • Laughing Tiger
    Miserable Marxist America Hating Storytime
    Hard Pass.
  • max's tree service
    Max forest 🌳
    Gate podcast episodes
  • FourInchesPyle
    Hawaii or Hawai’i?
    Half the time you say it one way, half the other. Make up your mind.
  • thegirllovesmusic
    Always Wanting More
    I love this man’s voice. Lindsay could narrate the phone book(that was pre Internet for you Millennials) and I’d listen to it. I’m so glad that I subscribed to Wondery so that I could catch the episodes as soon as they’re released. I love learning about the history of this country that I never learned in school. Its because I found this show that I’ve started to read more history books.This is the 2nd show that Ive become a fan of because of the way Lindsay tells a story with re-enactments ,on historical events. Great job! Im a fan for life! I anxiously await each and every episode.
  • Wufluman
    Good production but
    Well produced and narrated. Yet this quality is overshadowed by infusions of critical race theory CRT and requisite marxists tones of diversity equity and inclusion DEI that always tag along. Re-writing history through a particular contemporary lens of interpretation unfairly distorts history.
  • Wookie0416
    Great Podcast
    So I think the podcast is great but I cannot stand the encore episodes. I honestly can do without hearing the same episodes multiple times. I would give a 5 star but to repeats are killing me.
  • jski94
    Embarrassingly Wrong About Basic Facts
    It’s as if this guy has never even taken a basic American History 101 course. I’ve only listened to a few episodes, and the stuff he gets wrong is so glaring. First, he claims that the Republicans won the House and Senate in 1984. Umm… no. I let that one go and listened to the Aaron Burr episode but had to turn it off after a few minutes when he kept calling Jefferson’s party “the Republicans”. 🤦‍♂️ Seriously?! The party was called the Democratic Republican Party aka the Democrats. The Republican Party was not founded until Abraham Lincoln’s era. How in the world does this guy not know that?!
  • Zeegha
    Aaron Burr, Colonial Bad Boy
    I’m 70 yo, and all I remember from the history books about Aaron Burr was that he was a traitor. I don’t recall learning anything about him shooting Alexander Hamilton and trying to create a new country. Makes some of our current crazed politicians seem tame. Another excellent podcast series, Lindsay Graham!
  • Cynographer
    Stilted, formulaic
    Poorly-written. Made an extremely interesting historical topic dull. Mostly flogging their paid app. Very corporate vibe.
  • MMALuvr
    Can’t ever wait for the next Episode!
    I stumbled upon this about a year ago. I started at Episode 1 and worked my way through. I never wanted it to end! Like another reviewer said, I also wasn’t a big fan of history, but this podcast has really changed my mind! Somehow, I wish there were more episodes than there are! Highly recommend this one!
  • Grammy Oxman
    Love history. Use to hate it
    Wow, I’ve learned so much from this podcast. So incredible. The details. This podcast has made me love history. Never used to like it. Thank you.
  • WayHipDad
    Contrived, often off-topic, and lacking in substance and detail.
  • matttexas72
    I must say the site is incredible but using it is difficult. I still cannot find the fourth installment episode of Arron Burr. Nor if there even is a fourth? I am a Amazon prime member and was told due to that I could get the site ad free. Cannot find out how to do that? Help, love your site and work outstanding!
  • H I T I
    Great listen - Highly engaging show
    Extremely high quality production. Great narration. Solid story lines. Wide range of topics. Very informative. Imagine you were part of everyday life in the most historic moments? Well, this does that. Check it out
  • FlyersNfillies
    A wonderful podcast, well narrated, very informative, and interesting. Im hooked! I truly don’t understand what people that are saying its biased are listening to. I feel it does a great job of staying unbiased and tells history the way it was.
  • Chriz Again
    So Good
    Interesting, informative, and entertaining!
  • dlw5065
    Engaging but revisionist
    Very engaging style of presenting history. But the bias and revisions to focus on politically liberal perspectives is overdone. I get it - we all want our positions heard and like minded friends identified. This podcast is the START to a conversation. If you’re not interested in educating yourself and others on the rest of the story — the other perspectives and lessons, maybe skip this to avoid perpetuating ignorance.
  • mikemo1973
    Thank you!
    This podcast is absolutely outstanding! I’m excited to listen all of the time and learn so much of the nation’s history. Lindsay’s tone is perfect and the role playing is engaging. I love it!!!
  • Maxbrainsquad
    Love all three
    Fantastic production, another amazing podcast. All three are fantastic.
  • Jen-01
    History With Bias
    I like the show, but it does lean one way. History, like the news, should not have bias. It should just be told.
  • BarrytheLess
    Beware of Bias
    Some episodes are fairly neutral and factual, but most have an obvious left-leaning presentation. It would be better if ideology and opinion were left out, and just tell the facts, whether good or bad for either side. Please don’t put a current culture spin on the story.
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