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Creating eco-friendly, minimalist homes (without the extra work).

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  • 1 star is too many for this ap
    Something new each week
    Thank you Stephanie for the quality work you provide. The information you present is highly valuable.
  • LadyBee2683
    Everything you need to live sustainably and minimally
    Informative, empowering and the key to a higher quality life and better planet.
  • Stellaluna Jack
    Thank you
    I always learn something new each time I listen. Thank you for reinforcing that it is important to have a growth mindset. Keep creating!
  • Illinois Neen
    Episode 446
    Fabulous Episode. Highly recommend.
  • Alyssajeaz
    Always exactly what I need.
    Whatever seems to be happening in my life I feel like the next episode is what I needed to hear to remind me of why I’m on this journey in the first place even when I seem to fall off the wagon.
  • Hugsatree
    Hours of good advice
    Enjoy this podcast immensely. Good to know there are others out there with similar mindsets. You always teach me something new and challenge me to make positive changes.
  • ElizaCost
    Always one of my favorite podcasts!
    Thank you! Great podcast today. I was totally vegetarian for 20 years (no dairy in any form) and vegan for nearly a year and a half. But due to stress issues at work 10 years ago etc., I strayed and have come back to nearly no animal products now unless eating at a friends or cooking for a family member visiting. I can relate to the difficulty in giving up dairy products and think you and your speaker will give me the push I need. Giving up dairy is a whole lot easier than doing without eggs. Thanks again! Elizabeth
  • Rybka&Rekin
    Minimalist review: love the podcast, lately enjoying the ones on Modern Distraction/Stress/Meditation the most. Keep them coming.
  • Theresa w/ an H
    Nail care
    Love that you had zandra from slow style on the show. Appreciate the actionable steps
  • mmxoalba
    Thank you
    I enjoy every single episode and I look forward to listening to you. Thank you specially for doing the egg episode. You’re awesome!!
  • KristenSchlaff
    Life changing
    Started listening to about 3 other podcast when I knew it was time to clear clutter. (Just like clutter) was overwhelmed with the amount of podcast on the topic. (All of the podcast were also very good by the way). I chose Sustainable Minimalist because Stephanie not only provides realistic ways to minimize, but the mental benefits of doing so, and how this can improve relationships with those affected. I enjoy the explanations behind purchasing for examples glass over plastic containers, and sustainable deodorants I didn’t know existed! Look forward to listening every week, and enjoy how relevant each episode is to todays’ world. I’ve been sharing a lot of what I’ve learned with my friends and family from the podcast, and now many come to me for advice! It’s so great, thanks Stephanie for all you do :)
  • Suzwel
    Great information
    This podcast is wonderful. I strong suggest you go back to the beginning and listened to ALL episodes
  • Brey M.
    Amazing Podcast, very informative.
    I am so appreciative that I found this podcast. This podcast has helped me with my minimalism journey and being more conscious in life. I share content that I have learned from this podcast with my partner and we sometimes listen to them together and have thought provoking conversations. Thank you so much for shedding light on environmental issues that should be discussed everyday and ways an individual or family can do their part to be more responsible. I truly enjoy listening to you and how your personality shines through.
  • appnickname2.0
    An awesome constructive podcast !
    Stephanie shares information on and interviews guest on a number of topics, and we’re always left with some useful takeaways. In particular I appreciate the thoughtful coverage of topics that are the most difficult (since they’re often the ones that matter the most). Thank you!!!
  • Allaboutblue
    Excellent content
    I love the content and the tips. Stephanie is always a bit of a Miss Malaprop however, and if she could just please not pronounce etcetera like ek-setera I would appreciate it so much! Today I had to turn off the podcast after she kept pronouncing climate corps like “corpse.” I’ll keep tuning in for the content though!
  • Galxe369
    Interesting Variety of Topics
    I’ve been a listener for a while. Stephanie continues to come up with new and interesting topics for the show, unlike some of the other sustainable podcasts I’ve listened to. I also really appreciate that you can always hear the interviewees well. I’m not a full blown minimalist but I think this podcast has changed my mindset towards buying less stuff and living more simply.
  • jmbmed3
    Feel smarter by listening!
    I love the in depth details of all the episodes. I feel like I can make actionable change for the world by listening and doing these recommendations. Thanks!
  • nyoshida2016
    Amazing podcast!
    I am a huge fan of this podcast and Stephanie’s book. Stephanie’s history as a school teacher show up in this podcast - it is one of the most organized podcasts I have heard, she asks intelligent interview questions, and she takes her topics seriously by performing deep research. I have been listening to Sustainable Minimalists for over a year now (and have gone back and binged previous episodes) and Stephanie has helped me to learn about the small and big changes I can make in my life that can make big impacts over time. This podcast is my go-to inspiration for living a mindful and intentional life, and it covers so much more even than its name suggests. Thank you Stephanie!
  • ShOpPeR86
    Must Listen!
    BEST sustainability podcast out there! I like the outline of each episode, no random chatter like other podcasts. Excellent use of science-based data.
  • KellsbellsFL
    Standout episode
    Loved the idea of figuring out what you would do if a doctor said u have one year to live, one month, one day really puts things into perspective.
  • Wholistic Chiro
    The BEST
    Realistic, empowering, informative, supportive
  • Shaista in OC
    Informative and real
    I’ve been looking for a good environmental podcast for some time, very grateful for this program. She gets it, climate change is real, this is not a fluffy program. For example today she said the most impactful thing you can do isn’t taking your cup to Starbucks, or line drying your clothes. It’s checking your investment portfolio. Smart. And I’m going to do that. As a Muslim I feel so connected to the earth; I put my forehead to the ground in complete prostration five times a day. This program keeps me updated, my favorite is the headlines.
  • tangier73
    Back to School
    What a great episode!!! I used to go so overboard with back to school shopping. I loved all your suggestions, especially from a teacher perspective. My sophomore has an abundance of clothing. After listening to the podcast I have bought her one pair of jeans and shoes, and with few complaints. 😉 We’re also planning on reusing notebooks we already have. Thank you. 👏🏻
  • KHerky
    Love this podcast. I have learned so much about becoming more eco-friendly. .
  • meels
    So helpful, enlightening, and inspiring!
    I recently listened to a fantastic podcast about Sustainable Minimalism, and I must say it was a breath of fresh air! Stephanie expertly blends the principles of minimalism with sustainability, creating a thought-provoking and inspiring show. Her engaging discussions and insightful interviews with eco-conscious guests provide valuable tips and ideas for leading a more intentional and eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned minimalist or just starting your sustainable journey, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a positive impact on the planet while simplifying their life. Give it a listen and prepare to be inspired!
  • Mikemod
    A show making a positive impact thanks to a terrific host!
    This is a great show that is making a positive impact via inspirational and entertaining content about sustainable minimalism consumer behaviors. I am so grateful and proud to have been a guest. Stephanie’s questions were thoughtful and to the point, and her entire platform of Sustainable Minimalists matches the values of Certified B Corps and business as a force for good.
  • Julesy2024
    Great podcast - loved the episode of Genderless Fashion
    Really glad I found this podcast! Loved the last episode in particular on Genderless fashion- made me think about how I’ve been buying for my little girl. Really like your short news summaries too! Very helpful
  • Jenni Franz
    Favorite podcast
    I literally have never missed an episode! Absolute favorite podcast… Stephanie sure does her homework
  • holly haworth
    I love this podcast!!!!
    Great podcast. I started with the Me, Myself and I episode and am now binging ♻️ so awesome to learn more about sustainability
  • hihellohowareyouok
    Happy Birthday!
    Valuable pod that I’ve been listening to for months! Love the helpful tips and tricks. Happy Birthday fellow Gemini!
  • Cee D Bell
    Outstanding podcast
    This show is just what I had been seeking. I’ve been a longtime, dedicated zero-waste citizen and have done a great deal of research to find resources to dispose of tough items like VHS tapes. So I feel I know a great deal, however Stephanie’s show encompasses so many other issues. I am a huge fan and can’t recommend this podcast enough. So appreciative of the span of topics covered. As a former teacher, I appreciate how clearly Stephanie outlines and enumerates the topics for each episode.
  • Nenouchka78
    My favorite podcast!
    This podcast is my favorite, full of so many great applicable tips, lifestyle ideas & the core values of sustainability. It inspires me on so many level, from housekeeping & chores, to food prep, to my whole family’s wardrobe. Overall the best podcast for the eco minded person who has an interest in minimalism and intentional living.
  • Carolina Beach R and R
    Reminders are great
    I listen to get reminders which are always wonderful. I have to constantly tell myself we don’t have to keep hustling and bustling for success. I am CE0 of Fresh and Clean LLC in Virginia (cleaning business) and I also do vacation rentals Carolina Beach R and R in vacation in North Carolina along with a full-time job at a truck factory in Va because I want to retire on my terms and not when someone else says when to retire but it’s a lot of work and I do get stressed out. Hearing interviews on here is great and wished my life could get more less stressed but working on it and having Lyme Disease does not help. Thanks for the info.
  • Melbelle37
    Well researched and inspiring
    Stephanie does an excellent job of gathering research about eco-friendly practices. Her delivery is fun and motivating. The interviewed guests are quite good. I recently listened to her interview with Jill Winger from Old Fashioned On Purpose. Excellent. Thank you, Stephanie!
  • Lkl9975
    The next step for budding minimalists
    I started my minimalist journey in 2016. In the past couple of years I’ve leaned more into the sustainable side of minimalism. I was thrilled to find this podcast which marries the two beautifully and shows that minimalism naturally leads to being more sustainable. I love the variety of topics Stephanie brings to the show and how she is always able to artfully weave each into the larger tapestry of sustainable minimalism. If you’ve already begun decluttering and are looking for what’s next in your minimalism journey, this is it!
  • SKNJ101
    Interesting and practical
    I like the new Headlines episodes, and I’ve learned many interesting practical things from the various episodes and guests, like homesteading, green burials, better birthday party ideas, etc
  • meera1350
    Love the show
    I’ve been binge listening to episodes after discovering last month and I’m hooked. I love the variety of content and knowledge Stephanie brings to light! I find so much to be relevant to my life especially the content related to parenting. Keep up the good work!
  • PW for the earth
    Great show
    Tons of information bringing together decluttering/minimalism while paying attention to our ecological footprint. Stephanie has been so helpful when I emailed specific questions about my ecological minimalism journey.
  • Sarah P Temple
    Helpful practical advice
    I love the practical advice this podcast offers as well as the real life experience of a person trying their best to live sustainably. I also appreciate the episodes focusing on hard truths about where our trash goes and what our planet is facing without action. I find the show interesting, motivating and community building.
  • funkymonkey3245
    No-judgement encouragement to save our planet
    Stephanie, I love what you’re doing with this podcast! I have learned so much over the episodes, and I especially appreciate how you strike the perfect balance between approachable and humble and knowledgeable and passionate! I never feel judged, only empowered to do better. Thank you!
  • Laura Jo knows
    Top-notch podcast!
    The Sustainable Minimalist podcast is simply the best! Stephanie dives in to some deep and heavy topics which are EXTREMELY important for all of us and the lovely planet Earth. There are so many helpful reminders, tips, and resources provided to give action steps for us to take, if we can. The guest speakers are very knowledgeable. Honestly, it’s the only podcast I listen to anymore! Thanks Stephanie and staff/guests for providing a “community” for sustainable minimalists.
  • SylviaMariana
    Thank you!!!
    I’ve really been enjoying your content and have been on a slow course to a more minimal, sustainable, simple life. I especially loved the recent episode on Junk Culture! I was just having this conversation with a friend. AMEN! I plan to talk about this with as many moms as I can. And I will definitely be encouraging giving certificates to local businesses or used children’s books as a substitute for the plastic garbage. I can’t get enough of your podcast. Are there any other podcasts or books you would recommend to help me on this journey? Keep on keepin’ on!! Sylvia
  • spk635252
    Inspiring, informative, & practical
    Sustainable Minimalists is an incredibly well-researched informative show that always leaves me feeling inspired and convicted to do better in living a more intentional, eco-conscious, minimalist life style. Stephanie brings important issues to light and explains them in a well thought out clear manner while providing actionable practical advice.
  • HappyBeae
    Industrial compost
    Hi Stephanie, Thank you for the wonderful podcast, it is a great recourse for down-to-earth sustainability! And the new headlines episode is great, please keep them going!!
  • Jjh5351
    Great show
    I absolutely love this show. Stephanie is so REAL. Some other podcasters act like their kids and husbands are just the most perfect and they love every second of being a mom and wife, but Stephanie shows BOTH sides of being a mom. That’s a huge draw for me because you can tell she loves her kiddos but they’re just kind of annoying too because they’re kids! I love her eco friendly tips, they’re occasionally a bit too crunchy for me, but I never feel judgement from her.
  • Lizzie Sharp
    Wisdom for all ages
    Stephanie distills wisdom for minimalists in a way that anyone can enjoy and learn from. My children even stop and listen when Sustainable Minimalists plays in the car!
  • InadequateAcademic
    Wonderful show with great ideas!
    I really enjoy this show and Stephanie seems approachable yet firm in her practices. She acknowledges the privileges that she has as someone who has the funds, etc. to live sustainably BUT also finds practical ways that EVERYone can try and decrease their carbon footprint through everyday activities and just consuming less in general. She does go beyond this sometimes (like with schoolbus emissions project!) — it is great for someone who just wants some motivation to get started and feel less alone when being more sustainable. Skip Episode 342 because they talk about “Quiet Quitting” in a way that feels misguided. The overall message about quitting being a good thing sometimes is fine but that particular perspective on “Quiet quitting” was… unexpectedly buying into the capitalist machine. Quiet quitting is a term that certain conservatives came up with to demonize people who don’t want to be exploited by their corporate bosses. Also - doing what is in your job description is what you are hired to do! But that aside, this podcast is worth a listen! Typically, Stephanie critiques the exploitation of workers and marginalized people and she does her best to try and make a difference in TRYING OUR BEST to change our consumptive practices so that the world might eventually have space to heal.
  • IamMe4321!
    A great podcast for living sustainably
    Host Stephanie provides a great look at how to live sustainably and minimally, yet realistically. I love her emphasis on progress over perfection.
  • Banshee876644678
    The Best
    I LOVE this podcast! It has helped me in so many ways and inspired me.
  • MBerg13
    Variety of topics
    I was introduced to this podcast when I saw a post that Liz Frugalwoods was going to be a guest (Episode 332). I enjoy the variety of topics from food to clothing to repairing items. I learn so much from each episode.
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