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Upbeat and in-depth, Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey breaks down the latest in culture, news, theology & politics from a Christian, conservative perspective. Allie’s fresh analysis of the most important issues provides an entertaining and effective way to stay in the know.

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  • Catherine Ivey
    It deserves 10 stars!
    This is my favorite podcast! I appreciate Allie’s truthful, unbiased opinion in current world and religious topics. She always points to TRUTH and I am forever grateful for her voice and how she uses it for good!
  • Molly_K_09
    Cut out from the discussion
    I have listened to Allie’s podcast a couple times at the request of a few friends. I’ve found her style abrasive and arrogant. She is unwilling to question her own views or consider the possible merits of an opposing opinion in most cases. I am a fellow Christian and believe many of the same things she does about the Bible and faith, but her confluence of Christianity and Nationalism is incredibly discouraging and I would say at times unbiblical. If her approach to some of the issues she tackles were humble and more tactful, I perhaps would find her podcast more palatable.
  • haydensmithson
    I’m not sure what qualifies this lady to speak on some of the things she talks about. I find myself wondering what she says whenever important political events happen and always regret checking. She’s judgmental, speaks only in black and white, right and wrong, demonizes all democrats, and is just downright insufferable. She actually thinks her opinion is better than some of the great Christian voices of our time like John Piper and Tim Keller. They have about 30 years on her but sure, go off Allie. A great indicator of whether or not someone’s ministry is actually helping people is imagine what would happen if you took away their social media/media platforms. Hmm, I wonder what Allie’s ministry would look like if she looked up from her tweet storms and constant Instagram tirades.
  • 01Anonymous23
    Great listen!
    I don’t agree with everything she says but it’s still a great listen to make sure I know what I believe and to know what’s going on in our world. Keep it up!
  • rebeccaL85
    Love her!
    Allie is incredibly informative, well spoken & passionate! I learn so much about politics from her and her biblical perspective gives me hope during these times. She’s my favorite to follow on IG and here!
  • Cellis687
    New to the show
    Brand new to this show and I’ve enjoyed the last 2 episodes. I’m so sick to my stomach after listening to the truth about aborted babies and how disgusting this world is. Thank you for sharing this, but I’m so upset and my heart hurts just listening to what’s going on. Why isn’t this on mainstream? Thank you for reporting this. May God hold those precious babies in his arms.
  • candide9
    Amazing Common Sense Show!
    Love the knowledge and insight into the Christian conservative view point of politics. But more than that she has a common sense approach to every day life - what’s going on in the world, in politics, etc
  • jennymartha3712
    I am so very thankful for Allie Beth’s podcast and how she confronts current issues with the truth from the scriptures. I love how she presents the facts and challenges her listeners to get involved (with tangible ways to do so). She also has amazing guests on her show. I feel like I learn so much each time I listen and she always lists the research in the episode notes. Most importantly, Allie always brings us back to where our hope should be placed-in Christ and not anything in this world. I feel challenged and hopeful after each listen! My favorite and go-to podcast!!!
  • wildfish21
    by far my favorite podcast!!
    I’ve been listening to Allie for over 2 years now & I have loved every minute of it! She always has a thoughtful, Christ-centered approach to every topic. I’m so very grateful for this podcast!
  • m.d.stix
    Allie updates and informs you on news and politics with a Christian conservative view. She doesn’t throw out numbers/facts without the data or science to prove it! She has taught me so much and it’s the best way to keep informed on current events without following the main stream media
  • toughminded
    Thank you so much for this program. I have been trying to figure out why the ports are jammed.
  • Truth seeker in Pacific
    Excellent information
    Thank you, Allie, for all the interviews you are doing with experts in the various fields of importance to our lives today! Extremely helpful. You are doing an excellent job of providing information that is Biblically based and truthful in this time of proliferation of false narratives that affect our physical and spiritual well being. God bless you!
  • court_mrsk
    THANK YOU Allie!! So unbelievably grateful for your voice of reason in such a sea of misinformation with a biblical perspective!
  • grammypam8
    Dr. Kory
    Amazing interview and information!!!! I think he said so clearly and plainly (and with actual data to back him up) what we’ve all been suspecting and thinking! Thank you for bringing him to my attention! LOVE your show 😊
  • MelfromVT
    Encouraging & Informative!
    This is my go-to podcast for keeping me up to date on current events. Allie is easy to listen to, and breaks down issues into understandable terms to bring clarity. The most wonderful part of this podcast is how Allie always brings things back around to point us to God and his sovereignty over all.
  • texaninalaska
    I often don’t want to watch or read the news. But I need to be informed. This podcast has been a wonderful way to digest news with a Christian viewpoint.
  • ***sciguy***
    Unrelated to reality
    Don’t come here for anything but conservative confirmation bias and confusion
  • TCRunning
    Very Factual & Theologically Based
    LOVE this podcast!! Allie is so knowledgeable and really brings the facts and data when she speaks about topics. I love that she always ties the topics back into theology & biblical teaching. It’s truly a blessing for me! She has absolutely opened my mind to truths and changes my mind on some topics!
  • Bean Bloom
    I am so thankful for what you do! Your knowledge and balance of real world information while reminding us of God’s sovereignty is so critical right now. Thank you!
  • mrskatierish
    Thank you, Allie!
    You’re the best, Allie!!!! Thank you for bringing so much clarity to everything happening in our country and for emboldening me to speak and fight for my family’s rights! This podcast has been a game changer for me. Thank you! ❤️
  • d.m.parker
    Informing yet not overwhelming!
    I just love her godly perspective on all things that are happening in the world! I feel informed yet not overwhelmed because she always brings it back to the truth that God is sovereign and those who put their trust in Him will have peace in the midst of all this chaos!
  • davellvet
    Refreshing & Fact-Based Truth
    Allie Beth’s show us the highlight of my day. I listen while cooking dinner or folding laundry. I love that when I struggle to put my thoughts into words I can listen & hear what I am thinking put elegantly. I admire her passion, poise, & the ability to discuss a wide-range of issues with clarity. She rights mistakes when on the rare occasion she misspeaks & I feel like we would be such good friends in real life. Keep up the hard work, ABS!!!!
  • Mrs.Whitaker21
    I love all the information she gives.
  • HJT0125
    Can’t stop, won’t stop
    I was finer introduced to Allie by a friend who recommended her book, You’re not enough, (and that’s ok!) loved it! So figured I’d give her podcast a try and wow! I listen almost daily and share episodes with whoever I can! She really puts things in perspective that’s easy to understand and attaches the true gospel with it! Thanks Allie, keep up the great work!
  • Fitgrl85
    Great show
    Love your show! I always learn something and am encouraged. I love that you come with a Christian perspective in everything. I really appreciate it.
  • whereissensibility
    My favorite Christian Conservative podcast. It’s exactly what you would expect.
  • choward2004
    Encouraging and honest!
    Grateful for this podcast where truth is offered and freedom is defended. I share the podcast often with friends & family.
  • mldemott
    10/10 would recommend
    I am one of the few men who listen to this podcast (at least I assume). Allie does a great job with politics and scripture. Would recommend to anyone (male or female).
  • red horse rider
    Sarah M
    The podcast I listen to because I need to…it’s the Responsible side of the Rights & Responsibility coin. Always feel better informed and educated.
  • savanna8974
    Absolutely love this podcast
    I’ve learned so much from Allie and can’t thank the Lord enough for using her and this platform to get truth out there.
  • Brendaraglandlansdell
    Best show ever!
    I have learned so much about the world around me and how important it is for me to know what I believe. This show has stretched me in many different ways. It caused me to examine my Biblical World view and has actually helped me not be so stressed about this temporary world we live in. It’s refreshing for this 52 year old. I have been able to get my 2 daughters and 2 daughters in law to listen and the love it so it’s a show for all ages and people who love the Lord!
  • MillieGrace09
    My Favorite Podcast
    Relatable has become my favorite podcast, hands down. Allie expresses her stance on important issues with so much grace, and backs it up with actual research & factual information. I have recommended Relatable many times, to many people. I truly believe everyone, conservative or liberal, should be listening.
  • suckitfuyhgts
    My fave podcast
    Covers any and every topic, always relevant, always sound, a forever favorite
  • breakskt
    Allie is a breath of fresh air.
    AllieBeth is smart and well spoken and RELATABLE. She has so much insight and I can’t wait to listen to her knowledge everyday. Most importantly she loves Jesus and realizes life, politics, news or anything else is nothing without him at the center.
  • Cici Orm.
    So good.
    I am a 28 year old reformed Christian who is so not interested in politics. Someone recommended this podcast to me about a year ago and I am in love! Allie is discerning, articulate and explains these matters in a way that I can understand (as someone who came to this showing being in the dark about a lot of issues, that’s a big deal). Thank you Allie for your transparency and passion!
  • azip123
    The best!
    Love this podcast.
  • Sarah Slater
    Thank you!
    I wanted to take a second this morning to thank you so much! It’s so rare to find a Conservative Christian woman that brings us a biblical worldview. In light of all the craziness I am so thankful Ms. Stuckey keeps focus on the hope we all have with God’s biblical and unchanging truth and redemption!!
  • KJenningsRD
    Smart, Timely, and Exceptionally Produced
    My favorite conservative podcast.
  • Natalee1219
    Highly recommend
    I highly recommend Allie‘s podcast to new people I meet all the time! She is wise beyond her years and is full of biblical knowledge. I value and trust what she says because she backs everything up with scripture. Thank you Allie for making me more capable of standing up for biblical truth in this crazy world.
  • brigettacooper
    Amen! Thankful to hear a story about hard realities in America’s school
    (Ep. 495) brave women you are ! Thank you for sharing. Hard listen but vital. Little do people know, the “advanced” classes push aggressive ideology the most. Myself, growing up in those classes, figured out they are just academic programs to maintain the sick academic ideology they deem “vital” at the moment. As a 9th grader I took myself out of those classes for those reasons. Keep raising your children bold and with truth! They will see evil and immoral agendas; God is powerful enough to guide our children!
  • Unicorn_Queen🦄🦄🦄
    Allie is intelligent, witty, well-spoken and best of all, an amazing representation of conservative values. Her viewpoints are always well thought out and reflect the time and care she puts into each and every episode. Highly recommend. A++++++
  • Heathet J.
    Very informative!
    I love listening to Allie and her thoughts on key topics in addition to the guest speakers,
  • 77thetruth77
    Great show! If you’re looking for a show that covers relevant news and interesting topics while pointing you to Christ this is the show. Thanks for what you do, Allie!
  • emjoymon
    So Encouraging!
    So encouraging and refreshing. Thank you for telling the Truth 😊
  • Amandajane63
    One of my Favorites
    Excellent. To the point. Pulls no punches. Solid voice for truth!
  • Andie Marvel
    Great podcast especially for Christian women!
  • Livi-Anne
    We need something like this especially right now with everything that’s happening! It’s so helpful to hear the stories of what is going on and Allie breaks everything down so well. Love this podcast - love listening to it! Thanks Allie!!!
  • jarredlee55
    Very informative
    Allie is great and very informative. She has wonderful guests and I learn a lot from these episodes.
  • Shel Baker
    Encouraging, strengthening, and just what I needed
    I found this podcast last year. It helped me see through the fog and confusion, and really set me back on course to think critically and look to God’s word. I can’t say enough good things about Allie and her podcast. Give it a listen!
    Allie is Agreeable and Sharp!
    Allie is a breath of fresh air in the world of political podcasts. Her message uplifts and empowers her listeners of all ages. She calmly, kindly educates listeners about the political and moral topics of today.
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