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Upbeat and in-depth, Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey breaks down the latest in culture, news, theology & politics from a Christian, conservative perspective. Allie’s fresh analysis of the most important issues provides an entertaining and effective way to stay in the know.

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  • LC Colorado Conservative
    Truthful knowledgeable conversation
    I love listening to Allie talk about the issues that are so difficult in our politics and culture. I am encouraged by the Truth she brings along with having guests that do not believe the same way she does. I’m thankful for your voice! Enjoy your baby💜
  • ReiStruga
    I love the Podcast because it is biblical, truthful, and full of God!
  • Marg84
    Out of touch with reality and christian values
    I initially found this podcast entertaining, but as I kept listening to ‘Allie’ the true colors showed up. She dismisses racism as a “progressive issue” and she constantly victimizes racism perpetrators. This podcast is essentially a “feel good” program for white people who want to feel like they are the actual victims and the world is against them. Last time I checked, Empathy for someone’s suffering was a Christian value. If you want to be sheltered from the issues that affect other people’s lives and run from difficult conversations, this is the podcast for you!
  • aelyse_tom
    Amidst all the clamor and clutter of distorted worldviews and confusing culture it is so refreshing and uplifting to hear the biblical, truth based reaction and assessment of it all on this podcast. I’m so happy I stumbled upon it a year ago!
  • Jen20120
    Balanced and truthful
    So blessed by Allies determination for the truth and am so thankful for this podcast! ♥️
  • snphillips
    Incredibly helpful and empowering
    Allie’s perspective and biblical insight really help me understand what’s going on in the world, and she provides tangible tools to challenge the progressive thinking we face on a daily basis.
  • Crazyhorse263
    Great biblical viewpoint! Fresh and enlightening!
    Love your breakdown of the many different bibles out there and your breakdown of the kjv Allie! Mark Long Island, NY
  • RLB073925
    Wonderful Biblically sound podcast!
    What a wonderful job helping us to understand and articulate our faith and values in a world that is consistently distorting it. The episode on Lil Nas was enlightening and I have really enjoyed listening to Allie!!
  • bradynchiles
    I’ve listened to this podcast on and off since 2019, and Allie has done nothing except encourage, educate, and speak truth into my life. You’re a true blessing, Allie!!
  • GreenBeam93
    Allie’s podcast laid the foundation of me becoming more conservative than liberal. Everything from the gospel to culture and politics is thought provoking and engaging
  • Katie1995midwest
    Gets better and better
    I’m a long time listener, and this show just keeps getting better!
  • kenzielr
    I love this podcast.
    As a freshman in college, who is a conservative Christian, I constantly feel like I can’t speak up for fear of being discriminated against and attacked. This podcast gives me so much courage. When Allie interviewed Dr. Christina Crenshaw I was so excited because as a Baylor Student, I was bombarded with Instagram posts about how corrupt this professor is, when she stood up for her beliefs. This podcasts helps me navigate my life as a conservative and most importantly as a Christian. Allie is extremely intelligent and well spoken, and her mind is always on Christ. This podcast is so educational and enlightening and I look forward to every single episode. This podcast has helped me grow in my faith and understand political points from a biblical stance. Thank you Allie for being a light in this world! God bless you.
  • Zaire Guyton
    Great podcast ❤️
    I’m a younger listener I’m 19 and I enjoy this podcast so much. Being fairly new to following Christ it’s nice to here things from a more conservative view. I love that it challenges the way that I think since I would consider myself to be more on the left with certain issues. After taking a political science class in college I’ve become obsessed with learning more about politics and this podcast is great for keeping me up to date without secular nonsense. 😊
  • hranee
    #1 Podcast!!
    Allie is one of the most articulate, honest, and Godly political/cultural commentators that I’ve ever heard. This podcast has changed my life! Thank You Allie!
  • Deja18183738
    Allie is a truth warrior in this culture of pervasive lies and “almost rights.” I’m thankful she is using her platform for the Glory of God.
  • Jmgravesen
    A 10 out of 10....
    This podcast is run by an intelligent young lady whose love for the Lord is obvious. This podcast is edifying and uplifting. It’s convicting and educational. It’s well researched with the Word of God in every nook and cranny. Well done. I enjoy it immensely.
  • Alexa Greening
    Allie is so knowledgeable and truly is comforting Christians in this modern world in such a beautiful way. Xo
  • Ellen M.C.
    Refreshing and yes, relatable
    Allie shines at providing a Conservative Christian voice in a world that is constantly caving to culture. She is open about her biases but she does a great job at being objective in most political matters and claiming her biases upfront. Allie does a great job in looking at politics and culture through a Christian lens, and references the Bible in her thoughts and guidance. This podcast is a breath of fresh air in an exhausting and tumultuous political climate.
  • eLow4
    Two thumbs up!!!
    Love listening to your show! I make handcrafted cards. Would love to send a baby gift. Is there a PO Box address?
  • Madelyn's_Mommy
    Love Allie! ❤️
    I like to watch her podcast on YouTube but I wanted to rate and give a review on here. I love Allie, she’s such a sweet godly woman and I love how genuine she is. I’m so thankful God led me to her poscast. 🥰
  • special-marge
    Ignorant, biased, unresearched.
    This girl has no idea what she’s talking about.
  • MamaLeaBear06
    So much wisdom!
    I am so thankful for the biblical wisdom that Allie shares! She speaks the hard truth with so much love. A great balance of Bible, current events and politics. As a mom of 6 I don’t have a lot of time to do research so I appreciate Allie’s podcast on so many levels.
  • MommyCanFinallySleep
    The best podcast for the 20 something Christian woman!
    I adore this podcast! As a 27 year old Christian trying to balance motherhood and being a wife; I’ve struggled to find some who I can relate to. Allie is a breath of fresh air in a country so determined to eradicate conservative Christian morals and beliefs. Everything she says is out of love for Christ and she backs up with scripture. She is unapologetically Christian and I’m so thankful God called her to this.
  • chelsea_turpin
    Best Podcast!
    I am so thankful for Allie’s boldness and how she is unafraid to speak Truth. At the end of each episode I feel equipped to lovingly challenge the political viewpoints of those that contradict Scripture. Allie clearly does her research and presents the information in such a clear and simple way. This world needs more people like Allie!
  • mocharnyy
    Best podcast ever!!!
    As a conservative Christian, I greatly appreciate how Allie breaks down what is going on in the world and doesn’t say what her opinion but what the BIBLE says is true. THANK YOU!!! She helps me understand what is going on in our world and always keeps my focus on how we should respond as Christians and biblically. I listen every single day. Thank you.
  • i live4music
    Question and research everything she says
    I agree with many of her views and thoughts on the current political climate. However, I recently found that she is referencing false and biased information when it comes to religion. Her view? Sending people to the official website of a church is “biased” so instead she send people to an incorrect and biased website instead. She does the EXACT thing she accuses the left of doing in the media. She is entitled to opinions of course. But to send people asking for information to biased sources is wrong. As she always says-do your own research and go TO THE SOURCE!
  • LMccrory2316
    A conservative voice we need!!
    I love Allie Beth. She gives relevant conservative commentary on issues of the day. I have been tempted multiple times to cheer after hearing some of the things she is not afraid to say! I have shared many of her episodes with people in my life and will continue to do so. Keep doing what you are doing, Allie. It makes me feel much less alone in my conservative beliefs!!
  • Iusedtolovethegram
    Well researched
    Thoughtful, well researched, great guests. While I sometimes find Allie to be a bit verbose, the girl knows how to form an argument. One of my favorite political podcasts.
  • Renraps
    The truth we all need!
    This show is not just relatable it is filled with truth! Allie is so eloquent and I appreciate her take that challenges me and allows me to feel free to have some counter cultural ideologies. Her constant referral to Scripture is so appreciated and refreshing to see!
  • SKP01
    So thankful!
    I am so thankful to have found Allie’s podcast! I have been devouring episode’s for a few months and finally had to leave a review. Allie, thank you for your voice and for speaking Truth. Listening to your podcast has made me feel less alone and hopeless in this ever-changing world. Thank you for pointing your listeners back to the Bible time and time again. I am incredibly thankful for your voice in this world.
  • Tic Tac Toad
    you’re wack, that’s all
    It is troubling to me that you have this big of a following, and that you are only sensitive to other image bearers when they are fetuses. Folks in the LGBTQIA+ community, POC, liberals, and feminists are all image bearers too.
  • monomynous
    Awful podcast
  • Krista_N
    Informative and truthful!
    I absolutely love how Allie makes it easier to understand what is going on in politics/current events and is not afraid to call it out when it opposes biblical truth. Her honesty, humility, and keeping God’s truth at the center of her views is refreshing.
  • Ajente24
    seeking truth and justice podcast
    Just listen to some of the Seeking Truth and Justice podcast! Couldn’t even finish listening to it. As a black woman and also a Christian, I thought this will be good you don’t hear to many Christians talking about this topic! At the beginning you stated the facts of what happened with George Floyd that lead up to the event of him being murdered that was great context I said “ okay still sounds good”. Then you went into the how the left is making it about racism in the police force and how the right defends their side of things... as a Christian the topic should have been that this was a injustice and that it was murder period! Not this what the left and the right side do... I tried to continue listening to it but could not. At the end of the day we are Christians this was Gods child and it would not have happen to a white man. My comment is coming out of love not anger cause I realize a lot of people of different ethnicities don’t understand what is to be black. To go in a store and someone follows you around because the color of your skin. To be stopped by an officer because your car is nice and they think you stole your car. at the end of the day you haven’t experienced what a black person and or any persons of color go through. So disheartening to hear this podcast! God bless
  • Truth Seeking Mama
    You’re making a big difference!
    I am a new listener! I’m so grateful for Allie’s perspective and her bold stance supporting Christian beliefs in today’s world. Keep up the fight Allie, you are making a difference and therefore encouraging others to do the same! I know I’m 100% encouraged to do more! Please keep providing good resources that can help us stand up for conservatism in our communities.
  • M René
    Must Listen!
    I seriously look forward to Allie’s show every day! Her encouraging and Biblical takes on decidedly discouraging news is so helpful. Highly recommend!
  • Tloveyou
    Listen Daily
    Such great biblical perspective on the current events in America. I listen to every show now!
  • DianaF505
    Staying informed with HOPE!
    I so appreciate her balanced reporting on current events, and I appreciate even more that she always leaves us with a reminder of all we have to hope for! I had been struggling with my desire to stay informed with what’s going on around me and also maintain my sanity. This podcast is a breath of fresh air because it delivers both things for me.
  • ShannonBryn
    I feel so much more equipped Theologically, politically, culturally
    I have been a listener for 9 months, and feel so much more capable in presenting and defending the truth and facts about current and relevant issues that are important! Allie is filled with biblical and political/cultural knowledge, and is a true joy and delight.
  • mrs.barker_001
    I don’t know
    I consider myself a relatively conservative Christian but I am a POC. I listened to your recent podcast on the Chauvin trial. You lost me when you started talking about BLM and the response that there will be if he doesn’t receive the highest sentence and then how if the rolls were reserved.. black cops killing white people and getting off. I had to turn it off at that. I’m sorry but you got a little off the rails there. Yes, evidence is key but this man was just that, a man. He was a victim no matter how you twist it and I’m promising you if that had been your son, father, or brother than you might see it more clearly of with my urgency. Imagine if that were your neck. What would have been your final thoughts? Idk... praying Gods softens your hardened personality.
  • Krrobbs85
    The Best Christian Conservative Political Podcast
    This podcast is life changing! It is evident that Allie throughly researches current events and political topics. I love how she explores issues from all sides and then provides a conservative and Christian perspective on the topic(s). This podcast has helped me understand complex political issues and has given me the confidence to stand up for my beliefs! Her words have encouraged me to renew my Christian faith. Thank-you all for providing a powerful, intelligent, informative, perspective on the happenings of our world.
  • Amanda Seibel
    This show has changed me!
    This podcast has changed me! Alley shares in a way that is simple and straight-forward and it inspires deeper thought and contemplation on the world around us and how we ought to live as a Christian. It’s my go to for a great Biblical perspective on current events! Hardly miss an episode!
  • mackenzie_paige
    beyond the politics
    Hey Allie, I’m 16 and I have been extremely involved with politics for a while now and this past summer it got to the point of obsession which turned into a fear of what was going to happen...then I found your podcast. You speak with such calmness and wisdom even through a situation that feels hopeless. You introduced me to the love and peace of Christ that saved my life. Your podcast changed my life forever and for that I am beyond grateful. I don’t have a good “home life” & it is your words that give me peace each and every day. Thank you so much for all you do, you have changed my life more than words can say❤️
  • LHC1990
    Affirming and informative
    Thankful for Allie Beth and especially her outspokenness against public education. I am a former public school teacher since having children have stepped away from the public sector. She gave me the affirmation I needed to take my children’s education into my own hands and not feel shame about my choice
  • Allie0207
    Don’t Understand the Catholic Bashing
    Tried to enjoy this podcast but just don’t understand all of the Catholic bashing. My background is I was raised Catholic but don’t practice it today. I think especially during this time we as Christians should come together instead of picking apart the different viewpoints. She has a lot of misinformation about the religion also, and is too preachy in general. She is obviously very intelligent but I just don’t agree with a lot of what she says. I also think she needs to refine the way she speaks, it’s kind of valley girl-ish and hard to listen to.
  • ajkraemer
    So, so good
    I get so much out of each episode. Puts into words things I just can’t and explains things that are confusing. Allie is so smart, very thorough with her research and all of this stuff is so important. A MUST LISTEN 😊😊
  • RakelleNoble
    Allie convinced me to leave the left with FACTS
    I credit Allie for introducing me to conservatism and more importantly, Christ!
  • saritaloquita77
    Refreshingly honest, transparent and Biblical podcast
    I am not a podcast person, but Allie Beth Stuckey has captured my attention with well-researched, and well-thought out commentary that faithfully adheres to biblical principals and a Christian worldview. She gives practical and logical insight on current events and how we, as Christians, ought to respond the the ever-increasing decline of morality and increase in wickedness from every possible angle. Praise God for Allie Beth Stuckey! She is a bold and courageous breath of fresh air, encouraging others to unapologetically stand for truth and righteousness.
  • Christine19
    Great view point🥰
    Awesome! Thank you for your Christian conservative viewpoint. I pray your podcast keeps growing. We need a louder and more young conservative voices during these times
  • MommyEO
    Will leave you Informed and Encouraged
    You will leave feeling informed and simultaneously encouraged in your faith. I love listening to Allie tackle things happening in the culture and bringing it full circle to how God is working. Highly recommend!
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