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A storytelling podcast, with first-hand amazing stories. Each story teller tells their own personal true story, with all the details of what happened. Animal attacks, plane crashes, mass shootings, and more – this show brings you these amazing stories. Each one is a true story - and the story teller is just a regular human being like you. But they have experienced something incredible and unbelievable, so they come on this podcast and share their true story in detail. Most of the storytelling podcasts currently available tend to focus on fictional content. You won’t find that here. The amazing stories you’ll hear on this show are always verified in advance as a true story – and the story teller (the guest) is the person who actually experienced that situation. The host, Scott Johnson, started this podcast because he’s a big fan of amazing stories himself – and this is a great way to hear each story teller recount in detail their true story and what they went through. Also, this is not a storytelling podcast that only focuses on the negative – you’ll hear from a story teller who won big on a TV game show, and another whose true story involves finding love after texting a wrong number. Amazing stories don’t necessarily have to be dark! Storytelling podcasts are not hard to find – there are lots of them. What Was That Like is unusual, because each episode is a true story, and each guest (the story teller) is telling you first-hand the amazing true story of what they encountered. That’s why this podcast is often the most popular storytelling podcast choice of listeners worldwide.

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  • shellydogg
    Scott always has such interesting and articulate guests. He is one of the best hosts (and I listen to a lot of podcasts) because he always listens and asks questions that help us as listeners, understand very clearly what is happening in the story. Can’t wait for the next series to begin !
  • Meandmy6
    Exceptional podcast!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to! Scott has a great voice but does not overwhelm the stories with his own thoughts or opinions like some podcasts. Every episode that I have listened to so far has great stories that are heartbreaking, uplifting, and inspiring. Thanks for a great podcast! (Makes my daily chores so much more manageable!)
  • MrsHamil209205
    I love this podcast
    I get excited when I open up my podcast app in the morning and see that a new episode is available. Great content, great host!
  • lexilovespod
    Technical issues
    I absolutely love this podcast but I cannot listen to any of the episodes as I am constantly getting an error message when attempting to play a new one. App is up to date and I don’t have this issue with any other podcast. Also tried on Amazon Music and STILL have issues. Can’t seem to find a resolution.
  • k.King2013
    Five star rating definitely!
    This podcast definitely has something for everyone. The first episode, I listen to was the guy who was attacked by a bear. The gentleman was blinded by his attack. I was so fascinated with how he pulled through his ordeal and did not let his blindness stop him from doing what he wanted to do. This had me hooked. I just love to listen to stories about people and how they deal with difficult situations. It’s very inspirational, sometimes very sad and Scott seems to treat everyone with dignity and respect never talking over them just letting them talk. Love it!
  • handbag_hobby
    Such a great podcast!
    I look forward to listening to each new episode—such interesting stories and Scott is always inquisitive, compassionate and thoughtful. Keep up the great work!
  • reidswife
    My favorite Podcast!!!
    I love everything about What Was That Like! Since being caught up, I can hardly wait until the next show!!! So glad I found WWTL!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Domenthness
    One little thing.
    Scott is amazing. This show is very entertaining and educational. One small thing.. members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are not told to have lots of children. Over my entire life I’ve listened to thousands of hours from the general leaders of my church. I’ve never ever heard that. Not once. We just love family very very much.
  • Tabbyjohnson28
    I feel like this podcast would be better if the individuals just spoke and we could hear their stories. I find the interview format to be kind of jarring.
  • Jojobeaner01
    Love this podcast
    I look forward to WWTL every 2 weeks! Scott is compassionate and the stories are all different and interesting. Highly recommend
  • Fiona milano
    One of my favorites
    Very interesting, different topics, well guided by Scott , great communication through email . Very easy to listen and get engaged.
  • Booappstore
    Great stories, cool host
    This podcast is fantastic. It covers a wide range of topics some absolutely tragic, some on the lighter side, all fascinating. And Scott is the coolest-he’s a great interviewer and a great person. Definitely check it out-you won’t regret it.
  • Clarekc15
    Never could get into this one. Have followed for about a year and it’s never in my top 10 go to so finally unfollowed. Good concept, just not that engaging.
  • Nikky Kelley
    Amazing real life Storytelling!
    Thank you for having a great podcast! Wish there was more! I enjoy the 911 phone calls a lot! Please don’t stop sharing due to one person who could easily not listen to those episodes! Great job!
  • Geekgirlxx
    Wow!!! What a gem!
    Ok, I never write reviews, but really felt compelled. I am a podcast junkie but have become frustrated with podcasters who do things that I have made “drinking games” out of, but really make them unlistenable, because they make me crazy. Really, ladies, vocal fry and saying “like” 40 times in the first 10 minutes of your show is only listenable for so long. My “go to’s” are becoming more and more limited. Soooo … I am on a podcast journey with a friend and walking the slow path to make sure we do it right and joined a podcast group on Facebook so I could get tips and tricks to help on our journey. A post popped up, I can’t even remember what the post was about, but it was enigmatic enough to make me search for the host and the podcast, and wow! Am I grateful!!! What a great show Scott!!! So thoughtful and well produced! Really enjoying it! Thank you!
  • Twenty/ten
    I love this podcast!
    Captivating, inspiring, and a good variety of unique, real life experiences. Scott does a great job plus he has a pleasant voice. My favorite podcast! 5 stars Scott!
  • Billandgatsby
    This show is inspiring!
    Scott’s handling of these stories is superb. Great guests with great stories all of the time. I know he works hard at perfecting his work. It’s his passion. And it shows. Bravo, Scott ! ! !
  • JulieS13x
    I love love love this show! The host, Scott seems like the most genuine guy! The 911 phone calls are amazing and it’s worth paying the $5. Most of the stories break my heart but every once in awhile you listen to those heartwarming people that make you see the good in humanity again.
  • riverbear23
    Very bummed
    I found this podcast a while ago and listened here and there, not obsessed with it but like it enough, until listening to a recent episode about climbing an Egyptian pyramid. The guest makes excuses for his behavior and even seems to think pretty highly of himself for not “defacing” the pyramid because he and his buddy didn’t carve their names into it like others before them had and removed a utility knife that had been left up there for that very purpose. I can understand him feeling that way, I don’t agree and think he’s just making excuses to assuage his professed guilt, but the host agrees with him and contributes his own reasoning as to why he shouldn’t feel as though he did anything wrong. The guest actually used the words ‘American privilege’ yet the host glosses over it and acts as though the pyramids, and maybe all antiquities, are there for anyone who feels able and entitled to do with what they please. I’m very bummed to have heard him speak this way because now I’m going to unsubscribe ☹️
  • Gretchenlistens
    Great podcast, great host!
    I found this podcast a few weeks ago and have been binging it ever since! I love it! The host is great and has the perfect voice for podcasting! I do agree with some of the other reviewers that some of the episodes go on way too long. Also, the episode that included inaccurate information about methodone bugged me a little bit, but mistakes happen. Overall, this podcast is fantastic. Highly recommend! On a side note, regarding the episode about Luke getting caught smuggling cocaine…he could have just gone to the hospital on his own and not involved the police. In most state hospitals can’t report patients to authorities except for cases of suspected child/elder abuse and violence caused by a deadly weapon (e.g., gunshot wounds, stabbings). It’s a HIPAA violation. So he busted himself for no reason. Haha. I’m glad he survived.
  • Adwiann
  • GermanShepard567
    Good podcast
    Good podcast, but not everyone wants to hear the 911 calls. I don’t want to hear any of it, let alone the entire call.
  • Ms Mia Blue Cream
    Dog attack.
    I think a question that went unanswered was, what happened to the owners and the dogs? Did she sue the owners , was the owner under obligation to pay for medical expenses? Did the owner take responsibility for the attack? Were the owners suitably remorseful? What about the dogs? Were they euthanized? So many unanswered questions.
  • Specialperson333
    This podcast is great
    Such an entertaining podcast with great stories & you can have it on anytime. While working, cooking, working out…. I listen all the time while I’m at work landscaping & mowing lawns. It’s so great to take you away & I get super into it & the time flies by!! 10/10!
  • Aaron Murdoch
    Outstanding and diverse
    Even though true crime is usually my favorite genre, if I were told I can only listen to 1 podcast for the rest of my life, I would choose this one. It’s diverse with people, jobs, experiences, life stories, etc.
  • USA Mknitter
    Like your podcast but not Facebook
    I like your podcast—you have great stories. I don’t like Facebook and other forms of social media, and am not a member of any of them. I am disappointed that one has to be a member of Facebook to see photos or any other information. I have listened to you a couple of years but gave you a 4/5 because of the Facebook. 😩
  • Dittyknitty
    The episode about the lady who caused an accident
    Good lord are all the episodes this annoying? I can’t tolerate that white girly perfect annoying innocent voice peppered with nervous giggles and “Yeah” “um” “My life was perfect” Ewww! I can’t listen to a whole episode of that!
  • J&NDeMello5
    Great podcast
    Love this show!! I’ve been binge listening for the past couple weeks and it’s a new favorite for sure.
  • sueleemar
    Great podcast
    The host is 💯, very respectful of his guest.
  • lvbeinggrm
    Hello! I just found this podcast today, and am very happy! Great interviewer who lets the story teller tell their story in their words. Asks great questions, great array of subjects. Thank you! I wish there was an area after each show to send good wishes to the guests. Shana Rogers Moscow, Idaho
  • wjifbeicbe
    This is a great podcast! This host is so easy to listen to and asks good questions.
  • 186Riv507
    Episodes could be shorter but love the host
    I think the best thing about this podcast is the host. He’s so kind and natural, very different from the typical podcast world where most try too hard to be quirky or insert unnecessary political opinions. It’s a breath of fresh air. While I do think the show could benefit from cutting down a bit on story setup and conclusions, it’s forgive-able because everything is just so dang wholesome. Keep it up dude!
  • monasartmonakel
    What was that like
    Love this podcast.Many interesting stories.Scott does a great job conversing with people to get the story out.
  • Resis Village
    Learn to love women
    The show of Josh being struck by lightning really touched me. But his sexism of calling women “girls” and not calling men “boys” means he doesn’t get it. I am open to hearing if in this podcast, I misheard him, please let me know in this forum. It is this type of subtly sexism that hurts us all. Josh, I also studied martial arts and have a black belt. In my opinion, you may have a lot to learn about humanity. Please take a step down and learn, it think you would thoroughly enjoy broadening your love.
  • Gen1860
    Get ready to cry and then be lifted back up
    I love this podcast. This podcast inspires people to be compassionate. You never know what someone else has gone through. I admire these story tellers and feel a sense of connection, we are all in this together and I wish the best for everyone I hear in these stories. For the one about the man who grew up jehova witness I wish he could see them the way I do for one minute (I am catholic and believe they are completely misguided ) I don't want to judge for the sake of judging, practice whatever you want, I just wish I could take their power over him away. And if my sons ever tell me they are gay I know I will love them no matter what and stick by them.
  • JR from Papillion
    The best podcast!
    I love everything about this podcast! The host is one of the best in the podcast world. Once you start listening, you can’t stop until it’s over.
  • Reeeesa
    Just want to note that methadone is to treat opiate/heroin addiction, not methamphetamine addiction! Love the show, thanks for all your hard work!!
  • Alli_potter6
    Good stories but terrible host
    The stories are good but good god the host is BAD. I wish he took a huge step back and let people actually tell their stories. He interrupts and redirects the stories in a way that makes it so hard to follow.
  • I'm an addiction researcher
    Good show- but please fact check
    Very entertaining, but constructive criticism- please fact check. In “Alice’s brother went missing” you say “my understanding of methadone is it helps people addicted to methamphetamine.” This is totally untrue. You can almost hear Alice want to correct you but politely decide not to. Methadone is for opioid addiction (which is what Alice was talking about). Methamphetamine is an entirely different drug, with different effects, different abuse potential, a different social narrative… it’s VERY different than an opiate. We’re in an opioid epidemic, so I’m sure listeners would appreciate accurate information related to the opioid epidemic. It would take mere seconds to google methadone to at the very least edit the conversation with Alice after the fact to exclude erroneous info. This may seem like a small detail but listeners like myself are much more inclined to stop listening to this show if it’s made evident that you take zero time to fact check your podcast. :/ Disappointing.
  • -/ellehelle\-
    Neurodivergent please read
    4 stars bc clearly a lot of folks are getting a lot of positive things here. I’m confused by the titles of episodes with descriptions that vanish the moment I click?? And immediately i am lost in TLDR universe… what’s happening? Where am I? Who are these people and where is continuation of the sentence I was reading Also the host sounds like Microsoft Sam. Which is neither good, nor bad. Just like Microsoft Sam🤷‍♀️ Could be a great podcast for many people, but found myself pacing like I do when I can’t make structure out of something.
  • Soberlunatic
    Love this show!
    I thoroughly love this show! One point of feedback for episode 123. Methadone is a medication to help people using opioids, mostly heroin or fentanyl. The distinction between opiates and methamphetamine is important because of the epidemic of overdoses plaguing us. We lost over 100,000 people in 2021 to opioid overdose. It’s important for me to note that methadone is a medication, not a replacement, and helps people live functional lives. Some come off of methadone, some stay on for a long time. It saves lives! I hope you continue sharing the stories you do as they offer hope, help people not feel alone, and cultivate compassion. Keep it up!
  • ireallyhatethisapp1234
    Like the show
    I like the show so I gave it five stars. I just wanted to say Garrett seems so insanely ungrateful. “Why did the cop have to shoot the guy???” “I heard he shot a dog once….” Excuse me??? You’re having these negative thoughts about the man who SAVED YOUR LIFE. 😒 prime example of what’s wrong with the world right now.
  • Tkd_Gal
    Interesting but…
    I like that the stories and format are different than so many other podcasts. However, I agree with some of the other reviews. These stories can be really tedious when the guests ramble on so much. Some episode can probably be 20 minutes max instead of an hour+. As with some previous comments, certain guests are just impossible to like. They put themselves in their predicaments-two people smuggling drugs, one person traveled during the covid lockdown and was trapped.
  • Juuky
    Great stories
    Scott Johnson is a great host. He’s incredible at facilitating the guests to tell their stories in a comfortable, compassionate fashion. And the stories are interesting, even when regarding things in which I previously had no interest. Definitely binge this one!
  • emcat206
    Ella the elephant girl…. Cringe
    This entire story was a stretch. She spoke about the actual “attack” in less than 5 words, making it clear that the title description of “being trampled” is clearly over the top. She walked away (literally) with road rash on her leg. I am an avid listener weekly and I love the stories, but this episode/story was pretty lame….to be honest.
  • CCL603
    I never miss an episode
    I await each new episode and listen right away. The latest one with 911 calls would be great if it weren’t for crappy static. Not your fault. I don’t know why they can’t make calls clearer after all these years. I wish I could listen all the way through but gives me a headache. I’ll be back at next episode though! Keep up the good work!
  • J3di7
    Dan peeps people for prison
    I love this podcast! The host has a great voice that’s engaging and asks just the right questions for the guests on his show! Dan’s story was exactly what people need to hear…he faced his consequences for his crime, and did his time! Dan turned his life around learning from his mistakes and telling people the real life story and what he experienced in prison and how to tap into those resource’s and be a better person coming out of prison - than going in. He took responsibility for his actions, and turned a negative experience into a positive one, that can help 1st time offenders get through a prison sentence, and how to use your resources, and knowing what actions you can take to help reduce your sentence -with help and from someone who experienced it first hand. I Love hearing peoples personal stories of life changing experiences-Great Podcast!!
  • Sammajamma213
    This is so cool and the different topics chosen are always fascinating.
  • DreagsD
    My favorite podcast!
    I love true crime podcasts but I needed a break! This podcast came up when I was searching for a certain topic and I am SO glad that I selected it! I started at the beginning and I have been binge listening when I’m cleaning the house, making food for my family, taking care of my chickens, driving-even when I am putting the baby to sleep! I am so glad that I don’t have to wait 2 weeks between episodes since I started at the beginning! I love how Scott very rarely interrupts and when he does, he is asking a question that I would ask! Love this podcast!
  • 1Loser
    Many Episodes Missing
    I really enjoy your podcast but many episodes are missing. I am only getting the oldest ones. A couple of years are missing. I got the latest a couple of days ago and when I wanted to listen to it it was gone. Where are the most recent episodes?
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