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Every Monday and Friday we will be breaking down and recapping the series that were, the standings, the good, the bad and the angry from MLB.

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  • tucsonsportsfan52
    Show needs Jomboy
    Jake is a great sidekick and Trevor can give an interesting perspective but all these “players only” episodes are becoming a drag to listen to. I hope James is back for at least the playoffs.
  • JMorelle
    It’s still a good show
    Still listen to every episode, but the show isn’t as good as it used to be. I struggle to listen to Jake spend 10 minutes saying “if this really good player plays really well, then that will be very impactful through the end of the season.” And if there was an option to just skip past when he says “I don’t know… I. Don’t. Know.” 15 times an episode that would be awesome. I hope you all take the show back in Jimmy’s direction.
  • Alba Varden
    Too many eps without Jomboy
    This podcast is the perfect one to listen to at 1.25 speed.
  • Still asleep
    Jomboy is great, Jake’s okay Trev not so much
    Jomboy’s recaps got me to this podcast.He’s great. Jake is his oldest friend, and while he’s an acquired taste, he’s okay and the dynamic between Jimmy & Jake is fun. Trevor is a chore to listen too. Narcissistic pretty boy who the other two seem to tolerate. Always seems about two steps behind the conversation. Waste of airspace. Update. Seems like Jomboy agrees. Has avoided episodes with Trevor. I think I’ll do the same. UPDATE: Jim seems to have abandoned the show. Without him the show is completely missable. Bye bye.
  • Jao1475
    Love them!
    I tune into these guys every week and love them! They make watching baseball more fun.
  • JohnCzech23
    Getting kind of stale.
    Used to be better a few years back. But I get it, they’re really successful now and have their show a certain way. Jomboy seems to be getting more bitter every year, doesn’t really seem like he was in 2019. Maybe he’s just getting burnt out. But, this podcast still has its moments and is still a good enough listen to stay subbed to it and at least give every episode 20 minutes before you decide if you want to skip. BBD, your fake laugh is horrible. Stop.
  • Gen-Z Jabberwocky
    Love the pod, still hate the Yankees
    Y’all are awesome, high quality content. Obvi y’all talk a lot about the Yanks, less Yankees and I’d give this pod a 6/5. #SEAusrise
  • T-Dogg1022
    Love this pod
    This pod is fun to listen to because of how the hosts make every recap so fun to listen to. Keep up the great work! 😊
  • BGC sports
    Mostly talks about the Yankees and the host complains a lot
  • SolomonH21
    Best baseball pod out there
    Best baseball pod on the internet. Their interviews sound like guys sitting in the dugout shooting the crap. And finally giving my Mariners some credit. #SeaUsRise JOMBOY DONT LEAVE THE SHOW!!!! PLEASE
  • Tatis Jr. ⚾️🔥
    I love Jake
    Really sad about Tatis. I feel like it should be less cause he is recovering it’s prob just a medicine for recovery. ⚾️💊
  • holdenolive
    Jake is a star
    Love this podcast. You all do a great job. Jimmy and Jake remind me in the best possible way of Jay and Silent Bob. Which I guess makes Trevor the Ben Affleck character. And-when you say “Bo Bichette” it really sounds like “Boba Fett.” There’s gotta be some kind of thing to go with there.
  • Johnjediknight
    Jimmy and Jake are basically Ken Burns for our time
    Ken Burn’s Baseball made me fall in love with the sport at a deeper level then ever before. It gave me a really good high on baseball. It made me smell the grass on opening day and feel peanut shells under my feet. Talking Baseball, Talking Yanks, Baseball Today, the Rose Rotation and other shows on Jomboy give me a small, steady dose of that same high Ken Burns gave me on a daily basis. They help me keep my love for baseball at a high level through the season, and help commiserate with me when my team is struggling. Thanks for working so hard guys! P.S. Tolkien Baseball should be it’s own weekly show. Trev watches 10 minutes of LOTR extended cut and relates the lesson from that scene to baseball and his career.
  • Mandannjdjsnsjakamananm
    Pls show up
    Shoutout jake for never missing a pod. Seems like either Jimmy or trevor has missed a series recap every every 3 shows. Sad!
  • toandromeda
    Talkin yanks 2.0
    Long time listen, but lately it just seems like they spend 5 times as long talking about the Yankees more than they do other teams. It’s just scores and stat reads with a “that’s cool I guess” followed but a Yankees insert after.
  • Jellbuc
    Not talkin yanks
    I really like some of the other shows they do but Jake and Jimmy are not as prevalent on the show as they should be. The recaps on talkin yanks are awesome but on this show they’re dry and it sounds like they’re just reading it off both a piece of paper. Show would be much better without Trevor.
  • Hitstickalicious
    These guys know baseball
    Long time listener, always a great show but just noticed the hyper-linked time stamps in the episode descriptions and I don’t know another show that does that
  • Flexibleofficeruler
    All growed up
    Congrats on the success. I’m stepping away due to the ‘in’ pod ad reads. (sheer quantity and selected products)
  • Bockabodie
    Best baseball podcast!
  • I need the ball k
    Great baseball podcast
    Love it⚾️
  • cubbies 31
    Great show
    It is all about Baseball but done in a way the casual fan can enjoy
  • RShaw1911
    Best baseball pod in history!
    I can’t wait for each episode to drop! You’ve got big league super star, and World Series prophet: Trevor Plouffe (Plow-fff). The man himself, Jomboy (Jimmy) who started it all. The greatest blitzball player to ever walk the earth, Shaky Snakes Jake. And you can’t leave out BBD with dropping bombs of breaking news and his high pitched laugh that will brighten your day. This pod will get you Roman ready, listening to the dudes talk about baseball being hot in the streets!
  • Billy Bathsalts
    1 star for Jimmy, 1 for Trevor. I think whatever Jake is, is off-putting, I hate the schtick, the sidebar bits and mutters of YANKEES… pinstripes in between continually bad baseball takes. How can you talk about expected stats while also sounding like you have no idea how the game of baseball functions I do not understand.
  • Eastern Ghost
    I’ve been listening for three years. My favorite podcast. I’m so much more informed than any other baseball person in my life. Love what each of you bring to the podcast. Respect the hard work and hustle. I exclusively listen while running or driving to work (almost never watch on YouTube). Something I’ve noticed while listening, Jimmy seems distracted/not paying attention pretty often. Interrupting others’ thoughts or making a point that Jake or Trev literally just said… completely oblivious that he’s saying the exact same thing. It’s distracting and interrupts the flow of the show. Still love it. Minor complaint. Admittedly, this may be less apparent if I was watching the video feed. Thanks for the great pod!!
  • Bob, not Bobby
    Bob’s Honest Talkin’ Baseball Review
    Full disclosure- Since my name is Bob, I am legally required to leave this review per the terms at the end of the April 13, 2022 episode. Tired of the corporate talking heads on ESPN, MLB Network, etc? These guys are talking to you, not down to you, as real fans of the game. It’s a passion project that deservedly blossomed into success. Another baseball radio show I do not need (tho I do dabble in other JM content). They have turned a lifelong fan of *my team* into more of a fan of the sport as a whole. The takes are compelling, the induced laughs get me weird looks at work.. I am not a friend of theirs, but they are certainly friends of mine.
  • CCapp79
    Weird laugh
    Love the podcast but someone in the crew laughs and it’s high pitched and wheezy. It’s really distracting.
  • TonyB507
    AL West
    Who is the dude who says I don’t know anything about the Tigers. You the fans tell me. Sure I want input like that. Glad your honest bro but I will stick with Baseball Tonight and The Athletic
  • JordMan12344
    The Best Ever
    Nothing comes close for me, best baseball pod out there
  • Millhhhh
    Best baseball pod hands down
    Jimmy Jake and trev . BBD
  • Kjjjkj
    Brought me into the podcast world
    I’ve always been a huge baseball fan, and have tried to listen to podcasts in the past(baseball as well as others) these guys are incredible and have brought me in. Now I listen to most podcasts from JM, and I haven’t missed a talkin baseball episode in two years. Keep it up, baseballs back! #jakesux
    Now this is how a baseball podcast should sound
    Their funny, knowledgeable and rarely let their biases show through and when they do they make fun of themselves and point it out. The coverage of the whole league including players and coaches is always high quality and presented in an interesting way. You can tell they are having fun and enjoying talking about baseball based on some of the holes they go down. Very well balanced for a bunch of guys who are Yankee fans - every team gets love!!! And they aren't afraid to be critical of MLB, Manfred, MLBPA, teams, coaches or players; which is fresh take compared ESPN or national TV coverage where the likes of Joe Buck and Buster Olney are brown-nosing the entire broadcast. Keep up the great work, looking forward to when there's enough baseball content for them to back on every day!
  • Dalton10
    Really hard to put out a transparent podcast about baseball and for it to hook the public. These boys have done that. Thank you for keeping it real and keeping the yankee favoritism in check. Love when y’all put people on blast as they deserve and of course the Arod baseball and Passan sound effects. Keep doing your thing 🔥
  • ConvictMyk
    5 stars
    Do you like fun? Do you like baseball? Well do I have a podcast for you…
  • scotnskc eje
    Love these guys
  • OCDodgerFan
    Favorite podcast 💙⚾️
  • DaveNBills
    Best baseball pod!
    Hands down the best in the biz
  • jvfchi
    I don’t know how this is is podcast….. Soooo bad
  • based senpai🙏🏼
    Love this math pod
    These guys brought my love for baseball back.. what more can I say? Just a bunch of hot guys talkin baseball. Thanks boys
  • jj_heller
    Best Baseball Pod
  • k baby smith
    Hands down fav podcast
    The best place to get your baseball hot takes and the right amount of comedy and personality!
  • Navy Sailor 87
    Best Podcast EVER!
    Jomboy, Jake, Trev, and BBD are by far the best people on the internet and single-handedly brought me back to baseball after many years! Thank you all!
  • Hdjxkzmzndjsjxjxndjksoz
    Best baseball podcast
    Jomboy, Jake, Trevor, BBD.. you guys are the best. Get me through my commutes. Love you guys!
  • Walky Talkies
    Fantastic show!
    I’ve been listening since day one and haven’t left a review, so shame on me. This is truly the best baseball show/ podcast you can consume. The banter and knowledge is unmatched, and you really feel like part of a community when you listen/ watch. Jimmy and Jake are two friends who love baseball and have a passion and knowledge that carries the show no matter the subject. Trevs expertise as a former big leaguer added a whole new layer to the show, and the way he fits in seamlessly with Jimmy and Jake still gives it that tight knit community feel. BBD is the silent hero we’ve all wanted, but don’t deserve. He handles the production of the show so perfectly that you won’t even notice a mistake unless someone calls it out, and hearing him chime in is one of the greatest treasures your ears can receive. All in all fantastic show, fantastic community, the best Baseball Pod in the business.
  • scfb2021
    Best Baseball pod
    Braves in 6 baby.
  • Always_AproPoe
    I love Talkin Baseball
    This is dope. Great vibes all day.
  • SSI335
    W. Nothing but Ws.
    I’ve tried every other baseball podcast and show. 100% the greatest show ever. S/o the chat. S/o breakdown vids. S/o the podcast. Let’s go. ~Jake sucks~
  • Larrythegoldfish
    Hottest wife in baseball
    Olivia Plfouffe, one of the annual three times you ask.
  • trevor has a hammer
    Trevor’s smoke
    Trevor Plouffe has the hottest wife there has ever been
  • Oaktree jr
    Best Baseball podcast
    The best baseball podcast with an actual prophet BI6!
  • Sambob-Chi
    Best in Baseball
    Haven’t missed an episode all year. Listening is the part of my week and can’t stop laughing.
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