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Every Monday and Friday we will be breaking down and recapping the series that were, the standings, the good, the bad and the angry from the MLB.

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  • Kprp182
    Thank God for JBM
    Love these guys, great league coverage, doesn’t take 3 hours to listen to. Fantastic content. Plus Jared Carrabis isn’t on here....thank God
  • F3AR TH3 B3ARD
    Great Baseball Talk from Diehards
    There are not enough great baseball podcasts; this is one of them. Don’t hesitate to tune in for across the league coverage.
  • balldongler
    Numb ah 1
    The best baseball podcast by FAR
  • collegefootball= 🇺🇸
    Looking for a new baseball podcast- this is it
    Was shopping around because I had grew out of barstool and Buster Olney went off the deep end with non-baseball related SJW political takes...and wow did I hit the jackpot with this one- great rapport between hosts, funny quips and awesome in depth baseball analysis. Thanks guys keep doing what you do.
  • Bhavik Upadhyaya
    Trevor plouffe is a god
    Trevor plouffe fixed Gary sanchez
  • billy timmy phil
    Avery from Playing The Numbers Podcast
    Honestly can say this is the best baseball podcast, and actually pretty entertaining while getting your baseball info. Inspired me to start a podcast and many others I’m sure. Give it a listen.
  • BUFFALO 2021
  • FatAnthony
    Great Podcast
    Honestly reignited my love for baseball. I will say though that if you like listening to podcasts while working this one might not be for you, within minutes of starting an episode I was laughing like I belong in an asylum.
  • bktheman10
  • PeeMev
    Best Baseball Podcast
    I listen to as many baseball pods as I can and this one is by far the best. Very entertaining.
  • OrangeCountyMike
    10 episodes in ....
    These guys seem like they are lifelong friends, I enjoy the stories as much as the baseball info. P.S. I didn’t like the Astros when they played in the NL West, now I hate them after the WS fiasco.
  • Carini97
    Hands down best baseball pod
    This crew is pumping out content and making baseball hot in the streets! Thanks Jomboy Media! Need more BBD!
  • dobbsy6985
    Good podcast. Could be better
    This is a good podcast but there are definitely areas that could use improvement. I do like how they incorporate humor along with some interesting perspectives. It makes it an enjoyable baseball podcast all around. Many baseball podcasts are too long or too dry/boring, only discussing analytics or theory. Those are great but this podcast has that entertaining factor that makes it nice. They also have a former MLB player in Trevor Plouffe who provides his insights as a former player. Jomboy is freakin hilarious. I was dying when Jomboy randomly said that he was going to google “Miguel Sano thighs” on the Twins podcast. Trevor is cool and seems to be down to earth. As a former player I thought he’d be cocky or duechy. But he’s laid back. Jake is annoying tho. He tries too hard to be funny. He reminds me of those dudes at parties who tells jokes but no one laughs. If he tones down the need to be funny all the time, he’d be better. Another annoying thing is that Jomboy and Jake don’t let Trevor talk sometimes. They interrupt Trevor at times, not letting him finish or they both go on rants and you don’t hear from Trevor for awhile. Oh and one more thing, come on Trev fix that dang mic or get a good one! Anyways, hope the constructive criticism helps. With a little improvement, they could be amazing. That’s why I’m taking time to write this review. Hoping for more success!!
  • Chubbs the Bulldog
    Upbeat & Fun to Listen To
    Upbeat and fun to listen to, a nice alternative to the left leaning ESPN Baseball Tonight, keep ‘em coming.
  • brayfinn22222
    I love Jomboy
  • thejbaker81
    Almost a 5
    Really enjoy the perspectives and how they actually have fun. It’s refreshing to hear a baseball podcast other than the stiffs Baseball Tonight. I couldn’t give it a 5 just based on Jake having that cliche annoying voice of someone from the Northeast.
  • Caleb Wells
    Great show
    I love Jimmy and Jake, watch Jomboy and Jake Tv every day but I grew up spending my summers in Minnesota I remember watching Trevor Plouffe play at Target Field. Almost as perfect as podcasts gets
  • odb_ama
    The voices... sultry.
  • Literary Pawn
    Exactly what I want to hear about baseball
    This is perfect!!!
  • Bake0708
    Great show.
    Entertaining baseball show that’s fair to all teams.
  • nickname boi 27
    Good podcast just too much Yankees
  • tonytones31
    Come onnnnn
    Usually enjoy listening to the show but the hatred on the dbacks was insane.
  • CheatCover22
    Love the show
    Please try and get your pre recorded PPP’s out earlier in the morning so that I can listen to them on during my commute!
  • cmac1680
    Best baseball show going
    Normal guys who are funny and smart but not nerds talkin’ baseball
  • phil6381
    Great pod
    Thanks for blending the fun and the hard core info. Much appreciated.
  • sox are 7 games back rn btw
    The best.
    Because plouffe asked me too
  • Saccosh
    The best baseball + math pod around
    Love baseball? Love endless math? This is the podcast for you! Jomboy, Jake, Trev, and BBD are such an entertaining group, my day is always better when there’s a new episode of Talkin Baseball. Jomboy Media is taking over the baseball world
  • Blakemincey
    Oh snap
    This pod is lit
  • Peteshow99
    No way...
    They actually got Chris Rose.... Best pod out there
  • Manny!123
    Solid Content
    I enjoy what I enjoy and I enjoy this. So enjoy with us all cause this is an enjoyable podcast.
  • Adez80
    Chris Rose
    Chris Rose
  • kyle vidano
    Hands Down Best Baseball Pod
    Love these TPPs, you guys do a great job! Also means baseball season is right around the corner!
  • mick dude
  • Mooser22
    Best baseball pod
    Not d bags like starting nine. Not nerds like buster.
  • wildpuig
    This is a math pod
    Best math pod around
  • y3@hd@wg
    Best Labor/Math Pod
    These guys are the best. Listen to every show
  • Chone Figgins 11
    Well done
    This podcast is much better than my Mariners tenure!
  • War Daddy 75
    These guys are hilarious
    I want to say they are the Wal-Mart version of Michael Kay,Matt Vasgersian and Danny Kanell but they’re way to wicked and twisted to be from Wally World. And I’m here for it!
  • bell bomb 35
    Fire podcast
    Absolute 🔥pod, by far my favorite. Not only are they hilarious, very accurate opinions as well
  • We all good in here
    Most of the low reviews say that they are kind of biased towards the Yankees but I think that if Trev didn’t say something about it any time that their is Yankees news it wouldn’t be a factor at all and sound neutral.
  • joro0315
    Thank you!
    This podcast has turned me from an avid Dodger girl into a true fan of the sport of baseball! Thank you!
  • UMass Band
    Good blend of fact, baseball opinion and fun.
    The guys know their stuff. It’s really good baseball talk, and they have fun with it. It’s the equivalent of baseball fans hanging out a bar, discussing their favorite sport. Good way to keep up with everything in the MLB and be entertained at the same time.
  • BBD lover
    Jake, BBD, Jimmy, Trevor, so many big names it’s looking like the Padres pitching rotation... there podcast is absolutely fantastic, they also have a youtube channels that post the video as well.
  • Steven fullerton
    Actual humans talking about baseball as they should
    Jimmy, Jake, Trevor and BBD do an awesome job of being completely authentic and real while they discuss all the happenings in baseball. Compared to other baseball media outlets, this feels more like hanging out with friends who are knowledgeable, funny, and obsessed with all things baseball. Love the fact that this isn’t a sterile, Xs and Os podcasts but infinitely colorful and entertaining. Love that they use profanity (rarely) and I don’t mind them talking about Yankees a little each episode. Makes it all the more real. Every baseball fan has their team.
  • PianoMusEd
    Great listen and truly a great baseball show!!
  • jsheldahl
    Best baseball show
    Not a generic vanilla corporate Baseball show. 5 stars across the board!
  • J Stalk
    Finally a good baseball pod
    These guys are great. Really good takes and truly care about baseball and it’s future. It has a style for all types of baseball fans. Also so nice not to have another interview heavy podcast. I’ve been listening consistently for a year and this review is long overdue. Keep up the good work! You guys are killin it! Just less Yankees talk and maybe someday my Mariners will be relevant enough to be brought up!
  • Dodgers nation for life
    Honestly the best bball pod out/or ever
    I love this pod no cap
  • wesnault
    Best baseball pod out. Love Jim, Jake, Trev and of course BBD. Thanks for the great content.
    Best baseball pod around
    Beat baseball pod the Internet offers, wish they were better at pronouncing names tho.
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