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Every Monday and Friday we will be breaking down and recapping the series that were, the standings, the good, the bad and the angry from MLB.

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  • SolomonH21
    Best baseball pod out there
    Best baseball pod on the internet. Their interviews sound like guys sitting in the dugout shooting the crap. And finally giving my Mariners some credit. #SeaUsRise
  • mattd005
    Really fun pod. Got me back into watching baseball.
  • Sweet Butter Joe
    #1 Baseball Pod Ever
    James, Jacob, Trev, and Big Big guys have converted me from casual baseball observer to rabid baseball-obsessed lunatic in just five short months. I literally haven’t missed an episode of Talkin Baseball the entire season. Not only do I literally laugh out loud multiple times during each ep, but the baseball content is excellent...and Trev has some good takes too. Also a big fan of the other JM content, breakdowns, J&J radio (ad), etc. Love you guys and what you’re your chemistry and ridiculousness as well as the solid baseball info and analysis. Keep up the great work!
  • ahahbdjduduc
    Best baseball pod by far
    Informative! It’s tough for a show to be for die hards and casuals at the same time and this show can do that. Jake is hilarious
  • Steve MonsterFace
    Love it!
    More BBD!
  • max the padres fan
    Appreciate the pity
    I was mad before because they were cheering for the Reds. But now I appreciate the pity for the Padres. Fun show!
  • Sultan of craft
    Talkin’ Baseball is hot in the streets
    Perfect blend of banter, comedy, stats, and most important....all things baseball. Best baseball pod out there folks!!
  • Michael 1947291&733
    Best baseball pod
    Jomboy and Jake provide great input from a fans perspective while Plouffe keeps it real from the players perspective. These three have great chemistry and make the pod as funny as it is informative. Great pod for baseball fans.
  • saucton
    Best baseball podcast
    Just great, never fails on the baseball side of thing ands always humorous
  • pieceofjunk69
    Best baseball show out there!
    I love you guys
  • Anonymous6969
    Brought me back to baseball
    Enjoyed baseball as a kid, felt out of the loop for a long time because there was so much you don’t know if you’re not well tuned in. Talkin Baseball pulled me back in like Michael Corleone in the Godfatha. Love the pod, very funny and also the best way to keep up with baseball if you aren’t scoreboard watching nightly.
  • NextGenBabyBomber#15
    Great Podcast
    I came from the Talkin Yanks pod and you guys did a great job here as well. Keep it up!
  • glizzybrawler
    So excited for Mets pod xd
  • Sox win
    It’s in the name
    What more could you ask for? Just dudes talking about baseball. Love it.
  • jboss_13
    Trev is a stud, they’re a schedule pod
  • tristanlee19
    Best baseball podcast out there
    Bigtime chron pod. Bigtime standings pod. Just know it's not a math pod.
  • nickeless.
    If listening to a group of…
    ..arrogant chuds is your thing, give this a listen! They use terms from 4 years ago a lot, like “fake news,” which is pretty “sad” and funny. My advice? Visit any random frat house instead and get the real experience.
  • JCRDT34187
    Great podcast. Every Monday and Friday I have the best 45 minutes (I listen at 2x) if my day. At about 3:30 I start refreshing every 5 seconds because I love listening to jomboy Jake and coach trev
  • only l decent d mom
  • mikey mcfresh
    Refreshingly Great Takes
    These guys are talented and they make baseball discussions fun again. (They just need to take it easy on Trev…)
  • Aroldis C.
    5 star service
    I am so please with my dining experience at Talkin’ Baseball today. They revolutionized what we all know and love about restaurants by omitting the 3 course meal, waiters, atmospheres, and the restaurant itself. Instead they feed you with baseball knowledge that you can use to feed your ignorant loved ones.
  • chriszeno15
    Look forward to it every week
    Literally the best. They helped bring my love of baseball back
  • qwrgbddjk1
    Best baseball pod out there
    I listen to many baseball pods. Whether it be ITL, effectively wild, CBS, prospect one, etc. All of which are great. Been listening to jomboy and Jake for years now and when it comes to just being a baseball junkie and topics around the game, Talkin Baseball is the best. Btw I'm saying g this and hate the Yankees.
  • Slugger27453377444665
    Great Podcast!
    This is the best baseball podcast! All the podcasts on jomboy media are great! Great work as always guys!!
  • Rocco O. Conrad
    Good but rose rotation is better
    If I am on a long road trip and having nothing to do or no service, I will listen to these. During the week I listen to the rose rotation which is shorter, more focused, and has different guest and co hosts every week. It has a better flow then talkin baseball and is more enjoyable. Talkin baseball is fun to listen to and I know getting un focused is part of the pod but I just think it gets to long and the rose rotation is better.
  • mardog1104
    two claps
  • Koalatyproductions
    It’s just simply
  • Pandadude64
    Beautiful show
    Schwarber is the best player in baseball
  • AndrewStevensonStan
    Jake’s Cake
    This show is the best. Absolutely love hearing these guys talk baseball. They always bring something new and they make this entertaining. Keep up the good work! Keep betting on Shwarbino to hit bombs. And I hope the Mets start losing.
  • broadsidetom
    It gets a little unfocused... that is a common problem for pods like this that are kind of talk shows about the currents.Nonetheless, it's a great set of takes. I think former MLBer Trevor Plouffe is the not-so-secret star of this pod, his perspective adds a ton of value, but the whole cast is good. Some of the humor falls flat for me, sophomoric at times. The language gets a little coarse now and then, so I prefer not to listen in front of my kids. I don't listen to every episode, but I've enjoyed many of them.
  • fmtjfj
    Mariners Lives Matter
    I love the pod. But they roast my mariners every episode.
  • Jake Storiale Fan Club
    If you are looking to get into baseball this covers everything you would need to know
    Super entertaining and they’re able to keep it engaging for all baseball audiences. Anything jomboy related is must watch
  • david062444
    These guys are very entertaining even beyond baseball as a truck driver a really fun listen keep it up fellas
  • Quintillion's
    May All Stars
    Looking at your all star team Narvaez deserves some consideration maybe not over Posey but he is ahead of Realmuto in my opinion. Love the Pod my go to for MLB updates.
  • Vtdee
    Love it
    Puts a smile on my face
  • jcomsa15
    Best baseball podcast
    If you are a diehard baseball fan/ someone who has a hint of interest, this is absolutely the best baseball podcast to listen to. Funny, informative and engaging, Talkin Baseball is absolutely must listen
  • Sneakerhead 2015
    The best
    Wish they talked more about smoking weed, they only mention it every 30 seconds
  • seanhil30
    Amazing show
    Funny and informative
  • TheRealZev
    The Ultimate Baseball Pod
    You can’t get anything better than this as far as covering MLB and Baseball as a whole. Every fan this podcast has is diehard and I’m pretty sure not many will disagree with that. You guys make The Best Baseball content and it’s just getting started 💪🔥
  • swaaaag91234
    BBD belongs in a big box
    BBD=star of the show
  • Landsrson
    Good podcast that mostly focuses on Bukkake throughout baseball. It’s pretty rampant.
  • mcx1110
    Awesome baseball talk
    Funny and smart about baseball without being nerdy or fanboy-ish. Jimmy, Jake, and Trev have such great chemistry.
  • Warriorcatsworld
    Love it
  • icecreamandjake
    Great Pod for Newbies
    I just started getting into Baseball after being mainly a football fan for most of my life. I love the league recaps and the information they put out. You’ll always get a great laugh with these guys. Keep up the great work.
  • Klbgjd69420666
    A concern
    I believe that David should take control of the show and make it a solo podcast
  • Chreeess
    Gabe Kapler is not a good person!!
    They really need to quit making Kapler out to be some “woke” messiah... he’s not a good person and everything g they praise him I cringe.....
  • Eric B Drums
    I like it
    I found these guys through Jimmy’s Astro’s breakdown and they’ve roped me in. I feel like this podcast is great if you enjoy baseball and want to expand your knowledge of the league as a whole.
  • Jack in New Mexico
    Not Recommended
    Language and content definitely not for family oriented listeners.
  • Collind1123
    It is ok.
    Too much filler. Lots of boring personal life details.
  • Kprp182
    Thank God for JBM
    Love these guys, great league coverage, doesn’t take 3 hours to listen to. Fantastic content. Plus Jared Carrabis isn’t on here....thank God
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