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Meditations, interviews, dharma talks and features from Lion's Roar Magazine and Buddhadharma: The Practioner's Quarterly.

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  • Waghappy
    The Barbie episode
    Such a fun episode. And so unexpected. I love the Buddhist sense of humor. I can’t describe it, but I think we get to laugh at ourselves more than other people.
  • vanishingpoet
    There is no woke Buddha.
    There is no overlap of far left woke ideology and true Buddhist teachings on compassion and bodhichitta. This is false advertising and has nothing to do with the dharma. You are warping the authentic teachings for political reasons and it is misleading. What does internalized racism have to do with bodhichitta, ahimsa or emptiness. This new use of language is purely divisive. The goal of Buddhism should be to see clearly and honestly beyond skin color and political language. OM mani padme hum.
  • De-bling
    Challenging Discussions offered with Love
    Each interview looks at the many contradictions we hold and cling to while also inviting us to let go of some of the weighty fears we carry each day.
  • ZACB
    Content is good. Hosts are not.
    The hosts are, for the most part, awful. Same guests with more skillful hosts would be appreciated. I end up seeking out the guests on other podcasts with hosts who are actually in conversation rather than the strange style of most of these hosts/interviewers which feels like they have no knowledge of the person before them and are so not in the present moment. The format is rigid and it’s frustrating because the topics/guests are excellent. But it’s like the hosts know nothing of Buddhism, what it means to be in conversation, or showing up in the present moment.
  • Peace seeker2
    Thought provoking
    Well edited talks with diverse Buddhist thinkers on pertinent topics. Short enough to be digestible.
  • CryptoYooper
    Lion’s Roar
    Excellent show. Great conversations! Keep ‘em coming.
  • Larry from Gardendale
    Lions Roar podcast # 47
    Great lesson...helpful and down to earth!!
  • Canttakemyjoy
    Needed Check Ups
    I love this podcast because it’s easier than I’d like to fall back into old habits, mindsets, behavior...Many of these episodes act as a checkup or diagnostic, calling attention to the steps on my mindfulness journey I might have rushed past or waved off because it was uncomfortable.
  • Cigarmonkey
    Thank you
    Thank you for sharing the dharma. Liked the recent episode that shared the back story of the articles in the recent lions roar magazine coming out. Some of the early episodes with interviews have some poor audio quality.
  • #pineappie
    Making Buddha’s teaching easy to understand and practice
    I wish I had found this podcast earlier. I grew up in a Mahayana family but after college I stopped practicing. Up until recently through meditation it’s starting to come back to me and the podcast and the lion,s roar website and articles make dharma easy to understand and very application to our modernized western lifestyle.
  • J. San Jose
    Lion’s Roar
    Love listening to these lessons from the dharma.
  • 1kaj1
    Practical and kind. Thank you.
  • MeHereAgain77
    Thank you
    This is a gift.
  • rowan2
    Bad sound quality
    I looked forward to hearing the podcast with Sylvia Boorstein talking about Mr. Rogers. The sound quality was so bad that I was unable to understand what was being said. Very disappointed and hope that it can be improved. Thank you.
  • TL Ross
    Grateful to see this new resource!
    I buy Lions Roar magazine and receive the email newsletter as my primary learning source for the Dharma in my rural location. This first episode offered 3 short interviews with teachers who related very direct and applicable lessons. Hearing the teachers own voice offered additional insight. I have already been able to share the publications with other learners, and this podcast is even more accessible to beginners and more experienced alike.
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