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The Jack Kornfield Heart Wisdom hour celebrates Jack’s ability to mash up his long established Buddhist practices with many other mystical traditions, revealing the poignancy of life’s predicaments and the path to finding freedom from self-interest, self-judgment and unhappiness.

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  • KAS2211
    I love the podcast but I suggest reconsidering the BetterHelp sponsorship. BetterHelp is not a conscientious mental health provider.
  • Peepsmomma
    Life changing
    I love this human being so much. I am listening to these episodes over and over again. Thank you for you, Jack!
  • MaggieGrim505
    I get so much out of this podcast. Jack has a way of teaching that is so accessible without ever being anything less than totally illuminating.
  • Bassprince
    Life Saving
    I look forward to Jack’s wise words and soothing voice every chance I get. A veritable balm to the soul!
  • glimadoll
    Jack, You are wonderful but your sound is awful
    Get a good microphone, please!!!!
  • Jayvonne
    Love This Man
    Been following him for years. Wish I knew about his podcast sooner. I buy all the books of his I can afford. Love his voice.
  • hair62
    I am so excited I have found this podcast I heard him interview in the podcast the wolf you feed. It was a beautiful interview thank you I’m excited to listen to your own podcast to
  • Kristina Maryann
    I love you but
    I love you but for the love of G*d, can someone just edit the clinking and clanking and scuffing out of some of these beautiful tracks?
  • nickanderhoey
    Man, I love this guy!
  • CosmicKiwi44
    A beautiful podcast full of wisdom and hope. Jack has a a big, open heart and you can feel it through every podcast! I recommend this to everyone!
  • Hopeful A
    Thank you
    Thank you for your kind words.
  • HopeFliesLaura
    A Blessing on this Earth
    Really feeling the true blessings of Jack Kornfield’s spirit and his teachings...heart opening. Thank you for sharing and guiding the way with your light...showing us to shine ours. We have the Power.
  • Fancy Scientist
    Listening to Jack always provides me with so much wisdom. I love him.
  • songwritergirl
    Thank you
    I’ve always listened to and loved the teachings of Jack Kornfield; his thoughtful, elegant, soulful dharma talks have kept me tuned in for years. But I had wandered away from my mindfulness practice in the weirdness of this pandemic. This podcast has really tuned me back in to being able to observe, and to feel compassion for myself, and for others. As I listened to one of the talks, I found myself sitting with tears rolling down my face, realizing how strong I was requiring myself to be while battling loneliness, grief, fear, and my mind’s constructions of various futures, all rather unpleasant. Thank you, Jack, for helping us keep our hearts open and our minds still. It’s a great gift.
  • amigosaq
    Elegant, erudite, but with a light touch...
    These teachings will encourage anyone interested in living a more human, insightful, and compassionate life. It’s not necessary to be a Buddhist to allow the presentations to shape one’s spiritual practice . I often listen at night, and find it relaxing. Thank you, Jack and Spirit Rock!
  • dhamma59
    The voice of wisdom
    In an other wise chaotic world there is a voice of wisdom, calm, and love. Jack is the epitome of teacher. If everyone followed him the world would be a much much better place. Peace.
  • lingua203
    A wise man filled with advice
    You just don’t realize its over because he engages you so much nothing else seems to go on. Good advice, little jokes, insights on meditation - this podcast is a real jewel.
  • Sean--Cain
    Love these talks
    Jack has been so helpful to me and so many others. So grateful for the plethora of free Dharma talks these days!
  • Vprada
    So much wisdom and love!
    What an amazing podcast! Love every episode! So much love and wisdom and love in each episode. Thank you!
  • goosekrishna
    Most special and sacred
    Jack has the the beauty and wisdom of pure divinity I love him this is one of my favourite podcast ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏
  • JennyAHansen
    Beautiful Keynote with Jack.
    I am so thankful for these keynotes being saved and put into a podcast. I always hear or learn something new every time I listen to a new episode or one I have listened to many times before. It is nice to find a podcast that is truly educated on the lifestyle.
  • Stevie.Nix
    Leave the politics out
    I love Jack so much; since 2009 I have been a dedicated listener and reader of his works. He transformed my world. I fear, however, that he is alienating certain people by veering too much into politics with every talk. Whether or not he is right in his judgment isn’t the point; we’re all trying to come together to hear a message that transcends party lines, the US presidency, and the identity politics of present day narratives. Please consider.
  • Ohcrap the First
    Episode 2 turn off
    I read Jack’s book, A Path with Heart and enjoyed it, so I turned to his podcast for more. The second episode is a complete turn off from anything else he has to offer. I tried for weeks to let the commentary be what it was, and not let it disturb me. But phrases like “I like to F women” were casually tossed into a deeply meaningful conversation about death and seeking the Christ mind, with no rebuttal from Jack. It felt like verbal assault. Being raised in Christian America- I’m supposed to let “boys be boys” - and that is one of the reasons I turned to meditation and mindfulness, seeking beyond the confines of dominant religions like Christianity that keep women down. I find it difficult to listen to him speak on any topic of enlightenment after he dropped the ball in what felt like listening to a group of bros talking about their penises in such a Western-dominate way. Sex is taught to be something to honor and enter into mindfully, not just in conservative religions but in Buddhism as well. Sex is also something that can be over-consumed and drain our vital life energy if our mental formations about it are not healthy. As he spoke it became clear that this comedian Jack spoke with thinks that with Eastern philosophy, freeing yourself from feeling guilty or bad about sex = you can say/feel whatever you want because it’s a all natural/manly experience. There’s a lot more he has to learn, and yet a teacher like Jack didn’t offer him or the other listeners the opportunity.
  • FreeParking
    Chicken soup for the soul.
    Jack is a treasure! I have found so much comfort and wisdom in these podcasts. If your feeling down or disconnected, listen to some stories, and consider some ancient wisdoms.
  • april_ladybug
    The most loving and kind
    I love listening to Jack every night as I tuck into bed. His stories are beautiful and touching, his voice soothing and comforting.. I just love this podcast so much. My heart and mind forever grateful.
  • Omoiyari23
    Soothing to the heart
    the most beautiful podcast imo
  • Sunny Wunder
    Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield
    Thank you for your insights, your love, and your intellect. Your podcast has meant so much to me. It helps ground me in all the ways that benefit my growth.
  • Flery❤️
    Funny and Inspiring!!
    I can’t get enough of Jack’s wisdom from years of life experience that inspires, teaches and leads me on a path to keeping my heart open.
  • Black Magick
    I love listening to Jack’s talks, warm tone, funny and kind. Always welcome in my ears.
  • Pamelazee
    My favorite podcast
    these episodes truly helped and molded me. I enjoy them very much.
  • Janer@108
    With profound gratitude
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Your words just open up my heart!
  • KarenLerman
    Truly powerful podcast
    Wonderful show. Great introduction and, at times deep dive, into Buddhist principles and how they can have an affect on our lives. Listened to all of them (some on repeat :) Also, the most relaxing voice. Thank you Jack and everyone who makes it available. ♥️
  • oneofthegoodones
    The best!
    Jack Kornfield is like a soothing balm rubbed on your mind.
  • Beehivesteph
    Like a re-calibration
    I love this podcast! I have had Jack’s recording of the loving kindness meditation in my rotation for years, and this is like the next step for me. Anytime I listen to this podcast, I feel like I am returning to center, to what is important, and away from the things that I so often give too much weight in my life. ❤️!
  • bree.freez
    Forever grateful
    I’m so grateful to have this free opportunity to listen to Jack! I look forward to listening every chance I get!! Thank you for sharing this gift of all Gifts 💖✨🙏🏽
  • AnthonyDissen
    Beautiful Wisdom
    I have fallen head over heels for this amazing collection.
  • DiscoverClarity
    So Much Kindness and Love
    Jack is so great to listen to. I appreciate the wisdom and powerful insights Jack provides. It's like coming home to a kind friend who's waiting there to great you. Thank you Jack!
  • Eternally Gratefull
    In eternal gratitude
    If Ram Das were no longer still with his corporal state in this plane of consciousness, I would testify to Jack Kornfield as being a Rimpoche of his soul. Dear Jack, you & your dear wife, Trudy (of equal & just merit) are among the crucial, central fonts of genuine spiritual wisdom; loving awareness & messengers of the One true Consciousness to we, the thwarted, skewed, lost & hungry souls “caught” in this Western materialists realm of our misguided existence. The entire “collective” of all your fellow seekers & spiritual teachers of your generation, we owe our eternal gratitude to. Thank you Lord of all creation for bringing this genuine, loving wisdom to us through these true Bhodisattvas.
  • IRunforChocolate
    Beautiful and calming
    I love this podcast. If you listen to a batch of them, you will hear a lot of stories repeated but still great.
  • A purple pope.
    This will put you on a beautiful frequency in your mind.
    This podcast has helped me tons when depressed. It can put you in an awesome mind state. Duncan Trussell brought me here.
  • Aloha Buzz
    The power of one for the power of all. Thank you Jack for your brilliance, love and generosity.
  • Eye-love
    Uplifting and deeply insightful
    These podcasts are such a sweet gift. I love listening to them on car rides as a way to make use of my time. Mr. Kornfield weaves together different spiritual traditions and insight into daily life to create talks that inspire and uplift me to become a more enlightened human.
  • Hwke25
    Thank you Jack!
    What a wonderful voice of ease and a constant reminder about how important the present really is. Love these talks and discussions
  • Gregor the Monster
    This has saved me
    Im a very emotionally sensitive, anxious, and over-thinking man. It's nice to hear Jack's voice and teachings on how to slow down the feelings and mind. And create more space for them to exist.
  • SIU student
    Moving, Profound
    Jack Kornfield is an awesome teacher!
  • loudcustomer5280
  • Zoemousagapo
    Beautiful, Inspiring Wisdom
    Jack Kornfield is gently guiding me toward greater awareness of the peaceful still wisdom within. I love how he quotes from the work of all kinds of writers, artists, spiritual leaders, and so forth. He is an excellent speaker.
  • drahjers
    This is a gift my friends
    I was drawn into Jack's personable and understandble wisdom. The quick witted humor was suprising. I'd always wondered how incredible it would be to have a great teacher to have a stream. I was very thankful that such a thing exists. Hard to believe! I'm loving it! Thank you.
  • Nomadbeatz
  • Safish
    Love jack
    Such a nice, calm listen. Always helps me to reflect and expand.
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