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I’ve spent over 20 years studying the emotions and experiences that bring meaning and purpose to our lives, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: We are hardwired for connection, and connecting requires courage, vulnerability, and conversation. I want this to be a podcast that’s real, unpolished, honest, and reflects both the magic and the messiness of what it means to be human. Episodes will include conversations with the people who are teaching me, challenging me, confusing me, or maybe even ticking me off a little. I'll also have direct conversations with you about what I’m learning from new research, and we'll do some episodes dedicated to answering your questions. We don’t have to do life alone. We were never meant to.

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  • jannw65
    I never believed in white privilege until I listened to this crap and I am a middle aged white woman.
  • loveace100908
    Yes please!!!
    In part 2 of Armored versus Daring Leadership you mentioned that if this was helpful you could do another. Yes please!!! For me, to make it even more actionable, it is helpful when you provide the context and the words through examples. Thank you for sharing you heart, your knowledge and for challenging others to strive to be better.
  • Mia and Michelle
    Love love love
    I loved the episode on the guideposts about certainty and intuition and silence and the gut feeling. This really spoke to me and I would love it if you talked more about it! All of the women I know struggle with our gut feelings verses reality and when we can’t always explain our intuition but we just know something. Love this topic!!
  • jumpingbengalslady
    What the?
    Where did all your episodes go from last year??? I loved them! And wanted to listen to them again!
  • amiew.
    Must listen
    I’m always learning something and love the authenticity factor….. beautiful soul!
  • wilhelmina a.
    Coffee talk
    Way too much chit chat, “cussing,” and navel-gazing happening here, with little to no insight. At the end of this teaser (with the remaining episodes on Spotify) someone wonders whether listeners will keep listening. Hard to imagine why they would.
  • Amyjosmile
    Love it so much!
    I love all of your books and now we get to hear you every week, live!!! So amazing!
  • Medievalmave
    I forget it’s on Spotify
    I saw this new episode for the book and was so excited. Nope only a “freebie” given to us to get us to listen to Spotify. So I can skip this one. Boo Spotify for refusing to let Apple podcasts upload new episodes. I knew the podcast was moving to Spotify, but thought new episodes would still be available here. They are not. So I’ve stopped listening. I keep meaning to open Spotify and listen. But all the podcasts I listen to are here on my podcast app and ready to cue up. Sorry, Brene. Someday I’ll catch up.
  • Gee34512
    Change to Spotify
    Hmm... not sure why! Would also like to see a few more authentic guests like Mystic Michaela.
  • Zoeli Baby
    Commercials on Spotify
    I listen to dare to lead on Spotify. I pay for premium and hate the commercials on this podcast. Why exactly are they needed here. No wants to hear these. Love the show hate the ads. It is hard to reconcile why these are necessary.
  • tlblev
    Untamed and Glennon Doyle
    I just listened to Brene and Glennon together talking about Untamed. Oh my gosh, the back and forth about the incredible truth telling in Glennon’s story was right on. I loved every minute of it! You’re in for a treat! Don’t miss it!
  • BonBon2214
    Love Brene, but
    Love Brene, but not moving to Spotify. Feels like she cares more about money than reaching out to all her fans and followers. I realize it’s still free to listen, but I hate Spotify.
  • kimrayb
    With great gratitude
    Thank you for the continued reminder to check in and be more self aware. Love love armor off = curiosity on!
  • LeadingandLearning
    Armored vs Daring leadership
    These episodes were so incredibly helpful and informative! Please do more like these!!
  • Crazy4celebriteez
    Love the show- all the episodes are on Spotify now
    Love Brené, but ...
    The podcast has become exclusive to Spotify with no notice or warning. People are still confused, months later! There’s a weird celebrity-insider element to newer episodes that feels very at odds with Brene’s core message. On the flip side, Brené at her best is a great service to humanity.
  • Northsidesoxgirl
    Life changing
    Giving me the power to go to work tomorrow. Thank you.
  • YellowTandy
    Pretty good
    Some hits, some misses. I appreciate the subject matter and the selection of guests.
  • sc022308
    Why do I have access to 4 episodes?
    I’ve been a supporter from the very beginning but have access to 4 episodes. Why?
  • serafina13
    Where is the episode with Oprah about trauma and vulnerability?
    I would like to hear the episode you did with Oprah. Where do I access it ?
  • PeaceLoveKB011
    Why aren’t there a million more episodes!!?!
  • Bigkitty100
    Queen Brene
    Her wisdom feeds my soul!
  • G_Chere
    Brené is A Hero/Heroine
    Words are hardly enough to express my admiration and respect to Brené Brown. She is an extremely hardworking researcher, author, and gifted storyteller. I pray and hope that some of the online negativity won’t dim her bright light that’s shining on the majority of her followers all over the world. She is one of the very few heroes and luminaries we are blessed to have in our life time. Thanks to Oprah for introducing us to BB through “Super Soul Sunday” pod-community. My soul, will forever recognize Brené’s deep insight and compelling voice. She is pure joy. What a blessing to be chosen for this wonderful calling!!! Thank you!!! Much Blessings & Love!!!🙏💕👍
  • danicolorado10
    Glenn on Doyle
    Wow. I listened to this episode on my morning walk along the beach... I sent it to everyone! So amazing. So inspiring. So real. Love!
  • Kk4545
    A New Vocabulary for Leadership
    These recent episodes on armored vs. daring leadership and grounded confidence may have just transformed my life. The amount of wisdom wrapped up in them is breathtaking. More importantly, it is a new vocabulary for us to start talking about leadership! I need to revisit the transcripts and listen again and again! Thank you 💕
  • monkeyfish68
    Seriously wanting to anonymously get the episodes about armored verses daring leadership to administration at my agency. Would have to do it anonymously or risk some sort of repercussions, but I appreciate this vision of how to authentically lead and approach problem solving. I guess I wish there were some ideas for those of us who are in the supervised position to advocate for better leadership from our leaders without jeopardizing our jobs! - Signed overworked public sector social worker
  • Lems815
    Where are the old episodes?
    Came to relisten to an favorite episode from season 1, and they’ve been taken down?! What’s going on? Very frustrating. Thanks for making it clear that it’s all about the $$$ for you! Love the guests’ insights, but Brené herself gets on my last nerve. So privileged, so clueless about how the majority of the population lives. Big ego, little self-awareness!
  • Iamgroot2018
    Social Worker to Social Worker
    Love your podcast and it just does my heart a solid and gives our profession an uplift to hear you and acknowledge all the research! Well done.
  • 1shauna6
    Glennon Doyle
    The interview or “sister time” in this podcast sent chills up and down my body!! Amazing , fabulous women with insight to spare! Changing my life’s journey just got a smidge easier when I have women like these to help bouey me up. Thank you thank you 😊
  • Elena_Aguilar
    Great podcast but I’m confused
    I love this podcast but why are only some available on Apple Podcasts? They’re all on Spotify - is this a platform competition thing?
  • Adobespain
    We don’t want spotify
    I love your voice and your podcast channel but please don’t try to convince us to switch to spotify. Thanks
  • Thank you Dr. Brown!
    All the stars
    Especially enjoyed the two part series on Armored vs Daring Leadership - So many call outs that relate directly why I’ve left organizations before but had a difficult time giving feedback on. Also great suggestions on how to be aware of and approach situations that have put me into an “armored” position in my own management experience. Thank you!
  • JRunRN
    ❤️❤️ Leadership series
    I loved the leader ship series that was just posted. I need a team of about 25 healthcare workers so navigating change and conflict is tricky.More so after the pandemic fatigue that they have all been experiencing. I would love to hear more examples of how to navigate tricky and sticky conversations. Thank you Renee for your fearless leader ship skills and for sharing them.
  • Cad man 164
    This will help me see things differently at work. Thank you for this. Keep them coming. I’m not in a leadership role, but I think it will help me be a better employee. Maybe help me to see the other perspective 😎
  • Ashley A DaCar
    Brene’s impact goes unmatched
    The impact you make through all of your hard work and experiences in bringing this goodness out to our world is unmatched. Thank you for all you do and the knowledge you spread. I am always impacted by all Brene has to share.
  • KateG78
    One of the best, but...
    I wish you hadn’t moved exclusively to Spotify. I like having all my podcasts in one place. You’re doing great work and helped me get through 2020.
  • mantzoukas's beard
    I miss Brene
    Love her podcasts so much and am so sad that she’s left iTunes. The other platform is not as easy to find her and then have to always sort things out to find new episodes. Please come back or encourage the new platform to do a better job of making podcasts accessible.
  • Carlos lagrazie
    Biased woman
    Lady is very biased only speaking from her experiences seems she doesn’t have much of that.
  • marshmallowaquarious
    There’s just no one like Brené Brown. Engaging, thoughtful and funny. Her academic credentials are important and undergird everything she says.
  • Barb880087654
    Listen and be challenged
    I enjoy listening and being challenged by Brene.
  • nahsjsjsbdb
    Why’d you leave for Spotify? Are you being clicky? I like your content enough to not believe it’s a commercial move for more money so can you talk about why you moved? I only use Apple and miss my Wednesday mornings.
  • SheGiles
    Broken promises
    I’m incredibly disappointed in Brene and her decision to move to Spotify. I listened to and enjoyed every episode of Unlocking Us that came through the Apple feed (I use the Overcast app). I was genuinely impressed by her commitment to only using advertisers she truly used and personally endorsed. That’s the awkward, brave, and kind Brene I’ve been learning from for over a decade. I’m not sure what drove her decision to move to Spotify and start using mainstream advertisements, because I haven’t been listening. The Spotify app is horrible for podcasts and I’m not interested in maintaining podcast feeds in two different apps. I haven’t even listened to the Obama/Springsteen podcast because it’s on Spotify. I miss hearing Brene and I’m enjoying the episode that showed up today (except the ads). I hope you consider coming back to the Apple feed.
  • Butterflychaser
    Touching everything about the human experience.
    I absolutely love this podcast. Every episode is eye opening and filled with ah-ha moments. Informative and filled with knowledge we need.
  • nwp_art
    Thank you.
    Such tender and deep content. A real pleasure and learning experience!
  • LisBored
    Good podcast but clearly selling out
    Spotify is the death of all art
  • Require5stars
    Why has this stopped updating?
    I like this podcast but it is no longer updating.
  • weraadre
    Good podcast, sorry it isn’t on my app
    I used to love listening to Brene, but now it’s in Spotify only and I never go over there. Not changing apps for one podcast. Guess I’ll have to read her books.
  • Pomptribe
    The talk with Austin is best described by the words of legendary Bayard Rustin it was like “taking a whiff of something that simply opens your nostrils except that it happened in my brain.” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • musicappreciation72
    Opened my mind and brain to people and ideas! So so grateful!!!!
    This is mostly on Spotify but where else to review it? I read and listen to everything and yet this blew my mind so many many times!!!! Alicia Keys? Did not know her, now LOVE her so much! Ted Lasso? Told all my friends about it! And BURNOUT? The podcast and then the book changed me! Thank you! Thank you!
  • SpeedyG1243
    No longer available on Apple Podcasts
    Looks like the ownership of podcast content has finally arrived and spotify won’t let Apple update the new episodes onto the Apple platform. unfortunate that it’s come to this and the advertising/sponsorship model doesn’t allow for shared content.
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