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I’ve spent over 20 years studying the emotions and experiences that bring meaning and purpose to our lives, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: We are hardwired for connection, and connecting requires courage, vulnerability, and conversation. I want this to be a podcast that’s real, unpolished, honest, and reflects both the magic and the messiness of what it means to be human. Episodes will include conversations with the people who are teaching me, challenging me, confusing me, or maybe even ticking me off a little. I'll also have direct conversations with you about what I’m learning from new research, and we'll do some episodes dedicated to answering your questions. We don’t have to do life alone. We were never meant to.

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  • SEteez
    Brene Brown
    Thank you Brene for making me laugh and cry and dig deep ! I love your podcast I love your rawness. Your podcasts has helped me so much get through some rough times. I was a nurse researcher & it was always amazing looking at the results after collecting patient data ! I soo appreciate your work - thank you for stepping into the arena!
  • kma.inc
    Dolly Parton interview
    What a breath of fresh air!
  • new to meal planning
    Dolly 💕
    The episode with Dolly was absolutely delightful.
  • KimTalim
    Dolly Parton interview
    Just listened to the interview of Dolly Parton. Wow. So connecting and powerful. She is the epitome of someone who has empathy and gives love and unconditional grace. I have always appreciated her and her accomplishments, but this interview increased my respect for her. Thanks!
  • Smiles at the park
    Dolly Parton😍
    Loved your talk w/ Dolly Parton !!! Dolly Parton is just what everyone needs during COVID. Thank you Brene !!
  • laura_macpherson
    Love Brené and her work, and this podcast is no exception! I also appreciate her courage to explore the difficult issues we’re facing today in a way that is hopeful and leaves me encouraged to keep working for change!
  • turtkelover12
    I have loved Berne’s work for years. This is exactly what I wanted and needed in my life. I have learned and grown so much. Thank you.
  • MEClarke87
    Often Recommend to My Clients
    This podcast nourishes my soul. To have Brene in this weekly, accessible and down-to-earth format is truly an incredible gift. As a fellow social worker with a private mental health practice, I often recommend specific Unlocking Us episodes to my clients—the Harriet Lerner episode on apologizing and the Nagoski sisters’ episode on burnout are the two I most frequently recommend (so far). Excellent excellent content. If Brene is taking requests, I would absolutely love to hear an interview with Jonice Webb, PhD and the hidden, devastating epidemic of Childhood Emotional Neglect. Keep up the amazing work, Brene! You’re an incredible resource on many levels, and the world is a better place because both you and your work are in it!
  • Char Christian
    Due to apparent left leaning political agenda.
  • Me in COS
    Thought-provoking and uplifting
    I am always challenged to look more deeply at my own assumptions and motivations when I listen. I have yet to hear a show that I just coast through and feel completely reaffirmed that I’m doing everything great, and that’s good! I want to be challenged to know better and do better and Brene is adept at leading people to find their own path to take for that challenge. I see a lot of people claiming that this show is “too political” and doesn’t respect certain viewpoints. If your viewpoint is leading from fear and diminishing others into compliance, you absolutely SHOULD continue to listen and learn, even though it is uncomfortable.
    Dr Brown seemed to speak to all of us at one time. Now her message is aimed at fringe elements in our society. They should be heard as well. But how about some conservative voices, average Americans, just people living their best life??? Seems she has forgotten her roots and become an activist who only preaches to the choir. Disappointing indeed.
  • JessFoz
    Go woke, go broke
    I LOVED your books! I even sought out a counselor trained in your methods. Sadly, this pod caves to the woke mob ideology, which is ironically deeply rooted in shaming those who don’t think the “right” way. I can’t listen. It feels VERY hypocritical...which those who are “woke” either can’t see in themselves or think the “unwoke” are just too stupid to see. Sorry Brene. Thank you for helping me through a tough place in my life, but I have to leave you.
  • brencoffee
    Brené Brown will challenge and comfort you in a time so many of us need it!
    Dr. Brown’s work is an invaluable contribution to our world. Each guest will affirm what you may inherently know, while inspiring each step you take forward. Do yourself the great favor of subscribing to her podcast.
  • Lydiaoakley17
    The most recent episode with Gabby Rivera was phenomenal! I’m a huge fan of the podcast, I would love to hear conversations about spectrum of queer identity in the future. Xx
  • pmcfm
    One of my favorites
    Brene Brown’s work has changed my life!
  • molpmo
  • HBen651
    Social work is political.
    I am surprised to see so many people who feel she does not have a right to discuss her convictions, ethics, and values on her podcast.She owes you nothing. If you were a true fan and knew about her history as a social worker, her including political themes in her podcast would not be of surprise to you. Social work is inherently political, and she is a social worker first and foremost.Thank you for your courage.
    Woo woo. Nope.
    I feel like women who listen to this podcast are searching for some kind of answer. The “live, laugh, love” crowd. This podcast does not provide those answers. It fails to hold my attention unless she is interviewing a guest. It is too woo-woo. Complete nonsense.
  • Shaeb09
    Why Advertisements?!
    I get the financial gain, but the flow of the podcast is disrupted. Our world is bombarded with interruption. Brene exudes focus, concentration, ease and flow. The advertisements disrupt this entire philosophy. Please consider realigning with core values.
  • LeafeAfton
    Theory of Enchantment
    Love you Brene’. Please have Chloe on who created Theory of Enchantment and references you in those teachings
  • sabiharani
    Refreshing Perspectives
    Brene’ Brown is a breath of fresh air and perspective on leadership, vulnerability, and empathy rooted in a genuine hope and understanding of what motivates and speaks to humans. Her ideas and concepts on leadership resonate with, and apply to company cultures as well as to the governing of our society and our country. I particularly loved her recent episode with Biden. It reinforced my hope and belief that he is the right leader for us at this time.
  • Jame101
    She is a LEADER. She is REAL. She is HUMBLE.
  • tired mom in the suburbs
    Been a huge fan for years but need a lighter podcast
    Sometimes someone needs a break from activism. I may tune in to a podcast or two in the future but I would have to enjoy the guest, sadly I used to tune in just for the host.
  • 387211slm
    Head up!
    Haters gonna hate, always from the sidelines, never in the arena. How brave you’ve been in your work and in this podcast. Keep your head up, your back strong, and your front soft. Wild hearts terrify the hateful and scared. March on!
  • kms8551 654
    This should be required listening
    Everyone should be listening to this podcast because it is so important in understanding the human experience. Love love love.
  • beingmultidimensional
    Thanks so much Brené ✨
    I started listening to your books four years ago when I began to navigate my way through trauma and shame. So happy to be reconnecting with you on this podcast. Thank you for daring greatly by being raw, authentic, and sharing your presence with the world. This allows others, like myself, to be lifted out of the depths of darkness and into the light. So grateful to know you :)
  • hcubibyAuz
    Strong back soft front...
    The timing of this podcast was huge! I had a scheduled telehealth therapy call at 7:30AM which my therapist forgot! I needed it badly due to the state of the election at that point. This podcast helped me to put things in perspective; to be strong and vulnerable...and present. As an aside about your interview with Joe Biden - I was honestly impressed that he was bravely creative in appearing on this type of media outlet. Talk about vulnerability!! At the same time, I had no opinion about you choosing him to speak. This is simply an example of how “passionate” people have become about their personal political candidate choice. My two cents and thank you.
  • guitardiva2
    A soft, warm light
    Brenè Brown’s insight and knowledge shines a soft, warm light into the dark places where I tend to hide.
  • JLLI3
    Brene’, I can’t thank you enough for your grounded & sound wisdom in these unprecedented times. You are a light in the darkness calling to all of us, “This way! Keep walking through with a strong back & a soft belly. And remember...do no harm & take no crapp!” You’re one of my top 5 favorite warriors. I wish you peace, joy, love & continued resiliency. God bless you always dear lady.
  • Maria Tolstykh
    Gratitude to BB
    Thank you Brene for holding my wild heart in times of anxiety, uncertainty, sadness, and grief. Thank you for bringing many moments of joy, connection, and love. In a very unusual way, over the years, you’ve become one of my best friends! I know I can always rely on you being vulnerable. And that gives me strength and courage! Thank you for being you!
  • Tsohcvq
    Re: Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart
    Thank you SO much for this! This was EXACTLY what I needed!! I didn’t even realize how much. Thank you, thank you. Your Sexy Rice, Hairy Toes Fan-Club.
  • A2468345
    I love that Brené is so raw and real in her own life, and she’s willing to share it with all of us. I trust her wisdom that she gives to us all. I think it’s because she is so open and honest about the mistakes that she makes on a daily basis even though she has lead this social scientist research. Her laugh is contagious on the podcast. I find myself laughing and enjoying the episode along with her. She has helped me see my difficult relationships in a new way and build on strategies to make them stronger without giving up my sense of self. She is brilliant and yet, so humble. She has pointed me to others in the field who have shaped my way of thinking, including- Harriet Lerner, and Glennon Doyle. I am forever grateful for all of her work. I hope to meet her one day-#fangirl 💗
  • Terri_5_Star
    Thank you
    I just got a new job and it came with a commute. I am enjoying the drive time because I get to listen to your podcasts uninterrupted! I have had many Goosebumps moments this week listening to this series! Thank you and keep up the great work!
  • Keyotr
    Strong back and Wild heart!
    I don’t typically write reviews but Your podcast with Biden was amazing not because of him because of your discussion of power. It secured my vote with picking the right candidate for me. Today as I listened about the strong back, soft front and wild heart. Thank you for being a wild heart and speaking out with information and bringing the facts. Please keep that strong back and being wild heart. I’ll have a secret handshake with you!
  • Elle Fonzarelli
    Love not politics
    Saddened to see people who have found solace in your books give one star reviews over her having Joe Biden on. This is not about politics anymore. Keep speaking your truth, Brene. That’s why we love you so much.
  • Tracytwilliams
    So needed right now
    This podcast is beautiful, tough and inspiring. It’s everything we need. Thanks, Brene.💗
  • emurzap
    Thank you from the bottom of my wild heart
    Thank you for these words of grace. I will use these words as my mantra for the next few days, weeks and months. I am grateful for your words of wisdom and I will share with other wild hearts. Strong back, soft front and wild hearts. 💕
  • jordangw
    I love Brené’s books really thought I related to her and thought highly of her. After hearing her podcast with joe Biden I really have lost a lot of that relatability and thinking of her as a role model.
  • Burdyblue
    Brené The Connectuon Queen
    What can I say except that thus social scientist’s curiosity about why we are the way we are and how we can genuinely connect and strive to enjoy life and one another fully...is truth.
  • MidwestAnna
    Not just for women
    This is an excellent podcast that helps me relate to my emotions during the strains of COVID 19. There have been many episodes that have helped me sort through my frustrations and complex feelings during this time. The Biden interview was disheartening for me bc he seemed to think this podcast and Brown’s content is just for women... I just left that episode with a bad taste.
  • kalesalad1993
    Such an incredible podcast. Really loved the episode with Joe Biden.
  • stokes.paula
    Proud of my vote
    While I generally lean toward the Democrat vote, this interview has me glowing with pride. I’m proud I voted for this kind human.
  • erwright79
    Our friend Brene does it again
    This is what I say to my husband after listening to every episode of this show. So much richness in this content!!!
  • Alexa J B
    Disappointed that Brene has gone from what used to be an enlightening podcast to now promoting her political agenda.
  • FZW84
    Life changing
    Your work is touching so many aspects of my life in such a deep and meaningful way. I am called to be brave and the fear is right there in my throat. Your work helps me through it! Thank you for giving us vocabulary to become better versions of ourselves! Awkward - Brave - Kind
  • Emmy3212
    Dr. Beatrice Berry
    Wonderful interview. For more incredible stories, please look at Dr. Berry who is bringing black and white women together.
  • faith in faith
    So disappointed
    I am so disappointed to see an interview with Joe Biden on this podcast. Especially from a leader on spiritual and mental health issues. I am a sexual assault survivor and I can’t listen to this podcast ever again knowing how you joined in with all those who have failed to support sexual assault survivors when a powerful political figure is the named abuser. This includes both parties and everyone who supported Trump, Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden, knowing the harm you are doing to the women that they raped. You have a powerful voice Brene and people look to you for guidance; you are leading people the wrong way.
  • Mjsosu
    Horrible podcast
    Um, when you discuss abortion in Ireland, the people got sick because they are promoting abortion. Wake up. Never will I listen to you again.
  • JLM4482
    Power With Joe Biden & Brene’ Brown
    Love this podcast! I highly recommend it, especially if you are still deciding how to vote. It really highlights the dynamic of Power and Control and how it plays out, not just related to domestic violence, but the difference between ‘power over’ vs. ‘power with’ regarding leadership. Joe Biden references the quote’ Women hold up half the sky!’ in his closing. I’m thankful for the work he’s done to protect women, his belief that women must have a seat at every table, and I was thankful to see in NC how many female nominees there were in Democratic Party. It’s not about women taking over, as many men fear, it’s about EVERYONE being equal and being able to be themselves, making the world a better, stronger, equal and more kind place to live. It’s also a representation of what Jesus did when He came, not to condemn the world, but to love us, to remove the divisive labels, walls and culture that caused hate, division and unrighteous judgement. It’s God’s grace that leads us away from sin and gentley turns us toward Him. I feel that many are voting for Trump based on the solo issue of aboration. I don’t claim to have the answers or to be ‘right’ and support all those who have different views. I just can’t help but think that ‘pro-life’ means more than just abortion. It means not torturing immigrants, it means ending racism, it means spreading love, empathy, understanding, truth and sharing power and privilege rather than hoarding and lording it. Jesus was the PERFECT example of a man who had ALL the POWER, and He is Lord, but He chose to use His power to show us servant leadership, free will, love and grace.
  • Mofomojojojo
    Love it
    Very sad how partisanship keeps people divided & closed to valid & competent help in life. Love the interviews & thanks for my new favorite show, Ted Lasso!
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