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Hockey #106

Sara, Shayna, and Alison break down what’s on their minds about pretty much anything. They also smile more. No mansplaining allowed!

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  • StatOfTheDaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    The Most Honest Hockey Podcast!
    Fantastic work ladies!! Love the show!! Go Canes!!
  • left leaning listener
    Comeback starts now
  • B-Rax18
    Best intro to hockey
    Have recently become a serious (beyond the playoffs) hockey fan. This pod is full of the smartest and funniest people to talk hockey. also, being a new Kraken fan watching Alison on my local channel and listening to her on the pod has been a super cool experience
  • Dbeth12
    One of my favorite hockey podcasts
    I listen to too many hockey podcasts to count, but this is one of my favorites. They are funny, informative, and easy to listen to. I look forward to each new episode! My only criticism is that I don’t care about Taylor Swift and don’t need to hear about her, but I understand that I’m in the minority here.
  • Irwin529
    Great even for casual fans
    A great listen for casual fans of both hockey and Taylor Swift.
  • mrbeercanhill
    Pure enjoyment and knowledge. Thanks
  • Z-kor
    Thank you!
    This is the best hockey podcast now. These 3 know there stuff!
  • Elyse_Espoir
    A great podcast, not just a great hockey podcast
    This podcast has that perfectly balanced blend of humor, smarts, care, production quality, and host camaraderie that means that it’s a great listen for anyone, even if they’re not a hockey fan. Truly. I recommend this pod to everyone. The depth of knowledge of the hosts is tremendous, so it’s definitely a podcast about the sport (past, present, and future) but I’m a new fan (woooo Kraken!) and have never felt anything but welcomed by this pod and its subject matter. I learn a ton and have a great time doing it, and am so excited every time I see a new episode drop. I also really appreciate how the hosts don’t shy away from taking a thoughtful but strong stance on the ugly parts of the sport we love (and hope will continue to change and improve). And finally, in case Alison forgets for a moment what an inspiration she is to other stats-hungry women who want to go deeper on that side of the sport, I want to remind her that she is!! and I’m devouring her analytics work. In a game of FMK, I marry this pod.
  • snarica
    Love, love, love
    I was so excited to find that this podcast exists! I’m a newer hockey fan (Go Kraken!) and tried some other podcasts that were by bros for bros, and most definitely not for me. These ladies are smart and sassy and I come away from each episode feeling that I’ve learned a little more about hockey and current events within the NHL without being drowned in a metaphorical cloud of Axe body spray.
  • Bobbi-in-the-hole
    Informative and Insightful
    A great source of information presented in a unique way. Explicit language not for everyone.
  • BethandBuzz
    I love the pod, love you all, PUT SOME RESPECT ON FT. LAUDERDALE. Even then, my Panthers play in Sunrise.
  • JennaFFH
    Smart, funny, interesting, useful
    I’m new to hockey and am really grateful to add this pod to the rotation. These women are so fun to listen to. They have great chemistry and they keep things moving. It’s maybe a little too advanced for me as a newbie, and sometimes I have trouble keeping up (but that’s a “me” problem). Alison, Sara, and Shayna are all great and as a woman, I’m so happy to hear these women step up and throw down this great show every week. MFK is always hilarious. They all sound like they are genuinely having a lot of fun doing these podcasts. Please keep up the good work. And PS, I always love hearing Alison’s tidbits on the Kraken, keep ‘em coming.
  • asutliff
    Must listen!
    When a new episode loads, it goes to the top of the list! Even takes precedent over the daily news. Right up there with my Kraken-specific podcasts @sound_hockey and @lockedonkraken
  • ConfusedPete
    Great Pod
    Intelligent, funny Hockey talk.
  • E.Garc
    A pleasure to have in class
    Individually their work is great, and when you put the three of them together they’re perfect. They’re the breath of fresh air that is so desperately needed in hockey.
  • dame64
    Love the pod!
    I have never watched an hockey game. But I have been quite informed on what's going on in hockey by listening. Thanks!
  • jroman1090
    Too much good stuff
  • StanP55
    Love it!
    Great pod - listening all year.
  • JeanL20
    Funny segments
    Who doesn’t appreciate the wacky moments hockey produces??
  • Bmartin94
    Great, well-rounded hockey pod
    I recently put this pod into my regular rotation during the NHL playoffs. Love the banter and breadth of coverage. These three hosts are plugged into all things hockey.
  • MLes412
    Love This Pod!!
    Ladies, I love your tales, I love that you consistently remind us that there are people other than white men who play and love this game. Keep up the amazing work!
  • JShortell
    Love these voices all day every day
    I listen to (and have sampled) a lot of different hockey podcasts, and finding TMM was like the Holy Grail of what I’d gone looking for in the first place - super smart, fun takes I don’t always necessarily agree with but that always entertain and educate while not doing violence to my wellbeing as a non CisHetWhite Hockey Man (TM). Thank you Alison, Shayna and Sara!
  • BG PHL
    Great show - sound could be improved
    Episode 3.21 was my first listen. Absolutely loved the hockey discussion, but the sound quality isn’t great and made it difficult to listen at some points. Any chance Meadowlark could provide some proper mics for the show?
  • Jlule
    Favorite podcast, hockey and all
    I’ve been listening to Alison since she was in Columbus and I really miss her on Front and Nationwide. I was so excited when I found this podcast and it never disappoints. All three of them have such good chemistry together and are so fun to learn from. I wish they had a new episode every day.
  • pipospeople
    Great information
    New fan to Hockey and they give you so much information. I found myself watching the playoffs because of them.
  • im not dead yet
    Hockey convo is great but audio is sometimes hard to listen to.
    Hockey convo is great but audio is sometimes hard to listen to. Random rustling, a super quiet mic, tinny, etc. The inconsistent audio distracts from the great hockey convo. Use that meadowlark money for new equipment maybe. Love the show!
  • xlinkinparkfan
    Giving hockey a chance.
    Having a great podcast like this helps.
  • gobolts1234
    Great podcast. Wish they talked more about the Lightning though. They definitely have a North East bias.
  • tomsbigfish
    Outstanding podcast!
    Having a GREAT time listening to TMM! And learning at the same time! Top notch! Thank you!
  • Trask4Heisman
    Great pod
    If people who curse and can't spell are smarter then I must be a genius
  • FancyCJ
    Love it
    A fun and insightful podcast about hockey. These girls are funny, smart, and bring a different perspective.
  • PAyscue
    TRIED again
    Just awful, worse than last time. If demographic they are targeting is high school sophomore valley girls, these "journalists" are for you. If you're older than 15, the "likes, you knows & OMG's" will drive you crazy
  • Nathaniel Mata
    Great stuff - killin it!
    As a hockey fan it’s refreshing to get these takes and in a really fun way. Knowledgeable and funny! Thanks for the work
  • JLP248
    Keep it up
    The haters seem triggered by three women who are funnier than them
  • JN513
    “New and different” analysis, but Rangers-Canes breakdown included one lady did Habitat for Humanity with Kevin Rooney in high school and referred to it as the Greg McKegg bowl.
  • mc8276593
    Do it in the playoffs
    How bout that?!
  • Gonzo678876
    Too many man
    Are we talking about the shipping container than yes. I don’t want to be disrespectful but it’s always great hearing females talking about sports
  • 281330800Fo
    Welcome to LAF fam! Let’s go Rangers!!!!!
  • jizzbomb25
    Of course given the podcast’s name, Dan would pick this podcast up. Though, they are decent at speaking about hockey conversationally. You could probably get your coverage from many places, but I’m glad this isn’t just a podcast full of Jessicas. They’re women who want to break down hockey, and I respect them for doing it without too much “IMA GURL, AAAAAAAAAAH MEN R DUMB!”, though a little of that is definitely there. I only don’t understand the heavy handed, Jessica-level-intellect name for the podcast. Men r friggin pigz, ryte?!?
  • Mardigahhhh
    You deserve a major
    And a game misconduct if you don’t listen to this podcast. It’s great to hear fresh perspectives and insights about the sport I love.
  • mike420185
    Never listened to hockey podcast until…
    Great show
  • dinobluntz
    Best podcast on the planet
    This podcast saved my marriage
  • Vivec's Disciple
    They’re back!
    Love to see the glorious return.
  • Temp92837448383
    Amateur hour
    There’s much better hockey content out here.
  • Turtlemountain
    Please come back there are still too many men
  • TomUrtzJr
    The Best
    An amazing podcast with three very talented ladies.
  • nicolenotnikki69
    Anyone who gave this a bad review is wrong
  • ZomgItsKyra
    Not any men
    I love this podcast but personally I find the title a bit misleading as I have not heard any men here
  • CordPM
    always a fun time
    every time too many men drops a new pod, it jumps to the top of my queue. they’re fun, intelligent, and keep it mixed up. they field questions from their fans. it’s awesome to feel heard, and hear the opinions of these professionals with a hearty dose of cursing.
  • TMSec
    Boring as hell
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