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It’s easy to forget that the United States started as an experiment: a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, with liberty and justice for all. That was the idea. On this weekly show, we check in on how that experiment is going. The Experiment: stories from an unfinished country. From The Atlantic and WNYC Studios. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including Radiolab, On the Media, and Death, Sex & Money. Since 1857, The Atlantic has been a magazine of ideas—a home to the best writers and boldest minds, who bring clarity and original thinking to the most important issues of our time.

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Recent Reviews
  • jennrossellipsis
    love it!
    100% my new favorite podcast…
  • Ballisticraft
    Mostly great
    Insightful, well produced, and engaging. Covers topics that are hard and really matter. But the episodes don’t connect to one coherent theme really (putatively the idea of an unfinished country) — they’re just sort of contemporary political topics in isolation.
  • peaceloveandrockets
    How is it even possible such a large proportion of our citizenry is so dumb? Sellout rapper too stupid to realize his “friends” are racist is the dumbest of all - he still believes jesus “saved” him. Jesus f-ing Christ!!
  • Susjette
    Sweatpants - Well Said!
    Couldn’t resist a podcast with sweatpants somehow making a commentary on our culture….so listening - at first - I was tickled and a bit intrigued (“When (& how) will they get to the culturally relevant part??”). And I have to admit about 3/4 of the way through thie podcast I started to doubt my choice (“Am I gonna regret spending time listening to what m ay turn out to be fluff?”). Then I got it. Yes yes yes yes….so true! Some folks have a real chip when seeing others choosing to relax, get comfortable, enjoy their life a bit. I would also add two more observations: - some folks get angry when they see others relaxing bc internally they are thinking things like “well they haven’t worked as hard as I have - why are they allowed to relax?” - And just as toxic (& more sad) are individuals (speaking as one) who find that even when there is no place to go, no one coming over, no one able to see them from afar, still feel compelled to put on the “right” clothes, hair, makeup…the world’s appearance critics moved inside their head long ago. I also feel that not only is the judgment “people who wear sweatpants are lazy” come from our country’s puritanical roots but also our poor ability to take time out for ourselves, to administer self care, relax, meditate and by all means skip the unimportant super uber productive crap that is polluting our lives, our minds and generating more garbage and pollution . That being said - I’m all for 100% cotton French terry-cloth relax pants!
  • User1975
    Worth your time
    I have enjoyed every episode of this pod. They always find a unique way to tell a story & I always learn something new.
  • TiffNibs
    May 21
    I look forward to episodes each day, they are perfect for my commute & thought provoking, giving us a topic of discussion while prepping dinner. I just can’t see how this episode about a woman and her quest for orgasm ties into the theme of “our unfinished country”.
  • PamG25
    I needed this!
    The May 21, 2021 episode was just what I needed to hear. I have struggled too. It was so good, I listened twice.
  • DK_B6
    Worth a binge
    Just binged through all the episodes and have greatly enjoyed each one. Ms Longoria and Ms Hunt bring a brightness to their subjects. Looking forward to listening to other stories about our unfinished and aspirational country
  • jmen7705
    NPs are not doctors
    In Rock Doc, you repeatedly refer to the nurse practitioner as a doctor. A nurse practitioner is a medical provider but not a doctor. I understand patients making this mistake, but as host of the show, I feel you should know better. My husband has been receiving his medical education for the past decade. He is currently in residency. As a family who has sacrificed much for him to achieve his dream of being a physician, it is irksome when educated people throw around the credential of doctor where unwarranted.
  • Mark Donahue
    Great show
    The past two episodes have really driven home yet again how looney and dangerous religions are. People are far too influenced by mythology. Overall I’ve liked all episodes.
  • DenverWags
    Resonating topics... relevant and real
    I look forward to each weeks published podcast, but I will say the last 2 weeks (Evangelical series) has most resonated with me. This hit home. My race is what the church has catered to the most, but what has made me most disenfranchised about religion. I applaud you for making this podcast, keep it going. Well done!
  • charlienewton
    Consistently Surprising and Insightful
    I sometimes read the title or description of a new episode of The Experiment and wonder why I would be interested in that topic. But after every listen, I am left with the same feeling: That was fascinating. Thank you.
  • PichJ
    It’s okay lots of similar topics.
  • chiefofqueef
    Give me more
    I crave shows like more perfect and radio lab.Great facts, inspiring human stories and reflection on this crazy freaking experiment that we draw nearer to the 300 year anniversary but at the same time seem to close with the monster destruction, our alpha ego.
  • matticus123456
    Started good quickly went to something else.
    Started very interestingly with history and soon traveled into race and politics and everything that grabs attention by today’s audience. Stopped listening and won’t anymore. Could have been really great.
  • bporch!!
    Loving this
    Each episode is so different and yet the common thread is so fascinating. Loving this podcast!
  • cdr1242
    90 day episode!
    Updating my review to more stars, really been loving the recent episodes especially the 90 day episode! Really loved and learned so much.
  • lame app6
    Bad fact checking
    This show has very good information about some historical events and is great in how it informs the listing party to racial inequalities from long ago. Sadly it seems to just be another anti trump pitty party from liberals and the lies are still being shared. Stop spending money on this crap and the bullies that are propagandists for the media machine. That’s all this is. Propaganda.
  • jPhone75
    New Addition To My Favorite Podcast List
    Have been pleasantly surprised with this podcast! Love the topics and how they are tackled. The flow is such that when an episode ends, I'm surprised...
  • 77JustinL
    TGI Thursday
    The Experiment has become the highlight of my Thursdays. Although the Sweatpants episode fell flat with me, all the other episodes have been super interesting.
  • cadoyle_18
    Compelling storytelling that keeps you on your toes ...
    “The Experiment” has everything: from musings on the pandemic-induced sweatpant craze, the history behind Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s early days focused “on the basis of gender,” the Lost Cause and freakin “90 Day Fiancé.” As a journalist always looking for new ways to tell stories I am jealous, as a frequent media consumer I am thrilled The Atlantic and WNYC have collaborated to create what is easily one of my favorite new podcasts. Keep up the excellent work!
  • garyoh!
    The experiment
    Love it! My favorite podcast. Being a history buff I enjoy the stories. And Julia is a real pro-entertaining smart interesting and a great reporter. Her voice is fantastic.
  • Jackie14141
    This podcast keeps getting better and better. The episode this week on felony murder is fascinating and I wish everyone could hear it. So crazy how a law that originated in the 1500s came into play in the Chauvin case. Thank you for the excellent reporting.
  • ElenaMA06
    A True Podcast Masterpiece
    I’ve listened to podcasts for years and this is my first review, after listening to all the current episodes I felt I needed to share how amazing The Experiment is and why you NEED to listen to it. It’s an incredible mix of story-telling and journalism that makes you question your perceptions and critically analyze why pieces of America are the way they are. Overall a true podcast masterpiece.
  • Jadiza Dax
    Decent high school quality production
    So simplistic even a child can understand the point of view being promoted.Good choice for middle school girls that don’t want to grow up.
  • Jewelsey1020
    This podcast is really great. I love learning about the intricacies and nuances of what makes America what it is.
  • KSS**
    goes beyond the headlines
    The podcasts keeps getting better and better. The topics are interesting and take varied views of topics we might look over. The format keeps you engaged and involved as they delve into the weeks topic.
  • Knickknock
    Interesting and well done
    I’m really enjoying this and look forward to new episodes. Similar to More Perfect, which I would also recommend. Some episodes were better than others and I too was disgusted by the elk hunter, but it was valuable to me to hear from someone so unlike myself or people I know. Broadening our perspectives is more important now than ever. It’s a good exercise to find the humanity even in people whose behavior is reprehensible to me. I don’t think we have to agree with the conclusions storytellers draw when they tell stories, just understand. I also don’t think they are necessarily expressing opinions, but maybe by telling a story without being overtly judgemental about bad behavior, it sounds to us like they are condoning it.
  • Waka101
    Love the pod
    Well done pod always interesting to rethink ourselves and nation
  • Juanhooknows
    Dulcet Tones
    Oh to hear the mellifluous voice of Julia Longoria on a weekly basis. When this ingenious podcast runs it’s coarse would someone please give this delightfully creative woman a full time gig. (anybody but gimlet). I am remiss in neglecting this show’s production team. Outstanding.
  • desiel pros
    The Experiment
    The Atlantic is what drew me to The Experiment. I enjoy the link of current issues to history.
  • A Kingfisher
    Very good, perfect for those who enjoyed Radiolab and especially More Perfect. The channel still has some kinks to work out but has a lot of potential.
  • WellWickedMinger
    We Need This Kind of Journalism in Daily News!
    The history of our laws, their evolution and devolution, is central to who we are, why we are as we are, and where we are headed. The reporting is timely, fact based and not sensational. I’m a fan!
  • ScottPNW
    Great story, over produced
    The witty repartee isn’t. The audio lengths and mixes are 300 percent of what is needed. The choppy mixing of narratives is tedious. It’s a great story overwhelmed to some degree by production choices that detract and distract at the cost of time that could have been spent on more story from the participants. I’m disappointed by that. It could have been so much more.
  • AlisonEugene
    Excellent podcast
    Discusses interesting stories that are not highlighted elsewhere. I especially appreciated the episode on National Parks and how Native Americans were pushed out although they were instrumental in creating much of the landscape.
  • Rudolpholus
    A poorly crafted leftist Newsmax
    I thought this series had potential to explore the complicated and nuanced history of our country and the first couple episodes were of this ilk. Then came the national parks episode, which was a shallow, only one sided exploration of one of our most democratic assets. This show may appeal to folks who don’t want to understand the depth of the American experience and would prefer to be in a feedback loop of far leftist ideals, but not to those who want to intelligently question and understand the challenges we have and continue to face as an experimental nation.
  • VillainousED
    This podcast is brilliant
  • NateDeezelMusic
    Love it!
    I’m so glad this came across my “stuff you might like” section. This is all so interesting and very well researched and presented.
  • JamesMcNally000
    Very listenable! Love it. Very Atlantic x WNYC vibes lol.
  • DDillehay
    This podcast hits home in so many ways. It gives insight to current events by examining the history of our nation. Highly recommend it.
  • TMPDJr
    Interesting topics, engaging takes but...
    At times gets bogged down by overly-credulous, unprepared, or naive reporting.
  • leighlivie
    I love it
    Important topics, well done and engrossing
  • Bob Wilcox
    Waste of Time
    I only have 24 hours in a day. This is not a prudent way to spend my time.
  • JatGar
    Well Done
    Like the perspectives. It works. Keep them coming.
  • Keith Britt
    Calm, contemplative reflection...
    I love this podcast. It’s like easier-to-digest episodes of Throughline.
  • slike1
    I look forward to hearing new podcasts and this one is interesting to me
  • 863916
    Fascinating but a little dramatic
    I like how this addresses big issues through a single person’s story. It makes the issues easier to understand and connect to. The podcast is a little too dramatic for my taste and not all episodes are equally interesting. (Feel free to skip the sweat pants episode) Overall I really enjoy listening to this podcast and look forward to the new releases.
  • amsankey
    If you learn through anecdotes, you will enjoy it. Otherwise, it’s marginal without much substantive information.
  • Olivia Gracr
    SUCH a good podcast
    ignore all the dumb, misinformed, right-wingers commenting. this is such a well-researched podcast and it has brought me to tears many many times
  • N6omim6y
    The sound design guy did not come here to play with y’all
    Great podcast
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