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Unexplainable takes listeners right up to the edge of what we know ... and then keeps right on going. This Vox podcast explores scientific mysteries, unanswered questions, and all the things we learn by diving into the unknown. New episodes every Wednesday.

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  • 😉💙🙃
    28 May 2023
    You need to mention that marijuana is a schedule One drug. What about CBD? You never mentioned that…
  • Aspen7890
    Love it!
    You guys do such a great job. It is such a total pleasure listening. I love how much research homework you do and how inventive the ideas are I barely listen to any podcasts and I get so excited for yours. I love everything about it. I love your voices. I love your dynamics together. I watch out. I might just offer all sorts of ideas for future shows. Keep up the great great work and thank you so much.
  • HowlsMovingHassle
    Just Sort Of Kind of Like You Know Right
    I like the premise of this show. I want to learn new things. But I find the “filler word” usage by the hosts and many of the guests to be unlistenable. I think the aim is to be conversational, but please don’t dumb it down so much that it actually just sounds incoherent.
  • Isaac57
    Great pod
    Love having these voices in my head.
  • yxhuw6
    Stroke Your Curiosity
    Curiosity is like a pet of human consciousness. It needs to be cared for. Unexplainable soothe our pet, and the bigger the beast the more it needs. Mine needs a lot and I appreciate the help.
  • hpmanu
    A great service to humanity
    This show never ceases to amaze me. The revelations I get from learning some radical science I had never known before are innumerable. So grateful for this podcast.
  • Waywillow
    Big Questions
    Takes the things you’ve been quietly musing about for years and gives the science we have on the big questions so far. I love the origins season especially. Thank you!
  • Rainbow shrimp🌈 🦐
    Great pod
    I love the podcast and I listen to it when I go to sleep Some episodes you do twice
  • Barb Connie
    Feeds my science groupie soul
    I never could grasp math so while I always was fascinated by science, I had to earn my living a different way. Unexplainable makes science accessible to anyone & consistently tells fascinating stories.
  • dpiro42
    Awesome subjects covered
    Love the variety of science subjects they cover!
  • pencil zen
    One of my favorites
    Unexplainable has been one of my favorite podcasts over the last few years. The range of topics, humorous hosts, and unanswered questions are informing, entertaining, and the perfect length for my commute, evening, or weekend downtime. The best episode ever has to be what did dinosaurs sound like? So many good ones but that one was AWESOME! Thank you for creating such amazing shows!
  • Novato!
    Loving the Origin series
    The scientist discussing water was so good at explaining! Thks
  • Kyratastic
    Obsessed with this pod!
    I can’t stop listening to this podcast. I am obsessed! I love how they present everything so well. Instead of just spewing facts at high speed, they incorporate curious conversations and funny observations. And the editing is superbly done! With a show like this, it could easily get overwhelming but the editor paces everything and lets it breathe in just the right spots. LOVE THIS POD!
  • Adael Preci
    Please Less Background Sound
    Such an interesting treasure of a podcast. But, I’m begging of the sound designer, please chill. I’m trying to hear what the guests are saying and there’s a cacophony of clicks, pulses, crunches, dings, and more in the background. I appreciate the creativity, but it’s a sensory and ADHD nightmare.
  • Steve@&$
    Always gives me answers and leaves me wondering
    It reminds me of Radio Lab, but there is always this element of not knowing the ultimate answers. Like good science, leaving an open door for curious minds and future exploration. And it feels like I’m learning along with the host. And, it’s fun.
  • Scared but dealing
    New to the podcast
    I’m listening about a month now and give 5 stars every time. But I’m reluctant about the 5 stars this week as the news was devastating. But as I’m a New Yorker all my life I have to say “whad’ya gonna do”!!! 5 stars anyway. I love (most) of your topics (except this week 😁). Keep up the amazing work.
  • AK881518
    Love this!
    I love the vast amount of information! I’m always excited to hear what they are trying to explain next! The space episodes are always fascinating and leave ya wondering. I also loved the episode on the dogs nose!
  • eb00005
    Great show, such great original music!
    I always learn so much!
  • abigail.jean.c
    Favorite show!
    This show is fantastic, from the charismatic hosts and guests to the custom jingles/songs for each episode, it is all around a great time. If you consider yourself just a liiiiitle more nerdy and into science-y stuff than other people look no further!
  • violet 380
    Your Guts Feelings
    Informative, fun, and thought provoking. The topic is concisely presented and easy to understand.
  • robert foley
    I have been binging this podcast since discovering it from Criminal. It’s so good! I love the wild questions and the excellent reporting. The hosts do a nice job of keeping things fun too :)
  • five12blonde
    Thank You!
    Outstanding podcast. Feeds my head and heart.
  • Kvcrajan
    Incredible science stories, we seem to be heading in the wrong direction collectively and no sign of stopping until it is irreversible. Man made Gods with no common sense!
  • anderjam
    These blew my mind
    these are literally AMAZING. They will blow your mind, amazing hosts too, kept me interested in every one. I really like the one with the sounds Dinos make AMAZING 🤩
  • weezyisadinosaur
    love this show so much!
    best part of my week is hearing the new episode! thanks for what you do, unexplainable!
  • Rebekahmarieee
    What I didn’t know I didn’t Know
    I found this podcast after an episode was aired on the Today Explained podcast channel and loved it. The subject matter, the way it was broken down for the layperson without dumbing it down, the audio mixing, everything about this podcast is enjoyable. I recommend this series and Today Explained to everyone I know.
  • monkeebutts5001
    Best Show for Curious Minds
    Show makes you question the world around you and get to think in the minds of our smartest scientists. Phenomenal show that anyone who’s curious needs to listen to!
  • HaleyFooFou
    Basic Instinct is amazing
    I’ve been loving this podcast since day one, but this episode about instinct is amazing. Can’t wait to read Basic Instinct.
  • Leyzer eynikl
    really good show
    Well-produced but not overly fancy. Almost always a good listen
  • MentalPaint
    So interesting, accessible, and I love the diversity of scientists they interview
  • bill2k20
    So so good
    This redefines the genre of science podcasts. It’s short, fun, and strikes the perfect balance of being informative without being too in the weeds.
  • The Shadow Nose
    For middle school audience
    NPR style: lots of words with not much information. Repetition and paraphrasing. Qualitative more than quantitative or precise. More background noise than education
  • MidoriGreen01
    Unexplainable explained
    For a show supposedly about the unknown, this one mostly explains what is known. I came here looking for mystery, and there was some in earlier episodes, but mostly this show is the opposite of mysterious.
  • Nitwit777
    Fan from the start…
    This podcast is the best! I heard about it before it began to air, so I’ve been listening from the beginning. It’s fascinating, entertaining, thought-provoking, intelligent, humorous, well- written, great presentation, and relatable. I’ve learned so much, and chuckled a bunch. I love the fact that there aren’t answers for the questions they are posing….yet. It makes me want to learn more. Great job, guys. I hope you do this one for a long time to come.
  • hana.casita
    Love this show
    So interesting- so many different topics and deep dives. I have learned soo much and appreciate the podcast greatly!
  • Liam2345
    this podcast is awesome
  • Biggixyz
    The “Can we live in Space?” episode was so informative and descriptive I felt like I was experiencing it myself. Well done!
  • marshamax
    Can’t handle the background music
    No matter how interesting the topic might be, I can’t listen to this podcast because of the distracting weird background music.
  • Max-228953
    Too many repeated episodes
    Can you actually do one full month without repeating older episodes or promoting other shows? Guess not.
  • AllFlippedOut
    Good but Sometimes Frustrating
    I LOVE the podcast and episodes themselves, but sometimes it can be frustrating when they re-air a previous episode or share an episode from another podcast, mostly because it happens quite a lot. I think even just saying it’s a repeat or reshare in the title would be beneficial, so I don’t go in expecting one thing but getting another. Plus, I know all these episodes take time to report, so rather than trying to put out an episode every week and sometimes doing a subpar job or frequently having to rely in reusing content, I would be perfectly fine if the podcast instead was biweekly or once a month instead.
  • stenellalong
    Always something to learn
    I look forward to this podcast each week!! I always learn something.
  • Debadiva4
    Alzheimer’s Research
    This episode was shocking to me. Thanks for researching and presenting this episode.
  • Hardinherp
    The salamander episode was excellent. Thank you.
  • ecthroi
    Always interesting and intriguing, a rarity these days. Keep it up!
  • NeverBeforeNoon
    Curiosity + wonder seekers! Look no further
    Great story telling for this of us seeking wonder and love science and math. I would listen daily if I could! Love this podcast.
  • missesball
    The a perfect podcast for curious minds who want a break from the news
    I’m a podcast junkie but I really needed a break from all the news. I was looking for a well produced, storytelling podcast that focused on interesting science-based themes and not Covid, politics or war. Unexplainable is exactly what I needed! I’ve binged most of the episodes over the last few weeks while cleaning, cooking, and driving but now I’m almost out of options. Wah wah, so bummed there aren’t more. I guess I will need to go back and refresh my memory. Many thanks to the amazing folks at Unexplainable and Vox for the wonderful storytelling and the much needed breath of fresh air!
  • foxsongs
    Good stuff
  • Shellinva
    So interesting.
    I do not have the science gene but I find it absolutely fascinating. So I am often lost in the conversations — but not here. This show explains things on a level so even a non-science person can u understand. So … Thank you. .
  • lackluster555
    So glad to found this show
    It’s rare for me to find content and hosts/producers that I find so interesting and not even slightly annoying. This podcast is so great in how they share complicated concepts in a simple, thought provoking and often beautifully organized audio story. I wish there was more content, look forward to exploring their website to learn more. As a person with a fairly boring job, listening to podcasts like this one give me hope and excitement and joy in life.
  • Meandering Mage
    My favorite science podcast
    I absolutely love this show. Well produced with an interesting variety of topics. You can tell how carefully written the episodes are. I loved the series on the senses and I recommend newcomers start there!
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