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Unexplainable is a science show about everything we don’t know. Host Noam Hassenfeld is joined by an array of experts and Vox reporters each week to look at the most fascinating unanswered questions in science and the mind-bending ways scientists are trying to answer them. New episodes drop every Wednesday. From Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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Recent Reviews
  • Reptar.
    Explain how this podcast almost has 5 stars.
    Jesus I got 15 minutes into the podcast and he still hasn’t explained anything of interest of why you should take a DNA test. It’s basically a boring scripted chat between him and his coworker.
  • Koltronn
    Good show but
    I really didn’t care for the caller format
  • Rebekahmarieee
    What I didn’t know I didn’t Know
    I found this podcast after an episode was aired on the Today Explained podcast channel and loved it. The subject matter, the way it was broken down for the layperson without dumbing it down, the audio mixing, everything about this podcast is enjoyable. I recommend this series and Today Explained to everyone I know. :)
  • MCS198601
    Good pod but lacking
    This is a good pod to listen to, but it seems to only skim the surface of the subjects. I have listened to many episodes and every one feels like they end before truly finished. A deeper dive would go a long way when commercials seem to take up a good portion of each episode.
  • Kat a tat tat
    Overall good
    I generally like this podcast but I’m incredibly disappointed they didn’t consult an occupational therapist for their making sense series. They got some info wrong and totally missed some senses. They also never touched on sensory processing disorder which was a huge missed opportunity.
  • Stealth Blade
    Vox has shown talent and capability in its explainer videos, especially through Cleo Abram and Johnny Harris. This series to my disappointment is not to the same caliber. The vocabulary frames the conversation as fictional plot by focusing on feelings of “tension” and anthropomorphizing the universe as “hiding”. Science is framed as a cultural way of thinking (what is “western” science?) while it is a systematic way of evaluating claims and knowledge that attempt to transcend the biases and beliefs of humans. This can be excused if the content was educational and substantial but it unfortunately fails to educate beyond a surface level while using the “unexplained” as an excuse to suspend critical thinking and subscribe to a meritless explanation the hosts have presented. I would love to see a science history podcast about how we have overcome the unexplained. For the current unexplained we can be educated on what we know and what we seek to know.
  • Fluffster Normalpaws
    Vocal Fryyyyy
    Female guest with constant vocal fry like nails on a chalkboard. Nope. Nope. Nope.
  • Draw3
    Wow… super…. Good god! Jab an ice pick in to your ear. This would be great but the guy speaks with the lisp and is so super makes you want to jump off a building.
  • vicvic99realone
    Listening every week
    Love this podcast ! Keep up the good work so you can keep me busy at work lol
  • FlaviamariaMSF
    New fave science podcast
    Very well researched and produced. All the excellence you’ve come to expect from a vox podcast bot now with super interesting science stories. I also really appreciate that they don’t talk dumb anything down they explain biology, chemistry and physics for the stories and don’t gloss over the “harder” topics for simplicity’s sake. You can tell the people who make this really love science. I’ve been binging the whole series. Honestly just wish their were more.
  • CharlieGal123
    So so cool
    I just found this podcast, and am so happy I did. I am learning so much, and the audio is also super cool. Highly recommend, it’s wonderful to listen to.
  • jua.jua
    Very informative
    Definitely one of my favorite podcasts. The topics are very interesting and I always learn something new. 🎉 I also really appreciate the discussion of important climate change topics and the use of inclusive language! Thanks y’all! Keep up the great work!
  • BleedBlue26
    Just found this Podcast. Great work, a great Audio, great hosting, all around great podcast. Extremely informative
  • Sunny Wunder
    OMG, I love this podcast on hearing. Dr. Larry Baslow talks about how our brain creates predictions on the Mind and Life podcast. I wonder if his research could explain some of the mysteries discussed on hearing that you talked about in your podcast? I’ve often told my friends we create our own reality and this podcast is a great example of how that’s done. The mind/brain/body is a mysterious and magnificent phenomena. Good job Unexplained podcaster.
  • Momo 287
    Great Podcast
    I’ve learned so much and the presentation is very captivating— I never feel bored or lost in thought while listening to the podcast. My favorite episodes are on space, the human body, and animals but very excited to see what they cook up next! The background music is wonderful too.
  • #2fast4uthe0tt3r
    Great show!
    Love the show! I love how they use professional language and make it sound “smart” but at the same time educate without being confusing. Also I LOVED the 2021 song. It was hilarious!
  • diggzaroni
    Space & The Universe
    Love the outer space and universe episodes. Mind blown.
  • CWH50
    “Pregnant People”?
    “”Pregnant People”?? You mean women? Supposed to be a science show. Be scientific, not PC. Too much politics. Too much “climate change”. Some other points of view, at least for your sycophants to challenge, would improve your cast.
  • Snow Biscuit
    Good content, horrible vocal fry
    I can’t take the host with the awful vocal fry any longer and will unsubscribe once I send this review! Her voice is so distracting that I keep having to back up because I can’t concentrate on the content. Podcast hosts should have pleasant speaking voices, since their one job is speaking! Five stars for content, one star for that voice.
  • zachstclair
    My Favorite Show
    This podcast is stellar!! They do such a great job of finding and presenting interesting, complex topics in such an understandable way. Also, the music is ex.cell.ent.
  • frankie2266
    Love it but
    The scientist berating the Nobel prize came off as bitter, essentially resentful, and very passive aggressive while hopelessly naïve at the same time. Definitely subtracted from the topic rather than added to it. Nobel is a ESTATE, and a private institution. If one doesn’t like what they do, then create another, but let them be. There should be better judgment at selecting participants: I know and hope this comment brings more audience as I believe they will agree with me. I’m not actually criticizing the series. It’s the only shadow in a mostly impecable record, though. Good work
  • GaiaLady
    The 2021 Song
    I love the end of year song for 2021. All the other episodes are great also, but I had to say Good Work on the song. Keep up the good work.
  • Steve H. from West Chester, OH
    Pretty darn finger-lickin' interesting
    Really interesting science podcast focusing on areas where there are unanswered or poorly understood questions. Gives a really good look into the scientific method and the process of scientific research.
  • Kthefrig
    A woman
    Really loved this show.. however, I am not a person with uterus, I am a woman!! I don’t care if other people refer to themselves however they choose, but don’t you dare erase me and take away my right to be who I was born to be!! There are both psychologists and gynecologists; some people should maybe visit both!
  • Mumjoy
    A wonderful show
    A wonderful show. I always learn something new and surprising about a topic i though I already knew quite well. Keep up the good work!
  • indieperfume
    Explains what we do and don’t know and what the effects are, on different topics that have been reported on in general, but here with a deeper dive. Especially for the non scientist or specialist in a topic, this is grear at explaining in clear language. Good production values.
  • stephenvsawyer
    Really, REALLY good
    I love this show! Feels very “Radiolab” like!
  • kev_paris_88
    Mind food
    Complex problems turned into simple podcasts. Always hungry for more episodes from Unexplainable. I recommend everyone snacks on this!
  • (:anne:)
    The thinking-about-it now-explained podcast!
    Thank you for this conversational podcast that delves into science from a ‘pedestrian’ viewpoint. I love the musical scoring— helps draw my interest.
  • Linkin Steff
    Animal migration
    Excellent episode, in continuing attention to the wonder of the world!
  • Chubbielover#1
    Great listen
    My husband is always sending me theses to listen to. Very interesting!
  • georgegeorgegalss
    Just. So. Interesting!
    Such interesting topics. Top notch production. Great way to get your family into podcasts!
  • Redington
    My favorite podcast
    My kids and I wait anxiously every week for the new episodes. Noam is an amazing host, and his music is a great addition. The topics are interesting and the presentation is well developed and executed. Keep up the amazing work.
  • Crystalash
    Interesting concept but many mis-/outdated information
    As someone who devours a great deal of science literature and a fan of kooky/fun podcast production, e.g. RadioLab and Today, explained, I’m both drawn to the promise of this show and disappointed time and again at the lack of preparedness of the information it puts forwards. I believe the creators of the show are curious about the topics and do a fair amount of research. However, even as an amateur science enthusiast, I cringe at the lack of due diligence at times and I’m upset how those insufficient or flat out-of-date info are now spread further, not the genuinely unexplainable parts of course. I’d love to see more effort put into the research, getting some up-to-date info from credible journals and most knowledgeable experts. Not all has to be presented in the show, but they’ll make the story stronger and more convincing.
  • Thrillerator
    One of the best science podcasts
    A fantastic science podcast. Well researched and engaging.
  • nicemank
    Thank you all for intriguing and hyper-interesting show! I look forward to your show every week. A couple of my other favorite shows have set the quality bar very high, and you’re one of the few that reach it in your own way.
  • Toe703
    Wild science with groovy soundtrack
    I have binged most of this podcast already in just a few days, it is that gripping. Really awesome mind blowing stuff here; it rips our understanding of reality, of the fabric of the universe to shreds. All while being pervaded by incredible soundtracks that interact with the subject matter, as produced by host Noam Hassenfeld. You probably should be sitting down while listening…
  • Devonclaire
    Really interesting show
    I especially appreciated the episode about slime mold.
  • Chaim K.
    Loved the Nobel Prize 2.0 Episode
    Big fan of Brian Keating/ The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast. Saw his tweet about this episode and insta-subbed!
  • ashy.aspen
    Every episode has a strong focus.
    Each episode leaves a lasting impact, is well edited, and displays the fascinating tales of real-world science and it's queries and conundrums in its truest forms.
  • gvgvghhhcfffgfdyjbf
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  • MyHeartAlwaysBeatsForUsAll
    the telescope
  • fhhskeycdvfakwbsg
    Great content! More about chronic illness and the climate crisis please.
    I really like this podcast! I especially appreciated the episode on endometriosis. I would love to hear more episodes about health conditions that scientists don’t understand, and more episodes about the climate crisis!
  • DeedeeB.
    Engaging and challenging!
    I really appreciate the topics covered in this podcast, which are very timely and well chosen. The way they discuss the topics is engaging and challenges me to think. Thank you, Unexplainable!
  • lv2sing
    So. Many. Ads/Promotions
    I like the content but holy cow it feels like 50% of the podcast is promoting Vox’s other podcasts. Probably going to stop listening for that reason alone.
  • AliceDigitalis
    Great concept, but…
    The concept of covering science topics that haven’t been fully explained or understood naturally leads to a minimal amount of content. The episodes contain too much filler chatter. The pink squirrel episode for example contains a self-indulgent and annoying interlude of “forest rave” music - completely unnecessary, terribly annoying if you’re not into that type of music, and added no value to the story. Sadly this podcast is coming off my rotation.
  • toane1938483
    Great podcast
    The pink squirrel episode is epic. Forest rave
  • DeepSeaDave
    Hot Nights in August
    Forest raves! I want more about forest raves!
  • Joeshmowjoe
    A show about nothing
    *pitch meeting, Vox Headquarters* “Ummm, It’s like Radiolab, but we sneak in more lecturing about race and gender in shows that are supposed to be about science” “MORE sneaky lecturing than Radiolab?!” “Eww ohmygod like 10 times more” “Ok we’re sold!”
  • EMTcrow
    Straight garbage
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