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“Fitness Flipped,” a Peloton Studios Original, is where we flip the script on all the things we think we know about fitness. Each week Peloton Instructor, athlete, author & host Tunde Oyeneyin will sit down with some of the most interesting experts and personalities from the world of fitness and beyond (Olympians! Musicians! Sociologists! Comedians! Actors!) to challenge and transform some of our own ideas about health, strength and mental wellness, and maybe even ourselves. What does it really mean to be strong? Does competition actually have anything to do with winning? Is the most important thing about pushing hard actually rest? Together, we’ll find out.

Every Tuesday we will dive deep on a topic and on Friday you will hear a story from a Peloton Member about their lived experience.

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  • MaDs,<3
    Too performative
    I wish you could hear the actual interviews/conversations being had. Peloton takes chunks and weaves them together. Feels like a production that isn’t authentic.
  • Pineapples&PalmTrees
    Tunde is so inspirational
    This podcast has just been amazing and uplifting. I'm doing Tunde's arm challenge and love how strong I feel after each workout and now she is helping us feel mentally strong. Can't wait for season 2!
  • fsmizz
    Hidden agenda
    I expected the over promotion of peloton equipment and instructors since it is a peloton produced podcast. What I did not expect was the strong political focus. Most of the “stories” have the smallest hint of fitness (aka peloton workouts) but then are mostly about politics and that is not what I want to listen to.
  • mamabear_109
    Bit of a letdown
    I really wanted to love this podcast, because I love peloton. Unfortunately, it’s not hitting the mark for me yet. They have experts on, but don’t truly interview them, it’s just recycled taking points that Tunde comments on. I will still try to give it a chance, but would much prefer real, authentic interviews all the time (there are some interactive interviews). Would prefer just interviews with the instructors…
  • RxLeila
    Absolutely adore Tunde
    I love listening to Tunde on the bike and I now love listening to Tunde in her very own podcast! I have not missed an episode yet. She is a natural at interviewing and engaging her audience. This podcast has quickly become one of my favorites! I hope Tunde ends up with her own talk show some day! Keep up the great content!
  • Lost brain cells
    Too much extra noise
    Liked the topics but could do without the background noise and music over Tunde and the guests talking
  • sazzy-yoga
    I really wanted to like this pod cast and there is some great wisdom. But to be so openly fatphobic is such a huge turnoff and very irresponsible with the platform. The episode was about being your authentic self, unless you are “obese” then you have to change. Just purpetuates the myth that we should pursue weight loss above all else and that weight = health. (It does not) Pursue healthy behavior- weight loss may or may not happen. But all are worth partaking.
  • Vmora29
    Tunde is a natural
    Loving this podcast, please make longer episodes!
  • Mhmks
    Great listen
    Love it and love Tunde. Her energy and her voice are exhilarating.
  • JHarv2011
    This is the best and TUNDE is a star!!!!!
  • Kool-Aid Drinker Lindsay
    Lost in Translation
    I unapologetically drink the Peloton culture Kool-aid, but I think something got lost in translation converting the Peloton culture to Podcasts. The topics have been watered down remixes of health & wellness topics covered in countless other podcasts. Can Peloton innovate and deepen the conversation rather than breezily restating what’s already been said? I’ll keep listening to find out with fingers & toes crossed, hoping these will add the same level of value to me as the app. I’d like to hear more from industry experts and qualified thought leaders rather than celebrities.
  • becklovestaj
    Tunde was the best fit for this podcast. Her voice is captivating and soothing. I look forward to hearing more from her and other guests.
  • Ms. Campbell*
    This first episode was great. It was uplifting. In a time that feels difficult this has me thinking about changes I can make. A goal for this week is to enjoy community at bookclub. I’m looking forward to more episodes.
  • Smartwntcrazy
    Loved it!
    Tunde’s energy is contagious, made me just want to keep walking and listening for longer! Can’t wait to listen to the next episodes!
  • lori530192
    She’s amazing!!!
  • NM Chile
    Captured My Life
    Tunde’s positive vibes and honesty captured my life experience. I felt motivated after listening.
  • brooklynCNM
    Over produced?
    I wanted to love this with my passion for all things peloton and podcasts. But this was just kind of goofy in its editing and production. Have guests and just talk. No music or sound effects necessary.
  • L Victoria
    Inspiring and hilarious!!!
    Loved the first episode — exactly the pick me up I needed today. Thank you Tunde and Peloton!!!
  • dalyfoodie
    Loving Tunde as a host!
    Her energy & passion made this such a fun & inspirational listen!
  • @marketmarc
    🎧 ☑️ 👑
    Tunde. Yes! Here for you, Queen.
  • WordFreaked
    Flipped out when I heard!!
    I love Tunde’s energy, positive spirit and motivational coaching when I’m on the bike or strength training on the app. Stoked to have this new podcast to listen to on walks and drives!
  • RRRhodes
    Excited to listen!
    Love the energy and focus of the conversations.
  • Pub radio lover
    Learning so much!
    So excited to hear Tunde talk to these fascinating experts and celebs. So much to learn!!! The convos are great!
  • Cinefree
    I love Tunde!!!! Cannot wait for this
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