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Be Well By Kelly is on a mission to simplify the science of nutrition. I want to make choices, not cheats. I want to live in balance, quiet my inner perfectionist, and never feel like my goals are out of reach. I want to love the way I look AND feel. I want to be proactive about my long-term health and wellness. I want to have a positive relationship with food for the rest of my life.

And I want the same for all of you! Join me and some of my favorite people every Wednesday as we give you all the good stuff (and none of the bad) about nutrition: the positive takeaways, the tools and tips that will help you feel and be well, and a dose of motivation to keep you going.

Recent Episodes
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    Nov 30, 2022 – 01:06:41
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    Nov 25, 2022 – 01:02:44
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    Nov 23, 2022 – 01:07:30
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    Nov 18, 2022 – 48:10
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    Nov 2, 2022 – 01:04:47
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    Oct 28, 2022 – 01:03:36
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    Oct 26, 2022 – 01:02:22
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    Oct 21, 2022 – 47:03
  • 208. Whole Family Wellness: Helping Our Kids Thrive with Dr. Elisa Song #WellnessWednesdays
    Oct 19, 2022 – 01:08:15
  • 207. Sit With Whit: Living Through Honesty with Dr. Whitney Goodman #FabulousFriends
    Oct 14, 2022 – 42:56
  • 206. Fixing Our Relationships with Cooking & Eating with Vanessa Rissetto
    Oct 12, 2022 – 57:04
  • 205. Finding Hope in Immune Rejuvenation with Dr. Jeffrey Bland
    Oct 7, 2022 – 01:01:51
  • 204. Toxins in Disguise: Dr. Anthony Jay on Estrogenics #WellnessWednesday
    Oct 5, 2022 – 55:53
Recent Reviews
  • Debbie Waidl
    Loved this episode!
    I am a big proponent of natural healing and as a functional health coach support women struggling with migraine pain. Your podcast Episode 237: Young Forever with Dr. Mark Hyman really hit home with what I teach my clients through my Migraine Freedom Protocol™….talking about understanding the ways our bodies react to food. Definitely a must listen for anyone who wants to live their optimal life.
  • Lienna M
    One of the best podcasts
    The Be Well by Kelly Leveque podcast is so informative and engaging. Kelly breaks down complex topics so they are easy to understand and provides so much helpful information. She is truly a wealth of knowledge. As a nutritionist myself, I find the podcast to be extremely educational and helps me to continue growing in my field. ❤️🥑
  • BP Writer
    Consistently great content, guests!
    Recently listened to the episode with Kelly
  • jms31.
    Kelly- will you please tell Farmer Paul to bring Pasturebird to Sprouts in Colorado?! 🐤 ❤️🤗
  • AKprincesswarrior
    Loving the podcast!
    I recently graduated from the Health and Wellness FMCA and am so happy to be listening to your podcast with its strong foundation in Functional Medicine. I’ve been learning a lot from you and your guests and love the way you share important health information. Also loving your protein powder and start my days with the Fab5 smoothies. Thank you for everything you’re contributing into the wellness space!
  • anonymous02020
    Kelly promotes and normalizes orthorexia
    Kelly is promoting and normalizing orthorexia. I became a fan of Kelly’s a few years ago, have purchased both of her books, and followed along on Instagram and this podcast. I have known for a while that I struggle with disordered thoughts around food, exercise, and my body, and I finally have been working on recognizing, questioning, and releasing these thoughts. I came to the realization that Kelly’s message and the things she says are very triggering and are the SAME messages pushed by the diet industry wrapped up in a fake fake fake “love yourself” bow. She is very condescending and has so many messages of shame hidden beneath what she says. She touts “food freedom” but is actually super restrictive. She’s a healthy individual yet wears a CGM (why?!? This is way too obsessive, if you are not diabetic or have health conditions where you need to monitor your glucose levels you shouldn’t be wearing a CGM). It’s gross that she’s amassed so many naive followers.
  • haleigh
    Amazing Information
    Kelly gives so much helpful, life-changing information for free. As someone who struggles financially, I’m so grateful for her sharing such important information, resources, & conversations on health for free. Thank you, Kelly!
  • gtenuta1
    So appreciative
    Thank you so much for providing helpful and healing knowledge to us through this platform. I’m listening to episode 219 with Dr. LaPera and am totally blown away. This resonates so much with me as I never had the language to describe the internal battles I experienced for years and now I understand that I was checked out as a result of not being able to handle difficult emotions and feelings. I never learned how to regulate and there was never any repair/discussion after a conflict. I’ve used food and disassociation to cope with internal struggles. This is so valuable and fascinating. Thank you so much!!!
  • jrgvb7
    Was previously an avid listener but can’t listen to her push an anti-vax agenda any longer.
  • pilates karli
    Kelly LeVeque rocks!
    Kelly thank you for bringing cutting edge information to us all interested in learning more about wellness. I look forward to your podcast each week. I appreciate you so much!
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    Very empowering!
    Enlightening and heart-felt conversations between the Kelly and her guests.
  • HeathyHearttt
    The BeWell Podcast is the highlight of my week! Kelly has the best guests on her show, listens proactively and ask great questions. I’m engaged from beginning to end.
  • courtney swan
    I love this podcast!
  • Meg- GroundedNourishment
    Love this pod!
    As a fellow functional med RD I love Kelly’s approachable podcast! The science of nutrition is everything BUT it can also be very complicated and daunting to understand. Kelly does a wonderful job of simplifying the science and making it fun and INTERESTING for her listeners-both practitioners and health warriors alike! Her podcast is one of my favorites!
  • Mpalmer27
    I discovered Be Well by Kelly about a year ago and I cannot tell you how much I love this podcast! She interviews such inspiring and diverse professionals from the health and wellness world to help us all dive a little deeper into our own health and wellness and understand what’s going on inside and how to better support ourselves. To put it quite simply, she empowers us to take control of our health and wellness! Thank you Kelly!
  • kimberlyNchicago
    David jockers’ religious talk was a turn off
    I had to stop listening to this guest as his constant references to religion and the Bible were triggering. It felt like he was proselytizing to your audience, and that felt cheap. Indoctrination is such a horrible thing to do to kids; it just hurt my soul that he’s doing this to his kids.
  • Chi town marathoner
    Love Kelly & all of her guests!
    It is so impactful to see a woman focused on caring well for herself, and then using the overflow to lifts up others through her heart and work. She also uses this podcast to give a platform to people who are doing incredible things in this world. People who also lift each other up, who deserve to be seen and heard in a world that gets so loud with people focused on tearing others down. Thank you, thank you!!
  • UnsinkableMoo
    Never miss an episode
    I love this podcast. Kelly has fantastic guests. I learn so much. These interviews aren’t just commercials for the guests books but give me actual knowledge. I love the balance of health, kids, parenting.
  • magsterm
    I have been following Kelly from the beginning and always appreciated her science-backed recommendations. However, overtime, I have found her to become less and less relatable and biased towards the science to support her beliefs.
  • C@rrieD621
    Simply the best!
    Every week (or twice a week if we’re lucky!) Kelly interviews the most interesting guests and really focuses on all aspects of health in such a easy to follow way.
  • J. Sparks
    Possible topic
    Really digging the guests and the topics discussed. I would love to hear about alcohol and it’s relationship to blood sugar and hormonal response. I have a hard time finding anything that goes in depth on this particular topic and would love to hear your take.
  • Matil51
    Oh dear
    I just heard her on another show and thought id give her podcast a try but after reading reviews aboutrecommendations to listen to Joe Rogan… well, I will not give this podcast my precious time. I would have a hard time trusting her since I know we disagree on some fundamentals. I am moving on.
  • Whit_Shaf
    Put it all out there, Kelly
    So disappointed to see some of the negative reviews below that place blame on this podcast for pushing diet or restrictive eating culture. As adults, we have the God given ability to think critically and take what we want/leave what we don’t. Kelly is walking a fine line between being a figurehead in the wellness industry and making sure she’s representing herself as genuine. I don’t envy that responsibility at all. I’ve listened to this podcast on and off for a couple years and have enjoyed the information she’s putting out there — especially the interviews with Lily Nichols (Real Food for Pregnancy) and Jesse Inchauspe (@glucegoddess). I was bored the other day and listened to her 10th Anniversary special - very sweet, honest convo with her husband. Thanks Kelly. Keep it up.
  • Listsner
    Episode with you & your hubby
    This was an excellent, funny, smart, honest, relatable “interview” with your husband. You both were so authentic and it radiated through the podcast. Can’t wait for part 2! Yay!
  • Mama of Haiti 3
    Thank you to your husband
    Glad he’s humble. Thank you for being honest!
  • Laura719
    Listen skeptically
    I appreciate that Kelly tries to be science-backed by citing studies but feel like sometimes she either is cherry picking, intentionally misleading, or not questioning the claims of the people she brings on just because they support the kind of diet and lifestyle that she thinks is best — one that is wrapped in “body love” and flexibility but is actually super restrictive. Sugar may be the current enemy of Kelly-types but saturated fat (in red meat, which Kelly is heavy on) is pretty bad too.. All I’m saying is be skeptical of anyone adjacent to Goop telling you that you pretty much need to be paleo or keto, or spend a small fortune on protein powder from Sweden, to be healthy! Especially if you have a history of disordered eating.
  • Happier now !
    No longer able to listen
    At first I felt Kelly was nice and I enjoyed some interviews. However, she quickly becomes not relatable at all for your normal, active healthy American mom. I eat clean and my children do too… but she takes it to the extreme in a way that isn’t relatable or realistic. In addition, she recently has made it seem as though she is anti-vax. As a healthcare provider on the front lines and as a moderate, I was very disappointed to hear this. Will no longer listen and unsubscribe to email chain. Not sure why she is doing this.
  • Jkam17
    Kelly promotes anti-vax stance
    Was a big fan of Kelly and her protein powder until she recently sent a BWBK newsletter promoting Joe Rogan’s podcast episode with Dr. Robert Malone, encouraging readers to listen before he is “censored again”. This anti-vaccine rhetoric is dangerous and I can no longer see Kelly through the same lens :/
  • Sheeva T
    Kelly is bringing light to true wisdom and knowledge
    I love Kelly’s passion for talking about real life subjects. Her show exposes me to solutions to problems and ways to make life sweeter!! Bless her for her work 💕
  • ilaganke
    Digestible information for the masses
    I love Kelly! She has such an approachable way of translating the complexities of nutrition for your average health enthusiast. As a mom, I’ve taken a lot of the general principles she preaches and found a way to fit most of the advice into our own lifestyle. She is genuine and her approaches are actionable—and better yet, she pushes her guests to give us some tangible guidance. I’ve seen some critical reviews that she is “out of touch” from normal moms. If you listen to her earlier podcasts and have followed her for a while, she really tries her best to bridge the gap between her own “normal” life and the celebrity clientele she services. I urge you all to think critically on the general principles she preaches and learn to apply it in the context of your own life. Subtract some of the fancy gadgets—she advocates for a behavioral approach to your food journey. My only once-in-a-while issue with the podcast are some of her guests! The wonky types she brings on her show can sometimes come off as very unapproachable, and you can tell when she’s pushing them to be more forthcoming with information. I also hope she encourages future guests to invest in better microphones because sometimes the spotty audio on the other side is distracting! Overall, I find this show to be thoughtful and all encompassing. She brings a wide variety of views on the show, and really touches nutrition concerns for everyday people. Thanks Kelly—please pump out more of these!!!
  • FAC8
    Is there an email address that can be shared with Kelly’s listeners ? Thanks
  • kenziewallace79
    Love Kelly’s Podcast!
    She always has the most genuine guests on her show. They seem to always deliver so much value and I’m able to take something alway after listening. Kelly asks them the best questions… grateful for you Kelly!!
  • jsiendisb
    Educating others to influence change
    This is my favorite podcast as I feel like Kelly is a mom sharing info with other busy moms so we can make the best decisions for our children. I love her recommendations on the best products to use but also how she interviews people to back up the recent research. My favorite podcast has been the Bee Keepers Natural episode and I have shared it with so many people because her products have been influential with my kiddos dry hands and his eczema. Thank you Kelly for helping navigate a confusing world with clean products and practices as well as educating others with the most current information.
  • BrittneyKiesau
    Love ❤️
    Such a sweet host with great guests. I have her books and follow her fab 5 lifestyle. Such a great resource for food/health!
  • sas6g8
    I have followed Kelly for years, listened to almost every podcast and read every one of her books. There’s a lot of things I love about her and she has had an overall positive impact on my life. BUT she is starting to fall apart for me. For example, she claims to use “science” to guide her recommendations but on several occasions she has anti vax people on her podcast that reference their stance and she doesn’t correct them and alludes to agreement. Given her focus on “science” and recent pivot childhood health, why not use her platform to encourage vaccination, especially covid vaccination, which is well backed by the actual science community? Her silence and slight agreement suggests that she actually is against vaccines and that makes me question her scientific approach to anything - especially when many guests make very questionable “scientific” statements in the name of the unfounded superiority of “natural” as a fundamental part of brand. Setting aside the questionable science, I’ve also had the realization that she is totally out of touch with regular people and their relationship with food and has no sense of what it’s like to raise children in any non-elite setting. Many of her statements are wrapped in shame… ex: my two year old has only had two pieces of candy ever? Eye roll… not at all realistic for a normal family and also a pointless - kids can eat candy sometimes and that’s totally fine. Bottom line… she sells an aspirational lifestyle targeted at super wealthy, “granola” California housewives who think they know more than real doctors, not normal people with real lives. If that’s you, you’ll love her!
  • AmyinMaine13
    Mixed responses to this last episode
    I listened to this last episode with internist/Pediatrican Dr. Allison with mixed response. I found a lot of value in the discussions about overall health and well being and using a CGM and Dr. Allison’s program. 6-8 vegetables a day and reducing processes foods, all great! But it also was one of the most pretentious podcasts I’ve listed to to date. I looked up Levels, and discussed it with my doctor. It’s $400 for one monitor in the beta program. Comparing it to the other monitors on the market, which are $70 a monitor, a lot of Levels is just marketing right now. And who can afford to replace a CGM every 10-14 days even at $70 a pop - not most people. I would agree that our system is topsy turvey and that it would behoove us as a society for CGM’s to be offered through insurance (it is only if someone is Type 1 diabetic), and getting them in the hands of overweight people before they become diabetic would be amazing …. But I hope Levels figures out a way to offer their CGM at a reasonable rate that many can enjoy, not just a handful of extreme wealth. I also found the section on kids beyond pretentious. I don’t disagree that we need to make changes in our society… but again Kelly comes across as a stuck in a bubble of her own making, and not at all relatable to the rest of us moms. And I am fortunate to spend a wry large portion of my paycheck on healthy, clean meats, organic foods and imported wheat. So I’m not scrimping over here but … I was kind of nauseated by the bubble she seems to live in about feeding children. We need practical, reasonable, helpful ways to feed our children. Restricting the household to no chips or cookies doesn’t work. Giving me ways to get them involved with food and cooking and making things does. Thank goodness that many of Kelly’s guests are more practical and reasonable. The kind of food restriction she has in her household reminds me of the young man I knew who was raised vegan… what happened when he went to college? He literally ate nothing but fast food for two years. I have school aged children and teenagers and a blended family so I am not afforded the luxury of such restrictions. And I know Kelly is very early in her motherhood journey and that changes dramatically when kiddos go to school… even private schools with healthy chefs.. But I don’t find the right restriction healthy either. I think it’s swung the pendulum to the other extreme and isn’t teaching the big picture here. We need more of practical and less preaching.
  • Chrissy Lo
    Mostly great
    I usually love all of Kelly's podcasts, she has an array of interesting people and topics. I'm surprised that Kelly Brogan was a guest. I'm not used to hearing references to a totalitarian government in the mix.
  • Amanda Caruso
    Overall full of good information.
    I’ve been a fan of Kelly’s for a while. As a health care provider I have always loved that Kelly uses the science and research to support what she stands by. Previously a 5 star review, but recently have been disappointed by the fact that she’s had some guest. In particular, having Dr. Kelly Brogan who’s Instagram is riddled with anti-science information about COVID.
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Must listen✨✨
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • taylorpaige816
    Absolutely fantastic podcast
    Kelly, thank you SO much for putting this Information out here for all of us through this podcast. I have learned so much and honestly, have changed so much about mine (and my families!) life from the conversations you’ve put out. Easy to listen to, great questions and not too long! Thank you thank you thank you! You are the real deal!
  • wandasncredible
    Great Episode with MaryRuth
    Thanks ✊
  • cashell
    Living healthy & in balance
    Such a great podcast, my kids are tweens and teens and I continue to learn & hear useful information from Kelly & all her guests. Always a breath of fresh air with a wealth of knowledge that is applicable to your daily life. I’ve shared many episodes with friends and family. I love this episode with Dr. Taz and could not stop taking notes. For those striving to live a healthy life for yourself and your loved ones I strongly recommend.
  • nikki.r.1012
    Best Health Podcast Out There
    Kelly Leveque’s podcast is definitely the best. Her guests are very interesting and come with varied perspectives and a ton of information about health and wellness. I learn so much from every episode. But in addition to that, Kelly is a wonderful host with a wealth of information herself. She leads this podcast with curiosity and a warmth that is heartfelt. I truly love it!
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Kelly, host of the Be Well By Kelly podcast, highlights all aspects of health, nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Sydney J- Tennessee
    Holistic Wellness Guru
    Love, love, love this podcast! As a mom of two young boys myself, this podcast brings so much value to my life. I read Body Love after having my first son 3 years ago, and I was sold on the Fab Four. Kelly’s approach to ditching the blood sugar roller coaster and maintaining a balanced glucose really helped me get back to feeling my best. The book really launched me into my own holistic health journey, and this podcast has only expanded on that. Thanks to Kelly, and her interviews I have learned so much about what it means to have holistic wellness. I have not only leveled up my diet, but also, my exercise habits, my fridge, my pantry, cleaning products, household items, self care and skin care products. Her desire to reach more than just those that could afford private consults shows her dedication to bringing a no nonsense approach to wellness to anyone seeking it. After all, don’t we all just want the be “living our best life” everyday. Thank you Kelly for researching and educating us all with the podcast. It’s truly been a blessing to my life.
  • needs respresentstion
    There is a layer missing
    I listen to this podcast every week and I always learn so much! But this week listening to the episode with Dr. Hyman, I was frustrated by the glaring lack of an acknowledgement of food privilege and the inequity in food access. I feel like this is a common theme in the wellness world and on this podcast in general. How many people can actually afford a Levels glucose monitor? I only listened to half to episode with Dr. Hyman, because when Dr. Hyman was judging people for gaining 15 pounds during covid, it was rather tone deaf. Peoples lives have been flipped upside down this year and sometimes emotional eating comes with that. Yes, diet can absolutely help mitigate the risk of dying from the virus, but where is the mention of access or emotion? I also can’t help but notice the lack of representation of non-white guests on the podcast. I know some guests have been BIPOC, but they are few and far between. This is just to say, I love the podcast and I love Kelly’s work. But there is another layer to this conversation that has been left out.
  • Narwhals inc.
    Kelly is authentic, intelligent & caring...
    Absolutely love to turn on her podcasts. They always brighten my day! I’ve learned more healthy approaches to life emotionally, spiritually and physically, through Kelly and her fantastic, guests. Especially enjoy when she has Lauren Roxburgh on! Their combined knowledge within the wellness industry and solid friendship make it even more meaningful. Thank you for providing such amazing info and speakers, to help enhance our lives in a healthier way. I’ll continue to share your awesome podcasts and books with family and friends! Love your protein powder in my fab 4 smoothies and so does my 17 year old daughter! I’m also considering taking some of your courses. ..xx Tiffany from San Diego
  • Swanson101112
    Breath of fresh air!
    Kelly is everything you want in a podcaster- well spoken, knowledgeable, relatable, kind, inspirational! She features experts on a wide variety of topics and from every type of background. Such a great spectrum of opinions! And best of all, she’s the most respectful interviewer actually letting her guests talk! This is my absolute favorite podcast.
  • ktkt9812
    Love love love Kelly and this podcast! She is such a great interviewer and the guests she brings on are incredibly informative and provide loads of useful information. Thank you Kelly for putting this out into the world!
  • Gg281
    Kelly, you’re a genius! You are so intelligent, engaging, and kind. Thank you for helping us be well!!!
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