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The Really Good Podcast is hosted by Bobbi Althoff: a social media star with over 80 followers. A master interviewer with weeks of experience interviewing celebrities, Bobbi asks the questions that no one wants to know the answers to. Her toddler called The Really Good Podcast the most listened-to podcast in the world, and several of her videos have more than 900 views. Follow her @Bobbialthoff on Instagram or TikTok to learn more about podcasting's biggest star.

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  • Snowmeister
    The dumbest podcast I have ever listened to. I have no idea what the hype is about. This girl sounds like she might have gotten through the 8th grade… maybe.
  • Tarrin:)
    This is my new favorite podcast! I literally laugh the whole time
  • podcastrmylife
    Hilarious + GREAT
    Found my new favorite podcast. Didn’t know about bobbi until Wiz Khilifa posted a reel and now I am binging!! I hope she keeps doing it, she is hilarious in all the right ways!
  • Bnyceswag
    Beautifully well done.
    She’s quick, witty, sharp and knows what she’s doing. She has an amazing interview style while keeping the listener engaged and focused on what she or her guests will say next. One of the most well done podcasts out right now.
  • sheisrileyalisa
    ! I LOVE IT !
    so funny 🤣👏
  • Chelsea Salvatore
    Celebrities wouldn’t do it…
    If they thought it was bad. She’s had a few high profile celebs do her podcast. It’s not everybody’s taste, and that’s perfectly fine. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Simple. I happen to enjoy them, and got super excited to see she got Rainn Wilson on her show! You can think/say what you want, but some people actually like podcasts such as this. Bobbi, you’re doing a great job and I enjoy your interviews, keep it up.
  • BritttWebb
    Rainn Wilson
    This episode was truly weird and uncomfortable, but made me laugh out loud many times while at work with earbuds in illegally. So, I looked troubled 😂 Loved Rainn
  • cflatland96
    Not funny
    She thinks she’s clever. Most boring pod ever
  • Ampried
    Anyone Can Do This …
    I’m going to start coming at celebrities super dry, be completely unaware of most popular culture references, act like what they do is super trivial, ask them uncomfortable and even rude questions— this is so played out. We’ve seen it and heard it and it stopped being funny in like 2016. Back to the drawing board. I was expecting a lot more from what I had read— but this wasn’t the raunchy, funny, intelligent, cutting, but still comical satire I came here for. It was contrived, lazy and stupid. I feel more stupid and like I lost part of my life from that. Why did I not stop after two of them? I did at three. Yuck!
  • SylvannaJones
    I love it !!!! I followed on tiktok since forever , barely coming in the podcast scene, and I’m happy I’m here for your podcast! I’m doing a marathon night to catch up🤍
  • R&Mlove
    I don’t get it
    Listened to the first one and the last one with Jessica Alba. Painful to listen to…
  • password lololol
    Listening to this podcast makes me feel bad for every guest she has on. She doesn’t know anything about them and she doesn’t care about anything they say. Just makes me feel terrible inside because she can become so popular for not giving a care in the world about these people.
  • Foxy Ughhh gf
    You just need to trust people more with their personal life. If they don’t trust you then they don’t trust you. You need a personality and friends. You are very rude to all of your guests and it makes me feel bad. You said you were going to be successful. It is not a really good podcast, it is a really bad podcast. I hate this podcast. 😑
  • Fresh2Envy
    Let’s gooo
    Holiday season…Slow time. Come on Celebrity’s get on this pod.Most of all no Cap 🧢
  • Dubby-Gurl
    Bobbi is funny & reminds me of Chelsea Handler.
    Bobbi is funny & reminds me of Chelsea Handler. Her humor is going against a sensitive generation. I love it.
  • Cute gal 😲😲😟😦er
    The interview questions are painful to listen to. It’s so dry and unfunny. I’m not sure how many more episodes she can keep it going for when it’s the same stuff with every person she interviews.
  • HippieChick9
    I listened to several podcasts of Bobbi’s. The name of this Podcast should be changed. All of these interviews were like pulling teeth. She doesn’t know many,many names , terms, slag, people,nouns and common knowledge. The guests are annoyed by her no flow style. She has a very defensive attitude. Bobbi you need life experience , do your homework on your guest. Billions of people have kids, but I feel that’s all she knows . No matter what the interview is about she doesn’t vibe with the guest. A major song writer, she’s talking about pet insurance. A major actress and business woman she wanted to be her to the point of making her uncomfortable. Sorry I only give 1 star
  • blackdopamine
    Idk what it is about her! I just love her personality! Her baby sleeping sounds were so adorable!
  • marstun
    Really Tired Concept Podcast
    There is a reason between 2 firms came out every once in awhile. Feigning to be rude, aloof, and awkward is funny in small doses and so tired in big batches. Her character is bored so the podcast episodes are boring. This was cute for about 2 seconds and those 2 seconds were over a long time ago.
  • Dantevirgil
    Deep fried voice
    It’s like nails on a chalkboard and her schtick is basically ear torture. She’s like if the Kardashians had a taking hemorrhoid. Go away please.
  • Oliverthegreatest
    Extremely boring
    Never listened to anything more boring!
  • 45371
    Just plan terrible
    We all know why she is really here.
  • DisengagedXX
    I enjoy her episodes but her platform needs improvement.
    She’s funny but she’s so inconsistent. Bobbi stop deleting episodes that your audience enjoys. Or at least explain why you took them down. She’ll also post a teaser for one of her guests and doesn’t upload that episode for weeks. She’ll upload other ones with other guests instead. Some episode are on YouTube and not on the podcast app.
  • Skullluv
    She’s quite the character!
    When I first downloaded the tic tok app she held my attention for hours and made me laugh😍, kept questioning is she real ? Now with this pod cast she keeps us guessing ! Proud of her.
  • Bodcast enthusiast
    Self absorbed and boring
    Offers no value
  • Matty1
    The Female Version of “Between Two Ferns”
    Zack G. already did this… find a different catalyst
  • MT2366
    Best podcast ever
    Best podcast ever
  • Izzzyyy_
    Terrible, Awkward, Cringy
    I only listened to the episode with Mark Cuban but it was one of the worst interviews I’ve heard. It was just her repeatedly asking him for money and insulting him with so many awkward pauses. She didn’t even try to ask him thought provoking or interesting questions. Lacked humor and was just so uncomfortable to listen to.
  • NebulaNectar
    Gets old very fast.
    There are some funny moments but after listening to multiple episodes her schtick is tiring
  • ADea71
    This is Really Good
    My new favorite podcast! This is different and I’m always waiting on the next episode. Definitely 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • CorneliusBread
    Such Greatness
    Five Stars This woman makes me laugh so hard, and the way these stars fill the silence is fabulous.
  • Brooke_714
    Same conversation/“jokes” every episode.
  • allthe nick names
    It’s a gag reflex of a podcast
    The whole podcast is a bit every episode is one big awkward bit it’s not enough it needs to be more the first couple or maybe with certain guest sure but try something else try spicing up the bit
  • KayJoney
    This is ridiculously funny
  • LoocieB
    Offset interview
    As funny as this was tell me when’s the last time he was Inter interviewed without bringing up Cardi B, Takeoff, or the Migos!
  • enter the dragons belly
    Nope don’t like it
    Your mean
  • Monique Saldivar
    Offset interviews
    Omg the best one yet so funny 😅🤣
  • peytonhowell2003
  • tboothh
    I love you Bobbi
    You are amazing and hilarious. I love everything about your podcast and I will continue listening. Can’t wait for more episodes in the future!
  • suttonkid29
    Fun Podcast (but wish Offset’s interview didn’t exist)
    Enjoyable podcast to pass the time. Like “Between Two Ferns” but longer form. Other than Offset’s interview, application, interrogation, partnership or whatever he called it, I’ve really enjoyed each episode. Hopefully Bobbi and her team learn from Offset’s interview…and only include guests who “want” to be on the show.
  • Eeeeeeeemanda
    Absolutely Funny!!
    Keep up the great work!! 👏🏼
  • ghmyahooka
    Stumping the stupid.
    Love all the reviews from people who don't get it. Good grief the amount of people who are just oblivious to obvious things. "she's trying too hard" lol and you dont get obvious jokes. "this is the worst podcast" yes, thats the joke. I adore someone who can make people confess their own stupidity. Keep it up, B.
  • ANON - Try to guess
    Please don’t stop making people feel uncomfortable with your comedy. It’s what makes this so great. The negative comments are somehow just as funny as you. But in a sad, like jokes on you sort of way. 😂
  • annesquivel
    really good
  • audacious21
    This is the worst podcast.
  • yahirsantanayt
    love this podcast
    this podcast is funny and honestly a breath of fresh air from your typical interviewer podcast. what a lot of people don’t understand is that bobbi is playing a character. regardless i think there should be more podcasts out there like this one :)
  • Jgsinwicnwkhcjwnxn
    Fix the audio
    Did anyone even listen to the Shaq interview before uploading it? Can’t even hear him
  • Mary Jane😋😜🤣
    The first and last time I listen to this podcast. It was awkward and painful to get through. She’s trying way too hard.
  • Jdaviebby
    Offset 👀
    Where is offset’s interview ?
  • PrimaryWPN106
    Maturity comes with experience.
    I get it … you want to heard, respected, acknowledged and paid. I sometimes hear the immaturity in your tone, your blunt and unfiltered direct questioning of your guests, and your thirst for money but there are better and more tactful ways to reach your goal. Several of your interviewees gave off a vibe that that didn’t want to be there because of the way your questions came off as being rude and insulting. But given your age and gender they sucked it up. For example you interview with Tyga and Jason D. I wish you luck, I think you have the passion and now just try to work on your rough edges! You can and will do better.
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