Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura


Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

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  • drbsavvy
    Authentic hilariously insightful couple
    The realness in their outtakes is what caught my attention on the reels on Facebook captivating me to listen to the podcast.
  • plmwlz1126
    YMH was one of my favorite podcasts but it’s one long infomercial now. Every story gets broken up by 2-4 minutes of ads. How much is enough guys?
  • Nonyabizznesss
    No thanks
    Tom used to be funny. Don’t forget us “poors” are why you are millionaire now.
  • struggling to hear
    1 star
    For the poors
  • 84pressure
  • Ktrudy
    Less than zero.
    Sad, old, not funny. Except maybe no one I know east of Thailand ? :)
  • Robob91
    Tom is absolutely unbearable! The man lives in the LaLa Land
    His wife carries the whole pod.
  • Getitrightgetitairtight
    Christina ♥️
    I absolutely adore Christina. The relationship with Tom is so sweet. I have gone to listen to Christina in every other streaming show she’s featured. She’s just a treat to listen to. Sending buckets of hate to Christina P.’s haters from Albuquerque.
  • Ol' Shasta McNasty
    They pull good guests, but otherwise are hacks.
  • Mr. Right now.
    Airtight Abby
    Thanks, Abby. Cool girls for life!
  • Turbotoke
    Long time, no time
    Long time listener, first time reviewer. Went to a live taping at the ice house years ago. Probably the first time dr drew was on the show, and it was great and fun. Now, I think when Tom broke his body, he should of just stayed down. Love the fact that he openly hates his children tough!
    Oh, girls
    The woman comic is trashy and made me turn this off. Gross. So annoying. Who has to deal with her? Poor you.
  • TheRealDasher5
    They spelled the title wrong it’s ur moms house
  • jrofhwell
  • Scoop Curtis
    Miss Piggy is the WORST.
    If the gross Christina P (the P is for Punching down) isn’t repeating what was just said by someone else, this pseudo-intellectual snort hog is oinking out lazy, hateful stupidity.
  • Princess char
    Terrible humans
    It’s possible to be funny without being cruel. If you can’t do that then you aren’t actually funny you’re just sad and pathetic individuals
  • kuwee2
    This is the OG of podcasts. I have been listening since 2014. The best episodes are with just Tim and Christine the water champ. riding till death just feathering it brother!
  • TurkeyFlatulence
    Christina P
    Hey! You should quit the pod and let a real comedian take your place.. you’ve made each episode EXHAUSTING to listen to.. be like your Husband and chill stop trying so hard. And quit comedy and raise you children… poor kids
  • Mr hostetter
    Unfunny classist grabage. Empty mean spirited trash from the folks that have never had to do without their entire lives. I hope to be one of the poors that one day hopes to bump into Tom. I wish nothing but Stage Four Cancer for Tom, Christina, and all the children and animals in their home.
  • lmullins
    Loved the show
    Loved the show, still think it’s good but I’m intensely put off by censorship and won’t be listening anymore, thanks for the years of entertainment
  • dumb caveman
    What happened?
    What’s up with this show lately? Some weird topics and weird guests have made things seem different. I’ve been listening for years but this isn’t the same show anymore that I grew to love
  • zedwaldo
    Ads for days
    Great pod but these days half of it is ads or ad reads - clearly evolved into a money-grab operation, its a shame.
  • DumbTard Mike
    Hate from Michigan 😁
    Finish in my ear and give me hearing aids
  • SlowReader2
    Tom is mean spirited. Christina is always playing to males 13 through 35. Farts, poo, gross teeth, porn, dorky sh¡t. more recently however, they have become unbearable, pompous, arrogant, pair of chunts. The show has turned to absolute dog shhhh, go back to the old format and fire the chodes. Also, get away from Burt, he’s gross, not funny.
  • KaylaDBayla
    Try it out.
  • WiikendWarrior84
    Better on tiktok
    Tuned in for the guest and it took them nearly an hour to get to it. Tom is funny but I will take him in small doses on TikTok from now on.
  • TheBoofManCommeth
    Downhill slope
    YMH is not the same lately. Been listening for years and it just has a different feel these days. Feels like the rise of YMH as a whole has sort of corporatized the operation, which I’m sure was the goal as a business, but it’s lost the personal and genuine nature I came to love. Hate, from the falcon car wash.
  • Kzmyaz
    Money changes some people
    Tom was my favorite comedian but has become a douche. Christina is more annoying than ever. The meowing??!!
  • aye-o
    Hand it off to someone else
    Its basically the podcast version of QVC now for wannabes going through a midlife crisis. Glory days are long gone.
  • Suckititunesnickname
    Fat Poors
    Fat poors love this podcast
  • castdeeznuts
    Been listening since the Yoshi days, used to listen religiously. Can’t stand it anymore. Low effort and out of touch.
  • 78_gold_78
    Another poor oso commercial
  • So long chomos 👋🏻
    Goodbye old friends
    What happened? 😢 I miss Tom when he didn’t vocalize how better he was than everyone. Bert…you gotta shut that face hole up, sometimes. Christina P- please stop analyzing comics thinking that their key to success is coming from a broken home. This show is making me more dumber and I have to say ta ta for now chomos.
  • rabremoh
    Hate from Minnesota
  • Ghinf32
    Headed down
  • gggjjjksjdhhs
    Tom’s creepy
    Tom has creepy breathing into mic..
  • Baba787
    Low and loose
    Christina has always been kind of a bozo but Tommy’s right there with her now. What happened mommies? Piss on me, beat me
  • Yo daddy1
    What happened?
    Long time listener. Sad to see this show go downhill so bad. Between this and 2 bears, They’re just punching shows so fast that they run out of content and funny talk. The o ly funny ones are when they haven’t seen each other for a while cause Tom comes back from touring . Everything seems so repetitive 1 out of 5 episodes is a little funny. Wish it could go back to the way it was.
  • DapostropheNEA
    Gone way downhill
    The whole of ymh studios is awful now. Ymh itself used to be long forum, edgy and hilarious mostly because Tom and Christina were having such a good time. Now no one is having fun. The reach of the podcast, while we listen for free, produces Tom's back to back sold out arena world tours in addition to merch sales. Such a grubby company it's become, hiring more people draining the podcast income to produce subpar 20 minute podcasts is the snake eating it's own tail. You're getting greedy and we aren't even allowed to say certain words on the podcast? Talk about selling out.
  • MsMeghanCalahan
    Can they see what they do?
    Only people who are unfunny punch down and this podcast is pure vitriol and hate. Should I tag you so you can see the hundreds of miserably men harassing a coffee shop owner because this podcast told them to? Do you think any good will come from whipping these misogynists into a keyboard frenzy, or do you wonder if your ‘humor’ has real-world consequences? You can put me down and say I cant take a joke, but I counter you cant be blameless when you make harassment your brand. 💔
  • SuperDave$$$
    Dont all shows end up like this? Riding out the momentum, gradually losing touch and relying on hardcores. They worked hard for the success and now working just as hard to drive it into the ground. It’s a business people and not all business owners know how to adapt to their own success.
  • Lanedawgg
    Alaina <3’s her mommies
    Love y’all. Listen to u nonstop. You're precious , you’re everything to me. Piss on me , beat me . Lane dawg
  • Bzink555
    Long time listener but it’s over
    I love Tom and how he podcast as well as all the guests. However Christina is just irritatingly bad at podcast and honestly seems to be an airhead. I’ve tried to be block her voice out on recent podcasts but I just can’t do it anymore. Good luck Tommy. Piss on me and beat me.
  • Runsdedt
    Always fun
    Always love listening to Tom and Christina
  • SethPeters
    These two are trash people.
  • PMeow89
    Former listener of 7 years
    I just had to unsubscribe today and it made me so sad. But it was time. The constant berating of trans, fat, ugly and poor people is getting gross. It no longer feels like a bit. Mostly though, show just isn’t funny anymore. If you want to see Tom on his high horse about fancy cars and fitness, and a middle aged woman pander to their seemingly new listener base of men who seem to hate woman- go ahead and subscribe. The comments re: Lauren Compton on all recent posts are eye opening to how much the fan base has changed. Not many can tell the difference between their hateful jokes and think it’s totally real. Idk, maybe it is at this point. Ta ta there, retards. I’m going elsewhere- I wanna laugh.
  • Adam Mza
    They just replay tic toks now. Out of touch and his wife is the opposite of entertaining.
  • H.W. Bush on the Grassy Knoll
    Got me kicked off a flight
    Apparently anything Tim Segura related is akin to “making terrorist threats on the plane.” At least according to the flight attendant. After I was removed from the plane because of this podcast the Air Marshals had a lot of questions about whether or not I know what Tom is capable of and showed me evidence of him being linked to several airline disasters. I just wanted everyone to be aware since the podcast doesn’t come with a disclaimer and there’s an ongoing investigation.
  • Mgc3333
    I’m to poor to listen
    I’m too poor to listen
  • FunTimeFapper
    Soooo many ads.
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