Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

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Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

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  • GabeArioso
  • ANSR2NO1
    Background laughter 👎
    Love the podcast however I cannot listen to this anymore due to the annoying nonstop background laughing! It’s not once in a while, it’s nonstop after every sentence! Impossible to tolerate.
  • manofmany
    Mommies told me so
    I’m only writing this because for some reason business executives look at iTunes reviews over how many people actually listen. Keep them high and tight jeans! And ahhhgeeetoooohhhff
  • bigben5688
    Listened to one pod from them and now I don’t miss an episode. Officially a mommy for life.
  • Jarob78
    Sound proof the booth!!
    Can’t stand constantly hearing Nadav maniacally cackle. Ruins the podcast
  • hereticpride87
    Long time Mommy says goodbye
    Show feels like its slowly catering more and more to people who think consequences = being canceled. They’re definitely angling for the Rogan crowd. I’m out.
  • nuttbaggz
    “Know what I’m sayyng”
    Best podcast out here!! Need more episodes
  • Fed Smokah
    Joe Rogan-light
    I used to really love this podcast. They were much funnier before they surgically implanted themselves up Rogans behind. Christina is turning into a culture warrior against the “woke” mob. It’s definitely not high and tight anymore. Keep featherin’ it brothers!
  • Thiccc boy Dallas
    Thanks Jeans
    This show always follows proto.
  • kaylaMparker1!
    The best podcast!
    Hands-down the best podcast out there right now.. My husband and I listen to weekly episodes and we find ourselves quoting & discussing episodes talking points.. Never fails to make us laugh and we are truly grateful that it is a thing, definitely a day booster on the regular.. Thanks Jeans! Love you guys.
  • AmericaIsLeftAndRight
    CP is the epitome of Karen
    CP plz stop dragging Buns down. You were better on Road Rules. Stop with your self help psychology you are the reason psychology is no longer considered a hard science. Edit... also you are annoyingly unfunny. Let Potter take your place so Buns can shine.
  • Dubster #43
    Anyone saying Christine isn’t funny is retarded. Keep burping and being offensive <3
  • gregallen1981
    5 for Tom, 1 for Christina
    Tom Talks are much better, I like the clips added in, but Christina was better as a blow up doll when they weren’t together on the show. She has funny moments, but she’s either trying too hard or more worried about her burp count.
  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Tom,
    My curiosity is heightened when considering taking in your natural musk. 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • Mandoog006
    Ppl dumb
    I dislike Chrissy too but why people think anybody gonna boot her? She’s Toms wife and, for better or worse, half the show. Listen or don’t. Personally I just don’t listen all the time anymore. Man she is cringe.
  • ElizaJane17
    Tom Rocks
    But Christina is…awful! She’s not funny. At all. Her interaction with Nate Bargatze was painful - read the room or at least familiarize yourself with the guests.
  • Maggiedunphy
    Horrendous laughing guy
    Dude get rid of the laughing guy or at least the audio of it. How can you think people want to hear that. Have him start his own over reaction laughing podcasts for those listeners 🤷‍♂️
  • kcwatson42
    Show me that you like me
    Tim and Cathy really know how to touch me through the fence and show me that they like me. There are times I will laugh so hard, that it shows me where it squirts. The two of them really know how to keep featherin it. Keep up the great work, drink lots of water, and watch out for waspes.
  • MarkyMarkSonn
    Live Life 365
    Absolutely hilarious! This show has me laughing hysterically and sometimes dry heaving because of the content they view. I love the edgy content they review and the awesome guests they have on to torment! Thanks Tim & Christine Keep it high and tight Jeans! 😍
  • niceBoySweater
    Do y’all know what’s a banana split
    4 strokes
  • Ry my Guy
    3 words
    High and Tight
  • isaac_b7379292?
    Great pod
  • RALOE192
    Very funny
    Great show but there are way too many ads
  • jon1234567345635
    The sh|ttie$t podcast I’ve ever been forced to listen to
  • T03Lee
    Ditch Christina
    This is overall a good podcast, but Christina just drags the show down. With her hundreds of different laughs. Constant burping into the mic, dumb nicknames for every major city.(that quite frankly are not funny nor clever.) her judgment is suspect to say the least. Plus it seems she’s always seeking validation from Tom. Podcast is only great when Christina can’t be on the show or they have excellent guest. As always Tom carries the show and is the only reason I watch the show. Would he 5 stars if Christina wasn’t on or just quit trying so hard.
  • ThomasH653
    My gf calls the podcast, Your Mommas house, and I refuse to correct her. 👖
  • Mighty Durkules
    Your Ads House
    The ad spam is getting ridiculous
  • Eric Harper (Sapsucka)
    Best podcast on planet earth !
  • mackstetic
    It’s pretty good.
    Definitely not the best comedy podcast but very good. Krissys big sloppy milkers are the only reason I still listen.
  • hadleem
    This is quite literally the best podcast you will ever listen to.
  • Mike3292385
  • Fivelgoeswest
    Listened to it at the falcon car warsh. Safe to say from on I’ll be featherin it high and tight. Sincerely, Jeans
  • XGC Chef
    30Seconds to freedom!
    Want to know how to make the podcast more enjoyable to listen to? It’s simple! Every time you hear Christinath start to talk hit the skip forward 30 seconds button. Problem solved! Thank me later chomos.
  • Ryokanshat
    Didn’t follow proto
  • Vanfleet420
    Never write reviews.
    It’s different. The most unique podcast and the phrases from here are legendary. I have never wrote a review but did for this one. Haven’t done a live show yet but can’t wait to lose my lunch. That’s where it spits. Love you guys. Next time you go to Portland the wife and I will be there.
  • TheFornicator69
    Didn’t watch for Waspses
    Well, I guess I didn’t follow proto and while working in my back yard, featherin some trees. I got stung about 5-6 times in the head and face. It all happened so fast, first thing I did, threw my machete somewhere, it’s gone now. Next pulled my pant a little higher and much tighter. Then fled while screaming. Thank T and C, I could’ve died
  • Cil_a
    Love this podcast!!
    This podcast is awesome! Just the audio is not so great, the voice tracks are low and the sound bites/ intro music is way louder. I usually listen in my car but I’m sure the audio is fine if your at home with headphones or watching on youtube
  • sara_goya
    Live life 365
  • avgdave$420
    Love this podcast
  • Ethanh3
    Best pomcast ever
  • bjameswalker
    WHY mommies, WHY?!?!?
    Hey Hitlers! Everything about this podcast I love so much. The ONLY thing is I want more. I wish there were more than one episode a week. Of course I know y’all do like 9-17 other podcasts so I get it. So my solution has been to scroll way WAY back into YMH past to relisten to old ones to get my fix while I wait for a new drop. Which brings me to my query. Why can’t I go back past episode 511 or whatever it is now? How do I access the early early goodness? Like episode 87 or 123? You bet I’m coming up in May, Brandon
  • boob296963
    Good pod
    Good pod
  • Modern Madman
    Shawn Sleeps Naked
    You see all this crown molding? I did it myself.
  • jacksrept
    Get BRUCE BRUCE on the show please !
    Love the show jeans! Bruce Bruce would be great at review tik toks!
  • Ray_14
    DP world
    This company actually exists, tshirts hats , Arab Emirates, huge sponsors of PGA, just saying do what you want with it.
  • 91Loslonelyboy
    Love this show but the ads are becoming much too frequent. They used to have a few at the beginning and some in the middle and now there are ads like every 10 to 15 minutes and it’s really annoying. It completely ruins the flow of the podcast
  • Mch deepsea
    Touch my face through the fence you chomo
    More George Perez. Tom and George Perez are the greatest combo!
  • mccloaded
    Just cant do this pod anymore. Lost its edge.
  • Guitar7766
    The podcast is great, but all the ad reads are too much. They’re everywhere these days. As bad as tv now.
  • Pugsy G
    Was funnier when they were less famous
    If you skip through the parts where Tom and Christina are just riffing like angry teenagers making fun of people with disabilities and nonnormative gender roles to the guest, the podcast is actually somewhat entertaining.
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