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Recapping Survivor 42 and talking with previous Survivor contestants and breaking down who got voted out and why. Rob Cesternino brings humor and strategic insight to every episode airing on CBS in 2022

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  • ScotNotScott
    Bovine rectal temperature
    Today I learned 100 degrees Fahrenheit was determined by gauging the temperature in a cow’s booty hole, and I am better for it. Thank you Christian and Rob 🙏🏼.
  • bjenk21
    Please drop the casino advertisement
    I’m giving my favorite podcast one star because that casino ad is so obnoxious and grating that it actually makes me shut the whole podcast off. Please find a new advertiser.
  • foc_you
    Love all the RHAP coverage of survivor!
    Make the Shannon and Taran crossover a season must!! The Rob and Adam recap is always one of my favorites every season. Bryce is amazing as always!
  • kellysurfs
    Talks too fast
    Methy. Not healthy, not good.
  • PonchieLA
    Love rob and Steven’s know it alls plus why blank list whichare my main go to episodes after each show airs. I am honestly enjoying them more than the “new survivor” 🙄. Appreciate how much thought and strategy analysis rob puts into recaps
  • samantham1
    Love every second! Thank you for your dedication and joy!
  • Sue me...
  • Lars Cato
    I very much enjoy her interviews but she could keep the fawning over the interviewees to a minimum. I want her to do well and improve. The interviews themselves are excellent but the fan girling is unnecessary.
  • sports my jam
    The EdgyMili Tribe has Spoken!
    Rob: “ Don’t you worry Jenny Autumn isn’t going anywhere…she’s back”! The Tribe: Thank goodness you heard us! Jenny’s insightful analysis with incredible extemporaneous humor is the best! Just the right amount of respectful edginess 😀with value added perspective. And the chemistry between the two of you is unmatched. More please!
  • lesmeralda3
    Update: I originally gave a five star rating and still really enjoy the various podcasts. But, although I enjoy the Why ----Lost with David Bloomberg and Jessica Lewis, I don't mean to be nit picking, but Jessica Lewis's constant laughing really distract. I understand the emotion and passion for the show, and I'm not sure if it is that or a nervous laugh, but her constant need to laugh throughout, funny or not, should be edited as a distracting feature. Rob, you are a consummate professional, And it is so easy to give your podcasts a five star review. You are also humble, such an endearing quality, especially since you have cast such a wide net in terms of your appeal to so many different kinds of listeners. Although you do like to talk ( your admission and Nicole’s), you are also a good listener and excellent interviewer. You always make the interview about the person or subject and rarely about yourself (unusual in this podcast world). And most admirably, although you do have your opinions, I do not believe I have ever heard you criticize a person in a demeaning way; you always seem to try to build them up as well. Know the value of your podcast; you have built an incredible community and legacy!! I can’t think of a other podcast that can compare to RHAP in depth and scope. Each podcast and segments are interesting, thought-provoking, humorous, insightful, and entertains, a combination that is difficult to achieve in balance. All who contribute to RHAP, especially Rob, I thank you! Just to add, I really enjoyed the interview with Cass recently.
  • KoryK1391
    Hit or Miss
    It’s disgusting how they pile on certain people. If you like group think, this is the podcast for you.
  • LouSmith434
    Never have Evie back
    She is awful. She only knows one word - LIKE. So annoying
  • Rustlefeathers
    Rob Needs To Stop Saying “Uh”
    I love all things Survivor. With all due respect though, Rob needs to cool it with the “uhh”’s. It’s unprofessional and a bit strange considering he’s a host after all. It’s okay to take a pause to buffer your thoughts without saying “Uh”!
  • yeagerlex
    uh, uhm, um
    I wanted SO badly to like this- I cannot get over how much Rob says “uh” and “um”. At my job, I have to be aware that I’m paying attention to the user experience. If you have a podcast, you gotta focus on vocal fillers. What a bummer.
  • ibsenmark
    So much content!
    I need more hours in the day to listen to all of the wonderful coverage of Survivor, I discovered RHAP through BB and I started watching Survivor because of RHAP, my absolute favorites are “The Know It Alls” and the “B&B” with Mike Bloom (formerly known as DigiBloom) and Liana. Keep up the great work!
  • E.Dodson
    I watch survivor to listen to the Know-It-Alls
    Rob and Stephen have the best survivor podcast around! Lots of other great survivor shows too
  • NicknameBay
    RHAP brings sunshine to my life!
    Thank you to Rob and his team of survivor avengers for being an endless source of joy in my life 🙏
  • mmkahler
    Risking it all
    I am risking all my stars to do this review. It’s pretty scary because I am not sure that I’ll get the chance to use them again but it feels worth it right now because I want to make a BIG MOVE! As a survivor fan, I know big moves are what it takes in this fast, new era game! Drop the 4 keep the 2. Thanks Rob and company for always breaking it down and keeping it light and funny! As they say in my country, stew is life! 👌🏻
  • listener 4good
    Wanna know what happened?
    Listen to Rob! He has the best read on the cast and the game… and it’s always a fun time.
  • RoseMiller98765
    Stop virtue signaling
    Stevens comments about Joe completely turned me off from this podcast. Gross.
  • forgetthisnicknamestuff
    Enough enough enough with the BROCCOLI Please PLEASE STOP
  • tiaracoral3699
    Love !!!
    I started listening during COVID when survivor wasn’t even on. I listened to older podcasts and now that I was able to listen while the season was airing it was my favorite part of the week to hear the recaps after the episode !! Can’t wait for season 42!
  • katherine_j_24
    Hard to listen to
    I like this podcast for the breakdown of the episodes especially with all the different twists this season. However, it has become unbearable for me to listen to due to the abundance of “like”, “you know” and “uh”. If you’re looking for a drinking game to get you drunk very fast and drink every time one of those fillers are spoken this podcast is for you.
  • Customer's Feedback
    Soooo confused…
    This. is. torture. I love RHAP, but I just want recaps of Survivor, but it’s impossible. There are multiple RHAP shows & each podcast has like 5 different shows per episode. Plus you can’t just let the podcast run because of all the different shows. I’m so frustrated. Which of all these RHAPs am I supposed to listen to if I just want recaps?? Please…I just want a recap…one recap for each episode.
  • eguinosa
    Great Survivor Companion
    RHAP does a great job discussing every possible topic about Survivor.
  • DianaChristine3
    The best
    The experience of watching Survivor and other reality shows just wouldn’t be the same without RHAP. Thanks, Rob!
  • airfigaro
    Great content
    I’ve really become a fan of all of the RHAP podcasts over the past few years. Essential companion to a survivor season and fun to listen to. Great game talk, great guests, funny insights, and serious coverage. Thanks Rob, happy to be a patron as well. Here’s to a great season 40!
  • K-Lo816
    One of My Favorites!
    Parvati was great! Thanks Rob for the best Survivor content out there!
  • Pam Hamilton
    Best Podcasts
    ❤️ Rob. Such great coverage. I love listening. T-Birds tribute was excellent! ❤️❤️❤️
  • starwarsfan12366
    Missed this show almost as much as I missed survivor…but please bring back the wiggle room!!!
  • Smileyxoxo
    RHAP is the best!
    Rob and crew have the best Survivor coverage! Rob is always hilarious and obviously knows the strategy inside and out. He consistently books great guests for the recap and feedback shows. Old and new fans of Survivor should listen!
  • OzPerson
    Best Survivor info anywhere
    Thanks for the great new podcasts. Nice variety!
  • Owls totally
    Best & Hardest Working Podcaster
    I’ve been listening to Rob Has A Podcast for about 2 years. I can’t believe how much content he records every single day! Always entertaining and informative—I’ve loved listening to his Survivor content. The guests who join Rob are fun & I love all the interviews that he does with former survivors. Thank you for a great podcast!!
  • Cody Culp
    Good stuff
    Rob and his team do a great job dissecting Survivor. If ur into Survivor, this is the podcast to listen to!
  • Cooby0127
    A little too PC
    I used to really love this podcast. In fact, I often go back and listen to old episodes of the know-it-alls. However, recently the show has become so PC and delves into identity politics way too much. I feel like it’s very obvious where on the political spectrum all the podcasters on this channel are. It’s kind of a turn-off. I often find myself rolling my eyes.
    6 Hours!
    I can’t believe I’ve listen to this for 4 hours! (I admit that I listen at 1.5 speed), and it was so much fun! I could listen to Christian talk all day and night about survivor and any other topic. When he is on the podcast, it is an absolute joy to listen to! This whole top 40 countdown has been a blast I’m looking forward to that last eight seasons but this one is by far my favorite so far.
  • Aimetx
    Too many, too long
    I have to agree with others that multiple podcasts a week, often 2-3 hours is too much. When the show is airing I like the recap pods and maybe one other a week. Don’t listen to the rest. Your pods are longer than the show itself!
  • jugglin_josh
    Love Survivor, but....
    Please stop talking identify politics. As if we don’t hear that enough.
  • paperfairy17
    chef's kiss of survivor podcasts
    rob is truly at the apex of this craft. an amazing podcast host / producer / CEO and every episode is a delight. best survivor podcast on the internet, hands DOWN
  • noyb1982
    Too many episodes!
    Multiple episodes in one day, 5 or so in a week? It’s too much. So much so that I just don’t even listen to 1. It’s too confusing to try to figure out the best one to listen to, I just want one good podcast a week. Not 5 so so ones.
  • Ezperturbed
    What has happened to this show???
    It used to be fun and funny. Now it is PC and boring. Time to find another survivor podcast
  • Wheatonbrando
    Best Survivor podcast on the Internet
    Best Survivor podcast on the Internet, and it isn’t close. Rob has all the connections and gets all the best interviews. Awesome strategy breakdowns, while hilarious and entertaining. If you love Survivor... where have you been? It’s not too late.
  • soulracer1
    Best Survivor podcast on the net
    Fair and funny. Really well done. Good job
  • Bob from Denver
    Best survivor podcast
    The best survivor coverage there is. Rob is excellent host and gets amazing guest appearances.
  • Matt Korte
    The Best Survivor Content Around
    RHAP produces so much quality content that the only negative is trying to find the time to listen to it all! I love watching Survivor and listening to RHAP enhances that!
  • WT2222
    Whomever Rob can get today...
    This podcast used to have much more analysis, but Rob’s busy with other things these days and so he just makes it up with guests from the Survivor community, which is a shame, because Rob typically has much more insight into the game than do most of the mactors and characters in the Survivor community. It also eats into whatever is left of his analysis, as he has to bend over backwards to be nice to everyone now.
  • Ari Daube-Valois
    RHAP is da best!
    I am 13 years old and a super fan! Love your podcast, always gives me new perspectives and thoughts about the game. Read mine using a tony accent
  • WinonaMN
    Edge IS part of the game...just a different part of the game.
    David B...the game has evolved. Being on The Edge is part of the game. Let it go.
  • colleenholt
    Rob has a podcast
    I’m tired of josh wiggles,ugh
  • brunogmachor
    RHAP is a must listen for Survivor fans
    Rob Cesternino has been podcasting for 10 years, and his experience really shows. Listen to his 10 year history of RHAP, he goes into how he started the podcast and important milestones along the way that helped to make RHAP what it is today. Both funny moments like Tony’s llama talk cracking Nicole up, Mike White tearing Rob a new one, to touching moments like Rob’s talk with his dad just before his dad passed. I’ve been listening to Rob since 2014, Survivor Cagayan and it was one of the best times to jump on board. And I’m so happy the Wiggle Room is back, even if just for the last time. Other than the episode itself the Wandoff has been the thing I look forward to most each week! Congratulations Rob on 10 years!
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