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Grab your torches and go behind the scenes of the Emmy® Award-winning reality series SURVIVOR like never before. Whether you’re a superfan or new to the show, “On Fire with Jeff Probst: The Official Survivor Podcast” is the ultimate companion to Season 46 — revealing HOW the show is made and WHY they do the things they do. Showrunner and Host Jeff Probst answers fan questions and takes you behind the scenes of the series from the executive producer perspective that you can't get anywhere else. This season, Probst is joined by former castaway and Survivor 45 winner Dee Valladares, and producer Jay Wolff who share insights from the player and fan perspectives on each episode. Watch the latest episode of SURVIVOR every Wednesday on CBS and Paramount+ and then catch all-new episodes of “On Fire” right after the show.
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  • soccerrrrrrlifee
    We want Charlie!!!!
    Charlie would be great as the next host! He played a great game & is very articulate. His game had to change multiple times throughout the season and I think he would give great perspective. And he got BETRAYED by his ally!
  • emilywltn
    My favorite podcast!
    I have watched Survivor since I was 7 years old. I grew up watching with my parents and now I watch it with my own family. This podcast is fantastic and adds a whole new level of excitement to the show. I am enjoying Survivor more than I ever have before. I notice so much more every episode in terms of the editing, the story, and the game. How amazing to hear the three perspectives and some rare BTS tidbits from Jeff. Dee was an AMAZING addition this season and I’ll really miss hearing her thoughts! I would absolutely love to hear Charlie on the podcast next season. He was such an amazing and well-rounded player who really knows how to articulate strategy. Your podcast makes my miserable commute something that I actually look forward to on Thursday mornings—when I have this podcast to look forward to. Thank you!
  • Sayangbug
    New Host Recommendation
    Boston Rob! I know it’s been awhile since he’s been in the island, but he’d have insight like no other to share! Love the show! Can’t wait for Season Forty-several!
  • $putter$
    Next season
    Charlie would be a great addition. NOT Maria because we all hate what she did. Kenzie will be busy with her new baby. Please bring Charlie in to help host. Dee was great
  • KalBittt
    Tiffany for Co-Host!!
    Tiffany is so funny but also very smart and I think would be a great co host for next seasons podcast. I also think Dee was amazing and I would love to see her return, even if it’s not for a full season
  • Curefansc
    LOVE this podcast!!
    So many questions I've had swirling in my head for the past 24 years are being answered! I love listening to Jeff and Jay and the guest hosts, and getting their fun and informative takes on the weekly episodes! So happy to have discovered this podcast recently!
  • One and only Shake
    Pls have her back soon! She is a star.
  • janiahdavis
    Loved this season! Yall did great. Please try and reach out to KELLEY wentworth. She still keeps us with the show and would bring an amazing insight. Also if trying to keep new era I’ll vote for Tevin or Charlie
  • Pjs1052
    Next host
    How about JamJam? He was my favorite. Also would like Boston Robb in some of your podcasts! Just a thought!
  • Queen Rayna
    Survivor Lifer!
    Love this podcast! Big time fan here, have watched every season multiple times, and can’t wait for the big 50! Jeff you are the best host! It would be great to see Dee be a regular returnee co host, and would love to see Yam-Yam be the cohost for next season!
  • francineeeeee
    Next Co-Host….
    I would love it if Dee could remain a regular on the show. She brings terrific insights and analyses to the show. However, if Dee cannot be a regular… my vote goes to Drew B. from season 45. I think he would bring a wonderful attitude and we all know he is a great storyteller and a great survivor player.
  • abltgal
    I’m notoriously bad at writing reviews but this podcast really warrants one
    Guys… I LOVE this podcast. It’s actually the only one I listen to?? I love Survivor and getting to hear about each weeks’ episodes from three different perspectives is incredible. I recently met Dee in person, and got to tell her how much I loved this podcast! Great job guys! Keep up the great work!
  • Gigi wask
    The best!
    This podcast has absolutely made the Survivor experience 100 times better! I have looked forward to listening every single episode following the Survivor episode since you guys started this podcast! Having Dee on was probably the best decision you guys could’ve ever made! She brought such a perspective that you could tell Jeff and Jay were even impressed! I was hoping you would have said that she was a permanent host! I cried when Jay and Jeff said goodbye to her, and tog hear her experience was so emotional! Great season guys, can’t wait til forty several!!!
  • Fan of Strong Players
    Charlie Charlie for Season 47 co-host
    Wow! Another amazing season! I look forward to this podcast every week. Co-host for survivor 47 podcast should unquestionably be Charlie! He has amazing vision.
  • Mitchell/Morris Fam
    All My Survivor Dreams Coming True!
    I love a behind-the-scenes look on anything… But ON MY FAVORITE SHOW?? A dream. Love the player’s insight this season with Dee. She is the real deal. Love hearing how involved Jeff is in the show & how it all comes together. Love Jay’s super fan insight. He always asks great questions. I look forward to every episode! I vote Charlie (46) to be the next player host!!
  • Beyond BookClub
    New Host
    We have loooooved hearing from Dee and think Charlie would have a great insight as host next season!!
  • Michele980
    Next Host idea
    If you can't have Dee forever (love you girl!) please tap Maria for the next season!
  • kdavisod
    Next season’s host
    Please bring Charlie on to host! He’d be amazing and deserves it so much!
  • Dancing KC
    Next Host Request
    Charlie as next host! Please.
  • BPinkKU
    Love the podcast, love the insight, love getting to hear from Jeff in a way that we don't ordinarily get to. Also, TYSON APOSTOL or BOSTON ROB for next season's player host! 💙♥️(and Wushock from Wichita, Jeff! 🌾)
  • N.K.P.
    Great Insight
    I thoroughly enjoyed this season and this podcast. I gained a lot of insight to the game especially from Dee. She was a fantastic addition to the team. Next season…Charlie?
  • kraddcats
    For survivor fans who want to know more
    I love this podcast and learning about all of the creativity and work that goes into the greatest game on television.
  • TdavisT
    I love the podcast! My vote is for Charlie to be on the podcast during season 47!
  • a bing - WA
    Great commentary from each episode
    The thing that would make this a 5star review is to also have video with the podcast! Kenzie was pregnant in the last recap of the finale, would be fun to see how the top 3 have changed!! In a few of the podcast the 3 hosts reviewed some footage - would have been better to see that with them. I would like to recommend Charlie for your next co-host! He was very insightful of the game and sadly got screwed over by his bestie Maria. I would also like to see the episodes of ponderosa brought back Keep up the great work - we love survivor!!
  • Jojers Mulroney
    We love it!
    We love listening as a family after the show. For next season, the adults suggest Charlie as a host and one kid suggests Liz. (My daughter says she’s not afraid to say her opinion and be honest and she’s funny.)
    Worth the listen!
    I’ve always wanted to see a behind-the-scenes episode of Survivor. This podcast comes very close! Worth the listen for next season, I would recommend Charlie as your cohost.
  • wimbeyd
    Charlie Davis 46 for next Host!
    I LOVED watching Charlie’s game this season!! He would be the perfect host! He’s got the strategy, maturity, grace, a good heart, and so much class!!
  • KimMcElliott
    Survivor is the best
    Survivor is so much a part of my world. I FaceTime weekly with a sister who is as much of a fan as I am. I bonded with a co-worker who I didn’t think I could even talk to but he saw my poster of Jeff on my office wall and now we talk for hours, especially about survivor. This podcast just adds survivor bonus to my world. Love this and please don’t stop!! You three make a great podcast team ❤️
  • rizzzzzo
    Tevin neeeeeds to be the next co-host for on fire! :)))
  • js2062
    Perfect for survivor fan who want to learn
    I have been listening since season 1 and I love this podcast, it’s so interesting and entertaining and I always learn something new about how survivor is made PS you should have Tony or Nick from David vs Goliath on for season 4
  • travisb6
    Great ‘behind the scenes’ insights!
    I look forward to listening to this show each week for many reasons—the camaraderie between the 3 hosts is so special, as they play off each other in a way that’s respectful and authentic, and not afraid to express their differing opinions and views. I love all of the insights we get to hear, especially from Jeff regarding the intention behind EVERY SINGLE THING we see aired on television. My husband and I have watched the show since Day 1, so it’s so great to hear the “why’s” behind everything, from the challenges to the evolution of the game. It’s amazing! Thanks for giving us all just a little more to look forward to every week!!
  • msz_1979
    What am I going to do without On Fire?? My husband and I listen together and then do a post mortem every week. It’s definitely our favorite time of the week. The best best best podcast ever! How about Charle for next season co-host? Thank you for the best season of On Fire! Also I would love to have a job of as a logger, that sounds so fun. 😊
  • BHB222
    Would love this more if…..
    They would spend more time on what happened in the episodes. Sometimes all we hear is who won immunity and who was voted off.
  • Lisa Team Dee
    New to Podcasts!
    I have been watching Survivor from day 1 almost 25 years ago! I drive a lot for work and started listening to podcasts. I look forward to my Thursday morning drives now so I can drink my coffee and listen to you all in peace! Here’s my question and suggestion - KEEP DEE! Why isn’t Dee being hired to be a permanent host on the podcast? She is awesome and her insight is so fun to listen to. She has the perfect personality to be a key member of On Fire. Please keep Dee! Lisa from Tucson “Team Dee!”
  • californiacolorado
    Awesome Season
    Excellent Season of the Podcast!!! The combination of people made this podcast enjoyable! I looked forward to it every week. Congratulations to Kenzie for winning Survivor 46. All players were good this season. For Season 4 of the podcast, I would like to cast my vote for Carolyn or Yam Yam. Looking forward to Survivor 47.
  • Alli_potter6
    I loved the podcast last season and was really bummed that I had to miss this season since dee was the host and her voice made it unbearable to listen to. Please make Hunter the host for next season! He has such a vast knowledge of the game that his insights would be so interesting. Charlie would be a close second choice because it would be interesting to hear how his opinion of the game changes as time goes on.
  • JLeemia
    Great Podcast!
    Love this listening to the podcast after the episodes air. Hosts provide great insight to the show.
  • M_Ash93
    Satisfies my craving for more
    I have come to love and crave this podcast! An episode of Survivor always leaves me wanting more, and this podcast is where I find more. I love the behind the scenes perspectives and listening to you dissect the show. Can’t wait for next season (of Survivor and of the podcast!). My vote for a new co host - Charlie! He is extremely thoughtful and insightful and I think he would ad another layer of depth to analyzing the show.
  • kaitlin0913
    New cohost
    I really enjoy this pod cast!!! I loved having Dee on this season. While I assume kenzie is not available, I would love to get the perspective from a player who was from the old era. Maybe Boston rob? I think it would be interesting…
  • sheSherrill
    I love the insight I get from the podcast. So far I am not a big fan of the new era, the player don’t seem to be committed to “playing” the game. I not sure who to root for till the last few episodes. With the longer season. The fans got to know the players a little more personal. Still my favorite show. I bing watch past seasons when new seasons end. At my age I forget a lot of what happened in the earlier seasons. Keep the shows coming. Lynn .
  • sjwest1
    Well Worth the Listen!
    I absolutely love this podcast! I always listen the next morning after watching Survivor air on Wednesday night! I missed Devins this season as a cohost, but I did end up enjoying Dee’s perspective as well. Please please please please PLEASE bring Charlie on as the co-host next season!
  • Holy Smokes Break
    I love this show and I love this podcast. Keep them coming.‼️♥️‼️
    Love this podcast!!! You should have Boston Rob be the next co-host😊
  • Wendybyrd406
    Been watching Survivor since Season 1 First season listening to the podcast. Love the different insight of that Dee gave as to what happens … For Season 50 for the return of players, it would be fun if you could make it all of the “first voted out” to do it….. how about celebrities? In any event - already looking forward to listening to Survivor 47.
  • Adbennettus
    Season 47 Cohost
    I’d love to hear from Charlie next season. I think he played a great game and has a lot of insight.
  • Wendy P!
    Co-Host for On Fire Season 4
    To me, the choice is obvious as to who should co-host season 4. Tevin! He has a radio voice, has amazing insights into the game, and he won me over in the first five minutes of season 46 with his monologue that sounded like it was written by professional writers. He would be an amazing addition alongside Jeff and Jay. Thanks for this fun and informative podcast!
  • NiaRet
    This is such a cool podcast!
    I look forward to listening after an episode. So informative!!
  • ShelleySmith
    Season 46
    Love the podcast. My vote for next seasons player host is Charlie. He was articulate and eloquent in his interview with you. He also has radio voice. Can’t wait for September!
  • @KeithCartoons
    Charlie for next host!!!
    Love this podcast and the insight it gives me about the show, which makes me feel like I’m just a little more “in the know” about Survivor than my friends. Shoutout to Dee for being an amazing co-host this season. I’d like to suggest Charlie for next season’s host. Kenzie is going to be busy starting her little family and I don’t want to say goodbye to Charlie yet! 🥲 I think he could add some great insight to Season 47.
  • coreman009
    Jay is the best
    This podcast is so great. Hearing Jeff’s behind the scenes knowledge is amazing, the rotating former player hosts have been excellent (hoping for Ben or maybe Charlie next season), and Jay is a stellar producer who always knows the right questions to ask. This is a must-listen for Survivor fans!
  • CLinder620
    Next pod co-host should be….
    The ONLY answer is Kim Spradlin Wolfe!!! Love the podcast, it made the show I’ve been obsessed with from season 1 even better!! Give it a listen!!
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