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Join our experts at the Consumer Reports Test Track as they discuss cars, answer buying questions, and share insights on everything automotive.

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Recent Reviews
    Nice show But going to send someone to college in a new car I don’t think you need my 5 bucks KM
  • bass boosted 4 LIFE
    Good but this one guy is all like uhh uhhh uh uh and he says uh like every other word
  • Jojofromky
    I look forward to your weekly podcasts and often share your insights with my friends and family. The contributors are articulate, knowledgeable and interesting. Jen and Gabe are my favorites! I appreciate that the show is data/results driven and throughly enjoy the personal anecdotes.
  • Winemaker1856
    An OK Podcast
    The podcast is ok I especially like Gabe and Jennifer but there is one guy I think Mike who has a love affair with Toyota and can’t give an unbiased review. Every Toyota is the best even if everyone else is saying the particular model stinks. Hard to take... I think every car manufacturer has hits and misses so when no matter what it is great I tune out. I still love the Best of Cartalk makes me laugh every week.
  • FrankTampa
    Poor presentation
    This could be a good podcast, but it’s so annoying to listen to. Every other word is “uhm” or “uh.” You’d think a national magazine would want better speakers to represent them.
  • ybotrobot
    Covid Reports
    Recently this show is 1/3 Covid and 2/3 cars.
  • murrzap
    I have been listening to this podcast for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. I like how it keeps me up to date on the cars for consumers, not just the fancy and outrageous cars that never make it out of the auto show. I don’t really mind the tone of the hosts voices, and I don’t judge them for it because they can’t control it. It is basically a show by car nerds, for car nerds, about nerdy car stuff. If your looking for a podcast that talks about family and sports car a like, in detail and depth, and talks about the pros and cons of each vehicle, look no further!
  • Logan fuenffinger
    Great podcast for gear heads
    I love cars and this podcast will definitely satisfy car lovers like me.
  • Unnamed Source
    Your nana’s podcast
    This is exactly what you would expect a Consumer Report podcast would be. PC nanny state attitudes abound. This is as dry and bland as their magazine from 40 years ago. This could be “Talking Dehumidifiers” and be equally enjoyable. Jen has the voice and attitude of your 80-year-old nana telling you to wear your galoshes because it’s going to rain. She can tell because her lumbago is acting up. If the tech is new or different she wants nothing to do with it. Emily, you are not a doctor. Emily, every sentence shouldn’t be preceded by the word “so”. Other hosts, you all just kind of blend into one monotonous drone. UPDATE....”Doc Ems”????? Blech
  • Mobasmed
    Helped me learn so much!
    About 3 months ago I started looking for a car to get my parents. I didn't know anything about cars so I wanted to do research to make sure I got them the best thing for them. This podcast (and consumer reports online) helped me learn so much so quickly! I also really appreciate the different personalities on the show and the rotating hosts. Thank you CR for providing such a wonderful service!
  • gcb737
    CR Talking Cars
    Really enjoy the podcast. I appreciate the honesty is describing the driving dynamics of the cars tested. All hosts are awesome!
  • BethH76
    Such an Awesome Podcast!
    Absolutely LOVE Talking Cars. Makes understanding the ongoing abyss of technical innovative automobile evolution so much easier to understand. As a female, I can feel confident in buying cars, tires, etc. Thank you all for the hard work you put into your show. Always look forward to each episode.
  • steveinscottsdale
    Jen is fine
    There is nothing wrong with her voice. While I tend to fall on the performance side of things, I appreciate her viewpoints as well
  • jcl413
    Jennifer is the best!
    This podcast is always great. Especially when Jennifer is part of it!
  • gojoecho
    Great show but...
    Great show but do some editing for Gabe because there are too many “Uhh, uhm, ah, etc that bothers me so much
  • thecroweman
    Great especially when Jennifer Stockburger is on
    This is one of my favorite shows, and also some of the best car related content out there regardless of medium. Jennifer Stockburger is especially insightful with her extensive professional background and expressive voice.
  • Gern Blanston 430
    Good as long as Jennifer Stockberger is not on it
    I really enjoy the show unless Jennifer Stockburger is on. Her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. When she is not on, it is a great show.
  • berne1a
    They don’t answer listener questions
    They solicit questions every podcast but I don’t think they read actual ones. Might just make fake questions up to read and ‘answer’ to appear more knowledgeable.
  • Mac's Rule
    On the right path
    Outstanding!!! Keep doing what you’re doing - keeping us informed and protected!
  • PodFather
    My all time favorite
    Love the video and the insightful information constantly presented week to week. Keep up the great work guys and gals!
  • RageCageS.D.
    Podcast from the 90’s.
    These people don’t like change, period. Complaining about Tesla’s touch screen and in the same sentence mention it’s like their phone... that they use everyday. Why don’t you go back to a Motorola flip phone? Maybe go buy a horse for your commute since technology confuses you. “I want an EV that’s like a conventional vehicle.” Come on grandpa, one pedal driving is ssooo much better. CR get people who are progressive please.
  • kylegriffinrussell
    Nanny State Supporters?
    The individual that wrote that review must be as miserable/angry as he is stupid. I find it to be an enjoyable podcast.
  • Loser hater
    Nanny state supporters
    Bunch of liberal nanny state big government rule supporters....don’t like all of the stupid environmental add ons that raise complexity and decrease reliability? Blame these idiots .....
  • Distono
    Fantastic Podcast!
    Love the questions and answers, and the reporting on news, with a spin on safety, and more. Thanks for the show, I’ve enjoyed every episode.
  • SniperSpecOps
    Not for car people
    This is a car podcast, made for people whom hate cars and hate podcasts. The only people that hate cars more than the bernie sticker applied, Prius driving, troglodytes writing in with the worlds most inane questions. “Where do I hold the steering wheel so I don’t get smacked in my wittle chin by the big bad life saving device as I drive into every parked car I can?” *Slap!* YOU are the reason these guys sound so boring as they’re forced to pander to your subpar car knowledge! “Why haven’t car makers adopted an 8-10 speed manual, that has gear splitting abilities like found in Semi’s, giving you the ability to drive it like a 4 or 5 speed in normal driving applications, but having those gears when more performance is needed?” Is that so hard, to give them a real question, rather than how you’re too weak to hold the door open for your own body to exit!? Anyway, at least two of the hosts actually do seem to enjoy cars, and they earned the extra star.
  • ltax
    Very enjoyable
    Only car podcast I have found that talks about cars and issues that the common person can relate to. Plus, you can trust the data.
  • Mr. Theapprater
    Great Podcast
    I don’t understand the complaints! This podcast is well put together by well informed people. They keep topics interesting and answer great questions. Keep making episodes!
  • honest thinker
    Love it but ...
    This show exceeds my expectations in so many ways. It is definitely near the top of my priority list for podcasts that I listen to. However, one of the hosts/commentators is difficult for me to listen to not only because she deviates from from topic (i.e. advising to buy a Toyota hybrid when the topic is Alpha Romeo vs. Kia Stinger) but her voice is so “grating” on my ears. I could be over-sensitive compared to others? She seems like a nice person.
  • Nuclearxp
    Great show
    Love this show. Wish it were longer and went in more detail. Would add a 5th start if they could pay an audio engineer to level out their intro and general sound quality.
  • Davis21217
    Car and driver review
    Are y'all ever happy with anything. I mean y'all dump on the f150 cause it doesn't steer just like u like I mean get real ford has a amazing truck Chevy and dodge does as well. You guys just gripe about any and everything. So I'm done listening to you
  • y_chromosome
    Volume is highly inconsistent
    Five stars for content, but two stars for technical issues. One of the presenters has a low, quiet voice that encourages me to turn up the volume level, then another one barks a laugh and my head explodes. Can't anyone figure out how to use the volume compression function on the recording equipment?
  • Dan J Z
    Love this podcast, but agree with audio level criticisms
    I recently binge-listened to every available episode since the beginning, and eagerly await each new episode. I love everything about cars, and I love the hosts’ sense of humor and success at being unbiased and focused on the core mission of Consumer Reports, yet also expressing their subjectivity to keep it entertaining.
  • Persesus
    Interesting & Smart
    Take everything with grind of salt but they have a fun and get an unapologetic take on cars.
  • TCheramie
    These guys have an entire podcast based off of providing technical criticism of someone else's work. The irony is that they can't even be bothered to generate a technically sound podcast. The production value is terrible. Please get some sound leveling software so that I don't have to crank up the volume to hear one person talking and then immediately the group bursts into laughter and my ears are bleeding as I'm desperately trying to pull the earbuds out of my ears because it's so loud.
  • Park City Jeff
    Nice way to keep up on the automotive industry
    Sure, it would be nice if they spent more time talking about what they like about any given car. And they have their biases. But it’s a quick way to keep up on what’s happening with the automotive industry. You can always dig deeper elsewhere if you hear something that interests you. And we’re all entitled to our own opinions.
  • Cab Grumble
    Just OK...
    The one guy says 'Uhhhhh' way too much. Also he's hard to hear. I listen in the car and this podcast has the typical problem of others: the music is very loud to start it and the volume of the people talking varies so much it can be hard to hear some of them and then others are way too loud. The content seems good, but it's hard to get past the sound quality/volume issues and the constant 'uhhh' makes me crazy
  • Jettblaster
    Nice listen
    Getting better with every episode. I like the audio version so I can here it on the road. I have been reading CR forever and it is great to hear the brains behind the ratings.
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