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Recaps of each episode of MTV's The Challenge 36. Brian Cohen and Ali Lasher are your hosts for a review of each week's episode including interviews from the Real World and Challenge cast members.

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  • DaniKay09
    Love love love this podcast! Been watching the Challenege for years and to find a podcast where I hear different and valid opinions is great! I sometimes look more forward to the podcast rather than the actual Challenge episode👀
  • kelweb08
    Look, Brian and Ali may just be two regular people talking about The Challenge, but also, they’re two regular people talking about The Challenge. Maybe I’m paranoid but I just do not trust the “raw opinions” of people associated with the show.
  • Lil_kk_junt
    5 stars!
    I love this podcast! Our opinions align perfectly. Couldn’t agree more with everything y’all say!
  • Pintrester
    Good on a micro and macro level
    I started watching the challenge with USA 1 and I have continued watching so I can listen to Ali and Brian’s coverage. Love the show!
  • Trinacrosby
    RHAP does it again
    This has become my fav challenge podcast - sometimes there facts are wrong and I scream but they just seem so normal and they’re not bias bc they don’t do interviews with contestants WHICH I LOVE.
  • He-man83
    Happy 10 year anniversary.
  • TallKidMN
    Keep it going!
    I am a diehard survivor and challenge fan (eve tried out for survivor). I love your show! I jumped over from another challenge podcast a couple years from some unenthusiastic people in Skokie,IL. Love your banter! I will always be listening. One comment: hold the episodes if you can’t both do it at the same time. The special sauce is the two of you together. Take care! …Colleen who….?
  • j327842
    New review as of 2/23/24
    Thank you both again for my favorite challenge content❤️ In fact, I’ve tried to convince friends to watch the challenge in order to be able to then enjoy the podcast! Yes to videos but also saying yes to live shows.
  • TonyELA
    Great job!
    Must listen every week!
  • Isaac54
    Constant giggling
    The perfect blend of hilarious banter and audio issues
  • Dalton Merrill
    I don’t even watch the challenge anymore, I just listen to Brian and Ali’s podcast. So fun every look. Keep up the great work.
  • ericmelzer
    Best Challenge Podcast hands down
    I’ve been a Challenge fan for years and listened to every podcast I could find about the show. I even paid to hear Wes’ very expensive Patreon podcast for a while. It’s good but this is better. And it’s free. Brian and Ali have great chemistry and bring so much more insight than other podcasts do. Their dry sense of humor and witty banter is miles (or kilometers, and sometimes both) better than most podcast hosts have with each other. I have been listening for years and I still can’t tell if they like each other or not but it honestly doesn’t matter and it’s none of my business anyway. The official Challenge podcast is terrible, the podcasts with former players is always very biased, and a lot of other podcasts seem to be so negative that it’s not enjoyable to listen to them. Despite Ali constantly being on the verge of an existential crisis, she and Brian are refreshingly positive without being fake or feeling like the my can’t be critical when they need to be. They will absolutely ravage production or cast members when needed but they aren’t afraid to consider the season as a whole before judging it as good or bad. Great podcast, I look forward to every one and it’s one of my absolute favorites on the RHAP network.
  • ccstano
    Putting in the work
    Great listen each week. Appreciate the hot takes
  • Becky in KC
    The best!!
    Easily the best podcast out there about The Challenge. Ali and Brian are both hilarious and brilliant. Great takes, convos and recaps. This is appointment podcast listening.
  • Agent_Zigzag
    Fabulous listening!
    My absolute favorite podcast about MTV’s The Challenge! Brian & Ali have great chemistry, takes, opinions, etc. Plus funny stuff like drinking games based on goofy things from the show.
  • Princess859476
    Redownloaded Apple Podcasts just to write this review
    I’m a Spotify listener - thank you for acknowledging us over the last few weeks with the inability to upload :) I started listening during Challenge USA 1, and Brian and Ali got me to watch the Challenge proper. One of the best. Decisions. Ever. Thank you for introducing me to a new world of reality tv and for being one of the best parts of my week!
  • Shopping4heels
    Josh on BB reindeer games is giving hott
    Ok so this is facts! Thank you for validating me. 5 stars 😂
  • barkleyummy
    Witty and fun
    Thanks Ali and Brian, appreciate the insights and social media updates but miss the drinking game. Please bring back!
  • Blargymyffins
    I used to enjoy this podcast a lot, as it's pretty much the only tolerable challenge podcast I had found, so I forgave the lack of research and general uninformed vibe. Ali shilling for multimillion-dollar coporation for Starbucks seemingly out of nowhere in the latest episode made me look at her socials, which is how I found out she is a staunch Zionist who seems to believe civilians deserve to die for the crime of not wanting to live in an open air prison so I'm unsubscribing. Since they so ardently requested reviews I figured I should leave one on the way out. Ali, since you clearly don't care to take the word of actuall Palestinians (not sure why you don't value their lived experience as human beings dying by the thousands, compared to Israelis who are clubbing on rooftop and enjoying brunch) I hope you can take a look at actual facts from organizations like Doctors Without Borders and overcome this commitment you seem to have to letting a country you don't live in bomb innocent civilians into oblivion. Brian, the fact that you continue to be friends with someone with these views reflects very poorly on you as well.
  • Weasel0219pants
    Stumbled onto this pod and am newly obsessed! I’ve gone way down the rabbit hole, even listening to older seasons and am really enjoying it. Brian and Ali are fun to listen to, happy to have something new to add to my rotation :)
  • Katrina like the hurrican
    The microphone makes it
    Ha ha ha I loved the appeal for reviews after you got a microphone. Thanks for making me laugh each week.
  • chana602
    Love u guys!!
    You guys have honestly kept me watching the show bc I love hearing your takes 😂. Keep it up!
  • grtdavidini
    Asking the right questions
    Challenge convert, first time reviewer. Thank God production learned from their mistake with Challenge US 1 and making this more watchable. Love Brian and Ali’s podcast. I’m being forced to write a review but I do it most sincerely. I’m honestly here to discover the mysteries of the Croatian bar and whether or not Ali can get her microphone set up, but from listening to Recap 10, I can safely say that 1/2 mysteries have been solved. Love the banter, the strat talk and their insane memory recall on past seasons. But honestly, great listen and always a wildly m, mediocre fun time. Love it and listen to it!
  • bnrthr4
    A Haiku Review
    Better than the show Do I watch just to listen? Thank you for the laughs
  • p-lister86
    The Go-to Pod for The Challenge
    This is my go-to pod for The Challenge. Ali and Brian always provide a fun and critical recap of each episode. They’ve got a great dynamic as hosts, while also making it feel like a casual water cooler chat. I always look forward to what they’ve got to say and their predictions for the season. P.S. Ali’s reference to “I put the screw in the tuna.” EXCELLENT!
  • 802jane
    Favorite Challenge podcast
    Fellow Wes girly here. This is always my favorite Challenge podcast to listen to after the episode!
  • Karilyn22
    Love This Recap
    I have so much fun listening to your recaps! Since I’m a more recent viewer of all the different Challenge shows, I really appreciate when you explain the back stories!
  • MKG - Marisa G
    This pod is not bubkiss!!
    The best challenge podcast ever. I love their takes and their exit interviews this season! Keep up the great work!!
  • jlsheaffer
    Best Challenge Podcast
    Disrespectfully (to other challenge podcasts), this is the only challenge podcast you need to listen to. Fun, snarky, and most importantly, correct on all their takes
  • Steve from mil town
    Best challenge podcast by far
    Brian and Allie are absolutely hilarious. Love that their takes are funny, but they actually know what they're talking about. Never have to yell at my phone because a podcast host gets an important fact incorrect and keeps discussing the wrong information (which happens with other reality tv recap podcasts sometimes - the worst!)
  • Jeff, put me on Survivor plz
    Entertaining and Insightful: A Review of "The Challenge RHAP-Up"
    I discovered "The Challenge RHAP-Up" podcast hosted by Brian and Ali a few years ago, and I must say, it's become a highlight of my week. With each episode, they provide a delightful mix of humor, insightful analysis, and a unique perspective on the reality show, "The Challenge." They are 100% the reason I started watching the show and all it’s renditions. One of the standout features of this podcast is Brian and Ali's impeccable sense of humor. Their banter and witty commentary add a layer of entertainment that makes listening a joy. It's clear that they have a great rapport, and their humor keeps the podcast light-hearted and fun, even when discussing the intense drama of "The Challenge." Beyond the humor, what sets "The Challenge RHAP-Up" apart is the depth of analysis they bring to the show. Brian and Ali offer a unique perspective on the strategy, alliances, and challenges faced by the contestants. Their discussions are well-informed and thought-provoking, making it clear that they are dedicated fans of "The Challenge" who take their analysis seriously. One aspect I particularly appreciate is how they catch up with each along the way. This personal touch adds a layer of connection to the show that is often missing in other podcast reviews. It's evident that Brian and Ali are genuinely interested in the lives and experiences of each and this adds a humanizing element to their discussions. The longer you listen, the more they feel like family. In conclusion, "The Challenge RHAP-Up" with Brian and Ali is a podcast that manages to strike the perfect balance between humor and insightful analysis. If you're a fan of "The Challenge" or reality TV in general, this podcast is a must-listen. It's the ideal companion to the show, providing not only laughs but also a deeper understanding of the game and its players. Give it a listen, and you won't be disappointed! Brought to you by ChatGPT
  • dupreesgal
    Ali & Brian know their stuff!
    I’ve only been watching the challenge since last season (thanks pandemic) so I rely on Ali and Brian to fill in the background for me. They always put having fun first and don’t take themselves or the show too seriously. Great listen every week! I listen as soon as it pops up in my feed.
  • puppyluverMB
    Appreciate the coverage!
    Keep it coming! I love this dynamic duo
  • goofriendTom!
    #1 challenge pod
    I listen to a handful of challenge podcasts. Unfollowed a few over the years as I learned to love myself. The handful I listen to now have their strengths and weakness, I go for the variety of takes and perspectives and tolerate the irks. That being said there are 0 bad things to say about these guys. This one is the best no question. If you’re an og challenge fan /millennial this is for you. Thank you 🙏🏽
  • Jen6234
    BEST Challenge Podcast
    The BEST Challenge podcast! The hosts are long time fans of the show who have great banter and fun to listen to. I’m always happy when I see an episode drop! Ali and Brian feel like friends.
  • bellka_d
    Gave up on the challenge but not the podcast
    The first season of the challenge I saw was dirty thirty and although it is widely regarded as horrible and too complicated, the mess of it all is what sucked me in. Since I discovered the show, I watched lots of old seasons (mostly for origin stories of my favorite characters) and kept up with everything new coming out. I used to watch it with my bff every week and discuss it with her but she moved to a different state before the pandemic and it got harder to enjoy the show without someone to vent about it. It was around that time I discovered the podcast and fell in love with it! Your guys dynamic is impeccable and it made me excited about the challenge again. The recent couple of seasons felt somewhat flat for me, so I would often check out mid season and come back for finale BUT I never checked out of the podcast. I am not watching current p+ season at all but listening to every pod and it is faaaaar more entertaining for me now than the show itself. Great work guys, keep it up! Oh wait let me grab my snacks before you start….
  • Johnny bodine
    More Ali’s mom
  • PageFLA
    I did @ you
    No season of The Challenge is complete without the drunk aunts of RHAP. I love Ali and Brian, they are the perfect mix of hilarious and knowledgeable.
  • Tzc2
    Best Challenge Podcast, Terrible Theme Song
    This is by far the best Challenge podcast. Some of the others are just unlistenable, including the ones with the Challenge players themselves. However, the theme song here is simply irritating! It even says something to that effect near the end I think though I can’t really make it out. Something about “if you don’t like this song”. Self awareness is key!
  • ickybooley
    Just the best
    I started watching the Challenge within the past five years, and I don't think I woulda stuck with it if I weren't being rewarded with episodes of this podcast for doing so. Now that I'm in it, I went back to watch older seasons and reached the point where the RHAPup began. Perfection from the start.
  • kelseynikki
    Truly hilarious
    This is my favorite challenge podcast to listen to. I literally laugh out loud listening every week- Ali and Brian are the best ‘drunk aunt’ we could have.
  • Not a Hardo
    Hidden Treasure
    My favorite podcast to listen to every week. I’ve been a long time listener. NO ONE I know watches this show so I appreciate Brian and Ali and these recaps!
  • dgbdhhsbh
    Silent Majority
    I usually remain a part of the silent majority who listens to the show and loves it, but never engages. That being said Ali has compelled me to write this review because she deserves to be acknowledged for the self aware queen she is👑. Brian is great too.
  • violetowl29
    Ali and Brian are superstars!
    At this point I rarely watch the show, but would never miss a week of The Challenge rhap up. Always love the strong takes and great commentary!
  • Atbara
    We love Ali and Brian
    10/10 pod so much fun The amber 🐝hive is here and listening and enjoying all the coverage of amber and Chauncey and their potential mtv proposal Please keep up the great work (also if u ever get amber as a guest we would DIE) 💜❤️💜
  • AmBe52
    Happy new year Ali and Brian!
    Great pod, 10/10
  • LoJo117
    Challenge Friends
    I love to watch the challenge, but don’t have many friends that watch weekly to discuss episodes with. I love listening to Brian and Ali break down the episodes because they make me think and most importantly laugh.
  • Mama4253
    Fave Challenge Podcast
    Been listening for a couple years now and I feel like i’m talking with friends about my favorite show every time i listen to this podcast. I always look forward to it after an episode. Love you guys! Also, respect how you both have made an effort to call Faysal by his name after he shared the proper pronunciation with us viewers, it feels like just one example of how Brian and Ali demonstrate cultural awareness and humility and I just have to say it’s something i like about them/the pod.
  • ManicKittens
    Great podcast- wish there was more consistency
    I love this podcast- even though I don’t agree with your takes about 50% of the time I think you both do a great job and I still find it super enjoyable! I do wish there was more consistency- or at least communication- about the release of episodes. I get you both have other things going on but never knowing when an episode might come out means that I don’t listen as consistently as I’d like/am not able to put you in my “regular” morning rotation. Even just a tweet or something letting us know when to expect the episode each week would be helpful and much appreciated!
  • Luluwans
    Super Fun Podcast
    I started watching The Challenge after a 15 year hiatus from MTV. Now, I have to listen to your addictive recaps before moving onto the next show! You kind of screwed up my binge ability, but it’s worth it! Ali is so down to earth and refreshingly honest- when she says she doesn’t care what listeners think, she means it. Brian and Ali bring up just the very questions that I’m thinking as I watch. These are two very intelligent people talking about a really silly, but fun show. Wonderful podcast!
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