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“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?” Tony Robbins, the #1 Life and Business Strategist, has helped over 50 million people from 100 countries create real and lasting change in their lives. In this podcast, he shares proven strategies and tactics so you, too, can achieve massive results in your business, relationships, health and finances. In addition to excerpts from his signature events and other exclusive, never-before-released audio content, Tony and his team also conduct deeply insightful interviews with the most prominent masterminds and experts on the global stage.

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  • InspireLoveServe
    Facts Facts Over Fear
    Part 3 of this conversation is a must listen to and a must share. Then take massive ACTION to leave fear at the door. As I like to say, “Take what you need and leave the rest.” Thank you, Tony, and the stellar team you assembled! Statistics and numbers can tend to numb a lot of individuals, but the important thing here is to listen to the messages and the facts this esteemed panel is providing for us so that we can make the BEST decisions for ourselves when it comes to our health. And another core belief of mine which was mentioned here, was that if a doctor gets offended because you want to get another opinion, then that’s not the doctor for you!
  • drfinance1
    Tony Robbins Podcast
  • lame show lame dudes
    Ana Yoerg Review
    Terrible interviewer. Her idea of active listening is interjecting as many times as possible in order to prove how much she already knows about a given topic. Makes many of the interviews hard to listen to.
  • Booger Boy Xuxi
    No... hell no.
    Ain’t nobody tryna hear nothing from a dirty ass rapist
  • E.IV
    A Podcast for the Betterment of All!
    This podcast is beyond a 5 star! Tony Robbins and his team explore a variety of topics, all in which, they take deep dives into. The insights given have assisted me in all sectors of my life and have truly enabled me to become a better person.
  • Navarro_UT
    Thank you
  • seni Zeravat
    It was needed!
    Thank you Tony! This was well needed! Great people and insightful perspectives!
  • Oliver4589$84
    Covid topic
    Tony I’m curious if you or any of the people on your Covid podcast have had a healthy 69 year old parent with no preexisting medial conditions in ICU with Covid. I have. You might feel differently if so. I can tell you this is not just like a regular cold or flu. Downplaying the severity will not serve us.
  • WritingWhisperer
    Love it!
    I'm loving listening to this podcast. High quality content with actionable takeaways. Tony is leading great discussions with excellent guidance.
  • EcoPro
    Thank you.
    I send a big thank you to all of the team at the Robbins group. Thank you Tony for providing this phenomenal podcast. Your words do not fall upon deaf ears.
  • alexanalani
    This podcast was amazing!!
    Thank you so much for this incredible episode. I’ve learned so much. Can’t wait to listen to more of your content!
  • gvtcvr
    Self Responsibility
    Thank you for more insight. People must absolutely educated themselves as well as create their own health building their number 1 defense against the virus. Look at your grocery store, 90% of what is sold is unhealthy, lowering our immune system and creating illness.
  • Shiggs32
    Not a “frontline” interview
    What a terribly misleading title for an interview with a bunch of doctors that are not fighting covid-19 on the front lines. What about speaking with the doctors working in NYC, the nurses working in various hospitals across the country on units turned “covid units”. I was really looking forward to this but if I wanted misleading information like this I would have turned to YouTube videos. I don’t live in fear but our arrogance as humans will have more of us killed from this virus than if we humbly looked at what we can do to slow the transmission.
  • Honeysuckle Dream World
    Thank you!!! Finally common sense!! This was so insightful and so informative!
  • jeleeblack
    Breath of fresh air!
    Thank you Tony! I have been screaming from the rooftops that none of this makes sense! As a health coach, I have been waiting for these doctors on the news to PLEASE talk about weight loss , reversing diabetes, exercise, clean eating.... but they only talk social distancing and masks ! I’m begging people to wake up and pay attention to their own health. We NEED people like you to be a voice on common sense and to be a voice to our President who has the wrong people around him. Thank you so much! Do it again!🙌🏼
  • I write your name
    Covid review
    Overall this was an excellent look at the science which has emerged from the past three months. I believe the best information here is that which leads to understanding future outbreaks and how public policy could be better. Where the panel drifts is when they repeatedly bash the media and the healthcare policy agents for the government. It also falls off when panelists got into constitutional rights statements and other kinds of political side statements. The panel is made up of mostly clinical physicians, scientists, and hospital or health clinic physicians. The least credible of the panel is the Senator from Minnesota who despite his claims for keeping politics out of the discussion he does. I won’t follow political opinions of doctors any more than I would take medical advice from a politician. Also annoying is the repeated statement, hyperbolic as it is about how the entire economy is shutdown, it is not! Many people are still working. The entire panel is still working. Furthermore economic advice from doctors is not credible. Those are my complaints. The best part of this panel is the information gathered about the virus and the comparisons to other countries responses. These are not public health policy officials they are health care professionals and experts who form a critique of the public health policy which I am grateful to have access to. Like with any conversation, even that put out by the media, there are things you have to wade through to get the nuggets of comforting information.
  • anavinar
    Tony is the best!!
    Thank you for all your incredible work. You are the legend!
  • eachai
    Grateful for the deep dive!
    Wow! The panel speakers brought a new prospective to the Covid-19 issue. Numbers don’t lie but they can be manipulated by how you look at the data. Hopefully others will feel less stressed and more courageous after they listen to these medical professionals. Thank you to the panel for speaking up and to Team Robbins for getting this together and putting it out there.
  • Darlene 23
    Covid Panel
    Fabulous loaded with great informative info
  • Ahhiitsalex
    Co-vid panel is extremely bias
    Tony’s entire thesis on his CoVid panel is that the early data was wrong and policy makers had a massive overreaction. The glaring contradiction in all of this is WE ARE STILL EARLY. Which means a study today could contradict a study from March and that’s a NORMAL part of reaching scientific consensus. We are less than 6 months into a worldwide pandemic and an overreaction to prevent more deaths is the best we have at the moment based on the current scientific consensus. You can’t cherry pick 10 random doctors and pretend like that’s an accurate overview of the scientific landscape. Tony has been out of sync ever since that viral video of him “coaching” a sexual assault victim to stop blaming others. This is just another example of his own personal biases showing. Truly out of touch.
  • :::Lost it on lose it:::
    Thank you for being brave 🙌🏼
    Thank you Tony for stepping up and giving our doctors and scientists a voice during a crucial time in history ~ I’m an old cert graduate from 1990 and you always said personal health should be our #1 value. We as a society have been taken over with pharmaceutical dollars & corporate funded “science”. Please join with Childrens Health Defense & Informed Consent Action Network to help bring light & truth to the surface💫💫💫 This was the greatest interview of your life with many more to come I pray ❤️ thanks again for your bravery.
  • amyszpin
    Excellent episode!
    Loved the part 3 Covid panel episode. Really appreciate hearing what these experts had to say - without putting fear into the conversation. Appreciate different perspectives than what is shared on mainstream media. Thank you, Tony for putting this panel together!!
  • A fit Mom
    COVID 19 panel
    I loved this podcast! I certainly believe that media and all this situation has a lot to do w politics. I love we have scientists and Doctors willing to voice for Americans. There has been so many mistakes regarding data.... Thanks Ti y for this wonderful pose cast! I am a nurse and even though we have patient w COVID, the peak was in March and we never went full capacity! Thanks you! Love your podcasts!!!
  • Coletrane24
    Fresh perspective
    I love the perspective that Tony has been perpetuating on Covid-19. We need more people in positions of power giving facts. Fear does no one any good.
  • Andrewasfse
    The covid episodes are cherry picked for profit
    Should we reduce fear? Sure. Should we listen to a business man who’s view on this could be summed up as “people die all the time, go back to work cause the minority says it’s not that bad” probably not. Man who is losing money and had little risk of catching covid wants employees to work and risk covid so he can start making money again. Incredibly selfish to open this under the guise of you *just* wanting to be able to donate.
  • tearfullistener
    I've listed to several episodes and gotten a lot out of it. The Covid episode is misleading at best. Im all for reducing fear, but cherry picking only people who agree with the wait and see..we don't have enough information approach to a pandemic..irresponsible.
  • OptiMOM Coach
    Powerful perspective!
    Thank you for sharing these IMPORTANT perspectives! I hope Dr Zach Bush will be brought into this conversation. Your work is tipping the scale toward the Highest Good! Bravo!!
  • Casaaaaaabdra
    Tony is a gem
    Keep it up! - Cassandra McClure Clean Beauty Podcast
  • R.777
    Thank you
    God bless you Tony for putting this panel together. It is what is needed. As a fellow Californian I hope Governor Newsom opens up our state. Thank you again and thank you to the courageous doctors.
  • coffeezzz
    Agreed! Heartache! Education! Passion!
    My heart hurts to know what’s going on in the media and in the world today! Iv heard all this and love hearing FACTS to back up what I’m hearing. I do my research and wish others would do their research! Thank you so much Tony and all the doctors that spoke on COVID part 3 you all have totally touched my heart and gave me hope that this thing might turn around! Thank you so so much!
  • 09450132
    My ears are bleeding
    Tony is undoubtedly and profoundly intelligent but his voice is not meant for an audio space. It's shocking that he's had such a successful speaking career. I'm forever waiting for him to clear his throat, it's immensely distracting and hard to sit through. Write books Tony.
  • AspireEagle
    Great PodCast
    How about the students? How can we pay for our tuition and housing?
  • cynthiaIsss
    Covid episode
    I was pretty turned off by the giant Covid commercial. Some of us don’t have the luxury to ignore scientists and need to protect our loved ones. This episode will cause people to give up their social distancing efforts and put many people at risk. This is one of those conversations you should have behind closed doors, not in front of all your listeners. Pretty disappointed in Tony and the whole crew. Little empathy.
  • Interested bystander
    Interesting overview of Covid By Hariri and Diamindis
    This was recorded on April 9. About 17,000 US fatalities then. On April 23 there are over 48,000. There were about 1.6 million cases world wide on April 9. Now there are over 2.6 million cases. How do these numbers work with your model? The hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir also do not seem to be solutions. Let’s hope you are right that a vaccine will be developed because there are so many people attacking the problem.
  • DrJabberwocky
    Do your homework - he selfishly puts others at risk
    Just listened to the 4/6/20 episode on COVID and wow, it’s an hour and a half long commercial for Celularity - a stem cell company that Tony’s invested in (which is an interest that should be disclosed at the very start of the podcast...not 2/3 well as in the episode description). It’s true that the company has received initial clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to begin early-stage clinical trials on a potential treatment for COVID-19, but the results are not yet in. And there’s multiple steps to go after that. I hope their proposed treatment works - I really do! - but it’s way too early to claim that it does. Additionally, these guys get a lot of the facts wrong about the coronavirus and, unfortunately, have gotten on the “it’s just the flu” bandwagon which is not accurate. In the process, they advance factually incorrect claims - in other words, they either lie or are negligently ignorant. For example, they claim that Lupus patients don’t get COVID because they take hydroxychloroquine. This is not true. Look it up. Lupus parents who take hydroxychloroquine have indeed contracted COVID. For two medical doctors to claim otherwise is unbelievable. These guys have literally zero credibility. When you listen to guys like this, you need to ask yourself...who benefits? Tony Robbins makes a lot of money hosting in-person seminars and selling advice to entrepreneurs - the lockdown hurts him financially, therefore, he is advocating for it to be lifted. He also benefits if people buy into his buddies’ stem cell company because he is an investor even though their proposed treatment has not been proven yet. Who suffers if Tony is wrong? If people violate the lockdown measures they put themselves and others at risk. If people think there is a treatment when in fact, there is not, how will that affect their behavior in relation to this deadly disease as well as the lives of others? Tony is unethical to advance his own financial self interests over the health and lives of others. If you are inclined to believe what Tony and his friends say in this podcast, I encourage you to do your homework. There are many misleading and factually incorrect statements in this episode that, collectively, serve these guys’ financial interests while putting other people’s lives at risk. That is not to say it is all wrong - they make factually correct statements too and also bring up a number of topics worth debating. But unfortunately, this is how charlatans get away with it. They mix their patently false claims with both controversial ones and factually correct ones in order to cause confusion letting them slip their lies through without you taking notice. Do not let yourself be fooled!
  • T.B.2020
    So valuable
    I have been to just about every TR seminar that ever existed and I can tell you that his podcast brijngs a lot of the seminar content to you at home. Enjoy it!
  • Brittanylynnm
    A must!
    I know Tony is a very busy man BUT I hope he decides to publish more episodes. This is officially part of my weekly routine.
  • Dj horsedick
    Constant and never-ending improvement. Thanks Tony!
  • TeamMarsico
    Why is this called a Tony Robbins podcast?
    Typically the name and face of this podcast should have some involvement of the podcast. Tony Robbins doesn’t actually host this podcast. I didn’t click on this to listen to some random host that really doesn’t sound like she wants to be there and she certainly doesn’t do a lot of research on guests. There are SO many great podcasts out there- don’t invest in this podcast when it has nothing to really do with the man himself. Keep scrolling
  • Adriana BD
    I listen to this podcast every time a have the chance
    Tony Robins has always been an inspiration to me, I love to listen to these podcast! I always learn something and when I need something good to keep my brain busy he is always the number 1 choice !
  • tasertommy
    Thank you
    Been battling depression and lack of motivation lately and I’m trying to make a healthy decision on a daily basis to better myself. I haven’t been the best version of myself and it affects everyone around me and most of myself. I want to be a better man and help others but I know I have to start by helping myself. I know that whatever I’m going through is temporary and only I have the power to change my outlook. Thank you so much
  • heyhokayko08
    The only podcast I’ll never “unsubscribe” from
    Tony Robbins’ energy is infectious, his ideas are impactful, and his heart is genuine. The guests he brings on his show tell the most interesting stories. There’s nothing not to love about this podcast. Been listening for years! Thanks Tony & team! The editing (music, transitions, script, SOTs, etc.) is PERFECT. WONDERFUL JOB!
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Tony, host of The Tony Robbins Podcast, highlights all aspects of business, health and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • 83lieve
    Loving the 10 gifts
    Thank you for this series! It is truly inspiring and solidifying what I am currently designing in my life. What a gift for the holidays...
  • AFWHope
    Inspiring and Resourceful
    As an entrepreneur you can’t miss learning from this podcast ! Loaded with wisdom!
  • Wizzle007
    Cold shower lol
    Pie in sky
  • Bib1PJ
    Love it!!
  • Ben Goewey
    Propaganda - ultimately does not deliver
    Though some of these episodes are interesting, Robbins does not deliver on his promise. I’ve been a follower of his for nearly 20 years always waiting for my “breakthrough” which never came after a couple of events and buying numerous materials with full intent to practice and learn. Some of the episodes are just ploys to invest in his businesses or use products in those businesses. Though there is some fundamental truths behind his teachings, his services are ultimately cultish based on sophisticated marketing and quasi-brain washing with no intent of long term change. I mean, somehow he gets people to work at his events for free though margins on his events are extremely high. Didn’t get the chance you were looking for at this expensive event? How about worthless coaching or another expensive event? Those looking for fundamental change should look into mindfulness and scientific-based methods for real lasting change.
    Amazing Podcast As Expected
    Amazing podcast for anyone who seeks motivation , inspiration and the determination to get up everyday and to make something amazing happen! Click download the minute you see this review . Enjoy!
  • Sbdozier
    Love the business episodes
    Tony is obviously a leader in the personal development field but his entry into business and personal finance is great. Imagine all the good he can do for ppl struggling with money and business. His work will touch multiple generations of families around the globe as they build businesses and grow their wealth.
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