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The homeschooling community is large, diverse, and ever-growing. There is so much we may learn from the successes, failures, and challenges of others in this community. We trust that you’ll find these conversations to be encouraging, thought-provoking, and equipping.

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  • fromamomma
    Sean Allen
    I am so thankful for Sean Allen and the messages he shares! I feel like I’m being discipled as an adult by a Christian earthly father I never had as a child, so I can better disciple my own child. So thankful!
  • Amy Robe
    Honesty is the best policy
    I really appreciate this podcast, especially Sean Allen’s episodes. When I hear him speak, I hear a frank yet passionate perspective on homeschooling. This combo gives me hope to keep doing what I’m doing. Thank you to everyone who puts this together.
  • Loving54U
    Encouraged and Grateful!
    What a powerful message! Thank you Sean Allen. I just asked the question, does the God really say this whole motherhood thing is important? I couldn’t remember why I started, much less define my current why to keep me going. Your message was an answer to prayer.
  • ktwlks
    So encouraging!!
    The most recent podcast with Sean Allen was so encouraging and validating. It reminded me that I’m exactly where God created me to be and this life of motherhood, wife, homemaker, homeschooler is the most beautiful and sacred blessing! Great podcast!
  • Pianogal1863
    Thank you
    I just wanted to say thank you for representing a normal, traditional, family in your logo for this show. :)
  • podcastlover141414
    Sean Allen PLEASE make your own podcast! Your message, outlook, and motivations are so important.
  • mrsphan
    This podcast has been such a blessing in our homeschool journey! Thanks for taking time to make these podcasts to everyone. I especially love the ones Jessica smartt puts out. For some reason it’s relevant every single time for me!
  • aspiring realtor
    # 307
    Episode 307 is the episode I didn’t know I needed. It has been replayed 4 times. Thank you so much!
  • DM_Merrick
    Stereotypical Homeschool Trope
    In less than five minutes into the first episode I listened to, I was cringing at the stereotypical homeschool talking points- critical race theory (no one is teaching this- please move on), conservative Christian values under attack (yeah, that’s not happening either but nice try) and of course, the call to action to homeschool your kids to teach them your preferred curriculum (which I’m sure is suitably whitewashed and further upholds your ridiculous beliefs). So yeah- pass if you have any desire to homeschool for other reasons and aren’t the homeschool trifecta- conservative, Christian, and consider Tucker Carlson a reputable news source.
  • CJThomas6
    Great show!
    This is a must listen to show and a great place for home school ideas! Can’t wait for more!
  • JRichardson - IV
    Love it!
    Educational, Fun, and Full of Heart!
  • LK_Jensen
    Excellent Show for Parents Who Homeschool!
    I regret not finding out about this podcast sooner. It could've saved me so many headaches! Great homeschooling tips, and great content. If you homeschool by choice or not by choice, and find it to be a daunting and challenging task, then this show is for you!
  • tommye w-c
    Great information
    Great tips in every episode. An incredible resource for any homeschooling parent.
  • Rachel and Joe
    Favorite “Momcast”
    As a young (aspiring) homeschool mom, I love this podcast. It’s so encouraging, uplifting and PRACTICAL. Love the ladies, the topics and the tips. I feel like I’m in a Titus 2 Bible Study. I always recommend to friends and fellow moms and really enjoy searching through all of the episodes. Thanks for a great podcast!
  • LeliaLee
    Jesus is truth
    Thank you for Staying True to Christ And not living for this WORLD.
  • Jennifer from Ohio
    Breath of Fresh Air!
    I so enjoyed listening to Jennifer today! Thank you for being REAL. I eagerly look forward to the next podcast! God bless!!
  • janieru
    Turned too religious
    This podcast used to be well-rounded, now it is uber religious. Not what I’m looking for.
  • CaliMom4
    Love These Short Bursts of Inspiration
    These podcasts breathe life into me as I plan for my first year as a homeschool family ❤️
  • stevetheswimmer
    Love this podcast!
    Wendy Speake is amazing and I have been encouraged by her. I am thankful she is pouring into homeschool moms through this and look forward to listening to her every week! Thanks Wendy!
  • apepple
    Love this!
    I Love the ability to listen to these awesome blogs. They were just adding up in my inbox and never being opened, now I am making progress and feel confident in my ability to homeschool.
  • Magda_G
    Loving it!
    Thanks so much for all this encouragement! Enjoying it so much ❤️
  • homeschooling my girls
    New host
    I am very disappointed in the new host. I will no longer be listening.
  • Momofthreesofar
    My favorite podcast
    I am a longtime listener and fan of Pam Barnhill, and I have been very pleased with the transition of the podcast to Wendy Speake. Now I can still hear Pam on the Your Morning Basket podcast (which I love) and I have the new pleasure of hearing Wendy on this podcast. Her voice is comforting, reassuring, like a dear friend. I always feel better when I’ve heard the latest episode; there’s so much inspiration to be gained and wisdom to be gleaned. As a homeschool mom, I need to know that I am not alone, and I need to be encouraged every week! I love the format and I have enjoyed every episode. Thank you, Wendy!
  • Skilletfan13
    Love this!
    I have enjoyed listening to Pam on here, but I feel so comforted by this new format. Some comments I have read makes me think maybe the people were listening to something different saying something about inappropriate language...I’ve never heard any such thing. This is a good and beautiful podcast. Celebrating the gift of family and what others do for homeschooling and biblical teaching. It is uplifting and supportive. Thank you, Wendy!!
  • Homeschooler in Germany
    New format and host
    When Pam Barnhill relinquished this podcast to the new host, I was disappointed, but willing to give the new content a listen. I have listened to the first few podcasts and felt it was okay, but it was not the same as what I had grown accustomed. However, while listening today to the podcast with a “boy mom” and hearing that more such “boy” centric discussions were planned in the future, I became disillusioned. Not raising boys, I feel this podcast is not be for me.
  • Crafty Designer
    Maybe warn Listeners of language
    The content of this blog is great, however on guest audio blog episodes it would be nice if there was a warning in the title or description that it included language that could be found by some listeners as inappropriate for a young audience. My 5 and 2.5 year old were in the car listening when the reader casually says, “oh my G@d,” and “resting b@$*^h face.” I had to turn it off immediately.
  • BetsyBeans
    Used to be so good
    This was an awesome podcast. Now it is run by a mom whose children are in a public school charter. That is completely fine. Each family needs to make their own choices...but not the person to be advising homeschool mothers on homeschooling. Thankful we can hear Pam Barnhill on another podcast!
  • seal459
    New host :/
    I use I love this podcast. Just listened to the episode with the new host Wendy. I am hoping she will turn down the uber Christian tone she speaks with. This was and should remain a podcast for all types of homeschoolers. I am skeptical of how she will interview and give advice to homeschoolers who don’t hold her views.
  • Socobluesky
    Awful music!
    If you get rid of the super loud, screaming, annoying music played as some sort of background I might listen to the podcast. Also it would be nice to not be interrupted after a minute into a podcast with another commercial!
  • Wandafishy
    So. Many. Ads.
    The recent ones I’ve listened to aren’t even Pam, and they contain ads. So many ads!
  • JPichler
    So inspiring!
    I’m a 14 year (and counting) homeschool mom who still has some things to learn. I was introduced to Pam through her Morning Basket podcast which I devoured and because of it we are fully practicing the true, good and beautiful in our morning time routine. Thank you for the inspiration!!
  • Lynna Sutherland
    Real, Helpful, Practical
    I really love Pam. She's a smart lady with a lot of great, truly useful ideas for the homeschool, but she's also a real, down-to-earth, warm and friendly mama right there in the trenches with us, not a guru in an ivory tower telling other people how to run their lives. Listening to Pam's podcasts always feels like sitting at the other end of the sofa chatting with her!
  • mamaQ7
    Love This podcast!
    Last night I was up with my two year old from 1:30am-4:30am. At around 3:30 am I had the bright idea to go and get my phone so I could listen to a podcast while I rocked in the dark. The episode from 12/27/18 spoke to me so deeply. I was in tears. On my way back to his room with my phone I was looking at the time wishing I had just one day to wake up early, feel refreshed, and start homeschooling before 11 am! I was trying to talk myself into just putting him to sleep and going on with my day. Then I listened to that episode. God spoke to me through that episode. ❤️
  • s chenvmv
    Love all of Pam’s podcasts
    I love all her podcasts and this one is no different.
  • mkblessings
    Pam NEVER disappoints
    I don’t do reviews but I just can’t help myself. Pam’s podcasts are the highlight of my day! No one delivers like she does. Dawn is equally gifted. They make a great team and give this weary mom of 5 an informative break in my day. None of us have enough time to accomplish all that life demands but time spent listening to this podcast is time INVESTED.
  • ianostrowski@
    You must listen!
    This is so great! I am binge listening on this because it’s so encouraging and full of helpful ideas. I’ve been homeschooling for 10 years and I’m hearing things I’ve never heard. Thank you Pam!!! I’m a fan!
  • 7uptaheaven!
    Wonderful, uplifting, helpful
    One of my favorite podcasts! Love the recent episode with Christopher Perrin! So much wisdom! Thank you!
  • Snj922
    So helpful!
    I am starting to homeschool soon and I am devouring every episode! I’m not a planner by nature and its helped me consider things that would've not been my focus. I feel like it is preparing for more success than I would have had without it. ❤️
  • Lemonhead1276
    Great podcast for old and new homeschoolers!!
    This is so encouraging!! Thank you!!!
  • Mar runs
    Just what I need
    New to homeschooling and feel so lonesome, but when I listen to these podcasts I feel like I have a BFF who understands and has sage advice. Very comforting thank you
  • Sarokes
    I love Pam’s sense of humor and advice.
  • Skfkkmfkem
    One of my faves!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast and reading Pam’s blogs for a few years now and they have helped me so much. Very practical, inspiring, and useful advice always.
  • MickyG
    In the “Best of the Best” Homeschooling Podcasts Category
    Just listen to it. You’ll see why. Every episode has something in it which I can apply to my life, even the episodes which aren’t exactly what I would choose to listen to if they weren’t in my playlist. When an episode is over I usually find myself saying, “I really love Pam’s shows. I’m glad there are three of them.”
  • Ace2823
    Mic-Drop on your last podcast!
    You do you and stop apologizing about it. Your podcasts are always so helpful, but this might have been my favorite. I’m not exactly a checklist mom, but there is nothing wrong with someone who is. I feel like I hear about so many homeschool moms that need to work a certain way. We’re all made differently and so are our children. Amazing!!!
  • Linwick Family
    Extremely helpful
    The homeschooling blogs I’ve read have been hugely helpful but I don’t always have the time to sit in front of my computer. This podcast takes the best of what I would want to read and lets me listen to them while I’m working out, in the car, or drying my hair. Hugely helpful.
  • Apppcraze
    Always helpful info
    I listen to these little gems of helpful info...Car, exercise, housework, always refreshed another Mom/homeschooler is paddling in my same boat!!
  • Jaynes4jesus
    This is an amazing concept, someone reading all the best blog posts. Who has time to read them all when we are trying to homeschool. Thank you Pam for putting this together ❤️
  • Sarahinphilly
    Love it’
    Short, helpful, and clear.
  • Danielle Hudson
    Love listening to Pam!! It’s my chore motivation!!
  • VandyGirl147
    So fun!
    It's like taking time read your favorite bloggers, but without having to stare at the computer or phone!
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