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A little show about big ideas. From the people who make Planet Money, The Indicator helps you make sense of what's happening today. It's a quick hit of insight into work, business, the economy, and everything else. Listen weekday afternoons.

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  • Jhwahaha
    Love the safe echo chamber that NPR made for us
    I really enjoy the signaler view. I don’t like my ideas challenged and this show is perfect in that way.
  • PistonHonda187
    Five Stars
    Thoughtful and immensely informative!
  • Bolloncreek
    Waiting for a Check
    Such a great report, an idea of how people are impacted that gets to the heart of it without the histrionics - a family who has worked hard for many years thrown into an extremely difficult and on going problem and even the people that are there to assist on the ground are limited in what they can do even in the immediate or short term which is critical. Such difficulties but the mother keeps on going knowing her family is dependent upon her - congratulations on this podcast
  • pajama_mode
    Biased and tries to be too cutesy
    I consider myself to be liberal but the “empty houses” episode was too much. I wish the media would stop picking and choosing when breaking the law is breaking the law and when it isn’t. It seems like they like to pick and choose if it fits the liberal cause. I know they want to seem like they’re having a great time but it’s hard to follow the story when they are constantly fake smile talking and switching back and forth between hosts after each person says like two words. I think it’s part of a push to make sure that “all voices” and all different types of voices are heard but it’s hella confusing. Can we just get one narrator please? And not narrating with a fake smile. It makes the show sound like a cheesy radio ad.
  • R&F mom
    Come back!
    I don’t know what you did to enrage the Apple gods, but I’d like you to come back
  • djdhdvvdhd
    I miss The Indicator too!
    Why won’t Apple podcasts load The Indicator? Someone please help!
  • Mbeisheim
    I miss my indicator!
    Love the show. Miss new downloads since the Apple update on June 1. Hoping for a fix soon!
  • DSJ26
    What happened to new episodes after iOS update??
    Not getting new episodes since updating my iPhone iOS
  • China Guy Phil
    Can’t get new episodes!
    Can’t get new episodes! Help
  • bethany beach wrs
    Apple update
    I also have not been able to download current episodes since the last update
  • SBL23
    Great Show but Apple Messed it up
    Since the new release from Apple podcasts have been messed up this show stopped updating for me. Did anyone do any testing at Apple?
  • tiftifchen
    The only problem is I can’t follow this podcast!
    Need help to find out why?
  • schmidty252
    Listening on Spotify now
    Not sure why the episodes aren’t dropping on Apple podcasts. But they are still on Spotify.
  • Logan Wyst
    Latest episodes
    Hello, I’ve been having trouble in apple podcasts getting your most recent episodes. I had to unfollow and refollow to get last week’s episodes, but that hasn’t worked for today’s. Just wanted to make sure y’all were aware. I do love being able to see how economics can impact my daily life in middle America, not just on wall st.
  • Jacob Aiello
    0 Shows?
    Love the show, but as soon as I subscribe all the episodes vanish from the feed, as of approx. 10 days ago. Needs an update I think.
  • MA in SD
    Where are you?
    Not getting episodes like so many others……
  • jackback52
    No new episodes
    Please add more episodes!
  • minhsao
    Is it all over??
    No more new shows on Apple podcast??
  • Acruce001
    This is an awesome podcast but apple has apparently stopped updates of new episodes;(
  • NYC_Will
    Apple new upgrade
    Since the last updated, I’m having trouble and not getting new episodes. Need this bug fix….
  • Super_cool_buddy
    Have to unsubscribe in order to get new shows
    I love this podcast but something is obviously wrong with new releases. The solution is to unsubscribe (unfollow) and then search for it to see the new releases. If you subscribe again, the shows go away again. Please try to get this fixed. I thought maybe it was a protest of Apple podcasts by NPR but Planet Money is working just fine so guess not?
  • i love it 🤩🤩🤩
    Need more episodes
    P L E A S E I need more episodes! No episodes since Tuesday! What is going on?!
  • Mike in Potomac
    Dropping late!
    Your show is categorized by Apple as Semiweekly, vice Daily. As a result, the iOS 14.5 Podcasts app updates it hours after you publish it. 6/12 — still not dropping!
  • QuMaBr
    No new Episodes
    No new Episodes since last week Friday. Thought the bug would have been fixed by now.
  • Murderhornet1
    No shows?
    Seems episodes aren’t being added on Apple podcast? I restarted my Phone etc and can see episodes are being released via the npr website. Seems like others are having this problem based on other reviewers.
  • MusicMoviesNews
    No shows for two days? June 3 & 4
    Has this been canceled?
  • King Subadubus
    Best commencement speaker EVAR.
  • raven1537
    Leveling the playing field
    Dear Fresno lacrosse player, Your sense of entitlement is what’s wrong with the world today. ‘You were discarded after all you did for Fresno St.’ What exactly did you do for Fresno St? You didn’t make them any money. It’s a privilege for you to have a team. Not a right. Men’s teams were cut as well. Quit crying.
  • MaxBCokeBoy
    Race/Sex/Etc. Topics With a Hint of Economics
    This podcast used to have interesting topics, but recently has only focused on topics that they can spin racially or some other group they feels is marginalized. They bend over backwards to blame some economic force on race/sex/etc.
  • ashamerie2
    Excellent show
    Love the variety of bite-sized economics stories covering a wide range of topics. The show has great production and upbeat hosts. I’ve been an avid listener from the beginning!
  • emankcinonevahi
    Finally Unsubscribed
    Been listening to this since the first episode, but finally unsubscribed due to the increasingly absurd lack of balance. An episode about the largest budget proposal in history can’t find a single economist to provide any circumspection as a counterpoint to those who support it lock, stock and barrel? Gimme a break.
  • dp99dp99
    Partisan drivel
    If you want to be objective, which journalism should be, get comments from academics a f economists from the left and right. Unsubscribing.
  • moving on-missu
    So the President signed the Bill
    So the President signed the Bill you wanted and you bash home a year later because you didn’t think he would strike down a prejudice provision of a 100 year old law? Hold a grudge much? You show your prejudice and why government is broken - work together and still get bashed a year later on a hack podcast. Bring back Cardif. Unsubscribe.
  • love56788
    Biden please...
    Stop spending Biden!!! Let me grow up not in an inflation ridden world please 😔
  • Change ditch
    Ignorant On Alternative
    If you looking for a podcast that is open to alternative assets like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc, don’t come to this pod! They scoff and poke fun at such things, enjoying traditional (legacy) assets while the Federal Reserve prints, prints, prints the money! Ugh.
  • goldlightshinin
    Expected better from npr
    Sounds like a couple of ditzy kids.. very disappointing from NPR
  • SummerlinMommy
    Millenial focus, decent for light Econ content
    5/21 - Not sure why this show’s reviews are being trolled by the right. It only covers light topics like “Skinny jeans.” Very pro capitalism. 2019 - I just listened to the July 3 ‘19 podcast and the last four minutes discussed McDonalds happy meal by name extensively while comparing American land use (not as a proxy for an economic basket). The hosts were very McDonalds positive let’s just say. Secondly, host scripting is very dumbed down, where female host says happy, emotional outburst type comments, “Oh my goodness!!!” She acts as a silly foil against the more serious content a lot of the time. I think they should rescript her on air persona to be more reflective and less foolish. It gets old fast. Content decent, a person can learn fundamentals over time.
  • poolejosh1
    Used to be a fan
    The original episodes were so good. Just fact based, interesting topics. This whole show is now carries a socialist halo on every episode, only talking about poor people and a refusal to tell the other side of the story, which is unfortunate as an economy doesn’t work based on “sides”
  • pcawley1964
    Can’t Play Shows
    I time shift my playing of podcasts, all of my subscribed show play oldest to newest based on release date. Recently NPR shows have been marked “This Show in Unavailable” when I play it thru CarPlay. It still will play thru my old school wheel iPod but not thru any recent Apple Product. While I enjoy this show, I can’t when it’s unplayable. That’s the reason for my 2 star review, if I can’t listen to it it’s not a good show.
  • Jeff ostern
    Not interested in your biases
    Too much politics for me. Used to like it a lot more ):
  • Chris_M_S
    Ostensibly non-partisan, yet hyper left under a sloppily disguised cover of ‘both sides’ while clearly choosing a side. Partisanship aside, the reporting is sloppy, it’s not well informed, it’s just not something worth listening to. These people can’t even manage their own lives. Unmarried, childless, why listen to these failures about anything other than the best place to adopt a cat in the west village. NPR is a joke.
  • DddddWwwww
    McDonald’s and the minimum wage
    Pretty shoddy episode that ignores most of the big issues around minimum wage increases. Not to mention ignores many studies showing real negative impacts of minimum wage increases.
  • lrhhrl
    Stop creating pandemic panic
  • armchairargonaut
    Good luck
    Lent head
  • amazingdude7
    Bye Cardiff
    Bye and hope you have a great business
  • señor irrelevant
    And 738 recent job openings
  • bsethi1
    Bhushan Sethi
    Such a fun, informative way to tackle important complex and sometimes dry topics
  • bobthejeffthesteve
    Love it!
    Cardiff leaving on April fools day hmmmm???
  • Omfgwtfomg
    Farewell Cardiff !
    Farewell Cardiff ! Stacey will keep the show alive and well. Godspeed on your new journey
  • Criticforever666
    Brilliantly Funny
    Stacey Vanek Smith makes this riveting. Her hearty laugh is infectious.
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