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A little show about big ideas. From the people who make Planet Money, The Indicator helps you make sense of what's happening today. It's a quick hit of insight into work, business, the economy, and everything else. Listen weekday afternoons.Try Planet Money+! a new way to support the show you love, get a sponsor-free feed of the podcast, *and* get access to bonus content. You'll also get access to The Indicator and Planet Money Summer School, both without interruptions. sign up at

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  • Pete12321.
    Bad data
    Usually I’m a huge fan and a daily listener. But I don't tolerate Bad data from the data geeks. Joking about shortening showers on a Colorado river story is the problem. 79% of the water goes to ag and farming. Pretending an individual can solve the problem is the problem, and I don’t go to the news to be part of the problem. 1 star.
  • raven1537
    Woke NPR
    This state-affiliated podcast used to be pretty good. Sadly it’s become just another intellectually simple podcast that u would expect from NPR. 90% of the podcasts revolve around climate change, sexism, or racism. Well, perceived climate change, sexism and racism. According to this podcast climate change is responsible for literally every single negative thing that happens in your life. Netflix doesn’t have anything good on this month? Climate change. No more chicken fries at Burger King? Climate change. Maybe racism too though….
  • realitystrikesback
    Twitter is correct!
    All of your shows are straight up Propaganda and very hard to listen to. But I love info so I listen; at least I gain 10 seconds of knowledge from your 20 minute podcast.
  • LeftyBS
    I just can’t anymore
    This show used to have lots of interesting information but it’s turned into a left wing talking point show. Imagine being dumb enough to think forest fires are caused by global warming.
  • Phillingroovy
    State Affiliated Media
    The Biden climate episode was a one-sided fluff piece. I’ll give 2 stars because it was quite informative if you’re a Democrat/climate activist.
  • Lns1212
    Fact check your guests.
    The most recent SVB episode on the “failures of supervision and regulation” are almost entirely your guest’s opinion and a contortion of the facts. Really poor reporting.
  • moving on-missu
    So spotty
    No economics here just poorly written opinion. Wait there was one good one. Then just trash. Sadly the show has lost its way with all the host changes.
  • Nick McNulty
    Declining in quality, still worth a listen
    The show has certainly struggled to find its footing in the post-Stacey and Cardiff era. It's difficult to lose the hosts who made the show what it is, but the Indicator has retained the spirit of short, topical, informational episodes. Whereas the show used to be a must listen, now I find myself skipping episodes after a minute or so. This is primarily due to the new hosts, whose giggling, bad attempts at humor, choppy dialogue, and bad line reading pull me out of the show. Adrian Ma? You're a total pro. But the other contributors to the show have made the Indicator go from "must-listen" to a "we'll see."
  • ashley2341
    Love your show!
    We listen to your show most days on our short drive to school. Our 4 kids ages 15,14,12 and 10 really enjoy The Indicator and it encourages great conversations. Keep up the great work!
  • stoltzbt
    The Long Slide
    I used to really love this show, Cardiff and Stacey were awesome and really seemed to bring a balanced perspective to the content. With the host change ups the last year or so, it seems the show is slowly being drawn into the NPR black hole ethos. More and more left wing pontificating and less fact telling. I literally never skipped an episode with Stacey and Cardiff, now I find myself skipping more and more often. I can read the title and get the agenda; sad but I suppose things always change. Still subscribed, but on my way out the door.
  • Savetheindicator
    Great show that is slowly declining in quality.
    I used to love the show when it first premiered and would likely give it 5 stars. Over the past year or two as they have switched hosts the quality has slowly declined. Too much attempted comedy from people that are not very funny. Stick to the classic story telling format instead of the weird voices and theatrics that do little to further the concept or point.
  • Sam, longtime fan
    Fun, informative, and to-the-point
    Want to stay up with the latest economic news and trends, but not in a dry or dusty format? This is the podcast for you. The short length and breezy tone are just right to keep the listenership engaged on all kinds of topics, ones that would put you to sleep in other contexts — highly technical ones such as yield curve inversions, quantitative easing, and job reports. The most fun you will have listening to an economics podcast.
  • Andieo1997
    The Best Finance Podcast!
    I just finished listening to the latest episode of The Indicator and I have to say, it's one of the best finance podcasts out there. The show does an excellent job of breaking down complex financial concepts and making them easy to understand. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to learn more about the latest trends in the world of finance!
  • Dg22334123566
    Not long enough
    Has some good content but 10 mins is way too short an episode.
  • PaulRTG
    Getting “cutesy”
    Please stick to what you do best— without the clever cutesy intros or themes. I have neither the time nor interest for those. Your core content; that’s why I listen.
  • not that doctor
    The most fun you can have in economics
    A wonderful short form Econ podcast. Always easy to grasp and generally clever, quite likable hosts, and relevant to what is happening now. The regular episodes like jobs Friday sort of anchor the show. But you can also get an irreverent “macroeconomic sea shanty”. I never miss it.
  • Definitely download Mint
    It truly wonderful show
    I am constantly amazed with the creativity, good energy, and insights that the show provides. Would strongly recommend subscribing. 10/10
  • classic wranglee
    Downhill. Woken. Unsubscribe
    The program was light and fun. That’s gone. The new cast are all libs. They push the woke agenda. Social justice warriors with the bubble perspective that comes from living in cramped in NYC housing and working in a decidedly leftist beehive that is NPR. Classic wrangler
  • Gnorn123
    Worth a listen
    Topics are usually reasonably interesting. Length is very short. Discussion is pitched at around the level of a high school business or economics student. As for the audio quality, it captures the vocal fry in all its glory.
  • User10485
    What’s with all the hate?
    The show is well-researched, lighthearted, and fun. Short form edutainment at its finest.
  • MarcAlexander7
    Subscribers only now?
    So the last episode in my feed was Friday’s Jobs report and now the only new one is Monday’s and only for those with a subscription. Is this podcast now for subscribers only?
  • AmiFidel
    Help, somebody help!!!
    NPR people! Please make Wailin Wang stop her horrible vocal fry at the end of sentences! It’s like when we hear the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard, or a knife scratching a plate, or a piece of chalk scraping a blackboard. It is horrible!
  • wjess77
    Great when it was about economics
    Now they’re just saying words with no actual contents, nothing to learn here
  • Dshigmo
    Sad to see
    Wow, I just listened to the 9/30/22 episode, and I was shocked to see how bad this podcast has become. It sounds like a bunch of freshmen econ majors. When discussing 2022 markets they stated that “most of us have probably heard of the S&P 500”. Was that serious? When discussing the Porsche IPO, they concluded that the leveling off of stock price after the initial surge was another sign of the uncertainty in the markets. What type of analysis is that based on? One of the hosts said “like” so many times in one portion I had to turn it off.
  • BK7546
    Loved, but on the downhill slide…
    Great concept, loved at one time sadly the newer hosts are not capable of separating their political beliefs from their reporting.
  • Kjsalmon
    Love it
    I listen everyday! Love the storytelling and interviews. I learn something everyday.
  • Timcolumns
    1 star from 5
    Shell of its former self sadly, should be rebranded
    So woke
    I can’t stand this show anymore, after year's following this one, I have to draw a full stop. This is the last NPR program that I kepted for years. It has became so unbearable. The world gets messed up with programs like NPR. Stop fund it with taxpayers’ money. Shame of people who are working for creating fake news. Good bye NPR!
  • KnowledgeCast
    Can’t enunciate consumer
    Terrible pronunciation of basic English words.
  • Jojojojojffrhdghepduldudifoc
    The episode about the housing bubble with the drums was obnoxious. Your medium is sound. Literally your job is to make sounds for people to hear. Intentionally making annoying sounds is a really stupid idea.
  • Buck Wild Grizz
    Love it
    I’ve listened to every episode. You guys are great. The hosts are amazing. Thank you so much.
  • nichcnm
    If only Wailin Wong wouldn’t giggle.
  • bbahaya
  • maryhummingbird
    July 1st episode about russian indicators
    Hello guys, this review relates only to this specific episode because it contains very significant chunk of false information about russian grain. Yes, Russia is blocking tons and tons of Ukrainian grain in the Black Sea, but the details about russia having a very “successful year” are incorrect. Russia stole a huge amount of Ukrainian grain from Kherson, and transported it to Rostov and other russian cities. It’s obvious that russian government will tell the world they had a “good” year, but unfortunately russian government tells only lies and will do anything to stay on the global arena as a “superpower”. It is unfortunate that foreigners who read the news, get false information and then transmit it to the audience.
  • dldnh
    An excellent podcast, always very interesting.
  • fledgling DM
    Edutainment at its best!
    I started listening to this podcast in one of my periodic “self-improvement” phases - normally a quickly passing trend. Yet here I am multiple years later still looking forward to each new show, eagerly listening to old shows, and with a vastly improved understanding of how economics touches every part of my life. Thank you for making economics easy, enjoyable and applicable!
  • mmish27
    This is the one !
    As an A level student always searching for ways to make real life connections to economic issues and current affairs, these short and informative episodes are the absolute best! I 100% recommend for anyone who is interested in economics outside the scope of the classroom or academic reading :)
  • Team T travelers
    Love for The Indicator!
    I’ve been listening to the Indicator since 2018 and have always found my time well spent. The episode are informative, concise, and peppy/entertaining for folks like me into economics IRL. Love it, & keep up the great work you all are doing!!
  • DancingSwan123
    Absolutely amazing podcast. Short and informative. I don’t know why everyone is hating on this! It’s amazing! As is planet money, go check that out too
  • GL0730
    The best podcast!
    Planet Money is my favorite family network of podcasts and this is my favorite member of the family!
  • popcicle puppy
    Great info terrible replacement host
    I used to love the Indicator and would look forward to hearing Cardiff Garcia and Stacey Vanek Smith everyday. Then Cardiff left to do his own podcast and he was replaced by Darian Woods, who has the personality of a Casio middle school calculator. He is so bad that Stacey decided to do the Planet Money summer school class so that she wouldn’t have to share the plate form with such a bore. No offense to Darian, but please find a better replacement. I love the overall material but can’t listen when it’s hosted by Darian.
  • Maureen, AN OK BOOMER
    I’m so tired of the lack of workers being miss interpreted. If the income from a job does not afford a rent or mortgage payment then what is the potential worker to do⁉️
  • Rheanon Brooks
    So many Puns
    Just listened to the Plane Ticket podcast, and the puns and movie references were absolutely hilarious. I love how they manage to inform us in a bite sized way on the concerns of the world, or interesting think pieces, while incorporating jokes and puns lol it’s fantastic
  • MeNotYou2251
    Vocal Fry Hellllllll
    Make the vocal fry stop!!! Can’t take it anymore.
  • perugaijin
    Passion for Economics
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. It is short enough stay focused, but super informative and packed with brilliant insights and comments. It’s made me find a new passion for economics. I’ve learned so much from it. Refreshing topics, marvelous journalism, and most importantly, educated comments. If you feel like having a blast while talking about economic indicators and a sprinkle of wow historical data, you will love this podcast! Thank you The Indicator Team!
  • Jhwsavga
    Just another biased “news” app
    If you’re thinking the indicator is just going to give you facts and reports without putting their spin on it you're going to be disappointed. I’ve listened to it for about a year now and recently began noticing more and more spin put on their reports. The March 28, 2022 episode of “the economic impacts of a census” was the final straw for me. Their report implied that white people were purposely over counted and ALL minorities were undercounted, and that this was purposely done by Donald Trump. Just a few episodes ago I was listening to one where they tried to explain how Joe Biden and the democrats has nothing to do with our current record inflation. I almost unfollowed it then but decide to ignore it and give them the benefit of the doubt. I really used to enjoy this podcast but like everything else, it seems it has been corrupted from the inside.
  • foodie521
    Great, succinct, and easy to understand
    I love a good podcast that makes difficult or, let’s admit it, boring topics very palatable. I think this is an important podcast everyone should listen to.
  • Stud5541
    Good show but….
    The world can be crashing around them and they maintain this cheery tone. I feel as if their fun loving tone doesn’t really match the content of show they’re producing.
  • nickfl407
    Unworthy of NPR
    After being a listener for several months and hearing a few pretty terrible episodes, I have concluded that this show is more flash than substance. Take the episode whether corporate greed is driving inflation. They took the meat packing industry as an example, talked to a business owner who is a client to the industry and then to an academic who spun a lot of platitudes and generalities free of any numbers. Did they include anything about a supplier to the industry - a cattle rancher for example - to see if they are charging higher prices or is it the guy in the middle who’s profiteering? Not a word. In fact, farmers are being driven into bankruptcy by the meat packer monopolies refusing to pay even breakeven prices. But if you listen to this episode you’ll think no, that aren’t doing any profiteering. This is not journalism, it’s guy-in-a-basement level stuff.
  • West Coast Big Al
    Well done
    A great podcast that packs a lot into a short broadcast. Consistently well done by digging into logic behind the headlines.
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