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NPR's Up First is the news you need to start your day. The three biggest stories of the day, with reporting and analysis from NPR News — in 10 minutes. Available weekdays at 6:30 a.m. ET, with hosts Leila Fadel, Steve Inskeep, Michel Martin and A Martinez. Also available on Saturdays at 9 a.m. ET, with Ayesha Rascoe and Scott Simon. On Sundays, hear a longer exploration behind the headlines with Ayesha Rascoe on "The Sunday Story," available by 8 a.m. ET. Subscribe and listen, then support your local NPR station at donate.npr.org.Support NPR's reporting by subscribing to Up First+ and unlock sponsor-free listening. Learn more at plus.npr.org/upfirst

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  • mountainlivin
    Daily Listener
    I love this podcast and listen to it with my boyfriend every morning while I get ready. Great info on daily events. NPR is the best!
  • otisaga
    US Pravda
    As reliable as Pravda when it comes to US imperial interests. At least Pravda journalists either had some real socialist excuse to unconditionally shill for one side, or the real political objective of saving themselves from Gulags; what’s their excuse?
  • mh100001
    Morning ritual
    Listen every day for the perfect bite size of news to keep me up to date. The hosts are amazing at keeping things light up top whilst diving in to the important topics of the day
  • j diggs 55
    Great show
    Great show
  • Sholom R
    NPR -National Palestinian Radio
    Funded by Qatar?
  • like satie
    I can’t with that voice anymore
    I can’t take Aleisha Roscoe’s voice anymore. It’s just an unpleasant annoying accent. It’s not regional or unique. Just irritating and grating. Sorry but it reminds me of Sassafras on Amos and Andy. It’s hard to take news reporting seriously with that voice.
  • Matterun84
    The theme song is cringy and outdated. The Sunday host AR’s voice is also cringy and annoying.
  • LoveDelilah
    Hamas Propaganda
    Not a single word on how hezbollah as lit northern Israel on fire but somehow they have a reporter in Gaza… wasn’t Israel blocking all journalists? lol what a joke. No reporting on Hamas storing aid in the Rafah tent camp and the ammunitions exploding, which caused that fire that killed so many civilians. It was Hamas! But not one word about it from NPR. National Palestine Radio.
  • 👍🏻👍🏻ch
    With all the things going on (including the president’s son being in trial), you choose a story about a flag?
  • Democratic editors
    Jump both feet into the left
    Listening to the episodes you obviously hear the biased opinion of the editors spewing into the program. It’s laughable the amount of disinformation and lack of the whole story included in daily pieces. Listen to MORNING WIRE for a neutral show that can provide information that is accurate and not following a political narrative
  • Go Tigers123
    Not exactly neutral reporting
    Its a nice summary of current events but 20-25% of the time presented in a biased fashion, which for “national public radio” is a little too high in my opinion.
  • loubna.miami
    As good as it gets
    I love the light conversations. Smart, consistent, reliable, relatable and honest.
  • Weightmann
    NPR Up First
    Power packed with content, Up First is concise still covering the main points. Plus, the team always gives a quick summation; it is what I have time for and it is excellent! Thank you for your quality and commitment to excellence!
  • NickCarrel
    Did not recognize Memorial Day
    Unfollowed - no honor to the great American holiday. I’ll be listening to Morning Wire only now.
  • Loop3d
    Why does NPR have more ads per min than others?
    It's weird. NPR has more ads than NYT, WSJ, Etc in terms of talk vs ad time. Also I really dislike Ayesha Rascoe's tone and voice. It's jarring and abrasive compared to the soothing voice of others on the podcast.
  • TiteSiny
    Disappointed with recent coverage of news
    Being a daily listener for years for its good journalism based on facts and impartiality. However, this doesn’t seem the case anymore when it comes about the Israel-Hamas war. The media coverage about this conflict is a disfavor to the world. When will NPR start talking about the real cause of this war, all the atrocities Hamas has been doing to jews and to their own people for years, raising suicide bombers. Israel is not fighting Palestines, it’s fighting Hamas, terrorists that are hiding behind their own children and women as human shields. Hamas has the power to stop the war by surrendering but they have no interest in stopping the killing of their own people. As said once “we will only have peace with Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”. It’s great that European countries want to support a Palestine state, but are they willing to fight with Israel to eliminate Hamas and free up Palestine to be its own state? It’s very easy to criticize from a distance.
  • Fooofooocuddlypoops
    Bunch of Zionist losers complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The people will remember. Keep excusing these monsters as your report from their made up country you pathetic excuses for human beings.
  • CarHar788
    A lot of ads
    Although a great podcast, there are typically 4-5 minutes of ads for a 10-12 minute podcast.
  • radar3699
    Wonderful show
    Add an afternoon version!
  • VicetoVirtue
    Headlines Without Analysis
    A pod for people who want to know the mainstream headlines, but don’t have the time or interest in hearing all the details. You could probably get the same amount of info by glancing at the front page of the NY Times
  • bbFAN28
    No variety
    It’s the same topic nearly every single day. There’s other topics that need attention.
  • HSharon12345
    Sunday Story — Please make it stop
    Ahhhhhh! It’s grating on the ears! It’s a horrible sound! It really is that simple. There is no complicated social story here. It’s just a terrible noise! I wish that I could stop the Sunday downloads (and now she’s on weekdays as well?!) so you could see that this show is not listened to. I have to mark it as played to make it go away. Just decided to unsubscribe.
  • jrosey24
    Love the pod but……
    Can we please find someone who speaks proper English instead of Ayesha Roscoe….. not only does she make grammatical errors every time she’s on, she does a great job of “acting”completely clueless regarding most topics covered… there’s gotta be someone better. When she come on the show, it’s as if she won a contest and they’re letting her have a day where a fan gets to actually do the broadcast lol its awful The presence of unprofessional journalism overwhelms every episode. The show has become an embarrassment
  • Kmelanson
    Unfollowed after over a year, bummed
    I subscribed for the news - not for the snarky political comments and clear favor toward one party. I'm pretty middle of the road, but the comments from the male-speaker are beyond annoying. Will throw my time at Morning Wire which sticks to news and not being "funny".
  • Kap15
    Left of Center Daily News Briefing
    This is a quick way to get the gist of the top 3 or so news stories of the day. I believe the commentary and spin of the stories is unfortunately left leaning like the rest of NPR, but I also believe it to be a credible source for most issues.
  • beanFin
    Every day I listen
    Hoping ‘Up Second’, and maybe ‘Up Third’ are future daily shows:)
  • Donor 432
    Epis released later for non subscribers?
    I have been a faithful listener for years. My family are also regular monetary supporters of public radio and for that reason I’m not paying for a subscription. Apparently that means that instead of listening while I get ready for my day, episodes are released later and later rendering them useless to me by the time I’m able to listen. I’m disappointed.
  • rachelg3
    Disappointing how you are discussing a genocide
    It’s a genocide. Not a war. not a conflict. Hope your sponsors are happy
  • NBA heavy user
    The bias is out of control
    I used to listen to many of the NPR podcasts. I just can’t do it anymore. I’m a liberal, never voted for Trump, but I do think that journalists cannot let their own POV dictate the stories. This has got worse over time and I wish that NPR will get it back together someday, and get back to doing journalism not trying to preach. I unsubscribed all of the NPR shows.
  • Saint-Régis
    Great way to get a quick understanding of the day’s news
    I listen every day!
  • Lorraine42
    Let’s dig in to that history
    Oh there were similar student protests in 1968? That’s soo interesting, I wonder what they were about? I’m sure the police came out of that era looking like angels, right? Sincerely, now— it is despicable to cover students’ protests against genocide by only getting statements from the police who have been brutalizing them. Grow a spine and get on the right side of history.
  • hehall
    Calming the liberals into fascism
    Shame on you for this copaganda and emphasis on explaining away militarized policing rather than featuring the student protestors confronted with disproportionately huge force in the face of peaceful protest. You exist to placate liberals and put them at ease with the status quo.
  • Cats Are Dancing On The Moon
    Great podcast, but one thing
    The show is great, and I listen almost every morning, but there are a few too many ads for how long the episodes are.
  • Kdquared
    Forced to pay via Apple Podcasts
    Unable to listen without paying. Very annoying. Listening on Spotify instead but this feels like a cash grab
  • Abe53
    Not for me
    Descent coverage. Unfortunate that over the years the show has gotten more and more biased. Reporting no longer reflects the public’s views.
  • DCDGgirl
    Non subscriber
    I have listened loyally since the beginning and because I won’t subscribe, I can’t play the episode. Public media?
  • Avid Daily Listener
    Daily news
    It has been disheartening and disappointing to listen to one sided NPR daily news I have stopped listening to it and will unsubscribe NPR has showed their is no Free press neither free speech!
  • Just Honst Reviews
    Great way to start your day
    I enjoy the concise presentation of the day’s top news stories. They’re not liberal biased; they’re truth biased. If that bothers you I don’t know what we can do to make your feelings whole.
  • TB2626
    Failing to report the news without subjectivity
    The news should be provided in an unbiased manner, but Up First shows its bias loud and clear. So clearly anti-Israel. Your reporting on the sexual offences against Israeli women on October 7 was shameful. Casting doubt and only reporting on the minimal question marks within the UN report (which itself was problematic). Every Israel-Gaza news story is always first on the podcast, yet this one was placed at the end, the introduction was even biased leaving it open as to whether the report found sexual violence (it did… which should be a shock to absolutely no one). Take note: Jewish Voice for Peace does NOT speak on behalf of Jewish people! You can 'tick a box' and pat yourselves on the back for being 'balanced' by interviewing a rep from Jewish Voice for Peace.
  • Shakalaka1
    The bias is exhausting
    I have, for decades, listened to NPR for my morning news. It seems as if those days are ending. Where is the news? It is mostly highly curated segments that are basically opinion pieces. NPR, you are dangerously close to being what most of us hate about Fox “News.”
  • PRog34
    Too biased for an independent thinker
    I have listened to this show for multiple years and I try to have an open mind on every topic. The show has become so biased that it will completely skip important stories because they think it may shed a negative light on the left. I’m not sure how our country has gotten to a point that this is acceptable for a reputable news agency. I will continue a search for an unbiased news recap to give me the facts and let me decide for myself where my opinion lies.
  • GDZ SF
    Always interesting, informative
    In today’s show (4/21), Harper’s Ferry is in the state of WEST Virginia.
  • Nyarl de la Thotep
    Historical markers
    The episode represents some of the finest reporting of which humans are capable of.
  • Jseav401
    Why I will boycott NPR until Maher goes
    I saw Katherine Maher’s TED talk and was shocked. I counted on NPR as one of my primary news sources. I can’t do that if the CEO does not believe in truth. Hearing her talk about the “Wikipedia model” was galling. Is she serious? Wikipedia is fine but not a source for facts. If the new goal for NPR is to become like Wikipedia that is devastating. I hope NPR can get her out before she does too much damage. Until they do, I will be avoiding anything NPR
    Excellent journalism
    NOR's reporting is always factual and measured, as well as humane. Great work!
  • Beth Benz-ZIN
    Keeps me up to speed daily
    Love listening to your show!
  • bcaud21
    Less interesting
    I used to be a regular listener, it’s the first thing I do in the morning. Now it’s often not uploaded and therefore I completely forget to even come back to it because I’ve had to go elsewhere for a bit of news in the morning. Topics have really been lacking, there’s no variety. They miss major stories.
  • Tsotdyv
    Leaving NPR for good
    Used to love this program. The amount I listen to this dwindles lesson less but it’s so biases now I can’t take it. Bye by NPR.
  • Tuffer12
  • Anna_B_Nana
    Once Upon A Time…
    I was the person in my dorm room who listened faithfully to Bob Edwards on my NPR station in San Francisco. I loved it. I felt informed in a way that allowed me to truly consider all things and challenged my assumptions. Sadly no longer. It started with a barage of “we’re all gonna die!” hysteria when COVID appeared on our shores and has ended with the ouster of Uri Berliner. The podcast is more pandering to the far left than I can take.
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