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NPR's Up First is the news you need to start your day. The three biggest stories of the day, with reporting and analysis from NPR News — in 10 minutes. Available weekdays by 6 a.m. ET, with hosts Rachel Martin, Noel King, David Greene and Steve Inskeep. Now available on Saturdays by 8 a.m. ET, with hosts Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Scott Simon. Subscribe and listen, then support your local NPR station at donate.npr.org.

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Recent Reviews
  • CJ195
    Great podcast; I listen everyday
  • Missy0326
    Well researched
    Great summary of the top news stories to start my day
  • Jwalcutt
    Informative and succinct
    Great way to catch up quickly on what is going on in the worl
  • jebsndi
    News or Opinion?
    Having just listened to Mara’s report on the status of impeachment it is difficult not to wonder if your other reports are factual or skewed towards the opinion of the reporter. Lousy job of being neutral Mara. Since this station receives public funds maybe it’s time for some staff changes?
  • Scott Buchan
    They can do it all!
    They are able to use both hands to carry water for the Democrats agenda, while simultaneously licking the boots of any democrats caught in scandals! I don’t know how they do it!!
  • SabbyReed
    Best synopsis of news
    I love listening to this podcast to start my day to stay up to date in current events in the most “non-biased” place around. I like how short and quick they are, I listen everyday on my way to work but can always go to one of their other stations if I want more info on one of the stories covered.
  • redsticksteph
    Best morning news program
    This is all I need to start my day! Up First helps me stay informed with strong non-partisan reporting. As a former journalist myself, that’s the best thing I could ask for from a news program. And, the hosts are personable and feel like part of my family since I listen to them every day.
  • Loganlm1
    Up first review by a moderate
    I enjoy Up First most days. Some reports are opinions and not marked as this. It is apparent that the reporters do not prefer conservative ideas. However, I do enjoy and take into account the progressive ideas/thoughts on issues of the day. I think it is my responsibility to listen to both sides of an issue. I think NPR has the best view on progressive issues. Today, broadcast on the trail of Wienstien and the March for life.... definite difference in empathetic tone. Pro life citizens and social voters listen to this show.... me for one. The tone of Rachel Martin on the accusations of rape was far more compassionate than the loss of life from the Pro abortion/choice stance she holds. Really??? Can’t she has compassion for both? Once again.... bias is noted.
  • Subgeniusbob
    So disappointing
    Don’t worry about journalism, there’s none here. A great place to come to hear the latest aggressively “centrist” editorial board propaganda. Perfect for the bourgeoisie to maintain their distaste for minorities and the poor while claiming moral high ground over the Fox News audiences.
  • Amanda (Panda)
    Favorite news to start my day!
  • kpb123bpk
    Wonderful Podcast
    A great way to start the day and to stay informed!
  • jmann4489
    Love it
    Love how quick and to the point everything is. It’s a nice mix between foreign and international news.
  • masenak
    Best way to start the day!
    News can be overbearing and exhausting, and Up First is a perfect dose of clear, cohesive, and important news! Listen to it every morning while getting ready - thank you for being on the ground at such important developments across the world!
  • Sb116
    The best 15 minutes of news for rush hour
    Time is tight. The most I get to hear of NPR is whatever is on when I drive to work. That isn’t always the most important stuff. By playing Up First on my commute, I am certain to get the broad view of what’s going on that I can fill in when I want to. What a great habit!
  • leighannaaaaaaa
    Solid start to the day
    Love this start to the day!
  • Mom who donates
    The Best Bite-Sized News for My Busy Mom Mornings
    As a mom of two kids under 5, my time to myself in the morning before the chaos begins is invaluable and fleeting. Enjoying UpFirst with my coffee is always the perfect blend of information and caffeination making me feel more connected to the news cycle without having to wade through the ocean of information available 24/7. The show is impartial and succinct, keying in on the headlines that matter most. Thanks to all who work on it - keep up the good!
  • Evan308
    Better Than Coffee
    Listening to this podcast in the mornings is the best way to start your day.
  • ms_t225
    No hype
    Short, to the point, and without all the drama that accompanies so much other reporting.
  • nas72499
  • get another youtube app
    NPR Supporter who is disappointed
    I have no problem with the news coverage. I am a longtime supporter of my local public radio station. My problem is with the IT department that can’t get their act straight. I continue to get Planet Money episodes downloaded to my phone when I have not subscribed to that podcast. It has happened on many occasions and I have had to delete multiple episodes. One time shame on you, multiple times, shame on me.
  • blancaf5723
    Bias reporting
    They’re still going with the Russian collusion hoax saying that trump was guilty.
  • Hyfugbjkh
    Up first has everything you need
    Up first has everything you need to start your day. They cover a broad spectrum, usually starting in politics ( right now the impeachment is going on... Lame) however they don’t stop there and continue on worldly news, like the corona virus making its appearance in America and what’s next with the Philippines disaster. I gave 5 stars because some butt hole gave one star. They must not have known that the podcast covered everything
  • Ggdfhbcdd
    Great morning start!
    I listen every morning.
  • caile1028
    Informative and entertaining!
    I am not a huge news guy but this podcast makes news interesting and summarizes the biggest headlines.
  • Henderdogg
    The Best Start To Any Morning
    I start every day with Up First. I find that it’s the best way to be brought up to date on the important news of the day. The show provides thoughtful, non-biased information in a short-form format.
  • MorganCBrown
    Helpful daily catchup
    It’s a great way to both catch up with news I might have missed or to get a quick summary and breakdown before I listen to some longer news updates. Keeps me on top of the news.
  • S.Center
    Great way to start your day
    A wonderful 10-25 minute summary of the top headlines of the day. This has become my go-to way to start my commute. Thanks, NPR!
  • jcole4316
    Reliable and Interesting
    Not only does NPR continue to provide an accurate assessment of factual news, but they always keep the variety up in order to keep me from being depressed about the current state of affairs. Also, Steve and Rachel are a delight to listen to in the mornings. Keep up the good work!
  • Elliebug31
    Love to listen in the morning
    While I’m getting my day started or driving for errands it’s easy to get the most up to date news! Great work team.
  • ErinClaghorn
    The best part of waking up...
    Staying informed gives me that small sense of accomplishment in the morning I need to start my day with confidence. Thank you Up First!
  • Nati4998
    Stay informed
    Best way to start the day and keep yourself informed
  • Maur_een
    Very Imformative
    My go to first thing in the morning. Find out quickly what I need to be aware of.
  • M. Murph
    NPR digest
    Short, sweet, and often candid— the Morning Edition gang gives the news in digestible chunks. It’s a great way to start the morning. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and enjoy a concise summary of what you need to know. Disclaimer— this is a left leaning podcast, and as such if you’re more into the right side of things, you may find this a tad less enjoyable.
  • Chris_N_SoMi
    Best way to start the day
    Although the political news atm is universally and globally bad, this is still the best way to focus on the highlights. Thanks NPR.
  • Tini2002
    Love it!
    Everything I need for my morning drive. Thanks for keeping me informed.
  • RunningHappyMom4
    Best Morning Pod
    NPR Listen Now is short and sweet while covering pertinent info 6days a week! I enjoy other podcast too, but this one respects working folks time and provides insight while offering more detailed info through other NPR resources. Hard to find a more unbiased mature dialogue delivery than NPR. ❤️NPR
  • Munk445
    Love it
    It’s a perfect fit in my morning routine.
  • EmilyAnne8407
    Excellent Way to Start the Day
    This is a great way to kick off my day. Good review of the most important topics and well presented. Love the format and the hosts!
  • Blehbolrp
    Wonderfully Crafted Favourite Podcast
    Straight to the point, great speaking voices (not overly drawn on say like the one young man who voices the New York Times daily podcast) the ads aren’t repetitive or annoying, I honestly don’t mind listening to the ads at all.
  • Juror #11
    If there is a separate politics podcast, why is EVERY episode about the impeachment? Isn’t there anything else going on in the world?
  • asdne
    Easy and quick way to get the news
    It’s a quick and easy way to get the news in the morning. They tell the facts and that’s it.
  • JT in Paris
    Great summary, less spin
    I’m a huge NPR fan for a lot of reasons. No news is without bias, but I feel like NPR delivers about as even-handed a newscast as you’ll find in the US. I love this particular format because it gives me the highlights on my schedule.
  • JulCrs
    I listen daily and enjoy every minute. I’m glad it is now continued to Saturday and btw Ayesha Roscoe is great.
  • creightonspeaks
    Best daily news podcast
    Concise, effective, reliable, and human. This is my go-to podcast every morning and has been for 2+ years. I rely on this during my wake up routine as much as I suspect coffee drinkers rely on their morning cup. Up First Team: Thanks for the dedicated work you do, every day, including Christmas and holidays and when we hear remnants of illness in your voices; after shootings and devastating incidents, and when we hear the traces of pain in your voices. Your work — and the equanimity and humanity you bring to it — is truly valued.
  • mplsleah
    Short and sweet
    I’m not great at keeping up with the news, so I really appreciate that I can get the spark notes version on my way to work everyday.
  • spncrlee
    Just Do Yourself A Favor
    Listen to Up First. And if you’re not yet an everyday listener like I am, then give it a shot. My morning trip to the office just doesn’t feel the same without it anymore. Up First is my go-to for excellent journalism with even better hosts.
  • Samissickofcalls
    Straight forward news
    Unbiased and fact based news. Thank you.
  • Supadupac
    Every morning
    I went around trying to find the best news places to get a quick update on national and world news and I searched and up first so far is the best. The hosts are polite, very informative, and make me feel comfortable. The production and recording of this show is the standard of professionalism and I highly recommend this news podcast.
  • Meteor71
    Up First is a regular listen for me
    Informative, balanced, and entertaining
  • creatorator
    Fair. Balanced. Ever so slightly pushing us FORWARD.
    NPR is Truly a non-biased source. And at the same time, pushes for a very reasonable amount of growth and progress and moving us forward. Thank you!
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