The Anthropocene Reviewed


The Anthropocene is the current geological age, in which human activity has profoundly shaped the planet and its biodiversity. On The Anthropocene Reviewed, #1 New York Times bestselling author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Turtles All the Way Down) reviews different facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including On the Media, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin. © WNYC Studios

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  • Edgar11024
    Reasons I’m late
    I listen to podcasts in my car. This one in particular makes me drive the limit and sit in my car longer than I should. Every episode is worth a listen. Or a few.
  • Periwinkle Potato
    Breathtakingly lovely, and a bit cheeky too.
    I’m a fan!!!!!!!!!!
  • polkadotgiraffe
    So John, I listened to you as a student in high school, I used your videos occasionally when I taught high school in the states, and now I’m in a graduate program in Belgium taking a class about the Anthropocene and who’s voice to I hear when I pop on the first podcast I find. It was really comforting to listen to your episodes from across the pond.
  • NickExp
    John Green, you Policy Genius!
    That ad was a beautiful work of art that perfectly intertwined with the ads’ purpose. The whole episode is a work of art.
  • Skwisinferis
    Annoyingly depressing
    Every episode John somehow manages to turn the subject—no matter how mundane or innocuous—into a sad story. His stories often go off on such long unrelated tangents that I suspect he deliberately searches for the saddest memory he has to tell and then backtracks a way to vaguely tie it in to the topic of the review. Just call the podcast "My life is sad, feel bad for me!" and stop pretending like you're trying to review the actual topic on hand. Also you can skip any episode that has an objectively horrible thing like "Plague" and "Viral Meningitis" because without even pressing play you already knew his review is going to be 1 star. Awful podcast. But I'll give 2 stars because I did enjoy the episodes about Diet Dr Pepper and Pennies.
  • onelle
    Hitting a wall
    Listened to a handful of episodes and enjoyed, so I subscribed. The latest episodes though feel very self-indulgent, meandering and flat. I'm really missing past episodes where the driving narrative is more interesting than "how does x demonstrate that life is not inherently meaningless?" Maybe COVID's got John down but the result is forcefully underwhelming.
  • amand0r
    Orbital Sunrise
    This latest episode was particularly good. I usually enjoy each episode, while struggling a bit with how pretentious the writing can sometimes come off and how monotone the reading occasionally is… but the most recent was fantastic, both in execution and conception. The idea and the prompt were both fascinating. Also, John said writing the ads are a joy of his life… listening to those is a joy of mine. :)
  • YaxieBherga
    I like the topic selection, but some more tonal variation is necessary. The near monotone quality requires me to fight to keep paying attention and puts me into a near nap state.
  • jbhobbit
    Look forward to listening!
    I am so glad I found this podcast! I have learned so much about different topics and enjoy listening to John’s voice. Many times the podcasts have been very heartwarming and enlightening. Thank you so much! Keep it coming!
  • pdxlabreck
    I listen to some episodes multiple times
    I’m a historical nonfiction fan and I just love the way John turns things I view as more or less mundane into something fascinating. Or the way he takes a historical topic with which I thought I was familiar and unleashes a flurry of new data and insights. Not to mention his calming voice.
  • McCueDan
    Perfectly odd
    I love this podcast. It is deep and makes me think.
  • Tiegurl04
    Ocala, FL
    Thank you for this show. It truly grasps the shared human experience. I listened to episode 34 while driving to Ocala, FL for my grandmother’s funeral. You always set a wonderfully solemn, yet optimistic view of life- that is what I needed.
  • theillinoisian
    The real deal
    You know when you read a really good book and you hope the author is as wonderful as you imagine them to be? You don’t have to wonder with John Green. Here, we get his point of view on many subjects. As he shares what he’s paying attention to, he gives us more of ourselves. If I’m lucky, I will be 90 when Halley’s Comet returns. I will be thinking of 83-year old John Green with love and gratitude. I give this podcast 5 stars.
  • Bridge bug
    Very good
    I listened to this while cleaning a pig pen everyday and it made the work much more insightful.
  • audreycasper
    like a warm hug
  • abby1george
    All I wish is that there were more! The reflection in these episodes feels like therapy
  • sae-wat
    John has a great NPR voice
    His review of You’ll Never Walk Alone made me cry. I’m determined to listen to every episode of this now
  • Cornelia mother of the Gracchi
    Give him just a little listen
    Mr. Green approaches John McPhee’s loving attention to detail and ability to bring his readers in to another space and time. His writing however is more personal than McPhee’s, sweet without being self-indulgent or cloying. He would protest, but I am 20 years older than he and find him a wise and sensitive teacher.
  • Calhoupe
    I am desperately jealous of Mr. Green’s skill with words. What could easily be a self-indulgent externalization of private thoughts is, instead, beautiful and touching.
  • Rjg31
    I give this podcast…. 5 stars
  • ljh1949
    Ginkgo tree
    Brilliant. Just brilliant. I think like this but not with your eloquence. Thank you. I have to say the return of this podcast made me happier than I was prepared for.
  • ashleydoom
    I’m not a writer like John
    I don’t have the appropriate words to say how incredible this podcast is. Every episode is filled with so much emotion. The power of John Green’s storytelling is unmatched. I’ve been lucky enough to find this podcast when there are so many to listen to, though, I only have a couple left now. Unlike John I don’t review things often but this deserves a 5 start rating. Thank you for sharing this with the world.
  • abigailvr
    We are small but important
    I saved this quote from the Rock Paper Scissors review because I found it helpful: “In life you don’t deserve what you get: not the good stuff, nor the bad stuff.” I love John Green’s way of looking at the world and highly recommend his podcast and the new book of the same title for reminders of how big and beautiful the world is and how small but important we are in it.
  • B J Plumker
    Halleys comet
    I really like this podcast. I am happy John has parents that love him amd tried their best to always care for him. I love the Halleys comet review when he said going to the park with his dad was one of the best days of his life ! He is close to my sons' ages and I hope they cherish spending time with us when they were young.
  • enweigel
    A rich experience
    I love everything about this podcast: From its quirky basic premise, through poetically meandering facts, thoughts, stories, and memories, to the dryly delivered final review score at the end of each topic. It’s golden. It makes me feel more human. It makes me think and be more present. It also makes me cry. The episode about hotdogs put a hop in my step and had me grinning from ear-to-ear and it’s shift into the 250,00 signature topic had me weeping by the end of the adventure. THANK YOU, JOHN. Signed, Erin
  • zhette02
    A little bit rambling, and kinda aimless, but sometimes I just need to listen to these to rich white men answer emails. They are very genuine and nice.
  • Sarah 🏖
    Too Depressing
    Well produced and well researched, however, the host delivers every story with a undercurrent of despair. This podcast is not a pick-me-up. If anything, it can be quite a downer.
  • Leah of the Lakes
    Radical hope!
    The best podcast out there. The episodes made me laugh, cry, and stop to ponder some wondrous aspect of the anthropocene.
  • Jarhead Mom
    My Favorite Podcast
    Incredibly well-researched and well-written. Smart, but accessible. Thought-provoking. If you’re not listening, you are missing out on the best of the best!!!
  • jssrabb
    On par with This American Life
    I’m an avid podcast listener, mostly politics and human stories. I’m going through every episode, enjoying every single one. Haven’t found a podcast this consistently good since This American Well written, well delivered, educational and entertaining.
  • Moderately bendable Kate
    Why am I crying about hotdogs?
    Whenever I need to feel better about humanity in a way that moves me to tears, I turn to this podcast. Even if it’s “just” about hotdogs. I give this podcast five stars.
  • ughrdjkeopmsrtuyw
    Original, funny, humane
    Makes u wish u were John Greens best friend just to enjoy life with him!
  • kendra-gal
    My new favorite podcast - And I listen to A LOT of them
    I love the motley topics explored. Educational and entertaining. I give it 5 stars.
  • anthropocene participant
    A review of The Anthropocene Reviewed
    I listened to every single episode over the course of two days. I have never felt so in love with the world. I give The Anthropocene Reviewed five stars.
  • CrustyAudrey
    Deeply worthwhile listening
    Cannot recommend this highly enough.
  • yhfieo
    Most enjoyable part of my week
    I started listening at first just as a recommendation on my podcast home page. I listened to one then two and before I realized it was 10 episodes later. I now listen to one weekly as my little pleasure. The soothing voice, the well written and researched essays, it just puts me in this ethereal state for a few hours afterwards. I give this podcast 4.5 stars only because of the scarcity of episodes.
  • howtobereal
    Utterly fantastic
    With the likes of John Greens soothing voice reading essays of things as complex as love and mundane as the taco bell breakfast menu, things cant get better. I give the Antropocene review 5 stars.
  • bandit84lumber
    5 stars?
    Yeah I just have this podcast 5 STARS!! One of, if not, my favorite! Love it! I think more episodes are in order!
  • JaneAshlyn
    Makes me cry
    Love this podcast! I was recommended it and thought it would be a fun thing to listen to but I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and rawness of the reviews. Love how each review goes in a direction unexpected that touches me and more than not, makes me very sentimental. Thanks for providing episodes that make me think deeper and learn more about the world I live in!
  • Stiff Jalopy
    Best podcast ever
    I’ve never finished a podcast and immediately wanted to listen again, but that’s where I am with this one. The “reviews” conceit is clever, but the execution is flawless. John Green shares so much of himself, and maybe because I’m also a Gen X father just trying to find joy in life, but I found myself really appreciating the effort. I don’t struggle with mental illness, but I found John’s unblinking presentation of his own struggles absolutely riveting. Some episodes were laugh-out-loud funny, some were tearjerkers, but every one of them was interesting. Listening to them was the audio equivalent of gazing at a blazing orange sunset. I give The Anthropecene Reviewed...five stars.
  • SakshiThorat
    Painfully beautiful
    Please bring back the mug!!!
  • Fanaimara
    Consistently great
    Never thought a podcast with the title “Penguins of Madagascar and Smallpox” would make me cry, but here we are.
  • PamintheNW
    I’ve missed you so!
    I am so glad that you’re back! Listening to your reviews is akin to reading a beautifully written book. What comes out of your mouth is pure art. How is it that a review of a mediocre children’s movie can be so moving and thought provoking? I am engaged, no, I am riveted, even enthralled by your reviews. Please continue to share that beautiful, complicated, exquisite mind of yours with us. I know this may sound cheesy and I apologize in advance, but the world is a better place because you are in it. Make no mistake.
  • Undertaker521
    He’s Back!
  • laurad1130
    On par with the smallpox vaccine
    I, like Sarah, never cry, unless I’m listening to John talk about hugging his parents. The research, writing, delivery, and thought behind all these make this the best podcast on everyone’s exhaustive list of podcasts. Previously my go to episode recommendation was Teddy Bears and Penalty Shootouts, and now it may be The Penguins of Madagascar and the Smallpox Vaccine. Thank you for this gift.
  • nikimac70
    Calm and thoughtful
    In the turbulent and upsetting days of the last year I have enjoyed this podcast and Dear Hank and John, the podcast with his brother. In this podcast John rates many things that I would never think to rate. He explains things from strange viewpoints that are delightful and thought provoking. Thank you, John I also recommend Dear John and Hank 😉 I have appreciated their silly and unimportant discussions as a healthy break from the doom scrolling and political podcasts. The occasional discussion of mental health helps to normalize the mental health needs of everyone and encourage seeking help. Thank you both. P.S. I miss PodCon. I went to both. Please do it again when we can.
  • Arcadia845
    Never ceases to impress me
    I have to admit, usually when I see the title of the episodes my first thought is “theres NO WAY Im going to care about The Penguins of Madagascar”, (for example.) But Ive learned to trust John. By the end of every episode I realize not only do I care about The Penguins of Madagascar, but that the episodes titles are merely a clue to the depth that is eventually revealed within. And with that I say Thank you John. Your vulnerability and insight make this podcast a true gem that helps me simultaneously understand myself and the world in new and unexpected ways. I look forward to more new episodes as we all continue this journey through the Anthropocene. -Mike M
  • youcancallmesharky
    Amazing podcast. Really.
    I didn’t think I would ever find another podcast I enjoy as much as I enjoy 99percent invisible. Here it is.
  • lutopher
    You won’t find much better
    This podcast’s premise is simple, but it is so well done. It’s the first podcast I plug to anyone looking for a new series and the storytelling in these episodes are among the best of the best. It’s great for all ages. This series has been a delight and I’ve covered many miles of highway being generally fascinated both by this author’s talent for story telling and the source content. Cannot recommend it enough.
  • sheila.406
    So many beautiful words
    Thanks John! Can’t wait to listen to AR, the book! Also, your sycamore tree video on YouTube helped me understand one of my friends - thanks!
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