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Conversations about science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power. Lex is an AI researcher at MIT and beyond.

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  • Szy20
    Great interviews, great vibes
  • joelglass
    Enough said.
  • thurm@nm3rm@n
    Lex has really great interviews. I love his questions and thoughtfulness and passion for life and humanity.
  • JaneBerlinH
    Lex is like a bandaid to my soul
    Lex is one of the most important voices of my generation
  • 2022tom
    Probably the best there is out there
    Found Lex after hearing him being interviewed on the JRE and now he has become my new JRE. Great interviewing technique, with a lot of fascinating guests covering many fascinating subjects. Top podcast 5*
  • Salaam Tsunam
    Lex is Best
    And the best is Lex. Viva Lex!
  • Jessica JEllen
    Love this show
    Love the range of conversations with so many experts and talented people! Also Lex is a fantastic interviewer. His questions are so smart! Big fan.
  • 70ranchgirl
    Amongst greatest conversations!
    Love you Lex
  • american_greed
    great content
    huge listener enjoy the Alien discussions the best
  • newat this
    Thanks for great topics
    I’ve discovered your podcast recently, through my daughter, and I’ve been listening to you whenever I can, I enjoy the variety of topics covered, although I have to google many names new to me. I really like the conversation dynamic in which you let the speaker fully express themselves before your follow up questions. Tone is relaxed and jokes are funny , and the baggage of knowledge you have is impressing, again on many different topics. Most of all your sincere desire for knowledge and truth is transparent. And you are such a kind and compassionate human being.
  • daanrbrown
    At last, my soul soothes, tranquility is made known to me
    I would like to thank the supreme beings, Wisdom, Infinite Intelligence and my Angel of Destiny for leading me to Lex’s podcast- in their perfect ways and perfect timing; I can still recall the moment I feel head over heels in love of his intelligence, his curiosity, his great knowledge of facts and figures, his tone of voice, his style, his presentation have benefited me in more ways than I can count. I have been transformed by him thru the YouTube channel. I binge on his YouTube podcast’s; his channel is set to auto play for seamless playback. I hope your sensing the power of the message I am trying to drive home here, the intent I’m trying in vain right now of successfully expressing the magnitude of gratitude I have for you Lex Friidman. For delivering the education I thought I would never find outside of my dreams, the discussions you have with your guests- every one of the 300 or so that I’ve been gifted with, have a weird spooky way of impressing my mere sticky mind as a personal message just for me…. And I do not say that in vain….. I am called to serve; it brings me great joy and great pain to live in my calling because each person matters and each matter is so unique; I am always worried of failing to meet their needs and most of the time their anecdote to their suffering was simple, meaningful, engaging conversation about the thing weighing on their mind. My maker crafted me to be the one they come to. Lord knows I tried so hard to be ready for them, scanning the index pages of a book as opposed to the table of contents helped much but then your podcasts came along and now I know im in the right classroom, that im not lost. I have sooooo much to catch up on…. Finding the right combo, the Easiest combo, lol, that will quickly get me to give in to it, an unshakable belief in my own competency that this is real. You and your guests reassure me every time that this is very real and the “flash” is IT that it’s normal and I’ll get used to it, the same way a baby learned to walk, and you give me that. You could easily become my god to me, sometimes I could swear our eyes have locked while watching you on YouTube, and sometimes your guests as well! You’ve mentioned several times that you build robots and I will get this feeling inside my ribs that that’s my hint, hint. Are you awake? Are you getting this? And it will be in such a strong feeling of direct communication that it embarrasses me and I’ll have to leave the room (I don’t turn off the tv tho). Thank you for this opportunity to share this praise and confession to your fans and my ISP, of the best incredible life altering mental relations I am unashamedly shouting out. Thank you. Thank your guests. My hope is for your podcasts are forevermore available and easily found. To you and St. Jude Children. Hugs hugs kiss kiss your podscasts feed me bliss. 😎😜🦋🕷🌄📷🧲🚿🛁🗝🎈🎁🔍💟♈️🅾️💯🚺🆗🆓1️⃣9️⃣7️⃣3️⃣🎶🕒🕚🏳️🏴‍☠️
  • mike from the d
    Essential listening
    On my (very) short list for weekly listening. Appreciate the pace, choice of guests and topics, perspectives, and look forward to every episode.
  • Devmoi
    Great guests, boring host
    No disrespect to Lex Fridman, becuase he is very accomplished and intelligent but he is so monotonous and it’s painful to even get past his ads in the beginning. A perfect example of this is he made a conversation with Duncan Trussell far too academic and dry. Duncan is so funny and engaging. He’s had some very intelligent, philosophical conversations and that is his bread and butter as an entertainer and podcast host. But I could barely stand the conversation because it was just way too out there and wasn’t enjoyable to listen to - it felt like I was at university. While I want to learn, if I wanted to take a college course then I would enroll in one. It’s so pretentious. Who is his audience and what kind of people regularly listen to this? Not my favorite host, but I occasionally check it out because I like the guests. Also, Lex is one of the top podcasters in technology, which is my career path. On that note, I rarely finish any of his podcast and most of the times I regret even hitting play.
  • Cynfria
    My favorite
    I look forward to every episode, there is always so much to take in that I often listen to them several times. 💛
  • Rememberist
    The Lex is the Best
    Lex has the amazing ability to talk to anyone about anything, and he comes to these conversations like a very intelligent and searching child. He’s not afraid to ask impossible questions.
  • Non-believer!
    Episode #317: with John Vervaeke an Absolute Gem!
    Definitely Worth listening to twice or thrice.. as the subject matter is so profoundly deep, complex and multifaceted that somewhere in the middle STOPS you (or your thoughts) from trying to understand/define those incredible topics based on preconceived notions or old learned concepts! John Vervaeke is hands down one of most evolved, extremely knowledgeable, and highly sophisticated philosophers of our times. I normally stay weary of writing comments about any of the handful of selected podcasts I listen to, but I absolutely made a MEAL out of this episode.. so much so that the Three & half hours/passage of time hardly seemed relevant (very much the opposite of the episode Lex did with that ex-CIA hack a few weeks ago that after the first hour listening to his pretentious rhetoric and brainwashed gatekeeping opinions was deeply disturbing & frankly nauseating! Well, I think I did a one stone two birds kind of commentary .. & expressed my two cents on the Good (episode#317) and the #Awful (episode #310) in one swoop! Thank you Lex for striving to be better, & refusing to conform to pre-drawn, dictated lines of the powers that be!!🙏🏼
  • Kalimba nombwa.
    Great discussions but…
    Episode 302 Human Intelligence and Group Difference was disappointing, dude you should know better, you are giving bigoted racist idiots talking points justifying their twisted ideologies. Human beings are the same period. We are entitled to our friends but your buddies Elon Musk and Joe Rogan are just rich idiots, you are trying too hard to make yourself shine in their eyes. You have a platform dude use it wisely. Otherwise great in-depth conversations.
  • wakefoot
    Not Political, just facts
    But he’s great with great guests. Douglas Murray, JP and so many more! Lex let’s his guests speak. Thanks !!
  • Fhchmf
    Jay Batracharia
    Half and hour in and my God are you ever going to share IMPORTANT KEY FACTS about covid? Way too much tangential distraction. Will try to keep listening because it’s so hard to get FACTS and KEY IDEAS on covid elsewhere but boy is this painful to listen to.
  • Jamehjou
  • toomuchisnotenough
    Great podcast
    It’s a pretty average podcast with great guests. Lex is just too monotonous and is too mix of an academic. I prefer podcasts by practitioners not researchers - but that’s my bias Great guests but dry conversations
  • meiyouyong
    You precisely hit the nails, however, Liberal/Progressive (LiPs) won’t understand or appreciate 🤣 Just like they never understand that criminals, terrorists will never follow any gun laws… because they are criminals & terrorists! 😂 and any law only limits law abiding citizens And when u r far left, u see everyone as far right! 😂 vice versa 😜
  • Estevek
    In the service of curiosity and humanity
    I listen to many podcasts. Very few rate 5 stars for me. Lex is at the top of the list. He is curious and humble and engages extremely bright people from all walks in deep conversation. I learn something new in every episode. The only negative (which is a positive too) is the length. I don’t know how he finds the time to produce these- I barely find the time to devote to listening. Just do it.
  • mt8743
    Great Podcast! - All 1 star reviews are from leftist bootlickers
    Lex is an awesome host and he has great guests. All of the negative reviews are from unhinged leftists that wouldn’t know what moderate views were even if it hit them in the face. The further left you go the more right everything else will seem. Bill Maher didn’t leave your party, you left his party. Lex isn’t becoming alt-right, you’re becoming communists. Practice self-reflection and stop pretending you hold the moral high ground.
  • randomrinoman
    Decent into right wing talking points
    There is a lot of crap right wing talking points dressed up as intellectualism in the last several episodes. For example, good message about the dangers of victimhood mentality, but then it equates CRT with the idea that white kids should feel ashamed about being white. This is a false right wing talking point. There are a bunch of legitimate critiques of CRT, but unfortunately the podcast takes the lazy route of preaching vs doing an actual examination of race.
  • Bubba1976er
    Great Shows!
    I admire Lex for his pursuit of truth and love of people and life! Great guests and awesome dialogue. I am inspired to continue to wonder, question, and to be filled with gratitude about our mysterious and beautiful universe! Thanks Lex!
  • cwolf1979
    Jordan Peterson
    I love this podcast, but Goddamn Lex, Peterson is the human embodiment of the term “word salad”.
  • Andrew.Donnell
    The greatest guests, the most thoughtful interviewer, the best podcast.
    There’s an episode for anyone.
  • Taytat213
    We get it you love joe Rohan and want to give a platform to the far right.. used to love this podcast but sorry lex your starting to isolate a lot of your listeners
  • David_S8324
    Best podcast on the planet
    Best podcast out there. So many episodes to explore
  • DouDmg
    Andrew Bustamante episode
    Bustamante is literally spreading the Russian imperialistic narrative about the war in Ukraine. No, they will not win, no they have not been winning, no they will not spare Odessa if given the chance. Bustamante explicitly said himself Western intelligence was shocked by Ukraine’s stiff resistance; so, why should Bustamante be giving his “assessment”? Even his economic comments weren’t correct in the slightest bit. The counter comment on Lex’s engagement by autocracies winning the hearts and minds of peoples was disregarded as false, rebuffed instead by Bustamante citing autocracies need not worry about such things, which goes to show Bustamante hasn’t a grip on what it means to govern a nation.
  • zormble
    Why no robot interviews
    The day Lex interviews a robot for his artificial intelligence podcast is the day I start to tolerate his relentless pursuit of smelling Elon Musks wet jeans.
  • exubereats
    Satisfying & Informative
    I really enjoy this podcast. Each episode provides me moments of curiosity and insight. Thank you, Lex.
  • NBrun81
    Bustamante show
    I love this podcast, but found Bustamante’s comments on Ukraine wildly off the mark and misinformed. If he doesn’t know the US and NATO have *given* billions in weapons and aid to Ukraine, then he has no business commenting on the matter.
  • bvanornum
    Coinbase show
    There are so many fees that Coinbase charges, when you purchase crypto, 2) when you convert crypto another fee,3) when you sell crypto another few..... Coinbase making lots of money off your money On the upside, Brian Armstrong is really hot 😍
  • j-rawls
    Not ready for prime time
    Questions are too simplistic and naive to really do justice to the academics being interviewed. Nearly clueless on the topics being discussed and goes on tangent that don’t make any sense. On the spectrum - atypical.
  • ReidMiller1111
    Far-right conspiracy theorists
    Lex used to have a good podcast, but now most of his guests are far-right weirdos. I used to enjoy talking with other fans on their subreddit and Instagram, but now it’s nothing other than far right conspiracy theorists.
  • GiselleMRodriguez
    Naive Beliefs and Questionable Guest
    This started as a technology podcast but Lex has just jumped on the Rogan express. He claims to be a neutral, curious individual, but then he only brings on right-leaning guest. He never challenges their statement with counter arguments and completely ignores actual statistics and published studies. He also is just comes off very native and ask very basic questions. I’m sure he’s very knowledgeable about AI, but that does not mean he’s a genius in every field. His PhD is not from MIT too. He tends to imply that.
  • xSUPREMEx602
    Alien? Or an AI
    Dude gots birds for brains.. Like he’s a 2 year old barely developing emotions
  • Mountain Shaman
    Conversation with ….
    I drive my friends crazy. I like to turn conversation into a interesting topic that makes you think With this podcast I can finally have a discussion or I mean listen to a meaningful discussion. If you find yourself wanting more give this podcast a try.
  • ZZ1949
    Good until he made the podcast a platform for Covid mRNA propaganda
    Good until he made the podcast a platform for Covid mRNA propaganda
  • smart now
    Beware the self appointed zen master
    Dang it I just wrote a long review and accidentally deleted it. But in short, Lex has a high quality podcast but he constantly insults his guests with statements that pretend to be thought provoking zen statements. Listen to him tell mark Zuckerberg more than once how the world will be happier once he’s dead, in some nuanced zen master way. Or just decide for his guests that their world view is wrong and constantly hound them on it in subtle ways. I don’t care who the person is, that’s not cool, and hiding it behind some facade of enlightenment is really weird. If you want to bring up something controversial, just be direct and state your real intention. This other way is toxic. Your guests are exceedingly present yet you are strategic.
  • mcta57
    Bishop Barron
    Thoroughly enjoyed this interview! The give and take of Friedman & Barron was so natural—felt more like a conversation than an interview. Well done!
  • Ofons
    Best podcast in town.
    Lex is the greatest of all time. 🐐
  • rachaelatx
    Couldn’t love the conversation between Lex and Bishop Barron more, I hope it will continue in future episodes.
  • Havy09
    Elon Musk Stan
    From the title^
  • lexi123456789110
    I love lex
    I love listening to lex weave love into science. Sometimes his guests aren’t necessarily people I would choose to be on my podcast haha but his questions rooted in connection & humanness make the conversation interesting.
  • bfernathome
    Polite and Respectful Discussions
    I love hanging out with Lex and friends. I’ve bent my mind to understand, challenged myself to meet new goals, and used the information I’ve learned to make well informed opinions.
  • Phizikalmatrix
    New blood
    I don’t know how long you been around, but you are one of the best interviewers I’ve heard in a long time, with interesting guest, I’ve told a lot of people about you, keep up the good work
  • Daniel Olshansky
    Like an AI that only gets better with time
    I’m continuously surprised by the depth, insight, quantity, quality, depth of the podcast as time goes on. It's almost as if Lex is an AI that keeps learning and improves over time. The discussions Lex has with others are an elixir of knowledge and a catalyst of self-reflection on more levels than one. I’ve been listening since day one and I think it would be an understatement to state that it has shaped who I am today.
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