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Conversations about science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power. Lex is an AI researcher at MIT and beyond.

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  • Real_Elijah_H.
    You can own a tank in the US
    But the part that that shoots needs to be completely disabled. Also this civil war episode is so one sided it’s insane. Union soldiers also raped and lynched. Abe Lincoln was a politician not a saint. First he wanted to ship all blacks to Liberia hence the flag 🇱🇷. He also forced the blacks to fight for him he even killed 250 ppl in ny because they didn’t want to fight. Uzis aren’t even big guns “uzis and tanks”. And we need guns to fight against the government or at least be a real threat. Everything has two sides which is why I like your podcast. This episode specifically is too one sided.
    Thank you
    Lex is absolutely delightful and his podcast is excellent.
  • libran.sagittarius
    Love listening
    I love listening to you Lex. Your voice is so hot and your so interesting. I love learning about new perspectives through this podcast and thank you for making the ads hilarious and fun. You seem like a great guy. Keep being you!
  • Ice Game Reviews
    So impressed.
    “Everyone is human…everyone deserves to be heard.” The world needs more of this kind of show!
  • truaxc
    Tougher questions….
    Why just take everything as fact? No push back with the Omar interview was a bit frustrating for me.
  • Ymp021
    Great listen
    I like him , kinda has a similar interview style/discussion as Rogan just without all the drinking weed and swearing.
  • nick is my nick name
    Your audience.
    Can’t speak for everyone, but I know myself and my friends and we love this show. We love it because we trust you. You are a good person who sees reality with heart. With that trust we are willing to learn about the things you choose to show us. Media feels impossible to trust what you are hearing. Lex feels possible to trust.
  • Ghenfsg643
    Good-some suggestions for guests
    Consider having David Bentley Hart or Edward Feser on your show to talk about classical theism/theology
  • JTG_22
    His Voice!🥰
    Intelligent and calming I just can't get enough of this podcast. A brilliant, thoughtful, articulate young man. Highly recommend!
  • Pvturakhia
    The best of the best
    It’s one of the only podcasts I listen to daily
  • Banman98
    Good Stuff!!
    I appreciated the entirety of your interview with Mr.Beast. It is so true that every other interview he has is focused on the same few things. It was great to hear more elaboration and get to know him more! Thanks for what you do Lex! Your channel is a great place to come to hear many different views and gain more understanding of others. Plus I never feel it is contentious!
  • AnonymoCustomer
    Hardcore intelligent
    I think what’s really cool is, by diving into human nature with well thought questions, Lex demonstrated that how bare metal knowledge can be intriguing and fascinating to many, even for people with zero domain knowledge. Have been following the podcast since the beginning. I’m lucky to witness how this show having evolving from AI topics to more soul-touching human nature topics. And it keeps getting better.
  • alienflower27
    I gave this a five stars even though I disagree with this young man
    I do love the variety that Dr Freedman and he did ask poignant questions. But I totally feel like they ignore socialism in Venezuela and what it did to that country. This young man also does not give me any good plan of how to keep tyranny from taking over with socialism. Although this young man has a good heart but he doesn’t think about what he is asking of the working class to do. He asking the working class to be slaves to those who don’t want to work. How is that fair? I am not talking about those who can’t work. Should not those people need to contribute some how? Working in a food bank. I have a job that is physically demanding and I work so this other guy who is physically able stay home and plays football? No thank you. It was interesting, but I don’t agree.
  • Mikhal.Keith
    Open your mind
    Lexington has some of the most diverse guest that represent the subject matter experts of their respective niche genres and approaches them with the thirst for knowledge and understanding of an enchanted child. It’s like magic to watch.
  • LeoOban
    Great podcast!
  • Ohioan1
    Pretentious, Surface skimming
    Over a dozen podcasts into this man’s blathering and I find YouTube does a better job curating content. You’ll find better information more easily using other podders than this overly hyped young man.
  • Benazir_
    Listening to paint dry
    Genuinely one of the most boring things I've ever listened to.
  • areagray
    Thankful for Lex
    Thankful for Lex
  • sigaretter
    Thanks for giving platform to ruzian propagandists, товарищ
    World is so cruel, lex, poor you.
  • re4ct0r
  • cashwhp
    You’re the best!
    Lex, your conversation style is exactly what this world needs. You probe, you pause, you push back. You’re gracious and graceful. You’re serious and funny. Most of all, you’re genuine. Thank you.
  • EthanArio
    He is aptly named -really odious
  • ghram man
    Ghraham man
    Lex Friedman is a curios eccentric genius. His question poke at philosophy and science trying to get a answer to all trying to tie it all back to ideology and politics lex is a genius and his trying of human connections is admirable
  • 80'sVillager
    Malice the Dope
    Michael Malice blows. You’re a good guy Lex but why do you have on so many of these right wing does without challenging them?
  • El Duque de Barça
    Can you Steel-man?
    Every interview Every other question Can you steel-man? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Grade-A phony. MIT professor in Texas. Fake it ‘til you make it.
  • Boggyman 716
    What is this trash
    Mind numbing liberal trash. Disgusting!
  • Rusty2135
    I’ve started listening to what the other side has to say
    Thanks to Lex and this podcast, I’ve started to really appreciate the point of view of the other side of the political isle. Can’t recommend this podcast enough. Very thoughtful conversations with a wide variety of people. Just finished a 4 hr episode and wanted more.
  • magna199
    Great show
    Interesting guests and Lex asks interesting questions
  • Chris Bolivar
    Totally addicted
    First saw the podcast because of Coffeezilla interview. Have been watching/listening to all the episodes related to tech!
  • Lukymama
    Spreading love in a world of hate - thank you Lex!
    I found Lex by accident on YouTube and I was hooked from the first episode with the biologist. I love that his guests from Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan to scientists in AI, chess champions, and YA. After most shows, I feel little smarter and in complete admiration of him. Lex isn’t afraid to talk about love and I love that. You have a best friend in so cal Lex. Keep up spreading love and asking what this life is about. I have a huge smile after his show and can’t wait to listen to more. Sat nam 🕉️
  • gmann750
    Open minded in the best sense
    so, ive only listened to 3 or 4 podcasts, but so far one of the best podcast interviewers ive heard. really liked the way he handled Kanye West, only 5% of the population can do that. listens, ask questions, and willing to learn. open minded but not so open minded his brains fall out.
  • ElizabethB0418
    Total trash
    Waste of breath, waste of time
  • BretStalcup
    Best Guest Selection Ever
    I’ve learned more from this podcast than any other, especially concerning fields of endeavor that I know/knew nothing about. When I first became aware of the show I thought the episode length to be off-putting, but I’ve usually found them to be interesting and I’m glad the episodes are long, it tends to bring something out in people that’s deeper and more contemplative. This podcast makes me happy and I hope you enjoy it.
  • Treehouse1213
    New Fan
    I really identify with how Lex thinks broadly, pushes beyond his personal biases from a place of immense curiosity and a desire to understand with kindness, and approaches all with love as his true north. Such a noble human goal. I think his mind is fascinating. I wonder if he read and enjoyed Klara and the Sun. I'd like to be in a book club with him.
  • Pastel-O
    Informative, Entertaining, Enlightening
    Many hundreds of hours of fascinating conversations, hosted by a humble brain (maybe AI) who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions both simple and complex.
  • Nick''s
    Lex, Would you please invite Nima Arkani-Hamed to your podcast?
  • jnethery
    How does someone book so many interesting guests yet ask such insipid and naive questions?
  • Sir William the potato farmer
    Lex is the best. Thanks for being so dedicated, honest, passionate, and curious. Your podcasts have been a great game changer and offers new perspectives and insights into a wide variety of topics. Thank you so very much.
  • _tjm
    Love and compassion yadda yadda
    I like the guests Lex chooses to have on but Lex’s rhetoric about “this should be love” “could be from a place of compassion” has grown tiresome. At times it’s like listening to a hippie teenager. You make valid points on fundamental issues facing the world and he’s like “well love is the answer, man.”
  • n8butcher22
    Love you Lex!
    Very interesting and he asks all the right questions!
  • David_S8324
    Best podcast on the planet
    Best podcast out there. So many episodes to explore.
  • Shevek13
    World’s Lamest Psychic Vampire
    He’s really good at making interesting guests seem completely joyless and boring.
  • MattHempey
    Lex is an incredible interviewer. Like, the best I’ve ever heard. He is a professional and a master of playing devil’s advocate to get to the heart of an issue.
  • DonzBeanz
    The best
    Consistently excellent. Great, thoughtful interviews with all sorts of interesting people
  • Deathsquad Sargent
    Typical J
  • kapnycusa
    We need more of this
    Patience and intellect applied without prejudice - very impressive and hope Lex can sustain this for some time. The regular media should try to emulate this approach (even if shorter)
  • David Volta
    Rogan 2
    This podcast is turning into Rogan 2. Please retitle to The Lex Fridman Conservative Experience. Every other episode now has a fat right fringe figure
  • icp_professor
    One of the best podcasts
    This is one of the most interesting and thought provoking podcasts. The guest roster is stellar. Having said that I would like to note that lately Lex veered away from science and into politics. This is not good. Political podcasts are a dime a dozen. If this trend continues I will come back and downgrade my rating.
  • DOL1979
    Making the work commute a learning experience
    A friend of mine in the UK introduced me to this podcast and what a favor he did me. I love the wide range of topics that are discussed and how Lex engages the guest. Before this podcast I would listen to very specific topics. This show has really broadened my horizons and I've learned so much. I am highly entertained and educated at the same time. Keep up the good work Lex. Top class!
  • momogarden21
    Love you Lex!
    Lex has become a guiding force and a grounding comfort in my life. His approach towards complex ideas and contentious topics is always rooted in trying to fundamentally understand the human across from him. He leads with love and humility which so many people lack in today’s world.
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