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Conversations about science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power. Lex is an AI researcher at MIT and beyond.

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  • Taytat213
    Latest episode about the N word is reaching
    Lex.. I’m not sure if you know this, but you have dedicated black listeners who love you and your podcast. The latest episode about whether it’s ‘ok’ to use the word, makes it feel like you only care about one segment of your audience. You’re incredibly smart, and I know you have the ability to understand why some of us would prefer the word is not used by people who often used it in a derogatory manner towards us. You have this rhetoric that you always want to ~spread love~, but for us, it’s hurtful when the word is used by people who use it against us in a discriminatory and derogatory way. We can debate for hours whether it’s okay to use Jewish, Mexican, Muslim, any slur words or hate language, and there will always be seemingly rational reason where it seems like the word is OK to use. However for those of us who are black, the word hurts. And that’s lost in your hours long discussion of why people should be able to use it.
  • Say No To Pandas
    used to be great. now basically the View except science pods
    used to be great. now basically the View except science pods
  • Lust Island
    Saved My Life
    Lex is a great host who is able to book some very great minds, and they talk in depth about things that truly matter. And it keeps getting more interesting as time goes on… and on… I can’t wait to see what we are all talking about in 10 years time. It’s a fantastic show!
  • DebraLee87654321
    Brilliant Host and Guests
    This is the best podcast, ever. Can’t believe it’s free. It covers so many interesting topics from many perspectives. This podcast gives me a few hours before sleep to focus on just one topic that interests me. I love how long they are. These aren’t conversations that can be had in 30 minutes. They’re deep interesting dives. I don’t like every guest but I always love listening to people out there working to understand the state of being, that will move us all into a better future, whether I agree with them 100% or not. Thank you for taking your time to make these podcasts, Lex.
  • Taralainee
    David Pakman is so intelligent and well spoken. Great conversation and I appreciate that it stayed respectful and didn’t devolve into arguing. 💙
  • Sylos3
    The best podcast…
    But let’s not talk politics. To entertain the left is to dance with the devil himself.
  • Crankle Humpmeats
    It’s fine
    Good guests/mediocre questions
  • JoboF IV
    Please. Stick to science.
    Ugh. Boring lefty.
  • Skullkid1391
    Compelling and heart-centered interviews
    I am deeply fascinated by Lex’s ability to look at the future of machine machine learning and artificial intelligence and its impact on multiple different areas of life. These conversation will only become more and more important as technological advancement keeps progressing. Looking forward to being a guest on this show!
  • cranberry craig
    Great guests, bad questions
    The guests are always very interesting and smart, but Lex never really challenges them on their beliefs. He is too agreeable with questions that are too surface level, so you dont really get a good discussion. You are left wanting. Additionally whenever he is in difficult territory (which is often because he just isnt that knowledgeable) he side steps it and starts talking about love and beauty and the chaos of life. So frustrating
  • Crative genius
    Would love to hear from more women
    I enjoy this podcast, also, how about some more parity?
  • Lalaura1089
    I love lex
    I love Lex and I love this podcast. Really engaging and deep conversations with some super interesting people.
  • TFI Jo B Kenobi
    If John wick new how to flirt…
    When are you going to ask Simone on a date? , because if you don’t… I won’t. But that’s not the point. Do it.
  • NamHLe
    Are u pretending to be cool in your voice?
  • communitynewspodcast
    Loving Lex
    I love how thoughtful and intelligent Lex is. Reminds me of my favorite podcasters Paul and Sasha from Community News with Paul and Sasha. Would love to hear the 3 of you together.
  • AEKochiss
    Humble interviewing
    I just listened to my first podcast of Lex with guest Paul Rosolie, and I cannot express how immersed I was in this interview not just because the guest is admirable and remarkable in his passions, but for the incredible interviewing of Lex. I really believe Lex is an important influence to future interviewers, where true investigation and understanding should be founded in compassion and respect especially when we disagree. I really appreciate you Lex and have been going back into your library to listen to your past interviews. Please continue to do what you do.
  • liushihhua
    Eric Frankel interview
    Great one!!
  • Stc_3
    Be like Lex
    We need more compassionate, thoughtful people like Lex in this world. This podcast has helped increase my curiosity, changed my outlook on many topics and enhanced my life. Thank you Lex.
  • Rue love
    I’m a new listener and it gives me hope in humanity to know that their are such thoughtful and intelligent humans alive like Lex and his guests. What an enriching gift for the world. I’ve already learned so much and I find myself wishing I could be in the room as a member of the conversations. I appreciate you and your work Lex. I find it interesting how Paul Rosolie refers to the boat that picked him up and brought him out of the jungle when he was suffering from an advanced case of MRSA as a ‘death boat’ maybe for some of the animals on that boat. However for Paul it was his life boat. A beautiful example of the duality of life and existence.
  • DokturJhey
    I’m not the brightest bulb
    in the box. Lex approaches guests, listeners, sponsors and topics from a foundation of love. It’s the one podcast I want my children to absorb.
  • heartbrokenhornetsfan
    love it
    Incredible that he had Altman and Yudkowsky on consecutive episodes. Two pretty different perspectives on the same topic- was a fantastic listen!
  • Slbknaak
    Tony Quintanilla
    2.5 C? What, more rain? Ok. Cool.
  • Tony Quintanilla
    Please talk more about the elephant in the room. 2.5C is coming this century and the kids are in despair. And the adults are ignoring this reality with the flashy distractions, including AI, social media, culture wars, political wrangling, entertainment, short term economics. Too big a topic?
  • JJBB4444
    White & Male
    Not a fan of this podcast. It always predictably features white male guests. Tired of waiting for it to move past sexism. Fans of Elon Musk and Trump will like it.
  • Jerm vvarfare
    Don’t know what the fuss is about
    Just listened to the recent Sam Harris episode and this guy is a vapid platitude machine with the epistemology of a 13 y/o boy. Basically Rogan without the charisma.
  • DaveL12804
    Sam Harris
    Lex, Love you show and desire to bring love to the world and look at all sides. Very disappointed how you seemed to let Sam Harris completely get off with all his one sided inability to critically analyze while clearly having trump derangement syndrome.
  • bigedted
    Rogan might be the most “powerful” interviewer in the world, but Lex has got to be the most effective interviewer in the world.
  • Sdog4127
    Intellectual Deep Conversations for Everyone!
    Lex does an amazing job of finding interesting guests from all professions and all ideologies. One thing all his guests have in common is passion. It is very interesting and educational to listen to a well educated, well spoken person be curious about what the other person finds to be interesting and why they are passionate about their subject. It’s obvious that Lex spends lots of time prepping for each interview and knowing the right questions to produce good answers. His long-form discussion interviews are among the best in podcast today, in my opinion. Lex asks questions from opposing as well as supporting views —that is what makes his discussions honest and 100% worthwhile the listen. Keep up the awesome work Lex!
  • Dill1Dom2
    I’m Grateful
    I’m just happy that there are spaces like this where people can just talk. A space where you’re allowed to fail and be wrong and learn. I just listened to Lex and Sam chat for over four hours and it was so lovely. No one is perfect, but we have to have spaces where we can think out loud, together, honestly.
  • Dtheman555
    Get the best out of each guest. Lex is wise beyond his years. Thanks for all the effort. Sam Harris is full of himself. He was always right about Covid, even when he wax proven wrong. Same with Twitter, Twitter was great when it was censored, but as free speech it’s a waste of his time filled with useless information.
  • Stan&me
    Destiny Interview
    I , at 70 years on this planet, have come to the conclusion that words are fluid and should not be confused with actions. There are words I will not use in the public domain. There are words I know are triggers. But words should not be the sole property of a group because the words are there like a conversation bubble in a comic strip. We should be civil in public interactions and we might connect with a person that might enrich your life. Your words are like doors to people minds, hearts and souls. There are doors meant to the opened and doors meant to remain closed. You are the key.
  • BrianOhio
    Always well-prepared and usually interesting
    Lex has such a wide range of interests and does a great job interviewing his guests. He is well-prepared and has extensive notes to refer to when interacting with his guests. His guests are usually articulate, and Lex doesn’t pick them for woke or political reasons, which is rare these days. I like his book summaries particularly as well as his self-discipline.
  • maddie7908
    When I wake up in the morning and remember this podcast exists, it makes me excited about life again.
  • UnicornBaby559
    Dude…have a coffee and chill
    This guy sounds like he’s nodding off on Xanax and trying to sound like he’s cool. Wake up! You’re hosting a podcast.
  • TurdTalks
    A renascence man!
  • Chitowndrinker420
    I listened to one episode and now I’m retarded
  • rehn123
    good will - open mind - highly intelligent
    Lex, please pull together your brain trust and help the USA get intelligent, competent leaders. So tired of same old partisan-disrespectful-selfish politics. Recently heard a governor say on national TV that Americans have two political choices, “normal or crazy”. Ugh!!! Help !!!!!! Tough times ahead with wars, environment, aging, poverty/wealth gap - need young minded brilliant people to lead us.
  • Cgrrsdyhhh
    Love it!
    Excellent podcast!! However, I recommend listening to it as opposed to watching the YouTube version. Lots of things are edited out on the YouTube version. Just the audio is far more authentic.
  • Sinai.Coons
    Lex is not presumptuous; he’s curious and willing to step out of his comfort zone in order to learn and grow. He has a logical and profound approach to crucial conversations. Great show, you’ll never feel alone on your journey.
  • Kurt from Seattle
    Meandering Issues and Truthiness Issues
    The John Carmack episode was amazing but after a few more episodes I became frustrated with the meandering pace. The Aella interview was when I got off the train for good; this was Twitter polls moonlighting as academic research. Lex really needs to do better at fact checking and deciding what/who to give a platform to. Still recommend the Carmack interview.
  • One Blind User
    Six minutes of ads at the beginning? Editing badly needed.
    Agree with the previous reviews that think this podcast is way too long per episode. Placement of ads being self -narrated is fine but not six minutes worth at the very beginning with no bumper music or transition to know what is an advertisement versus what is part of the conversation. The host. Well, I am sure is a great conversationalist, he needs to get out of his own way, and let the guest set the pace, rather than ramble and amble on and on.
  • Eelwhip
    Nearly perfect!
    Terrific podcast, broad variety of topics, excellent guests. Only criticism I have- or maybe just an observation- is guests often speaking VERY quickly. Seems like Lex speaks in a slower way but they don’t follow his lead. Still- my current favorite podcast for the content and terrific in-depth interview style.
  • Ethan hat
    Too Long, Unwieldy Podcast
    Great subject matters. Excellent guests. And a likable host. But the podcasts are far too long to enjoy. Even on a road trip, you’ll likely get to your destination before the podcast ends. In all other contexts, you’re probably only going to listen to about a quarter of the podcast - and much of it will feel like fluff. Some better prepping and more planned questions in advance might help shorten the format. I’m reminded by the old saying “I wrote you a long letter because I didn’t have the time to write you a short one.”
  • Real_Elijah_H.
    You can own a tank in the US
    But the part that that shoots needs to be completely disabled. Also this civil war episode is so one sided it’s insane. Union soldiers also raped and lynched. Abe Lincoln was a politician not a saint. First he wanted to ship all blacks to Liberia hence the flag 🇱🇷. He also forced the blacks to fight for him he even killed 250 ppl in ny because they didn’t want to fight. Uzis aren’t even big guns “uzis and tanks”. And we need guns to fight against the government or at least be a real threat. Everything has two sides which is why I like your podcast. This episode specifically is too one sided.
    Thank you
    Lex is absolutely delightful and his podcast is excellent.
  • libran.sagittarius
    Love listening
    I love listening to you Lex. Your voice is so hot and your so interesting. I love learning about new perspectives through this podcast and thank you for making the ads hilarious and fun. You seem like a great guy. Keep being you!
  • Ice Game Reviews
    So impressed.
    “Everyone is human…everyone deserves to be heard.” The world needs more of this kind of show!
  • truaxc
    Tougher questions….
    Why just take everything as fact? No push back with the Omar interview was a bit frustrating for me.
  • Ymp021
    Great listen
    I like him , kinda has a similar interview style/discussion as Rogan just without all the drinking weed and swearing.
  • nick is my nick name
    Your audience.
    Can’t speak for everyone, but I know myself and my friends and we love this show. We love it because we trust you. You are a good person who sees reality with heart. With that trust we are willing to learn about the things you choose to show us. Media feels impossible to trust what you are hearing. Lex feels possible to trust.
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