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Conversations about science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power. Lex is an AI researcher at MIT and beyond.

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  • sonia_says
    Paul Rosilie
    Eye opening episode. Worlds within worlds. Thank you. And the fact that you were out in the Amazon in your signature suit?!?!?
  • Steve4278
    I love this podcast
    Not every one of his podcasts interests me, but I enjoy most of them and the guests
  • Mc felony
    Don’t let people tell you how your podcast “should” be
    This is an excellent podcast. Lex is such a genuine curious person. Letting the other person speak, possibly even stupid ideas is he point. To people that give one star and then try to tell you you need to moderate better or ask more questions… these are the people that aren’t really here to listen. And I’ve heard plenty of pressing from you in the past. Pushback per se isn’t really the point here. It’s exploiting other people’s ideas. And to the person who complained about 8 minutes of ads and gave it one star… just wait till I tell you about the concept of fast forward. It’s gonna blow your stupid little smooth brain away!
  • •| Ar! |•
    Smart Listen
    I have learned quite a bit listening to your podcast. Interesting guests and you do a great job interviewing them
  • Trees723
    Keep doing you
    Screw these haters, Lex! Your podcast has brought joy and education on a variety of topics into my life for years. The range of guests are interesting and you do a great job at asking through provoking questions that you make understandable to listeners. I hate seeing haters write negative comments - don’t listen to those fools. Keep doing you and spreading your positivity and curiosity throughout the world.
  • RA18888
    Fun to listen to if you want to waste 8 straight minutes listening to slow talking commercials. Poor quality podcast.
  • arthurofbabylon
    Great concept. Terrible execution.
    The general idea of this podcast (a conversant layman asking an expert questions) is great. But the execution is terrible. The interviewer really needs to grow a spine and ask some challenging, thought-provoking questions. It feels like a fairy tail: expert comes on, they present their field, interviewer asks questions, and everything is rosy. But when you want substance, the interviewer falters. I think he is afraid of offending the guest? Whatever the case, I’m terribly disappointed by the lack of questions and challenge the host brings to the conversation. I understand the host is a real host. They’re responsible for what unfolds. If a guest starts saying rubbish, it is the host’s responsibility to challenge them or bring the conversation back to reality. I’m unsure why Lex doesn’t think this responsibility applies to him. If the guest is about to open a metaphorical can of worms, the host should welcome that and bring it into the conversation. I want to hear about it! I know that means the host (Lex) has to say ask some tough questions, but come on, does he think his guests have weak, reactive egos? The host should be more vigorously oriented to getting at the fundamentals. Letting smooth-talkers slide through the podcast is weak, and leaves me looking for a conversation with real, vigorous thinkers.
  • Louise in idaho
    Support for Jungle Keepers
    Want to “save” the planet? Donations to this cause is a great start! Thanks to Lex for sharing this adventure with us!!
  • damanual
    Great panelists, sometimes insightful
    These interviews tend to run long. Lot of times you get some interesting nuggets but not always. Also, some of the recurring themes that Lex likes to investigate - aliens, the future of AI- as well as some specific lenses - the power of being humble and having good intentions- may be limiting his perspective to get to new ground.
  • Intellectual dark weep
    A farce
    This guy gets amazing guests by ensuring them he won’t ask a single serious question. You can waste as many hours playing candy crush without getting indoctrinated by weird sociopaths
  • ming de merciless
    Hamas war debate
    This is an excellent podcast. Norman Finkelstein, braggart and pedant extraordinaire, his voice, the aural equivalent of metal shavings in one’s underwear, cannot entirely destroy this discussion of thoughtful men on a very complicated subject.
  • Rizzputin
    Somebody turn off Lex’s mic
    These podcasts would be better if Lex wouldn’t talk. Stick with it for the guests, barely stomach Lex
  • HoodieTree
    Andrew Callaghan
    <like super loud farting noise> That is all.
  • eriklatt
    He’s a little too naive
    Love ya Lex and I know you have good intentions but I really loved your very early talks with computer scientists because 1) it was the only place to hear these people being interviewed 2) you had pointed questions because you were well versed in the subject matter You sometimes still have these types of people on and those are good but now you typically have people on that already have access to platforms (written books, given other interviews, etc) that I think there are less value. And finally, the conversations are too one sided, you don’t have the subject matter expertise to push and find deeper understanding vs just summarizing the guests opinion that can already be obtained by reading their book or paper. The point of this format is to have a back and forth to push on and dig deeper that can’t come out of the medium of the written language.
  • MarkChicagoIL
    Delete delete
    Delete delete
  • Liberalain't
    sycophant vibes
    Used to enjoy these conversations more.
  • 80'sVillager
    Lex’s Failure
    Lex only challenges his rare left wing guests. Lex fails to challenge right wing guests like Tulsi and Tucker when they spout their discredited bul.
  • B-enKIdu
    The Guests! The Host! The Suit!
    World class guests interviewed in long format by Lex. Lex is a Russian born American citizen and huge nerd. Honest and vulnerable with a friendly style. Great and interesting.
  • robifynow
    Lex do what you do fam
    Some of us would love to get informed about what’s going on before we leave this earth 🌎.
  • MBHBrooklyn
    baby lex
    Great topics with great guests, but Lex’s childish naivety is astounding. He claims to be a student of human behavior and pursuer of truth, but consistently and willfully blinds himself to reality. I realize his mantra is something along the lines of ‘love conquers all’ and that everyone shares his altruistic approach, but dude, open your eyes. You’re core beliefs frequently get in the way of your own claimed priorities.
  • ryansouthard120
    Just stop freaking people out dude
    Makes long commutes enjoyable
    Lex as one of several podcast hosts I listen to as I drive to work. I appreciate his calm curiosity, rational approach to interviews & fascinating people for many different areas of experience and life experience that he brings in to interview. Also, Lex has one of the least irritating voices to listen to out of many podcast hosts so 2-3 hrs with him is not only bearable but enjoyable.
  • EricTheReviewer
    Great interview, great insights - some bad assumptions
    He does really phenomenal interviews that are thoughtful and complete. My only complaint is that he makes assumptions or sometimes accepts assumptions of others and uses them as the basis for his questions so they go unchallenged. EXAMPLE: He asked Sam Altman how to overcome the liberal bias that is rampant in tech (paraphrasing). With Musk, Ellison, and many other tech leaders aggressively on the Right, I don’t think we have actual data showing the bias is to the left. That’s his opinion. This kind of question with an erroneous assumption built into it happened a few times and it distracted me from the otherwise great interview.
  • got Marie?
    Get Over Obama
    Lex, great interview with Tulsi. But please do your research on Obama and his ability to be a “uniter.” Try asking someone who wasn’t a democrat during his presidency how they felt he was an Uniting the nation.
  • Tutti66
    Great interview with Annie Jacobsen
    Wide variety of perspectives which is much appreciated in this siloed world.
  • captjohn74
    Holy smoke guy
    Love the podcast. This long form conversation absolutely the best way to get to know these people and their insights. I’m not through your latest episode #418 and it’s thrilling, educational and insightful. Thank you for getting these guys together in one room. Definitely has some chaotic moments but the intensity adds and sores not subtract from the insight. Man oh man, the world needs to hear more stuff like this.
  • oaheicjsisj
    Jewish Gatekeeper
    Why does another Jewish person arrive to head off any counter culture?
  • CLR7880
    Too much Destiny
    Why do you keep bringing this guy on? If you want to know the democrat establishment’s line on a certain topic you could just ask KJP.
  • Abustebus
    Wonderful open minded show
    Thank goodness there is still shows like this that allow us to think outside of our normal comfort zones and no lesson is learned from being comfortable it’s about hearing things you might not want to hear. Thank you Lex
  • Peter B Baldwin
    The Great Debate
    Once again, I truly love strong debates on both sides. Please keep it up!
  • Mankatowilly420
    Thank you for being you, Lex
    The Lex Fridman podcast stands as a beacon of intellectual curiosity and genuine discourse. Lex’s adeptness in asking intelligent and thoughtful questions brings depth and insight to each episode, fostering a space where diverse viewpoints are explored with grace and respect. What sets Lex apart is his unwavering commitment to seeking out opposing perspectives, creating a platform where ideas clash in a constructive and enlightening manner. Furthermore, his humility shines through his dry, self-deprecating humor, adding a layer of warmth and relatability to the conversations. Through his podcast, Lex Fridman not only informs and entertains but also inspires listeners to engage in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.
  • bhuuii
    Continue to talk to everyone!
    Thank you Lex for taking to everyone. Most extremist people think that talking to people who oppose their beliefs should be a continuous attack on the other person’s character and their beliefs/ideas, instead of having a conversation and try to understand the person. I wish more interviews would do that. Thank you for your hard work to bring this to us!🙏
  • MkeY234Z62
    Not high level, there are better pods
    First time Listener found Tucker Carlson interview: Tucker spends 15 min making an insightful point that the Moscow was clean and safe DESPITE it’s repressive gov. Then, Tucker continues that the US was once like that in the 80’s and wonders what changed. Lex’s boneheaded response is, “but there’s censorship in moscow.” So Lex didn’t listen to a word Tucker said for 15 min then jumped back to his dumb lefty talking points. Tucker is smart guy and I think Tucker could have found a better use for his time. I wish I could have my hour back.
  • KnockOutRoseFan
    Thank you 😊
    Letting you know from episode #414 (intro), that you are very appreciated & much loved in return, thanks for the wonderful wisdom you share & keeping it real…💗 Glad to hear Steven Pressfield mention victor davis Hanson in #102, please consider doing an interview episode with VDH, thank you much!
  • JustAGuy222
    Ask harder questions
    Giving powerful people airtime without fact checking or hard questions is not part of the solution.
  • why do i need a nickname2
    Pathetic Tech Boy apologist
    He use to have smart comment and be neutral. Obviously being fair and honest didn't make him as much money. Now another entitled white boy joke.
  • JoboF IV
    Extremely informative. Thanks Lex!
    Excellent as always! I learned a lot.
  • The Darrell McClain Show
    Soft spoken mega phone
    Lex will let anyone talk in long form which is great he won’t do any push back so it’s important to do your own research and take everything you hear with caution
  • LoveDebates
    Debate Should Be Mandatory
    Dear Lex - thank you for NOT listening to the “close ear minded people”. I was taught we have two ears and one mouth. Unfortunately this is not followed. It is great to hear the opposite view or someone competitive with your own narrative. After all, how does one improve, play against the competition not against those like you! Hence, debate or toastmasters should be mandatory in school - perhaps that’s something you can push for in some way. Keep up the controversy and diversity of speakers. Communication and listening is so gone in todays world where many minds are subsidized by the click confidence of the internet.
  • J45612346
    Open but unbalanced
    I love that a range of guests and views are expressed on the show but I wish a consistent approach was taken towards the guests. Either let them speak freely without pushback or ask hard questions and test certain statements to move towards a closer version of the truth. To be clear, I prefer the later. However, the contrast is sharp between the Suleiman episode (where there were no hard questions or pushback on blatantly false statements) and the Tucker Carlson episode (where Lex pushed back at several points and challenged his views, even pointing out falsehoods). Why the two were treated so differently is not clear.
  • Wellmandude
    Softball interviewer
    Not really sure what Lex really believes because he always seems to agree with his insane guests lol
  • theweightofdust
    Lex is the modern Larry King
    Lex is the modern Larry King, by which I mean he doesn’t actually ask any challenging questions. He does not seem interested in creating new understanding, he’s more about giving the interview subject an opportunity to present the best possible version of themselves. If you like the person he’s interviewing, that’s nice. If you don’t like them it seems like a missed opportunity. Lex seems like a nice guy, but his approach to ‘journalism’ doesn’t add much of value.
  • Al Pastoor
    I’m out
    Lex’s recent trend towards normalizing extremist propagandists is not only misguided it’s boring.
  • Cato censor
    Tucker talks
    In the first hour I began to worry that Lex would catch a lot of flak for “platforming” TC at this time (as he suggested in the unusually long prologue). But as TC went on and on, and on with those “zingers” and giggles, Lex’s supreme trust in his audience was fully vindicated. Always a superb podcast.
  • rocky.salerno
    To any who might be wondering if you should listen to this podcast, I could not more strongly recommend you do. Lex, please keep doing what you’re doing. You give me hope that amongst all the noise, there are people out there who will gracefully hear both sides of the story and find common ground. Your efforts inspire me to become a more humble, intellectual, and all around stronger man. Additionally, you (and Jocko) have helped convince me to get on the mats and become a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve been training for over a year now and it has changed my life for the better, for which I can not give you enough thanks for how you promote martial arts. Sincerely, thank you.
  • jabdkHand
    Absolutely Incredible Conversations
    The Bill Ackman podcast is the single best piece of audio discussion I have ever heard. The way you confronted him about some of the issues he has faced, really opened him up and provide incredible clarity and insight into his side of the story and his decision making process. Thank you for making it!
  • Joereno99
    Tucker Interview
    As always, Balanced, fair, classic interview. This is why he’s one of the few worth spending 2-3 hours on. Definitely not a sound bite seeker.
  • ThaneKrios
    Love the variety of guests & civility
    I love that Lex is willing to talk to anyone, that he lets them speak, and that he treats people honorably no matter who they are.
  • hadleyhodges
    Great podcast
    On your prelude to the tucker Carlson interview you stated that you will continue to talk to anyone. I would support this podcast for that alone. It’s Interesting and enlightening to hear how different people think. Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the people who get upset because they don’t like certain guests or how you interview.
  • JDOG2453
    Terrible guest.
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