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Conversations about science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power. Lex is an AI researcher at MIT and beyond.

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  • Mark__m
    Russian wanker
    Is he Russian Ukrainian American idiot or academic fluffer. An autistic that was supported vs failed by expensive American teachers, don’t expect any understanding, only vague poetic verging on imbecilic questions.
  • zohaib rattu
    Great Interviews
    Lex is one of the best interviewers of all time. Last few episodes especially have been amazing. It’s nice to hear people from both sides for once in a uninterrupted fashion. Keep doing you lex, you and your guests are great.
  • Kevanjt
    Omar Suleiman
    Thank you for allowing us to get to know who Suleiman really is: a reprehensible racist who is willing to lie in order to disguise his genocidal desires as compassion. Really, a fine job.
  • Randall Hunt
    Omar Suleiman
    I was prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Suleiman. I have strong feelings about a heavy reliance on religion in forming one’s world view. I CANNOT ACCEPT that the legitimate way to work against your grievances is mass rape, murder and brutalization of people in their own homes. I’m prepared to concede that Palestinian people have legitimate grievances toward the Israeli government. I am not prepared to concede that what Hamas did on October 7th was a legitimate way to deal with those issues. If you just shrug your shoulders and say “What did anyone expect to happen?”, that immediately tells me that you have some sympathy to Hamas’s actions on October 7th. That’s a non starter.
  • ddweinbaum
    Victimhood and Refugees
    When will they stop ? So much can be done for them y Under a government who wants them to advance for the sake of the next generation.
  • E. McC
    Where is the push-back
    So odd that Lex does not at least ask him to clarify his position on Gaza. Merely letting him take a pure one sided argument that is so slanted is a shame. If terrorists are hiding in a school and shooting at soldiers of course they are going to go in there? Ignoring the fact of the slaughter of Oct. 7 is pathetic
  • f1-fan not taken
    You have a terrorist apologist on and don’t push him?
    Seriously you just let him spout typical nonsense talking points and literally JUSTIFY TERRORISM
  • iCentaur.com
    The elephant in the room
    I listened to Mr. Suleiman & believe has makes a good case for Palestinian self determination. However, ignoring the radical jihadist ideology of HAMAS and their poor governance is intellectually disingenuous. Governance is Palestinian peoples greatest challenge.
  • listener33
    So many lies uttered by Omar Suleiman
    I normally love your podcast. But Mr. Suleiman said so many things that were just blatantly untrue. How the human rights watch focuses on Israel, ignoring all the truly apartheid countries, like China, is astounding. How did you not push back against the obvious lies, Mr. Suleiman said?
  • Takoateli
    No pushback against Omar Sulaimani
    You didn't confront him on a single issue. Was that a part of the agreement to interview him? You would give him a platform and lap everything up?
  • Hear-n-Now
    Absolutely unqualified
    After listening to his recent Palestinian guest and his absolute flaccid response, I realized that Lex really shouldn’t be doing this podcast. And that’s okay, Lex. Not everyone is meant to be interesting.
  • devil zilla
    It works!
    I started talking painfully slowly in an I’m falling asleep voice and now everyone thinks I’m smart. Especially when I never strongly agree or disagree with anything because I’m just way, way, too tired to give it that much thought.
  • Joncharles07
    One sided perspective
    Stopping liking Lex when I noticed he only had male guests on and one sided views in regards to the 🍉 gside
  • ImTheRinger
    Matthew Cox
    I listened to every second of his story and was captivated and moved. Lex let him talk and that was a perfect strategy. Awesome episode !
  • chassjo
    Please don’t turn into another podcast bro
    I’m a fan of this cast because of the thoughtful intellectual and nuanced conversations. Really Lex? Shapiro and Destiny debate? This is just a ploy to get YouTube and TT views through hot takes that sow division. I could see if this was two respected academic or geopolitical strategist conversing in good faith. This is just a circle jerk of “gotcha” rebuttals disguised as rebuttals. Smh
  • Overnickel
    Awesome Show
    Ben absolutely COOKED destiny 💀would love to see a part 2
  • forfnightgamerr
    Matthew Cox
    I’ve been listening intermittently for about 4 months, but this episode prompted me to give your show a 5 star review. Wonderful! I couldn’t wait to get back to the story, and the length was perfect for his story.
  • Pooregirl1
    Once great podcast now a commercial for billionaires and criminals
    I used the love the podcast, but I’m done with it. The last straw was a six hour tribute to an unrepentant fraudster. Lex giggled as Cox told tales of how he duped individuals (not just banks) out of millions. Not once did Lex challenge him about the wrongs he had committed. I listened to the whole thing hoping to here something like that, but it never came. Bummer.
  • Mower Geek
    Incredible show
    Lex has such great curiosity about so many topics. The show is always interesting and great. Thanks Lex
  • cdz64?7$89$;
    Matthew Cox
    Great episode- interesting.
  • Santa Famous
    Mat Cox
    Five Stars
  • Fhchmf
    Tal Wilenfeld
    If you want to truly understand the meaning of the word “sublime”, watch YouTube video “Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott’s”. Of course, Tal is on bass.
  • ryansouthard120
    Tal is amazing and I just watched her play with Jeff Beck last night for the 30ish time and it still is amazing. Just a great musician
  • Sysyfuss
    Smart long form conversation vs sound byte riffing
    Found this show with the Jeff Besos episode which was excellent then noticed and tried “Beff Jesos”/Guillaume Verdon out of curiosity and was gobsmacked. I’ll be working through archives. Lex guides engaging conversations with questions neither overly confrontational nor pandering. The format exercises an atrophied attention span and reminds of the inherent thinness of clipped sound bytes and memes.
  • nabrxx
    I just can’t handle this guys smarmy presentation
    Some of the guests are ok—but the sound of this guys voice always has me exit quickly. I’m not sure how he has done so well and is known at all—
  • Griz708
    Best podcasts and possibly best interviews on any platform
    I've listened to every episode of Lex's podcasts, and they're truly amazing. Witnessing the evolution of both him and the medium since the inception of the AI podcast has been spectacular. I just finished the Teddy Atlas episode, and it was possibly the best podcast I've ever heard. It felt like an outstanding character study, surpassing any movie, documentary, or play I've seen. Unbelievable. Thank you for this gift.
  • mrvaluead
    Awesome interviews
    I’m new to this podcast but from what I’ve heard and the amount of #talent I’ve seen being interviewed I’d definitely say this is a top #business #podcast and I plan to become a loyal listener! I highly recommend!! 💪🏼🙌🤝🦾🧠👔🪑📱📚👊🏼🌎🦉✅💯
  • Showeropera
    Interesting long form interviews
    I find the longform interview style that Lex uses interesting and refreshing. He gets some really fascinating guests, and he engages with them in a thoughtful way. For some controversial guests or topics, though, I think he could do more to play devil’s advocate, or challenge guests while staying respectful, and it would bring more even more depth to the show.
  • CityGirlHikes
    Lacking intelligence and credibility
    As a scientist who now works in IT, I found this podcast to be awful. I typically don’t read reviews or research the podcaster until I’ve listened to a few episodes first. After listening to a few episodes I decided to look him up. People that know him well have nothing good to say about his intelligence, knowledge, credibility, or credentials. The 1 star reviews for the podcast here are spot on.
  • ScottPinNC
    The Banality of Evil
    Lex is the dumb mans smart man. Spoiled. Privledged beyond belief. Not a single original thought flows through this dullards mind. His "popularity" is completely astroturfed & still a sad critique of a dying empire.
  • Efbrazil
    Fundamentally immoral and stupid podcast
    The host has Jeff Bezos for 2 hours and fails to ask one question about climate change, charity, or the role of workers and unions. Bezos isn’t challenged once. Instead, he focuses on rocketry questions without asking “why?” and he asks about llm social companions, which Bezos has no insight into. Such a terrible missed opportunity. Listen to someone thoughtful and interesting like Ezra Klein instead.
  • DaveIsNotHere
    Ep. 399 Kushner
    Lex dropped the ball when he did not ask Jarred Kushner the one interview question we all want answered… What exactly was involved in that $2 billion loan to Mr. Kushner’s fledgling firm from the fund led by the Saudi crown prince… was America “sold” for Mr. Kushners sole benefit? Lex is great… but ask some tough questions..
  • Sikboy303
    Lex…. How can you be so obtuse
    After listening to the interview with Francis Collins I’m am absolutely flabbergasted at the level of cognitive dissidence Lex presents with. He maybe brilliant in certain aspects of life but he is completely unable to recognize when he is being lied to. Francis went out spewing things that are demonstrably false then has the nerve to say “misinformation is the real danger”. As much as I loved this show I will not be listening after this as Lex’s credibility is lost. Shame because I really enjoyed it.
  • Tvguc TX v
    One of thr best podcasts out there
  • Sagetree201
    Lex is one of the best interviewers! He asks the important questions and does not jump in to to provide his own personal story but further questions his guest to go deeper. We can all learn how to be a good listener from Lex.
  • aerispoli
    algorithmically pushed
    because he is jewish
  • Andrewralph11122211111
    Thank you Lex
    I appreciate Lex’s ability to hold space for diverse thinkers in a post-oppositional way. Lex’s work is a part of the solution to the polarization we observe in the USA.
  • emeraldmorning
    Sausage fest
    Lex Fridman appears to have a problem with being stuck in the 1950s, having interviewed at least 27 men since the last woman he’s interviewed. I’m not sure if you’re aware but there are plenty of great female computer scientists and thought leaders these days. I’d love to listen to your podcast but I’m a woman and the sausage fest is obvious.
  • ObjectivismIsNotPhilosopy
    Mossad Agent or Russian Mole?
    I loved his Dan Carlin podcast simply because Lex was so effusive in his praise of Dan. Otherwise I find gaping holes in his worldview and an inability to challenge the guests that need to be challenged. He’s is definitely not the smartest guy, nor the most well-read guy, nor the greatest interviewer, nor charismatic. In fact it was pretty obvious Lex hadn’t listened to any of Dan Carlin’s podcasts. It's fine I guess, but it’s more likely than not he’s a Mossad agent. He was definitely bootstrapped by someone into celebrity. Speaking of Mossad, I will never understand the Israeli government support of the anti-Semite Elon Musk. Maybe they want to make life so unsafe for the diaspora that they’ll be forced to come to Israel and create demographic “facts on the ground”. Someone should ask Lex - but I doubt he’s smart enough to understand the question. Nor would they have trusted him with the answer.
  • Dlgeezuz
    Lex isn’t worried about cancel culture
    It’s great that he interviews people who some shy away from for fear of being cancelled. Keep open minds, and free speech alive!
  • Ag99JYD
    Best discussion on marital communications
    Lex is a fantastic interviewer. From Huberman, Isaacson, and Netanyahu, he does his homework and facilitates a great conversation. But the chat with James Sexton was one of the most informative discussions on marital communications I have ever heard. James puts things in realistic terms. Just a great, enjoyable listen.
  • mamaErinE
    Lex’s interviews with women are my favorites.
    Love these thoughtful conversations, love Lex’s thoughtful, analytical yet poetic perspective. Just need more women interviewees to add to the conversation!
  • Guy 1237654
    Love it
  • Detroit Jack
    One Star Reviewers
    One star reviews are entirely political. Most of them explicitly so. Lex loves everybody, isn’t in it for the money, and continues to inspire with good faith conversations. That, and his unwillingness to engage in negativity and mudslinging, may upset the most vitriolic of online activists, but the rest of us are glad to support a guy of his character.
  • Aspen in Full Color
    Please branch out: listening to men is getting boring
    I want to love your show but am finding it extremely difficult when nearly every episode is an interview with a man. Where are the women? The intelligence you are missing out on is obscene. I hope you and your producers choose differently in the future. We will all be smarter and wiser for it if you do!
  • zormble
    Why no robot interviews coward
    The day Lex interviews a robot for his artificial intelligence podcast is the day I start to tolerate his relentless pursuit of smelling Elon Musks damp jeans.
  • Soccer freak 88
    No backbone whatsoever
    In his recent podcast with John J. Mearsheimer, Lex Friedman emphasized his commitment to including diverse voices to mitigate human suffering. However, when Mr. Mearsheimer asserted that Hamas seeks peace and accused Israel of contemplating ethnic cleansing in Gaza, Lex offered minimal challenge or request for substantiation. This approach allowed the perpetuation of a narrative suggesting Israel’s ambition to annex Gaza and the West Bank, an assertion that conflicts with historical events. Notably, Israel has proposed a two-state solution on multiple occasions, only to be met with violent resistance. The claim of apartheid is contradicted by the reality that Israel has withdrawn from Gaza and parts of the West Bank as per the Oslo Accords. The emergence of Hamas, a group openly advocating for a Jew-free Palestinian state (a fact publicly available on their website), has dampened enthusiasm for a two-state solution. Mearsheimer’s accusation of Israeli ethnic cleansing, while ignoring Hamas’s stated goals, represents a concerning moral inversion. This overlooks the fact that two million Arabs live, work, study, vote, and hold parliamentary positions in Israel, starkly contrasting the absence of Jewish residents in Palestinian territories. Such disparity raises questions about the basis for moral equivalence in this context. Lex’s silence on these issues and the failure to address significant events like the atrocities of October 7th were both disheartening and disappointing. Critiquing Israel’s policies is valid, but it should be done with intellectual integrity and compassion. Lex’s approach in this episode was a missed opportunity for a more balanced and informative discussion.
  • Cheetah1001001000
    Killer podcast
    I have been listening for the last two years. I’m in it for the science. Incredible long-form discussions about science, tech, philosophy and the nature of intelligence. Supremely interesting guests and conversations. I am a mom of two young boys and love hearing the varied perspectives on what the future will look like for the next generation of humans!
  • Bob LaFollette
    Just No to this guy
    Jared K is a naked opportunist
  • Ryno84727484
    Love the Recent Cybersecurity Podcasts
    Lex, I’ve been a fan for a couple of years now, predating your plunge into full-time autonomy. (1) Thanks for being you. Your choice in guests is second only to your willingness to ask open-minded questions. (2) I love the Cybersecurity podcasts. Finding someone who was technically relevant to any of the US programs would be a dream (stuxnet, etc.) Thank you for the entertainment and enlightenment!
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