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On The Pat McAfee Show 2.0, Pat McAfee and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won't be heard anywhere else. Pat, who played in two Pro Bowls during his eight-year NFL career, brings a fresh take on sports and entertainment to listeners and fans. He is known for speaking his mind and is both relatable and refreshing. His player’s insight, electric storytelling, and robust sense of humor have helped him build a huge and loyal fan base with more than 3 million social media followers. Presented by FanDuel, The Pat McAfee Show 2.0 promises to inform, intrigue, and entertain. Cheers.

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Recent Reviews
  • jwill0924
    Great pod other than diggs on it and the making fun of Jesus stuff needs to stop
  • Tony 1 Smi1h
    Awesome host great content!!!
    Thanks for all the laughs and great content! Your interviews are fun and you allow us see what football players are like off the field and I love it!! Keep up the great work!!
  • Nonughj
    It’s just a little too republican
    Doesn’t really take the discussion to the uncomfortable places
  • Neuvy
    Aaron Roger’s Immunity Conversation
    Thank you for a great interview that allowed Aaron to be heard. He’s my MVP for what he said and being brave enough to say it & that’s coming from a Bears fan!!
  • Johnny Pizan
    The boys coming in HOT with some fresh takes daily. Only problem is they take weekends off, but I get it. Thank YEW boys. HAMMER DAHN!
  • Snowdog7881
    Love it
    Sorry I haven’t been listening to Chris Farley since the beginning. Great show Pat.
  • yjtcgth
    I love you
    I love you
  • bigcnilly
    Best Sports Podcast HANDS DOWN
    Pat,AJ and the TOXIC table always kill it
  • Big R Review
    This podcast is some former grass fairy turned punter who tries to glorify the kicking game which should be taken out of the NFL completely. The host just talks a thousand miles per hour and literally says nothing. He only keeps around these “yes men” who literally just sit there like puppy dogs and agree with every little thing he says and scream WHAT into the microphone and have ruined and ran into the ground the yinzer “DAHN” He is a terrible interviewer, constantly interrupting his guests. He says “potentially” a hundred times an episode and “by the way” He should at least try to get some knowledge of sports before he just sits there and spews these idiotic takes. Terrible podcast.
  • Trophy Hubby
    Love this hot mess
    Pat….bro…..I love what you’re serving. Your mooks need to get the podcast published & ready for download sooner so I can listen to the sweet serenade of you guys’ voices before I get home to my Heathen children screaming at me. This show is great & fresh everyday
  • GASpartan55
    1 of the Greatest Sports Podcasts Available
    Pat, AJ, and the boys have one of the best pods going. I deliver for UPS and can’t watch the live YouTube show, so It’s nice to be able to download and listen to it while I’m driving. Pat is great with football news and pretty good with other sports when he ventures outside the NFL on occasion. Not only does he keep things interesting with different guests and stories from his playing days, he’s also hilarious so there’s never a dull moment. Would definitely recommend giving it a listen if you enjoy funny commentary on sports especially the NFL.
  • NorsemanJL
    Best sports show. Period.
    I listen every day for a mental vacation. You guys are awesome. Thank you Gents!
  • Timjr3954
    Best Podcast out right now
    I listen to this show everyday at work and can’t get enough of it Pat tells it like it is and him and the guys are knowledgeable on topic but keep things fun I highly recommend this podcast!!
  • tjcourchaine
    Pat McAfee stories and tangents are the best. Captures the sports mind and enthusiasm of the everyday fan. Love it!
  • C-lo 4
    Future of sports coverage
    These guys are awesome. They bring the fun back to sports. Want fake, agenda pushing, politically correct, I’m too good for your priks giving your sports updates? Don’t look here. Two former nfl football players running the dam thing with a bunch of funny and knowledgeable sports stooges adding a little flavor. Keep it up, Pat! Love the shirt!
  • Awizzle89
    Angry Dolphins fan from Ohio
    First time long time…. After the apology you made to Dolphin fans I changed my stars. Glad to have you back Pat (and yes there are more than 10-15 of us).
  • Draft on Draft lover
    More Jay Cutler!
    All time interview! He’s so smart and soooo funny! Please have him back on!
  • unhappy_goboom
    Loud and Obnoxious
    Pat on his own is very entertaining, but every single cohost he has is beyond annoying. They all try way too hard to come off as funny. I can’t stand the screaming and over the top cheering for guests coming into the show. It’s horrible.
  • Rappmaster
    Good pod
    Fun pod but 4 stars because of the yelling. The screaming into the mic is so obnoxious. Kinda of just passively listen to pass the time. But overall a fun podcast.
  • Crappy Flappy
    The best
    Thank you Pat, AJ, and everyone else for such an amazing show! Your show is the best and I look forward to it every day!
  • clan_patrick8
    I’m out on 2.0
    Past 4 years I have followed, bought the Merch and adopted the cuzzie into my every day life along with the crew. Pat has become BIG TIME and kinda treats the die hard fan like a joke and has forgotten that WE pushed every # to get him to this point! Enjoy the success Pat you did work hard for it truly. But I’m done holding the line. That’s good sports!
  • Nole Fan Steve
    Thank youuu Pat, AJ, and the boys for providing top quality entertainment every day!
  • qhabsodk
    Missing content.
    Great show! Love it all. But it feels like we keep missing out on content. The feel Good Friday episode was cut short. Why is that
  • idndidnso
    Complete show?
    Are we getting whole show? Or have they cut down the amount minutes on the podcast
  • Kik: griffinrobertsnym
    Love the show but zeet needs a hug
    Pat dug into lord Zito and for that he deserves a hug
    Let’s go UCE
    Just a bunch of uces cutting it up
  • MomCallsMeNicholas
    Top-tier sports talk.
    P-Mac is the best voice is sports talk radio, hands down. Laid back, informed and down to earth. Listen to on just one ep and you’ll feel like one of the boys.
  • BearDownMT
    Love from Montana
    Been listing to your show for about 4 months and it is hilarious. Pat is obviously the true star but come on guys AJ Hawk despite been a two foot driver is the man and makes the show at the end of each episode. Thanks for making my work week so much better glad you guys are back from vacation.
  • ba-sing-ray
    Love Pat, love the boys.
    I’ve rocked with pat for years, and he’s really catching his stride and has surrounded himself with great producers that take what he does to the next level. More Boston Connor, the real star of the show!
  • josh mo12334
    Best sports show
    I knew pat when he played for the colts and always loved his energy. I love this show it’s funny, informative and very entertaining. Pat and the boys get me through my work week. I look forward to hearing what they have to say on a day to day basis.
  • Scottywebbs
    Amazing and accessible
    This is my only daily listen. Pat and the boys are just out here making the best worst show on the internet and have really improved my work week. #endofpodsquad for life.
  • CurlsMcFluff
    If You're Not Listening You Need to Get Your Life Right
    Best sports show ever. I highly recommend. These boys are the absolute best and make my day better everyday. Do yourself a favor and subscribe and listen.
  • BKrispies
    This podcast will change your life
    Are you having a bad day? Life got you dahn? Come on a little mental vacation with the PMS boys and everyone will be better for it on the other side. The funniest show you will ever listen to. I would do anything to live the life these men live.
  • Orange Chuck
    Go Mustangs!
    Keep up the great work!
  • Thassett4182
    Best of the best
    The boys are elite from the top dahnn.... put some respect on the show that Stinks’ neck!!!
  • Nathaniel Finch
    Best Sports Show AHT There
    Pat and the boys have masterfully put together the best daily sports show on planet earth… and the moon. I can’t get enough of Pat, AJ and the boys. #EndOfPodSquad every episode
  • Sein Haben
    Killin it
    Great Pod
  • Gmichaelmichael
    Great pod!
    Keep up the good work boys!
  • BlakeKoepka
    One of the best pods in tahn
    Tied for best podcast with pardon my take. Always dahn to listen to Pat
  • AustinKlingel
    Goated podcast
    First heard about this podcast through the host, and because he was on special teams, I listened to more and more of his podcasts. I absolutely loved them, simply through the energy the podcast(show) provided to the listener. Most podcasts are blain and react with a monotone voice. This podcast pulled me in through the host. But the guests pat has makes this show enjoyable and I can constantly watch it. Having big time names like Aaron Rodgers on the show made me want to watch even more of it. I think what makes this sports podcast different from others is what it brings to the table. It shows videos in stead of discussing them, the entire crew is full of energy, and most of the listeners can relate to it. So, I’ll continue to listen to the podcast again and again.
  • 3-1 lead
    Best show in the biz
    Appreciate the energy and laughs. The brand is strong
  • CamHawks
    Movie Review
    Pat should do at least 1 Old Movie review each week this is hilarious 😂😂😂
  • Get wiser Jay
    Legendary movie
    We need more movie reviews from Pat after watching the classics for the first time.
  • HercBro
    Shout Out
    Pat and the Boys, Love the show. I know your you tube numbers are huge, but those of us in the military/expats off time zone of your live show love having the podcast available to stay up on all the news out there in sports entertainment. Appreciate it!!!
  • NateLiberty91
    The show has its moments. I’d rather listen to AJ Hawk have his own pod. The over-the-top player empowerment stuff is annoying. Sorry that most people don’t feel bad for these dudes making millions upon millions to play football, bro. Also, is he ever going to bring up DeShawn Watson’s legal stuff? It’s weird how a few months ago, Ol’ DeShaun got brought up everyday because he was a victim but now Pat is crickets on the development.
  • yayoyabber
    Funny and super entertaining
    Everybody on the show is hilarious! Favorite moment was when Jordan Love got drafted 😂😂😂
  • Kabzinski74
    One of a Kind.
    What can you say, it’s Pat McAfee! He’s a funny SOB with a great take on everything he mentions. You’ve gotta love AJ Hawk even though he drives with two feet. It’s an amazing show and Pat is by far one of the best hosts out there. Very smooth transitions and great topics every time. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT!
  • shane2816
    One and Only
    This is the only podcast that anyone needs in their life!
  • tastyhasty31
    Great Pod
    Great Pod. The audio is a lot quieter on the Apple Podcast App than on the YouTube Channel though.
  • Ashley from CT
    Can’t stop laughing!
    These guys are the best. Pat’s brain is going a mile a minute and I just chuckle listening to him interview people and he just needs to get everything out of his head in one spitfire stream of thought. Also love the constant references to Pittsburgh! They are my go to guys when I go on a walk with my dog. They keep me so entertained I don’t want it to end.
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