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On The Pat McAfee Show 2.0, Pat McAfee and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won't be heard anywhere else. Pat, who played in two Pro Bowls during his eight-year NFL career, brings a fresh take on sports and entertainment to listeners and fans. He is known for speaking his mind and is both relatable and refreshing. His player’s insight, electric storytelling, and robust sense of humor have helped him build a huge and loyal fan base with more than 3 million social media followers. Presented by FanDuel, The Pat McAfee Show 2.0 promises to inform, intrigue, and entertain. Cheers.

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  • patstgegoat
    The bud lite song
    I’m only 16 but that song made me wanna make love to sum BUD LITE wuaaatt Btw this song deserves to go platinum Jus thot you show know pat u a DAWG
  • Steeler Tank
    Don’t wanna over react BUT!!!
    This show is amazing. Hearing friends that played football discuss sports with a fan’s perspective is just how I like it instead of a sportscaster pushing agendas and playing favorites! Every team gets mentioned and when a team plays like garbage they say it instead of excuses. And vice versa. Ask Aaron Rodgers
  • bretimus
    He’ll cry about anyone who doesn’t have time for his show.
    MCDC > Pat and his whiny act.
  • Coach Back
    Love the show but…
    I’ve been a listener to the Pat McAfee show for years now. Ever since he buried Urban Meyer while he was at OSU. It’s amazing to see how successful he and the show has become in that time. I am a truck driver and listen daily in this podcast form and while I still give the show itself a 10, it’s become concerning how the podcast has taken a back seat and lately has been missed or delayed by multiple days more and more. It’s not something that would get me to stop supporting Pat or recommending the show to everyone I get a chance to but I would definitely love if they got back to getting the podcast out on time. Also tell Boston Connor Dunkin is trash
  • stuhly92
    One of my Favorites but biased
    I’ve never heard a podcast stop to just complain that people were being mean to host’s friend. Other than Rodgers everything about the show is awesome.
  • awefgdd
    Fire the kisser
    One idiot on the show makes a kissing sound into the microphone every 5 minutes. Maybe next he will break out a laugh track or clown horn.
  • Dallas Melotopoulos
    GOAT Show
    Aaron Rodgers weekly interview may be the best sports segment every week, anywhere.
  • B1gDBob
    I hate that Pat or A.J. couldn’t host, but Ian Rapoport was definitely a good treat. What a DAWG!
  • Troutdale Mayor
    The Podcast is the best way for me to listen to show. It would be great if you just put the whole show on. Best sports show going!
  • megsie8907
    Love this pod
    Love Pat and love this pod. I know I’m not the only one, however, that is completely over Aaron Rodgers. I always skip those episodes
  • michaellt4
    Gets me through my work day!
    Everyone is funny and their friendship reminds me of me and my friends, genuinely good guys and love football and aaron rodgers!
  • Rich S in NY
    Pat is the best. Dude is a dude. So are the hammer Down boys ,AJ is cool, too bad he played for a clown team
  • All-Star Pete
    Thursday October 27th.
    This is their best product yet. Great show
  • Edw30
    Filthy Language. Pat talks like a 13 year old that is impressed with the F bomb.
    The whole crew dropping F Bombs and GDs. Smart and humerus guys that don’t need this to win ratings and viewers. I’m out.
  • dmuss21
    Straight up DOGS!!!! Love this show! Loved Pat as a Colt still love him to this day. Should’ve pursued him when I was young and fit. 🤣😂
  • Valbowski21
    Aaron Rodgers Tuesday is great. Don’t really listen any other day.
  • Browns1976
    Figure it out. The sound is awful
  • Blovett20
    Peoples Champion!!!
    Refreshing (What?), Real (What?), Entertaining (What?) Thank you Boys!!!!!
  • dub92469
    Free Gump
    Best part of the day is listening to this show!
  • zach baldwin
    Bro, you got any sleeves?
  • michaelhoman
    Big personalities
    Always good for a laugh and never just filling the show with dumb hot takes
  • TrevorLaw15
    You guys should have D But on full time. Dudes a legend and mixes in well with Pat, AJ and rest of the boys.
  • J.Hunter86
    F me this show rules!
  • Flacco Twin
    How You Doin Keep It Movin
    Best show! Here we go atta baby!
  • vt nesto
    Since the beginning
    Been following the show since they launched with Barstool and stayed with them through PMS 2.0. Pat, AJ, and the boys are must listen sports entertainment and social commentary. Dumbest bestest show on the planet. Feels like hanging with the boys while providing access and insight you literally can’t get anywhere else.
  • Jordannn Schultzzz
    Get schultz back
    Best show in the business. Pats and AJ are my favorite team! Get Jordan schultz back on. He’s one of the best guests
  • T.lower13
    Number 1
    Best sports shown, hands dawnnn! How you doing, keep it moving!!
  • Big R Review
    Well below average
    If you enjoy phrases or words that get ran into the ground and over used like, “dawg” “he’s a guy” “dahn” “potentially” “whud” Enjoy constant screaming, everyone agreeing with the host and not allowed their own opinions followed by the host interrupting guests and talking over them then this is the podcast for you
  • SplashGordon193
    One of the Best
    This show gets me through the day….just a quick question….is it just me? Or is the Rodger’s Tuesday spots are consistently cut out? Is it for timing? Been listening for a while now and I’ve think I’ve only heard him on the podcast version of the Show one time this year…so yea gonna need them Rodgers Segments more often lol…other than that 10/10
  • Ares8484
    Upload uncut versions
    Love the show. Could you guys please just upload the uncut YouTube versions?? YouTube shows are 3.5hrs long. And podcast shows are 1.5hrs long. Would like to be able to listen w/o keeping video up. And download for offline listening at times. Without missing a lot of the show.
  • SCGamecocks00
    Best Podcast Show Ever Made Hands Dahn
    Absolute best podcast. Authentic, hilarious, and informative ,sports show that gets me going everyday. Fantastic 2-3hr escape from the grind at work.
  • Kc&jojo
    Just… The Best
    The podcast is the only way I can consume this show, and I freaking love it! Listen every day and wouldn’t have it any other way. Love y’all. Go Blue!
  • alogue5
    This show delivers
    I can’t remember the last episode I’ve missed.. Even during off-season of the NFL, these guys touch on all sports or anything relevant happening in the sports world. Pat’s ability to hit on key points and break things down for his listeners is unreal. It’s real talk. In my opinion it kills Pardon My Take because of credibility. Pat & AJ are both former pro athletes and I think that legitimizes their takes. They are able to relate to a lot of what they break down daily. Plus they book some pretty top tier guests.. Go Colts
  • kicker325
    Love Pat. Best talker in the game. Love the way the boys dog on AJ. I’m sure that would be different if AJ was in studio
  • B Kelvz
    The Best!
    Gets me through work every day. Thank yew Pat and boys!
  • Commander Marvel
    Luv this show
  • stayinsideyolane
    Pat is real!!!
    I’ve listened to sports talk for years !! So happy to finally be able to listen to real sports talk not a 3 hour commercial some of the others have become
  • shadow0027
    Greatest sports podcast out there 🔥
    I’ve been listening to pat and the bois since summer of 2020, and have to say this is by far my favorite podcast and the only one I regularly tune into. The cast is hilarious and always has interesting guests and takes. Also a great place to stay up to date on sports news especially for the NFL. Would recommend to anybody~ NAHT A SELLOUT OR AH STOOGE! 😂
  • mlor101
    The Pat McAfee Show 2.0
    Great show. Looks forward to it every day.
  • RJP13180
    Great show
    Have always loved Pat, even when he played with colts being a Titans fan lol! The show is fun, funny, sports informative, and brings it every episode! Being a WWE fan Pats personality is fantastic for SmackDown! If you haven’t listened to his show, definitely check it out!
  • bdubs2423
    Best podcast
    Best football podcast in game listen eve day huge fan
  • jayRoss88
    I love the pat macfree show
    It’s a very good show it has a lot of twist and turns
  • N12sus
    Jumped the shark!
    Jumped the shark!
  • Tshinn
    I’m nobody but I just think folks saying AAron#12 is so selfish. Maybe it’s taking so long he’s actually torn about people other than him self that he’s decision will affect... I’m 100% West Virginia guy. I bleed blue, gold and “white#5” not a Rogers lover or hater. Just give him a break, it’s a big decision
  • Greeder41
    Best podcast and it’s not even close…. Pat is the man
  • Matt __W
    The best
    Absolutely love this guys podcasts
  • dogg dad
    Lay off Rogan
    Quit hatin on Rogan
  • aneyesky
    Funny buuuut…
    If you like or don’t mind F bombs S words , then this podcast is for you. I watch his TV show and love it. I like to keep my input of content as clean as possible. It’s better for me. Pat has experience in the league. If you saw him play - yes the same guy that did the fake onsides then switch to other foot, or the Irish jig on the field! Lol. It’s this hilarious guy that brings topical interviews and a funny crew. I give it 5 because the language thing is a me problem ,and I’m probably not the common listener.
  • Boooooooooogus
    Good Show at its core but can get obnoxious
    Show is good, content is great and love AJ. But good grief at times it’s just a bunch of dudes screaming nonsense into the mic just to hear themselves talk. Gets pretty annoying especially when the supporting cast and even Pat cutoff the guests just to yell. Pats shtick is being energetic and it definitely works, but the yes men around him have to bring something to the table aside from screaming nonsense and copying him the whole episode.
  • JohnnyMars40
    Great Show
    Pat and AJ and the rest of crew deliver the best sports news, and add laughs into the show. Fantastic show for any sports fan!
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