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Recent Episodes
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    Dec 27, 2019 – 01:42:57
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    Dec 24, 2019 – 01:17:27
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    Dec 20, 2019 – 01:30:33
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    Dec 17, 2019 – 01:10:58
  • Debating the FUNNIEST Characters in Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.48)
    Dec 13, 2019 – 01:05:37
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    Dec 6, 2019 – 01:04:17
  • Side Characters Better Than Protagonists! (Rant Cafe 1.46)
    Nov 29, 2019 – 01:00:51
  • The Most EPIC Anime Transformations! (Rant Cafe 1.45)
    Nov 22, 2019 – 01:24:33
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    Nov 15, 2019 – 01:00:46
  • The Most Badass Martial Artists in Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.43)
    Nov 8, 2019 – 01:25:19
  • Anime Scenes That Gave Us GOOSEBUMPS! (Rant Cafe 1.42)
    Nov 1, 2019 – 01:11:32
  • Debating the Most Badass Swordsmen in Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.41)
    Oct 24, 2019 – 01:03:14
  • Ranking the Best Villains in One Piece! (Rant Cafe 1.40)
    Oct 18, 2019 – 01:14:40
  • Debating the Best Anime on Netflix! (Rant Cafe 1.39)
    Oct 11, 2019 – 57:10
  • Debating the Most Badass Ice User in Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.38)
    Oct 4, 2019 – 01:04:35
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    Sep 26, 2019 – 01:06:34
  • Debating the Most Badass Fire User in Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.36)
    Sep 20, 2019 – 01:05:26
  • The Most RELEVANT Anime Right Now! (Rant Cafe 1.35)
    Sep 12, 2019 – 45:09
  • Debating the Most Badass Lightning User in Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.34)
    Sep 5, 2019 – 01:14:30
  • Anime that will make you SMARTER! (Rant Cafe 1.33)
    Aug 29, 2019 – 52:00
  • The Most MEME-able Anime Ever! (Rant Cafe 1.32)
    Aug 22, 2019 – 41:57
  • Debating the Most *EPIC* Anime Speeches! (Rant Cafe 1.31)
    Aug 16, 2019 – 01:13:12
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    Aug 9, 2019 – 01:08:07
  • The Best Ecchi Anime for the PLOT! (Rant Cafe 1.29)
    Aug 2, 2019 – 52:50
  • The Most Controversial Anime Opinions! (Rant Cafe 1.28)
    Jul 26, 2019 – 01:21:13
  • Debating the Best Anime of Summer 2019! (Rant Cafe 1.27)
    Jul 19, 2019 – 01:03:35
  • Ranking The Most Annoying Characters In Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.26)
    Jul 12, 2019 – 42:26
  • Debating the Most Bada$$ DADS in Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.25)
    Jul 5, 2019 – 57:36
  • The Best Upcoming Anime of Summer 2019 (Rant Cafe 1.24)
    Jun 28, 2019 – 01:03:07
  • Ranking the BEST QUIRKS from Class 1B in My Hero Academia! (Rant Cafe 1.23)
    Jun 21, 2019 – 01:11:32
  • Rating Each Other's Top 5 Anime - With A Twist! (Rant Cafe 1.22)
    Jun 13, 2019 – 44:43
  • Ranking the BEST QUIRKS from Class 1A in My Hero Academia! (Rant Cafe 1.21)
    Jun 7, 2019 – 01:09:21
  • Debating the BEST MOMS in Anime! (Rant Cafe 1.20)
    May 31, 2019 – 01:14:21
  • Top 50 Best Anime Ever according to Nux Taku! (Rant Cafe 1.19)
    May 24, 2019 – 01:56:35
  • Ranking the Best Arcs and Characters in One Piece! (Rant Cafe 1.18)
    May 17, 2019 – 01:38:49
  • Ranking the Best Shounen Anime & Manga with Tier Maker! (Rant Cafe 1.17)
    May 10, 2019 – 41:01
  • DEBATING THE BEST ANIME OF SPRING 2019! (Rant Cafe 1.16)
    May 3, 2019 – 01:04:58
  • Is Isekai Taking Over Anime?! (Rant Cafe 1.15)
    Apr 25, 2019 – 01:09:17
  • Does One Punch Man Season 2 SUCK?! (Rant Cafe 1.14)
    Apr 19, 2019 – 01:04:07
  • Debating the Best Anime Openings PART 2! (Rant Cafe 1.13)
    Apr 12, 2019 – 01:08:30
  • Debating the Best Anime Openings Ever! (Rant Cafe 1.12)
    Apr 5, 2019 – 01:25:24
  • The Best Upcoming Anime of Spring 2019! (Rant Cafe 1.11)
    Mar 28, 2019 – 01:06:05
  • Best Anime Girls That Can KICK YOUR ASS! (Rant Cafe 1.10)
    Mar 22, 2019 – 01:19:09
  • The Most Anticipated Anime Sequels of 2019 (Rant Cafe 1.9)
    Mar 14, 2019 – 01:08:19
Recent Reviews
  • Viableoption69
    Animak spelled backward....
    Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!! Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!!!!!!
  • VinceTheViableOption
    I fall asleep to RANT CAFE
    I love this podcast. Nux's glorious voice and Brigg's One Piece references are my comfort food that I fall asleep to every night (my devil fruit power is that I am able to eat One Piece references). I found this podcast right as I started getting into anime, and I'm really glad that I did because I've found many great anime through the podcast. Also, the greatest light novel in the world was revealed live, so that was pretty cool. See ya Space Cowboys, Bang, Shinpaku, Stay weird fam, VinceTheViableOption PS: You guys should do a tournament bracket debating the best hentai
  • best miner giy
    bad podcast
    This is the worst podcast in ZA WARUDO
  • Tpeezy 93
    Nokia is still garbage
    I loved the “behind the meme” interview between Anima(c) and Lord Nuxinor. Would love to see more one on one podcasts! Now looking forward; with the recent rise of the tekknights inflating the alldayspacefambase I feel that the time has finally come for the Nux vs tekking Yu-Gi-Oh! Great moth show down spectacular!!! (Maybe invite tgsanime as a guest to finally unite yugitube and anitube?) Again thanks for all of the meat and potatoes!!!
  • PICA$$O!!!
    I love the chemistry that is formed. I listen to this for the start of my work. I also watch Wakfu!!!! Percidal’s Son is my favorite unsung hero. NUCKS!!!! DO IT!! DO THE VOICE ACTING THEN LET ANIMAC DO A VIDEO ON THE SHOW!!! YYYAAAAASSSS!!!
  • Alexander_is_a_nerd
    Nux, you’ve already read this and FLEXED on me!
    Plot of Rant cafe: Three dudes talking about anime and occasionally arguing over who has the best waifu. And sometimes one can’t decide if Nux is being sincere or sarcastic. My favorite guests are as follows: Evan, Hiding in Public, Lost Pause, and Anim3Recon. To name a few. I’m still trying to decide if Nux is the best Protagonist or Antagonist in ZAWARODO. Briggs is still Best Boi and Animak is basically Iida. Then again in the wise words of Lord Escanor “Who decided that?”. Have a lovely evening! And SEE YA SPACE COWBOY! *Briggs whispers “Bang” in the background*
  • Snuffdog anime
    PLZZ READ (very important)
    Have you ever felt anything better the nux giving a ZzWORLDA or animak or should i say “animac” (get triggered) #notsorry GETS SOOO triggered at nux or when brigs oh god brigs when i see that hunk my god what a chad i see is tang top and i’m hooked i can’t get my eyes off it. THIS podcast is a true miracle i love it let’s just say there a bunch of mad lads doing chad things so love you guys (no homo) BANG shenpaku
  • Watch Bungo Stray Dogs
    Most Original Review Ever
    I love listening to your podcast. So much fun all the time. I find myself bursting out laughing whenever I listen to it. And I also find myself screaming at you guys for your wrong opinions quite often. Nux trolling AnimaC (who thinks Megumin is a viable option, by the way) is always entertaining and hilarious. AND THE MEMES!!! The CONSTANT memeification of EVERYTHING is AMAZING!!! I haven’t seen some of the shows you guys talk about, but the ones I have seen, I love listening to you guys debate about. Every episode is a GOLDEN EXPERIENCE!!! Lord Twiggo-sama-sempai-sensei-kun rules all and Lord Nuxanor is the greatest AniTuber in ZA WARULDO!!!!! P.S. You need to have Tekking on more often. P. P. S. Digimon is the best isekai. P. P. P. S. The episode on the funniest characters came out on my birthday. Best present ever
  • ⚾️ fan
    Just Amazing 👍🏻
  • keepbringinguponepiecr
    New one piece fan
    Just found this podcast recently and absolutely love it. Thanks to Nux and Briggs I’m FINALLY watching One Piece, and I now truly understand the hype! Thank you for the great insight and recommendations on anime, it makes me so hyped Acen! P.S - Digimon is amazing, and thank you Nux for being one of the few who understand how excellent it is.
  • tank top user
    Kamina is animak spelled backwards🧐
    I came in rant cafe as a Nux taku fanboy and left a Tekknight
  • Candosha
    For all the Wamen Weebs!
    NEXT 👏🏾 REVIEW 👏🏾This Chad Lass quite enjoys these in depth philosophical discussions y’all have. Hilarious to listen to during work and commutes! And THANK YOU for acknowledging us Wamen fans that totally exist. Also, where is this One Piece Virgin!?! Need to listen yesterday. Rip Bakugou. Keep it up Gentlewamens! 🤩 (please make Rustage say Furu Metru Aclhemisto Bruzahoodu) 🙇🏾‍♀️
  • Mdturtle 23
    Good podcast
    Good podcast to listen to. If you like over the top anituber meme person who furu meturu alchemistu brotherhoodu. Someone who references one piece as much as i do. And some long haired guy who has the same favorite anime as me. Good podcast
  • It's a JoJo's standfrence
    Get Animaked
    Animac with a C, todoroki is best boy, and FMA is pronounced full metal alchemist. Praise Lord Twigo sama senpai
  • huuuaa
    Very cool
    Truly the maddest of lads and company congregate to give us listeners/ viewers the quality anime-related content we never knew we needed. Wonderful group of folks, always a blast to hear, just be sure to skip around if they start spoiling anime you’re currently watching 😂 Love listening in
  • regular gamer weeb man
    Best podcast in ZA WARUDO
    These are all men of culture if you watch any of their podcast’s they make it very clear while not even mentioning it. They all have a good sense of humor (except animac) I recommend listening while playing a game it’s very relaxing.
  • kamina #1
    Best cafe ever
    This cafe seems to be serving alcoholic drinks because Nux not putting Kamina at number 1 is a tragedy. Animak seems to be the only sensible person on the podcast. That’s okay because if I wanted to hear a monotone voice talk about anime I’d just hit up mothers basement
  • No no no no yah
    Perfect Anime Podcast
    If looking for a funny, informative, and interesting podcast for anime then this is the way to go. Every episode will surely make you laugh. The three host don’t know everything about anime but they sure do have great takes, reviews, and rants on anime and characters. Overall great podcast look forward to every episode
  • Sakura B.
    My favorite Podcast In ZA WARULDO
    I love this podcast and listen to it almost every day. It’s fun to hear people discuss anime opinions and I especially love when they bring up One Piece every five minutes. Of course there is nothing like listening to NuxTaku getting heated about the pronunciation of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.
  • KiCoterie
    Best podcast out there!
    Probably the best anime podcast in the world (and you know I’m serious because I said the world not ZA WARUDO) tho y’all should give RE ZERO another chance when you look deeper it’s a very deep psychological anime and with the new season coming out I have high hopes for it. Ps: Megumin is a viable option Pps: Rem is the only option Ppps: isekai has spawned some of the greatest anime of all time and is consistently decent quality that’s why there is so many of them
  • Jeaver620
    I demand a recount!
    The awards this year were amazing however they were rigged. Demon Slayer deserved every award it’s the best piece of fiction to exist over the past 100 years! It’s much better than One Piece which is just about some skinny kid fighting really tall people or Vinland Saga which is just about sweaty guys fighting over a trap prince named Canute! Demon Slayer has demons people name one other show to every have those! I demand a do over I need Demon Slayer to win every category on every award show or I’m gonna drop kick a Todoroki fan
  • yoyobananna
    Full metal alchemist??? OH NO NO NO!!!
    Best podcast but it is furu metaru arukemisuto!!!!
  • pickle chan
    Just started watching demon slayer
    It’s great
  • Eiji H
    Great podcast
    I started listening to this podcast about a week ago and I absolutely love listening to it while doing random stuff. Also their recommendations are the best in ZA WORLDO
  • JJQ666
    Great Podcast
    I wish Tekking101 was on more often but I still love the podcast nonetheless. The dichotomy between Nux Taku and Animac is great. But most of all I love the Rant Cafe Isekai. Only a true weeb can appreciate it.
  • JakkTop
  • Ash beast
    Gonna keep this simple
    Megumin is a viable option
  • Gandi22
    Za Worldo
    Great podcast, with wonderful interaction between the panelists.
  • hrjdifnbt
    They are great
    They are just really funny and entertaining though fair warning to any one reading this they have changed characters (since episode 131) every where like this is the best prank I’ve ever seen even they’re YouTube channels changed people like “Nux” is actually animac “Briggs” is actually nux and “animac” is actually briggs so a lot of work has been done and it is amazing.
  • luffy55732
    Podcast idea?????
    Can’t wait till horrific characters in anime because if u guys invite yaroShien for him to say the most horrific character in anime is someone like Saitama or kenichi. Also keep doing what you guys are doing because I love the podcast. Thanks a lot u naked mad labs
  • quepasa25
    I’d like to imagine..
    If the Rant Cafe was real it would be in a floating fortress where Animak serves his Animak and Cheese (that always seems to have hair in it), German Pornstar Nux is in the back shooting a commercial with Mari from the gentai, while briggs is chilling eating a bowl of nails (without any milk) like a mad lad. Meanwhile Rustage is sneezing on cats. That is how i picture the world. And you know im serious because i said the world and not ZA WORLDO!!!!!
  • chadlaf
    Yaro needs to be a villain in the Rant Cafe Isekai
    His character would be a powerful corrupt politician who’s ideals rely upon kids dying because he finds it absolutely hilarious
  • Chopstiksman
    cAsTeR = fUnNiEsT cHaRaCtEr
    This podcast is the best podcast in the world, and you know I’m being serious because I said the world and not ZA WARUDO. You podcast is so entertaining and megumin IS a viable option. FURU METARU ALKAMIST BRUZERHOOD is the only way to pronounce it. Also I was unaware that CASTER is the funniest character in anime. The new intro is fire by the way. Our savior, Lord twigo-same gives his blessing to you all.
  • HashiramaAchilles heel
    Three words
    Mob vs Saiki
  • thank you alot gor helping me
    Thank you a lot
    The Rant Café helped me a lot when I was busy either studying , in a car or when I couldn’t see for 3 days. I am I bit suicidal so I feel depressed a lot but hearing this podcast has made the happiest human alive. Nux congrats on one million subs brigs hope u get there soon Animac I feel bad for u every time nux makes fun of u and I hope tekking joins more P.s nux u mean ZAWARUDO to me plus u never made a h3n1ai vid but u definitely said either beet it or yeat it
    This is the most epically awesome podcast
    When I clicked on this podcast I knew right away that this was a podcast for true intellectuals and I would learn the way to become a actual JoJo fanboy and that none will face the might of this podcast ok listen I know this may seem boring but here come the memes this is the best podcast in ZA WARUDO and I have had a GOLDEN EXPERIENCE so yeah... PRAISE LORD TWEEGO, CYAKA BEST GIRL SEE YOU LATER SPACE FANBOYS AND STAY WEIRD FAM
  • Angel.gA
    AWEsoMe and EntERteigHning
    At first I watched one of the co host Nux Taku which is also amazing.Now I found myself watching these every time I get.I never thought I could hear people Talk about anime and enjoy it but I guess You I was wrong.
  • Bilmanantor
    So my mom thinks rant cafe is Japanese porn
    My mom thinks anime is Japanese porn so i thought it would be fine to watch rant cafe without headphones so i start watching it and you guys start talking about getting naked and you being naked right now and all i see is my moms hand come out of no where and shlapped and she is scolding me for watching porn outside of my room she thinks rant cafe is an anime so now I know when I watch rant cafe I have to put headphones on. If the German pornstar is reading this hope you feel better. Stay weird space cowboy. Shinpaku!
  • tdq79
    Stolen phone
    So it’s not actually a stolen phone but I took my girlfriend’s iPhone to write the review because the complete lack of capability to do so on Spotify and I have a Samsung but that’s not the point the point is this is literally the best podcast ever I started from Nux and his channel but came to the podcast and it makes my day every time I listen to the rants at work I love the passion anime recommendations memes and constant one piece references p.s. pretty please add more to Spotify I’ve listened to all of the podcasts 5 times now
  • Vlendies
    THis Pod cast is as epic as lord twigo.
    Listening to you guys talk about anime has been a highlight of my day. And Nux is truly a philosophical genius. P.s. I wanna hear you guys talk about anime crimes division.
  • Dr_Freedom
    Great time all around
    Good way to find about animes that you might need not have heard of before
  • Thirdeyemoe
    Watch out Joe Rogan Rant Cafe is coming for you!
    The best anime podcast that is easy to listen to and constantly leaves you wishing it was longer than an hour! The most professional podcast in the game please never stop arguing or change personality only improve on stream quality and be yourselves congrats and it will be huge! You guys can be the Pain killer already podcast of anime congrats Nux on 1mil and shout out to Briggs and Animak for treating you like you have 20k stay weird fam.
  • Angus Mann
    Fish man
    Don’t be mad at Even for being scared of fish I am scared of fish to step on one in the ocean and scared me so much I cant look at any in ZA WORLDO
  • HamezDaGreat
    The Best Review in the World
    Yes I’m serious because I said The World not Za Warldo (insert obligatory Animak angry noise) Thank you all for providing a great Podcast to listen to, I listen to it almost everywhere. Tank Top D. Briggo please keep at it with the One Piece side track, Lord D. Nuxanor please keep up the serious sarcastic word play, and finally Animak-sama-senpai-dono, thank you for keeping these Mad Chad Lads on track!
  • Tamaz Sudadze
    RantCafe The best podcast ever
    RantCafe is a podcast for true intellectuals ones that don't say furumetaru alchemisto brotherhoodo or don’t make at least 1 Jojo reference a day cant hope to understand the greatness of RantCafe.But on a Serious note, This is the greatest podcast in ZA WARUDO witch you should definitely sub to. And don't forget to stay weird fam.
  • Luckyruns93
    Great podcast
    I’m new to this podcast but because of it I’ve subscribed to all the YouTube channels so I can hear different views that y’all have and it opens me to new anime and mangas thank you very much
  • Blindo Productions
    A important message for Animak
    Darkness is best girl. However Megumin is definitely a viable option. And it takes not only a true Man, but a true weeb of culture. Get Animaked! Next flex.. I mean... let’s just jump into the meat and potatoes of this review. Thanks y’all for recommending good anime like Kanichi. Also for inspiring me to yell gamer time every time I piss my bed. Truly an educational podcast and a modern classic for sure. Only thing that would make it better is if you could have Tekkings cohost Barry be a Guest in the near future. Keep up the great work and great Memes. PS Nux if you’re still having those cactus PP problems let me know. I know a great psychiatrist and his name is Lord Twiggo. One last thing if there is any miss spelling I apologize. I do most of my typing through audio voice due to my disability. Thanks for reading. Shinpaku!
  • Gem eye
    On the nature of evil
    Man Eternally Gains Unlimited Mastery In Nature If Some Among Veterans Indicate Ancient Battles Lost, after Eons Of Powerful Tempests In Other Nations I left a message for animak, take the capital letters and put them together But in all seriousness great podcast came for nux, stayed for the legitimately interesting discussions and the philosophical debate of whether or not digimon is the best isekai Panagiotis
  • Doublengine711
    Literally the best episode of the podcast ever
  • DA208
    Friendly reminder
    So uh yeah, Animak is right that Keijo!!!!!!! is the greatest sports anime of all time. Nux and Briggs can eat a d¡*k for not liking it.
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