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Looking to take your life to the next level? Each week Heather sits down to share with you the techniques and strategies to create your confidence, pursue your dreams and leapfrog the villains you’ll meet along the way. After successfully shattering the glass ceiling in corporate America, Heather is now a best-selling author, professional speaker and entrepreneur. She is currently pulling back the curtain to expose what it takes to get ahead in business and life so you can claim the greatness that you deserve. Find out why USA Today, CNN, and Steve Harvey have all featured her and most recently seen as a guest lecturer at Harvard.

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  • gold98765
    Mostly commercials and very little of a message
    Disappointed! mostly commercials, hardly a in-depth good message.
  • Erika C.14
    Congratulations on #400, Heather! I appreciate the content and your perspective that you share in your podcasts! I always have multiple takeaways each episode! Here is to many more!
  • nickiedenises
    Advertisements galore
    I started listening with #385. Podcaster spent the first 14 minutes talking about how she lost her voice and usually never gets a cold and what she has previously done to sooth her voice. She then goes to multiple advertisements for both her books and 3rd party businesses and goods.
  • Cookie0324
    Great content but too many ads recently
    I have listened to every episode and love the podcast. So much good information and advice that you didn’t know you needed. I will say though, as of recently, there are way too many ads. Ads at the beginning, ads at the end (I can deal with those) but every 3-5 minutes of the podcast there’s 2 minutes of ads. It’s annoying. I get that you need to somehow fund doing the podcast, but it’s getting to be to much.
  • mvelasco07
    Highly recommend!
    I recently discovered Creating Confidence and I’m so glad I did! Each episode is packed with insightful content and actionable advice. I truly learn something valuable every time I tune in. Thank you, Heather, for putting out such an incredible podcast. Keep up the great work!
    Love listening
    Super inspirational. Love everything about Heather.
  • MarketingJ
    Creating Confidence Podcast!
    Heather continues to amaze in her 4th year of podcasting, and each one is better than the last! Find great topics about Mindset Shift- 10 tips, the Power of Three, and some excellent insights on branding. I’ve been listening to Heather’s podcasts for a while now, and she brings a wealth of information in an energetic positive manner - continually providing ways you can incorporate these techniques into your own life/business. Check it out – it won’t disappoint!
  • BethSoc08
    Best-in-class show!
    Heather is like a wise girlfriend - she has tons of experience and good advice and just wants to help people find their path in life and be confident! I’ve been a listener for a couple of years and always walk away from her latest episode feeling inspired. Heather, thanks for being you and sharing your stories with others who need to know what’s possible.
  • clark147
    Must listen!
    Regular listener here. Tune to get Heathers hands on input, guidance and motivation. Monahan often uses her own life experiences to illustrate key points weekly. She doesn’t hide behind vulnerabilities and offers candor that helps me. If I am down, her messages bring me up. If I am up, she motivates me more to focus. Look forward to her regular motivating messages.
  • Todd FLA
    Inspirational Advice
    Heather’s advice is both inspirational and motivational. Drawing on personal experience, she helps equip you with the necessary tools to have confidence in pursuing your dreams and achieving success on every level. You won’t regret being a frequent listener of her podcast.
  • B Madison
    A woman to follow!
    Heather has been steadfast in continually growing followers, her business and humbly sharing her trials and tribulations making her authenticity her strength/ well one of them anyways:). Every message she shares brings inspiration, lessons and honesty. Thank you Heather for everything you do and continue to do! - Susan C
  • ToriRasberry
    Todays episode 8/9/23
    Amazing as always! Truly love listening to you every week on your podcasts! Thanks so much for sharing all you do! And so exciting for all the wonderful things have happened for you this year! Extremely happy for you! 😍😍 keep being real!!
  • Johnny10Toes
    Great episode 🌹
    Was a fantastic episode, I appreciate all your help and support. 🙏
  • communitynewspodcast
    So glad I found your show.
    Was listening to my favorite comedy podcast "Community News with Paul and Sasha" and I heard about your show. Glad I did. I also wish you would have them on as guests! The real people who play Paul and Sasha have such interesting life stories and careers in Television and comedy. Looking forward to listening to more of your older shows now too.
  • BP Writer
    Consistently great content and guests! 5 stars
    Came across the Creating Confidence podcast and am loving it! Especially enjoyed the episode with Amy Morin about mental toughness. This conversation was so candid, transparent, and moving! So many great takeaways! Can’t wait to listen to more episodes! Thank you!
  • Christi Pratte
    Heather is the REAL DEAL!
    I have been a long-time fan of Heather’s. No matter what phase of life I find myself in, Heather seems to always have the perfect gems of wisdom that not only inspire but motivate me into action. Her experience and personality are unmatched and I love her go-getter attitude! This show has become a staple in my life, I recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their confidence & reach the next level!
  • David The Doorman
    Just boring no energy
  • Banana1235
    My new favorite!
    I recently got to hear Heather at a live podcast taping with her and Tracy Hayes and I immediately subscribed to this podcast. It has not disappointed and can’t wait to listen to as many as I can as quick as I can. Thank you Heather for helping us build confidence and bringing so much value to this space!
  • cidk92
    Love the show!
    I truly enjoy Heathers show and her willingness to disagree with her guest. The perfection episode 287 for example.
  • David Hiram Campos
    Seldomly understood is the time and effort along with every other obstacle you can think off that deter us from achieving success. I have nothing but great admiration for a successful woman that has overcome and achieved so much and is willing to share with others the path to achieve the same success and help prevent stumbling blocks along the way. .. …What a blessing!
  • SHord3
    The best podcast for instilling confidence!
    This is the best podcast I’ve come across about becoming confident in yourself. Every episode is filled with amazing knowledge. I have noticed a change in my perspective and performance just from listening and taking her advice! I am very grateful for my newfound confidence, thank you Heather!
  • Style at Work
    Top Podcast!
    I was drawn to this podcast by Heather’s authenticity and honesty about overcoming her villains in today’s workplace. An avid listener, I look forward to each week and the valuable insight that Heather provides in the face of adversity. My favorite line from Heather I quote is “done is better than perfect”. Keep the episodes coming!
  • Nina from SRQ
    Amazing! This woman rocks!!!
    Always inspirational and motivating. Whether she’s talking or the guests she has on her show. Love her! Thank you Heather❤️
  • elhabib_7
    Life changing Thank you Heather
    Thank you more than much Heather i’m happy and i feel lucky i found you 5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💯 listening from Morocco 🇲🇦
  • Lissa Blackaby Forsterer
    My most favorite inspirational speaker - thank you!
    Heather is my #1 “go to” podcast for inspiration as a working woman who has left corporate America to create my own company and success. Her experience, insights, and ideas are so actionable and keep pick me up whenever I’m feeling down. Cheers to Messy Action!!
  • Niikki Burla
    Subscribe to this podcast
    This show hits the podcast trifecta…great host, great content, and great guests! Do yourself a favor and subscribe today! -Nicole Kalil
  • MontgomeryCompanies
    Dynamite show!! Always filled with practical truth & inspiration!! Heather is one of the most gifted communicators on the planet! One of my all-time favorite podcasts!!
  • Ollyolanda
    Craig and Heather
    I was introduced to Heather from being in Craig Siegel’s mastermind and I love her vibe and message. Great show
  • Cookiegirl76
    Heather and Craig
    Just listened to this podcast with Heather and Craig Siegel. My goodness, I’m flying right now. And thank you so much for giving us actual tangible tools to apply immediately to begin! Craig’s energy is unmatched
  • MamaKite
    Never miss an episode
    Thank you for this content, Heather! I never miss an episode. Even when the title and description doesn’t seem like it would apply to my life, I listen anyway and always end up finding something within the episode to apply to my life or feed my mind.
  • Shaundizze
    Episode 229. TRUST Yourself and Success Will Follow
    EPIC episode Heather. I didn’t know you were a believer in the Lord. That amazing course. This episode really hit home for me because I’ve struggled with not having confidence in myself consistently. As a speaker, author, and coach, I teach and coach people on how to build confidence in themselves. Most of my students and clients are living their best lives. They did the work. I was their coach and teacher so I take zero credit for my client’s successes. With that being said, I found myself self doubting my gifts as I pivot into the podcast world. I know I have what it takes to be a great podcast host. The talent is there. I’m learning the world of podcasting like following Gary Vee and other podcast coaches, I’m associated with. Taking that next step is where the fear sets in. But I know success is about growing towards your life’s purpose. Like you, I was always a great speaker / storyteller. It took me a very long time before I got onto live stages. God has blessed me with great talents and gifts but my work-ethic needs to increase and trust in God that he has my back. This episode gave me perspective and success gems to put into action. Thank you so much for your wisdom and the passion to help others create confidence to live their best lives. 🙏🏾😇🙌🏾💜
  • Laura Trotchie
    First time listening
    Your podcast is absolutely amazing!!!
  • bizmind247
    Enjoy the content
    I originally heard Heather on another podcast. Glad I jumped on hers to listen for a listen because after 1 show I will be making sure I keep coming back for more.
  • cbeltnym15
    Love Heather
    The energy of this podcast gets me through my commute every week. I always get to work feeling confident, thanks to Heather!
  • Frnc_Gera
    You are amazing!
    I am so happy every time I listen to your podcast. I enjoy your stories, and down to earth vibes. Thank you for showing up for us!
  • Mavis1892
    Top notch !
    This is one of my fav podcasts! Every episode is a great dose of actionable information I can apply to my life to become better! Thank you Heather !
  • Wooo wrigley55555
    My favorite empowerment pod!
    Heather is such an inspiration! I always listen to her show before work because it inspires me to attack each day with confidence and always teaches me something new.
  • algaemama
    A great podcast for people who want to level up life and career
    Heather’s podcast helps me to become unstuck! She brings quality guests to the table and gets right to the point. She is that voice in your head that says keep going! You can do this. Fear is a liar!
  • ForverAStudent
    Inspiring show
    Heather is one of the most inspiring and charismatic podcasts hosts I’ve ever listened to. Her energy is incredible and her podcasts deliver an insane amount of value. Thank you for continuously putting out great content.
  • esnyjep
    Amazing Pod!
    LOVE this podcast with Heather Monahan. Great content and quality show every episode guaranteed. Pod is very motivating, inspirational and offers a lot of actionable advice. Would highly recommend to any entrepreneur/freelancer or honestly anyone looking for a great confidence boost/advice to better your mindset.
  • CamDaloia
    Heathers energy is incredible. Everyone needs to listen to this podcast. She is so inspiring and each episode is filled with tips and tricks on how to become more confident and live the life of your dreams. I feel like my confidence improved SOO much just from the first few episodes - now im hooked!
  • Future Marques
    I love listening to Heather’s podcast! I found it recently and I’m going back through all of her older episodes and I can’t get enough. It’s relatable and goes to show that you can get fired at any point in your life from your job and you have to figure out what’s the next step! Her words of wisdom give me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and just start! I love hearing the episodes that talk about writing a book, and essentially she says “just start” so I am doing just that! Thank you thank you thank you for being you!
  • Cynthia Abe
    I love how Heather is humble and is able to admit being fired. It’s a hard thing to accept yet alone say out loud. I love how you fired your villain!! I enjoy reading your books and listening to your podcast. They are so truthful and detail most of what we experience in the workforce. It’s a shame humans can treat each other so badly but I love your tips on how to overcome the negative mental games people play and how to overcome them. Building confidence and staying truthful to ourselves is key. Thank you for taking time to help and share your experiences. You are an example for many of us.
  • Ape1968
    Can’t get enough!!!
    Hi Heather I’m April. I’m new to Podcasts because I’ve really never got it 🤷🏻‍♀️ But recently as I’ve been reaching out to different peers, friends and mentors for thoughts on what they do or read to work on themselves and they’ve all given me the same advise which is to listen to podcasts. So I took the dive into what seems like a sea of options (and honestly very overwhelming) having no idea where to start. But in searching keywords your podcast popped up. Now it’s worth mentioning I’m a huge believer that the universe puts things in your path for a reason. WELL girl I have to tell you….. I am now, moving forward, a life time fan of what you do!!!! In just the first 3 episodes, I’ve learned so much from you and your guests and more importantly about myself!! I’ve found myself getting bummed out if I’m too busy to listen to you everyday. I’m so excited to get caught up to your current stuff and definitely getting your book too! 😃 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do to help others specifically women because we all need a mentor and someone who truly understands what we as women experience in life business etc... All my love and light to you and your continued success. 🙏🏼
  • utahbarrelracer
    110% recommend!!!
    Just found this awesome podcast and definitely bing listened to hours of episodes today! Talk about positivity and helping yourself get to where you want to get to in life! Love how easy her podcasts are to understand and apply to your life, definitely motivated me and help me to direct where I need to get to! Can’t wait to hear the new episodes of this podcast! Ready to go accomplish those things I have been scared to do!! #makingmydreamsareality
  • MeganRagsdale
    This woman is a gift
    Finally, we have a woman who is willing to give us the good, the bad and the ugly about building your own business. The amount of value Heather shares is unrivaled- she spills the goods on the things you really care about- what things cost, how to get past the “no” people, how to proudly share your accomplishments while keeping it real when things blow up. She is gutsy and real and keeps things really simple to learn and apply- allowing all of us to benefit through her own experimentation. Thank you and keep going Heather!
  • Erik G. Allen
    Absolute Gold!
    This is the show you NEED! Heather does a great job sharing her story, tips, and experiences to help you take your business and life to another level! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Scott Brodeur
    After discovering Heather on LinkedIn and getting inspired by her daily content, I found her podcast, Creating Confidence and I’m listening non-stop! Heather’s books are ordered and I can’t wait to read them as well. If you are looking to build your brand, get motivated, learn from your mistakes and lessons, be a better communicator, and simply get inspired, then check out her content on social and listen to Creating Confidence! Keep it up Heather
  • Zale Dowlen
    Lead with Value
    That's just awesome. Thanks Heather!
  • Fan of Liz
    Very Insightful
    Heather’s podcast is extremely insightful and valuable to anyone who wishes to improve themselves and learn more about the world!! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys intelligent talk!
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