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I'm Whitney Port, and a lot has happened since you last saw me on The Hills. For starters, I'm a mom, I got married to the love of my life, Timmy, I run a business outside of fashion - it's time we finally catch up. There are so many facets that make up my life: relationships, parenthood, entrepreneurship, beauty, fashion, health, wellness and much more. Join me each week as we meet and discuss all these topics and more with trusted experts and favorite people on earth. Hopefully, we can embark on this new journey together with openness, honesty and a little bit of Whit.

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  • gabriela henri
    Love it!
    Scrolling down and reading all the negative comments was hard because I think it’s rare to find people that are sincerely transparent and honest like Whitney. I will start by saying I love podcasts in general, and this particular one is my favorite because I can always relate to all the topics, the adds are also really good because Whitney includes discount codes with most of them and I have discovered brands and products I never heard before. Maybe it’s just me but I appreciate a real talk, with real stories and hard topics vs. a steady step 1,2 and 3. Relax, enjoy and don’t forget to smile!
  • ecoy22
    Needs more planning and/or interviews
    I love Whitney and her life and family, however I feel like her episodes lately have been unintentional. Whereas the initial episodes focused on interesting interviews or the solo episodes had a topic/theme, it feels like Whitney has been phoning it in lately and is just talking/releasing a podcast because she has to, not because she has anything of value to say or share. Hoping for more interviews and better-planned podcasts in the future.
  • baythang
    Its okay
    I started listening because I was an avid watcher of the Hills and thought Whitney was the most mature, together, stylish and cool girl on the show. She also has a really good voice and laugh that I find easy to listen too. Sometimes the content isnt very interesting which is why I dont always tune in, but I will keep it in my loop nonetheless. She talks alot about motherhood, hardships, work stuff, and health / skincare . I really enjoyed the episode on the importance of voting, the one with her husband timmy, the one with LC, and her skincare one. More stuff like that plz!!!
  • LoveTheSilentLaughs
    Honestly honest
    Whitney’s honesty, revealing what is behind the curtain of her mind, is so refreshing. I love how she shares her real thoughts on health-aspects of life in her solo episodes, as well as the calming way she interviews guests, and I especially love her episodes with Timmy. Can you please do more rapidfire questions with Timmy?! It’s fun hearing how you guys interact and the ins and outs of your relationship. Hearing the ups and the downs, the good and the bad of mental, physical, relationship health makes me feel less of an oddball and more understood. Whitney is an incredible role model.
  • Ashley920
    Audio issues
    Love listening to the podcast but sometimes I can’t make it through because the audio levels are so inconsistent. Whispering is hard to hear and I think sometimes Whitney pulls away from the mic so then I’ll turn up the volume only to get blasted later on. It’s not something I can really listen to hands-free.
  • sm789122
    Too many ads and unaware of her privilege
    I’ve loved Whitney Port since she was on The Hills because she has always seemed so grounded and hardworking, so I was so happy to discover she has created this podcast! However, my biggest complaint and why I don’t listen all the time now is because there are SO. MANY. ADS. It’s ridiculous! Also, I think she can be very unaware of the fact that she is a very privileged wealthy white woman and has an abundance of resources available to her for raising her child more than most people do.
  • brooklyngirl83
    Hi Whit! Long time listener. Love the show. Only issue is the audio. Sometimes your voice gets really soft or away from the mic and I find it hard to hear. Appreciate if this could be fixed going forward so I can continue to enjoy your show! Take care!
  • angelicaaaaa
    I love!
    I love Whitney and I love every topic she chooses, the information she talks about is so helpful and she’s so inspiring to listen to! And the BTS talks of The Hills is awesome too!
  • neuvo99
    Love you Whit
    Genuine. Whit is hella cool.
  • VishOB
    Great but too many sponsors
    Love your content whit! So much! But for 30 minute episodes to have a sponsor every 5 minutes is absolutely painful. Hope you can consider restructuring the way you think of your episodes because right now they feel like ten minutes of you and 20 minutes of ads.
  • VBListener
    Honest & HeartWarming
    Love this podcast…it’s really special! Whitney is honest and warms the heart ❤️
  • SummerW1
    Want to love it more but…
    The number of ads is too distracting.
  • Mallonnnn
    Calm & Honest
    She’s a calming person to listen to and love her honesty.
  • EmBPo
    The best!
    Whitney is so engaging and has the best guests. I just listened to sister episode which was really good. Thanks for sharing with us!
  • 24kate
    Too many ads
    Little content with way too many ads! I cant listen any more.
  • stellalunajeana
    Whitney is a true gem and Timmy is seriously my favorite person on social media right now. I listen to all the podcasts, watch all their reaction videos, and am always seeing what they are up to on Instagram. Love this family so much. I love how open and honest Whit is on the podcast and appreciate her being so vulnerable and transparent in such a public space. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Whitney. <3
  • Lauren Serena
    Love the podcast! Podcast is great if you have kids ( I don’t though) Whitney talks about family, fashion and just life. I love the Timmy episodes and the LC episode was one of my favorites. Agree with the comments about so many ads wish the podcast was longer to balance out the ads.
  • quaranteenqueen
    So many ads
    Love Whitney and her husband’s relationship but there are so many ads on top of the episode’s conversation that often is an ad for her own brands already. I wish there were less ads so the convo can go deeper.
  • melaniefreakingrocks
    More content
    These episodes are so short + the amount so ads there’s no time to actually get into the conversation, I enjoy the guest but way too short
  • Hoss's delight
    Whitney: your podcast is awesome. You are very soothing and you have a great voice for broadcast. You sound deeply kind and caring. Consider limiting your use of the word “like” and stop using a hard G at the end of every -ing word. These things make you sound much less mature than you are. This is constructive criticism and are minor tweaks. Your talks are really uplifting. Loved the Day in a Life episode!
  • Sara Beach
    Too many ads
    Love the episodes of Whitney and Timmy. I think there are too many ads in the amount of time in the podcast though. I’m fine with ads, but 3 or 4 ads in a 45 minute podcast is a bit much.
  • NikkiLouT
    Such a relaxing & refreshing podcast!
    Love this podcast so much! The topics are all very relatable and she’s super raw and real when communicating with listeners. A must listen!
  • Loving With Leah
    A perfect listen
    I really love this podcast, and can’t help but think how good of friends Whitney and I would be in another life! She touches on topics with such grace, and often makes me think of ways I can be better. She’s also super funny, as is her husband. Hard to listen and not smile. Keep it going whit, these are SO fun!
  • Partagasblack
    Awesome podcast!
    i always love listening to this podcast while doing homework or chores around the house. I gave this podcast a 4/5 because I feel like there can be too many ads and they aren’t in the best spots. Sometimes they pop up during a conversation rather than in the beginning or end. So that is my only real critique, just maybe spacing out the ads better. Nonetheless, I love this podcast and the things you talk about.
  • hannattamang
    Too many ads
    It was exhausting to hear this many ads.
  • Moo37594
    Not recommended
    I like Whitney and Timmy. I enjoy their The Hills and The City recaps and I love their behind the scenes info. I thought I’d like Whitney’s podcast because she interviews lots of different people I’m interested in, however, some people are not good interviewers. Whitney is one of them. She interrupts her guests a lot and keeps bringing the topic back to her and how it relates to herself - making the interview itself irrelevant to anyone except her. I’m going to unsubscribe now. I will however, keep hitting the thumbs up on their YouTube recaps as well as clicking on their sponsors over there because I think Whitney and Timmy are amazing over there.
  • tifflovek
    Absolutely LOVE it!
    You are amazing Whit! I’m excited to now have the podcast on top of the YouTube Channel. Thank you for being you. It’s truly appreciated. @tiffLove
    Too Many Ads. But Pleasantly Surprised!
    The episodes about launching a brand are SO boring compared to the mommy episodes and the ones with Timmy. They are like giant ads for the company of whoever is being interviewed. Update 10/19/2020: Too many ads, they last too long, and they are at weird places in the episodes. Really annoying. Consider putting them all at the beginning, middle, or end. Do not insert in a random place in the middle of an interview. It comes across as shady. Also try reading the ads more quickly. And try having guests who are not selling their own products. Good grief. This podcast started strong, but I may have to unsubscribe if this continues. Given Whitney's history on "The Hills," I honestly had low expectations for this podcast, but I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised! I have listened to every episode since I subscribed earlier this year. While not every one of Whitney's guests is all that compelling, I really like Whitney's personality and interview style. It sounds cliche, but Whitney comes off very real and honest, and overall...I just like her! I don't often leave reviews, but this podcast makes me want to hang out with her and be friends. Great stuff - Keep it coming.
  • Jmg17809
    Thank you!
    Thank you for being so transparent and so relatable. I really really resonate and relate with your feelings and it’s so much appreciated to have a reminder that you’re not alone and things can always get better. I always look forward to listening and watching you and Timmy on YouTube. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I love tuning in and hearing your experiences and perspective. REGULAR! JUMP HUG! ❤️✌🏼 pits
  • lisacatton
    To many ads
    I love whit and I was and is super excited to be a listener but for an episode that is less than 40 Minutes it had like 6 ads! I would make the episodes longer if you want to have that many ads. But I LOVED the convos and the podcast I just don’t like multiple ad breaks.
  • lovefromCO
    Love You but PLEASE Fix Ad Cadence
    LOVE Whit and Timmy, you guys are goals and so fun/easy to listen to. Great conversations and content. But for 30 minutes-ish episodes, the amount of commercials is in.sane. I listen to a lot of podcasts and completely understand that ads make you money, but the frequency on these short podcasts is so painful and derails a great conversation.
  • djcopyright
    Amount of ads is insane
    Will not listen to again
  • Keepn-it-real
    Bad editing
    And sooooo many ads. Whit trying to keep her 15 mins alive and ‘peace in the streets?’ So cringe
  • emev993
    Way too many ads
    More ads than content it feels like!
  • @Blue_Eyez
    Thank you
    Thank you for keeping me sane on a weekly basis. 😊 I love listening in my car the most, when I’m alone running errands, without kids. And I feel like I’m getting that nice, chill girl time chat, that is almost impossible to get anymore. So thanks again Whitney, I’m a loyal listener!
  • ccaarttriiruc
    Enjoyed the podcast until...
    It because a one sided political show. Wish you kept the politics out of it. A little too liberal for me. No thanks ✌🏻
  • 09450132
    The ads are exhausting!
    Squeezing every possible ad into the Lauren Conrad conversation was exhausting. They were slid in every 2 minutes. Be more thoughtful to the listener enjoying the interview and not to capitalize on the extra audience from a big guest. Youll keep more listeners that way. We want the interview, not the junk youre selling.
  • L-Boogie17
    Way Too Many Ads
    Tried to listen to the episode with Lauren Conrad, but after 4 ads in the first 20 minutes or so I was done. I understand you can skip through ads, but pretty hard to do when you’re listening on a run. Very annoying. Could be a great podcast with less ads.
  • CnS1102
    The BEST!!
    I love listening to you! You are so down to earth and sound like such a relaxed, fun family! You and your husband are so funny together and I love it!
  • MeggPitt05
    Finally, my idol has a podcast
    Love how real and vulnerable Whitney gets in her podcast since I always wanted to get to know her more from the tv shows. She is so awesome!
  • krinklekrinkle
    Just an FYI
    You’re confusing the word tint when it should be taint. As in “ working w family tints the relationship” it should be “it taints “ You say it all the time -just wanted to correct w my teacher’s red pen
  • vertyvert
    Endless ads
    Whit is great but it seems like for every two minutes of actual content you get another add. Listened for Lauren Conrad but won’t really listen on a regular basis
  • MMo99
    Too many ads
    I tried really hard to listen to the LC episode. But after 4 ads in the first 10 minutes, I tapped out.
  • kellywiu81
    Too many ads
    For a shorter podcast there are way too many ads - one every 5-7 mins is excessive. Makes it hard to listen to
  • sh223455
    Too many ads and too choppy
    I really wanted to love this but the interviews are so choppy and you can tell there is so much editing. I also feel like every time I start really listening then another ad pops up!
  • JessicaBurd
    So Many Nuggets if Gold
    I have learned so many interesting takeaways I have been able to apply to my career! A must listen!
  • babymamaAT
    Ugh ads
    Look, I get it. You need to run ads to make revenue. But literally every 5 mins??? I could almost see if this were an independent podcast, but it’s not! It has the backing of Dear Media. Also, the episodes have been SO short lately, so when you take out all those ads (four [or 5?? I lost count] in a recent 35 minute episode!) you’re looking at very little actual content. I’ve really loved this podcast in the past, but it has taken a turn for the worse to me and I’ll be unsubscribing.
  • blees22
    I love Whit!!!! However, too many ads!!!!!!!!!!
  • 123_marie
    Ads ads ads
    There was a ridiculous amount of ads in a 30 minute episode. It was so embarrassing!
  • SD920
    Is there more ads than actual conversation? Seems like it!
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