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Welcome to The CouRage and Nadeshot Show presented by Cash App where 100 Thieves CEO Matt "Nadeshot" Haag and Jack "CouRageJD" Dunlop bring on some of the top names in entertainment to talk about the latest in pop culture, gaming, and whatever else comes to their minds.

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  • iheart_dogs!
    Great show!
    Ngl- when I first saw this, it didn’t seem so fun but my brother recommended it to me. So props to him. But this is really cool, the questions and everything is really nice. Great people and communication! :) also if you read this fk u- Brooke :))))) <3
  • Blastballs2345
    Nadeshot and fisheye camera lens Nadeshot(CouRage) are electric on this podcast, even if you aren’t into gaming it is still an amazing podcast. Give it a 5 star rating so CouRage can eat some more.
  • launch13
    S Tier
    What is something that is wrong about this podcast, maybe that everything is so good about it! Love the chemistry between you 2 and you bring in excellent guests, just a great podcast to listen too.
  • david c21
    Love the show but
    Absolutely love this podcast; I’ve been listening to it since it’s very first episode! But ever since the episodes went back to in person and you’ve been recording in the studio there has been a ton of banging/slamming on the desk and it really interferes with the mic audio and is just rough to keep having to hear lol. Keep up the great work though guys!
  • Orlando801
    Awesome Possum!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since day one! Awesome podcast! I listen at work, in the car, in the bathroom 🤷🏽‍♂️, or even working out hahaha -Orlando
  • Jorbac
  • owen mears
    Dear 100T I love you
    Dude this podcast is baller I love the chemistry between you guys and your guest made I’ve watched you since ghosts and courage I have fell in love with this year. You guys are the bomb!!! love Your wife, Owen
  • LoganD4714
    Amazing Podcast
    You guys have the best chemistry and I love watching and listening the podcast while I’m at work. Great work and can’t wait to see what happens in the future love you guys
  • amfbejdn
    Sit back and enjoy.
    I love the podcasts and always enjoy the chemistry. Please continue being yourselves. Love you guys!
    The Coolest Podcast
    Wasn’t big into podcasts for the longest time but when this one came around it’s the first I have really enjoy and I am always looking forward to the next one. 100 Thieves and what you guys are about is awesome and I aspire to be as hardworking and successful as you guys.
  • sovxxx
    we get it you’re rich
    this is the most materialistic podcast i think i’ve ever listened to. You’re content creators your personalities shouldn’t revolve around what you buy. This podcast makes me sick to my communist stomach. Please do more work with gamers outreach. It’s the one saving grace this podcast has.
  • FrootLoopsWasTaken
    I love the streams
    I have wanted to be a pro gamer and you guys help me while I listen to you and climb to be better thank you!
  • I have your father
    Love the podcast
    Love the podcast it is an cool consepet
  • SavageWolf1695
    Love the show
    I love listening to the show when I’m playing zombies
  • shelovesmitchy
    Nadeshot is a scam
    I killed nadeshot in warzone and him and clokzy proceeded to call me and my teammate hackers on his live stream, then blocked me on Twitter after I called him out for it. #UnblockMeNade
  • Keeleigh23
    The best
    Seriously my favorite podcast, I love Nade & Jack so much! Been following them since black ops 2 when Nade was competing and Jack commentating
  • Dramlek
    Twitter: @hernanjc Size: XL Fav guest: DrLupo
  • hunterboy557
    Amazing podcast
    This is by far one of if not my favorite podcasts watching these videos on YouTube and listening to them is like watching an extra long video that is regularly on jack or Nadeshots channel but it is a lot more informative wether they’re talking about current events like the struggle of the coronavirus or talking about current gaming events like new fortnite chapters or new call of duty seasons they always have great guests except for pokimane she doesn’t like country music so I don’t like her 😑 but overall an amazing show I know I will never get on the show like they say for leaving a 5 star review but the point is this podcasts has the support from all of us to keep going on and making great episodes.
  • mackenzyelainexx
    I love Courage and Nadeshot when im watching YouTube videos and their streams. But when I found out they have had a podcast together I had to check it out, so far I absolutely love it. Matt and Jack have the best chemistry and I love how down to earth they both are. Keep it up guys!!!
  • ttv_jnasty56
    Read this review
    Courage is my favorite human ever such a good guy! Nadeshots okay to I guess😂
  • TommyHaskins
    Dear courage and nadeshot
    This is the best podcast ever it gets me threw the work day even re listen to episodes just for the content! Love you guys
  • svhsg
    Perfect Chemistry
    Matt and Jack’s chemistry is perfect for a podcast
  • HotSauceGrenade
    Awesome Podcast!
    All of your 100T content and gaming content is amazing... but this is even better! i can listen at any time and it gives me new insight and ideas about the gaming world! great podcast guys keep it up!
  • nbiser105
    The Yeeet mister
    You guys need the misfits on here or the goons.
  • 100 thieves lover
    100Thieves 4eva
    Love your content and love the humor I listen to this every day and always get excited when the newest episodes come out keep up the good work. Peace
  • Waelr
    Perfect pod!
    My two favorite streamers keeping it real and providing quality content 👏😃
  • Ghost Baseball
    It is awesome
    When I need comedy, I listen to this. I will enjoy what I hear and I love this. Also, if I feel down, Matt aka made shot and jack aka courage will always make me smile and rest. If u guys read this, I love your videos and keep on going. Peace!
  • AtHiCcBoI
    Bro we need more episodes
  • Garry tarry mcberry
    Great guys
    These guys are just a good time. They bring good vibes while be realistic. Love them both
  • Callofdutyghost450
    Always fun
    From being serious to funny this podcast/YouTube video never fails to entertain. The energy this show has is unmatched anywhere else on YouTube or podcast. I love to when I’m sitting in lobbies in call of duty or any game I just listen to the podcast to just relax
  • rd goat
    Hundred Thieves
    Awesome!!! (I want merch 😝😝)
  • 100t Typical gamer?
    Huge fan have bought all the hoodies no cap
    Luv this I’m a huge fan when I was younger me and my dad watched nade and thick boy courage. Nade u should interview ryft and u should play crazy craft with Lachlan again u said in 5 years you will show him your skills. Love you guys. And I love destiny hope you read this🤗😋
  • kidspencer
    Since the classic cod days when nadeshot hit the scene he has been a huge inspiration to me in gaming in general and to see him come from humble beginnings to where he is today has been a adventure. Love the podcast and everything thing else thats going on, Huge fan of all of 100T. Dont worry courage i love you too buddy i just came upon you late. Keep the podcast and the grind going.
  • Josh Dubs 2040
    Best Podcast
    Really great podcast that is interesting every time I listen to a different episode it’s amazing even when they have to go online they were flawless great podcasts and keep up the good work!!!
  • lal:):):):):):):):)
    Yo maces hot and courage your podcast really helps me get up and class is really boring and I just listen and it’s helps me focus cause y’all talk to all of these amazing people and some drama but still love the podcast
  • BarrZeeBoy
    Inspiring podcast
    Inject the mrbeast episode into my veins.
  • MadogMads208
    What a loser
    Jesus Christ you don’t have to tell everyone on every podcast that you have a girlfriend jack. It’s pathetic.
  • courage_be_THICK
    I Really want the $1,000
    Hi I love the show and have been here since episode 1. I really want to become a streamer and play games and I do not have enough money to buy a pc. That is why I want the $1,000 hope I get it please and thank you 😊
  • HGKane
    Top Tier Podcast
    Imagine going for a drive and not listening to The CouRage and Nadeshot Show. I feel like I have learned so much from just listening to this podcast that has helped me become a better content creator. So much knowledge being shared every single episode. I honestly love it.
  • just_Ley_
    Love the show. Such a variety of guests. The latest mr beast episode was amazing. I love listening to someone so invested in what they do they know every little detail about it. It’s inspiring to listen to. That episode could have went on for hours.
  • zzz.h.zz
    The best overall podcast
    Has something for everyone from gamers and streamers to athletes and celebs with such flamboyant personalities like jack and Matt hosting it creates an amazing atmosphere for a entertainment podcast from start to finish
  • XGODDEssX9421
    Love the podcast
    This is by far the best Podcast I have ever listened to I have been watching jack since the first fortnite game loved the Connor,Brooke,and Sym videos maybe one day you get Connor on the show.
  • lmaokeft
    New and Late to the Podcast
    Ohhhh I fell in love with this podcast! I Deliver for Amazon and Ive been listening to you guys podcast all day everyday for the past month. I’ve even started it over on YouTube to put a face to all these new voices. Shout out to Courage and Nadeshot! Also shoutout to Cashapp to whom I’ve been advertising daily from my Prime Van in different parts of Grand Rapids, Michigan for free if you don’t use Cashapp then Fuucccckkkk You😂😂!(if you want cash app $CDGCAM) Anyways I love this podcast and always look forward to hearing the next. My favorite guest was Jack Dorsey, it was very interesting talk loved the way he thinks. Keep it up I’ll always be here listening👌🏽🤘🏽 P.S Where is this Ninja Interview and Get Dr Disrespect on here
  • Aaron crowe
    Big Fan
    Love the show, and love the fact it’s not just about gaming. You get a lot of different topics to hit many fan bases. Much love from Tennessee
  • logan loves this podcast
    I love this podcast and it the best I listen to it for hours it’s just the best 5 stars it the fracking best
  • 尺卂ㄚ
    Love this podcast it has a great variety and a perfect amount of flare from everybody on the show. Shoutout from Washington
  • GoforCards
    5 Star Review
    Love listening to you guys! Love your YouTube videos of the podcast. Always a good time to sit back and chill while you guys talk about things that so many people in this community are passionate about. Keep up the great work, God Bless!
  • (TTV) Sp00n3yl0v3
    What a great Podcast
    This podcast is amazing. I’ve watched all of them and am still interested in the beautiful and insightful journeys Courage and Nadeshot take us on. Love you guys!!!
  • hdjdjdhdhdu
    Omg I have not found a podcast as good as this one
  • please respond please
    life changing
    if courage and nadeshot two content creators not known for their amazing commentary can make a pretty decent podcast than anything is possible
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