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What was it like to be a woman making art as the feminist and civil rights movements were transforming American society? In this first season of Recording Artists, a new podcast from the Getty, we’ll use archival interviews to explore the lives of six women artists—Alice Neel, Lee Krasner, Betye Saar, Helen Frankenthaler, Yoko Ono, and Eva Hesse. Host Helen Molesworth also speaks with contemporary artists and art historians to make sense of what it meant—and still means—to be a woman and an artist.

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  • chocolatecityusa
    I am devouring this fascinating podcast series! As an African-American woman who worked in at the Hirschhorn catalogue/slide registry in Washington, DC my youth, to re-encounter the life and work of Krasner, Frankenthaler, and Saar- on their own terms- is an amazing gift! Brava!!!
  • cubanita#1
    Great podcast
    Thank you! Would have loved this podcast when I was studying art history many years ago. Enjoying revisiting these artists and listening to them speak for themselves. Refreshing.
  • sundaypainter
    Applause from and for female artists
    Thank you thank you thank you! What a tremendous project. As an artist, it is incredibly inspiring to hear the stories of these artists, and it makes me feel less alone in my struggle. The podcast is insightful, and provides inspiration to someone that has struggled against the generally accepted notion that the art world is a meritocracy. It highlights the shortcomings female artists face against the predominantly male institutional bias of collectors, teachers, and artists. It has kept half of the population out of the conversation by keeping them off the walls. Hoping contributions like these will help shift the tide in museum acquisition, gallery programming, collection building, and those female artists hoping to get tenure track in learning institutions. 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  • (((Annie)))
    The Grandmothers
    What a refreshing topic area. What good radio. I want more!
  • Nickie DM
    Rare interviews that reveal the human being behind the artist. Precious windows into female artists often categorized and overlooked in spite of their fame. A must listen.
  • catchyourbeth
    So interesting
    A great example of bringing research and archives “off the shelf.” Holds your interests, teaches you something new and is enjoyable along the way!
  • pale force
    Beautifully Realized
    Listen to the Yoko Ono episode!
  • bhwrice
    Easy to follow
    Easy to follow for those of us who do not have an academic background in art and art history.
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