In order to tell the story of a crime, you have to turn back time. Every season, Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra digs deep into a mind-bending mystery with the hopes of reigniting interest in a decades old homicide case. 

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  • melissadTEXAS
    Season 3 - Hmmm...I don’t understand her bias?!?
    Counterclock is a fantastic podcast. The host is really very through and does a great job. Season 1 and 2 - I was flabbergasted at everything that she dug up and agreed with her evidence etc. Season 3 is well done, but honestly I can’t figure out why she is so bias on this case. She focused on things that didn’t seem to matter to me like the’s almost like she thinks a teenage boy only owned one pair of jeans (bizarre). Or who cares if it was illegal to drive without insurance. This podcast was very interesting but worthless to me because she’s clearly bias going into it AND in my opinion only seemed to support that Jeff is guilty without realizing it. The fact that she relies so heavily on Jackie’s testimony is just one more bias. I hope that the next season is less bias or I’ll probably unsubscribe.
  • StPaulDapper
    So well done!!
    Twisty, complicated, multiple murder story throughly investigated and cleanly presented - what more could you ask for!!
  • DebbieMish
    I look forward to this podcast!
    You can tell they put so much effort into everything they do. Every episode is so well put together I can’t wait to listen to the next. Love how everything comes together at the end, great job to all involved.
  • Kainenisaloser
    Holy crap I don’t even know where to start. Season 1 and 2 were amazing but season 3 is better than any tv show, movie, podcast ANYTHING! Delia is incredible! Season 3 is the most mind blowing thing ever. I’m at a loss for words. I never write reviews for anything but EVERYONE must listen to this!
  • Bree0710
    Delia is so in-depth and through in this podcast. I am on the edge of my seat through season 3 as I was in 1 and 2. Amazing podcast!
  • And02371
    A little dry
    This season was a little dry. I ended up skipping episode 17 all together. The whole Eric Dawson thing was not believable and was boring.
  • mama4j
    This is a complicated case with tons of “characters” for lack of a better word, but Delia did a fantastic job at laying out the time line to make it easy for us to follow along... Totally binge worthy and I can only hope and pray for the families involved that they receive the answers they deserve, be it good or bad! Listening from TN
  • Odavis43
    Why is there constant background music?
    I’ve tried listening to this 3 times and still haven’t made it through the first episode because the background music is so distracting.
  • Errrrrr2019
    Eh it’s ok
    Well done but I do think she sensationalizes a lot of things and tries to make something out of nothing to make the podcast more interesting.
  • 91948583828
    The journalist/host kicks butt so a few stars. You can tell she researches thoroughly and knows her stuff! But this series did not, by any means, have to be 20 episodes long. I lost interest almost immediately. Extremely choppy and repetitive. I also feel very sad about the exploitation of this family for a podcast that didn’t conclude much.
  • kirejis
    Take a drink - it can be water
    Am I the only one who noticed how many times the word “parsonage” is used ? Not complaining especially because I started listening (and had friends join in) on Cinco De Mayo. And before anyone asks, I can hold my own hand and make “we are the world”. (I think I just gave my age away) Lol. It’s a good show, as other people have stated, this season could’ve been shorter. I’ve heard this case on other true crime podcasts recently and honestly each one has their own spin on it. You can’t please everyone. Now, if I hear this case again on another show and they don’t list the home as a parsonage at least once...I’m cutting it off.
  • Jestin04
    Enjoy it
    I love love love that you released season 3 all at once so I could binge it. I have found all 3 seasons interesting, but being able to listen to it all at once this season made it even better.
  • thanks covid, stuck at home
    Great season
    I loved the all at one time dump so I did bing! The info you find that others should have is amazing! Hoping for a new trial and a better outcome for Jeff. Can’t wait for season 4!
  • rose is picky
    Good story
    Good story but bad grammar. Hard to overlook. Also, medically inaccurate information when she stated the carotid artery is often referred to as the jugular. They are not the same.
  • SammieD3
    Such a great podcast!
    I love Delia & the way she tells this case. She’s an awesome investigative journalist. It’s so crazy of all of the things she has uncovered and the connections she has made.
  • Nialove1589
    She’s ok with this season but I feel like she’s giving too much inclination of her own bias on this case. And basically bringing down the investigative aspect or work that the original people and officers did. And way too much dramatic voice over turns.
  • Miss Buffalo
    Buckle up ....
    Buckle up and be ready for a wildly mysterious and thoughtfully reported podcast! All 3 seasons are just so well planned out and produced.
  • Detective Peralta
    too much detail, bad voice.
    she gets so distracted and starts saying things that have nothing to do with the story. while details are important, it’s grueling to know every single little unimportant thing. the color of the house and the texture of the carpet are entirely irrelevant in a murder case. the weather and traffic in florida has nothing to do with the story.
  • truman42!
    Amazing as always!!
    THANK YOU for releasing all 20 episodes!! Totally worth the binge listen! As always, Delia nails her investigation!!!! I hope answers are found in this case!!!
  • Swfl iPhone
    Potentially good...but
    Delia does a fantastic job connecting dots to complex cases and isn’t afraid to ask tough questions. However...she likes patting herself on the back during each episode such as “I discovered” or “I found”. We know she found it. She’s doing the digging. Why tell us the listener? Also for 25-30 minute episodes are too many ads.
  • MommaInman
    SO good
    She is so easy to listen to & follow. Her reporting is phenomenal & keeps me interested. Such a sad case but the big & small connections are there! Hoping for season 4 in the future!
  • Jasbx
    Phone call interviews are annoying to listen to
    As much as I want to listen to this podcast, I’m still on season one. I was reminded when the latest season was announced that I hadn’t even finished the 1st season. Then I went back to where I left off and was reminded why I stopped listening. The phone call interviews are so hard to listen to. Was there not an option of an in-person interview? I’m going to skip season one and check out season two. If there are more phone call interviews then I will have to unsubscribe and delete. I have a headache from listening to those tape recorded calls. And I am a huge Audio Chuck fan and a crime junkie but this is hard on the ears.
  • listeningok
    Was loving this show
    Heads of their sponsors supports planned parenthood. Just can not listen to a show that supports the killing of babies!😞
  • Monthly user!
    I have never binged or wanted to binge episodes like I do with this podcast! I love everything about it! Delia is so easy to listen to and is so good at digging deep and asking questions I think most of us are asking ourselves. Keep it up!
  • ben can dover
    Season 3 is disappointing
    See title
    This is investigative journalism at its FINEST. The 'ins & outs' of this complicated story are mesmerizing!! Never a dull moment. It's crazy this really happened. GREAT JOB on this investigation!! Delia and Fran, wouldn't the handwritten check for 'prom stuff' completely debunk the motive? He clearly had permission to go. I can't wait to hear the end of this story. I hope some justice can be found.
  • MDEVo_
    Unnecessarily long
    I wanted to like this, but it was unnecessarily long and filled with ads. The first 10 or 11 episodes were discussed on Crime Junkie, so it was a complete waste of my time. It feels like a cash grab. Disappointing.
  • Vino gal 98
    Good but too long
    A very good and intriguing story. I love the way she tells the story and the details. She explains to listeners. But 20 episodes is far too long
  • Lark Angela
    These are 20 min episodes that are 50% ad time. The whole thing feels really drawn out and forced. This could have easily been a long podcast episode. It’s really disappointing. It’s an interesting story but I just couldn’t get through the whole podcast. Even the content of the podcast isn’t presented in a captivating way. I just went and googled the story myself.
  • chellybelly9944
    Listen if you like wasting your time
    I will say it is an interesting story that will leave you incredibly disappointed at the end. A google search about the case will save you time.
  • willy djkkd
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  • ChiChiOna
    (3)No concise detail & timeline.
    For all the True Crime listeners out there- This needs a concise timeline, not ongoing fluff narration and conversational tail chasing. Funny how she says she is an investigator yet didn't know paper bags MUST be used for evidence storage. If any of us are seriously into “True Crime”, we know how autopsies work, we know about body temps, we know the “if this-then that” factors of an investigation. Even noobs don't need a broken down explanation of why it’s bad they didn't test someone for gunshot residue. We all have common sense. Extremely long winded. Speculation doesn't maintain interest ... get to the point. If you enjoy a slow going conversational piece, this may be your jam. For season 4 PLEASE present the facts, questions, CLEAR timeline and case evidence, in an ORDERLY manner. Not “I think, I think, I think”, “I did this & he said that BUT THEN she said this!” No intent to be rude, I respect the process and her time spent working on this. Just could've gotten to the point in 6 episodes or less, 20 is a little much.
  • Sweetthunder33
    Great podcast! (minus the music)
    Love all audiochuck podcasts!! This was an interesting and engaging investigative story well told by Delia. However, could do without the background music. It often overpowered her voice.
  • Baylee123bailey123
    Truly fantastic. Her hard work is evident and season 3 is one of the best true crime podcasts I’ve heard. Lemme tell ya, I’ve heard Em all ;)
  • Audi826
    Just Wow!
    What an incredible 20 episodes. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Brilliant journalism and researching. I’m going to now go do all the things I can to help!! Crushed it!
  • Dharmaliv
    Amazing research
    Updated for S3. I’m a fan since the 1st season and I love the quality of work Delia offers. This season was not short on that. It was insightful and with lots of new discoveries. The only recommendation I have is to rethink the structure of the podcast. The short episodes with all the ads makes it hard to follow. And I do understand ads are necessary, this is just an observation due to all the times I had to go back and forth. I don’t understand people who say she’s not objective. She is literally interviewing both sides and gathering information from witnesses, police recors, etc. the twist and turns are better than a rollercoaster! Keep up the good work.
  • lindzjp
    season 3s episodes are way to short and have WAY too many ads i thought it was hard to “binge” having to listen to the same ads over and over
  • Kimozta
    Season 3 is a must listen!
    Amazing investigating and reporting!! So glad this was released all at once!! Binge worthy for sure!!
  • kewilk
    Armchair Detective
    Clearly she should have been a cop... she seems to know everything they did wrong 30 years ago. It’s an interesting story. I wish she could have kept her own opinions out of it. Could have been done in fewer episodes. I lost interest.
  • poochie4242
    Good story - splitting it into 20 episodes is silly
    Pure money grab
  • LD725
    I love Crime Junkies and am enjoying OC Swingers but I just can’t get into Counterclock. I’ve tried to listen to all three seasons but I lose interest and end up not caring about the story. I think it’s the narrator. Kind of flat. I’ve tried 3 times but I’ve officially given up.
  • akdjhxbbswiiqo
    No I don’t want to listen to your other podcasts thank you!
    I don’t get why people like these audio chuck podcasts. They’re so over produced and continually promote all their other shows over and over and over. It just sounds like I’m listening to a news reporter, not an actual person.
  • Joliothuhuhu
    This is the most gripping podcast I’ve heard in the last couple of years. Great job on this one, I’ve lost sleep because I can’t stop listening.
  • Jazzy - J
    Loving Season 3
    I really appreciate that they released season 3 all at once. It would’ve been way to confusing if it was released weekly, but it was great being able to listen consecutively and I definitely binged it all!
  • Chita June
    Season 3
    I really enjoy listening to Delia, and all her podcasts are very detailed, which I enjoy, however, season 3 was an overload of information. I wish she could’ve extended the season a bit more, to understand the complexity of all involved in the case.
  • Rolando5000
    I’m so impressed with how well-researched this podcast is. The host broke down this complicated story and made it easy to follow. I love how bravely she sought/is seeking answers. I’m looking forward to updates!!
  • Markntaig
    Delia is such a great investigator & story teller. I love this podcast!
  • last lemming
    Season 3
    A killer. No really. A+.
  • stace_face22
    #welovecounterclock !
    I very well done podcast .
  • ALou_61
    Very well done
    Delia is amazing!!!!
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