In order to tell the story of a crime, you have to turn back time. Every season, Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra digs deep into a mind-bending mystery with the hopes of reigniting interest in a decades old homicide case.

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  • jreed19
    season 5
    so hard to follow! so many commercials and such short episodes and it’s just getting more and more confiding on episode 11 and have no clue what is going on anymore what a waste
  • Mi-kk
    season 5 is my first to listen to and I am completely hooked. I listen while I work cleaning cars and it’s been a great way to help pass the time. Confused on some negative opinions on how there aren’t enough witnesses or evidence, an unsolved more recent case there are going to be loose ends unfortunately. Clearly there were things and people tried to reach that weren’t given available, you can’t pull those things out of thin air. That’s kinda a point to parts of this season is to implore people who know anything to step forward. Maybe convert negative energy into raising more awareness so Bruce gets justice.
  • Phna15
    Delia is an excellent storyteller. It’s obvious she does her research and knows her information well. Season 5 was infuriating with the cover up and no one willing to talk!! I don’t understand how that is possible. I hope the children receive some type of closure.
  • Food is Hope
    Everything you need in a podcast
    I like true crime but very picky. This has everything I love in a podcast, period. Delia is a gifted story teller and also has a way of asking questions that brings a case to life, not just to entertain but bring meaning to these tragic moments.
  • Kenneth E.
    I enjoyed the first two seasons a ton. I hung around for seasons 3 and 4 in spite of them being a bit less interesting to me. I eagerly listened to season 5 out of loyalty and high hopes, but it was a real dud. Short episodes and nothing to report, really. I’m glad for the victim’s family that at least this popular podcast will give them exposure, but I suspect the best of CC is behind us.
  • ...?!,4
    This season was terrible. It could have been done in one episode. A hard listen for sure.
  • Birdiegirl5
    Really detailed work. 👏🏼
    From a prior police officer, GREAT JOB Delhia! Your investigation work is incredible. I love listening to your podcast!
  • Happy listener31!
    Great podcast
    I am truly addicted to this show! I love it!
  • Kelliejo55906
    Lots of speculation, overall an enjoyable show
    There are some episodes throughout each season that are very speculative and at times show bias. I enjoy the stories though and Delia does a good job keeping your attention.
  • Wienerpants
    Money Grab?
    I’ve only listened to season 5 of this podcast so take that as it is. With that being said, You ask the spouse “are you concerned that the person who did this is still out there?” And act like her saying yes is some sort of jaw dropping moment. Well considering the fact that no one has been caught OF COURSE THE PERSON IS STILL OUT THERE!!! That’s how this show goes for 14 whole episodes. This is hot garbage. There is no new information on the case and literally EVERYTHING that you imply is only speculation. You interview biased people who you lead with questions that point to the answer you’re looking for. This is not investigative or journalism. This is a money grab.
  • 17 KC 17
    Amazing Investigation and Story telling!
    I love this podcast, the way Delia tells the story, makes you get invested in each episode and keeps you wanting more. Every season was outstanding, with the exception of season 5. I just couldn’t get into it. Seasons 1-4 kept me up at night listening until I finally fell asleep. Thank you for a great series!
  • BCDARK03
    Love the podcast
    Finally caught up on all 5 seasons. All seasons are really good. Sadly all are frustrating at times due to faulty police work, missed opportunities, and knowing clear culprits will likely get away with murder (season 5). Yet, your investigations always ask the right questions. I applaud your hard work.
  • Mamadetective
    I’m addicted to this podcast. Delia is so thorough and I love her style of story telling. Can’t wait for more seasons!
  • Heidiho71368
    You do an EXCELLENT JOB investigating!!!
  • Elise44444444
    Quality podcast
    Quality podcast, well made and presented, but man the ads are kind of outrageous.
  • hard pass on this podcast
    Season 4 amazing season 5 eh
    Season 4 was one of the best true crime podcasts o have ever listened to! Incredible investigating new leads and evidence discovery. Great witness interviews and compelling case. Contrast that with season 5 which was a total flop. No new evidence, no witnesses willing to talk, just rehashing old evidence available prior.
  • lulablondies
    I wanted to love it
    I have enjoyed the other seasons of Counter Clock, but this one was just a whole lot of nothing.
  • two98456
    great stuff!!
    besides Ashley and Brit you are my fav!!! this season is great! thanks!!
  • Sistasandy
    A few episodes to long
    I enjoyed this but got bored when no new facts or evidence or answers were mentioned. I’m on board with it not being random but too many loose ends.
  • Douglas1234\
    Great job
    Very good job investigating cases. It focuses on facts and evidence.
  • Radioman70
    Really enjoyed seasons 5, 4 and 3. Tried season 2 but had to give up it up, the narrators white guilt complex was over the top. Up until then you had me hooked.
  • amanda9482
    So Good
    Every season I am captivated by the story. Delia is such a great story teller and her hard work investigating and reporting is very clear. She is invested in the victim and their family. I really appreciate that. So often, victims of tragic circumstances go unnoticed and cases go unresolved. It shouldn’t be that way. Delia takes a look at every possible avenue. It’s factual, it’s unbiased, and she gets down to the nitty gritty. Thanks for making this podcast a must listen. My husband is hooked just like me and we are asking the same questions you are! Keep the stories coming - you are doing amazing work!
  • Stari night
    Great then not
    First two seasons are great. The third is basically a cash grab. 20 min episodes with 5 min of ads. Meh
  • Podcast enthusiasts
    This podcast could have been good but she drags everything out as long as possible. Totally uninteresting. Love audiochuck productions, love small grass roots productions, but this content is presented from an unenthusiastic uninteresting unoriginal angle and she’s somewhat unemotional monotone and repetitive. You’re not Ashley Flowers or Payne Lindsay. Find something else to focus on.
  • Ann14896
    Absurd speculation
    While there are aspects of the crimes documented in this series that are suspicious, the host speculates wildly about details that common sense tells you are entirely unrelated to the crimes. Including every bit of information you encounter to fill 15 episodes of a podcast doesn’t show that you’re thorough but rather that you’re undiscerning.
  • awebb6
    Extremely in depth
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Delia does an exceptional job of being thorough. I love being able to hear all episodes at once. I also admire how I don’t have to listen to “F” bombs while listening to the story.
  • Amy W in Texas
    Delia always goes above and beyond!
  • Wbpi
    Get some rest
    Every season is one episode of facts, ten or more episodes of speculation with no conclusions. I only kept listening because Delia’s voice is nice to fall asleep to.
  • Pimpincrazy
    Want to love
    I want to love this so bad, but I cannot stand that it is associated with Ashley Flowers. Also, I don’t know if it’s by default but you sound a lot like Ashley sidekick Britt. Only thing missing is you need to say “full body chills”. Puke
  • Ssacn17
    Amazing Investigative Journalism
    Thank you for your hard work on this project!
  • cassk10
    Season 5
    I absolutely loved all the other seasons and I love Park Predators. I honestly I love all of audiochuck podcast. However, season 5 was not up to par as all of the other series and seasons.
  • John Door Smithinstein
    It’s all downhill from the preview
    Season One was just above average. Season Two was not great. Season Three…like two episodes in and it’ll get saved for the great podcast apocalypse…maybe. Host is good. Stories are pretty well known. Not much to learn. And so many ads for other terrible audiojunk that you can give this one a hard pass and it won’t cause you to miss anything. Just read a Wiki or Medium article about the cases. Same result.
  • bradboyhere
    Pretty entertaining but never goes anywhere
    Love Delia and her style but do NOT get your hopes up of any sort of conclusion or solving. Just a lot of speculations really. It could all be told in a 30 min episode. But, I’m on a computer all day with nothing better to do so, I’m a faithful listener 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • SummerArnold
    Love all the details & story telling that goes along with this. The time dedicated is apparent, thank you!
  • Zootoppia
    Great Podcast
    I’m on season 3 now and it’s another case of lazy, corrupt police work. Craig Whitfield and Frank Schaefer are worthless cowards that aren’t held accountable. Hopefully they get what they deserve.
  • cold case lover
    This is my favorite podcast, but since I’m in school I have a very busy afternoon and so I listen to this at night, but I fall asleep very fast so I can’t change every episode. The episodes are backwards so when I set a timer it goes backwards and is very frustrating. I love all seasons but it took me a very long time to finish it because I have very little free time. If you could fix this for a feature in season 6 if that ever comes out, that would be amazing! Thanks for reading this and please try to fix this! Thanks!
  • Wfs250
    Good podcast- but…
    The story’s are good and the host does a great job producing the podcast. However, the seasons should all be cut by at least 3-4 episodes and the content should be consolidated. By the middle of each season it feels like I’m listening to the same episode over and over again.
  • SunnyMcKaig
    Interview with Kirby
    The bonus episode is excellent. Disappointed by the word “half hazardly”. It was distracting from the excellent interview. I will haphazardly Suggest This Podcast knowing there hasn’t been an uncovering of mystery as of yet. Excellent investigations and story telling.
  • Katerina259
    One of the best investigative journalism!!
    Amazingly done podcast, easy to follow, great detail, great thinking and theories. Still listening, still on season 2. So many comments. And one answer. North Carolina is letting prisoners go without exoneration, so they would not get sued. There. Oh well justice system in this country is more than crooked…
  • Alabz24
    Too many ads
    The first season was great. I started listening to 2, 3, and 4 and I couldn’t even make it past the first episodes. Just boring in comparison to the first season. Also, the ads are getting out of hand. Some 20min episodes have 4min of ads in the beginning in addition to more ad breaks in the middle of the episode. Really annoying when you want to listen to the podcast while doing something else and don’t have your hands free to constantly skip ads and keep finding the point where the podcast starts again 👎🏼
  • Mikey-dey
    repetitive with lack of thrill
    To dedicate 14 episodes to this story is absurd. I wanted to love it so bad, so I continued to listen. However, each episode felt like the same story repeated with only a little twist or extra piece of information. Easily could have been one hour long episode. Disappointing to say the least.
  • KC4623
    Season 5
    I love Counter Clock but Season 5 was not the best. It was hard to stay interested and nothing was really found out. The amount of ads in this season was also overbearing. Hoping Season 6 will redeem itself!
  • Cowboyhan
    Such a well done podcast!
    The topics covered by Delia and her team are thoroughly researched and professionally presented. She actively avoids engaging in gossipy, speculative rabbit tracks and makes great efforts to present factual information. She also makes a clear effort to get personal perspectives from as many relevant sources as possible. I hope she considers covering the unsolved murder of a Buffalo, NY priest. Another podcast has been covering this but with none of the professionalism, lack of conjecture, good research and respectful presentation of facts that Delia and her team are so good at. This is a really well made podcast. I look forward to the next season!
  • tinytells
    Difference b/t a true crime podcaster and a journalist
    I don’t think Delia D’ambra is a very good long form journalist. She can lay out a bunch of facts but when it comes to narrative she can’t quite pull it together. It’s kind of like listening to a kid tell a story where they say “and then” a million times. One of the stranger parts of S5 for me was that she keeps interviewing her subject’s family and pastor so that he comes across as this Christian family man, but the reality actually seems to be that he was a guy who got involved with a bunch of Louisiana mobsters after getting kicked out of regional banking for malfeasance. I think it’s ok for people to be complicated and their stories should still be told. But then tell the story, don’t gloss over the parts that make you or your interview subjects uncomfortable. In this case it seems like she told the story his kids wanted to hear, which isn’t very objective. A journalist could have done a lot to show how corruption works in LA but she doesn’t tie that together at all, it gets passing mention a few times and lost in the firehose.
  • BEth_1492
    Said a lot and said nothing new that she didn’t say in the first episode… mostly a bunch of opinions and hardly anything was discovered…. Plus I can’t stand how boring this show is
  • Iru are
    Qa what
    The Hxw is c tc the same way e ee be e e w ax all the way the way we’re eating c it Z
  • Olivia E. H-Belew
    be better
    It’s a great show! Very informative. Butttt!the shows are way too short considering the amount of commercials. I feel like each episode is ONLY really 15 min. With the amount of commercials the show could be min 50min.
  • LisaV27
    Amazing podcast- season 5
    Once again Delia D’Ambra does a fantastic job on an unsolved murder….. I hope her research helps to shed some new light on the investigation. Bruce Cucchiaras family deserves answers!
    LOVE all Counterclock seasons! Especially 1, 2 & 3!! Delia is amazing and fearless at approaching people wherever they are / whoever they are to get information. Something definitely dirty happening to Bruce at the hands of the corrupt circle of people he was involved with. The story is fascinating but I’ll admit I did space off a lot with the later episodes with so much extra info, so rewound and repeated several times. Very worth the listen! I hope that Bruce’s kids get justice and that Bruce’s cowardly friends who KNOW something come forward for the sake of their former FRIEND and his family.
  • JrjMum
    The Season of Mehhh
    I love Delia’s investigation skills and reporting skills. She is amazing. Seasons 1-4 are Five Star seasons. This season, it was mehh. I wasn’t a fan. I will wait patiently for the 6th season, and hope that this was just an unfortunate bump in the road.
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