In order to tell the story of a crime, you have to turn back time. Every season, Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra digs deep into a mind-bending mystery with the hopes of reigniting interest in a decades old homicide case.

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  • Tcam24
    Worst season !
    I have loved all five seasons. This season is so disappointing. It’s kind of boring, going off in all different directions. The people involved who are interviewed. You can barely understand what they are saying. I can’t believe that there aren’t more cases out there more worthy than this case. Turned off won’t continue.
  • tpain0329
    Not my favorite season/but love podcast
    This hasn’t been my favorite season, but I appreciate the effort, time, and genuine care that Delia puts into these cases. I also appreciate that she addresses the hard topics such a racism, and corruptness. I see a lot of people saying Doug Wagg’s life was not important because he had a history of drug use which is incredibly disheartening. Keep being awesome Delia!
  • Karin M. P. B.
    Totally Lost
    I came to read the reviews after I all but gave up on season 6. I have no idea what’s going on or who anyone is anymore. I’m completely lost and frustrated. I don’t think I can finish.
  • joedaspacecow
    Waste of time
    I’ve listened to every season and have somewhat enjoyed all of them. But season 6 is atrocious. It seems like it is a different story every episode and none of them connect. This entire season could’ve fit into one single episode but it was stretched out for no reason. Every single time you ask a question, you respond with: “and the answer is… I don’t know”. And then proceed to make some crazy conspiracy theory. Also, calling someone a “boy” is not racist, grow up and quit fishing for something to make some look bad.
  • the locacious one
    Get to the point
    The first 6 minutes of podcast the host talks about herself & explains why she can’t take on every case someone e-mails her bout. Duh. Next the obligatory background on the victim & interviews with the family. I have a feeling the host is going to have a problem getting to the point. If this continues I’ll quit listening as I prefer true crime podcasts that get to the point & focus on the facts of the case & don’t fill time with extraneous information. No wonder it’s 14 episodes ! OK I’m back & the host is starting to get preachy & talking about her views on addiction & personal responsibility. Is she a former addict ? I doubt it as she is very judgmental. I don’t listen to true crime podcasts to get the host’s opinion or get extraneous information. I find the best TC podcasts get to the point & just give the facts. I’m done listening to this podcast & anything this host puts out. Maybe she could listen to the true crime podcast True Crime South Africa where the host goes through the crime in chronological order & just gives the facts & she never gives her personal opinion. Very professional. Maybe the host could learn a thing or two by listening to True Crime S Africa.
  • Anya1234*
    Season 6 is a Struggle
    I’ve enjoyed the other seasons of Counterclock, but this one is just so difficult to follow. I can see they put a lot of time into researching and interviewing, but it’s just too tough to keep things straight. The season also takes quite a turn in the middle, away from the initial victim, and on a tangent highlighting police corruption, but it’s mostly speculation. I probably wouldn’t recommend this season, but the others are interesting.
  • rapson2000
    Delia is a gifted & compassionate storyteller
    I know Delia does a huge amount of investigative work and she’s obviously very thorough. That’s the backbone of the podcast and so important, so I want to acknowledge that. But my favorite part of this podcast is her storytelling. It’s riveting, and filled with empathy for the victims and their families. She really does leave you wanting more of the story at the end of every episode, and wanting all the best for these heartbroken families.
  • hard pass on this podcast
    Season 4 amazing season 5 eh and season 6 even more eh
    Season 4 was one of the best true crime podcasts o have ever listened to! Incredible investigating new leads and evidence discovery. Great witness interviews and compelling case. Contrast that with season 5 which was a total flop. No new evidence, no witnesses willing to talk, just rehashing old evidence available prior.
  • alexpicchietti
    Season 6 Chaos
    What was that? Conspiracy, hearsay, lack of actual evidence…”I can’t help but think, what if they crossed paths?” That’s not investigative journalism. That’s Pepe Silvia. We gotta go back to what made the show great. It ain’t this.
  • _flynnannie
    Season six is hard to follow
    I’ve been an avid listener since this podcast first launched. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the first couple of seasons that Delia covered. I was eagerly anticipating season six, but after the initial episodes, I found the storyline becoming confusing. The introduction of new characters and overlapping narratives made it difficult to follow. While I appreciate the importance of every story, I believe Doug’s story could have been effectively conveyed in three or four episodes, rather than having the majority focus on other individuals. At this point, I’ve unfortunately lost interest and am uncertain where we are in the telling of this story.
  • Aleclikethebalwin
    Season six will be the last one for me.
    This podcast seems to be getting progressively worse and season six was the nail in the coffin for me. There was a bunch of speculation but nothing was proven.
  • runnermomkc
    Not great
    I’ve always enjoyed this podcast but this season went off on so many tangents I couldn’t keep anything straight. About halfway through I decided to wait until the end and listen to all the episodes consecutively to see if that would help; only getting two episodes full of conspiracy theories, leaps, and too many “characters” and then having to wait a whole week meant I couldn’t remember anyone or anything. It didn’t help.
  • hope300
    Could have been a few Crime Junkies eps
    Really enjoyed previous seasons, but season 6 is a lot of theories and rumors without any actual evidence. A lot of seemingly shady deaths should have been investigated better, or at all. But I didn’t hear much of anything that could suggest there was a path forward to uncover corruption. And the whole “people were keeping tabs on your investigation” statement was unnecessarily dramatic (a lot of that this season). You’d just said you’d talked to more than 40 people. People talking about a podcast asking around about deaths isn’t keeping tabs, it’s small town tea. I feel like this season is an example of what happens when an investigation doesn’t go anywhere, but you have to air something. This could have been a few Crime Junkies episodes. Or present this season as an example of how law enforcement not properly investigating a potential crime can lead to years of suspicion and non closure for families. Instead you made it out like it was all one big conspiracy while insisting there was a legit possibility it was all maybe connected. If there was a connection I missed it. Maybe another episode clearly explaining the connections without the sound effects and added dramatic narrative.
  • Jabluit
    Investigative Genius
    Not only does Delia share these tragic stories with us, she is actively investigating these cases, which makes this podcast a standout amongst the true crime genre. These cases are so old, it seems like Delia is the only one out there bringing voices to the families, who no doubt, still mourn the losses of their loved ones. Her empathy for the people, whose lives were torn apart by these horrific crimes, is evident in each episode and her attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned, is commendable. Though she doesn’t always “solve” the crimes, she brings the investigations into the 21st century by using Holmes-esque deductive reasoning, as well as, modern forensic science tools, leading the listener to draw their own conclusions about what really happened to these poor souls. Amazing work, Delia. Thank you for all you do.
  • Tigerbabies69
    Season 6 Disappointment
    I have been a huge fan of Counter Clock since season one was airing. However, season six has completely lost the plot. We’re initially invested in a victim and his family and then the narrative completely devolves into rabbit trails that would require the listener to create a giant map to follow along. It doesn’t do any of the victims justice because new people are introduced so often that you can’t keep up. I greatly appreciate the detailed research but it wasn’t organized in a palatable, cohesive manner. What a shame. I hope the show gets back to its roots.
  • sds801
    Lots of speculation
    The first four seasons are well done but seasons 5 and 6 are a big letdown. I couldn’t finish season 5 because of the lack of any evidence and ninety percent of the “evidence” in season 6 is the opinion of involved family members. The remaining ten percent of the “evidence” is circumstantial at best. It would require corruption at all levels of state and local government and no one involved talking for 30 years to make the narrative in season 6 work.
  • Krhan
    Difficult to Follow
    Normally, I love her podcasts, and I love her investigative work. This one was so confusing that I had to listen to episodes twice and I still am not sure what’s going on. I know the plot and premise, but we’re talking about things that are completely unrelated and it just feels like filler and confusing.
  • mar47502
    Wish all episodes had been released simultaneously or we were following just one case or things were tied together more clearly.
  • mommamilkie
    Great show! Literally got full body chills from Season 6 ending!
    Can’t wait for season 6!
  • Ponca boy
    Less than before
    I’ve listened to all seasons, don’t feel like it’s as good as earlier seasons were, season 1 was amazing
  • Iu06
    Season 6- Yikes
    I really enjoyed seasons 1-5. Season 6, however, has been really difficult to follow and extremely confusing. Additionally, it’s getting on the level of conspiratorial in someways. Hopefully next season will kind of bounce back.
    Season should’ve been one episode
    It’s a whole season of investigating that leads to nothing. The whole season could have just been an episode on crime junkie. A lot of work for no results. Season was slow and pointless. She adds so much nonsense to the actual story. Don’t recommend
  • TK12~
    Season 6 not the best
    I’ve enjoyed this show in general, but was disappointed by this season. By the end, I felt like I had wasted a whole bunch of time. The story was hard to track. The theories were shaky at best and the flare for the dramatic was just silly. I will be hesitant to listen to season seven if there is one.
  • lcricher
    This season huge letdown
    I have really enjoyed every other season. Well researched and explained. But this season was confusing, rambling, and disorganized. Although we listened to every episode as soon as it came out, after about episode 6 we started to lose track of the story. What is even being talked about? If it’s not about Doug but about corruption then we need to hear a lot more about the systems and institutions involved. The final episodes are just padding and illustrate the problem. Doug’s being exhumed… or not. A flyer was taken down. Ok.. that’s it? Stick to the earlier seasons and miss this one.
  • Katieladie92
    Love it!
    Great work! Love your podcast!
  • AJS041383
    The first half of season 3 was great
    I came from Crime Junkies and was really enjoying the extra info on Jeff but then it switched over to completely different families and I lost interest. It’s a chore to get through but I finished it.
  • honortruth60
    Poor Doug! You forgot all about him!
    Season six is just dragging on and on, and has veered very far away from the original story. While I know there are connective threads, and I am sure the intention is to ultimately connect a whole lot of dots, we are too far off the track with too much extraneous detail to kelp the storytelling tight and interesting. And about Doug, the titular subject!
  • diplus4
    I can’t stop listening!
    You can make stories interesting and engaging with your extensive research and tenacity.
  • 714_SRT
    All over the place
    The story kept jumping that had nothing to do with the case and was reaching at best
  • D from VT58
    I’m hooked!
    Great job!
  • Ronster200095
    Usually I love this podcast but unfortunately I have to agree with some of the other reviews. Season 6 is just plain confusing and hard to follow. I don’t know remember who Spanky is or how he connects with the main case and it’s the same with the others cases Delia is trying to pull in. I saw someone suggest a recap which would be helpful. I am going stop listening until all the episodes are dropped. Hopefully that helps with making the connections she wants us to follow. As I don’t agreed with her opinion that someone is racist for calling a victim (I think, like I said it’s hard to follow) ‘boy’. I call my nephews ‘boy’ all the time and I love them more than life itself.
  • kgWYO
    I tried giving you another chance but…
    I listened to a couple of your other seasons and the park predators. I quit because I couldn’t stand your voice and you were becoming more and more a liberal woke tard. Calling everyone racists and using idiotic language to explain drug addicts. I gave you one more chance, but when you decided to call one of your interviewees a “racist”, I was out. You come across as preachy and lack self awareness. You also love to promote how “great you are”. Never again.
  • Scar1985
    It’s been ruined with this latest season
    Ugh, this newest season is so disappointing! It’s all over the place with hardly ANY factual evidence or thorough investigating. We start with one case, then go to another, and then another and it just doesn’t add up. I agree that weekly episode releases is not the way to go, it makes it much easier to lose focus, especially when the storyline is hard to follow to begin with. Just don’t think there’s much of a case here, and I wouldn’t know even if there was because we spend half the season talking about other cases?!?! Creating a mountain out of a molehill hill on this season…..
  • Jess4Tay
    What’s even going on
    I liked the first season but since then, there’s way to much story jumping. It will start with one case and then go into another when there’s nothing that links them other than they happen in the same town/ county.
  • EthAlRyMom
    Update review - Season 6
    Edited for Season 6 - All the potential theories tied together by a shoestring of a coincidence is borderline irresponsible. If the evidence is not there it’s just not there! I had a hard time following and now at the end can’t remember what happened with the original case and how that’s related to Spanky. Conspiracy theories of that level are the least likely scenario! I really enjoyed and was impressed by Delia calling out the inconsistencies and lack of evidence in the Pelley case. It went a little into the weeds towards the end but I stuck with it and see now how the 2 cases are potentially related. I listened to about 5 mins of the Q&A and had to stop. The amount of time you ladies said “like” was astounding!! Ahhh! I couldn’t.
  • Aria523
    What’s the deal with her voice?
    What’s the deal with her voice?? Why does it sound like she’s a valley girl with a forced lisp. I honestly can’t get past the drew barrymore-esque tone and lisp to listen to her talk.
  • Yoduh29
    All seasons of Counterclockwise
    Delia…you are GREAT!! You put so much work into your podcast!!! Too bad there isn’t 2 of you!! I enjoy listening!!
  • pudleyO
    Your an amazing investigator and journalist, Definitely a new fan 😁
  • Frankieroger
    Did you really just call the poor man that actually agreed to do an interview with you a racist???!!?? That was unnecessary and low!
  • KMI Firefly
    This is for Season 6 - Such a Mess
    I’ve listened to every season and while Delia does go off on tangents, Season 6 takes it to a whole new level. I have 3 episodes left and I honestly have no clue what’s happening. She started off talking about an interesting crime but within several episodes is off onto something else that is so convoluted and drawn out. I have no idea if she’s ever getting back to where she started. Most of us are multi-tasking when we listen to podcasts so while I don’t think they need to be tailored to dummies we do need to be able to keep track of the players and the locations etc. Not a fan of this one.
  • bladesblah
    Agree confusing this season
    Sorry I’m trying but I feel like I gotta get out the Game of Thrones decoder and recall who all these people are and why they’re connected. I don’t even remember who Spanky is at this point and who the original person was that we started talking about. Perhaps give us a recap at beginning of each episode?
  • onthegoonabudget
    Great reporting as always!
    However, this is the first, and last time I listen to a season one, or two episodes at a time. I understand with all of these moving parts, it’s difficult to streamline it into a navigable flow. Listening once a week, I’ve found myself having to go back in the episodes to refresh my memory. I also found myself losing interest in between episodes. I much prefer when the seasons are dropped all at once. That’s just my feedback, and I appreciate all the work you put into maintaining journalistic integrity.
  • wow i can't
    Not the best
    I can’t keep up with what’s going on here. Too many jumps to different story lines and too long between episodes to get the connections. Way too many rumors and speculation with little in the way of facts.
  • jayleann14
    Hard to keep listening….
    I’ve loved listening to past seasons of Counter Clock but this one is a little all over the place & needs to be released all at once for that reason. It’s hard to remember everything when you can’t binge it. But what really gets me about this season & why I almost don’t even want to finish listening … is when the term “boy” was used & apparently it is now a racist word.. absolutely silly. I have heard older southern people call people a good bit younger than them “boy” or “girl” a lot. It seems to be that you are reaching for a reason to find something racist to keep up with the narrative of the story. Very off putting.
  • G1 Member
    No Thank You
    I have been a loyal listener and today I was put off so much by a comment made by our host. When someone references another younger individual as a kid this in no way indicates racism. Yes, there are still issues with racism, but do we need to create discontent where there is none? Why are you doing this? I’m in my 40’s and frequently refer to anyone younger than me as a kid(s). Thank you for giving me an out on the 6th season.
  • Get with it already
    Bummed this season
    I have commented several times on the show that I don’t care for the releasing of two episodes every Friday. CJ will respond to positive comments but I have not seen any responses to negative ones. At least acknowledging them. If I have missed one, my apologies. I don’t mind all of the different story lines because I believe it is implied there is a conspiracy with corrupt people. Please consider going with one episode a week.
  • asoard4
    Delia- you are amazing. I have so much admiration for you and your work♥️
  • Game Warden Bob
    Tremendous Job!
    As a retired Florida game warden, I congratulate you on doing an outstanding job in sifting through the minutiae of an incredibly complicated case. I do feel there was reasonable doubt in the case of Jeff. The timeline for Jeff to have cleaned up the crime scene and get himself tidied up for prom seems incredibly narrow. It would take great presence of mind to methodically pick up every 20 gauge shotgun casing from the crime scene—a cold hearted and ruthless killer for sure. Different waddings don’t matter a wit. Shotgun shells are often mixed and matched by shooters. Anyway, great job! On another note—An interesting double homicide occurred in the Ocala National Forest. Leo Boatman was convicted of the murders, I think around 2006. An unusual story…it happened in the county adjacent to where I worked in NE Florida. Nineteen-year-old Boatman decided he needed to feel what it’s like to kill someone, jumps on a bus, which takes him to Ocala and from there the story unfolds into the improbable.. but for real ambush of a man and woman (college students) camping inside the remote 20,000 acre Juniper Refuge.
  • bkeveridge
    Excellent podcast
    I had loved EVERY SEASON of CounterClock. Delia is a talented investigative journalist and uncovers crucial nuggets that piece together these stories. I love how she works with families and respectfully pushes people to answer the tough questions. Start at season one and listen to every episode. You won’t regret it!
  • AppleUser87348
    Stop trying to insert narratives
    Not everything is racism. Proven by your own statement that Wag’s investigation was dropped.
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