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Every day is a brand-new beginning for Lala Kent. Get to know the actress, singer, TV personality and entrepreneur, as she dives deep into relationships, sex, betrayal, mental health, personal life, and business. Lala’s top priority is to make her listeners feel heard, understood, and inspired. To give them honesty. Give them motivation. To Give Them Lala. 

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Recent Reviews
  • Rush$12
    Bye Randall!
    So glad that I don’t have to hear his voice anymore.
  • Artist0410
    The best!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you for doing the podcast La!! Your openness on anxiety, relationships, life ….. ugh!!! I wish I could here more!!!!! Keep up being woman!!! Your continuing growth inspires me. Thank you!
  • Sadieb123
    Love You LaLa
    You rock!!! So proud of you! You are so special…truly one of a kind! p.s. You will never let anyone “use you up.” 👊
  • mrg1022
    loving it
    I love listening to Lala talk about her life. You can tell how much she loves her daughter and as a new mom myself I find it really heart warming to hear another mom talk and show such strength in her voice. Love this new format without Rand.
  • Tripp Hart
    So happy with the rebranding/unRanding!
    Absolutely love you LaLa! That man is insufferable to listen to, especially with him always interrupting and talking down to you and guests. We were always tuning in(and suffering through his babbling) for you, now this is so much better! Sending so much love your way and am so looking forward to this next chapter for you & Ocean♥️
  • MagWinLum
    Not enjoyable with Jess. Annoying
  • Hltnhdmama
    Sending love to Lala
    I kinda cringed/laughed about the toothbrush thing months ago, Now I can’t think of anything funnier. Well at least poor lil Rand can brush his teeth now doubting if he can.
  • Meek
    Love it!
    Love your bRand new podcast! You are killing it on all levels, especially as a mom, proud of you girl! Lots of love!
  • vvvvvvvv!!!
    We love u Lala so happy u still doing a podcast!!
  • Traci Gallagher
    Between LaLa acting like she’s better than everyone to Randall’s loud disgusting laugh not sure who’s worse…..maybe their guests. Does anyone care what Beau and Jax are doing? We all know….NOTHING. LaLa is a mean girl bully and just vile.
  • TrinaSmith_384ever
    New Chapter
    Love you LaLa! I’m excited for the new chapter you are about to start. You are a rock star & will be just fine. Keep your head up girl! Much love.💙
  • Vanessa luvs Stassi
    What are with these “guests”
    Lala needs a cohost she can’t do it alone. Not a good interviewer and her guest is her assistants boyfriend?! Yikes!!
  • phoencian1212
    Love you Lala!!
    Sending love for this new chapter! Excited to hear what’s to come and to continue to follow your journey!! ❤️❤️
  • jdne ejene
    This is already so much better than the vibe of the last podcast. I love everything about this episode!
  • JackMAMA78
    You. Are. Amazing!
    I am all in for the new podcast. Go Lala! 🙏🏽 ❤️
  • KellieS1981
    Love her ❤️
    So proud of you and I can’t wait to listen to your new podcast! You handle life with such elegance and grace and you’re an inspiration ❤️
  • Hippie Zimmer
    Brand new baby!
    Yes Queen! Love you girl! Been team LaLa since day one! Love my Give Them LaLa Beauty too! Here to support, like you support all of us.
  • Blah blah 12345
    Love you
    Always here to listen to you LALA. Keep up the awesomeness!!
  • Adamared
    I’m so excited for the rebrand/ unRanding of the pod!!! Love you, Lala!!
  • $u77788grghyhhp8754311
    Sad for the changes but also so excited for for what’s to come! Lala is a gangster 👏🏻💗
  • amberjane05
    Give us Lala without Randall
    La!!! I am so happy you’re continuing this podcast. I loved seeing the new cover photo and dropping Randall! bRand New!!
  • CFish71
    Very interesting and fun
    Love the podcast. I’m new to it and am going through it trying to catch up. One of my faves already.
  • EMCKlein
    We are here for Lala…
    Not Randal! Love hearing Lalas voice and opinions. Not interested in hearing from Randal. Was okay with dads crew but Randal often interrupts and doesn’t let lala or guests finish a thought. Bring back Lala. Only want to hear from Randal if he is a side piece.
  • Hendub11
    Love the podcast!
    I look forward to this podcast every week! However, I kept trying to skip ahead to hear lala and it didn’t happen. Won’t be listening this week…
  • shannynic
    Give them Lala
    Love the new dynamic. We are here for Lala and look forward to hearing her.
  • bay area lady
    Please be honest and transparent
    We The listeners would have more respect for both Lala and Randall AND would feel More invested in the podcast if you were honest with us and told us what really happened. None of us are perfect and perhaps some of us can learn from your mistakes?
  • team lala and ocean
    Love this podcast!
    Have loved Lala and this podcast for so long! The new dynamic with her and Jess is awesome! Always going to be team Lala. No offense, but didn’t even want to listen to Randall’s latest podcast by himself. Bring back Lala!! We love her!!
  • therealkmk
    Noooooooo!!! Randell please don’t leave us!!!!! ☹️☹️☹️☹️
  • Notsureofmyself163
    You’re great
    Lala, you’re a champion. That’s all
  • JoreyLeigh
    Keep Jess!
    Jess and Lala have great chemistry! They both equally share the spotlight and Jess has a very calm voice! This is the duo this podcast needs
  • nytooc
    Exhausting repetitive
    Very hypocritical. Talks about evolving and changing herself yet attacked Brock for his actions when he was younger. So only you can change but not others?
  • Whitesnapper
    Less Mommy Blog more fun blog
    We’re not all breeders…getting super boring.
  • pnwforlife
    Pod is much better withOUT rand
    Lala on the show I don’t always loveee these days but lala on her podcast I love! Especially the last two episodes withOUT rand. I actually think the show will be so much better with just you and whoever your guest is :) I love your assistant also!
  • bnuesti
  • "Linda The Real Countess!"
    My Humblest Apologies ......
    LaLa I wish to apologize for misjudging you ..😞 The person you seem to be at times on the show is someone I have 100 percent misjudged ... Just listening to you with Brittany today , I could tell the true LaLa is actually a very sweet ,caring , and Loving Child of God . Motherhood has done you Justice 💕❤️💕❤️I’m happy you are strong in you’re Sobriety as you are definitely being tested right now in this very difficult season of you’re life you are experiencing presently . I am praying 🙏 for you LaLa , and I’m happy to hear you have put everything in God’s hands . For you surely know , he will never forsake you .🙏🙏😘😘🙏blessings and Love to you LaLa, and again I’m so very sorry for not looking inward to find the true LaLa , and only king off what I see on T.V
  • LeishaHair
    Here for LaLa
    Was always here to listen to LaLa, gonna listen more now. You got this
  • crap you
    Lala, So enjoy your interviews. Stay strong sister! ❤️
  • jessheadington
    Mommy blog vibe
    I tuned in to every episode and have been in denial but this has turned into a mommy blog. Which is great for them but if you aren’t a mom yet it can be a bit of a snooze fest. I am v happy to see lala go through this journey but personally I am not there yet so it can be snoozy to hear about all this kids
  • C4500
    Love this pod. But you talk a big game about how you’ve grown and change over the years. This season is showing that may just be a bit of smoke and mirrors. Hope watching the season back gives you some pause and self-awareness.
  • 7Harper
    Stay Strong
    You are more loved than you! Keep your head up!
  • How could you!
    My fiancé is a stand up man 🥴🥴🥴
    Randall has to go
    Lala has such a soothing, calm voice. This is my 5th or 6th attempt at listening and I have to turn it off because he is so loud and interrupts everyone and it seems no one can get a word in, he’s not’s annoying.
  • loebkatie
    So much love
    So much love for you Lala♥️ You always keep it real and I love to hear your perspective on all things. Keep going girl. Your a fighter! ♥️
  • makaelarae
    We love Lala!
    Love the podcast. Hoping that the split doesn’t mean we won’t get to hear lala anymore!
  • AGWILL74
    Love Lala
    I disagree with a previous review. Lala and Katie were 🔥! I can’t deal with Randall! He interrupts everyone including the guests and knows everything about everything!
  • cajohnson980
    Randall needs to shut up
    Until he can learn how not to interrupt the guests and Lala, he needs to shut up and get back behind the camera and check book.
  • Moejoe227
    Tried to give this another listen and was worse than before. Lala get over yourself.
  • BeccaJane91
    Just Lala!
    Lala….without Randall please! The cackle, the interrupting, the repetition… make it stop!
  • TETE Combs
    Lala & Rand we love you !!!
    Lala , I just love you so much ! You’re seriously the best !!! You are so talented and beautiful! Just absolutely the kindest person. I love the way you speak about Rand. You have such a great dynamic. I seriously love the way he speaks about you. You can tell how much you love one another!! And your daughter Ocean is just an angel . She’s one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! You are killing it as a Mom/Stepmom. And Rands other 2 daughters are also so beautiful. Love everything about your family dynamics. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Lizbethboo21
    I am a 65 year old viewer (female) who thoroughly enjoyed this episode….Randall I think you get better and better each week….I didn’t miss LaLa this week. And I never realized how hilarious Jax is! I am sad to hear the rumors this week that you both are parting ways….I hope you will find a way to work things out as o you can remain friends as I think you have a magic chemistry on your podcast together. I send light and love your way as you navigate through this very difficult time. 💗
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