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SimpleNursing has helped over 100,000 nursing students pass their nursing exams and the NCLEX! Our users have reported an 82% or higher test average! Our content is based on NCLEX curriculum standards. We're now making some of our most popular courses into a podcast! Up first is our pharmacology course!

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  • grxyt
    Nursing Student
  • KaylaRaeRushton
    Simple Nursing has saved me so much in nursing school! The way the concepts and medications are broken down into understandable terms🙌🏻. The short in length pharmacology podcast episodes are PERFECT for studying the most important concepts/takeaways for test prep and NCLEX review. Highly recommended Simple Nursing for ALL nursing students!!
  • MelissaWattersSBVC
    Group by body system?
    These are extremely helpful! Thank you so much for putting them together. It would be great if they were put into different body system categories/playlists. GI, neuro, cardiac, etc. :)
  • ChelseyR-
    The more you know!!!
    As a seasoned nurse, I love to stay up to date and refreshed on ALL the essentials of nursing. This podcast is so great at presenting information in a concise, throughout, and simple format. I’d give it a 10/10 if I could. Way to go Mike, thank you for creating this podcast!!
  • mina122344789
    All of simple nursing material has helped me so much in nursing school!
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