The Dew Zone with Druski


Welcome to “The Dew Zone with Druski”, a Blue Wire podcast sponsored by MTN DEW®. We are taking basketball culture to a new level by talking to hoopers and celebrity fans about their journeys to the top and passions off the court. New episodes will be released weekly throughout the NBA Playoffs!

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Recent Reviews
  • TheRealBigga
    To funny
    Nah druski is the funniest out right now
  • xhdbunr
    Andre Reid
    I love it and bring my homeboy Druski the famous rapper
  • Troy Farkas
    High quality guests
    So fun learning a bit more about some of my favorite basketball personalities.
  • hannahbabababa
    Druski is amazing and so is Dew
  • omgfauna
    Yo Druski
    Bruh quit playing check my music out Spotify: Fauna Apple Music: Fauna All platform: Fauna I make hits bro #couldabeenrecords
  • tombo17462
    The person who put this together must be a true marketing genius. The podcast could not be a more enjoyable listen and the humor is infectious. Looking forward to the next one
  • Reality_Over_Dreams
    We need more!!!!
    Love it
  • Jet$on Jalen
    Congrats Druski 🎉
    Big Fan of Druski glad to see him continuing to elevate 🔥
  • JeffRidge999
    We love druski
  • oneandlast
    Get your coins big man 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we love to see it!!
  • CaseyR-BW
    Branded Content Thats Actually Good
    Druski is super funny I love a good comedy/sports mashup, and as a marketing nerd, very much appreciate high quality branded content!
  • Knickerbocker182
    Hysterical and Amazing
    Druski is so good at interviewing people, and his energy is infectious. The Jamal Murray episode was godly. Five stars isn’t enough 🔥
  • pmg2525
    Gotta love Druski 🔥
    We all love Kyle Rogger and the Druski characters on IG. Combine that with basketball players like Jamal Murray, and you get a pod filled with comedy and even better stories. Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed!
  • ISO15_
    Great Podcast!
    Druski is hilarious! Can’t wait for the next episode!
  • Alcheh11
    I love this DEWD!
    Druski’s vibe is contagious and his ease with the guests are something to behold! Such a great easy listen!
  • Smokey Bear 25
    Druski is Funny
    Cool show. Looking forward to seeing what other basketball talent he breaks down. Love the short episodes.
  • Rapresto
    Love this guy getting a pod - he’s hilarious on social media and I can’t wait to hear him in the next episodes! I’m not a big fan of hour-long, dragged out podcasts, so these are short, sweet, consumable interviews with some interesting folks in the NBA community. Perfect.
  • Ti Windisch
    Druski + NBA players = 🔥🔥🔥
    We all know Druski is hilarious, and listening to him talking to these NBA personalities is priceless. The first episode is great, can’t wait for more!
  • ClockDodgersPodcast
    Druski Is Hilarious 😂
    Great new pod, excellent interviews and Druski is funny from beginning to end! A must subscribe!
  • TWalker2511
    Need more Druski!
    Love the conversation between Druski and athletes. Cant wait for more!
  • Marketaire
    Really enjoyed the first episode. It was a fun listen. Looking forward to the season! -SR
  • TC415SFG
    Druski is hilarious and a perfect match with NBA players. Pumped to listen! TC
    The man! Love episode 1 with Jamal Murray, what a cool guy. -ML
  • Twin Pod
    MTN DEW + Blue Wire = 🔥🔥🔥
    Druski kills it in this pod. Hyped for the next episodes!!!
  • TPSCommenter
    A hilarious podcast! Can't wait for more. -DM
  • suuuperalex
    Can’t wait to see who else Druski brings out 👀
  • hettinger921
    Love Druski
    This dude is the funniest person on Twitter. This is going to be awesome
  • idirkit
    This podcast is hilarious
    Druski is a legend. Amazing pod
  • JackieJomez
    Druski is a young king
  • heynowheyyyyynow99
    This dude is funny
    Excited for more of this. Legit good time had by all.
  • Gray Sports
    Basketball that's a BLAST
    Love the Dew Zone for it's fast funny vibe, but this podcast isn't JUST a joy to listen to. The guests really open up to Druski so they let you in on their origin stories and into their lives on and off the court. I couldn't recommend it enough.
  • usdkid
    Great listen
    Really enjoyed the first episode and looking forward to the next drops. Funny and insightful convo. Definitely recommend subscribing.
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