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Mandy Matney of has been covering the Murdaugh family of South Carolina since the 2019 boat crash that killed Mallory Beach. Now after the double homicide of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, Matney's new podcast provides exclusive insight into the intrigue surrounding the murder investigation, life in Hampton County, and several suspicious deaths that are all interconnected. For current & accurate updates: or Support Our Mission: the Reporting:

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Recent Episodes
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    Sep 12, 2021 – 31:28
  • Who Shot Alex Murdaugh? Part One
    Sep 6, 2021 – 13:45
  • "It Don't Matter Who You Know" | On Archers Creek | Part Three
    Aug 12, 2021 – 29:02
  • Who Killed Maggie & Paul? Part One
    Jul 29, 2021 – 24:12
  • On Archers Creek | Part Two
    Jul 22, 2021 – 27:40
  • Who Killed Stephen Smith? Part Two
    Jul 14, 2021 – 24:39
  • On Archers Creek | Part One
    Jul 7, 2021 – 23:23
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    Jun 30, 2021 – 24:35
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    Jun 23, 2021 – 20:09
Recent Reviews
  • kaylynn.kelley
    Couldn’t stand listening to it
    With sooo many 1 & 2 star reviews I cannot for the life of me figure out how this has a 4.5 stars. My guess is fake reviews. I really, really tired to stick with this but her tone, inflection and pace became unbearable.
  • Yesssss2344
    Had potential but the host is off-putting
    I appreciate the host’s investigative journalism skills, but I’m not sure how she made it this far in her career without learning to take constructive criticism with grace. She has terrible vocal fry, and she sounded like she was about to cry when she said how much she hates the reviewers who said they don’t like her voice. If you have a terrible voice, stick to journalism and have someone else narrate. Simple solution. She’s also pretty arrogant and slings unprovoked insults at other journalists’ investigative methods. Very unprofessional. I’m interested in the story, but I cannot continue listening to this podcast — not only because her voice is painful to listen to, but the sound mixing and volume are also horribly produced. Sometimes you can’t hear what anyone is saying, so you turn the volume up, and the Mandy is yelling in vocal fry right after. This podcast has so much potential but desperately needs a new host and an editor.
  • @MLWW
    Great Journalist Bad Execution
    She is a great journalist and you can tell she does a thorough job with research. In my opinion it is just hard to follow and confusing with details in each episode.
  • JoshLovesPodcasts
    Fantastic podcast
    Very well researched and reported - it’s clear they care about reporting the truth and they treat the case and the deceased with respect.
  • L_G77
    Great Reporting
    It’s an interesting story. My heart breaks for the victims. The reporter does a nice job for a first podcast. However, At some point you have to assume your listeners have listened to all episodes. Too much repetitive and unnecessary descriptions. By episode 4…we know what a solicitor is.
  • podddddddddddddd
    Oh my word
    I tried. I honestly did. I know she goes on and on about her voice and I could get over that…even if it does sound like she is a bad rendition of an actress from Clueless. But dear god, please please please stop telling us about how you are a real journalist. We get it. We don’t need 5 minutes per episode on your bona fides. We also don’t need to keep hearing that you have an actual, real, warm blooded Fiancé. We get it. Goodness. Just get to the story. Do good work and you wouldn’t need to keep pumping the fact that you actually have a job.
  • KimberNicole
    Ok, now I feel bad speaking negatively about Mandy’s speech. I listened to her explain it and it totally makes sense. She’s exhausted and tired of talking so much. Keep up the good work!
  • Heygoooooo
    Very thoroughly researched Mandy!
    Awesome podcast. Y’all are killing it
  • tbnr girl
    Difficult to listen to
    I would love to be able to listen to this podcast, but I can’t. I can’t stand the vocal fryyyyyy that the narrator uses.
  • lizziebeth12
    Ignore the news, listen to the Podcast!
    I thought I was invested in this story, until I discovered this podcast. Now, I try to ignore most of the news surrounding this case until Mandy updates (your voice does NOT sound like a Kardashian; SHAME on whoever said that; same with the so-called “vocal fry”—>Mandy’s voice is fine…sounds like plain ole misogyny to me!), because her reporting is far more thorough and interesting. This case is fascinating. Thank you for putting in all the effort you do, Mandy!
  • kngartner
    BIG yikes on hating on other podcasters who are covering this story. I was 30 seconds into the second episode when she said “unlike other podcasters, literally every other podcaster covering this story, I’m doing real reporting.” Turned it off right then and there. There are other, podcasts doing great coverage of this story who manage to get through an episode without putting down other podcasters.
  • DeQuardo1102
    Good story. Bad storytelling.
    How can this possibly be rated 4.5 based on reading all the reviews!!!’ Really should have had someone else narrate the podcast. Whether intentional or not, the vocal affect dominates and is jarring.
  • SC Girl 803
    Great info, hard to listen to
    The information is great. But I feel like I’m listening to someone read a book in a monotone voice while constantly praising themselves and telling us how great they are and to only leave 5 star reviews. If you are as great as you say, then you shouldn’t have to keep telling us. Also the awkward asking for funds is weird to me. You’re a reporter, this is your job. You’ve chosen to start a podcast and asking people to buy you mimosas and donate money is just tacky. Just ran out of patience to listen anymore
  • untamableintellect
    We get it, you’re not a ~podcaster~
    It’s the attitude and disinterested tone for me. You can easily work on your delivery and tonality. There’s a complete lack of intonation and emotion. You sound like a brooding barista at an unfriendly coffee shop. A good journalist wouldn’t bring other reporters down, they would just do a better job of relaying the information by skill alone. Also the production is truly horrid.
  • kwarnr
    Here’s what will happen when you start this podcast. You will notice that the host has vocal fry which is insufferable. There are run on sentences being read without pause. Maybe it’s just an amateur reporter. I don’t know. She just seems annoyed to even be speaking. Next, you’ll try to look past that because you’re interested in learning more about the case. Then you’ll notice the sound going in and out. You’ll turn up your volume to be able to hear it better and then without any transition or any warning at all, an ad will come blaring on and scare the life out of you. That’ll be enough to irritate you enough to stop listening.
  • not it 101
    I’m a huge murder podcast fan, however this one doesn’t do it for me. The audio is in and out and the monotone voice steers me away.
  • Denimpup
    Get a different narrator please.
    I'm intrigued by the story. But the narrator's voice is irritating almost like it's bothering her to read the script. Her delivery of the information reminds me of the old valley girl speak. Annoying!!!
  • JRS-3
    Great reporting
    Can really appreciate detailed, truth bound reporting these days. This is a dedicated journalist following this story closely and in doing so has truly captivated my whole family. Thank you and excited for more!! 5 stars
  • PartyHeartyMarty
    Yeeeeeah, that’ll be a no thanks for me
    The production quality is so poor with mic hits and bumps, and the podcast host doesn’t even attempt to be a storyteller. She just runs through the motions and facts of her investigation with this droning quality. I couldn’t make it past 10 minutes.
  • Kaytann
    I really want to hear about this story but I’m 15 mins in and can’t stand her monotone voice. Sorry, can’t continue to listen.
  • TR3340
    Is it just me
    I’ve tried… three times I’ve tried. The best story to have come out in months and I just can’t follow the reader. Maybe I just can’t follow the dialect… the pace… the lack of emotion. The script is great but would suggest a podcaster to narrate. Don’t take it personal… a lot of great song writers that can’t carry a tune in a bucket. You’re the number one podcast so who am I?
  • Bamagirl577
    Can’t stop listening
  • Zojirush1
    Painful to listen to
    The story is ok, but the host’s slowed down vocal fry is painful to listen to. I can usually power through it, but I’ll pass on this one.
  • TracesOfCee
    We KNOW you’re a thorough reporter 🙄
    Great content however, she likes to reassure the audience that she’s a thorough reporter & it’s time consuming to do so.
  • Codi Bouknight
    I can’t even listen to this. The content is interesting. The format of the podcast and the narrators voice are literally putting me to sleep in my car.
  • podcastkatie
    More like the monotone murders!
    The information is good but my god she has a voice for television. Unbearable to listen to
  • HungryForResults, MS RD CSSD
    Vocal fry monotone
    There’s zero personality here. Hard to listen to.
  • jdp1225
    Great podcast!
    Just started listening yesterday and cannot wait for a new episode. Way more detailed than national news reports that I’ve read…and who knew about the correct pronunciation of Mr. Murdaugh’s name? Now onto Mandy’s work website Fitsnews to read EVERYTHING.
  • Jason.Windsor
    Good & bad about this podcast:
    So firstly, the episode is a mess; audio wise & storytelling wise, it leaves much to be desired. However, both the narrative & audio quality improve from the 2nd episode onward. This is quite an intricate story & it is reported in detail, so these are positives, obviously. Something of a red flag for me, on the other hand, is the constant “horn tooting” of the reporter. She’s constantly stating how she (and by extension her employer, Fits news) is such a thorough reporter & only she is to be trusted when it comes to the ins and outs of this story. I do believe she’s done her due diligence, but Jesus, it’s just alarming how often she insists we only trust her & her thorough reporting. If facts are facts then, we the listener, should be able to discern who to trust instead of her beating us over the head with reminders of her hard work. Last complaint, I swear: there are several Murdaughs mentioned in this pod & it’s gets hard to keep them all straight, especially while listening when doing other things (e.g. driving, doing household chores, at work, etc.). Redundant reminders of Which murdaugh is which are ok in my opinion. Now to the good; the story is fascinating & quite intricate, so perfect fodder for a podcast. Also, the narrator/reporter does seem to have been very thorough in her investigation which lends credence to the content she puts out. Even with all my gripes, I’ve listened to every episode & am eagerly awaiting new episodes, so it’s definitely interesting. I’d recommend this podcast with a few caveats.
  • Angieeeeeee9
    Screw the people who can’t take the sound of a persons voice and keep going strong girl! Your reporting is great and this is by far the best podcast out jammed packed with the FACTS!! thank you! Big fan
  • StaceyHungate
    Ramble ramble with some cringe vocal fry. So interested in this story but wish the story telling was better.
  • crimsonchick10
    Great content, but the host isn’t engaging
    I was excited to find this podcast as this family and the stories surrounding them seem really fascinating. The information the host presents is detailed and appears to give insight About this family that other YouTube videos and podcasts doesn’t give. Based off content alone, I would give this podcast 5 stars, but the attitude of the host is the reason for my 3 star review. The host is extremely bothered by the feedback she receives from people who do not like her voice and her delivery of the content. Everyone knows that when you are on a Public platform, criticism is expected, however she dedicates parts of her show shaming people for talking about her voice and her delivery. I will admit that her deliver isn’t engaging, but I over look that because her content is so good. But, every episode she has to admonish the people who give her negative feedback about her Voice. This is very off putting and makes listening to the showing unbearable. There Are Trolls every where, thus the host should ignore them And not give time on her platform complaining about people who talk about her voice. furthermore, she should state the fact that she does this podcast “in her spare time” and that her pay check comes from another source. Statements like that make it seem like the listener should be thankful that she is producing this podcast. It was her choice to make the podcast, please take the criticism, and move on.
  • Bribri0117
    Love this podcast!
    I’m obsessed with this story and I CAN Not wait to hear more about it!!! Great job!!
  • berkshire123
    Demi Moore?
    I’m all for the deep sexy voice of Demi Moore but this narrator sounds like she hasn’t quite recovered from laryngitis. I want to listen to this podcast but I just can’t.
  • Mia21Izzy
    Good Info, Bad Narrator!
    I could even get past the horrible valley girl entitled vocal fry, because i am focused on the info and interviews and timeline provided, but the gloating and patting herself on the back throughout the podcast is completely unneeded and ANNOYING. I understand providing your credentials and who you are, but the constant im better than everyone and anyone persona that is inserted in EVERY video makes it cringy and takes away from the focus of this story. Someone needs to be humbled.
  • mmz2021!
    Very hard to listen to
    Horrible vocal fry and she sounds incredibly uninterested.
  • tmartinsmith
    Excellent reporting
    This is what a really good journalist does. This isn’t entertainment. It’s reporting. These are real people, real devastated families, who deserve justice. Thanks to Mandy for reporting it.
  • Kadi Layne
    Unbearable voice
    I couldn’t make it past the first 15 minutes of episode 1 before I had to shut this podcast off. I’m sure the content is great but it’s impossible for me to follow the story because the terrible voice & the way the girl talks. It’s the worst I’ve ever heard in any podcast. I wish someone else did this podcast because the story is very interesting, however it’s completely ruined by the way you talk.
  • Rienab
    The evidence is there..but so is the vocal fry
    I believe a lot of quality investigative journalism has gone in to this. But for the love of my ears, I can’t do it. Her vocal fry is so prominent it is a massive distraction. Overwhelmingly vocal fry is an affect that can be corrected. It is a choice made by the speaker. Keep investigating, but also, please fix that fry.
  • tori1986
    Bad volume control and the most monotone host voice ever
    I have had to adjust the volume at least 6 different times in the first episode just because the host seems to move back and forth from the mic. Her voice is so monotone it’s so boring to follow.
  • Britt from MN
    Amazing detail.
    If you love all the juicy details of any crime, you’ll love diving into this. Be warned, the gosh is not a professional podcaster/radio host, so this format feels a little unnatural for her in the first episode but it gets better. I would agree with other reviewers that it feels like she’s throwing a lot of shade on other podcasters because their information isn’t captured firsthand. I’m not sure that’s her intention though, so giving her some grace. Looking forward to more episodes!
  • Kschaferrn
    Interesting story
    The story itself is interesting but I do agree with others that speech pattern, tone, and characteristics of Mandy’s voice are difficult to overlook. It reminds me of the beginning of Baby got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot. “Oh my god, Becky…”
  • Chamacaesq
    It is so hard to hear because of the vocal fry!! I really wanted to know more about this case . . . BUT. I just can’t. It is just too painful to listen to her voice! SO SAD!
  • Supzzzzzzz
    Great series!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!
  • as8383
    Vocal fry is too much
    I don’t really know what the story is. 15 minutes in and the vocal fry makes it hard to listen to.
  • BigDaddyDirk
    I don’t have a huge issue with her voice as much as the delivery!! Ya know you could have had someone else do the speaking? Still don’t understand why this podcast is number one 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • baby meemee saca hoohoo
    I’m really enjoying this podcast, very interesting and detailed. I’m totally cool with your voice. ❤️
  • GFT216
    Interesting story
    I love a great true crime podcast and have listened to plenty on here. Mandy tells a good story about this family because she’s from the area and a journalist. We don’t need to be reminded every episode, once is enough. We know people can be mean, it happens all the time everywhere. You don’t need to bring attention to it, because they will keep at it. Stick to the story. Please do not beg for ratings & reviews, it doesn’t look good. Have a different approach to it so you don’t sound so needy. Don’t put others down that are also telling a story about this family. You do not know where they got their information. You can do things privately that no one needs to know about. I will keep listening to you, because this family is intriguing and I want to see how everything unfolds.
  • rixatrix
    Hard to hear
    The story is engaging but the mixing made it impossible to listen to in our car. We kept having to turn up the volume louder and louder to hear the podcaster, only to have loud sounds blast anytime she played a police dispatch call or cut to other media. Eventually we just gave up.
  • JSJ9FC
    Incredible reporting
    I’ve been following Mandy Matney’s coverage if the Murdaugh saga since the 2019 boat crash, first in The Island Packet and then at FITSnews. Her reporting is incredible, and I can safely say that without her dogged reporting, the boat crash would have been swept under the rug like so many other scandals involving this family (and likely a lot of their peers) but much is coming to light now. This podcast is unlike any other because of the straightforward, fact-driven narrative and the fact that it’s still being reported in real time.
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